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02-04-2012, 08:33 PM
:angel: Welcome Friends :angel:

You've found a great place to come
and vent, share or ask for prayer support.
This is a great group who will be very
encouraging, caring and loving....
....anyone is welcome to join!

A Servant's Prayer --

Jesus, My Jesus....How marvelous are your ways....
Far more splendid than my mind can envision.
What an honor to be chosen by you.
A lowly child I am, but empowered by the Holy Spirit
to fulfill the great hope to which you have called me.
I give myself totally to you, Lord.
Take my imperfect heart and make it perfect.
Peel away the hardness.
Close the doors I have opened to the temptations of this world.
Gently remove the roots of painful memories, sins, doubts and fears.
Discard anything that separates me from you.
Lord, fill the emptiness with the light of your love
that I might be a beacon calling the lost back to you.

To love as you love.....
To serve as you serve.....
To forgive as you forgive.....
Always mindful of my nothingness while doing great
and marvelous things in your name and for your glory.
This I pray, Jesus, in YOUR name ...


02-04-2012, 08:48 PM
:val1: Well people, they say that this is the month of :love: ... So may GOD rain His everlasting, pure sweet LOVE, down upon us -- like a soothing, liquid balm to comfort us, and to heal all our hurts, and to restore our good health, all throughout this fabulous month of February ... :val1:

We had a good day here; just doing stuff around home. I spent my afternoon doing some prayers on another prayer group; so many needs these days, everywhere. Then I did some reading while dinner cooked in the oven: we had leftover deli bbq spit chicken and homemade potato scallop with onions & carrots, and that was sure yum ...

Sending up some ^prayers^ for our BOOTSIE and her beloved furry girl, SAUSAGE, at this time. That angel is 19 years young; and been a wonderful friend and worker for Bootsie all those years. We also pray that her DH, David, is feeling better too.

I included my BIL, TOM M, in the Current Prayer List on the first page of the Prayer Warrior's thread as well -- for some continued prayers, as both he and his wife, can use them on a long-term basis ... thanks in advance.

BTW, I sure hope all the NEWBIES that joined us last month make their way back to visit us again this month; it was so nice have them along ... :D

Hope all our friends are having a wonderful weekend; and keep warm now, cuz it's cold out there -- well, where we live it is ... :val3:

02-05-2012, 04:00 AM
Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Sorry I wasn't around much. Things were really hectic at work and at home. I didn't have much of a chance to even contemplate turning on my computer when I got home last week. LOL!

I am having a bit of a bout of insomnia tonight, which explains my posting at 3AM. Not sure why, but it is what it is. We went to bed really early last night though (around 8:30PM). I'm not used to going to bed so early. That may have something to do with it, since I normally only get 6 hours of sleep a night.

02-05-2012, 11:00 AM
Good Morning Rosebud, thank you for the prayers. My husbands shingles spread some last night think he needs to call the doctor and get some more medicine. I am fixing to go see how Sausage is doing , bless my dear friends heart. She stays out in our barn and if i did put her in the house she would be crazy that would be like me going to a rest home to her ,she needs her freedom in this time of life, she deserves it and anything she wants to eat. Thankful for God sending us some cooler weather for she loves the cooler weather for some reason she just cannot stand being hot, she spent the biggest part of last year in a little swimming pool for children. , though I did put a light blanket over her and she has a warm sleeping bag to lay on, for it felt cold to me! I would want my last days to be the place i love the most and she loves the barn and the yard. When there is no chance of rain will move her to the yard. Well best go and see about my friend. Have a wonderful Sunday and a HAPPY new week!

02-05-2012, 12:07 PM
I helped Sausage walk to outside, while it is not raining. Went in to make her a chicken pot pie for she just loves em; looked back out and she had went back into the barn! She was nibbling on her chicken pot pie when I left, gotta go feed the rest of my critters. Brought Rufuss (cat) back in for he picks on Sausage and weighed him ,he has gained a pound, now weighs 26 pounds! Gee! I thought he would loose weight staying outside.

02-05-2012, 04:09 PM
BOOTSIE ~ that's it -- spoil her with all her favorite things; we did the same with our SWEETIE & PIN PIN over their last days. They loved hot dogs (among other things), so they had them for dinner, and just loved that. Glad Sausage is holding her own today; and sent up some specific prayers for your DH too ...

WOW, that's a big cat! We had an adorable kitty (almost full grown) come by our place late last night; just after 1 AM -- I think she is lost. She does have a cute pink collar and looks well-fed but seemed to think this was her place (maybe she lived here before?). Of course, NIKO went bonkers barking his head off which got her mewing, so had to put him in the bedroom. Well, she disappeared about 5 minutes after that. Well, I just saw her across the street; looks like she spent the night in the neighbour's shed. I'll get DH to put a bowl of food out on the front porch just in case it takes awhile for her to realize where she lives again.

HMWB ~ glad you were able to drop by; don't worry, we know that life happens and you can get really busy. Yes, if I go to bed too early one night, then I am up late or early the next day too. DH goes to bed early, but I usually go a bit later, although I often do a devotion, a puzzle, and read a bit before I go to sleep.

I figured out how to use my new portable phones today; finally heard my answering machine messages and deleted them. One wasn't even for me ~ this lady keeps calling here and we have the same first name, but I don't know her. I told her that she had the wrong number many times, but some people just don't want to listen ... :lol:

One was my DAD, but he called back today; that's how I knew he had called. So I figured I'd better learn how to use it correctly; I even set the right time -- it wasn't that hard once I looked at the manual ... ;) That was really nice of NUMPSTER & her DH to buy them for us; what a couple of Angels ... and that Floor Whizzer (sweeper) too ... awesome!!!

