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01-25-2012, 10:25 AM
2nd thread girls. I'll meet ya all here.

01-25-2012, 10:34 AM
Happy Birthday Rie...wish we could all be there for a birthday bash!:bday2you:

Keep me Accountable menu 1134 calories + 51 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, Orange yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds,
3oz. Chunky Cinnamon applesauce

Lunch- Finished the chicken lentil soup + crisp apple dunked in sweet mustard sauce.

Snack - mock coconut pudding w/sf cool whip and 10 grams dry fiber one

Supper -Venison stroganoff on flatout, ( I skipped the noodles) baked squash, cranberry sauce

Hungry Girl had a Chocolate Turtle cheesecake recipe on today’s email. I made it mainly for DH. I had one small piece with SF cool whip and crushed fiber one on top. DH had his with crushed graham crackers, pecans, cool whip and drizzled with butterscotch syrup as stated in recipe. I picked out the chocolate chips, don’t want a headache. I found something neat about entering the ingredients into Fitday. After I saved the recipe and added it to my menu, I could click on the plus sign by the turtle cheesecake and the list of ingredients drops down. I clicked on the chocolate chips and deleted them out since I didn’t eat them. It worked and lowered the calories!

Woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep so had a bowl of honey nut cheerios and instantly went back to sleep. Works every time.

01-25-2012, 10:43 AM
Thanks all for the birthday wishes! We had a little family thing last night. We don't usually make a big deal of birthdays anymore, but my grandson likes the singing and the candles and the CAKE! So we do it for him. He came in and gave me my present. Then he said "Do you have a present for me?" I said "Is it your birthday?" He said "No..." I said, "So you don't get a present!" LOL He was ok with that. I think he was thinking of Christmas. He's such a sweetheart. He wanted to stay overnight until he realized they hadn't brought his blanket.

Rie - Happy Birthday to you, too! I knew we had something in common. Hope you have a great day. It's my visiting nurse's birthday today, too, so we left the balloons up for her.

Gayle - I tried hummus once with crackers and I liked it, so I think I will get some to go with the cucumbers. I am going to eat the cucumbers, seeds and all, because the doc said I no longer have diverticulitis. But I'm still going to stay away from nuts, as I think I may be prone to get it again since I had it once. I'm not taking any chances. Also, after having the colostomy, I have learned to chew more thoroughly and eat slower, and I think that will help. I used to eat the cucumbers with cheese too, and it's pretty tasty that way.

01-25-2012, 10:49 AM
Ooooops Carol Sue, I thought everyone was wishing you happy birthday, then looked on todays birthday list and saw Rie's b'day. Missed yours, sorry. Happy belated b'day.

Zoe...thought of you when I read this on Dr. Oz's web site. I think you stopped eating them, why?

Top your salads with chia seeds; they contain the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan. The tryptophan in chia seeds, like in turkey, raises melatonin and serotonin levels, which promotes stable sleep. With more than twice the tryptophan of turkey, you’ll need just 2 ounces of chia seeds to help you snooze.

01-25-2012, 10:52 AM
Happy Birthday Carol Sue and Rie!! I just realized there was a birthday thread.

Lucinda, ROFL, at your description of a birthday.

Zoe, love your new avatar.

Rosey, I just love your moose quilt.

Bobbi, I'm (was) a quilter like you. Never considered myself a quilter but made several quilts. Your denim quilt top is beautiful.

Don't think I'm not thinking of the rest of you as I read everything. These are just a few things that stuck in my mind from last reading.

My oven is fixed. DH bought a new element only to find it was too large for my self-cleaning oven. But while he was disconnecting the old element he noticed one of the connecting wires was burned off. He was able to fix that and now everything is working. He took back the new element and I sent a request to Sears for the nearest location for buying/ordering the correct part. We only have a mail order pick up store here.

I forgot to post my eats and exercise yesterday, so here goes.

Breakfast: Cream of Wheat with wheat germ and bran, Stevia (trying it out), teaspoon raisins, 2 walnut halves, skim milk, 1/2 smoothie with a big spoonful of ff yogurt

Dinner: Carrot and Onion Quiche, Romaine lettuce with 1 teaspoon dressing, about 8 pieces fried potato

Supper: 1/2 smoothie with large spoonful ff yogurt, 1 cup vegetable soup

Exercise: 11.69 km on exercise bike, 41 minutes

01-25-2012, 11:01 AM
Morning all....just got back from my echo....gee it would be so nice to know what she saw. Just a hint would help instead have to wait for the office to call. It is a messy test with the jelly but when she pushes hard against my seam it aches. So that's better cause last time it hurt. Best test is I walked the long halls faster today. 6 months ago I barely crawled and had to stop and rest.

You all have asked about the neighborhood dog pack/nasty neighbor....what neighbor?? The people and dogs are missing. Seen the black mostly lab in the front yard twice in a sight of anything else living there. They must have really blasted the animal control officer for her to call for 2 back up cars.

Happy Birthday belated Carol Sue and Happy Birthday Rie....have urge to sing the Age of's that for an earworm of a day! dawning of the day of Aquarius.......

I got a bottle of cocoa butter yesterday. Between winter and these meds my skin is super dry. Haven't used cocoa butter since being preggie. It's wonderful. Even used it on my face and over night skin is better. And no smell!

Thanks Bobbie for the new site...your quilts are really nice, but think a few paint slatters would have added character.

off to bridge....k3

01-25-2012, 12:28 PM'll never guess what just went by our house, a dog sled on wheels pulled by 8 huskies. DH said they looked just like wolves! Hope he turns around and come back. Oh so exciting to see.:carrot:

01-25-2012, 05:14 PM
I think we could all have a good time in one of these!!!

01-25-2012, 05:43 PM
Karen, I can't see the first video with your cousin's daughter. It says: The URL contained a malformed video ID.

01-25-2012, 06:14 PM
Jenye, I hope you got answers yesterday. I will read further in the posts and hope you let us know.

Rosey, your DH is having a heck of a time. I am glad he brought you flowers.


And Miss Rie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you as well!

Rie, ROFLMAO on your finger salute to my scale. It was a little more behaved this morning but it's still a meanie.

Zoe, hope your drive past quickly and without any winter weather to bog you down.

Bobbi, I seriously thought of printing that HG turtle cheesecake recipe out. It sounded quite tasty. Did you like it? Isn't the dogs and cart cool? If I had more than 2 running huskies I would have bought a cart. Instead I bought a scooter that has the two dogs attached to it. Did I not post those last year? It's a blast and quite a feeling of being out of control.

KarenFL, I hope the nasty neighbors are gone for good. And they take their out of control pups with them.

Not much happening in my world. The sun is currently shining through my window so not having snow/rain is a nice surprise. And it's warm. I love warm.

01-25-2012, 06:42 PM
Yes, I'm not sure why it did that-- but it is on the "Prayer Warriors" thread here too and it works fine from there.

01-25-2012, 07:25 PM
Marie ~ LOL ~ at first I didn't get Rie's finger salute (thought she was pointing her finger like a gun at the scale ~ wrong finger ~ DUH) Made me think of a picture then

01-25-2012, 07:44 PM
marie...not gone just missing or hiding....they will be back....k3

01-25-2012, 07:48 PM
Morning girls ( or evening over there).

Well yesterday was a very interesting experience, the doctor wants me to see a neuro-opthamoligist to find out why I can;t keep my eyes open - I said I would first talk it over with my son who is a doctor and then let him know. Personally, the answer will be yes but I just need a bit more information. Because I was a Registered Nurse I have to know all the in's and outs first. (typical me)


:bday2you: even if it is belated.

ROSY - you must be doing very well to be able to use a walker now - I use mine in the house but not when I go outside.

CAROL SUE- are english cucumbers like the ones we have here in Australia? I just love cucumber but it makes my husband " burp" so I only buy it occassionally - then it is the Lenanese cucumber.

I love the quilts that everyone is talking about - I went to quilting classes s few years ago and started making them - I just love it.

I know that there are others I should have answered but the eyes keep closing, I will be back again later.

Jenye. :hug:

01-25-2012, 07:52 PM
KarenMo...I couldn't watch the video either, what's up?
KarenFla...a great improvement, slow but sure. As to the paint flecks, I will use them on the small lap quilt for DH.
Marie...DH loved the turtle cheesecake but then he had the butterscotch syrup and nuts on top. I picked out the chocolate chips, no syrup or nuts and what was left wasn't worth the calories. I won't make again.
Yes, you did post a picture of the two dogs hooked up to the scooter, that's why I thought of you when DH pointed out the 8 dog sled team to Charlie.Bobbi, I seriously thought of printing that HG turtle cheesecake recipe out. It sounded quite tasty. Did you like it? Isn't the dogs and cart cool? If I had more than 2 running huskies I would have bought a cart. Instead I bought a scooter that has the two dogs attached to it. Did I not post those last year?

01-25-2012, 07:56 PM
I have the video on my facebook too. My cousins daughter is being bullied at school and these girls even hacked into her facebook and gmail account and said a lot of nasty things. They reported it to the school but the school hasn't really done anything. It really is pretty sad. I don't know why it won't post the right link here on this thread. The video is My Story-- Words Hurt.

01-25-2012, 08:23 PM
Karen31, I did eventually see the video on my facebook page. Kids can be so mean.

Carol Sue, how old is your grandson? He sounds so sweet. Glad you had an enjoyable family birthday.

Karen3, how long will you have to wait for your echo test results? My friend has to have one next month.

Marie, it's warm here, too, today. The bay is even breaking up near the shore. Tomorrow promises to freeze it up again.

Jeyne, a good friend of mine suffers with MS. She has alot of pain in the nerve endings. I hope the doctor can help with your eyes.

Gayle, very funny Charlene cartoon. I think we can all identify with that.

Hi Bobbi, we were posting the same time.

Here are my eats and exercise today.

Breakfast: 1 slice Carrot and Onion quiche, 1 small slice ww bread, 1 teaspoon almond butter, 1 tablespoon applesauce, 1/2 smoothie

Dinner: 1 small quesadilla on homemade ww tortilla (cheddar cheese, veggie chicken, black beans, onion, green pepper, salsa), 1 tablespoon low fat sour cream, 1 corn-on-the-cob, shredded lettuce

Supper: 1 slice Carrot and Onion quiche, 1 bite granola bar, 2 handfuls potato chips, 1 bite date square

Exercise: 11:45 km on exercise bike, 42 minutes

01-25-2012, 08:31 PM
happy birthday to Rie and Carol Sue!
Carol Sue, your story about your sweet grandson made me smile. I still have my 26 year old dear son's blanky.
Hi to everyone else. I am craving the bad stuff like crazy...I've been having some too...Not today yet. WHAT the heck is WRONG with me? - I was doing so well...I'm kind of soothing myself with it. I know I need to find another way to comfort my self. Bubble baths, scented candles, yada, yada, yada. It just doesn't do it for me. The worst time is right before I go to sleep. What do you ladies do? Well, have to go play bridge. I have to make sure to not stop at the drugstore that I drive right past on the way home and pick up any contraband. Maybe I'll try a glass of wine. Less damaging than my preferred contraband. Hope everyone is well.

01-25-2012, 09:20 PM
Good evening GG’s,

Well, done with working on the room for today. I got a late start, so haven’t gotten as much done yet as I had hoped, but it is a start.

Jason was here last evening and we visited and watched some TV. He then was using my computer to make an e-mail (says his is slow). So, I was up later than usual visiting him, then tired this morning. The dreary weather didn’t help make me get very productive. I do much better when the sun is shining.

Since I was already late getting going on the room, I caught up with some friends via phone. That is important too.

I think DH is avoiding me. I do acutally want to growl and chew him out. 6:55 pm and he just got home from watching Maddie. He is usually here earlier than that. Jason was here last night ~ DH and DS don’t get along, or should I say ~ DH is the one who can’t get along. He causes such sadness and hurt to Jason and me because of it. Jason was working on a letter on the computer ~ he knew it would take him a while and that I would probably go off to bed before he was done, so he asked if it was ok for him to hang out even after I had gone to bed. I said it was ok with me. He asked me if I would talk to his dad to tell him. So, when I went to bed I told DH that Jason was still here, working on a letter and planned to go home when he was done and to please just leave him alone. DH said ok. I woke up at 5 and had to go to the bathroom. Jason was still working on this letter. I went back to bed. Jason woke me at 6 and said it had taken him longer than he had thought and would it be ok if he slept on the couch. Ok with me. Well, DH woke up before me and found Jason still here and threw a fit ~ made him get up and leave. Jason said it made him feel really bad. The Jerk. I don’t understand what the problem is. I have asked before and I can’t remember what the answer was, except that it makes sense to him, but makes absolutely no sense to me. You would think I had let some scummy awful person in or something. Jason is a nice person, hard working, has held the job he has, going on 10 years. That is not a bad person. He doesn’t spend his money like his dad thinks he should, but he is an adult. Sara doesn’t spend her money like DH thinks she should either, but he doesn’t treat her like that. He has always played favorites with the kids and I guess he is never going to change. Sad ~ all the hurt he causes.
My supper adventure ~ I made a sandwich ~ ham and cheese on wheat bread with a little smear of horse radish sauce. When I visited my daughter Jennifer ~ she had made something to eat and used some horse radish sauce and it was delicious. My dad used to eat it when we were kids, and I didn’t like it, but thought that since Jen had made such a tasty dish with it, that it might taste good on a sandwich and be a nice change. I was telling my mom about it and she warned me that she thought I would find it too strong. I assured her that it was different than the stuff that dad used to use (his was some kind of shredded up stuff) and would be ok. I should have listened to Mom ~ LOL. Now I have a bottle (small) of the stuff that I will probably never use again unless my son-in-law (who likes hot stuff) wants it. If I lived near Dad, I’d give it to him.

In the closet in my sewing room, I used boxes and made kind of like cubby holes to put my various projects and supplies in. There were all these bags with stuff, and every time I wanted something I had to look in several bags before I would find what I was looking for, so today, I went through the bags and tagged them with what was inside, so when searching for a thing it will hopefully be a little easier to find. See picture below ~ it probably looks kind of messy right then, but you get the idea.

Hopefully I will get to bed earlier tonight and get an earlier start on that room tomorrow. Thank you for listening.

Hope you all have a nice evening.

Take care

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01-25-2012, 10:57 PM
Wow Lynn ~ those are awesome :)

01-26-2012, 12:15 AM
Happy Birthday, Rie!!! ;)

Today seemed like a really good but fast day as I got up late again...I took some pain meds last night which helped me sleep. Dh got up really early to go to his men's breakfast then came back and slept in his recliner in the family room so the house was very quiet and still dark so I slept until almost ten. Then I got a couple phone calls and a text so that got me wide away finally. :D I did some laundry and got a hair cut today...not much else. That was my first haircut in about four months I think..something like that..and I didn't get it cut really short as I usually do. It's about bottom of ear length in front and an inch or so longer in back. It had gotten pretty long and wild looking, LOL so feels much better now. As it grows it gets real wavy and I miss that when it's short but short is easier to care for.

Ashenpond - This year my dh has had a problem with keeping one eye open. The doctor says he had a stroke in the eye (not in brain) and that it should heal in time. Wonder if you could have something like that although having it in both eyes makes me think it's likely something different. We had hoped it would be totally healed by now (started in Aug with double vision then by about Sept it had progressed to the lid closing on him), but while we are very thankful it is much better it is not quite back to normal and causes him to become very tired at times as it can become a strain trying to keep it open esp when doing closeup work. I'm repeating myself here as most people here know about all this but you are new. Hopefully your problem is something that will correct itself quickly.

CarolAnne - it's your birthday too I see...Happy Birthday!! to you too! :D

01-26-2012, 01:18 AM
Hi Happy Birthday to Rei and Carol sue :cheer2::bday2you::cheer2: hope your day was as speacial as you both are. i spent the day in 3 diff stores reading labels and shopping for things that my dh can eat. i miss using our game meat. boy have prices gone up for meats in our stores. he had his 1st physical therapy apt today and now hes sore. we had anice talk about how he was feeling last nite. ive been there so can relate but sometimes you just have to get on with it right. glynne im so sry for the conflict with your dh and son that stinks :hug: rosey :wave:


kasci cereal,few almonds
1/2 c grapes

coffee mocha

2 slices trukey bacon
1 egg
1/2 of a lite ww sandwhich thin with spray butter and sf jam

01-26-2012, 03:15 AM
Hello Goldens!

I jsut want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes. I am thankful to be a part of this wonderful group. I had a really lovely day filled with work, family and friends.

Gayle, I am sorry about your dh. Some folks just get locked into a place and they can be so stubborn. Your dh and son are responsible for their own feelings and actions, but I am sorry that it hurts you.

Well, I just don't have energy for posting more tonight. Another busy day tomorrow. Hugs to all


01-26-2012, 07:20 AM
Ashenpond.. do you mean you can't physically keep your eyes open, like they weigh a ton or that you are inexplicably tired? Which ever it is I hope the doctors can help you.
My computer decided to creep out on me and I had the darnedest time trying to start her this morning. I think I allowed malware into her.... so if my credit cards start zeroing out on me, I'll know why.
Marie.. I went to check out you blog posts but there were no recent updates!
I'll be busy cooking up a storm today of food I can not eat. Will not eat. But if I don't cook for my family members they will "vote me off the island"
It's a quote from a reality tv show.
I wish all my fellow golden girls health and strength and I will keep your wishes for recovery in my prayers.

01-26-2012, 10:11 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome, Lucinda.

To all my GG DF's,

I am in trouble and need some of your wonderful motivational comments.

I have not been planning/shopping/cooking as I need to do to stay on track.

I have been bringing trigger foods (sweets) into the house that I know I will binge on.

I have not been doing my regular gym workouts.

I am gaining weight -duh!

There are only 2 things I can think of - 1 is the UTI symptoms that just will not go away - the other is not checking in here on a regular basis.

