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02-13-2012, 02:00 PM

It is a chilly 37 this morning and the snow they predicted hasn't arrived in this area. I showed a "maintain" at weigh in this day and are happy with it. That not drinking coffee late in the day has helped me get to sleep better so I will have to change my ways. I noticed that Weight Watchers has a new cookbook showing on their web site called Best Darn Food Ever now you know that I will have to have it. I'll put Will on a search for it on one of his sights. He finds such good deals for me. This afternoon I am going to smoke that brisket that is in the fridge and make some good sandwiches. Something set the neighborhood dogs off for I hear barking from across the street and down the block. Ours are inside being quiet or they would surely be sounding off if they were in the yard. Have any of you read the book "Taken" by Robert Crais? I have an uncorrected proof for limited distribution copy of it which I am going to read soon. New York Times said he is the bestselling author of the sentry. That is some accolade.

DONNA FAYE I am so sorry that your system is still giving you fits and you will have to have an operation. I was so hoping that the procedure you just had would work for you. What fun things for Valentines day you got the kids. The Wal*Mart here doesn't yet have that WW cheese in but we keep looking for it for I want to try every flavor.:D

You won't get bored with exercise if you keep mixing it up. Vary your exercise routine by changing your intensity and cross-training on different equipment or by walking a different route outside. You won't get bored and different muscles will benefit,

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation foud that study participants got 14 to 35 percent stronger after 12 weeks of imagining themselves strenuously moving certain body parts. Think about your workout for 60 seconds while you're changing clothes and getting ready to exercise. Picture yourself doing a grueling weight-lifting set.

Have a great Monday Magnolias. Type at y'all later.

02-14-2012, 12:39 AM
We are home with some jet lag. I've been gone most of the day thanks to a new 5"+ snow early this morning causing a late start at church, money that wouldn't balance at church, sorting laundry, groceries, 2 weeks of gift shop money, etc., etc., etc. I haven't had time to do any reading so will try and catch up in the next few days. I'm heading for bed! :yawn:

02-14-2012, 11:46 AM
Good morning girls. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! :val1: It is chilly but supposed to warm into the low 50's today. We had sleet and a bit of snow yesterday afternoon but nothing that stuck for very long. I thought we might dodge the cold weather all together this year, but I guess not.

I have one floor and then the upstairs hall bath and I have the house cleaned again. I have been doing ok yesterday and today so hopefully this is all done now. I have had more of a time getting the anesthesia out of my system than usual though. Lots of coughing up stuff and a bit more labored breathing, but I seem to be over that finally.

I told Jack no flowers this year since we are going on our little trip in a few days so here is my valentine this year instead! My birthday is in Sept so he always buys me sapphires, which he knows I love. His hat has been mailed so I hope it gets here tomorrow or the next day. I feel bad I didn't get it ordered quite soon enough, but he said it didn't matter to him.

Jean: Great to see you back. You will have to tell us all the highs and lows of your trip when you have time to come in and do a nice long post. We sure missed you here.

Maggie: I just finished another Michael Palmer book that was great and it was about pharmacuticals. You should check him out as his books are really good. I also finished a reread of a Dick Francis book I don't remember though I know I have read all his stuff, and a Rizzoli and Aisles book, which I really like. Very different than how the characters are written for the tv show, but I love both the books and the tv show, especially Angie Harmon playing Jane Rizzoli. I am currently listening tow V is for Vengeance the latest Kinsey Milhone series/Sue Grafton book and The Drop then next book in the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly. I am making Fortune another doggy sweater so it is great to knit and listen to a book at the same time.

Fortune's new sweater is a great turtleneck, legs and bottom and the body of the sweater is this wonderful bright yellow orange. I am at the leg divide so it has been a quick knit. I am considering either putting his name across the back in gray or button decorations or both, who knows? I have enough yarn to make him about 3 others in different color combinations and such.

Well girls, I want to finish the quick mop of the front hallway so I only have the bathroom upstairs to do. I need to color my hair tomorrow and start pulling stuff to pack to go to Chattanooga. We are looking forward to a few days of fun and shopping. Have a great day today and stay warm. Faye

02-14-2012, 12:10 PM
Some food for thought from the blog of the president of WW:

Man Meets Scale ( (

Size matters redux (
Posted: 10 Feb 2012 08:04 AM PST
Our brain is a funny device. It holds a surprising sway over us, often in ways we cannot imagine. I read with interest and curiosity a few weeks ago an article in the WSJ talking about the curious benefit of placebos (Why Placebos Work Wonders ( od=wsj_share_tweet)). Sometimes when our brain thinks we are getting better or are satisfied, it instructs the rest of the body to follow suit. It seems that when our mind plays tricks on us, those tricks can impact much more than what's bouncing around our noggins. In the article, they referenced one particular study from the journal Health Psychology. Here is the excerpt from the WSJ...

Another study, published last year in the journal Health Psychology, shows how mind-set can affect an individual's appetite and production of a gut peptide called ghrelin (GREL-in), which is involved in the feeling of satisfaction after eating. Ghrelin levels are supposed to rise when the body needs food and fall proportionally as calories are consumed, telling the brain the body is no longer hungry and doesn't need to search out more food. Yet the data show ghrelin levels depended on how many calories participants were told they were consuming, not how many they actually consumed. When told a milkshake they were about to drink had 620 calories and was "indulgent," the participants' ghrelin levels fell more—the brain perceived it was satisfied more quickly—than when they were told the shake had 120 calories and was "sensible. The results may offer a physiological explanation of why eating diet foods can feel so unsatisfying, says Ms. Crum, first author on the study. "That mind-set of dieting is telling the body you're not getting enough."So there you have it. This study suggests that if you think you are getting a lot of food, then it can instruct your hormones to pipe down and let you feel full. If your brain thinks you are getting gipped, then it asks your hormones to scream for more. There is clearly a bizarre circular logic being used by our neurological systems, but what I suppose it is what it is.