Well, since we had chicken last night for dinner, we are having baked fish & chips & coleslaw tonight (that's what we usually have on Saturday nights around here). Nice and ez for the house chef ... :D

Have a great week everyone ... :val3:

02-06-2012, 06:05 PM
Hi, everyone! Visiting here on our old, old laptop, so hope this actually posts when I'm done! Right now, I've got the desktop computer backing up our entire hard-drive just in case we have a terminal failure, which could happen any time based on some of the weird things that it keeps doing. Guess we're gonna have to use some of our tax refund for a new computer--probably overdue, since the one we have is 6 years old now and I guess most people don't expect one to last more than about 3 years. So.....rats!

Rosebud-how do you make your baked fish and chips? Is the fish breaded? I love baked fish, especially unbreaded, but DH likes breaded, of course;) So, ideally, I need to learn how to make a healthy version of both that can be baked at the same time-lol!

Bootsie-You're in my prayers--I know how hard it is to lose our furry friends. Your Sausage knows how much you love her.

Not much going on here the last few days. Watched the big game last night. Had a nice church service yesterday, too. Baked about 15 dozen chocolate chip cookies on Saturday-some are being sent by our church to the college and military kids of church families, but a few too many are being eaten by us! Sent a box of them to DS2 also, so he'd have some extras-he's kinda picky, so he ends up sharing most of what the church sends with the other boys in the dorm. They all appreciate all the treats they get, you know!

Took Mom to her psychologist visit today and then got the back-up hard-drive. But, didn't try to do any other shopping, because it's too hard on her. Really praying her pain doesn't get any worse before her hip appt. on the 28th.

Well, I'm gonna get going now. Hope you all have a great evening!

02-06-2012, 07:36 PM
RONNI ~ I have made both: breaded and unbreaded; and most of the time now, I just buy it that way. DH likes the English or Beer Battered "Fillets" -- so I get those for him, and get myself the breaded. If I am making Salmon or other plain fillets (like sole, cod, etc), I put them in a glass casserole with some seasonings & water or soup broth (I make my own with the soup bases). Mushroom soup base/broth is nice, but I can only get that at the bulk food store. Sometimes I put in a bit of onion, salt & peppa.

One of our favorites is to put the fish fillets on the bottom of a glass casserole dish, and sprinkle a homemade crumble over top; then bake at 350 F for about 35-45 minutes (I cover it with foil to keep from drying out too much). For the crumb mix, you can use bread crumbs or wg crackers, and add 1-2 tbl Parmesan cheese too (season to taste).

I have made fresh fish with minced onion, 1 tbl soya sauce, 1 tbl lemon juice, and salt & pepper ... BUT, our favorite is dry-fried in a bit of oil/margarine in chunks that have been rolled in a flour & seasoned salt mix. You have to use a fairly firm & dry fish for that though (like cod, haddock, pike, pickerel). Fish is getting really expensive here, so we have to watch for sales, or send DH fishing ... ;)

Sometimes, I buy the bagged tators (DH's favorite), or some other kind he likes (we both like the seasoned ones with the skins on). I have made baked real potato fries in a bit of oil but found they can turn to mush too easily ... so more often, I dry fry them in a non=stick skillet with a bit of oil (1 tbl) only. I just make sure that I have only a serving (about 100 calories worth) to stay on plan. I always have salad with mine.

I make a mix of homemade foods & purchased items for taste & convenience, if they are on for a good price (otherwise, I make my own). We usually only have fish for dinner once a week; and once for lunch (ie tuna or salmon).

Hope you get your PC woes fixed up; I am so glad I now have a back-up for this one (our desktop, which I am using right now). I bought a laptop for a really good price last summer. You can get some really good deals on PCs these days; a lot better than in years past. They know that students need them for school, so the prices have come down quite a bit recently ... :D

Have a great evening everyone ... :val3:

02-06-2012, 09:26 PM
Hi Ronnie! She must because she ate all her pork roast this morning and seems to be getting a little better. Don't know if I imagining that are not. I can not get any medicine down her she bit me 3 times now, trying and spit it out, and she does, but when i squell she lets go of my fingers! i went to Bertram and worked on cleaning my grandmothers house up my brother left me ,picked up 4 bags of large trash and still not finished. Bless his heart he saved everything I guess to recycle it. I took some artificial flowers to make it look pretty and loved. i need to take a Bible over there every house needs one, especially my Grandmothers home.

02-07-2012, 02:47 PM
BOOTSIE ~ I'm glad that SAUSAGE is feeling better. I had to be really sneaky with our Sweetie giving her meds becuz she wouldn't take them if she sensed or tasted them either (once had to hide her antibiotics in a tsp of jam). I'm glad that your brother left you your grandmother's house -- will you be using it for a home away from home and/or a guest house? Sounds like a plan ... Hope Bertram isn't too far away from where you live now.

It's nice & :sunny: here today, but the temps have gone way down to -17 C (or about 0 F) here. It should warm up for a couple of days and then we have another cold one. We've been spoiled this winter, so we can't complain really. Time has been flying by for us since we moved into our own house; there's always something to do, but we love that. Here we are in February already, so only a couple of months of winter left now ...

Well, that kitty is still hanging around our place; I think either her family has gone away and left her outside (sadly, this is all too common) or she can't remember where she lives. She looks like she is about 1 year old, give or take a little. My Dad said to put some food out for her so she won't starve at least. SHe made herself a little home under the bottom of our house; there's a little alcove where she is out of the elements, and can get some warmth from the basement. Today, she was following DH all over the place and basking in the :sunny:. She may find her way back home eventually ...

Last night, we had steak & veggies for dinner; I had steak and DH had his pork chop, which I cook in the same pan with stir-fry veggies (mushrooms, onions, etc). I made some new potatoes & other veggies to go with them also. Tonight, will be a less fancy meal -- Dh likes to have his favorite Chicken Super Dogs once a week, so he will have those tonight. I will likely have a chicken burger & a salad. I cook them in the same pan to save dishes/time ... ;)

Have a great day ... :val3:

02-07-2012, 04:19 PM
Bootsie: My thoughts and prayers are with you. I once had to say goodbye to a dear dog that we had for 14 years. She followed me everywhere and never judged my bad moods.

