General chatter - The people on 3FC's...who are they for you?

01-26-2012, 11:30 AM
So I've been a regular for about 6 months now and in that time I have established different connections with different people. As I'm doing my usual morning surf before I start work, I started thinking of the people on here that motivate me (my mentors), (my healthy competitor's) the people who are close to me in height, weight or same goals, or even just around the same weight or same amount lost that keeps me on my toes and basically the other people I search for cause I simply LOVE to see their progress :D

I've been thinking, should we name these people? (lets keep it friendly cause I really don't want this to turn into some popularity contest or a bashing post!)
With competitors I mean friendly competition that gives you the "UMPH" to keep going!

Ok I'll go first.

My mentors, these are the people that inspire me with their progress/success:


My Advisors (I love how these people write and most of the advice they give!)

Runningfromfat (amazing body and bra advice girl!)

People I peep (haha or follow their progress cause they inspire me and I love seeing how they are doing!)


And finally my friendly competition!:D

fireflie24 (you know this girl haha ;) )
Sandra (I can't remember her username for the life of me, but I haven't seen her in awhile :( I use to read her blog when she and her sister frist started. )

Anybody else wanna join in? I thought it would be interesting to see if the same people I connected with also connected with me in the same way (if not that's cool) but thought this might be an interesting thread :)

01-26-2012, 12:44 PM
I always look for your posts b/c I find your losses to be quick and motivating.

01-26-2012, 12:56 PM
Sandra (I can't remember her username for the life of me, but I haven't seen her in awhile :( I use to read her blog when she and her sister frist started. )

I think you mean Sandcar150

I think that is who you are looking for. :)

01-26-2012, 01:42 PM
I definitely peep you, lol. Just a drive by post now but I'll try to put together a list later :)

01-26-2012, 01:51 PM
I think I'm the only Mammasita here, right? LOL

01-26-2012, 02:01 PM
My mentors, these are the people that inspire me with their progress/success:

* Nemom
ME? Really??? Thank you so much for saying that, totally made my day.

I love reading everyone's success and struggles. It is amazing to read posts on here and think 'I could have written that' or 'That is totally how I feel'

I would add:
Kapolos (although I think she is taking a break)

and many more...

01-26-2012, 07:20 PM
Awe shucks, you made me blush girl! :) Glad you see me as a mentor! Ok, can you see my rosey cheeks radiating thru the screen? :o ha ha ha

Hey chicka, I got support here on this site when I was in losing mode- so I like to continue to be supportive from time to time & give my 2 cents in several different places on the board being I know a thing or two! ;) I just wanted to say Thank You, it's nice to know I made the cut! :D Keep on keepin on, your doing FAB- U- LESS on your disappearing act! Girl- you so got this, before you know it you will be at GOALIO! :D

01-27-2012, 09:15 AM
Awwh, thanks! I didn't know anybody saw me as any sort of competition. That's sweet. :D

I think the person I look at their posts the most is probably Kaplods. They've given me great motivation and strength just by helping me realize the success even in just maintaining. A mistake is just a mistake, and her ideas about all or nothing attitudes were groundbreaking for me and the way I see weight loss. I also like JohnP's posts. They're pretty insightful, and he has a good perspective to bring to the table. I can definitely appreciate everyone here for their strength and determination though.

01-27-2012, 09:30 AM
Wow, thanks for mentioning me, I really do feel honored! :D

I definitely read your posts too. ;)

I think a list for me would be pretty hard because it would include so many people on it. I've been here over 1.5 years (and lurked for a bit before that too) so I've so many women and men accomplish amazing things in terms of health and fitness. Some are still around but others seem to have moved on too (I guess because they hit maintenance and didn't feel as much need for 3FC as before).

That being said, I really don't think I would've stuck with this journey without 3FC, coming here almost every day really keeps up my motivation and it's great to have an outlet to talk about health and fitness (so I don't drive everyone else nuts! :lol: ).

01-27-2012, 10:35 AM
Awwww! :hug:

Everyone you and the others have mentioned is great, and there are more too, off the top of my head, I'm blanking because I haven't slept much the past few days due to a teething baby and a 6 am job interview yesterday...but some of the mods are DEFINITE inspirations.
However, you really touch my heart with your posts. I know you've been through so much mentally and physically with abuse, PTSD, and numerous other things--yet you're true to yourself, a good mama, and a cheerleader and friend to all of us on 3FC. I really admire you hon. Keep up the great work! :hug:

Beach Patrol
01-27-2012, 12:03 PM
There are so many wonderful people here, so many insightful posts, so much good advice! - it's hard to narrow it down to just a few people, but I have to say there are some posters that I feel are more "tailored" to my specific journey - those who are about the same weight as me/same height/same age, etc. Sometimes when I'm feeling especially wrought over lack of loss, there seems to be someone here who says EXACTLY what I need to hear at EXACTLY the time I need to hear it.

3FC is a wonderful site! I recommend it to people all the time! :)

01-27-2012, 12:14 PM
Awwww! Why thank you! I always follow your progress and I'd say you're for sure in all three categories. Actually, I think all of the categories are generally the same for me. I have so much respect for the sound advice people give here, and the experiences and struggles that they all have the courage to share.

This is a great place! :grouphug: