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02-12-2012, 02:17 AM
hello all:)

i posted the other day and got alot of great info but still havnt had my main question answered, so i thought it it would be best if i just started a new thread and ask again. i hope someone will know the answer because i really want to talk to my doc about doing this, but needs this info first:) so here is my question;

when doing medifast, what are the daily values? these are the numbers i came up with:
fiber atleast 20 gm
fat under 35 gm (that includes about 20 gm from lean & green)
protein 60-90 gm
carb 80-100 gm
cal 800-1200

does that seem about right?
thank u:)

02-12-2012, 08:18 AM
In the time you've been waiting for other 3FC Medifasters to answer your question, you could easily have gone to the Medifast site and looked it up or worked it out yourself. I'm just sayin'. Here's a link:

Choose from the buttons on the right side. And keep going.

In answer to your question, you are pretty close. Protein should be closer to 100 grams, though.

I believe that in the thread I gave you the link to the other day, which is titled something like "Non-Medifast foods that are close to profile," I mentioned what the Medifast profile is. So try doing some reading there. :)


02-12-2012, 03:04 PM
boy, you sound very snarky! im sure u dont mean to, sometimes when we read typed words without the advantage of hearing the tone of someones voice, it is hard to decifer how it is supposed to sound... "just sayin"...LOL!

ive been looking EVERYWHERE trying to find those values. i know i can multiply the values of the 5 meals easily, but the l&g meal is what is stumping me:) i actually read that thread several times and couldnt find the daily values. ive seen the values per meal several places including the medifast site, but have yet to find the DAILY values... i must be lame because i just went to the link u gave me and still cant find it... ugg!

oh well:) ive been doing it on my own for 3 days now and have lost 4 pounds:) so i guess ill just assume im doing it right:) i came up with my own replacement meals and i will be posting them under the substitution thread:) thank u again for your help, i hope i didnt offend anyone or require too much help:/

02-12-2012, 06:47 PM
The reason I chose to try Medifast was that I didn't want to have to count and track. If I could have eaten the Medifast Meals five times a day, I would have.

I figured out the substitutes and chose from one of those combinations for every Medifast Meal. Then I just ate the Lean & Green as it was specified in the program materials. I did not try to count or track daily calories or carbs or protein or anything else. I ate my 5 sub meals plus the L&G, and that was that. I suggest that you can try the same thing--make it easy.


02-12-2012, 09:40 PM
thank you!