I've had a good week. I've started exercising each morning. I started with a small amount of time and am building the time each day. I find that if I tell myself that it won't be for a long time I get started and once I started I want to do more. Wierd isn't it how one can fool themselves?

With DH on the road a lot I am busy quilting after work. I have to get it finished before grandbaby #2 enters our family in late March/early April. I must admit that I do like winters here because I have an excuse to sit and quilt in the evenings. Come spring and summer I really should be outside more.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week!

02-07-2012, 08:26 PM
:wave: HI WILMA ~ yes, it really can be "mind over matter" can't it? I can recall that happening a lot. You say to yourself, "ah, I don't feel like doing that" -- but when you push yourself to do it, you end up enjoying it and are glad you did ...

I do stretches & toning exercises every morning for 20-30 minutes a day; then I do other stuff later on; plus hand-weights 3 x times a week; and a few more toners & flexers just before bed too. It is starting to become a good habit now; and I am thankful for that.

Yes, I did have my chicken burger & salad for dinner tonight. These are very lean chicken patties that are only 145 calories each -- very healthy & tastey. I'm glad I stocked up, cuz the store that had them are now sold out. Just when I find something healthy & economical, they can't get it anymore. :rolleyes:

Have a great evening everyone ... :val3:

02-07-2012, 08:39 PM
Bootsie , when I had to give my dog meds I would bury it inside a hot dog, no problem , he scarfed it right down and never noticed the pill.

02-08-2012, 09:26 PM
Rosebud you know me so well and you don't even know me! Yes that is exactly what I plan to do with my Grandmothers house unless my dear daughter and family want to move back then they have a place to go. With the fire so close to us that destroyed all those homes it is good to have a place to go if need be. It is going to require a lot of work and money to get her back into shape but the yard is done. Now I can keep it mowed. I feel so much at home there when I do go I don't want to leave.
I sneaked an aspirn in some hamburger this morning and gave Sausage . She looked at it looked around and a cat headed toward it and she grabbed it right quick before the cat could get it and she ate a whole can of dog food for Breakfast. She walked into the barn tonight with my help and stood with out my help and drunk water, I am hoping the aspirin helps her get going, my vet told me to give her with food one a day, but have not for if she thinks I put some medicine in her food she will not eat it. I think her smeller is off today for she ate it. I pray when God decides to take her he does it quick. Thank you so much for the prayers for her, God is so listening to you.

02-08-2012, 10:08 PM
I have been havng some problems for the last several weeks, medical in nature. I have had tests and more test, waiting for results.

02-08-2012, 10:44 PM
BARGOO ~ am sending up some extra ^prayers^ for you; hope they find out what is going on quickly, so they can help you with the best treatments ASAP too ... :hug:

BOOTSIE ~ yes, like Bargoo says too -- yummy meat will often do the trick, and there's nothing like competition either. :lol: ^Prayers^ continue for SAUSAGE and you ... :hug:

Had a good day; although I was very hungry today, then discovered I was low on my food count yesterday. Laid down in the afternoon for nausea symptoms -- thinking it may be hunger and/or those dang hormones again. I think this menopause thing can last longer than we think. Some say from 40's up to 60 yy even. Eeegads! LORD, help us ladies! ;)

Have a great day tomorrow ... :val3:

02-09-2012, 01:20 AM
My friend told me today It just gets worse the older we get. I told her I was not going for that even if she is the wise lady she is. I am going to look at tomorrow being a better day.

02-09-2012, 04:19 PM
I am going to look at tomorrow being a better day.

BOOTSIE ~ I'm with you on that one ... we can put our prayers together and ask for improved health. I felt better today; so DH & I got a lot more accomplished: emptied 2 totes & 3 small boxes of brass & glass for the top of our piano. Glad to have that job done finally. One tote had my music tower & cds in it, so now I can listen to them again.

I downloaded my favorite Christian songs from my MP3 player into this PC yesterday; and we were listening to them last night. Numpster & her DH sent them up to me, and they are a real blessing.

DH and the Kitty went for a walk this AM around the neighbourhood and when they got to a certain house, the cat took off down the driveway -- and we haven't seen him since. DH met up with a boy who said that he had seen him before. We figured since he kept following DH around that if they walked around our area, he would find his real home again. I hope he has finally found his people.

Time to go have a snack; my tummy is gnawing at me to eat something. It is ironic that before I had to watch not too eat more than my limit, but I got so good at finding foods to fit into my plan -- sometimes I don't eat enuff. And, when I don't, I feel very hungry for days. :dizzy:

TIP OF THE WEEK ~ I was reading a devotion about CINNAMON this week and was reminded about an article I read once -- that in China, researchers found that Cinnamon is a natural appetite suppressant. I had some on my Oatmeal with a few raisins for breakfast. I remember that years ago, I used to chew SF Cinnamon gum a lot. I think I may try that again ... :D

EDIT TO ADD: you can put it on cereal, on cinnamon toast & french toast, with apples baked or nuked, or chew SF Cinnamon Gum. Sometimes, I put it in my pasta sauce too -- it adds a nice punch to the flavor; and I often put it in my homemade fiber muffins. Of course, it's yummy in pumpkin & sweet potatoes too. You may be able to get Cinnamon Herbal Tea as well.

Tonight, for dinner I tried a recipe from a lady in the 100 lb forum -- sprinkled our chicken with some lemon juice & cinnamon. I roasted them along with lots of veggies, including carrots & sweet potatoes as well. NOTE: she cooked hers in a crock pot, but I did ours in the oven and it was good too.