I see the Urologist tomorrow - maybe he can help.

Will check back later,


01-26-2012, 10:15 AM
Hang in there Lynn ~ sending hugs and positive thoughts your way ~ feel better.

the slim me
01-26-2012, 10:20 AM
:bday2you::bday2you::bday2you::bday2you: Hope you had the best Birthday ever Rie!!!

the slim me
01-26-2012, 10:21 AM
:bday2you::bday2you::bday2you::bday2you: Happy Birthday Carol Sue. Hope it was filled with fun!

the slim me
01-26-2012, 10:42 AM
Good Morning GG's

Worked yesterday and missed the Birthdays. Sorry, Ladies, hope they were great days. Came home last night and DGS was here. We played cards for awhile. He's learning, and really loves it. Had an early Dr. appointment this morning, it was Pap time. Got a script for a mamo while I was there. Got to get everything out of the way for a new year.

Lynn, It's easy to get distracted and revert back to comfort food, especially when you're sick. I know I do that too. I try to heal myself with food. Maybe posting your food every day with make you realize how much, and what you're eating. In the mean time, clean the junk out. If it's there it will get eaten. Anyone you can give it to? I know you can do this Lynn, you are one of the strongest women ever.

Gayle, Not much you can do about DH and DS not getting along, except try to buffer. It's sad to watch though. Wish I was there to give you a big hug!!

Lucinda, What's the occasion with all the cooking? One thing about trying to diet. Food is always around. Getting used to the fact that we can't eat EVERYTHING is annoying. Try to remember the reason you're doing this. And you will be able to eat those things, in moderation, just not right now.

Ashenpond, Are you on any new medication? You need to get those symptoms checked out. I'm assuming you mean you're so tired you can't keep your eyes opened? I was like that when the Dr. put me on Cymbalta for nerve pain in my legs, but lots of anti-depressants, and lots of other meds, can do that. Another nurse in the mix here, welcome.

Rosie, It's like learning how to cook all over again, isn't it? When I was on the bland diet for GERD i realized that everything I liked was what I couldn't eat.

Mary, you just made me realize how over due I was for a hair cut.

Deelee, I have a hard time in the evenings too. I save some of my calories for then. I know I'm going to have something, so I plan for it. Usually it's popcorn or tea and a cookie (found these great cookies for 30 calories each) .

Isabella, Your lunch is going to be my dinner today. I get some good ideas here.

Karen31, There is a no-bullying rule in schools. The school is liable, so make them accountable! I hate bullying. What I really hate is parents that know their kids are doing it and do nothing to stop it. It follows you the rest of your life. It also hurts to feel helpless to protect our kids.


01-26-2012, 10:46 AM
Hi everyone! Just jumping in here. Read all your posts and trying to get aquainted. Lynn, I noticed how much you have lost and the little distance you have left. Wow! Keep it up you are an inspiration.

01-26-2012, 11:27 AM
Good Morning Goldens!

Thanks again for all the nice wishes. I had a great day. I have my annual board retreat tonight at a local bistro. I plan to conserve calories all day and then just enjoy myself. A taste of this and that is the plan.....

Lynn, feeling ill is a hard time to keep up your motivation. And, sometimes for no clear reason, one can lose the path of healthy and mindful living. I would never presume to try to give you advice. I feel that I must reassure you of my faith in your strength, your determination, and your sheer ability to care for yourself. Look at all your triumphs and your accomplishments! I hope that the urologist can help you. In the end, I believe that YOU can help you.:hug:

Freda, how old is your card playing dgs? My 5 year old dgs has recently learned this really clever card game. It is so fun to play with them and watch their minds work.

DeeLee, I also plan calories for the evening snack. I enjoy yogurt and/or small portions of cereal with almond milk. Hang in there.

Gayle, hoping things are better.

Rosey, Wishing you good luck on figuring out the food for you and dh. I have faith in you. If anyone can figure out a way to change the menu to meet dietary needs - it is you! I know that it is frustrating and time consuming..... not to mention expensive. How about fish? We save money/calories with frozen fish portions that we buy at sams or costco.

Isabella, I love your menus. Such lovely and creative fair. I am still chuckling over your oven adventures!

Lucinda, good luck with the cooking. Hopefully you can find a way to meet your family's needs and still provide the food you need.

Mary, I need a haircut/highlight too! Of course, it is darned expensive for me so I will wait til next month.

Ashenpond, I hope the dr can help you.

Karen31, bullying is so terrible and speaks to the darkness in all of us. Adults tend to see it as a "right of passage" when it is really a severe problem. That is a really powerful video. I agree, hold the school accountable.

CarolSue, I hope you had a great birthday! And yes, celebrations are often for children. They learn life lessons and things about our culture.

Well, I will check back later today to see how everyone else is doing.... Later.


01-26-2012, 12:25 PM
Keep me Accountable menu 854 calories + 33 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, Orange yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds,
3oz. Chunky Cinnamon applesauce

Lunch- Carrot and Squash Curry soup

Supper -Venison Pizza with homemade crust.

Mock coconut pudding w/sf cool whip

Good Morning, I couldn't get on this site thru foxfire this morning, went the internet explorer way. I, who never gets a cold have the start of one.:mad:DH was sick with a cold a few days ago. Yesterday I didn't feel good all day and I wasn't hungry so didn't eat much.
Carol Sue, I'm wondering about the statement from your doctor that said you don't have diverticulitis anymore. How can that happen? I thought once you have those pockets in your colon, you can't get rid of them. I saw some on the screen when I had my last colon checked but they don't bother me yet. many calories in your carrot and onion quiche?
KarenFla...did your hear about your echo yet?
KarenMo...sorry about the bullies, where is the prayer warrior thread?
Jenye...about 20 years ago I had one eye that was closing on its own, couldn't stop it. Turned out I had Bells Palsy, doc gave me a eye patch and said the side of my face that was paralyzed was from an ear infection from years ago? It healed itself, what did your son think?
Dee...I plan a treat at night like a couple of the other GG's. I'm not sure what kind of plan you're on but working a night time treat into your daily menu works. With me it's a mind game, if I know I can have a treat...I don't always have it. But knowing I can makes a big difference. I was going to have popcorn last night but didn't feel like getting up to make it. But knowing I could have it satiated me.
Gayle...sorry to hear of the friction with DH and DS. Ask your hubby if he wants to be remembered by his son by his unwelcoming attitude toward him. That might make him think. What's all the stuff you have in the bags? I'm a shoe nut, I purchased plastic shoe boxes, took pictures of all my high heeled shoes and pasted the picture on the front of each box so I knew which heels were in there. Sure saved ruffling through all the cardboard boxes they came in. If you purchased clear plastic boxes, you could see what's in them.
Mary...I think we must have gotten our hair cuts at the same time. Dummy me discovered a beauty shop about 2 miles from me, been there 6 years. I've been driving to the outskirts of town for all my appointments, maybe 25-30 miles round trip. This new gal gave me a really good cut too. (Plus 2.00 cheaper!) said Steve was allergic to moose meat. The last I read of your post, you said all game meat. TRUE? Can taking an allergy tablet work for him and he'll be able to eat it again? I'm sad thinking of all that healthy meat being unused.
Rie...we're thankful that you're a part of this wonderful group of Golden Girls!:grouphug:
Lucinda...someone else asked the question I was going to ask about making special foods for yourself and different for your family. So many recipes can be made calorie friendly by cutting out some of the fats, sugars, etc. Try Hungry Girl for some recipes everyone can eat. My DH eats what I eat except for some dessert. He's a potato kind of guy and I usually make for him and skip it myself, I hate wasting calories on something I'm not real fond of unless it's mashed potatoes. I love mashed potatoes. I used to make the cooked califlower and potatoes together and mashed, those are really good. Have you tried that? Just google the recipe, lots of variations out there.
Freda...I know you were one of the GG's that saved some calories for night time snack. One of my favorites is popcorn, if I'm thinking sweet...I just top the popcorn with kettlecorn seasoning. Have you tried that"
Chris aka daylily...Yes, please jump in. As you can see, we're very gabby. Some of us take notes to keep up and you don't have to address everyone, we don't take offense.
Lynn...I saved you for last because I can feel your pain and bewilderment over all you've gone through medically, losing lots of weight, training for a marathon and then having it all back tracked. I've never met anyone more determined than you and so many obstacles trying to keep you down. Like one of the gals said, you need to keep posting your exercises and accomplishments/ food here. GET THE JUNK FOOD OUT, want the GG's posse to come over armed with garbage bags? You've done it before, you will do it again. That's all I'm going to say on the subject and we'll see you here today or tomorrow with your "you can't keep me down" spirit. Dig your heels in girlfriend!

01-26-2012, 12:58 PM
Isabella, this was on my Hungry Girl email today and I thought of you. I'd never get away with making a meatless burger but you might enjoy this.
Bean 'n Veggie PattyCakes
PER SERVING (1/6th of recipe, 1 patty): 161 calories,
3.5g fat, 493mg sodium, 25.5g carbs, 5.5g fiber,
4.5g sugars, 9g protein -- PoinWVPlXVŠ value 4*
Some of the BEST-TASTING meatless patties around. And
no gluten either!

5 cups chopped portabella mushrooms
1 cup finely chopped onion
1 tsp. chopped garlic
1/4 tsp. each salt and black pepper
One 15-oz. can black beans, drained and rinsed
1/2 cup fat-free liquid egg substitute (like Egg Beaters Original)
1/4 cup chopped basil
1/4 cup gluten-free all-purpose flour (like the kind by King Arthur)
1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil, drained, patted dry, finely chopped
2 tbsp. reduced-fat Parmesan-style grated topping (like the kind by Kraft)

Bring a large skillet sprayed with nonstick spray to medium-high heat. Add mushrooms,
onion, garlic, salt, and pepper. Cook and stir until softened, about 10 minutes. Transfer to
a bowl lined with paper towels.
Place beans, egg substitute, and basil in a blender, and puree until mostly smooth.
Remove paper towels from veggie bowl, and blot away excess moisture. Thoroughly mix
in bean mixture and flour. Stir in sun-dried tomatoes and Parm-style topping. Cover and
refrigerate until cool and set, at least 1 hour.
Evenly divide and form mixture into 6 patties, about 1/2 cup each. If needed, clean skillet.
Re-spray and bring to medium heat. Cook patties for 3 - 4 minutes per side, until firm and
lightly browned, working in batches as needed. (Flip gently so patties keep their shape.)
*The PointsPlusŠ values for these products and/or recipes were calcul

01-26-2012, 01:17 PM
Deelee, keep the bad stuff out of the house!!! I know because if I have chips in the house I'll eat every last one, including licking the bag. I've been known to search through cupboards and closets looking for a bag of chips and thankfully if they aren't there I can't eat them. Fortunately, I won't get in the car just to buy a bag of chips. The craving usually subsides after a short while. Have you tried a small bowl of cereal before bedtime. I believe some of the GG find this quite effective.

Gayle, loved your little cubbyholes. I like to do things like that too. I'm a bit messy but organized. Horseradish :( . Don't like that either. So sorry about the conflict between your DS and DH. I understand how hurt you can be. I'll keep them and you in my prayers. They really need to sit down together with a counselor, but that's not likely to happen, is it?

Mary, I need a haircut myself. I've resorted to wearing a hairband around the house to keep the hair out of my eyes (drives me crazy). I'm of the mind I'd like to grow my bangs but I suspect as soon as the hair is long enough I'll get it trimmed and styled and like it for a month and then get it cut short again. I have ADHD hair, lol. My hair gets a bit wavy long, too.

Rosey, I don't eat meat but every once and a while I'll pick up a package of chicken for my MIL and I'm always blown away with the prices. No wonder some people eat so poorly. Will you continue to eat the game meat? You're a good wife, Rosey.

Lucinda, are the other members of your family vegan, like you? Everyone seems to be interested in what you are cooking differently for your family, lol. We are such an inquisitive group. BTW, we won't "vote you off the island." :D

Hi Lynn. I've sensed you have not been yourself lately. Just something about your posts. You're worried about your health and that can throw a body out of kilter. Don't worry about the weight right now. Just make sure you get better and then you can tackle that again. You were one of the first persons I met on 3FC and you have been a great inspiration and help to me over the past few years (even if you didn't know it). You really know what you have to do but I think a little encouragement to do it is what you're looking for today. You know we're all here for you, Chickie. Just keep checking in and we'll help all we can. :hug::hug:

Freda, glad I can be of some help in planning your menus. :)

Welcome Chris/Daylily. Glad you decided to join us. Can't wait to hear from you again.

Rie, hope you'll have a great night at the board retreat. Sounds like you've got everything under control. BTW, everything's a "Go" with the oven, lol.

Bobbi, I put the ingredients for the Carrot Quiche into Fitday and with the modifications it came out to approximately 250 calories for 1/8 of a 9-inch pie. I made my own crust with a scant cup of flour and about 1/4 cup soft margarine. I try to keep the crust thin. It's not the flakiest crust because of the small amount of fat but it does the trick when on a diet. Just noticed the mushroom burger you posted. Mushroom burgers are da bomb!

Well, I'm off to trim MIL's hair. She got a perm yesterday and doesn't like her hair. She says it's dry on the tips but it probably isn't but I'll placate her and make a few snips with the scissors. She's a hard woman to please, lol. I never disagree with her and humor her unless it's a matter of life and death. That way she's happy with me and she listens to me better than her sons and daughters. (At least that's what they all say.) Whenever they want her to do something they get me to ask her. I think the problem is they tell her she has to do whatever needs to be done and she digs in her heels and says NO. She doesn't want anyone telling her what to do. I'll just bring up the subject casually and suggest what I'd do but tell her that's up to her if she wants to do it. Works almost every time--"innocent as a dove, wise as a serpent."

I'll be back with my menu later on.

Be good.

01-26-2012, 01:21 PM
Gayle, too funny on the cartoon. About 4 years ago a poster on another thread posted the cartoon. I loved it so much that I printed it out on card stock and have it tacked to my bathroom wall by the scale. I recently added Rie's "You're just a little husky" picture too. Hard to say too mad at the scale with to fun pictures.

KarenFL, bummer. I hoped maybe the flew the coop permanently.

Jenye, I think it makes sense to talk with your son about the problem but seeing a specialist makes much sense as well.

KarenMO, cyber bullying is illegal and if the school doesn't do anything, have your cousin make an appointment with the superintendent. I've worked with many supts over the years and they do not like (in any way, shape or form) bad publicity. Then the next step is to take it to a school board meeting during public comments with the comment being your cousin will be going to the police next. Please, please make sure that your cousin follows through.

OK Gayle, I believe the GG squad needs to come and whack your husband. I agree with your statement The Jerk. I have other descriptions as well. Arrogant, know it all pig comes to mind.

Lynn, wowza on Rie's b-day greetings. Very cool. And Carol Sue's as well.

Rosey, after years of reading ingredient list, I have found that what they add to food is mind-boggling. Also you will get very quick to pick out the soy in the list. Nearly jumps out of the itsy-bitsy teeny weeny print.

Rie, glad you have a nice, wonderful b-day.

Lucinda, I'm lazy. :) I plan to update my blog again. Best plans just keep going awry. Our group here has gotten so big that it takes way longer to read and respond.

Lynn, one thing after knowing you coming up on a year is that you seem very goal oriented. You were doing the :angel: track while training for your half marathon. You are a very focused woman and perhaps you need to find a focus (5K for a charity - I'd sponsor you again in a heartbeat because I have the utmost faith you'd do a great job). ALSO, I asked my friend with the UTI symptoms that aren't a UTI what the syndrome was called and she told me it is Interstitial Cystitis. Google it and see what you think. After the diagnosis, she started eating based on the food lists that don't acerbate it and she said she's had a lot of relief. Also, her dr. gave her a prescription that helped calm the bladder/urethra nerves. I can asked her the name of the med if you'd like.

Freda, I love "Food is always around. Getting used to the fact that we can't eat EVERYTHING is annoying." So perfectly said.

Hi Chris. It takes a while to get to know us all but we're glad to have you.

Bobbi, I'll answer the question you asked Rosey about using an allergy med and eat the foods her DH is allergic to. No way, no how. You never know when a mild allergic reaction will change to life threatening. She'd need to make sure he has an Epi-pen and the phone handy to call 911. Way too risky. And the Epi-pen could cause a heart attack with the rush it gives to the heart. Too risky. At least that's my learned opinion.

OK, I must get back to work as it is knee deep again. Love you all! And :wave: to all that I missed.

01-26-2012, 01:36 PM
Hi Golden Girls. I think every single one of you is wonderful. Thanks for the late night suggestions. Plan a snack - that's exactly what I need to do. I haven't had time the past few days to come on site for very long. I want to read more thoroughly. I also have to get my hair done. Long process, I get highlights and a base then a cut.
I'm not on Facebook so I didn't see the bullying incident but I think it's disgraceful.
I'll be back later - Welcome newbies!

Just saw what Marie wrote - she is exactly right. go to superintendent and insist the offenders parents are brought in - not the babysitter, not the nanny, etc. Sometimes the parents are actually horrified that their child would do such a thing. But even if they don't think it's a big deal - they don't like having to take a day off work. Hugs to you and grandson.

01-26-2012, 03:01 PM
Hello-- just got back from the dentist so I haven't taken time to read the posts here. But I did notice that Freda wanted to see if I could repost that video here. Let me try this link and see if it works.

Also Bobbi you can go to the Prayer Warriors thread here:

01-26-2012, 03:11 PM
I am new here. Looks like a nice group of ladies.

01-26-2012, 03:57 PM
Welcome, Beesparkle. Jump right in and start chatting. We're here to laugh, support and give care.

01-26-2012, 05:15 PM
Thanks for making me feel welcomed ladies. Well I am doing the point system for me. I like it. I know that we all are doing different that is fine. We are all in here to be supportive for each other.