One example of how we can use this curious effect to our benefit is in the use of low energy density foods. These are foods that have relatively few calories per cubic meter, often filled with water, air, fiber, etc. It goes back to one of my personal rules of eating: bulk up your food. If I go back to my staple breakfast:

Regular oatmeal with blueberries and sliced banana
0 fat Greek yogurt with grapes with a little Fiber OneBy the time I'm done with these concoctions, they completely fill two pretty decent sized bowls. It's enough food that my family looks at me slightly aghast by the quantity. Yet these two bowls add up to about 6 PointsPlus per serving. It's my little version of cheating the devil. My brain clearly thinks I'm getting a decent amount of food because I'm not really hungry until lunch. You might now ask the following question: if this hypothesis is true, then why aren't I destroying this phenomena by asserting it? In other words, the fact that I am acknowledging that I'm only eating 6 PointsPlus values should signal to my brain that I'm still hungry, yet this does not happen. Why? Simple. My brain isn't very smart and/or is quite gullible.

The above WSJ excerpt also reminds me of a Charles Barkley quip from the Leno show: "You can't give a fat man a little meal and expect him to be happy." Amen to that. ( food indeed...There is more than a fair bit of research out there to suggest that visual cues can go a long way to convincing us that we are either being well fed or starved, regardless of actual calorie content. Personally, I view this as a gift because it allows me to imagine strategies to mentally cheat (i.e., by bulking up my foods). I'm perfectly happy to outsmart my dimwitted brain.

This is also a good reminder for me of one of the cardinal rules for sustainable, healthy eating: don't go through life deprived! I've never met a person on Weight Watchers who didn't love food. I've also never meet a person on Weight Watchers who has kept their weight off for a long time who still doesn't love food. The trick is to love food that loves you back.



02-14-2012, 12:44 PM
Good morning, ladies! The sunny is shining and it is 43 degrees at 11:00 am so a bit cool today.

Glory and I ended up with 4 friends at tea so we had a real tea party. It was so much fun. The tea shop has an unused second floor and they have asked me to teach some hand quilting classes that could be done in an afternoon. They will offer these for free and have tea available to participants that want it.

I spent the rest of the weekend with Sandy and came home yesterday afternoon since she didn't have to work. We quilted up a storm and did some knitting, too. I did a ruffled scarf. I'll take a picture this evening and try posting it.

We had a dusting of snow Saturday night but it was gone by Sunday afternoon with no more in the forecast. I'm so ready for Spring.

Faye, the ring is beautiful! You are one lucky lady. Are those your real finger nails? I'm envious.

Jean, I'm glad you are back. I've missed your posts and look forward to hearing about your trip.

Maggie, that is the new WW cookbook that is being sold only on the website and at meetings. It is $9.95. If Will can't find it, I'd be glad to get one and mail it to you. It has fantastic recipes that are easy and comforting. Maintaining is good, too. It's practice for when you reach goal.

Gloria, it was so nice to hear from you.

Have a great day!

02-14-2012, 02:46 PM

Happy ♥-Day my Magnolia friends. My eyes are still moist from laughing from a card Will just handed to me. It is by Hallmark and what a hoot. They certainly have some thinkers for their production department. He also gave me a huge vase of fresh flowers that are very lovely. There is a tea party meeting we need to go to tonight for Will is making a presentation to the group so I might pin a flower in my hair.:p

I decided to do that brisket today so it could sit in the fridge with the dry mix rubbed all over it and marinate that way. I also used the last of that spice mix so mixed up another batch to have ready for the next time I want to use it. One batch of the mix makes quite a lot so it lasts for several batches of meat. It is one of those that goes well with pork, chicken, beef, and fish alike.

DONNA FAYE Your little doggie will be a fashion hound. I have read most of those authors and enjoy them. I used to be a voracious reader and would marathon lots of books. I have slowed down now since I do so much glass but do read also. I have to have a block of time in which to read ~ for I marathon a book. A habit I started as a child and it bled over to my adulthood. I never read anything that I wasn’t "supposed" to but would sit in my bathroom on the floor and read into the night (probably an hour after my bedtime). When I would hear my mother come to that end of the house to check on us girls I would give the toilet a flush and wander out to my bedroom. She knew what I was up to for she would find my books stashed in the towel stack in the cupboard in that bathroom. I wasn’t a kid that needed much sleep to be alert the next day. The rest of the kids in my family only read what they needed to for school. I don’t know why I turned out to be such a reader except maybe I inherited that from my parents for they were both readers.

JEAN What a shock to your system to come home to snow and cold weather with the warm sun and surf still in your recent memory. I imagine they had a beautiful array of fruit there. We are waiting to hear of your exploits. Two of my nephews own some property over there some place and are building on their domicile when they are there on their vacations. Neither are married yet ~ two handsome young eligible bachelors. One of them is a fireman and the other has his own company as a bridge builder.

SUSAN Thank you for the kind offer of getting that book for me. I have a copy and have looked through it and it sure has some very yummy recipes in it. Will picked it up at the WW center here in town for me last evening for the leader e-mailed me that they were in. They have lightened 140 of the comfort classics that we can eat on plan. All those yummy things I like. They did something with the onion ring recipe that I like for they added some flour. The Panko covering will stick to the rings better that way. I will be trying that recipe soon. There is even recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes, which I was introduced to when in Tennessee and will make when I get some green ones. And the Cheddar-Scallion Popovers will be the first to be made in my new popover pan. Yes I do believe this is my new best favorite cook book. OH ~ and New York Cheesecake. Have you taken a walk through this book yet? Best Darn Food Ever! The recipe for Grilled Tequila, Citrus, & Jalapeno Chicken looks so good and I can make that on my inside grill instead of waiting till the weather improves. Yep I am going to like this cook book real well. Thanks for posting that article ~ a very informative read for sure. I am keeping it for future frequent use.

While you brush your teeth or wash your face, practice the “hip hinge.” Keep your spine lengthened and bend forward from the hips (you’ll look like an L). With knees soft, lower as far as you can without rounding your back.

The combination of cool water and invigorating scent will give you a quick energy surge. Add a few drops of eucalyptus, lemon, camphor or peppermint oil to a cool wet washcloth; hold it in front of your face and take several deep breaths. Fold the cloth and wipe your face. (don’t get the oil in your eyes or on your skin, as it may cause irritation.)