Have a great day ... :val3:

02-13-2012, 07:05 PM
Hi, everyone! Had a terrible weekend with internet provider problems and couldn't get on here at all:mad: I'm so mad at our provider, I'm calling them tomorrow and asking for money back on our bill-this has been going on for over 2 months and they can't seem to fix the issue-and it's not just us--it's our whole town! They raised the rates, put in 'new' equipment in their office and it hasn't worked since.....grrrrrrrrr

Had a lot of running around yesterday getting DS3 to a video game party after church, then a youth group parent meeting, then his drivers' ed-totaled 4 round trips to town yesterday for about 120 miles! And, today I'm just wiped out-sat down and just watched a few Criminal Minds episodes I had missed but DH recorded for me, as I couldn't even manage to stand up after doing dishes earlier. And, now I'm getting a killer headache.... Glad I put a roast and veggies in the crock pot this morning, so dinner prep will be minimal when DH gets home.

Not much else going on here right now-a bit of snow today and gloomy-looking outside.

Will be keeping you all in my prayers. Now, gotta go finish up the dinner prep and take something for the head.....Have a nice evening:)

02-13-2012, 09:20 PM
HI RONNI ~ sent up some ^prayers^ for your town's Internet problems; they need an expert to go in to give them some advice. Gee, if I had 4 appts. in one day in town, I would just go and stay until each one was over -- go to a coffeeshop in between; then lunch at another; and do a little shopping or errands to pass time (or cut it down to 2 trips at most). I know it is a bit harder in the winter than summer, as we would just go down by the lake and watch the swans. Hope you are feeling better soon ... :D

We've just been doing stuff around here; put up some more pictures on the weekend, and some in my little PC room today. Plus sorted out our videos to put in their cabinet, and arranged my music on my PC this weekend (boy, that can take hours & hours). Now I have my Christian songs blasting on here while I'm typing; and I'm even dreaming them at night -- that's :cool: ... ;)

Well, guess who came back for a visit last night? Ya, the cat came back -- Kitty found his way here again, but didn't stay long. DH says if he gets lost again, they'll just go for another walk. :lol:

DH went up to the hospital early today; no broken ribs, just bruised which is painful enuff. I was more concerned about his internal organs. They told him that it will take awhile to heal, but he will be in some pain. Now, trying to get him to rest is a lark really, cuz he moves around like the Ever-ready Battery Bunny -- he just goes and goes and goes ... LOL!

The eating has been good: last night I fell asleep early -- woke up hungry, but OK. Friday, we had Veggie-Mushroom Soup for dinner, as I had an upset tummy: turns out it was some hot pepperettes I had for a snack. Saturday, we had thin crust pizza & salad. We had roasted chicken pieces & veggies Sunday; and tonight was steak & onions & veggies with barley/rice combo for dinner. Maybe we'll have fish tomorrow night ... hmmm.

Hope you all had good weekend; have a great week coming up too ... :val3:

02-14-2012, 04:58 AM
Hi, again!

Rosebud-I usually do make a day of it when we have our errand day or lots of appts in one day, but with it being Sunday and DH home, I just wanted to be home as much as possible. Plus, church was at 10:30 am and the drivers' ed runs from 6:30-9:30 pm--if I'd stayed in town that whole time, I'd have spent a LOT of money at Walmart, Target, Kmart, possibly even Sears or the mall:eek: Believe me, it was cheaper to pay for the gasoline-LOL!

Just popped in here while being up sick-watching Criminal Minds reruns and hoping my stomach settles sometime soon. I was :barf: earlier and the burning and nausea doesn't seem to want to leave. Not sure if it's a flu or related to my other gastric issues from the MS, but sure can't lay down just yet...

Well, think I'll just surf around here for a bit, but might fall asleep in our recliner:tired: Take care!

02-17-2012, 12:14 PM
Hi, everyone! Seems like I scared everyone off with talk of flu & :barf: Sorry:o I'm thinking it has been a flu, as I've had the nausea & headache all week and spent the majority of the week in a horizontal position. Finally can eat somewhat normally yesterday and today, but still get the queazies afterwards for a while. It may have been what I needed to spur on the weight loss, though, as my stomach can not hold near what I was eating 5 days ago:) I know a little may come back because eating <1000 cals a day is not normal, but it feels good to see something good come of the week;) Trying to get a little less dehydrated right now-my skin has no elasticity at all right now, so I'm drinking, drinking, drinking:cheers: (of course, that's water in those cups, ya' know!).

We're having another easy day here. DS3 has much school work to do, so I've got to crack the whip, so to speak. And, I may try to finish the taxes, but also may not, you know.....

I'm asking for prayers for my DS2 also. He's very ill with ear infection, bronchitis, and upper respiratory infection. And, of course, it's coming at a time when he's got several papers due in the next couple weeks, has constant spring football training/weightlifting, and lots of other studies to do. He'll be going to get his prescriptions today and hopefully can get some rest over the weekend, but, of course, that's pretty difficult while living in a dorm.

Thanks for the prayers and take care!

02-17-2012, 04:01 PM
RONNIE ~ sending up some ^Prayers^ for your DS2 to get better real soon; I got sick one year in college too -- turned into pneumonia, but I made it through ... with so many people, schools are just breeding grounds for flus & colds, etc. Tell him to wash his hands diligently -- that means ... constantly!!!

Hope you are feeling better soon too; might be a good side to that -- you may have lost a few lbs. Hey, what the heck -- take it! :lol: That flu sounds like one that has been going around for sure.

Wash your hands, people; wash your hands!!!

We had some fluffy white stuff ***** fall overnight. DH is feeling better with each day. Eating has been good. We hadly yummy BBQ chicken for dinner last night: chicken pieces covered with a mix of Hickory BBQ sauce & Ketchup (1/4 cup each) with veggies: green & yellow beans, onions, mushrooms, celery, shredded carrots with new potatoes on top. I poured 2-3 cups onion broth over all. DH said he loved it; I did too. Had the leftovers for lunch today ... yum!