I am finding out. That number one post is not first for today's chat. So my dear friend Chris told me. So have that straighten out. Well I am a tad older in here then you all. I don't mine though. I am not too old to learn new tricks. It is nice to see all these happy profiles. Anyhow I am a chatterbox. I am reading all your chit chat here. I know one Gal in here who helped me and told me also she comes in here. I think she is on page 2 here. Her nick name is I think is a pink Piggy. So until someone mentioned her name as Iris. I would of never known. I love Miss Piggy. Kid in heart still. Has anyone seen the comercial with Miss Piggy on a swing or a lift of some kind. I think she is trying to make eyes to one of the other guys on a lift. It is real cute. Up to her sassy ways Miss Piggy. The look on th guys eyes is real cute. Well may you all have a productive day. Those smiles are sure can make a person feel comfy in here. Glad I came in here.

01-26-2012, 06:22 PM
It's going to be an early night for me. I have to get up early, ride bike, take shower, etc, etc, etc and then go to MIL's and do her hair so I can take her for a doctor's appointment. No wonder her hair is frizzy. She washed it three times since yesterday's perm. I told her she had no natural oils left in her head so I didn't do any cutting, but left the scissors just in case I have to make a little snip here and there tomorrow morning. I'm just going to put some de-frizzing stuff in and use the curling iron to tame it down.

Here's my eats and exercise for the day.

Breakfast: All Bran Buds microwaved with skim milk to make hot cereal, 1/2 banana, 1/2 giant tangelo

Dinner: Veggie steak (breaded and fried), ff gravy, mashed potatoes (skim milk & light sour cream), mashed turnip, carrots & peas, cabbage, 1/2 cup V8 juice

Supper: Mashed potatoes with 1/2 cup vegetable soup poured over, 1/2 giant tangelo, teeny, tiny piece Christmas cake

Exercise: 12.40 km on exercise bike, 43 minutes

01-26-2012, 06:33 PM
Good Hola, All…

Good off work at 2, so I have the energy to “computer” a bit…

KarenFL – I hope you get a good result from your echo. Isn't the waiting just the worst? How are you feeling these days? It sounds like you’re making good progress (whether you think so or not!).

And I hope the dogs AND their owners have gone bye-bye... the owners taught the dogs how to behave. No redeeming social value, at all...

CK – that Radio Flyer video was cute! However, as an ex-cop, I had a visceral reaction it, had to imagine the accident potential with all the “LookyLous” who can’t drive even without the distraction! I was surprised to hear that it’s street worthy and licensed… I remember that there was a vehicle that had the back end in the front and the front end in the back, so it looked like it was traveling backwards. They eventually had to get that off the street because of all the accidents!

Wow, CK – that video was powerful…. This is your niece? I hope someone does something!

Gayle – I’m sorry your DH is being such a jerk. He seems to go in phases, doesn’t he? Sometimes he just makes you crazy by acting like a moron, and then he acts decent again… I hope the decent comes back again SOON! Zoe can run over and pop him in the snout for you, I’ll bet!

Lynn – I LOVE the birthday graphics! Where do you find them? And I agree with Bobbi that you’re the most determined person in this group… and you WILL get yourself back on track when you’re ready!

Rosey – is Mr. GrumpyPants better? It’s good that he brought you flowers (guilt is good, isn’t it?), but he should still not take it out on YOU! I hope he’s feeling better soon. Does he realize how lucky he is to have you as his wifey?

Freda – you haven’t mentioned your back for a while… are you well again?

Nothing much to report. I took GM to lunch yesterday with my old lady friend, and she enjoyed that. She's the same ol', same ol'.... I need to start scheduling her for some followup doc appointments, and she needs cataract surgery soon. I'm already tired! (and whiney... don't forget whiney!!)

Newbies - welcome! Everyone, hope the rest of your day is a good one! Later! :hug:

01-26-2012, 06:49 PM
:welcome: Welcome beespark, we're glad Chris pointed you to our thread.
You all can call me miss piggy right now, I ate way too much and my stomach hurts. We were hungry for mac and cheese, something I rarely make because of all the calories. I found a low calorie recipe using extra sharp fat free cheese. I've had some in the frig for a long time, hard to get rid of because it's so tasteless. But it was excellent in my mac and cheese plus I added 4 oz. of cooked squash. It was really delicious! I made just enough to have tonight as a side dish for me and a separate serving for DH. His had regular cheese in it, that's why I made them in two casseroles.
KarenMo...I just watched the video, I'd like to run over and smack those girls. Truly sad, what's happening now?

01-26-2012, 07:10 PM
Good afternoon GG’s,

Taking a break from working on that room. It is a tedious process. Who oh why did I hang onto all these little pieces of stuff? I guess maybe I am at heart one of those “green” people. I see things and think ~ surely there must be a use for that. But it is clogging up my house. One thought that came to me today ~ maybe I can get rid of some of the pamphlets and stuff like that ~ I can probably find most anything now-a-days on the internet. The hard stuff is the momentos. Corbin’s band concert programs and things like that ~ but realistically ~ how often am I gonna look at that stuff.

Bobbi ~ the stuff in the bags is the parts of a project to be done, or the parts of one that is started and not finished. The boxes you mentioned would be nice, but DH is happier if I can find a way to do something without having to buy more stuff. This works for me ~ and takes up less room than the the type of boxes you have. Regarding DH and DS ~ DH doesn’t care what anyone thinks ~ so trying to reason with him from that angle would go no where.

Isabella ~ you’re right ~ DH and DS sitting down with a counselor will never happen. DS would probably do it ~ DH is impossible. We were at Cracker Barrel one time and saw a little plaque that said “Be nice to your kids ~ they will be choosing your nursing home” Needless to say ~ DH didn’t find that at all funny.

Dad turned American Idol on again for Mom last night. I haven’t even had to call and remind mom. I don’t know what has happened, but I am thankful for it.

Beesparkle ~ welcome. Your age doesn’t matter. Pull up a chair and join right in. Look forward to getting to know you.

Sorry I haven’t commented to everyone. Gotta get back to work.

Be back later.

01-26-2012, 07:59 PM
Holy Cow....I stopped in this morning and come back to 2 more pages! No report about the news is good news....RIGHT!

It is like late Spring down here. Finally found out Colorado friends are still on the East coast of Fl for another week. So no company for about 2 weeks...i hope. have me so worried. You have been going nonstop forever....between classes,lecturing kids, travel and training. Am not surprised your body is screaming HALT. You worry about everybodyelse and take care of them, but now it's Lynn time. You need to stay home and quietly plan out a fews days meals and cook for Lynn. Plan things you know satisfy the inner man. Practice hugging a cat or at least scratching a cat's ears. We are kids at heart and revert back when ever we let our guard down so craving junk stuff is easy....Solution....since we kinda know where you live and I still have loads of pals in that area, we are getting up a posse of duputy GG thinkalikes that should be galloping into the parking lot with black trash bags to grab the junk...they will do no harm but you may want to lock up the cats.
If you hear something like who is that masked man ...just smile. It's me Tonto!

Gayle.....forget it. You can not even attempt to be a buffer between those 2.
Take from me tried that it doesn't work. It is strictly a male thing. You end up feeling terrible and mad and helpless and then the mouth opens and you try to feed the guilt.....So just walk away sweetie....they have to change themselves.

Welcome to the newbies....jump in we're cooking!

Think I'll change my name to Big Mama and use Donna's cattle probe to get you straight...hear'now......k3

01-26-2012, 08:25 PM
<sigh> Maybe after I retire, I won't keep getting lost behind all the postings. We sure have become a busy group here lately. I'm going to take this opportunity, though, to complain and whine about the people at work. There have been some changes in administration, and trust me, they are most definitely NOT changes for the better. The morale is so low around the place now that I really dread going into the office. Half of the admin. assistants spend a part of each day crying in the ladies room because one or other of the so-called "movers and shakers" has treated them like pond scum. I. Can't. Wait. To. Get. Out. Of. There. Period. Three more months. I can do it. I'm sure I can do it - so long as I don't up and call one of them one of the names they so richly deserve to be called in one of our meetings. It's getting harder and harder to deal with their arrogance, though. They tip-toe around me, but I'm betting they'll be glad to see the back end of me all the same. I was going to give them a couple month's notice so that they'd have time to do a search to fill my position, but now I've decided I'll give them the month's notice required in the employee manual and not a day sooner. GRRRRRR. I've been coming home in such foul moods that I can barely tolerate my own self. :mad:

Okay enough kvetching.

I've missed so darned much here! But, honestly, as you can see above, I have not been fit company for man nor beast.

Gayle, yes, I have saved all that sort of sentimental stuff, and you're right...when are we ever going to look at it? I should do a clean sweep, as well. As for your DH, I'd give him one swift kick, I swear....grrrrrrrrr.

Bobbi, you are about the farthest person from Miss Piggy that I know! You might nibble at some macaroni & cheese (fat-free cheese, of course) but what you eat on a typical day wouldn't fill my little toe! Enjoy your mac & cheese, girl! As for the chia seeds... I guess I just got sick of bothering with them. They didn't seem to be doing me much good that I could see.

PT, tired and whiney.....guess you're talkin' 'bout ME, huh? They don't call us PT's for nothing!

Welcome, Bee and Daylily ...we're glad to have you!

CaddyK, that video is enough to send me out with a shotgun, I swear! What is WRONG with these nasty little kids these days, anyway?

DeeLee, my nighttime snacks all consist of 2 tbs of PB2 now - 45 calories, and OH, so yummy and satisfying! I've been having it on celery, but last night I splurged a little and had it with apple slices. Soooo good, and still well within my calorie count for the day!

Marie, you are spot on about the allergies and not relying on allergy meds to let you eat stuff that you're allergic to. Absolutely WAY too risky! I'm glad you gave that bit of advice - it could help avoid some really serious outcomes.

Isabella, I sure hope that when I am a bit more aged, there is a wise dil or one of my own kids figures it out - and I get *handled* as nicely as you handle your mom-in-law. And I bet she loves you dearly! "innocent as a dove, wise as a serpent", indeed!

Hope you're enjoying your board retreat, tonight, Rie...sounds like you can use a little relaxation right about now.

OMG, Freda! The dreaded Mammo!!!!! Didn't somebody suggest that if men had to submit to flattening like that on...well, on ANOTHER rather sensitive part of THEIR anatomy, they would be working real hard to find another way to do the screenings?

Lynn, I hope you check out what Marie sure sounds odd that you would keep getting UTIs, and can't shake them. Maybe it IS something else, after all. I know having that kind of thing bothering you all the time must be awfully depressing, and I suspect that's part of the reason why you haven't been attentive about your eating and exercising. Isabella's advice was good, as well....focus on getting your health issues taken care of and worry about the weight after that. You know we love you - now take care and get yourself well, you hear?

Lucinda, oh, MY....that malware business is scary! Would you have to cancel out your cards and get new ones issued just like if they were physically stolen?

I'm glad the hubby is getting a bit more communicative, Rosey. I figured he would. Steve's a good fella except when he's hurting, I think.

Mary, sleeping late....sounds heavenly. If I can't do it, I'm glad that at least a few of us can. My time is coming......YAY.

Carol Sue...I'm at that point where my birthday celebrations are more for the family than for me, too. I'd just as soon try not to notice them myself. The grandkids do make it fun, though, don't they? I hope you're on the mend...are you feeling better?

Okay, over and out for another day. Take care, y'all!!!


01-26-2012, 08:32 PM
PT/Zoe - remember that you do have vacation and sick time accumulated if it gets too bad before you can retire!! How DARE the PowersThatBe treat their "underlings" that way? It just infuriates me that bullying isn't just a product of the schools. Come the revolution.............!

01-26-2012, 08:54 PM
You girls are a real support to me. With regard to my my eyes - the muscles that are above the eyebrows cause my eyes to shut tight and it takes ages to get them open again - I am noticing that it is longer now and then when they open all is hazy, images, people, words etc. I have spoken with my son and we are in agreement for me to see the neuro=opthamologist so I will go ahead and make the appointment.

Today the weather is warm 27 degrees C. and so I am just going to listen to an audio book that I have - it is the only way that I can get any reading done. We had a holiday yesterday for Australia Day.

Although it is only 3 days of healthy eating I seem to have got my eating back under control. I look at all your menu's and wonder how you can exest on under 1000 calories - I am having at least 1200 a day - and 27 points - I am following a WW program.

Well girls until later - I am going to try and workout how I can answer each person individually and how to get color and different fonts in my post. Any help would sure be appreciated.

:hug: Jenye.

01-26-2012, 08:58 PM
Hello everyone, Gosh, I may never get caught up again. But I have read everyones posts and Welcome to all the newbies!!!

Lynn, sounds like you need to start thinking of you and give yourself a breather. Sometimes we have to learn how to put "NO" back in our vocabulary. Take care of you.

Zoe, you can't let them get to you now!! Like jess says, use up some of that vacation and sick days and then when you are there on the last day, you can BLAST them with all you have stored up for them!! Now wouldn't that be more fun?? You can even start writing a little speech for them all on your last day.

Jess, this little girl is my cousins daughter. They are living in Hawaill right now. And like Freda was saying there may be some jealousy among them. This is a response I wrote to that question. I am just so glad that I don't have any young kids growing up now in these schools. I know I would find myself in trouble...

"Maybe some jealousy for sure--- She was Miss Preteen Alaska when she lived there. She is now Miss preteen Milani Hawaii, where they are living now, has just signed a contract with a modeling agency, has been in several pageants and sang the National Anthem at several of the games in Alaska. I didn't say all that to brag-- I haven't seen her since she was tiny, and she may have an attitude too. But dog gone it no one needs to be treated like that.. I really hope her Mom does something and being military over there you think she would have some more options. I don't know."

They didn't do much to me at the dentist today, x-rays and just an exam. I will be going back next month to have root planeing and scaling--- not looking forward to that. But they didn't see a lot of anything that needed to be done as far as cavities or anything. I do have two pieces of "root tips" that are working their way out from teeth that were pulled. One is already peeking through the gums so they will get that easy when they do the cleaning. The other one is going to be a little more difficult to get to. But guess I can't complain.

Well, better get busy and finish cleaning up the kitchen, and have clothes in the dryer that are going to be calling my name any minute!!

Have a Great Night!

01-26-2012, 09:09 PM
Jenye, one way we do things is to open up like Microsoft works/word and then answer all the posts in that program and then copy and paste it into this thread.. It isn't cheating-- we all do it. we could never keep everyone straigh all the time.

01-26-2012, 09:42 PM
Thanks Karen, my foggy mind is now remembering.

Now the different colors.

:hug: Jenye.

01-26-2012, 09:45 PM
If you click on the A that is underlined at the top of the message window where you write your post you can change colors

01-26-2012, 10:01 PM
Hi everyone.sheesh its cold out again and as we were driving into town i wished i had my camera so u could see how high the snow banks are. we went to see a nutrionest and it sure explained alot. my dh is the 2% of folks who have trouble after a gall bladder surg who cant tolerate any fat,and to find out what his trigger foods are he is to experiment with things like moose meat and eat only that for 1 day with no seasonings and only a vegie and water. if he has a reaction then it goes on the dont eat list she said to do this with milk products meats and carbs. then we will have abetter judge of what hes allergic too. we are to keep a journal for 1 month and then go back.she said its the only true way of figuring it out. thats its a pain but using the body to tell you what not to eat. made sense to me. dh is in abetter mood,but when hes sick hes a beast but i know he's agood guy.lynn im so sry you are feeling discouraged would a :hug: help? tomorrow dh is going to anch with a former co-worker to see their other co-worker that had open heart surg,they all worked together and retired about the same time. they all have cabins near each other and love to hunt. anyways im looking forward to a day alone.i try and be a good wife but at times i just need a little me time:D im so excited to say that my youngest dd and family are moving back to alaska. i have not seen her in 2 yrs and was heartbroken when they moved. my dd hated the move and where they were at but followed what her dh wanted. anyways they have struggeled to make it and came to the realization that it wasnt working. so they are coming home who says prayers arnt answered as mine was. they leave oregon in mid march.i can hardly wait :cp: well here i am rambling as you all are so easy to chat with.have an awsome evening rosey :wave:

greek yogurt 1/4 c kashi cereal

2 pieces turkey bacon,1 egg
1/2 banana

coffee mocha

slice turkey
green salad

01-27-2012, 12:03 AM

01-27-2012, 12:07 AM

01-27-2012, 10:08 AM
Good morning,everyone.It is snowning today,but I shouldn't complain as we have had a very open winter so far. And the fresh snow does make everything pretty.
I am not a very chatty person. But I am a good listener! I am enjoying being here so much.
Retiredone... I have Newfoundland roots. My grandparents were from Newfoundland (on my dad's side). I have the history of where they lived and so forth tucked away somewhere in my files.
Ashenpond.... I see that you are new too. Welcome aboard.
akrosey...So happy for you that your DD and family are moving back home. Such joy that brings you.
Karen....Have been praying for your cousin's daughter.This kind of abuse is so wide spread and something really needs to be done!
Well,girls, I must go get some things done.
Have a great and joyfilled day.

01-27-2012, 10:16 AM
My husband's friend has a friend who is a retired butcher and he made us all sausage meat with no fillers in it or junk to cause us to gain weight. So we all got 8 pkgs to take home about 6 weeks ago. So we all use the susage meat in spagetti caseroles or make hamburgers or meat loaves. I have had it as a placement of hamburg meat and had it as a hamburg with a bun for supper at night with a salad on the side. Matter of fact I am having it to-night. I do not need relish on it or anything really to add. The flavor it's self is delicious. He made mild spicy taste and regular so we mix the meat together to get the yummy taste. Sometimmes we bake it as a meat load. Cut it up in baggies in slices. Freeze it for quick supper portions one night. It never has caused me to gain weight. Just sharing here.