Since I am allergic to eucalyptus and have some on hand I use lemon oil.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y’all later. :wave:

02-14-2012, 06:01 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I was hoping to get in here while we were gone, but kept on the go and too tired at night to go back down to the lobby where internet was free. We did an evaluation and found out they are remodeling starting on the 12th floor which is now done. We usually get 4th or 5th floor so may not see a change next time, but will have Wifi in the rooms when all are done. The walls are cement block so is a challenge for new wiring -- I'll take the sound proof/quiet rooms!

We went whale watching every day except one and that was because it was terribly windy and the little boats didn't go out. It also rained hard off and on that same day; they are in a drought so no one was complaining. The weather was 75 - 85 and the locals thought it was cold. We thought it was wonderful! We did go to a magic show; we entered a parlor where the ghost of Annabelle plays the piano -- any request asked for. The night began with 2 drinks of your choice, then a plate of appetizers which was chicken and pineapple on skewers, a clam cake, pork wraps, and shrimp served on greens, ending with a dessert. I chose key lime pie and guessing it was probably 1/3 of a 9" pie -- so huge I couldn't eat it all. Bob ordered warm apple pie and ice cream; the piece of "pie" was cut in a huge oblong slice and the 2 ice cream scoops were double the size of what we get over here. He did eat it all! After eating we moved into a small theater for the show and there were only 6 rows so not a bad seat anywhere. The magician played off different ones in the audience so put on a great show. At the end the he met us at the door leading outside, asked where we were from, and thanked us for coming. We had good plane rides both ways; coming and going from CA the pilot announced the flight was non-stop! It's good to be home but wish everything was put away as I think the kids will be here this weekend.

I haven't had time to read so hope to catch up soon! I need to get back to my laundry piles and sort through the souvenirs for the kids. :wave:

02-15-2012, 09:33 AM
Good morning ladies. It is chilly and cloudy and expecting more rain our way today. I want some warm temps and some sun soon. It is so gloomy.

I have to go up in just a bit and clean the hall bath, make the bed, put some clothing away and start packing. We are going to busy tomorrow so I need to get it done tonight. I want to color my hair tomorrow, which is always so time consuming and such a mess.

Jean: Sounds like you had a lovely time. I imagine it will be nice when they have wifi in the rooms. Sometimes if you are close to another hotel you can bounce off theirs. We did that in Ft Smith when the hotel's internet was not working and we wanted to check the weather situation. Like you I think 80 degree temps sound awesome and I am sure ready for spring. Is it really humid there? I would imagine it would be with the tropical temps and all. I am wondering how humid it will be in St Thomas and St Maartins. I always hate coming home from a trip and having to put everything back, wash clothes, etc. It is always so stressful for me. I think that is why Jack now figures in an extra day of vacation at the end so he can help me the next day because he knows I get so stressed having everything back in its place and everything cleaned up.

Maggie: It is always wonderful to get flowers. With us going to Chattanooga I didn't want flowers to be here and wilt and such so I said no flowers this year.

I am almost finished with the dog sweater already. I have the leg cuffs and the bottom back ribbing to do then I am done with it. I really like the color and think it will look great on Fortune. I may have it done in time for him to wear to Kelly's tomorrow night.

I better get going so I can get things done. Have a good middle of the week. Faye

02-15-2012, 01:43 PM

The weather outside isn’t quite frightful but it is said that we will get snow this 36 day. It won’t last since the temps are high for it. Hopefully we will just get some rain out of this go-round. Yes, rain would be good. :cp:

We had a good time at the T-Party meeting last evening. I have a new “best friend.” He is a farmer and said now that he has been there once maybe his wife will come to the next meeting when he tells her about how friendly and fun the group is. I sure hope she does come.

I don’t have much on my ticket today so I will be doing glass work. Cecil is in here and has found something very interesting on a low shelf of my equipment rack. He is such a cat ~ curious. I am so pleased that the dogs aren’t on him constantly and let him have his own private play time. Now that the “newness” of him has worn off things have settled down to a nice routine. Late afternoon he and Beanie play rough and tumble and chase each other about the house.

I won’t have to do any cooking this day because we can have left-over brisket. It turned out so tender in my smoker pressure cooker. The trick was to liberally coat it with my Wild Will’s spice mix and let it marinate in the fridge overnight. It is fork tender to make shredded beef and eat it on a sturdy bun. I will freeze part of it today for later use. Next in the pressure smoker I am planning to cook a whole chicken and see how that does. I’ll also probably use a different dry spice mix on it. A lemon-pepper kind maybe.

DONNA FAYE Did that medical procedure you went through do the trick or are you facing an operation? That is super of Jack to save that day off so he can help you out when you return from your jaunt. He is definitely a “keeper.” I know you certainly do appreciate him. Our husbands know us like a book and the same for us knowing them which is a good thing.

JEAN You did a lot of whale watching ~ did you see many? We used to watch then off the coast in CA. The pineapple eaten over there just seems to taste better doesn’t it. What fun to go to a magic show. Sounds like you had a real good time there and are ready for a return trip. In about 6 weeks we are taking a trip for a few days ~ to Texas.:p It is good to have you back.

SUSAN:wave: Hope all is well with you this day.

Stay motivated using a fitness report card. Set goals (for example, doing 10-reps of lifting a weight or jogging 2 minutes on a treadmill). Then grade yourself A through F at least four times a year. When you see how much you improve, you’ll want to stay in great shape.

When you are shopping, even if you know exactly what you want, always do two laps of the entire mall before you buy a thing. Not only will you burn calories, but you’ll also find out who’s having the best sale.

02-15-2012, 02:10 PM
Here is Fortune's sweater all done. He seems to like it as he isn't trying to take it off! :lol:

Susan: You asked me about my nails and I got the giggles. I have terrible nails no matter what I do so no, these are acryllics. It is nice to know they look like my own though.

02-15-2012, 03:50 PM
:wave::BACK TO YACK :comp:

I am still chuckle-ing ~ Will went to the place where he gets our paper goods and office supplies and came home with a ger-prize for me. It is a little mans head that has a big grin on it with a top not of fly away black hair like substance. You squeeze it in your palm and it says, Relax, calm down now ~ don't stress ` take it easy." He joins the other cute things he has bought me on a shelf above my desk. Life is good.

