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02-13-2012, 10:39 PM
I think I have IBS but haven't gone to the doctors for it. I seem to be gassy alot and while I remember being able to "control" my gas it seems like I can't all the time anymore (sorry about the TMI!!)
I work in an office but am constantly moving around. I can't go hide in the bathroom all day, I work around people. I really hope no one has noticed!!
I don't remember being like this started getting bad about 2 years ago. In the middle of me losing weight (I'm maintaining now) So it might be my eating habits?
I started taking beano, gas x prevention and now am trying charco caps. These things sometimes help. I was taking more than prescribed though...
I find that something I eat one day might be fine but next day not be good at all so it is hard to write a list of "never eats" and "eats".
Ironically, I find that when I eat "bad" foods I feel better. Like I could eat graham crackers all day long and not be gassy. They wouldn't be nutritious but my stomach wouldn't hurt and I'd not be gassy. Or if I order food from wherever the office is eating out at instead of bringing my own food to work, I also don't have as much gas.
So basically eating healthy makes me sick! lol
But it is embarrassing I said I worry that my coworkers notice. I was carrying a little bottle of body spray and spraying that throughout the day hoping it would mask odors..
Has anyone experienced this and figured out how to live with it?

02-14-2012, 01:24 PM
I don't think this is IBS! :) So don't worry.

I suspect because you started losing weight, you probably started eating "healthier" foods that probably, naturally, have more fiber in them.

The reason you can eat graham crackers and not get gas is because they have practically no fiber in them at all!

This is more a question of eating more fiber and your body will slowly adjust. (I know you've said this has been happening for 2 years, but the body is slow to adjust and I suspect that by eating non-fiberous foods, you're "restarting" the adjustment process again. You can try eating food enzymes if you want to see if that helps -- they sell me at Whole Foods and possibly other health food stores.)

02-18-2012, 12:46 AM
I have IBS, and this sounds more like your dietary choices than a medical issue. Identify the food that is causing the gas the most, and eliminate them for the time being.

But make sure you eat food with fiber...I ate a ton of carb laden, fiber free foods to avoid IBS symptoms, and it just resulted in weight gain and a later carb addiction.

Or if I order food from wherever the office is eating out at instead of bringing my own food to work, I also don't have as much gas.
Unless they always order at places with zero fiber or triggers for you, this might be more wishful thinking than reality, lol.

And I hate to be bearer of embarrassing news, but I had an employee that had a similar issue and co-workers definitely noticed but never mentioned it to him (though they talked to others about it frequently). I mention this only so that you can make an informed choice as to if/how you want to deal with it.

Hang in can conquer this if you track what you eat, identify your triggers, and work on increasing your fiber over time. Good luck!!

02-25-2012, 09:29 PM
Have you considered lactose intolerance? That causes bloating, gas, and other gastric issues. Try to determine whether the gas issues are worse after having a glass of milk or bowl of ice cream (anytime 2 to 48 hours after). Cheeses and yogurt won't typically cause the lactose intolerance problem as the enzymes used in production usually 'kill' the lactose. Try taking a Lactaid-type product when you have milk or ice cream or anything containing a non-enzymed milk product for a couple weeks and see if anything changes. And, you must take the Lactaid every time you have a lactose-containing item. Taking it just once a day won't work.

I've dealt with this issue for years now and can no longer have milk or ice cream at all, as my problem is so bad that the lactaid products don't work.

Best wishes!