It is 4 points. The bun is like 4 points as it is like 2 bread. Then I have fruit and home made Vanilla pudding 3 points with skim milk 2 to make the pudding with.
Strawberries on top. Yummie.

This is re to Bobbolink referring to her post in # 3 post. Where she mentioned she was Miss Piggy because of the Cheese and Mac.

01-27-2012, 10:28 AM
Karen that is a good idea. Good to know. About doing it into Microsoft word.


01-27-2012, 10:41 AM
:wave: too busy to gab this morning, just wanted to post my menu.

Keep me Accountable menu 1,113 calories + 48 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, Orange yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds,
3oz. Chunky Cinnamon applesauce

Lunch- Carrot and Squash Curry soup

Supper -baked Salmon , mac & cheese, spinach

Mock coconut pudding w/sf cool whip ½ serving dry fiber one

Sunflower seeds

Late night I couldn’t sleep snack Cheerios w/ ¼ cup milk

01-27-2012, 11:10 AM
Good morning GG's,

Nice sunny day today. Supposed to get up to 70* Maybe I can work on that room for a while, then take a break out on the deck and enjoy the nice day for a bit.

Meso (kitty) is sitting in a sunny spot enjoying the sunshine.

Guess I'd better get moving ~ I could mess around here and before I knew it ~ the whole day would be gone.

Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care

01-27-2012, 11:31 AM
Thanks Ellabella for welcoming my friend and I into your group.

Wow you have some tan by your picture.

How nice. Being in Canada we are for sure white snowman look. In Winter.

Cannot wait to see Spring. Along haul yet.


01-27-2012, 12:33 PM
Hi Goldens!

I will be back later but note to Zoe....

I once did this under similar circumstances when I saw people in another department abusing secretaries and other underlings...

In meetings I would often insert references to the "need for supervisory training" that would protect us in the current context of EEO and employment law issues. You will be amazed at how many conversations can be used. It may not work but you at least get people thinking. In the end, the administrator started to think that I knew something he didn't and he approached me about the topic. I flat out told him that he and others were headed for lawsuits due to their behavior if they didn't do something. He brought in training. The behavior didn't completely stop, but it improved. It also empowered the underlings to stand up for themselves. Just a thought. I HATE watching people being mistreated. :mad:

Off to work out. Be back later....


01-27-2012, 01:35 PM
Welcome beesparkle. I hope you find as much enjoyment from this great group as I do.

Donna, you're a good daughter and will persevere through the cataract surgery. You karma will always be excellent.

Zoe, I had a director that loved making her secretary cry. Chortled at the fact. Then when she wouldn't stop crying, she gave me the secretary saying I was so good with people. While I was blessed to work with this amazing woman, she didn't cry once. Only when DH, kids and I were on vacation here in Oregon to scout where I was going to move did she cry again. The director took my absence as an invitation to make my secretary cry daily. The morning as we were traveling here, I called my office and talked with my tearful secretary. The DH visited the Guard base here and later asked if I wanted to move here because they had a job opening. I said yes. The rest is history. I love it here and don't work for anyone that takes joy in hurting others. I like that. I did feel horribly guilty at leaving my secretaries, knowing they were fair game. Thankfully the b!tch left within a year after I did. So I empathize with your frustration and dislike of your environment. I had to jump ship and you will in 3 months. The relief is amazing. I can take overwork but I cannot stomach nastiness.

Jenye, glad you're making the dr. appt. Knowledge is power and the specialist will probably have knowledge. Then you can act or not based on that knowledge.

Rosey, :carrot: that your dd and family are moving back home. Won't she be surprised when she sees the slender Rosey? There are parts of Oregon I don't like much and it's a wacky state. But I live in the country in the mountains. That I can't beat.

Rie, very cool that the abuse eased some after training. In my above experience, the b!tch was an accomplished lawyer who knew the laws. Funny thing is my secretary had not a mean bone in her body and wouldn't have filed suit. Heck it was a union setting and she never filed a grievance. Because who would the grievance go to? The HR director and that's who the b!tch was. My secretary's self worth had been demolished and she'd never have sued. B!tch knew and so did I. BTW, she is much happier now. I ran into her when DH and I vacationed in MN once. She looked so much less stressed.

01-27-2012, 09:12 PM
Hi girls,

I am going to make the appointment to see the specialist on Monday then I can relax again.

We are having really hot weather over here. Perth WA is going to be 42 degrees C and they also have a cyclone raging and out of control bushfires in the north of the state - I am glad that I live in Victoria.

:wave: Jenye.

01-27-2012, 10:17 PM
No exercise today. I forgot I was serving at the school breakfast program this morning so that took my exercise time and I was so tired when I got home this afternoon that I couldn't even think straight. I was going to get on the bike tonight but we have an overnight guest staying with us and we were up chatting and I really didn't want to don my exercise apparel and exercise in front of him. Poor guy might not have survived the shock of seeing so much of me! LOL

Took MIL to doctor and all is well with her. Did her hair before we left and she looked lovely. After the doctor we went shopping and she beat me out. My foot was killing me by the time we climbed into the car to go home. And I ate chips in the car so that blew my dinner/supper plans. By the time I got home it was almost supper time so I just had a very small bowl of veggie stew. I'm a bit hungry now but I'll take that as a penance for eating the chips.

I bought a really cute 3 piece play suit for DGS for his birthday and a pair of pajamas for next Christmas. The little suit consisted of a pair of pants, long sleeved t-shirt and a nice little hooded jacket. It probably won't fit til next fall. They were both half price so I was pleased.

This is what I ate today. It started good, but then..... Please DO NOT follow my example.

Breakfast: Fruit smoothie, 1 slice ww toast with almond butter, 2 tablespoons applesauce, about 1/4-1/3 cup plain yogurt

Sometime after dinner: The best part of a 220 gram bag of low sodium potato chips.

Supper: Small bowl of vegetable stew

Exercise: Trotting around with MIL

01-28-2012, 12:00 AM
WOW! I didn't realize I hadn't even posted anything today! But I have been wanting to say that I LOVE THE MAGIC BULLET!! I have been doing a slimfast shake in there with strawberries, which I did in my regular blender too but I like this so much better. Also I did some tomato juice with some strawberries and a banana YUMMY! I have bought some frozen mixed fruit and a tropical blend juice that I plan on using with a scoop of plain yogurt in it. Going to use up the rest of my milk first.

Also I did roast some veggies with some olive oil the other night and it was good too. I used Broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, celery, onion, and a few itty bitty potatos. They had a 5 lb. bag of little bitty potatos on sale at Aldis the other day for $0.49!! The potatos are about the size of golf balls (maybe a little bigger) but I put in 6 of them and only had one. I knew Tim would rather have the potatos than the rest. I hadn't said anything about those things and wanted to.

Tims Dad came home from the hospital yesterday. They brought him home in an ambulance-- he is very weak. But they have a hospital bed set up at home for him and he is much happier there. The nurses probably are too!! LOL! They sent a picture of him today eating some chocolate pudding with a big grin!! So I'm just praying that his sister finds the strength to take care of him (as she has been doing for the last probably 10 years) But I know it is going to get so much harder. They are having hospice come in to help out too.

Well, I guess I won't make this a book tonight. It is already 10:00pm. Hello to everyone and hope everyone has had a good day. If not, try again tomorrow!! LOL!!!

01-28-2012, 01:51 AM
Hi everyone sry for the late post i had to call an ambulance for my dh at 2 am last nite.he was in such they did a sp digital catscan after he had to drink a sp dye and then do the scan. what they found is he had a bowel twisted and then it fixed itself. at least thats what they are thinking. im sure they are all as puzzeled as he and i are but pray they find whats causing the pain and a solution. im stressed and tired and i miss my grizzly bear. i'll keep you all updated when i know somwthing.hope he can come home tomorrow :hug: rosey

01-28-2012, 01:57 AM
Rosey ~ sorry that you and DH are having to go through this ~ sending hugs, good thoughts, prayers.

01-28-2012, 09:20 AM
I am feeling pretty good. I still have the holes and the nurses are still coming to pack them, but they are not as painful as they were before. It almost feels like I don't have them. The secretions are looking healthier too, so I am assuming the infection is gone. Dr will probably do another culture on Thursday to be sure. I am trying to be positive about this, and I keep telling myself that my biggest fear was that my bowels would not go back to normal, and Thank God they did. It could be so much worse.

On the other hand, my eating is totally out of control. After surgery, I usually lose my appetite and have some nausea when I even look at food. Well this time, it's only when I look at nutritious food. I can eat all the junk food you can bring on and I'm fine. I am so overloading on carbs, which is bad for my diabetes and also the waistline, but I'm hoping to get my normal appetite back and get back to healthy eating. I'm also going to ask the doctor if I can start exercising again. I know "no bending and no lifting" but I think I should be ok on the treadmill and elliptical.

Rosey - I sure hope your DH feels better soon! I'm sorry to hear he was in so much pain.

Bobbi - Apparently, the only place I had diverticulitis was in the spot that perforated, and he cut that out and re- attached everything. I asked him because I was wondering if I had diverticulitis in any other spots other than the one that perforated, and he said "No." I am still going to be careful though, because if I had it once, I am probably susceptible to it and could get it again. I don't EVER want to go through this again. This surgery was worse than my heart surgery.

Lynn - We all go through periods when we get off program, and it's hard to get back to it. Once you start to feel better, you should be able to pick up where you left off.

Maryea - Most of my used books are from the flea market, where I can get them for a quarter or fifty cents. But when there's a specific book I want I look online. I mostly use but I also check and I look for the lowest price among the 3 sites.

01-28-2012, 09:22 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have read your posts to me and they have helped. Thank you for the kind words. I know I will get back on track, but it is really scary when those scale numbers keep going up and up. The urologist visit did NOT help. He wants to do a bunch of tests that sound really painful. I have not decided if I want to go through them. I guess it will depend how much discomfort I am in.

Beginning on Feb 1, I will at least post my exercise and food everyday. I really think that this will help me.

This weekend, I am finishing up one course and beginning another.

Have a great weekend,


01-28-2012, 10:18 AM
Lynn...1st step, did you rid your house of the junk foods yet? 2nd step, stock up on the good healthy stuff and keep posting.
Isabella...where did you find the chips? I'll bet they were calling your name and since your feet hurt you said okay chips, lets have at you!:hug:
DH was with me grocery shopping yesterday, he was hungry for sweet rolls. I purchased 4 in a package and left them out on the counter for him. After sitting there all afternoon untouched, I finally put them in the pantry so I didn't have to look at them. This morning the package is still unopened? What's with that? He was hungry for them, why didn't he sit down and eat the whole package like I WOULD HAVE. Oh, I know why I have to constantly fight the battle of the bulge and he doesn't. He has will power. I have it while on a diet, lose the weight...then go right back to eating like the world is going to end tomorrow. Cycle back to dieting again, lose the weight and put it back on. Geeeeeezzzz, I'll never learn and this is the reason I have to stay accountable to you even after I get to goal. Now that I've spouted off my depressing 'wisdom of dieting cycles' this morning, I'll go get ready for the day.
Rosey...prayers for Steve, how does a person get his intestines twisted? I'll have to google that, I can imagine the pain. You certainly are going thru a lot right now, do you drive? Anyway, prayers to both of you.
Carol Sue...Junk food is comfort food when you don't feel well, you'll get your healthy appetite back soon... Prayers to you too.
After surgery, I usually lose my appetite and have some nausea when I even look at food. Well this time, it's only when I look at nutritious food. I can eat all the junk food you can bring on and I'm fine. I am so overloading on carbs, which is bad for my diabetes and also the waistline, but I'm hoping to get my normal appetite back and get back to healthy eating. Keep me Accountable menu ? calories + ?grams fiber
4:45 am snack…2 slices low calorie toast with PB2 (peanut butter)

Breakfast - Fiber One, Orange yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds,
3oz. Chunky Cinnamon applesauce

Lunch- Carrot and Squash Curry soap

Supper - Pork Roast, Red Cabbage baked with apples

Mock coconut pudding sugar free cool whip ½ serving dry fiber one on top

01-28-2012, 11:40 AM
I did post here because I never seen number 6 up. So I guess I have to learn being the first one today to post. I tried to put my post to 6 and it stayed at 5.

01-28-2012, 11:48 AM

I lost my post at 2am.....

:hug: So sorry about Steve. Thinking of you.


01-28-2012, 12:58 PM
Good Morning! Rosey so sorry to hear about your hubby. Gosh I hope they get it figured out and he can start being comfortable again. This has got to be tough on the both of you.

Well, I weighed in this morning and I'm really getting tired of dancing around with the same couple pounds! I am back at 178.1! So that is just a loss of .45 pounds this week! Guess I really need to step it up so I don't look so bad this summer! I hate going through these slumps. Wish we could just give up food like other bad habits!! LOL!! Just think how much money we could save!! Just kidding!!

I'll be back later.

01-28-2012, 01:11 PM
Good afternoon ladies, lovely sunny day here. Not much snow but lots of ice. Not good for walking. I did go out and sand the door yard so that is accountable for some exercise.
Rosey,sorry to hear about your DH.
Retiredone, Oops on the chips. :nono:Not good when the elder tires out the younger!:D
Hopefully I will get used to posting and greet more folks. I will get the hang of it after awhile. Have a great day everyone.

01-28-2012, 01:21 PM
Very quick hola........

Rosey - good thoughts for Steve!!..... and for YOU.... I know how much you worry, and I hope they can figure something out to FIX that poor boy! Good thoughts, my friend.

And this is a WOWSERS...

Later, lovelies!

01-28-2012, 01:36 PM
Good morning GG's,

Working on that room some more. Getting there slowly though. I may not have it all done by Monday (when I go back to work), but it is better than it was. Taking a break right now ~ have pulled up my chair to the GG's table and sipping a cuppa. Ahhhhh ~ lovely.

Bee ~ Welcome to the group. I liked what you wrote in your post: Keep those smiles glowing. You never know who needs one today from you. Your posts are very good to read. Some need prayers others need a giggle. With faith and love. This group has it all. Faithful friends are a strong defense; and us who have them have found real treasures on here.

Welcome to you also Daylily/Chris.

It is nice and sunny here today ~ love that sunshine.

Got to spend some time over at Sara's last night. Jason was there too, so it was a twofer :D Got some coloring therapy with Maddie. Don't get to see as much of Corbin ~ he was on the computer with a friend.

Guess I'd better get back to work. Hope you all are having a good weekend.

Take care

01-28-2012, 01:40 PM
WOW! That is very eye opening Donna! See that is what I'm talking about -- you get hit from all sides!!! LOL!! When Tim and I do go to Subway we always split a grilled chicken on 12 grain bread, with lettuce, tomato, american cheese and light mayo. Never any chips and I get a diet coke to drink. Guess that isn't too bad but still not good! But dog gone it you have to live too!!

01-28-2012, 01:59 PM
Good Morning ladies .

May you have a nice weekend. Keep those smiles glowing. You never know who needs one today from you. Your posts are

very good to read. Some need prayers others need a giggle. With faith and love. This group has it all.

Faithful friends are a strong defense; and us who have them have found real treasures on here.


01-28-2012, 02:20 PM
OMG!!! I just made a smoothie in my new FAVORITE MAGIC BULLET and it is so good!! I took some frozen mixed fruit about 1/2 cup, 1/2 cup of plain yogurt, and 8 ounces of Tropical blend Splash! All for about 200 calories!! It is so Yummy just had to jump on here to share!!

01-28-2012, 04:06 PM
Karen31, your Magic Bullet sounds like it does a fabulous job on smoothies.

Rosey, I do hope you DH is feeling much better today. Is he home today?

Carol Sue, it sounds like you are feeling so much better than you did last week. Don't overdo the exercise until you have a clean bill of health. Get rid of the junk!

Lynn, I'm sure when you start posting your exercise and food things will improve. I know it really helps me.

Bobbi, I bought the chips for my MIL (sure I did) who was feeling a bit hungry. We should have stopped at a restaurant and had lunch but we shopped through. I opened the bag for her in the car and she made sure I got the first handful. That's all I needed--one taste.

Daylily, I just can't have chips around me. I fall every time. It's just the plain chips that I love so much. The flavoured ones can be a problem but not so much. You'll get used to all of us soon enough and posting will get easier as you become more chat savvy.

Donna, that link proved to be an eye-opener. We seldom eat out and reading those stats on the fast foods makes me happy we don't.

Gayle, it's satisfying to see the room get cleared and cleaned up. The hardest thing is keeping it that way once it's done, lol. So nice you got a twofer last night. I guess Corbin is growing up more than you want.

Hi Beesparkle, hope you are having a wonderful day.

I'm full to the gunnels. I ate a decent dinner and had a modest size piece of pie with a little scoop of ice cream. But I'm a picker and while I was cleaning up I ate more macaroni and more fried potatoes and one more roll. Well it's my cheat day but I'll take it easy tonight. Probably won't have much for supper. I'm thinking I'll eat one of the large tangelos I have. It's close to suppertime and I'm not hungry at all. I haven't been near the bike yet but later on this evening I'll get on and peddle to nowhere.

We have been the recipients of a nasty winter storm so it's a good day to curl up, read the GG posts and nod off and have a nap. Our friend who stayed last night left following dinner but if it had been me I would have stayed. I don't know why people take such risks in a snow storm. He's heading east where the snow is supposed to turn to rain but I'd have probably waited until tomorrow, myself. We'll have about 30 centimetres (12 inches) down by this evening and the winds were up so there is some drifting.

A good day to everyone else and I'll be back with my menu later on this evening. Toodles.

01-28-2012, 04:10 PM
Howdy from the sunny deep south! Still waiting for schedule of if or when the company will be coming. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Rosey...So sorry Steve is hurting. Your description sounds like colic that the horses get. You have to walk them around for hours or shot them. For Steve i'll say my prayers.