Well, it's Friday Fun Food Night: think it will be hamburglers tonight: I will have a salad with mine and DH will have homefries this time. Just doing the daily stuff: nothing big or momentous around here today.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone ... :val3:

02-18-2012, 10:30 PM
Rosebud-your veggies sound delicious! I'm going to have to try that. It sounds like something the DH and DS would like, too. Did you once say you had been a chef or something? You have so many wonderful sounding dishes:drool:

Bargoo-keeping you in my prayers and hoping to hear good news:hug:

It's been one of those days here-diet has gone ok, since I've kinda had a flu relapse, so everything I eat makes me queasy. Just toast, yogurt, rice and soup since breakfast of potatoes and egg didn't sit very well. I've heard this particular stomach bug has lasted more than a week for many-joy,joy.....

DS3 got started on the antibiotics and said he's starting to feel a little better, but that could also be from just not having to do weights and classes today, just writing papers.

Watching the Nascar Bud Shootout now-kinda nice to be back to racing season, but it always makes DH sad, because he'd like to be back in it. He used to build racecars for dirt tracks in our local area. Drove a few times too. He and his dad had a winning team for many years, before it got so expensive that you had to have sponsors and had to race 3 times a week to be able to afford it.

Well, hope you all have a great evening and Sunday!

02-19-2012, 11:20 AM

Taking time to catch up a little this morning as Angie and I are going to second service, she is playing handbells in that one. We are not usually second service people...we like 8:00 service, in fact a 7:30 one would be ideal for us :) It is nice to see people we don't usually see though when she plays in the 10:30 service.

We had our GRANDdaughter for a sleepover Friday night :hug: We took her to our favorite Mexican joint for dinner, she has been there before of course but not old enough to sit in a high chair and eat real food. She loved the rice! She kept reaching over to my plate and grabbing rice off of it :D

She had rice everywhere! :o I told Narcizo, the owner, that I know she left a big mess but she will be eating in here often so just get used to it :D. He just laughed and said he wanted her there EVERY day.

We even took her to breakfast the next morning. We had hoped to walk the beach with the dogs and eat at the beach cafe but our Reba seems to have another leg/foot issue. She is really limping, started on a walk, with Angie on Friday afternoon so they came back :( She seems to be getting better, we will take her to the vet tomorrow afternoon...I really don't want another $3,000 surgery!

Anyway, we thought about taking her to our favorite breakfast joint (for a friend of ours owns but doesn't have outside seating for the dogs) but decided against it since he doesn't have TV's and such to keep her "busy". We decided on a place we have here, Broken Yolk, that we enjoy. A small chain that Man V Food has been to near my daughter's house. Of course she loved the potatoes there :)

She was not ready to go home when her daddy and mommy came to pick her up yesterday afternoon :D She had just finished a good 2 hour nap and was all set to play again with her Grandpa and Nonni :)

Due date for my next GRANDchild is just 3 weeks away...I am really excited :carrot:

Even looking forward to seeing that GRANDkid's daddy this coming Sunday...AKA...."The Kidnapper"....he is making me lasagna :carrot: It is amazing!! He makes EVERYTHING from scratch! I make 4 different dang good lasagnas but his blows mine outta the water!

I swear I feel like I needed to bow down to him after I eat it...and I NEVER give him compliments about anything, except his amazing wife ;)

Angie is really thinking about giving up one class she teaches at the yoga studio and using that time to teach another one at church. She has a solid crowd on Thursday but some folks can't make that one. She may try to add one on another night. Prayers in that matter are appreciated :)

Work has been steady the last 3 weeks and close to home. It was nice to get a couple of weeks off, after working for 3 months on a pretty high pressure project for me. This one is too but at least it is only 15 miles from my house. It won't last much longer so that part is good but my next project will be a little ways off...maybe...we seem to pick up remodel stuff along the way sometimes so we just never know. I have not been able to get all my guys back to work yet but most of them. Although a couple of them are in serious trouble with me for stealing!! yes, thieves!! A long story I may share sometime...I am at a loss on how to handle the situation as it is quite complicated...right now I am just "punishing" them by not working them time to think about what they have done/been doing....they don't know that I know what they did, but I think as time goes on they will figure it out....we shall see.

Well ladies, I hope to get back today but if not I leave you with my :hug: and prayers as always!

be good :)

02-19-2012, 08:17 PM
RONNI ~ Yes, you are right -- I did work as a cook/chef at some restaurants and take-out places. I learned to cook from my grandmothers and my mother (who was taught by them also), and then of course, learned some more on the job as well. I love to cook and one of my hobbies was searching out and trying out new recipes -- experimenting along the way.

DH is a great sport and always tries everything I make; but we really didn't have too many disasters over the years. Last week, when I was making DH's super dogs, I got distracted by trying to do too many things at once -- and well, lets just say they were a little well done. ;) Whenever that happens, I hand it to him and say, "Just pretend their charbroiled" ... :lol: He laughs every time -- and says, 'Only my wife burns the dinner and says "Just pretend it's BBQ".' :)

Hey, that happens very rarely, you know. I'm just trying to see the positive side of every situation, OK? Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it -- and that's what I tell him too! :D But it always works, and he eats it! A little humor can do amazing things ...

GARY ~ I feel for you about that situation with your workers; will send up some ^prayers^ for you for wisdom how to handle it all. What would JESUS do? He would likely forgive them but ask them to make restitution, and then warn them to never do it again!

I think that is a great idea taking your grand-daughterto your favorite places to eat; and getting her used to this kind of outing while she is so young. Cute names on some of those places. That lasagna that your SON-I-L makes sounds pretty good -- maybe you could borrow the recipe for us all here??? :^:

Will pray for guidance for ANGIE too -- concerning another yoga class for your church on another night. Also, praying that REBA is feeling better soon without having to have more surgery: poor baby!!!