DONNA FAYE OH your little pooch looks so cute in that new sweater ~ makes me want to pick him up and cuddle him. Thanks for sharing.

Back to yack later: :wave:

02-15-2012, 05:15 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm still working on the laundry piles and finally got my gift shop deposit to the bank. Bob had a list of client sympathy cards I needed to send out out so have that done and mailed. I feel more "brain dead" than usual or maybe it is extended jet lag, I don't know. I put my cereal in Ernie's bowl this morning. Sheesh! I've done a fast read through of the past posts so hope I didn't miss anything important.

"Gma" -- I'm glad the blanket is finished and you can work on something fun. It looks complicated from the photo and I admire you for sticking with it; it's very pretty. Our luggage came through in fine shape this time with no parts missing. I hope you will enjoy your new luggage. It's always fun to get new clothes and shoes for a special trip. I used to eat way too fast thanks to the school schedule. Now Bob finishes way before I do and half the time my food is luke warm towards the end. Your ring is beautiful! I love your nails too. Maui didn't seem to be as humid but it wasn't as warm either. No one was sweating except the die hards who spent the day by the pool or on the beach. If I read correctly, you still aren't sure about a future surgery. I hope not, but if that will fix the problem that's what you will need to do.

Susan -- Does your boss stay in one place while in Hawaii? I was surprised at the number of people who spend the winters there. We went through an open house condo next to our resort, and most of those were people who stay the winter, then rent their place during the summers. You have lots of interesting things to do so I know you will enjoy retirement! I was sorry to read about your friend's death. Cancer is such a bad disease! Thank you for sharing the meditation article. I'm glad you enjoyed your tea party; you always have fun with your quilting friends.

Maggie -- Congrats on losing 5#s in January and another 2 so far this month! I do appreciate all the hints you have provided for us. Tell Beanie to enjoy the snow -- I'm wishing for an early spring! Sometimes I can drink coffee or pop in the evening and it doesn't bother me at all. Other times I will be wide awake at 2 AM even if I drink it in the afternoon! There will be no more hotels built in Maui because of the water shortage, but I don't know about homes. It looked like some building going on up on higher levels. We did see lots of whales and lots of babies this time. None came close to the boat, though, and we were disappointed about that. We had a group of 7 that circled the boat and they were fun to watch. From my quick read I gather you have a new kitchen "toy" -- a smoker pressure cooker, right? You go, girl!

Gloria -- It was nice to see you peeking in. Come and visit when you can stay longer and chat. Congrats on keeping 30#s off -- that's super!

I have bell practice later and need to find my gloves that I brought home and washed. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

02-16-2012, 11:19 AM
Good morning ladies. I have to get a move on and get the packing done and the last minute stuff to pack all together. I have Fortune's stuff all by the front door, but we have to run to the store and get him more dog food before taking him to Kelly's this afternoon/evening. Right now he is snoozing on his favorite couch pillow. I don't know how he did it, but at 4 am this morning he jumped off the recliner where I was and voila, his sweater was off! :lol: I let him outside then put it back on him.

Had a rough night last night and didn't get much sleep so I snoozed in the chair until the phone rang at 8:30 this morning. I am feeling icky at the moment with the same old symptoms and that includes the stupid shakiness. I imagine it will go away in awhile after the advil kicks in. Brother.

I felt sorry for Jack this morning. I don't think he wanted to go to work, but he doesn't want to burn another vacation day either. His Valentine's present came yesterday and it is pretty darn cool. They did a really nice job on it. He really likes it, which is nice.

Maggie: I had to laugh at the little gift Will brought home. I think I need one of those guys sometimes. I get way too stressed about stupid stuff like Jack dripping his little coffee thingy across the floor when he goes to empty it or leaving the saline bottle top open and not back in its proper place. It all goes back to my childhood and as an adult feeling comfortable only when everything is in its place. You seem to be doing so well lately losing weight. I am so very glad for you. I am still holding steady and I feel lucky I am doing that. It is just so hard for me to concentrate on losing weight at the moment because whatever this is has not bee fixed.

Jean: You bell ringers wear white little all cotton gloves don't you? I think I remember one of the bell ringers we had visit our church say that is what they are. I got a nice thank you note from Violet's mama. She loved the hat and booties and the blanket so I guess they were ok. I am glad I took the time to put on another row of blocks to make it just a bit bigger. Did you get all your "jobs" caught up and back in line already? Jack inhales his food. He has to eat things like meat really slowly though he forgets sometimes and ends up bringing it back because of the hernia thingy he has. I tend to fill up fast especially if we are eating out and almost always bring stuff home.

I guess I better hit the bricks running girls as I have nothing done except Fortune stuff lined up. Have a good one and talk to you when I get back. Faye

02-16-2012, 03:42 PM

It is a nice sun-shiny day her in the ♥-Land with a temp of 49s. Not quite the day to go skipping though the tall grass in the fields picking wild flowers ~ for it feels quite chilly out there. Tomorrow I hope the weather is nice for I have a yearly doctor appointment down the road. Time to get my meds renewed. Does not seem like a year since my last visit but it is. Time does fly by when one is having fun they say.

For dinner this day I am not making anything exotic for it will be oven baked boneless pork chops placed over a pan of au gratin potatoes and the regular green veggies. I have a couple of chops out of the freezer thawing as I type. I think I will bake some Krusteaz Cranberry Orange 3P+ muffins today and give Will a surprise. I’ll have enough points to enjoy one myself. Gotta tell ya this last batch of Cuties we got are not good. They are a bit bigger than the small ones I have been eating and they have no flavor and are hard to chew for they are tough. I am going to toss them and look for some of the smaller ones to purchase. No more buying the tangerine sized ones.:nono:

DONNA FAYE Have a great time on your adventure. I do hope your malady doesn’t act up and cause you much discomfort while you are gone. I feel so sorry for you not having a good nights sleep. Your little dog is a magician getting out of that sweater like that. Slipped right out. That sounds like a real cook cap you got your main squeeze and isn't it good that he really likes it so much. Good choice of gifts.