Friend was telling me yesterday she sent away for this new diet she had seen on tv. The "Doctor" says that fat people don't have good taste buds and they eat and eat to attempt to sate themselves. She got a double jar one side was sweet spices and other side was savory spices. Says after using it food tastes so good she is eating twice as much....Caught me flat footed with my mouth wide open before I could start laughing.

Next table the elder lady who I just got one of my son's signed books for...told me she had written the lit editor of St Pete's Times saying she must review this fabulous book. Hey when you are 90+ redheaded competitive A class bridgepalyer living alone and playing at least 5 days a week you can often get your way. Me when I grow up I wanna be Judy. Emailed DS and he's still laughing and having publisher sent precopy of the new book to St Pete Times.

Had a planned cheat last night. We went to this new restaurant that has fabulous specials....last night was seafood. Had paella with shrimp, fresh clams etc, scallops with tiny pasta, fresh fish fillet grilled, green salad and 2 wee pizza crust rolls. Stuffed to the gills for 6.99. Oh and a drink included. Tons of garlic so am having no problem today drinking enough water. Don't think could make at home that cheap. Must go back again for a different anything anyone else cooks. You can make me cry making me a pj sandwich.

I had to crawl under my bed the other day for a couple of tubs of books and bridge suplies(attic too hot to store stuff) and found a small tub of brand new undies. I have no idea when I put them under there or why, but was like getting a Xams gift. Talk about a senior moment?????? are getting more and more of that short timers disease. Inpatience with rude power driven a**es. I agree with Rie and Marie casually mention the harassment problems some companies have had....sweetly...but knowly!

Welcome to all the new chicks...cyber hugs. thought have you tried the lamp that helps with winter blues...Zoe??? what's it called. So often we hid depression in other illnesses. just a thought.

As you must have noticed am all over the place today....can't settle down....BBL...hugs k3

ps Isabella...try what I do...just lick the salt and grease off and put the chip back in the bag.....won't be long before bag gets nasty. k

01-28-2012, 05:16 PM
Hi everyone! Hope you're having a nice Sat. This is my sister's birthday and we talked on the phone quite a while. We don't talk often so it was a treat. Dh is still working on the bathroom...he's had a little trouble with the entry part I think but it's almost done. He just went out to buy something he needed. He has the toilet back in place now and is using it as his bathroom again.

Karen31, Retired1 - I too wish I could just give up food! Would be so much easier than trying to limit myself. I already do not keep sweet and salty snacks in the house but even regular foods are not safe from me in the evenings. I will overeat on anything from dinner on. I was thinking...I'll just stop buying anything I tend to overeat on but the truth is that is not practical...that would mean having no saltine crackers, no peanut butter, no jelly, not bread, no honey, no cereal in the house and honestly even if I did eliminate all those I'd probably find something else to overeat on. I'm just being honest. I've come to the conclusion...I can't think of this as a food is a ME problem!
I have learned so much and have changed so much about myself for the better over the years but my eating remains my biggest challenge.

Karen31 - Glad you like your Magic Bullet. I don't understand why I didn't. Maybe there is more than one model? I'll take another look. I haven't returned my Cuisinart because it works well despite it's issues. Dh called Costco and they said bring it in and they'd look up when I bought and see what they can do, but if I do get my $40+ back, I don't know what to buy to replace it. I tried a few before this one and this one worked the best.

bobbi - My dh is like yours...he has something called willpower! I've never had it and am beginning to wonder if I ever will but keep trying. If I like the taste of something I have to eat it all! Then its gone and I don't have to worry about it anymore...that's always been my policy. I know I need to get past this or I will never lose all my extra weight but why it's so hard I don't know. Since MF, I've gained SO quickly! If I don't stop it soon I'll be back to what I was before.

Slmn - Glad your wound is looking better. Once you have that healed probably you will be able to concentrate more on dieting. You were doing well as I remember.

01-28-2012, 05:28 PM
Hi everyone it s freezing cold here -22 this am it was a 2 dog nite last nite lol(not a 3 dog nite remember that band) anyways i had daisy on one side and gizmo on the other under the covers all cozy,id have rather been cozy with dh. he had a bad nite he said but the dr got to see him at his worst so now they are rechecking everything and keeping him till they have an answer. his intestine untwisted it self thank goodness,but his blood test still showed high allergins so its something hes allergic too sigh.thank you for all the hugs and prayers they are so appreciated. ill keep you updated :hug: rosey :wave:

01-28-2012, 08:17 PM
Hi all. I did a little better last couple nights with the snack thing - all of your suggestions helped. We're having a couple over for bridge - we always have pizza, salad, desert and table snacks. She always has chocolate table snacks. I can't have in my house (that's my crack cocaine!) I have savory table snacks. but I do have to have a gosh darn dessert. DH picked it up for me today. Hope it is something small.
Rosey - so sorry about your DH's illness. So sweet that you miss him - I love your nickname for him - grizzly bear. When I'm in a playful mood I refer to my husband as "Stevie-boy" or Stevie. (His name is Steve.) His elderly aunt still calls him Stevie so that's where I came up with it. When I'm annoyed with him I refer to him as a hard ***. I hope I haven't offended anyone. He can just be so stubborn and has a hard time seeing when he is wrong. But I digress...
Mary - I think we were twins separated at birth - the way we are with out eating after dinner. You remember I was the one eating salad croutons...But still, it helps to keep the "heavy drugs" out of the house. I do keep the fat free saltines. And I have turned to them but it takes an awful lot of them to equal my prefered binge food. I still don't understand why I don't over eat broccoli...
K3 - I love when someone cooks for me but what nearly brings me to tears is when someone CLEANS UP FOR ME. My DH will do dishes when I cook. But if I leave a dish somewhere because I'm running out of the house - I could be gone for TWO WEEKS - it will still be sitting there waiting for me when I get back.
Isabella - I only pray that I have a DIL like you someday. I do most of the care taking of my parents. they are in a "retirement community" but in independent living. My biggest, secret fear - who is going to pluck the gray hairs off my face!!!
Bobbi - you made me LOL about your DH and the sweet rolls. Just let him buy one and tell him there is an expiration date on it - which is when ever you get tired of looking at it. I'm the same - can lose weight on a diet but I STINK at maintaining. And right now I stink at getting back on the wagon. I'm "white nuckling" it. That's because I'm eating for comfort.
Carole Sue - I'm glad you're feeling better.
Karen 31 - I was able to open up your post. That was so sad. I hope it improves.
My computer skills are sadly lacking. I want to get better. When you say "open up microsoft words/works" do you mean do that, then go to 3fc?I didn't even know you could do that. So I come on 3fc through Firefox. I have a book and disc "Windows 7 For Dummies" - obviously I haven't used it much. I looked at the index - oh, I think it has something to do with Internet Explorer..
Welcome to Daylily, Bee Sparkle and Jenye. (I was in Australia a couple of years ago, not long enough and not Perth but I loved it. It seemed to me all the people were very good looking, like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.) You will like this site. Someone always understands where you're at.

01-28-2012, 08:49 PM
Yes Deelee, you can open up both windows and toggle back and forth between the two. You can read from 3fc and then just click on the window for works/word and answer, then back and forth until you are done. Then when you are finished writing your post you can just copy and paste it right into the 3fc site where you would normally write your message.. Hope that helps.

Need to go and get my kitchen cleaned up. I know we are meeting the family for lunch tomorrow after church but so far I don't know where!! My Aunt is waiting to hear from my younger brother to see where he may want to go. Guess we will find out later tonight or in the morning!!! SURPRISE!!! LOL!!!

I'll try to get back later

01-29-2012, 08:13 AM
Oh my akrosey!!! My dh suffered for untold years w/ bowel issues. he even had an unscrupulous doctor remove his perfectly healthy appendix during exploratory surgery. that was before he and i met. my dh later learned that he he extrememly lactose intolerant and he had bacteria growing in his diverticuli causing his bowels to cramp and swell and twist. he is now on low doses of kolonopin and he watches his dairy intake.
I still spend most evenings rubbing his belly until he falls asleep.
But on to other topics.. I am joyful today is already Sunday. saturday night I indulged my hunger. On healthy foods yes, but I went over my 900 calorie limit. but I did walk to and from synagogue and that is 5 miles combined.
To those of you who love their Magic bullets... I love the infomercials and I am thinking of getting the whole system when its on sale at Costco.

01-29-2012, 09:13 AM
I went online and was looking up my insurance claims and found that this daily nurse I have is going to be very expensive. It paid for it in December beause I had already met my deductible but January starts a new year. In Dec it was $1,900 for 2 weeks, so around $1000 per week. I have a high deductible that I have to meet, then it will only pay 90% after than, so even after I meet the deductible I will be paying around $90-$100 per week. Ouch! But it's necessary because I can't pack these wounds myself and I don't trust DH to do it. I chose this insurance plan knowing what the deductible was because it had $0 premium. After all the medical bills I had last year I thought surely I wouldn't have a repeat performance! So I do what I have to do. At least it's January and after this, I will have no deductible for the rest of the year no matter what I need to have done. I just might rethink the insurance plan for next year. Do I want to pay a monthly premium for something I might not even use or do I risk it and pay the deductible. It's a gamble. I like gambling when I'm at the casino, but not so much with my medical bills.

Lucinda - My doctor removed an ovary AND my appendix during my recent surgery, but he said they were stuck in all the infection I had in my abdomen and removing them was a better choice than taking the time to scrape away the infection to free them, with me lying there bleeding. I am not planning to use that ovary for anything and from what I hear, the appendix has no purpose anyway, so that is just a few more ounces off my total weight! LOL

I'm sorry to hear that your DH has so many bowel problems. I'm wondering if he just enjoys having his belly rubbed. Is he part retriever by any chance? LOL I'm just teasing, and by no means am I trivializing his pain. I know bowel pain and don't EVER want to go through that again.

Isabella - If I would get rid of the junk food I would have to get rid of DH too. Sometimes that sounds like a good idea, but he does come in handy sometimes. In the past, I have done a great job of staying away from his junk food. But lately it's been more the carbs I've been overeating, which I know are a problem for me. When I was single I rarely bought potatoes or bread as it is a trigger food for me, but can't do that with a family. So I just have to control my urges, which I haven't been really good at lately. I am like Maryea....I can overeat on anything if I've got a mind to overeat. And this is a sign of a true binge eater. It doesn't have to be anything that tastes good. It just have to be within reach.

Maryea - Since you liked your Cuisinart so much, maybe you should just get a new one of the same thing. Cuisinart is a good name, so it might have just been that you got a bad one and a new one would work just fine. I hope you are able to exchange it.

Karen3 - I have heard about the taste buds, and I think it's possible. I heard it in regards to people who are very picky eaters. Their taste buds are hyper sensitive and therefore they don't like many foods. But those of us whose taste buds are normal or below normal are the ones (like me) who say they can eat anything. My list of foods that I don't like is very short.

01-29-2012, 09:24 AM
Karen3, it's a good thing I wasn't eating or drinking when I read your potato chip advice. I'd have choked for sure as I let out a big laugh when I read it. It's funny, though, DH was eating salt and vinegar chips last night and they didn't call to me at all. It's those plain unadulterated chips that do me in.

Oh, Mary, I know what you mean about snacking on whatever is available. True, it's not the same as the beloved chips, but it seems when I get in a mood like that I'll eat anything trying satiate my need for something salty.

Rosey, hope DH will be home cuddling with you soon enough.

Deelee, you'll have to make Bridge night your treat night and have a little piece of dessert and a bite of chocolate. BTW, I'd like to meet that one person in the world who overeats broccoli. LOL As for facial hair, like where did that come from???? I've got my trusty tweezers on high alert at all times.

Karen31, it's so nice to hear you speak of how close your family is. My only sister and niece is a five hour drive away. We usually only see each other once a year. She's deathly afraid of the highway so she won't travel to see me unless by some miracle her daughter could drug her long enough to get her here. LOL

Lucinda, that 5 mile trek to the Synagogue and back is a good bit of exercise. Is there much snow down in NY? (I believe that's where you are living???) I don't think I could survive on 900 calories. You must be a strong woman to do so.

Carol Sue, we were posting at the same time. Please don't get rid of your DH, LOL. That would be an extreme diet for sure!

Well, I didn't get back last night but I'm here now, haha. This is the damage from yesterday.

Breakfast: Oatmeal (with bran, wheat germ & flax), 1 tablespoon chopped walnuts, 1 tablespoon chopped dates, brown sugar, skim milk, 1/2 giant sized tangelo.

Dinner: (And this is where it gets bad) Macaroni & Cheese, 1/2 Veggie steak, fried potatoes, baked beans, tossed salad, dribble salad dressing, 1 roll & margarine, apple pie & ice cream (all modest servings and some rather small) After that I picked, picked, picked at the macaroni, potatoes and rolls--almost another meal's worth.

Supper: (late at 9:30) 2 small slices fresh bread with margarine and honey on one.

Exercise: 11.65 km on exercise bike, 44 minutesMy dinner seems rather large but when we have a meal with so many things I take only a small serving of most things, except for the salad. There is always space between the food on my plate. Even my beloved macaroni & cheese was really cut down yesterday. I don't like baked beans much so it's only a couple of tablespoons. I constrained my desire to have 1/4 of the apple pie and had less than an 1/8 slice and the ice cream was from one of those cookie scoops. It's the after dinner picking that did me in. What I need is a dining room maid to come in and swoop the food off the table immediately after eating and put it all away before I leave the table and wander into the kitchen looking the my after dinner fix. Maybe, she could make the beds as well while she was waiting for dinner. LOL Some of you may wonder why I have potatoes with macaroni. It's a thing from childhood. My aunt always had fried potatoes when she served macaroni & cheese (I think to stretch the meal) and I always feel the meal is missing something if I don't have the potatoes. I just love them served together. I have a friend who always serves potato salad with lasagna. Well, I'm not going to worry over that after all it's another day to rephrase Scarlet O'Hara.

I don't know what's on the agenda for today. We were going to go shopping and drop in on DS and DIL but not sure now. DH is going to his mother's with his brother to clean out her driveway after the snow yesterday. It could have been worse as we didn't get the high winds so drifting is at a minimum. It's the most snow yet this winter and it really looks like winter out there as we really haven't had much since December. I guess I'll get on the bike and get that over with while DH does his mother's driveway. Then I'll see what the day holds for me.

I'll be back with today's stats later on tonight.

Have a good one.

01-29-2012, 11:45 AM
Good Morning... I love all the long post from everyone and will chat you all up tomorrow.
I love the story of licking the salt off the potato chips (KarenFla) and the belly rubbing on hubby. Lucinda, I was wondering if he was part retriever too! :rofl:
I only have time to post my menu:
Keep me Accountable menu 968calories + 44 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, Carmel Cinnamon yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds,
3oz. Chunky Cinnamon applesauce

Lunch- Carrot and Squash Curry soup

Snack - Orange

Supper - Left-over’s from last night Pork Roast, Red Cabbage baked with apples, butternut squash

Mock coconut pudding sugar free cool whip ½ serving dry fiber one on top

Late night snack Honey Nut Cheerios, no milk

01-29-2012, 12:59 PM
Hello Goldens!

It has been a busy weekend of late nights and early mornings. I have been hanging out with my friends at a tourney. So, I haven’t checked in here much. I have been reasonably good with eating except for last night when my parents took me out for my Bday and I ate prime rib. It was sure good. Anyhoo, I am frustrated that the scale is up several pounds over the last couple days. I know that it is from salt, etc, but it is still discouraging.

That being said, I still continue to get lots of comments from the traveling players who don’t see me very often about my weight loss. It is both fun and uncomfortable.

My laptop died so instead of lounging with the family and 3fc I am in my home office…. I am glad that I have another option.

I just read through 3 pages of posts with smiles, warmth and sometimes, guffaws….. Lets see if I can respond.

Karenfl, {snorts, guffaws} you are so funny! I want to know if the underwear fits? I think I would be horrified if I found the gigantic granny panties that I would have purchased a year ago. OH, wait! I still have some in my drawer. )I don’t know why???

Karenmo, your smoothies sound really good. I also went around blending everything when I got my bullet. I love that thing.

Donna, the food slide show was horrifying….. I was especially heartbroken about the KFC…. My favorite.

Isabella, I think it is really “old school” to serve potatoes with EVERY meal, and I think they did it to save money. My grandmother didn’t like potatoes. She always said that she ate way too many of them when she was young because they were poor.

Rosey, hoping that Steve is getting better. The lovely grizzly bear…. And I loved Three Dog Night. “Jeremiah was a bullfrog!” Oh my, we are showing our age with that one…

Bobbi, last night when I was looking at my evening snack I put a little sprinkle of fiber one on yogurt. It was good! Thanks for the idea.

Lucinda, I love the chuckles over your dh belly rubbing. Too cute. Great job on the walking.

Mary, I am sorry that you struggle so much with the snacking issue. I know that you will get a handle on it. My best trick was that I made a rule that I had to eat at least 2 cups of plain romaine lettuce before my snack…. It worked. I guess I kind of turned it into a chore – rather than pleasure. Last night I didn’t want anything but I need that blood sugar control snack at night. It wasn’t fun to eat.

Carol Sue, It is hard that you have to worry about the cost of your care. On the “dh diet”. Yesterday an older lady told me, “I lost 250 pounds once.” When I exclaimed and asked her how she did it, she said, “oh it was easy. It only cost me $5000 in attorney fees to get rid of the SOB” Tee Hee. Funny that you were posting about that…

DeeLee, I want to know how those facial hairs are not there one day and the next…. They are an inch long!??? I check every morning and still – there they are. My mom always reminds me to take care of her chin hair if she cant. The things that we think of….

Daylilly, welcome and try karen’s suggestions on how to post with word. I do it because I hate losing a post!

BeeSparkle, Hello! And Welcome. Faithful friends, indeed.

Gayle, it will feel good for you to get that room done – or at least a little more organized. I envy you…. Remember that I have several rooms here that could use your skills. My ds will cook for you. Of course, you and I would spend all our time chatting and nothing would get done. But it would be fun!

