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02-01-2012, 04:39 PM
Lately I have been taking my diet more seriously. I think this is the longest that I've stuck with it without major setbacks for many years. Today I deterred off my diet a little by having two cookies. Usually I would be so mad at myself and depressed, but for the first time I didn't completely beat myself up. I had a great workout this morning. I did a spin class today and I go to zumba class twice a week as well which I love. I have noticed that my appetite had changed some. There were 4 cookies in the box and I was so grossed out by the sweetness after eating two, that I couldn't even fathom eating all four. Lately I have been trying to disconnect my emotions from food and I actually think it may be working. I still look forward to eating sometimes, but once I do it wasn't the same religious experience I once had lol. So far in my weight loss journey I have lost 10lbs in the past month and have actually maintained. Usually if I lose weight it would have all come back by now so I'm hoping to keep making strides to a healthier body. I think a big part of my success is joining this website. It's so refreshing to read that some people are going through similar problems that I do.

02-02-2012, 12:43 AM
This was such a breath of fresh air and sincere congratulations on reaching this place.

I think, I hope, that I am almost in the same zone =)

02-02-2012, 02:19 AM
Hi Jessyjay,
Congrats on your progress to date..we have similar stats and I know how hard you must've worked to get those first ten off.

As for the changes in your habits, I can relate. This go-around is probably the first time in my life I can honestly say I've committed to losing weight. When making decisions on food, exercise etc I can see my goal in my mind and that makes it easier to stay on track. I guess before deep down I knew I wasn't giving it my all.:(

Keep up the good work!