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02-06-2012, 06:02 AM
we have room in our basement to set up an area for working out. we're getting a tv down there along with our wii. my sister has some just dance games that really get the cardio going so that'll be our first installment of "exercise gear".

additional info, i broke my ankle in 2 places and had a compound fracture (it didnt shoot through the skin, but did pierce it) as well, this was is 2007. i dont limp anymore, it only hurts from overuse and driving more than 1/2 hour. my right ankle cannot handle running, the landing is too rough for it. i need low impact. the dancing games, you dont really jump much, you just move around and dance. dance dance revolution was a little too much on the impact so i cant use it anymore. im also flat footed so that adds to the suck, too.

i used to love the elliptical at the gym, ill be looking on craigslist for some eventually. but does anyone else have any suggestions for other wii games that theyve had success with? or other suggestions for stuff we could use in a somewhat small space that wont cost a fortune? we have my brothers dumbbells down there, too.

02-06-2012, 06:33 AM
Try Burpees/squat-thrusts. Tough workout, zero cost and minimal space requirement. just make sure the thrust component is ok on your ankle