Zoe, Did you spend the weekend doing grandma chores?

Marie, I cant wait to hear about your weekend adventures….

Well, I know that I have missed people here…. Sorry. I must get in the shower and get into town. The boys play at 11. I hope to be back later.


01-29-2012, 03:01 PM
Okay all you quilters, a quick questions for you. My quilt is ready to be hand tied and binding put around the edge of quilt. Do I tie the quilt, then bind it or bind the quilt, then tie? I'd appreciate a quick answer as I'm going down to work on it now. I googled it and never got a straight answer, just how to do it. I want to know what to do first.

01-29-2012, 03:40 PM
Morning gals,

I seem to get in here much later then you other then I think Friday. Then Somehow I did not know how to click to #6 then. How do you do that if one comes in early. I call it the early bird groups here. Most of you.

I am just learning who is who. I can see the names of each one but it takes time to sink in. Who is who as you all know each other I guess for some time.So i have to look at your faces also. I see you talk about your foods you eat and is this where you put it or it is a subject someone has started in conversation. Wow I had to laugh about the gal here licking off the salt. Well where do you think the salt goes by licking it unless you have a spit spitoon beside you. So far I have been making the Crispy squares for snacks toward my points extra at night. Not every night. Is it good. I have managed to bag atleast half and freeze it. I also eat lettus. I do feel like a rabbit . I can eat it without any dressing. Sometimes I eat that as a veggie. With my rice and fish meal. I am trying to eat all the foods we should to get healthy at all meales. Sometimes I find to eat even half a banana I find a struggle. I am learning that when you eat the natural fruits and veggies. It fills me up more. Some days. I find each meal it is filling and like a kid who's Mom says. Now Mary eat up or you meat or you wont get any dessert. I find I am like that. As where as before. My meals were not satisfying me to be full. So I am proud of myself for changing the eating for healthy eating. Well I guess I am the last coming in here today. So not sure if any of you look at the post day before. If not. I am talking to self. As usual. Better not answer myself. I will be in trouble.

I weigh in to-morrow. I am still trying to figure where I join for that in this group. Weigh in. I think I did go to another part in here. Talk about senior moments. Oh, my. I think it was called like Simple Filling Weigh watchers.. I cannot go check as if I do. I lose my place to post.

01-29-2012, 04:37 PM
I have a question about Fiber One. Today I cut out a coupon for it from the newspaper, but I noticed there are several different flavors. What flavor does everyone buy? What is the difference between Original and 80 Calorie? Along with the coupon was a recipe for a no-bake haystack. You use chocolate morsels melted together with peanut butter, then stir in Fiber One cereal and mound it onto wax paper to cool. It's not exactly what would be considered a healthy treat, but it would be a little healthy using the Fiber One cereal, for the whole family, too!

Bobbi - I hope you got your answer about finishing off your quilt. I can't help you, as I had no idea what it all meant.

Beesparkle - This thread is somewhat separate from the rest of 3FC. We post anything in this thread....weigh-ins, menus, recipes, diet tips and even personal day to day experiences. Sometimes I take notes as I read so I can reply to each person regarding their post. Sometimes I put it in Microsoft Word and c & p, just depends on my mood. Most people just start reading where they left off the last time they were here, so your posts will get read. I think they are automatically tacked on the end of the last page no matter where you are reading when you post. In time you will become familiar with the different people. I have only been posting here for a few months and I am learning who each person is.

01-29-2012, 04:39 PM
Hi GGs. I thought I did pretty well last night with the food we had at bridge. I guess I had a little too much pizza, one piece of cake - up went the scale. Sigh.
Karen 31 - thanks for the computer tips. I'm working on it. I was able to get both windows going. I typed in a little test but wasn't able to copy and paste it. I will keep at it though. If I ever see DS again (whine) he can help me. So I'm doing this from memory.
Bobbie - the hand tying is the quilting part -right? I think you do the quilting before the binding so everything stays in place. But I am not the expert.
Bee Sparkle - people bop in and out of here all the time.Some days people have more time than others. And this thread is for the month - doesn't end every day. They roll it over after 500 posts so people will see what you wrote. I don't really know enough about this site's specifics. On this thread a lot of us post weight loss or gain. A lot of us post what is giving us trouble. People will offer suggestions and encouragement. Its a good place to get and give support. I don't think there are actual rules for this particular thread. Being 50+ we have a lot of things in common: slower metabolism, hormone issues, health issues like diabetes, arthritis, cataracts, ect., empty nest syndrome. So many things that ultimately affect our weight. So many things - someone on this thread has, "been there and done that."
Some are on a "Challenge" and I don't know about that. I say, just dive in and say what's on your mind. My main problem is CARBOHYDRATE ADDICTION - Last night I thought I was doing "portion control" but evidently my portions were for a 6'4" man in his twenties...I should go to the gym now but I'm really missing my sons - both grown up (sort of - I don't have to support them anymore.) But I want to go see the George Clooney movie - I think that will cheer me up. But maybe I should really go work out...burn off some of those extra calories...Oh yeah, I had 4 glasses of wine...What was I thinking?
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

01-29-2012, 04:47 PM
I want to vent about a pet peeve. Just when I find something I really like, they discontinue it. This time it's bras. I finally found a Playtex I really like and now it's discontinued. I look all over the internet to see if someone had some left that I could order, and nada. I went shopping and tried some on in a similar style but they just don't fit the same. Most of the ones I have are stretched out and not fitting right anymore. Grrrrrrrrr

I have some too big grannie panties that I was going to throw out, but luckily I didn't, because now that I'm wearing this big bandage every day it helps to have them a little big. Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder.

01-29-2012, 04:55 PM
testing 1

01-29-2012, 05:06 PM
greetings beesparkle... I am also learning to differentiate between the wonderful supportive women who post on the 50 + forums.
I am also still learning how to differentiate hunger from boredom, frustration,(thanks to raising a late in life daughter), thirst and boo-hoo feeling sorry for my self.
so I have relegated snacking to only once a week on saturday afternoon or night. And no packaged foods.
When i snack I will stick to water chestnuts, or mixed roasted nuts and raisins. yes I know those are fattening but this girl has got to live a little.
I used to drink patron cafe. for those of you who don't know, that is coffee flavored tequilla. i used to drink that and eat pita chips with hummus. But I can easily wolf down the entire bag and a whole container. that is close to 1000 calories right there.
I don't think, or i don't know of a place on this forum to record our weekly weigh ins, unless you mean the ones below our onscreen name. My sister who lost over 70 pounds this year says only weigh yourself once a month.

01-29-2012, 05:08 PM
Carole Sue - My pet peeve too! Especially the bras. I have a couple that I wore to death. Finally found some that I like again. This time I bought 4, 2 nude color and 2 black. I bought all the nude they had. I went back and they don’t have anymore. All the bras want to hoist the girls up - which is very uncomfortable and looks gross.
I think mine are Warners. I keep meaning to check their web site.

01-29-2012, 05:15 PM
Bobbie i tie or hand quilt first then bind. my sister told me about a quilting adhesive spray that is machine friendly, its helps stick all the layers together and you dont need pins or safety pins to hold the layers. if you bind first sometimes u get bunching. i used the spray adhesive and love it. you can get it at craft and fabric stores or in e-bay or amazon. i want to see pics of your finished creation.:hug: rosey :wave:

01-29-2012, 05:53 PM
Good evening girls,guess I must be the "cat's tail" today. Have to share the computer with DH. He has to explore every nook and cranie of the internet.

Deelee know just what you mean by a discontinue of your favs. I have a running shoe that t I had for work. I was on my feet for 12 hour shifts and these were the best. Of course they had to discontinue them:( Found another brand but they were never the same. With plantar fasciitis one has to be fussy.

Retiredone, hey,my grand mother had to serve potatoes with almost everything! Must be a Newfoundland thing:D. The last storm passed us by and I see you guys got the bulk of it. Ours turned to rain so now we have ice and lots of it.

Riemontan and Karen I am going to try and c and p from wordpad as I don't have M.Word. Perhaps it will work from there.
Also, Rie I seen you made a comment to Donna about a food slide show. If you ever seen food under a black light,then you would know what ugly pathogens are on our food. Worked in the food industry 20+ years and have seen lots of nasties.

Weigh for me is tomorrow. Crossing my fingers but I did well this week with choices. So here's hoping.
DH keeps me busy in the kitchen as he "needs" his sweets so he says. I also am a cake decorator so I am thankful that I have not had any orders lately. Tasteing frosting and fillings is not good for my sweet tooth! I can't let a cake go out of the house with out knowing how it tastes so all that just goes on the hips!
Well, so I won't ramble I had better quit. Have a great evening.

01-29-2012, 05:59 PM
Thank Rosey, I used common sense and started the tying first. I got to thinking about how uneven and bunching it could end up and decided tying was the smarter thing to do. I also watched a video on machine tying instead of hand and they suggested machine tying on very heavy fabrics. My blue jean quilt weighs a ton, so I got 3 of the large squares sewed down, using my largest stitch. So far looks great but have to stop for the day.
On the Fiber One, I only buy the original @ 60 calories a serving. The other Fiber One varieties have too many calories and not as much fiber. I've made those haystacks using PB2 peanut butter, very delicious. But you can't eat just one, yummy! I love the original cereal to sprinkle over sugar free pudding, makes it taste like pie only the crust is on top.
I have to get supper, easy tonight since DH would like tomato soup and grill cheese sandwiches. Funny, this is what my mom cooked every Sunday nite since her large meal was at noon after church.

01-29-2012, 06:09 PM
Rie, potatoes may be "old school" but I love them. I don't always have them with macaroni but when I do I'm very happy, lol. I just went over my monthly menu for February and, yes, I have potatoes in the menu many times. I thought I'd cut out a few of them but I couldn't bear to part with them.

Bobbie, I believe Deelee and Rosey answered your quilt question and I agree with them. Tie first and then bind.

Beesparkle, you can post your weight right here if you wish. If you look around the 3FC site you will see other threads that you might also be interested in that may have a weigh in thread or a challenge. We have a challenge in the 50+ forum that Marie has started. I'm sure she'd welcome you there also. But you may just stay here if you wish for now. I'm one of the GG that posts my menus here. The 3FC site can be a bit confusing when you first join. I thought I'd never find my way around. We're here for you and we'll try and direct you to the right places. It doesn't matter which time of the day or night you post--you can only be the first one at the beginning of the month or the last one at the end of the month.

Carol Sue, that treat with the Fibre one sounds good. Some of the other GG can fill you in on the cereal as they eat it everyday. As for things being discontinued, that drives me crazy. It happens at the grocery store all the time.

Deelee, that scale will come down. Don't weigh after a treat night. Wait a few days for things to settle down. After all you'd have to eat over 3000 calories to gain a pound. You didn't eat that much, did you?

Lucinda, how often do you weigh? I couldn't wait for a month like your sister. I weigh once a week. I was doing it every day but that made me a scale slave.

Rosey, is this spray adhesive used to keep the layers together while you quilt? I don't quilt anymore but if I take a notion to pick it up again I'll look for that.

Daylily, we must have been posting at the same time. Yes, we got lots of snow but DS on the east coast got mostly rain like you did. Newfoundlanders are great potato eaters. Your grandmother was true to her roots, lol.

Here's my eats and exercise for the day.

Breakfast: 1 slice ww toast, 1/2 tablespoon almond butter, 2 tablespoons applesauce

Dinner: Leftovers from yesterday. Macaroni & cheese, veggie steak, tossed salad, dribble salad dressing

Supper: Lentil burger pattie, sauteed onions & green peppers, slice tomato, a little cheddar cheese, tomato relish, 1 slice ww bread, 1 teaspoon margarine, 1 tablespoon lite molasses, 1 giant tangelo

Exercise: 13.49 km on exercise bike, 45 minutes

01-29-2012, 06:20 PM
Hi all...We took a ride up to Cedar Key. A wee town that wants to be Key West, but keep it's redneck roots. My favorite wildlife artist winters there. Art LaMay.

We had lunch/supper at a small restaurant in Rosemont. Dansel Washington made a movie about the lynchings that happened there years ago. When I say small it was SMall. 6 tables...but OMG the fish was just about to swim off the plate it was so fresh. Am not weighing in tomorrow. Think it was the best seafood I have had in Fl even the stuff I cook at home....

Beesparkle think of this site as your kitchen table where you pull up a chair with soft cushion, sip out of your own mug and all your best friends in the world are gathered to cheer you up, scold you, or help you keep on going when it gets tough. Some one here has lived thru what ever pain/hurt/rage/joy/grief/ problem you are facing and if they don't have the answers they will still be here to support you. Or send out the GG posse to handle it. Donna is the posse manager. The weigh ins are usually posted at the bottom of your page, but you need about 20 posts before you can get a scale. I hated mine it was always wrong and at my age I said "begone!". It's in time out mode.

Now ladies about my chip all do realize that 2-3 licked chips will ruin an entire bag. That isn't enough salt to blew my ankles up on 3 chips!

Carol Sue...Sorry about the bras. But what happened to me is I stockpiled 10 fab underwire bras in all colors and lost 60 lbs and not only went down 3 sizes but a cup size,too. Okay I again stock piled in my new size and after having open heart surgery in June can't stand to wear underwires. duhhhhhhhhhhh

So in my next life I'm coming back either as a dog or tall and flat chested!

Rosey...How is Steve?

Did I tell you all that we have been in a bind about Dash's medication. Dash is our million dollar dog who is allergic to chicken,soy, human dander, cedar etc. He was so bad at one time we're knew he should be put down. He hurt/itched/bled 24/7. Vet found that cyclosporine which was used originally for heart transplants to keep from rejection....and he was been well for over 2 yrs. Anyway US pharmacutics are having government regs problems with making it and they can't get more. Long short story is Canada can get it and we found it. Amen!

Off to facebook and see how DGD did in her ski race today. Would to love to be able to ski but can't get up the mountain to ski down. 2nd rung of a stepladder scares my next life tall, flat chested skier! k3

01-29-2012, 08:44 PM
Talk about a SENIOR moment!

Several days ago as I left a meeting at our church, I desperately gave myself a personal TSA pat down. I was looking for my keys. They were not in my pockets. A quick search in the meeting room revealed nothing. Suddenly I realized, I must have left them in the car.
Frantically I headed for the parking lot. My wife, Diane, has scolded me many times for leaving the keys in the ignition. My theory is the ignition is the best place not to lose them. Her theory is that the car will be stolen. As I burst through the doors of the church, I came to a terrifying conclusion. Her theory was right. The parking lot was empty. I immediately call the police. I gave them my location, confessed that I had left my keys in the car, and that it had been stolen.
Then I made the most difficult call of all, “Honey,” I stammered. I always call her “honey” in times like these. “I left my keys in the car, and it has been stolen.” There was a period of silence. I thought the call had been dropped, but then I heard Diane’s voice, “Ken,” she barked, “I dropped you off!”
Now it was my time to be silent. Embarrassed, I said, “Well, come and get me.”
Diane retorted, “I will, as soon as I convince this policeman I have not stolen your car!”

01-29-2012, 08:46 PM
Hi everyone. im the picture of a stressed out old lady like i stuck my finger in an electrical sockett.. my grizzly bear is now home but no diagnosis. they said it looked like he had a twisted bowel but it corrected it self and we have to cont to be the food detectives to figure out what he can have and not :?: to top it off we let sadie out and she was gone far to long till we got a phone call she was quite a ways from our house and the lady was angry becuz sadie had jumped up on her daughter and scratched her yikes,so dh had to go and get her. shes on my doodoo list right now.on abetter note usually when im stressed i want to eat sweets and there was stuff her i could have had howver i decided to make some protein ice cream it was really good so if you have an electric ice cream maker make a batch very yummy!:hug: rosey

peanut butter ice cream
1 cup almond milk (or reg milk)
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
2T sf Torani syrup
1/4 cup pbll
blend in the bullet till fluffy
por into ice cream maker
it took about 10 min for soft serve

i put about 1/2 t choc syrup drizzeled over the top and ate it in a crystal icecream sunday dish

1/2 banana

slice turkey
1/2 apple

hamb steak,grilled onions
sliced cukes and grape tomatoes

01-29-2012, 08:50 PM
Hi Goldens!

I am back from the tourney. My buddies lost out and got 3rd place. It was a heartbreaker!:cry: On a positive note, I bought one of the teams in the championship match in the calcutta so I stand to make $2/300, depending on the outcome.

Karen, I am glad that you found Dash's medication.

Isabella, I actually eat potatoes several times per week. If prepared correctly, they are a cheap and low calorie starch. As a diabetic, I do better with potatoes than bread or rice. Maybe the fiber??:?:

I LOVE the original fiber one! Good stuff, although some of the goldens - like Marie think it tastes like cardboard.

Lucinda, for the first year, I weighed only once a month at my dr office. (I would just go there and ask to use the scale.) Now that my loss has slowed, I have a scale at home. Remember, this is a long term process. Whatever works for you. BTW, I got a bottle of Patron silver for my birthday. Yum!

Rosey, how is Steve?

Chris, I am sure sorry that I don't have to be around cakes and frostings every day! You are doing a great job with joining in here.

Bobbi, I am glad that your instincts were right with the quilt. Binding is the last part of finishing a quilt. We always did our tied quilts with yarn knots but Grandma and her friends quilted lots of quilts by hand with thousands of tiny stitches.

To the newbies..... What ever you want to talk about here is good with us. Menus, weight, family, recreation... whatever!

Gotta go, supper is almost ready and I still have to log my food for the day. Later girlies!


