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02-22-2012, 03:35 PM
2 days ago my husband was showing me the ropes on the upper body weight training machines and gadgets at the gym. i'm still sore (mostly my triceps).

yesterday i walked on the treadmill at a pretty fast pace and a pretty decent incline. my thighs are not happy with me today.

also, my allergies are acting up because it's been warm here and the trees and flowers are all SCREW YOU GROUND HOG IT'S SPRING YAY! and the plant sex is driving my sinuses crazy.

the result: i'm up a solid 3 pounds from last week and i'm 99% sure it's all water (and all in my face and hands). yes, i did up my workouts a little bit (more frequent, a little longer, a little harder), and on the days i work out twice (i like to workout in the afternoon, then hubby comes home and wants to work out at night so i go with him) i eat extra to make sure i have enough fuel to handle it... maybe i'm eating too much? i usually only add about 500 calories on the double workout days and 200-300 on the single...

i guess i'm trying to convince myself that it's not a set back, it's just my body adjusting and it will go away if i stick to what i'm doing. but with last year's craziness (lost 50 pounds between march and august, moved, lost a couple more, then gained 30 back by feb 1), i was eager to get back on track and continue to get the weight off of me. now i have a gain and it's a bit of a blow to my motivation. even though i didn't count calories on valentine's day and had super cheesy lasagna and apple cake with my husband, i don't think it was enough to equal a 3 pound gain a week later.

last year when i lost the 50 pounds, i didn't change *what* i ate, just how much of it and when i could eat it. i don't seem to have any reactions to specific foods or addictions to carbs, or sugar specifically. i just like to eat, in general. carrot sticks to candy bars.

i'm rambling cause i'm hungry and am trying to figure out what i'm hungry FOR instead of just going in the kitchen and eating whatever, and i'm also kinda grumpy cause the antihistamine hasn't kicked in yet and my face is still swollen :(

moral of the long rambly text with lots of tangents: gains didn't bother me last year, i took them in stride. this year i can't even look at the scale more than once a week or i get upset by the number because it isn't as low as it was, and now a gain. i'm torn. i want to throw a temper tantrum and give up and go have something awful for me and delicious (like a box of the local bakery's chocolate eclairs). on the other hand, i know that won't help and i want to keep going and try harder, but i don't know what 'harder' would entail. *sigh* i'm a mess. and i really just needed to vent.

02-22-2012, 03:44 PM
Awwww hun :hug: Listen you know what I got out of your post....WOW LOOK AT HOW HARD YOUR WORKING OUT!!!! So word of advice from a lesson I'm learning now too....SCREW the scale! Go hide it, it's obviously causing distress. I'm doing the same thing! It's not worth it. Go by how you feel. Don't you feel you totally rocked it at the gym? I know your holding water now and your sore, but your body is saying "Ahhhhhhh Mandy YES, you pushed me, you worked me, I will now reward you!!!!" And it will reward you just keep on track. And if you must throw a temper tantrum go beat up the scale and scream at it, then sit down and have some celergy ;) And I totally think you did amazing with the workout, working that hard is something to be so proud of!!!! Maybe you are hungry cause you worked so hard, so go eat something healthy :) proud of you chicky! Now go beat up that scale!

02-22-2012, 04:16 PM
heh maybe i should give up the scale for lent...

02-22-2012, 04:35 PM
good one! yeah do it!