Just five or 10 minutes of strength training provides enormous benefits to your muscles, boosts your metabolism and reduces your future risk of osteoporosis, Every other night, while you and your family watch television, use 3 – or 5 pound weights to do three sets of 10 biceps curls, triceps kickbacks and chest flies

Posture affects your mood as well a your performance. Slumping causes you to check out of your workout both mentally and physically. the less you focus during your sweat session, the less you'll receive in the way of benefits. Slouching also keeps you from breathing deeply, which is necessary for delivering the oxygen your muscles need to work at full capacity.

I am off to bake some muffins. :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-16-2012, 11:34 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am heading to bed shortly but wanted to check in tonight. I went to WW this morning and was up a 1/2 # which surprised me since I've been gone for 2 weeks. I went to crafty club this afternoon and also finished washing the summer clothes. Now to repack the totes for a couple more months. I need to make a grocery run in the morning and then clean this pit.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better and enjoy your time away. We used to wear white gloves that had little nubby bumps on them so the bells wouldn't slip. Now we wear black gloves because we wear black slacks and black tops. Before we wore red choir type robes with white collars. Sometimes I wish we still wore the robes just for something different. I bring home restaurant food sometimes, and then usually end up pitching it after a few days. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend away!

Maggie -- We hit 42 degrees today! Yesterday and today just felt like "spring is just around the corner" days. Pork chops sound good as we haven't had them for awhile. I think I will get meat for the grill this weekend because it is supposed to stay "warm" until Monday when there is a slight chance of snow.

I'm off to bed! Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow and enjoy the day! :wave:

02-17-2012, 10:43 AM
Good morning, ladies! 44 degrees and overcast. Depressing!

I don't know where the week has gone. I had quilt guild Tuesday night, applique Wednesday and Thursday nights and I was supposed to go to another bee today but called and cancelled that. I feel really depressed and weepy today so I'm not fit company for anyone let alone a group. If it keeps up over the weekend, I'll call the doc Monday and see if my meds need to be changed. We've been having a hard time getting just the right dose.

Faye, Fortune is going to get the Best Dressed Dog award this year!

Maggie, I've made the Cabbage in Caraway-Sour Cream Sauce and Lemon and Herb Stuffed Pork Chops out of the new WW cookbook. Both were excellent. Sandy is coming over Sunday and I'm going to make the Kentucky Hot Browns for lunch. Tonight I'm making a turkey breast tenderloin with stuffing and carrots.

Jean, I had to chuckle at you packing away your summer clothes. I'm thinking I'll be getting mine out by the middle of March. The robins are back and this was the first morning I heard birds singing when I went out to bring in the newspaper. We turn the clocks for Daylight Savings time March 11.

Have a great day!

02-17-2012, 03:57 PM

Good afternoon Magnolias. The temp here in the ♥-Land is currently 51 and feels like 52 for it is partly cloudy and expected to get down to 23 this night.

We just got back from eating breakfast :hun: out and I had beaters and dry toast, one sausage link and drank black coffee. I don’t think I spent an over amount of points there. We went there after my doctor appointment to get my prescriptions re-written for a year. Now in a few months it will be time for me to get some lab work done ~like the dreaded pap smear type thing. Anything else I don’t mind so much. Got to get it all done though, in May it will be. My lovely lady doctor said she always likes to have me come in for I am never sick and we have a good laugh session. When we get home from somewhere Beanie always greets us at the back gate with his tail wagging. Well Cecil has started accompanying him and sits there beside him so cute waiting at the gate when we drive the Jeep up and park it. Ole Ragg Mopp just comes as far as the edge of the covered patio knowing we will walk there and give him a nice scratch between the ears. He is a patient old dog and Beanie is an exuberant puppy.

In the mail I received a couple samples of Emergen-C. Packets of Vitamin C, Super Orange and a Bluberry-Acai Immune+ System support with vitamin D. They are Flavored fizzy drink mixes. They also sent me a dollar off coupon. I will try one of the packets this afternoon around 3 when I need a pick-me-up. They say “Variety is the fizz of life ~ see all flavors at “

Since I had to get up earlier than usual wouldn’t you know it that the dogs were both restless last night ~ something must have been out and about that bothered them because I would just get to sleep and then one or the other of them would let out a loud bark. Then I would just get back to sleep and on it went.

SUSAN Sorry you are feeling down in the dumps. :( Perhaps when they get your meds to the proper doses you will feel lots better. Thanks for the "heads up" on those recipes for I will certainly try them. There are so many in that book I plan on trying. :p

JEAN That is a good thing you are only up part of a pound after your wonderful time being gone to Hawaii. It will be gone in no time. Don't you just hate to clean when you get home from a nice vacation. I know I do and that is the last thing I think about. :D

Before you pour your skim milk on your morning cereal, pump the milk jug five to 10 times. A full gallon of milk weighs almost 8.5 pounds.

Grab a leash and hit the pavement with Fido. A study conducted by the University of Missouri Columbia showed dogs can help their owners lose weight. The study showed that people who walked dogs, walked longer. Walking is good for your dog also. If you don’t have a dog, borrow one.

Well Magnolias that is the last of the "handy weight loss helps" out of that little booklet. Hope everyone has a lovely afternoon. :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-17-2012, 05:53 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and the snow is melting! I finished vacation laundry this morning and the luggage is waiting for "Mr. Tidy House" to put it away. I ran errands this afternoon and picked up a few groceries. I needed to pick up a couple gift shop bills to pay so ended up getting the weeks worth of $ to count. That's one less thing I'll have to do on Monday, so that's ok.

Susan -- I, too, am sorry you are feeling blue today. I know the gloomy weather is a downer in itself. What are Kentucky Hot Browns? Sounds interesting! We usually get a few robins in time for the last snow of the season, in March while it is still pretty cold. They look pretty confused, but they do eat birdseed. I can tell a big difference in it staying lighter later since we've been home. Is daylight savings time earlier this year? I wish they'd pick one time and leave it alone.

Maggie -- It's always nice to have a welcoming committee greet you when you come home. Enjoy your fizzy samples! I've never heard of them so let us know how you like them. I wish I could borrow a dog to walk! My upper arms were sore for a couple days and I finally figured out it was from carrying my heavier larger-than-usual purse and carry-on bag around the airports. I'm shopping for a carry-on with wheels next time!