01-29-2012, 09:21 PM
Hello everyone. We had a real good day today. And I was afraid the way it started that it wasn't going to be..... I woke up at 6:15 this morning with a MONSTER headache!! I felt sick to my stomach and didn't even want to walk into the kitchen to get some ibuprofin. As it is I had to put my hands on the wall to walk down the hallway to get to the kitchen. I took 3 and then went back to the bed, I had my alarm set for 7:30 and I just shut it off cause I wasn't sure I was going to feel like even getting up for church. Then I got a cold cloth and put it on my head, I remember my Dad doing that years ago, but even that hurt! I got up at 8:45 and got some juice and drank it then got ready for church. I took 2 more ibuprofins before I left and before church was over i felt a lot better. WHEW!! I don't get those head aches often and I'm so glad that i don't!

After church we met the rest of the family at a restaurant called "Grannie Schaeffers". it was very good. I wouldn't mind just making that the place we go to every Sunday instead of something different everytime. I threw that out there but don't know for sure if anybody was in agreement on that. My Aunt rode with us back to her house after lunch and we helped her get her aquarium back together. She cleaned it good yesterday and just has a little trouble putting it all back together. She did buy a small fish bowl to put her fish in while she cleans it. It is only a 3 gallon round tank and she only has a couple gold fish but she really enjoys them. She had also bought a "swivel sweeper" the other day. It is battery operated and she wanted something very light weight to use. It is very hard for her to move the regular vacuum cleaner. So Tim went ahead and put that together for her while we were there and plugged it in so it would charge overnight. She was happy to get that done too.So that was pretty much our afternoon.

Donna, how are you feeling now? How is GM doing? Did you see the pics of the flowers that I have starting in the yard now? Spring is coming!!

Rosey, I sure hope that Steve starts feeling better real soon. It is so hard to try to get all this figured out and probably just as frustrating for him too. (((HUGS)))

Karen-- glad you were able to get Dashs meds! Thatwould be scary to all of a sudden not be able to get it! Ginger and Sissy send hugs!!

Bobbi, I'm looking forward to seeing your finished quilt! I'll bet it is beautiful!

I've read all the posts and I will have to apologize for not getting to everyone. I just seem kid of tired. Think I will check and see what is happening over on FB and do a few other things and just sit back and GORK!!

01-29-2012, 09:25 PM
Good evening GG’s,

Well, I didn’t get the room done, but got quite a bit done and it is better than when I started. Now, I will have to work on the rest a little at a time on my days off. I had brought all these piles of papers to the kitchen table to sort through. I got that done and can see my table again. That was it for today, except kind of making the remaining boxes in a neat pile. Have just kind of rested then ~ back to work tomorrow.

Weigh in today ~ went up a little ~ but not as bad as I feared it would be. I wasn’t as careful as I should have been this week. I enjoyed my time off, but it will be good to get back to my normal routine. I have my routine down for my work days ~ now I need to work on one for my days off, so I don’t mess up my hard work of the other days.

K3 ~ sounds like you had a nice day ~ the meal sounded wonderful.

Rosey ~ hope Steve is feeling better. Good for you ~ avoiding snacking during this stressful time

Lucinda ~ way to go on the walk today

Rie ~ Maddie told me I didn’t have to work, so after I get done with my house, maybe I can come to your house ~ LOL. Don’t wait on me though ~ as I get one area cleaned, it seems to spill over into another area. I’ve got drawers and closets that need working on too. Any flat surface is at risk for clutter. Sometimes, I feel like I will never be done. Maybe once I retire, I can get caught up.

Bobbi ~ your quilt will be beautiful when it is all done

Isabella and Mary ~ I have the same problem as you do with the snacking.

Freda ~ hope you have had a good weekend at work.

CK and Zoe ~ you both probably have had a nice time with your families.

Lynn ~ hope you are feeling better.

Lyn ~ enjoy your trip and the time with your daughter

Carol Sue ~ let the healing continue

Marie ~ yea ~ halfway through the year

Donna ~ have you gotten to “Gork” this weekend? How is SamCat?

Sorry, I am running out of steam already ~ so hello Deelee, BeeSparkle, Daylily/Chris and Jenye ~ hope you all have had a nice weekend.

Take care

01-29-2012, 11:33 PM
Sound familiar?

Several days ago as I left a meeting at our church, I desperately gave myself a personal TSA pat down. I was looking for my keys. They were not in my pockets. A quick search in the meeting room revealed nothing.

Suddenly I realized, I must have left them in the car. Frantically, I headed for the parking lot. My wife, Diane, has scolded me many times for leaving the keys in the ignition. My theory is the ignition is the best place not to lose them. Her theory is that the car will be stolen. As I burst through the doors of the church, I came to a terrifying conclusion. Her theory was right. The parking lot was empty.

I immediately called the police. I gave them my location, confessed that I had left my keys in the car, and that it had been stolen. Then I made the most difficult call of all, “Honey,” I stammered. (I always call her “honey” in times like these.) “I left my keys in the car, and it has been stolen.”

There was a period of silence. I thought the call had been dropped, but then I heard Diane’s voice. “Ken” she barked, “I dropped you off!” Now it was my time to be silent. Embarrassed, I said, “Well, come and get me.” Diane retorted, “I will, as soon as I convince this policeman I have not stolen your car!”

01-30-2012, 08:35 AM
Okay ladyin weighting and karen 31 whats w/ the church parking lot repeating story? Is there some subtext I am missing. The story sounded vaugely familiar to me also, as I think I heard this joke told some where in the catskills when i was a kid.
But who knows, maybe stuff like this does happen to more than one person.
Anyway i got side tracked wondering who was married to who but then I figured it out.
So Karen31, you outed yourself. way to go girl! No harsh judgments from me. I'm a New Yorker.

01-30-2012, 09:24 AM
Good Morning GG's,

I'm still busy putting baseboards back up after the new hardwood floors were laid. It seems to take forever, but at least I'm seeing some progress. I feel like I've dusted every inch of the floor with my butt as I work...

Last week I lost 1 1/2 pound but had hoped to do a little better. I blame the DBF and the pizza he brought over on Saturday, but it was good. ;-)

Yesterday when I was flossing my teeth one of them chipped, so I'll need to get that taken care of this week. It's always $omething...

Have a good day!

01-30-2012, 09:46 AM
Hi Everyone,

Karen, sorry, I did not read yesterday's posts and I submitted the same story that you did. Definitely a Senior Moment!

Accountability -

Wt. - 149
Exercise - 30 min - 15 bike; 15 treadmill

Breakfast = protein bar

Morning snack - sesame flatbread; laughing cow lite wedge

Lunch - 1/2 whole wheat pita; hummus; Amy's veggie soup

Afternoon snack - SF pudding w SF Cool Whip

Dinner - "breakfast" pie; applesauce

Night snack - Lo-carb yogurt w prunes

LATE night snack - SF pudding; mini Glucerna bar

Total - 1160 calories


01-30-2012, 10:49 AM
I'm gobbling down my breakfast as fast as I can, DH is waiting for me. We're going to tear down DD's kitchen cupboards today, new ones from Home Depot will be arriving. later gators
P.S. Lynn....happy to see your smiling face posting weight and exercising!:hug:

Keep me Accountable menu 845 calories + 443grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, Caramel Cinnamon yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds,
3oz. Chunky Cinnamon applesauce

Lunch - I skipped lunch because of a planned cheat at nursing home dessert table with MIL...but we both stayed home, I had the sniffles.

Snack - Apple with peanut butter (PB2)

Supper - Grilled Cheese and tomato soup

Butterscotch pudding sugar free cool whip ½ serving dry fiber one on top

Sunflower seeds

01-30-2012, 10:56 AM
Good Morning All

Karen 3 that was a real simple post in there for me. really enjoyed that as you said. Think of this as a kitchen and you pull up a chair and join it. I liked that.

Bob6olink. I think you mentioned we are all in here with different problems being a health isue or other things. Right. We are. So knowone is better then the other. Correct. Some lose weight faster then others and some just inches and others stay the same.

The gal who wrote about Bra's. Karen. I agree. Next to nothing size fitting. I think the ones I tried on have cut have the size out to the boob fitting in sides. More flesh showing now. WHAT. then enclosed like it was. . I tried bigger size and I float in it front and side. Either the straps nearly stangle you or too short you can hang yourself. Do they not think of us Golden girls. Come on. One breast goes North the other goes South. Most golden girls are like a top drawer dropping down to the second drawer. I do complain like you gals do. Some elderly chick designer needs to get in there and lift us gals up proper. The natural way. You agree??? I know some one will say. I am afriad we are nautural down . It would be nice to have a wee bit of help. They say as you lose. Boy you look 10 years younger. Then let us be lifted up to match our ages when people give us that quote. You look so good now. I wonder really what they though of us before. I hate to think.
Lucindaarowspark thank you for your note to me

Deeler like wise

retiredone much appreciate

Thank you all for your inputs and encouragements.

I have to be in here 20 days posting. Okay. To get my counter in here and I think Karen said it has it wrong anyway. So there you go. Some you win some you lose.

Well I was up same weight this week as I was last week. Hmmmmmmm

First weeks I did exercise alot of minutes and then slowed down mid way to a hault after Friday house work. I have been getting in like 7 water at beginning of this week and slowed down to 5 as I really find water hard to drink. Does anyone else count other drinks like tea accoutable for water?

I put lemon in the water but it is not my fav. I have tried that flav stuff. Yuks. In the summer it seems I can drink water and if I sweat doing my dancing that id o. I love the Bee Gee's. Some fast and some slow. Poor Robin has not long to live. He has liver problems. So then Barry will be left all alone. How terrible for those men losing their brothers so early. I do enjoy dancing and looking like a golden girl fool. Ha.ha. . I have sciatic in left leg so I cannot over do my exercising and dancing is less weight on my body. Hard to believe but it does make me feel good but it tires me somelater.. I am golden alright.

I do use my extra points every day in week unless something comes up in the wekend. So far not yet. . I still stayed the same this week

One thinks maybe IF I used 3 only of my extra points I would of been down. Or maybe IF.

I guess if you get all the If's. It can blow your mind.

The gal's sister who loss 70 pounds got on the scale once a month. That sounds good.

I know my clothes are loser in wear now. My face my hubby and a friend said she noticed it thinner. That is nice.

I know your body will do what it wants. One gal wrote in a post I seen on another group while browsing but I did write a comment. It was a real good post. . She said. After your trip to the bathroom having your #2 Pardon the graphic here. You count that. She is right for me it is. Every little bit helps or will I say every bigger helps.

So I have weighed in once a week on Mondays I may consider to weigh in every month. Seeing what I just read about the gal who loss 70 pounds.

I started 183 before coming in here. Then went to 180. Then I was 177
last Monday. Today still 177.

So today is another day and I will proceed.

Have a good day all and a great night. Catch you later.

Call me Bee
We need all the short forms we can get. I do.

01-30-2012, 11:02 AM
Good Morning GG!

Today I am starting tracking my food and stats again. I have not been doing that since surgery in December. I have a little notebook where I record my BP, BS, daily weight, exercise minutes and food. Then I transfer the food and weight into Fitday once a week. I am pretty sure my weight has gone up with the way I've been carbing lately, but I already ate today so I will get weighed tomorrow morning and see how much damage I've done. Daily weighing works well for me. I don't get too upset over fluctuations and seeing the ups daily helps me keep my eating in line because I'm constantly trying to get back down. If I weigh weekly or monthly, I might not know that I'm going upward until I've gained several pounds. It effects us all differently.

Karen3 - I agree with your synopsis of this group. It is the best group I have ever run into on the web, and I have participated in many. The thing I like best is there is no fighting and namecalling. I have run into that in several past groups and it's very disheartening. We all get along so well here.

I bought a bra at Kmart a year or so ago and I really liked it. When I went back to get more they didn't have anymore, but they had one similar so I bought the only one they had in my size. That is the one that is now discontinued. I saw an ad in the paper that they have their bras on sale again this week so I will go there and see what else they have. I have been to Kohls, Target, and Sears and tried on several at each place but none are as comfortable. The one I like is underwire, the bottom of the cup is the bottom of the band at the bottom. I am surprised that you can't wear underwires after heart surgery, as I have no problem with that. The Playtex seem to hold up well for a lower priced bra. I have bought some cheap ones that the underwire starts to come out after several washings. Ouch!

01-30-2012, 12:00 PM
Good morning, everybody! What a weekend! DS & his lovely bride moved into their new home on Saturday, and everybody has been involved in one way or another – either helping with the physical move, watching the babies (me) while others helped with the physical move, cooking for the tired but happy crew (me) and helping to unpack at the new house (all of us at one point or another). That, plus dh & I had to run out and do some grocery shopping on Sunday morning in between it all – and, thanks to some sniffly, cold-coming-down-with twins who gave me some sloppy (but fabulous) kisses goodbye, I am here in the office fighting a cold myself this morning. And, I need to fight pretty hard since I have to drive up to Vermont (4 hours) on Thursday for meetings for my consulting gig and don’t want to be sick when I do it. I’ve been drinking down Airborne tabs, sipping green tea and took a dose of DayQuil this morning. I slept kind of erratically last night – kept waking up with a scratchy throat and runny nose. Were those kisses worth it? You betcha! I’m going to buy some Nyquil to take tonight – that usually lets me sleep through the night even with the worst cold, so hopefully with some good restful sleep, tea and medicine, I’ll be pretty close to 100% for the trip on Thursday.

As per usual, I have dropped way behind with posting again…it seems like I’m always so busy at home on the weekends, and I hardly have a minute to myself until I’m back in my office on Monday mornings! I usually check in, though, and read everybody else’s posts, so I’m not totally out of the loop once I DO get back to post something myself.

Lynn, I actually thought that little story that you and CaddyK both posted was amusing enough to read twice…Amusing, but, crap! Could that be one of us in another few years? Sounded like early onset Alzheimers to me. I’m hoping that the fact that I have to use my brain pretty regularly – which is what the experts seem to be recommending – will be enough to avoid that. Actually, I think all of us GG’s are pretty mentally active, right?

Gayle, I have my work week routine – eating, that is – down to a science. Weekends, not so much. I guess you and I are in the same boat, needing to figure out how to handle our off time.

CaddyK, I think it’s really nice the way you and Tim look after your elder relatives. You are such caring people. I don’t have any elder relatives. Isn’t that odd? My parents were in their 40’s when I was born, and their brothers and sisters have all passed on with them. I have some older cousins, but none who live anywhere nearby, and they all have families – their children and grandchildren – who evidently look after them. Oh….my sister, of course, is 14 years or so older than me, so she qualifies as an elder in my immediate family, but she lives so far away that I only see her a few times a year.

Ooooh, good luck on the ongoing pool tourneys, Rie….I didn’t realize that there was prize money involved! Have you found a new comfort zone yet with all the changes in body shape and size? What is Patron Silver?

Rosey, that recipe for high protein ice cream (with that awesome PB2!) sounded so yummy that I’m now thinking I maybe should get myself an ice cream maker… I hope Steve is feeling a little better today.

Omigosh, K3….I’m glad you were able to locate another source for Dash’s medicine! How awful if he’d had to go without it! I’m wondering if your little seafood restaurant in Rosemont is as good as the seafood joints we have along the coasts here in new England…I know that the seafood in Cali isn’t nearly as good. Didn’t you like in New Jersey at one point? (Maybe I’m wrong, here). But if you did, then you’ve probably had a New England shore dinner at one time or another. How do you think they compare?

Isabella, try as I do, I have never been able to completely eliminate potatoes from my diet. Over the past several years, tho, we’ve begun eating more sweet potatoes than white potatoes, and I just LOVE sweet potato fries! Plain ole’ baked is fine with me, though.

Bobbi, I’ve found that besides the original Fiber One, I will eat too much of the others – and subsequently negate whatever benefit I may have gained from the extra fiber. So I stick to the original, too. There are a million ways to eat it, after all. I use it to make a high fiber apple crisp, and it’s really, really yummy and SO much healthier than the traditional version.

Omigosh, Chris….decorating cakes would have me breaking the scales for sure! I have SUCH a sweet tooth, and don’t bring many sweets into the house because I practically inhale them.

Carol Sue and Deelee….ditto here with the darned disappearing bras! Are we so unusually shaped that a bra that fits us won’t sell to the rest of the population? :o

Lucinda, I agree with your sister about only weighing once a month….it seems to me that there are too many fluctuations on a day-to-day basis because of fluid retention – or not – and a whole variety of other factors. But there are those here who swear by weighing daily, so I guess it’s just an individual preference.

Good for you, Bee, on changing your eating habits for the better. That’s not an easy thing to do – and stick to.

Oh, Isabella, It would do me no good at all to have a server whisk the food away as soon as the meal is over….I do all of my picking and tasting before it’s even served!

Mary, I hate how easy it is to GAIN weight, and how difficult it is to lose! It just seems so grossly unfair!

What’s up, PT? Busy weekend? Where you be? Oh, yes about the vacay & sick time. I was out *sick* for two days the week before last, and have two vacay days this week and three the week after next. Of course, most of the vacay days – well, 3 out of 5, anyway – I will be working at my consulting gig, but that’s better than my regular job by a long shot!

Jenye – be sure to report back in on your appointment with the doctor, okay?

Marie & Rie – I have a feeling that a few of these so-called “geniuses” at work are on their way out. Scuttlebut has it that their reviews were less that glowing. I’m glad that these things have a way of working themselves out, but I wish it could be worked out with less stress on those around them.

G’morning, Freda!:wave:

Later, Gators! Happy Monday!


01-30-2012, 12:44 PM
So good morning again! Another beautiful day here in MO!! It is already 57 degrees and that just is alright with me for the last few days of January!!! I haven't got much done today... I was lazy and slept in. I do need to get busy and get some stuff done though.

The other day I bought a floor lamp to put over by keyboard so I have better lighting over there. Now when there is a show on TV that Tim wants to see but I don't-- I can plug in my headphones and be able to see the music and play. Or at least try!! LOL!!

That little story I posted I got in an email that I thought was cute-- and it would be cute to post here. Lynn, I'm sure you pretty much did the same. I thought it was funny. It wasn't pointed at anyone.

