Mini-Goals - NSG and Scale halfway, all in one post!

01-27-2012, 01:13 PM
Hi everyone! Writing this quickly before I go to class, but it'll work!

Since my weight loss journey began on July 4th of 2011, I have lost 30 pounds (one pound away from halfway to goal) and 13 inches overall.

I'm doing WW and, as many warned me, when I moved I went completely off the wagon...well, sort of. I hit a plateau from the stress and found myself a non-tracking "simply filling" participant. This really meant that once every few weeks I would go online and track, I weighed myself about once a week to make sure that if I wasn't ~losing, I at least wasn't ~gaining, and that's about it. Ate fast food and drank sodas...everything I wasn't doing when I lost the original 12 or so pounds.

Obviously, the depression from being away from my family, living on my own for the first time...and my boyfriend constantly ~trying to move here but never making it took hold of me. I consider myself lucky that overall in that period of time I did lose SOME weight. However, since that plateau at around 210-215, I've dropped down to 202 from being more aware of my diet through December to actually tracking the past two weeks religiously.

As for measurements... (starting/current)
Waist.... 37"... 33"
Hips... 46.5"... 43.5"
Bust... 46"... 42.5"
Arms... 16.5"...16"
Thighs... 28.5"...27"

As far as exercise, I desperately need to get back in that game. I have a daily hike on campus (it's built into a reaaaally steep hill here in CO) but sometimes that is about it...little hikes with my dogs here and there and skiing whenever I can helps, but obviously I need more. I'm going to start doing Zumba at least five times a week, because obviously my measurements need to start ticking down as well as the weight (seriously, arms and thighs?!? go away!)

My goal of 170 will be reevaluated when I get there, which I hope will be by April 23rd of this year, my 22nd birthday. Being lazy for three months of the six made me realize how EASY it would have been to lose 30 pounds in three, so now I'm going to try to prove it to myself! That's about 2.5 pounds a week. Hopefully I'll be posting some glorious pictures in the goal album come late April!


01-27-2012, 02:01 PM
hey don't get discouraged, life gets in the way often! the thing is, not only did you MAINTAIN a loss, YOU KEPT LOOSING!! WOOHOOO

now that you have re-evaluated, you can keep going and i am confident to say that you can do it!

what i would re-evaluate though is 2.5 lbs a week is more then the recommended max of 2 lbs a week. stick to 2, it will be easier on your body- i find that if i loose too quickly, it creates a giant hormone imbalance (which personally makes me a giant witch to people) and i drop straight out of my clothes. you want your clothes to last you a little while :P

also- zumba is great exercise, but try to switch it up!! maybe zumba twice a week, do some really good walks with your doggies twice a week and maybe some strength training or flexibility for 1 day a week?

are you taking the zumba classes at a gym? like, are you paying for a membership and the classes are included? maybe theres other classes you can also take to switch it up? you don't want your body to get to used to something!!

01-27-2012, 05:24 PM
Hey! Thanks a bunch. I know, I'm happy that my period of weakness was actually semi-successful!

I was wondering about 2.5 a week as well. Wasn't sure if it was too fast...good to know. Don't want hormone imbalances (I can't handle any more than I already have!) I haven't bought any new clothes since my weight loss except for some skiing gear here and there, so I've been lucky in that venue...had some pants that ~used to fit me back in the day on hand that were two sizes too small before and now are the only ones I can wear!

Good call on switching up the exercise. I'm not doing Zumba at the gym...have some DVD's on loan and the wii game. I used to do it at the gym but it was free with my old school and not anymore. Thinking about just downloading some other videos and stuff to try out, though. I'm too much a broke college student to invest any money in anything! ;) but thank you for all your advice!

01-28-2012, 08:06 PM
To sweeten the deal, I just put on a pair of size 12 jeans from forever ago that I had tried on two or three months ago and were WAY too tight! Woohooooo