GOD'S BLESSINGS ~ Well, DH has been tickled pink with anticipation for a few days now -- his brother & our nephew finally made it up here, and brought him a SNOWBLOWER today. He's as excited as a little boy; well, all men still have a little boy inside, I think ... ;) May GOD bless their generosity and our nephew for taking out time on a holiday weekend to bring it all the way up here ... :cool:

02-20-2012, 11:54 AM
I have been looking for a weight-loss support group that has Christian people in it, and I have heard this is a good place for that.
SO I'm going to jump in here and introduce myself.:smug:

I am a mother of 9 :D children aged 5 to 25. Youngest and oldest are girls and those in between are all boys. I have one married son, and one granddaughter :D who just turned one this month, but who lives too far away for much contact. It's about 8 to 10 hour drive which wouldn't be bad if the gas money was there.

2 of my sons are in college, one close to married son and the other 30 mins away. My diminishing nest at home is still a small crowd of 6 plus DH and I since our oldest DD can't find full time work (even with a master's degree) so is still living with us.

I have had weight issues in the past, but nothing like now. From what I have read around, I am totally convinced it is age related. After the birth of my last 2 children only, I kept 10 lbs after each of them, then have gained another 20 after the birth of my last child I had at age 44.

So now the pounds jump on, and drip off....but not really come off, actually. I am trying to find a plan I can do in the state that I am.
In the past, I have used South Beach diet and had some minor success. My 2 biggest hurdles now are that I am stressed for time .... to make extra food just for myself, and 2ndly and mainly, stressed for income to purchase foods for any such diet.

I have tired to eat lower carb, which I think is a good plan for me, since in the past I felt better when doing it, but more and more, we are eating "out of the box" as I call we get from the food banks, so meal planning is backwards and difficult.......make something out of the box, instead of make a plan and go buy what I need. The biggest struggle is that the meat has to be stretched so we end up eating casseroles and such

I hit my highest weight in my life about a year ago. I have managed to loose only about 2 pounds. I had thought I'd lost closer to 6 back in December, until I was back to the skipping of my monthly cycle which makes me gain....and since I"m skipping more than having it, well.......I keep gaining.
I can work for 2 months to loose 2 pounds or less, and gain it back in 2 days.

I started Zumba 2 times a week, and do that as I can, but have issues with exhaustion which makes exercising difficult since I get dizzy and have other odd symptoms if I do too much exercise.

What I need now is a plan from the Lord to meet my personal issues. I believe it needs to be low carb, and simple since my life is quite complicated enough right now.

:?:I am floundering on what to do next, which is why I have been looking for support and fresh ideas from God and others. I have been on a SB diet forum for some time, and that is helpful, but they aren't all Christians and that is a big hole in what I need to succeed.

Add to the mix....last summer I started having odd symptoms on a trip. The Lord has healed much of that, but some of it persists. I'll leave that story for another day! :dizzy: I have also been dealing emotionally with the change in my roles since I had been nursing, having a young child and/or pregnant for 25 years, so the adjustment has been significant.

02-22-2012, 12:40 PM
UPDATE on NUMPSTER & BIL ~ Was able to finally talk to my sister & BIL yesterday; gee, she was really fortunate that her furry Angel baby, EMMA, woke her up. The fire was all around her; she was surrounded -- but GOD protected her and got her out of there. It was eerie to know that I had woken up just before she did; and DH and I started praying for them and our family. I told DH that I felt something was wrong with someone in my family -- oh, GOD is so good!

It was also upsetting to hear how bad it was. It was hard to go back and see just what it really looked like, as she couldn't really see with all the black smoke in there; I think it was better she couldn't see that. Her daughter cried when she saw it, realizing how close it was.

The firemen worked really hard and even saved a few things for her; like some our mother's glassware, which was so very kind of them. The adjuster's think they can save and restore the main structure and some of it's unique features; well, at least they are going to try. The roof/ceilings caved in and all the furniture, clothes, etc were ruined, but all that can be replaced.

Mostly, we are all THANKING GOD that no-one was lost or badly hurt; PRAIZE GOD for He is faithful!!! Thanks for all your prayers; I can tell it has been helping them. She said as time goes on, she is feeling better -- but her legs were hurting her becuz she ran so fast down the stairs to get out (skipping steps as she went), she thinks she hurt herself a bit. With a few more days of rest, they should get better, I think.

Well, it's getting lighter earlier each day, so I am now waking up earlier each day too. So thought I might as well take advantage of that and did my Wed housechores earlier too. Couldn't believe I had them all done by 10 AM, but that leaves the rest of the day to do other stuff I want to do as well ... yeah!

We had Shepherd's pie for dinner Monday night (with lots of veggies; more veggies than meat really). Then last night we had roasted Chicken pieces with lots of veggies too. Lots of veggies & broth leftover for soup as well.

Have a great day everyone ... :val3:

02-22-2012, 05:57 PM
Rosebud-what a miracle! I'm so glad that your sister is ok and, like you've said, most everything else has a replacement. Isn't it amazing how our God works to let us know when prayers are needed? I've had similar experiences and heard of many, many more.

Auntnelly-welcome! Sounds like you have a very busy life!

Gary-Glad you're enjoying time with your granddaughter! I'll be praying for the one coming! Then, you'll be sharing the spoiling;) Wish I had an idea of how to handle your worker situation--only thing I can think of is to pray a lot.

Well, once again it's Wednesday and 'go to town' evening-lol! Not too many errands tonight, but already went to town to get haircuts for Mom and me. Now, must make supper before we go again. Thinking it'll be Philly beef sandwiches tonight, as that's fairly easy to put together and quick....and I forgot to get anything out to thaw this morning --ooops! ;)

Have I mentioned that DS3 has started playing guitar and drums for their youth group praise and worship teams? He's gotten so good and totally self-taught! He's also developing such a heart for God and learning His word:) He's excited because they have a huge youth conference for a week this summer in New Orleans and they'll probably get to help with some kind of Katrina clean-up (yes, it's still a mess in many places down there).

Well, anyway, must get working on supper, so hope you all have a great evening!

