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02-04-2012, 10:21 PM
After taking the active for of thyroid med, called T3, my doc says no more. I have the T4 to T3 conversion syndrom. Synthroid doesn't work. On and off for 11, yes, eleven, I have found docs to prescribe it to me. They had no idea of the Wilsons Temperature syndrom...nor of the Low T3 problem. After my last doc retired, his young replacement continued to refill for a year and a half, until I went in. Surprise! She said it was poison, compared it to meth...said I was killing myself with an artificially induced hyper state. I pointed out that my pulse, blood pressure and temp her nurse just took were low. She couldn't explain it...she just knew my free T3 was high and T4 & TSH bottomed out. I pointed out that was a normal finding for Cytomel patients and timed-released compounded T3, like mine. Needless to say, my blood tests were the same one and a half years earlier, yet she has continued my refills. But, she just couldn't understand how I was still alive with perfect stats, perfect CBC's, perfect Chem 7, cholesterol low...feeling great...and my weight was the same...despite my "hyper" state.
Poor thing didn't even know enough to tell me to wean off. She reluctantly refilled it once for that purpose and sent me to an Endocrinologist aka paid drug for Synthroid. No thanks.
I refuse to be held hostage by these docs...filled with trepidation at each confrontation, wondering if I can get through to them, wondering if they can listen for once and not try the old-you're fine, the test says so.

The Test lies. I will not go back to that suffering. I am researching everyday to discover the over the counter solution. Trying some things right now. And I swear...if I can't get my temperature up, lose weight on this very low carb diet with carb refeeds on two days, Sunday being an anything goes day, with raw thyroid and adrenal glandulars, selenium, iodine, zinc and many others...I'll get Mexican cytomel over the internet without a prescription, lolol. Seriously.
No more doctors condescension.

02-05-2012, 02:53 PM
I take thyroid medication as well, as I had my thyroid removed 11 years ago due to thyroid cancer. I use Armour, the natural version of thryoid medication, derived from pigs' thyroids.

I used Synthroid for a year following my surgery with a lot of problems.. mostly emotional. I felt constantly tired, sluggish and down.. I was probably clinically depressed - which I've heard since is very common for those taking synthroid.

I have never heard of wilson's syndrome and the other issues you're describing - I'll have to go google them! ;) But I really hope you manage to get your numbers in check with whichever methods you're trying. Being 'out' with tsh, t3 and t4 is not fun. GL!

02-06-2012, 09:55 AM
Thanks, Kirsten!

I think my problem is a chronic mercury poison from amalgam fillings. If I had money, I get them all removed right now. It is a huge ordeal, accomplished safely, only with everyone in room on oxygen masks and a vacuum sucking the mercury away...vent system...and a shield to keep mercury from going down the throat.

The mercury leaches out everything you chew or drink something hot or cold. I always, even as a child couldn't chew gum because of getting a headache.

How they got the idea to put this poison in our mouths was as stupid or evil as how they decided to put fluoride in our water. ""OH, gee, we have this poison left over from manufacturing...can't release it into nature...hey, let's get a mandate to put it in drinking water by saying it prevents tooth decay." ADA loved the idea cause it got them more dental patients.