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02-20-2012, 12:25 PM
I met some wonderful people in a pregnancy site when I was pregnant with my second baby. I was scared due to my heart arrhythmia and being GD. despite all that and a little help from the pregnancy forum I had a beautiful son. I was overweight when I got pregnant, lost weight while pregnant and gained it all back when I was all done.

Well here I am 284lbs, just released by the doc to exercise, and ready to shed pounds. I have tried WW before but gained it all back once I stopped paying for it. I am a wife and Mother of two so a good cheap diet is what I need. I have been turned on to the FL diet and think it might be something worth looking into. I am in need of an easy exercise I said have just been released by doc to exercise and want to take it easy so I don't end up in the hospital. :carrot::carrot::dizzy::dizzy:

PS I will need a lot of help:hug: my sweet tooth has the nerve to show itself everyday.:dizzy::dizzy::D

02-20-2012, 12:28 PM
Welcome to the forum!
Do you know what food plan you are going to follow? There is a ton of information about many different food plans on this site. Pick a plan that fits in your lifestyle and you can follow long term. I chose calorie counting because it is free and flexible. It allows me to eat almost anything I wanted as long as it fits within my calorie range for the day and there are ton of free apps out there to help you track your food.
Give up the sugary drinks and drink lots and lots of water.
Incorporate some exercise into your weekly routine. You do not have to join an expensive gym try to walk more, use the stairs more, download videos off of YouTube or to work out to. There are a lot of things you can to do with spending a ton of money.
Lastly, if you have a bad meal, a bad day, heck, a bad food week. Do NOT let this be a reason to throw in the towel. Get back on track at the next meal. You can do this!!!
Best of luck to you!

02-20-2012, 05:03 PM
BBM, welcome, glad to have you join us. I suggest you look for a Challenge or Support group to join; small check-in groups make it easier to connect, get involved, and be accountable. We have groups centering around specific diet plans, themes, or age groups, so find one that inspires you and just post to join

From personal experience I can tell you the more you resist sweets the less you crave them, it may take a while, and you may have setbacks but it does happen!