02-22-2012, 07:10 PM
Rosebud, so glad your fmily is OK, glad to hear that some structure can be saved.
Aunt Nelly, it is not necessary to cook special meals for yourself. The family should be eating healthy food as well as you. You can use portion control for yourself. You can make salads and serve dressing on the side. You can stretch the budget by a little imagination.. As an example you can make vegetarian lasagna, no one will even miss the meat. That box you mention I suspect has vegies and fruit, they will go a long way in stretching the budget. Fruit for desert and snacks.

02-22-2012, 08:25 PM
YES, RONNI ~ can't tell you how often that has happened to me and others as well. The thing is that we have to listen to that "still small voice" and those odd feelings that come up ... and then just pray!!! So happy to hear about your DS3 and teaching himself guitar & drums; that is a secret dream of mine to get some drums -- working on that too. My BIL (my sister's DH) is in a worship band and plays the piano/organ, and he is self-taught too!

BARGOO ~ I agree with your advice for NELLY. I was going to say the same thing, but the issue with my sister & BIL & Dad was on my mind. I took all our favorite dishes and made them healthy as can be: cutting down/out the fat, adding fiber by using whole grain everything & adding lots and lots of veggies. Adding veggies to casseroles & stews really makes them stretch.

I have salad often too; almost every day (but DH doesn't like salad so I make enuff for myself only for a few days). There is the odd time I may make DH a pork chop & myself steak but still cook them in the same pan, etc. All very minor modifications really; the rest of the time we eat the same thing.

I just measure my portions carefully. Like tonight, is Pasta night here; so we had whole grain spagetti with chunky veggie-tomato & meat sauce (it had tomatoes, carrots, zuccchini, onions, mushrooms & sweet peppers in the tomato sauce). I measure 1 cup pasta for me and 1.5 cups for DH -- and it's just habit now. With the chunky sauce, it is so filling but still within my plan.

The temps have been milder here this week once again, plus we have had a very light sprinkle of ***** and some :sunny: on and off all day today.

Have a great day tomorrow ... :val3:

02-23-2012, 08:19 PM
:wave: Had a good day today, and the weather was divine for February -- with :sunny: and the odd light sprinkle of ***** in the AM. It was lovely.

We did sweeping (with my whizzer) and vacuuming this AM; did the whole place. That left the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. I have been doing some mending in between this week as well; I find it very relaxing.

DH and I were talking today about how we prayed Angels around my sister & her hubby early last Sunday morning. I asked GOD to send her a legion of Angels, if necessary, to help & protect them; then I remembered that just one big Angel could wrap himself around them (I read that in the bible somewhere). Oh my, I think that might have been the 3 brothers thrown into the fire (in Daniel?). Becuz I didn't know exactly what was wrong -- that is what I prayed. We do that often.

When you look back, you really see how awesome that was. Well, our GOD is faithful, is He not? YES, he is. When they saw the bedroom area, they realized how blessed she was -- and her daughter burst into tears. It is indeed a miracle she's alive! THANK YOU GOD!!! We didn't want to lose our kind-hearted girl ... :)

The insurance company has already found a house for them to stay in while theirs is restored & rebuilt. They have been very helpful to them; we are praying all the formalities will go quickly and well for them.

I made some Chicken Stew for dinner tonight from some chicken breasts I roasted on Tuesday; it was yum and just the thing for this time of year. Hope all our friends here have a fabulous Friday tomorrow ... :val3:

02-24-2012, 02:32 PM
I've been doing well with both my eating and exercising. Hopefully it will show up on the scale soon. For now I am enjoying feeling better about myself and I do have more energy than before. I still struggle a bit with evening eating. With a new quilt to work on soon I won't be in the food quite as much-don't want to get that quilt dirty!

Rosebud: What an amazing miracle for your sister! It's so good you responded to the nudge from God also. Praise Him!

Nelly: I know what it's like to try to lose weight especially when you get older. I'm in that lovely menopausal stage and i really notice the difference. It's especially hard for you since your body has gone through changes with each pregnancy. Keep trying to eat healthy and exercise and the pounds will come off. Maybe not as fast as you would like but it will come off. A few years ago I changed my eating to lower fat and I started walking every day. I lost 25 lbs and that has never returned. I still struggle with the remainder of the weight I have to lose though but am glad I haven't gone back to my original weight.

Garry: I also get to enjoy my little one. The kids bring him over pretty much once a week so I get to see the changes he goes through. He's so much fun and is such a happy little guy. It'll be harder when #2 comes along in a month but our flights are already booked. You won't be able to keep this gramma away! I plan on doing some cleaning and cooking when I go there but hopefully I'll get a lot of cuddling in too!

Ronni: It's so neat to see your kids develop their faith and to know its theirs and not what you've taught them.

Bargoo: Great ideas on how to stretch the food dollar. When we were struggling a few years ago I found that making hearty soups also helped. I also did a lot of my own yeast baking which helped too. I also had my own garden which would keep us in veggies for the winter too.

Gotta go and get something done around here. Have a great weekend!

02-25-2012, 11:34 PM
:wave: HI WILMA ~ glad things are going well for you. We've all used similar strategies to make our dollars go further.

GARY ~ hope all is well down there with you and yours; haven't seen you around the forums the last few days. Sending prayers up for you, and the tuff decisions you have to make at work. That baby should be here any day now, huh? :D

Eating is going well; workin' hard to stay on plan and still tweakin' my plan to make it better (to encourage some WL). We've had lovely :sunny: this weekend, but the temps have dropped a bit.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday tomorrow ... :val3:

02-26-2012, 03:55 PM

Taking time to catch up a little. Home from church and watching the :rain: rain at Daytona :( I hope they get the race in today.

Angie and my step-daughter were awesome today, along with their bell choir buddies, at church. They played How Great Thou Art :angel: We had our future son in law video it from the choir loft so I will post it up if it turns out decent.