I came upstairs to get my laptop and book so better get to counting $. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

02-18-2012, 11:26 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, NO wind (yet), and it's a chilly 17 degrees in my neighborhood this morning. I have laundry going and need to dust and vacuum today. The kids are coming tomorrow so will get rid of their Maui piles. Bob is making his Saturday rounds so I won't see him until lunch time.

Susan -- I thought of you this morning! There was a newspaper article about a new quilting store in Sioux City and all of the different classes they will be offering over the next few weeks. One that I remember is paper piecing, or at least I think that was the name. The picture showed the owner cutting a piece of ruffled fabric. I think that would be a challenge to work with.

We are supposed to warm up into the 40s today, so I am planning on an outside walk this afternoon. Hope you all have a nice day and enjoy! :wave:

02-18-2012, 04:00 PM

It is a nice sun shiney day here in the heartland and I am staying inside and doing my exercises. We have been planning our "get away" for next month and we will be leaving on the first of March and returning on the 6th. Our plan is to wander around the country on our way down there and take our sweet time. Our animals will be taken care at the vets facilities while we are gone. Since they all three get along well together they won't be a problem to take care of. That time will get here sooner than we think since time is moving faster the older we get.:cool: Daylight savings time begins on the 11th and Spring begins on the 20th of March. March is a busy month.

JEAN Have you checked on the Eagles yet? One egg was laid yesterday. And it begins again this year. I don't think I will be taking so many pictures as I did last go-round. Did you bring back lots of stuff from Maui for the kids? It is fun to do that and share your vacation with them.

Gotta go ~ Will needs some things from down town. Type at y'all later.

02-20-2012, 12:43 PM
Good morning, ladies! A bright sunny day and 41 degrees. We were supposed to have 1-2 inches of snow overnight, but it never happened. We had rain instead.

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival begins on Wednesay and runs through Sunday so I'll be there everyday. I have 2 quilts in the show.

I was down 1.0 on Saturday. I looked up the goal weight for 5'3 and the highest is 141. I'm making 140 mine.

Jean, a Kentucky Hot Brown is an open-faced sandwich that has turkey breast, tomato, bacon on whole grain bread. Then it is topped with a cheese sauce and put under the broiler until the cheese browns a little. It's in the new WW cookbook "Best Darn Food Ever" available at your meeting for $9.95. I'm having it for lunch today.

Maggie, have you ever seen the cooking program "Pioneer Woman?" She's always cooking stuff over a campfire and I think of you. You'd probably like a lot of her stuff.

I'm off to go for my walk and then do some housework. Have a great day.

02-20-2012, 03:32 PM

It is said to get to 50s here this day with scattered thunder storm happenings. No rain but thunder. This weigh day I stayed the same once again. This is what I have found through this weight loss era is that I lose down to new territory and then stay there for a few weeks then continue on down so I am not going to trip or get all upset over this and just keep track of what I eat. I am going to have to get a different system for the cats water for he gets food in it and it sullies it. He does get enough clean water in different places in the house though. I may just have his food in here up on that table and put his water on the floor and he can also get water in the dogs dish in the kitchen or out of the toilet which he likes to do. We had some chicken noodle soup for lunch and Will is going to grill a tri tip outside this afternoon and I’ll bake a couple of taters and toast some French bread. I will even make a salad. We can have tri tip sandwiches tomorrow. I’m tellin’ you that we are getting less bang for the buck around here for prices on everything have been going up little by little. I will be glad when we can start planting our garden. Our friend in Texas is planning to retire soon and he is planning on taking his tractor and getting some land prepared for us to plant a nice big garden when we retire there. We will talk to him more about that when we visit there next month. He has several cows still and we can buy one of them to butcher or buy one and add to his herd. When we lived on his place before he had several heads then and has always kept a few.

SUSAN :cp: on your weight loss and your plan for how low you want to get. I know you will reach that in no time. What a fun for you week you have planned. I hope your quilts are winners if that is a contest. I imagine your work is top notch. No I have never seen that program nor did I know it existed. Sounds interesting and right down my alley. Let me know how your lunch turned out for that recipe looks yummy for sure.

Have a nice afternoon Magnolias :wave: Type at y'all later.

02-20-2012, 05:53 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's raining, windy, and a cold 34 degrees in my corner of the world . . . a crappy day with snow on the way tonight. I didn't even turn the computer on yesterday. We went to church and the kids came late morning. Jason and family stayed until 8 so it was time for bed by the time I picked up the kitchen and ran the dishwasher. I spent this morning at church -- 1 morning down and 9 to go. *sigh* I have card club tonight if the weather doesn't change for the worst beforehand.

Susan -- Was your office closed today that you are home? :congrat: on losing another #. The sandwich sounds delicious! I have found that our WW site is very slow in getting new material. Heck, the receptionist is still using paper and pencil to do her bookkeeping. :rolleyes: I know you will enjoy the Quilt Festival. I hope your quilts win a prize!

Maggie -- March is a good time to plan a trip to a warmer place. I did see the Eagle sitting on her nest with just one egg. The local tv station had her on the news this noon. I'm wondering if it is last years mother or last years offspring. :congrat: on the maintain . . . better than a gain any day. Our gas price just jumped 11 cents overnight. They say it will be $4.00+ by summer. GRRRRR! When we got our first kitten, she was so tiny I was afraid she would drown if she fell in the toilet so we kept the lid down, and have continued to do so. Amanda has mentioned more than once how much she appreciates that Jason closes their lid also. :lol:

I need to fold some towels and decide what I'm wearing to "work" tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

02-20-2012, 09:21 PM
Good evening ladies. We got in around 3:30 this afternoon, but it has been a mad house here since and just quieted down a bit. Jack can't get into his email on his phone or online and our email service won't and doesn't help us. I told him he may just have to let me set him up a new account since nothing I have done is working. So he is grumpy about that. Fortune missed us so much he had blood in his urine while at Kelly's and threw up a lot so I felt bad for them having to take care of him that way. He is fine now that he is back with mom and pop! :lol: Then there was all the unloading, putting away, only the downstairs part of that is done, getting laundry going, I have one and a half loads done, etc, etc.

