Ideal Protein Diet - SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! Who's cooking what?!?!

02-05-2012, 05:48 PM
I am a Patriot fan and am anxiously waiting the game tonight! I have found some awesome recipes that will keep my husband and I from going off protocol and am wondering what everyone else is doing?

I made:

-coleslaw (red cabbage & diced onion mixed with vinegar, lemon juice, horseradish, salt, pepper, and a dash of skim milk)

-A veggie platter w/ cucumber & green pepper slices, celery, & cauliflower

-mini-meatballs (lean ground beef and pork w/ fresh parsley)

-hot wings (skinless chicken wings coated with a franks hot sauce & vinegar)

GO PATS!!!!!


Lola Dark
02-05-2012, 05:59 PM
Pats fan here!!!
Hummus and whole wheat crackers, veggie tray are my contributions to the part we are going to today

02-05-2012, 06:00 PM
I'm going to cut 1" pieces of celery and try bites using each of my WF dressings and jellies and sauces... I'm also going to have Diet Ginger Ale with Egg Nog Davinci Syrup also made with Spenda. OH and for my protein - I'm going to have some kind of IP chips. LOL! More fun than I've had at most of the SuperBowl foodie junkets!;)

02-05-2012, 08:16 PM
YUM! Enjoy everyone!