My daughter and the kidnapper are coming over tonight to make me dinner. Kidnapper is making me his awesome lasagna :hungry: Not sure of his motive....maybe because I will be a little older on Monday ;) My son, daughter in law, GRANDdaughter nephew and one of my nieces will be joining us.

Work is slowing down a bit for a while. I still have enough for a few guys but did lay-off 2 of them on Friday. I have been getting many calls lately from guys out of work that work from me from time to time. Doesn't seem to be getting much better here. We have work coming up, as long as the projects we have continue to go forward. I still have not totally resolved the issue with the guys that stole stuff but I have not used them either. They keep calling but I just tell them I don't have anything for them and don't know for sure when I will...all of that true. We have also told another employee, not under my supervision, that if anything else ends up missing he and all of his laborers will be gone! The problem we have going on is from a group of guys. Some people just feel like they are "owed" because someone else has more than them. It blows me away that guys will risk their jobs, earning more that $1,000.00 a week by stealing a $200 saw! Stupid-stupid-stupid!!

My second GRANDchild is due in 2 weeks :carrot: I am so excited!

We did not have date night with my granddaughter this week but we did go by and see her for an hour. My son is coaching track at the moment so he isn't home during the week much/if at all, before she goes to bed. Friday was a short practice for his team so he didn't want to give her up to Grandpa and Nonni...:(...;)

We always walk in without knocking, if we are expected, to surprise her. When we came through the door she saw us and crawled right to me with the biggest smile :), stopped at my feet and put her hands up for me to hold her. I just melt :)

We are having more issues with our Reba. She may have a bad/hurt hip after a walk a little over a week ago. The vet has her on pain meds and real short walks. She is improving but I am pretty sure there is some real damage somewhere. We will keep an eye on it and if not completely healed very soon they will x-ray :( The good thing is that it is not one of her knees, the good one or the $3,000.00 one!

Well I guess I better find something busy to do so Angie, who is off at yoga class, will not think I wasted my time on Facebook and 3FC :D Actually, she doesn't mind :) But I could get the leaf for the table out and get some stuff off the counter into the recycle bin.

Sure is great to see RONNI, WILMA, BOOTSIE around again! I really think of ALL of you often and I know that BARGOO, ROSEBUD and KAREN do too. Also good to see AUNTNELLY posting more than once or twice! We get so many that, for some reason, just seem to not be able to find us after they visit...

are we that :yawn: :yawn: boring :yawn: :yawn:?

:nono: Don't answer that! :lol3: ;)

02-26-2012, 06:14 PM
Here is the link to Angie's beel choir groups How Great Thou Art today at church. It is 5 minutes long. Angie is in the middle of the group, blue shirt, in front of our music director and my step-daughter is the tall blonde on the left at the end of the front row....

02-26-2012, 08:43 PM
We had a handbell choir this morning they played "What Wondrous Love Is This?" and "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross."

02-27-2012, 05:08 PM
WOW, GARY ~ thanks for posting that link to the bells -- I love hearing them ... we don't have anything like that in our churches here. Oh, we do have singing and bands; just no bells and I think they are so peaceful and heavenly ... :D

I agree with what you say about the workers stealing: it doesn't make sense to risk a good-paying job for a tool that they could afford to buy anyways. So foolish and unwise ... Your "NO WORK FOR YOU" strategy is a good one and a little peer pressure may help too.

^Prayers^ that REBA's hip heals up quickly for her ... poor baby! :hug:

Hope you have a :woo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :woo: -- I'm sure that is why they all wanted to make you that special lasagna dinner you like.

We had a good weekend; lots of :sunny: but colder temps (not too bad though). Today, we have some nice, pretty, fluffy ***** falling right this minute. DH used his snowblower for the first time today, but just for a little while.

We had roast Chicken with veggies yesterday; and tonight we are having seasoned pork chops with rice and veggies. Eating went really well for the month of February; am pleased about that. Time for a tea break; take good care, everyone ... :val3:

02-27-2012, 09:31 PM
Gary-:celebrate::bday2you::hb::bday2you::celebrate: Hope you've had a wonderful birthday!

02-28-2012, 10:40 PM
Thank you all so much :hug:

I had a great 58th birthday. My son in law made me his famous amazingly good! And I am one who makes a few pretty darn good lasagnas I never give him credit for anything!...

dang kidnapper.....

My son and favorite daughter in law came for dinner along with my GRANDdaughter, my daughter had to bring my sil since he was making step-d and future sil...aka....kidnapper2 and my nephew....

my GRANDdaughter helped me open my gifts...

what a perfect day! And that wasn't even my birthday, that was Sunday.

Angie and I were going to go to our favorite Mexican joint for my birthday but I got home from work a little early and she ended up subbing for the district yoga class for teachers since the main guy had to have a gallbladder surgery and she is the only sub he trusts.

So, I made cheese enchiladas, rice and beans for us instead so she could rest when she got home before she went to a class at church with my ex-wife....

However, I also bought her a 6-pack of Blue Moon which will last her 2 months...she had one with dinner and said..."Babe, I think I will skip class and watch the race with you...I feel so tired and lazy"...

A great way to start a new birthday year....:carrot: oh man, where did the time go?

Just think...10 years ago yesterday I joined 3FC :)

02-29-2012, 10:13 AM
Sounds like you had a great birthday., Gary.

02-29-2012, 08:16 PM
Thank you was a great birthday.

03-01-2012, 08:48 PM
My GRANDdaughter helped me open my gifts...

..."Babe, I think I will skip class and watch the race with you...I feel so tired and lazy"...

GARY ~ ahhh, that's cute and more cute ... ;) Glad you had a nice Sunday with your family; and whatta guy you are -- to make dinner for your wife on your birthday!!! Wow, you joined 3FC's on your BD, 10 years ago; I guess that's why you know the exact day. I know the year but not the day.

Well, I just realized that it isn't February anymore; it's March 1st, so I'll go and start a new thread. Please join us over there, OK ... :D