We had a great time together but I had trouble with my feet swelling this weekend so we didn't do much at the mall and I had something weighing on my mind all weekend.Thursday night when we got home from dinner and taking Fortune to Kelly's we picked up the mail out of the box and I found a referral to the dr that did my colon surgery. I have an appt on Thurs with him to decide about surgery on two hernias they found during the cat scan. My reg GP put in the request as she said she was concerned with what she saw on the cat scan. I can't believe I may have to go into the hospital again. I am still having some issues with the other stuff, but nothing serious so hoping it just the tail end of the d and c business and then it will stop soon so we don't have to do surgery on that too. I never expected to have to have any more surgery on my abdomen that's for sure, but it has to be looked at and can't be ignored even though they haven't bothered me. I will keep you informed of what he says. We had a rip roaring time at the murder mystery dinner though. They had the tables all screwed up so ended up putting Jack and I right next to the stage on the floor. The murder mystery was hilarious about an office party gone wrong. Part of the plot was flashbacks about each employee's former life. The IT guy used to be a soldier and they did this hilarious thing with him taking a couple guys from the audience and dressing them in cammouflage, also one of the girls used to be a ballerina and her "teacher" which was an old guy comes out in this black leotard and ballet shoes. I laughed til I cried with that one and they were so close to our table you could almost touch them. One part was about the ditsy blond receptionist who used to be some emergency room tech and she gets this huge guy out of the audience to play the ER doctor explaining to this kid and his mother about the operation he has to have. The guy in the audience played it to the nines and was side splitting funny. The actors/characters would come to the table and talk to you and complain about the office party and other employees and you were supposed to ask them questions and stuff to figure out who kills the boss. The food was yummy, except the cheesecake was warm and tasted like paste, ugh. We had salad, rotisserie chicken, new potatoes, fresh green beans, corn, mixed veggies, homemade yeast rolls and lasagna in an all you can eat buffet. I skipped the lasagna and had the chicken, green beans, potatoes and rolls and salad. Our tickets for this cost me $50 that included the dinner and the one in Branson, which was stupid and the food was disgusting cost me nearly a $100! I would love to go back and see their other one about this plane crash. The actors are really great and the whole thing was so enjoyable except finding a parking place is a total night mare and it is on the second floor of an old warehouse and there are like 30 stairs straight up. This old fat woman was huffing and puffing by the time I got up to the top and then was informed there was a ramp in back! :lol: I did buy a pair of dress shoes and a pair of ortho sandals to wear to the pool and walking all over the ship. I ended up having to order them though. The hotel was gorgeous, the pool was warm and fun and Jack and I got to use it all by ourselves, which was nice.

Sounds like you gals were busy beavers this weekend. I think I will get out of here and sit and read for just a bit then crash. I didn't get much sleep last night and I am pooped! Faye

02-21-2012, 10:48 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I am "home alone" in the church office. The pastor is gone for the day, the custodian is awol as he was yesterday, and the education director doesn't come in until 10. Guess I will spend the morning reading back magazines and marking some new bell music.

"Gma" -- Welcome home! You were missed while you were gone, but it sounds like you had a grand time. I hope that the hernia surgery is not a "necessary" but an optional for you. Think positive! I would be as frustrated as Jack when the cell phone email wouldn't work. I'm sure Fortune is glad to be back home and I'm sorry he was sick while you were gone. I meant to comment on his new sweater; he's so cute and I love the biscuit buttons you added.

I need to go through my bell music and mark some new. Enjoy the rest of your day and remember to smile! :wave:

02-21-2012, 11:45 AM
Good morning, ladies. 42 degrees and overcast this day.

Nothing happening this day but work and going to the Y afterwards.

Faye, I had a hernia repaired back when it was open surgery. A hernia can strangulate any time and then there is the danger of gangrene. That's why they need to be fixed. I do believe they do it laproscopically now and you go home the same day. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. I sure would have enjoyed the dinner theater. Poor Fortune missing Mom and Dad.

Jean, how do you mark bell music? Hope you have some company in the office by now.

Maggie, the Kentucky Hot Brown is a delicious sandwich. I'll bet your menfolk would love it.

Have a great day - I really need to get to work.

02-21-2012, 12:07 PM
Good morning gals! It is lovely and sunny though a bit cool still this morning. It sure makes you feel chipper when the sun is shining doesn't it? As soon as I get done here, I have to lug up a basket of clothes from the trip and put stuff away. All I got finished last night was stuff that was to be put away downstairs, a trip to the grocery store, some chinese for us for dinner since it was in the same shopping center and then back to finish washing the trip clothes. I am drying the last load, but want to get most of it put away then Jack can carry up the last load for me this afternoon and I can put it away.

Susan: I sure hope they can be repaired that way as I dread being completely cut open again. I am a dummy and should have known what it was as, but thought it was scar tissue build up next to the ostomy closing. Thanks for the info, and you are right. I went in and read all about it so I would know what questions to ask and such on Thursday since I had no one that I knew that had an abdominal type hernia. You "sammich" sounds yummy. My favorite is turkey with lett, tom, lgt miracle whip on bread or roll. In fact, that might be today's lunch!!!

Jean: I have more yarn to make him some more sweaters so he has a variety to wear next winter, but I need to finish up my sweater and wrap and quit messing around with other stuff until I do. I bet it was peaceful at the church. When I was a kid, probably about 13 or so, my brother had his Cub Scout meetings at a lutheran church. They met in the basement, but you had to go past the sanctuary before going downstairs. At the very front of the church up by the choir loft hung this huge lighted heart and it sort of pulsed from the light. Used to scare my sister and I too death because the whole sanctuary was dark save this heart looking like it was beating! :lol: I always thought of that whenever I was in the church at night alone doing the books.

My little guy is back to his normal clingy self. He is asleep on his pillow right now, but cuddled up with one or the other of us last night. We were both in the recliners last night as Jack didn't want to go to work with a backache this morning and because of this hernia thing (though I didn't know why I couldn't be comfortable in the bed until now,) I have been sleeping in the chair for awhile now. We need to look into getting a new mattress I guess. We had an adjustable one like the Select Comfort at the hotel, but Jack had it on firm and still woke up with a backache.

