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02-25-2012, 07:04 AM
I swear I have tonsilitis, or mono, or something. I saw my doctor who said it looks viral (of course the second I step into her office my throat looks awesome, just a little red), so literally there's nothing to do but "wait it out." This HAD to happen just when I was getting dedicated to exercise again. Is it acceptable to just...not exercise until I beat this? 6AM starts day 6 of **** in my throat.

Both tonsils are swollen, though sometimes one is worse than the other, to the point where all I've been able to consume is cough drops, mashed potatoes, pudding and water, and getting those down is hard enough. Swallowing at all feels like I'm forcing down shards of glass. So, naturally, breathing at all (especially at night) just plain ****ing hurts. I did do tae bo one day, but I've just been lying in bed since then.

What to do? I feel bad for not exercising or watching what I eat, but I'm not taking in nearly enough calories right now (and there's no way I'm making myself eat any more--it HURTS, man!) and just lying in bed .

I'm so tired, I haven't had more than 5 hour sleep in the last 5 days (I typically end up staying awake until 8AM and passing out for an hour), I'm hungry, my throat hurts, and I'm in the worst mood feeling like a failure. Should I at least try to do SOMETHING? Maybe just stretching?

02-25-2012, 11:38 AM
I think its best to hold off on exercise until you dont feel so run down your body needs rest to fight of what ever you have. That said..... Viral "sore" throat is going around. I had it a few weeks back a lot like strep but your body can kick it rather than needing antibiotics how ever your body takes longer to fight most sicknesses than drugs do. Its a sh**ty sickness and makes you feel like complete crap but it goes away in a week or so leaving you feeling kinda run down for a little while after that. I suggest that you fight this first, fat second to give your body a chance to recover :) Just my opinion though. What they always tell people with viral anything (flu, colds, etc) in the doc office I used to work in.... rest and fluids is about all you can do to fight it other than that its just about managing the symptoms.