I guess I should scoot and get some work done. If I missed any of your posts where you posted losses, I appologize and know I am :cp::cp: for you! Have a good day ladies!!! Faye

02-21-2012, 01:51 PM

This day is said to get to 56s with a low of 31. The wind is not expected to blow hard this day. It ended up blowing so hard yesterday that the BBQ wouldn’t have worked so we didn’t do that tri tip as planned but will do that this evening. I have it in the fridge with the Mad Will’s dry rub spice mix slathered all over it marinating. There is always something else to cook around here if one plan falls through so I don’t fret. :nono: Just ride with the tide and go with the flow. That’s me. :smug:

The dogs are at the groomer and I usually give them and Cecil a “good boy” treat when I come into my office in the morning. Cecil was waiting for me outside my bathroom door this morning and then followed me into my office and sat so cute waiting for his “good boy.” He sure misses his dogs when they are gone.

We are toying with the idea :idea: of changing the way we watch TV. Actually there isn’t much we do watch except news programs and the like and we can do that on our computers. There is a computer :comp: program that you buy for a onetime fee for life and get all the channels like we now have for the TV. We can use that huge TV for movies or hook up a small projector that we have to our computer and watch them on the wall or on our computer itself if we choose. Anyway we are thinking of quitting pouring the money down a preverbal rat hole and re-do how we get the news or watch base ball. Since prices are going up on everything we are looking for things to make more bang for our buck so to speak. We were completely without TV for 5 years and we don’t think we want to do that anytime soon again.

DONNA FAYE Like Susan said, they have ways to fix folks insides without making a huge cut down their middle anymore. Make two holes: one for the camera and one for the instrument to do the fixing. Hopefully they can use that method to fix you up. Your little pooch will be stilin’ for sure with all his choices of pretty sweaters to wear to keep his little body nice and cozy. I am glad he is over what was bothering him while you were gone. Sounds like you had a good get away.:D

SUSAN I am looking forward to making the "Cheddar-Rosemary Biscuits" stuffed with ham for a nice brunch. There are just so many yummy recipes in that book I am going to try. For sure I will make that sandwich you made for the fellows one day soon.:p Yummy, yummy ~ A love pat to the tummy.

JEAN All alone and just hanging out. Did you know that was how it was going to be, before you went down there to the church building to work this day? Has the pineapple you had sent to Bob’s office arrived yet? I love fresh pineapple. :drool: I cut it all up in spears and place it all in a plastic bag in the fridge and it is so yummy and juicy. Dole has big fields in Hawaii.

Have a wonderful Tuesday this day Magnolias. :wave:

02-21-2012, 04:18 PM
Susan -- I mark my bell music by circling my specific notes in pencil. Some gals use highlighters and different colors for different notes. That works ok until an odd bell gets added to your lineup. I usually just have 2 main bells -- E and F, along with the sharp and flat of each. My bells are bigger and I can't ring as many in a row as the little bell ringers. Sometimes I share a bell with the person on either side of me but not very often. Hope your day at work was a calm one!

"Gma" -- We have huge stained glass windows, depicting different Bible stories, on 3 walls of the sanctuary. I love to go in there when the sun is shining through them, as it is so peaceful. I am on a mission to get an eternal light placed in our sanctuary. Every church we have been in lately has one, except us. I am on the memorial committee and know there is undesignated money we could use. I wonder if that is what your red heart light was? We need a new bed also, but I'm waiting until we get new carpet. First I need to finish clearing out the spare bedrooms!

Maggie -- Bob would be lost without his tv so don't think we'll ever drop the cable. I get irritated because we have many duplicate channels and often there's nothing to watch on any of the channels if one isn't into sports or news. I knew the pastor would be gone today; Tuesdays are his usual day off but he had a meeting in Ames today. He left late yesterday afternoon to beat the bad weather that never happened. The custodian finally wandered in about 9. He is fairly new to the job and I don't know how he gets much done because he spends way too much time in the office! The pineapple has come and gone! We get 12 in a box and all were spoken for; they are Bob's treat for people in the office, a couple friends, a neighbor, and the kids. It's definitely better tasting that what we've bought in the store lately.

I need to run a couple errands so I'm off!

02-22-2012, 11:29 AM
Good morning ladies. We had a storm tear through this morning early and it is cool now, but it is supposed to warm up today. I cannot wait for spring. I guess the closer to warm weather the closer to the cruise. Speaking of that, Jack called them customer service people last night to find out when we get our cruise documents since the cruise is all paid for and she gave us a $140 credit back to our credit card for living in Tennessee! That should just about pay for the clothing I want to buy still for the cruise.

My shoes came yesterday and I feel like an idiot. The company is from right here in Memphis!! I found that out when I looked at the return sheet since the flip flop shoes are not going to work for me. They are built up too much in the arch and with my horribly flat feet they hurt too much and walking around as much as I am going to have to, I don't think I want shoes that hurt. The other pair's heel is such that I wobble when I walk so they will go back too. They are pretty shoes, but if I have to walk all over the ship they have to be comfortable.

I have everything cleaned up and put away from trip now so house is back to normal. Fortune has been a bit sick, but I gave him some meds last night and he is back to normal. There isn't much I can do for him about his nervouse tummy and emotional upheavel when we have to travel without him. He is going to have to stay with Kelly or in a kennel when we go on the cruise. All I can do is fix it when we get back. I feel for the little guy as I always had terrible homesickness when I was a kid and got sick just like he does, but sometimes we just can't take him with us.

Maggie: You trip tip sounds pretty good. We are having pot roast, carrots and new potatoes for dinner. We are both back strong on WW now and so I plan on having some nice losses to report ongoing. I have had laproscopic surgery before as that is how they did my gall bladder so am hoping they can do this procedure the same way. I am just tired of facing in and out hospital procedures, you know? I still am not sure where the female thing is going to go, but I am hoping that it is now better.

Jean: I imagine that is what that heart was all about, but when you are kids you see things so differently. We are starting our remodel phase next year and will probably buy new fridge, stove and washer and buy the glass tiles for the backsplash while they still have them then later on, get more stuff to work on. It will be a long process, but it will all get done eventually.

I guess I should get out of here and get some chores done. I had my breakfast, yogurt and banana and took my meds. Have a great middle of the week and :D Faye

02-22-2012, 04:29 PM
Magnolias ~this tread is now closed ~ please post on #6