Lucinda, I am trying to figure out what you were talking about. I'm not from New York--

Well, need to get busy or the day will be completely gone before I get started. I hope everyone has a really good day!

01-30-2012, 12:54 PM
Good afternoon ladies. Very cloudy here I think we are in for a litle snow.
Well, I had good news on the scale this week. Down 1.5 it wavered on the whole number but I took the half. I might need that extra half pound next week.:D I am not great with exercising with health issues so that is good for me. I was pleased.

Ellabella I don't think that any seafood can compare with the fish on the east coast. Cold water fish,nothing like it. I think that you are just down the coast from me. DH was a weir fisherman. Fished sardines so if you ever seen a can of sardines product of Canada,they would be from here. This is salmon farm country now and pretty much taking over the weirs.

Rosey that ice cream sounds delish! I don't think I can get all those ingredients here though.(Torani syrup). We have an ice cream freezer that has been sitting idle this winter. Very unusal...but good for me!

Bee you are looking good,girl. Don't get hung up on the scale..they lie:D

Really got a chuckle out of the parking lot jokes. What was even funnier I thoght it actually happened until I seen the two posts!! You got me girls:D

Exercise is bidding me. Have a great day girls and may you find joy in it.

01-30-2012, 01:00 PM
Zoe, before I forget-- If you remember back the last part of Sept. when we took my Aunt out to Colorado for her to then go from there with her daughter and granddaughter and great-granddaughter on the cruise to the Bahamas--she got a horrible cold/cough about 5 days before she was to leave on the cruise. She called back here to her Dr. and he said to get Tylenol Cold Tablets and Mucinex Liquid. She did and she was totally fine when she left for the cruise!!! Thought that I would pass that on to you. There have been 2 other people that I know of that tried this same remedy and they swear by it too!

OK-- back to this house! Have a good afternoon!

01-30-2012, 02:00 PM
karen 31 it was not clear to me that this story wasn't about you. i thought you were married to a girl named Diane, and she lovongly calls you ken, short for karen. I am from new york so I just assumed you were gay.

01-30-2012, 02:51 PM
KarenFL, SADD is the winter blues and I just finished my hour of light therapy. It does help.

Rosey, :hug: to you and your DH. I hope he feels better soon and he gets answers that actually help.

Deelee and Bobbi, I join you in the stink at maintaining group. Note the ticker as evidence.

Rosey, Thanks for the advice to bobbi on the quilting adhesive spray. I will remember that for my next quilt. I hate when those pins stick me as I'm machine quilting.

On the discontinued bra conversation, I found that Wacoal doesn't do that nearly as often as other brands I used. I've used the same one for several years and they are still highly rated.

Chris, I'm thinking that I want to purchase a Black Light so the ugly pathogens show up. I bet that could even make my beloved dark chocolate M&Ms be unappetizing. :carrot: on the eradicated 1.5 pounds!!!!

Beesparkle, without a doubt you are welcome to join the Challenge thread. I rarely ever talk about food or my weight on this thread. To me it's more a chat around a big kitchen table - a really big table and my obsession with my weight would drag on and on if I wrote here. I'd much rather write about my doggies.

KarenFL, I want to be a dog in my next life as well as flat chested. But I don't want to be a boy dog, so I will need to be a spayed dog to reach my goal. And Way to Wo on searching high and low and North for Dash's meds. Kai, Kody, Blizzard and Sasha all thank you immensely.

Bee, "I do complain like you gals do. Some elderly chick designer needs to get in there and lift us gals up proper." I love those two sentences. I figured Wacoal bras were designed by an elder chick that realized that fit was more important than pretty. Because I truly don't think their bras are pretty but they do their job.

Carol Sue, fighting and name calling on a forum???? Holy smokes, I've been blessed then to never have participated in one of those. However, there is just something so WONDERFUL about this group of women that make the "nice" ones I've participated in the past just seem mediocre.

Zoe, since you just got over broncitis, start the cough/breathing meds early. And :carrot: that the "geniuses" might get canned. I will do the happy dance for your staff if it comes to apss. I hate mean working conditions and will celebrate with you.

Lucinda, LOL at thinking KarenMO was gay by the senior moment post. I admit I was confused when I first started reading the post but knew her spouse was a man so then I decided it was a cut and paste. But you sure made me chuckle.

Hi to everyone I missed. As I said it is a really big kitchen table here and I think this novella is probably already long enough.

Things are same old, same old here. Weekend went to fast. Heck my three weeks of pain free went too fast (as it only ended up being 2.5 weeks). So the pain has returned and I suppose I cannot con myself into believing it would go away on its own. I scheduled the ultrasound for Friday and so far there are no winter storms predicted to cause dilemmas like the original appointment. DH and I drove most of the way to the coast on Saturday (in other words Rie, not fun weekend adventure) to buy an engine/transmission for his 1967 Charger rebuild project. Kodiak was happy with our Costco trip because he got a fluffly new doggie bed. He thinks he is king. Lots of chore type of stuff yesterday. DD has gotten me stuck on Works With Friends game. It's the one that Alec Baldwin wouldn't turn off his cellphone when told to on a plane a few weeks back. It's fun and addicting. Food and exercise are good and on track. So really nothing new and exciting.

01-30-2012, 03:34 PM
Well, that is funny!! Never has anyone thought that I was gay!! OMG! That made me laugh too much! Even though they can be a PITA some times---I Love Men too much!! LOL!!

I was just outside and it is so nice!! I just had to take a picture of the temperature!! Got to LOVE MO!!!

01-30-2012, 04:13 PM
Hi everyone! Just got home from the gym and sat down to drink my mocha for my am snack. So far I'm OP today. I didn't track yesterday but even though I did well eating out I'm sure I still went over for the day and my weight is up a bit so that tells the story. Got to the gym this morning and now hope to get some housework done. Also may run out with dh and browse for bathroom lighting and mirrors. He has a little touch-up painting to do but once that's done and dry we'll be ready for them.

My brother (86) has been in the hospital. He went in with symptoms of heart attack but they have found nothing wrong other than his usual issues. He falls and/or blacks out often these days. I'm going to call soon to find out how he is doing. I hope we can get back there before God takes him home. It's difficult for them too as his wife is mostly blind and not so healthy too. But they do have family in the area.

I'm not going to try and catch up with all the posts...way too many! But I need quickly read through them and I learned a couple things (always learning from you gals!). Rie - the lettuce before evening snack is an interesting idea! I will try it...may have to buy a lot of lettuce in my case though. LOL Slmn - think you were the one that mentioned me getting another Cuisinart to replace the one I have. I had actually never thought of that..duh!

Well, I need to get things done. Enjoyed reading all your posts. You are such great gals, comfortable to chat with and so much knowledge and experience here! Talk again later...

01-30-2012, 05:25 PM
Hi everyone. it finally warmed up but its snowing.dh is doing ok.hes tired and scared to eat,cant say as i blame him. i just fixed gluten free pancakes,(a bisquick sp mix) and eggs so far so good. we are just taking it easy.hope your day is awsome rosey :wave:

01-30-2012, 05:40 PM
Hello Goldens!

Happy Monday. Well, I got good news and bad news today. Good news: the insurance paid way more than anticipated on my mouth surgery. Bad news: a good portion of money that I had saved in my medical expense reimbursement account will not be recoverable. I am scrambling to gather as much documentation as I can so I can get some of it back. It is one of those accounts that you “use it or lose it”. Grrrr. My fault, I need to plan better. I am telling myself to have gratitude…. I could be facing bills, instead.

Oh, my dears, I got a lovely chuckle out of the double posting of the joke episode. Too funny. :D

Lyn, so nice to see you posting and hanging here with us.:smug:

Mary, I am sorry about your brother and I hope that you get to go see him.

Marie, darling, please keep the appointment. If you still don’t get answers I will join you in one-finger-saluting all medical people in your honor :devil: but at least you will have the results.

Zoe, yes, rest is the best thing for the darn colds. Hopefully, both of us will develop good antibodies to the “little guy germs” that we are now routinely exposed to…. Get better.:hug:

Bee, I hear you about the bra problems. I won’t even discuss my girls…. Even in this atmosphere. :o

Lucinda, you are so funny! I love it.

Karenfl, your description of fresh fish had my mouth watering. Up here, as you know, that only applies to trout or catfish.;)

Chris, I would buy a black light but there are things that I don’t want to know… My son traveled for work and he traveled with a black light. He said that more expensive hotels are the worst.. BTW, you can buy any flavor of Torani syrup online.

Carol Sue, my only real experience with these groups is 3fc. I am on the diabetes thread and the Goldens. I sure lucked out!:cool:

Rosey, I am glad that your bear is home. So proud of you for re-directing the sweet monsters. Thinking of you. :hug:

Bobbi, so nice of you to help out with kitchen repairs. Are you working on the quilt?

Gayle, hoping your transition back to work was easy.

Well, I am sorry that I missed folks but this is a novella, as Marie says…. Later all.


01-30-2012, 06:43 PM
VERY good news!

When I gave my sample at the Urologist last week, he examined & said there was no infection observable but sent it out for a culture. Because he thought I did not have an infection, he said I needed various tests to figure out what was going on.

Today I got a call that the culture showed that I do have an infection. I just picked up the antibiotic. Will have to feel sick for a week, but better than those tests I would have had.

I am hoping that once I get rid of this infection, my energy will come back.


01-30-2012, 07:16 PM
Karen3, sometimes the little "hole in the wall" restaurants are the best--not always, but sometimes.

Karen31 and Lynn, funny story.

Rosey, take a breather. You poor, girl, no wonder you're stressed out. Glad you got Sadie back even if she's in the dog house. I know most of your stress is coming from worrying about your DH. I sure hope it all gets straightened out soon, for both your sakes. Ice cream makes everything better. :drool:

Rie, it's nice you can make a bit of cash with your pool playing. That's a nice chunk of pocket money.

Karen31, sounds like a nasty start of a day on Sunday. So happy your headache cleared up and you were able to have a pleasant day after all.

Gayle, it takes time to go through "precious" memories. I deliberate for weeks on whether to throw or keep some memento. But having a nice neat and well organized room is often worth throwing things away. Can you scan some of the papers and keep them on your computer?

Hi Webwoman, haven't heard from you in awhile. Your new floors must be gleaming with the "butt" dusting, lol. :carrot:for the 1 1/2 pound loss. I'm always doing something to my teeth. I once chipped a tooth eating mashed potatoes.

Lynn, good to see you're posting your stats again. You'll soon have yourself whipped into shape.

Bobbi, don't get too tired working on those cupboards with your DH. What would our kids do without us?

Bee, glad to see you are feeling more at home with the GG. BTW, I wear a sports bra around the house. I find them pretty comfortable.
I try to get in 4 -12 ounce glasses of water each day. After that any liquid is good including juicy fruits like oranges or watermelon. And I drink my water at room temperature. It just seems to go down better. You are doing great at the weight loss. Some weeks you won't see any loss. It's just your body adjusting. :)

Carol Sue, looks like you've got everything under control. I'm a notebook person myself. I always have one on the go for something or other.
I know what you mean about nasty groups. I was on one a few years ago and I was afraid to post for fear of what the others would say. Snarky, mean people. I feel very happy here as I feel that even if someone doesn't agree with you at least you won't get told off for having an opinion.

Zoe, another family filled weekend for you. I so wish my 2 boys lived closer. The youngest one only lives an hour away so that's not too bad. I hope you're feeling better soon. I caught a cold off Boo last winter but I'd take the kisses any day too.

Karen31 and Lucinda, I HWL when I read the posts between the two of you. I knew exactly what Lucinda meant when she wrote this: So Karen31, you outed yourself. way to go girl! No harsh judgments from me. I'm a New Yorker. I was a bit confused as to why but when I read Lucinda's last post it all became clear. Well, no harm done and everything's cleared up. We love everyone on the GG thread. And a good laugh never hurt anyone.

Yeah,:carrot: Daylily, 1.5 pounds is a celebration.

Marie, I hope the doctors can help you. I used to have awful pain in my younger years. It was like having a baby every month. But I know you have deeper concerns than pain.

Mary, hope your brother will be all right. It would be so nice to visit with him.

I went shopping with 2 friends today. We stopped and had lunch at the grocery store. They have a deli and take-out section and a place to eat. I often bring my own lunch as it's easier to bring something healthy than buy it. There is a microwave there so sometimes I bring soup, but not today. I brought a boiled egg, a blueberry scone with a little jam and margarine (we call 'em buns), an orange and a banana. My two friends had fried chicken. I shared my buns as I brought extra for them.

I'll post my eats and exercise now.

Breakfast: Blueberry Bun (scone), banana, 1/2 cup skim milk

Dinner: Boiled egg, blueberry bun with a little jam and margarine, orange and a banana.

Supper: Small bowl veggie stew, 4 strawberries, slice fresh pineapple

Exercise: 12.70 km on exercise bike, 45 minutes

01-30-2012, 08:17 PM
Hi everyone. well its still snowing but better than below zero :D dh tolerated his breakfast. we are journaling and have a list going of foods that dont bother him and those that do.its a challenge. we have sadie contained now. the snows to deep to make the fence taller right now so we got her a stronger collar and are using a tie out rope.we really want to give her a fair chance but i hate her hurting someone and also tieing her up all the time:?: the torani syrup you can get at amazon all it is a coffee flavoring,many diff flavors and brands,if you cant find it use real vanilla and some extra sweetner. i moved my ticker,must have been the stress. lynn glad you got an answer that can be fixed feel better soon :hug: Mary sry about your brother :hug: as far as bras i wear a sport bra at home and have several ahhh bras for puplic outings for when i want to look better. i hate anything tight. hoping you have an awsome night. we are going to watch Cowboys and Aliens just my dh cup of tea lol rosey :wave:

coffee 1/2 banana
1 small gluten free pancake with sf syrup

chix strip(homemade)

snack coffee mocha

turkey stuffed bell peppers( my dh made with rice and turkey)

01-30-2012, 08:54 PM
hello...Arrrrrrgh...we have always been mouthy chicks but this month we are doing a wordy deed. Unbelieveable at 131 with another day to go. (plus 500)

Extremely tired...had swiss teams at bridge which I hate! Got home late and then had to cook dinner. We came in 4th....Doctor's office called and echo was normal....yay....doesn't answer why am still short of breath...Told Judy about the publisher sending a copy of the new book to that editor she was tickled pink and then said I wanna be her when I grow up, she is still laughing!

About the seafood....I've been told I had my 1st lobster claw at 6 weeks in NYC at a place on the Bowlery way back in 1940. I have had seafood up and down the coast from Canada to Key West. Every area has such good special stuff. I love a steamed lobster eaten on the dock in Ma, steamed crabs in Md, roasted salt oysters in Va, fresh dolphin in NC, actually every area has their speciality and bib in hand I'm tasting. Think that was why I qualified that Sunday's meal was the best I have had in Fl. Heck the best snails I ate were in Albany Ny.....gee...we'd bring back cases (2nds) of canned sardines from Brunswick...what a great sandwich...oh yum...I've had cut throat trout coaked over a open fire in Colorado and Montana....I stop at soft shelled crabs(that's bait) and until yesterday so was mullet(bait,too) have to rethink soft shelled crabs....see another day trip coming up. So there's my food porn for the month!

off to my lounge chair and my kindle....k3

01-31-2012, 02:01 AM
What's with all the ads I'm seeing on this forum now?

Wanted to let you all know that I did return my Cuisinart blender to Costco! They found that I bought it in April and I paid $59.99 for it (not the $40+ I'd remembered!). Funny thing...I told them my issues with it including that after putting the lid in the top shelf of the dishwasher it never fit right. They agreed to returning my money and then I looked at it and realized that the lid was on it perfectly! Dh had packed it, and he was able to get it on right! I was kinda embarrassed because here I was saying it didn't go on right and all the while I'm talking, it's setting right there with the lid on perfectly! LOL But anyway I got my money back and I found another Cuisinart. It is less watts (600 whereas my other one was over 700) but it said instant ice crusher and that was good enough for me..I'm always crushing ice for my mochas! I got the model that is also a food processor but I don't really need that as I have a food processor. This model is smaller fits my kitchen counter better. I've only made one mocha but so far I like it. It crushed the ice better and faster than the other one. I didn't necessarily plan to get another Cuisinart as figured if one wasn't on sale I probably couldn't afford it but this was the cheapest "better" blender they had and was only $10 more. Thank you for encouraging me to return it because I probably never would have done it if you hadn't since it'd been so long.

My brother is home now, and just tired last I heard. I didn't call him as I know they are both so tired but talked to my sister who lives in the area.

Lynn - wow that's very confusing! I hope the antibiotic knocks the UTI out and you are feeling better soon.

Rosey - Feel sorry for your dh...keep thinking how I would feel. Diabetes is difficult enough. Can't be easy for you too trying to fix meals we will enjoy.

I started this a long time ago, but stopped to watch some TV with dh.

01-31-2012, 02:35 AM
Sorry I wasn't here yesterday but had a bad day with my eyes and the weather - very hot and humd. Both of these really get to me and I just collapse in a heap.

I get my referral letter tomorrow and then I will make my appointment to see the neuro-opthamologist.

Today is a much cooler day but we have nore hot weather coming - oh to live in America at this time, 6 months here and then 6 months there.

Speak again tomorrow. :hug:


01-31-2012, 02:43 AM
I had my first weigh in yesterday and had lost 1.9 kgs. It has started to come off again - now just to keep on the straight and narrow.

Jenye :cheers:

01-31-2012, 09:15 AM
Good Morning...I'm too busy to read all the post, will catch up tonight maybe. We pulled all the cupboards out of DD's house yesterday with the help of my brother. Ever watched those home make-overs when they go in with a mallet and smash everything? That's pretty much what we did except for the cupboard doors. The cabinets were built into the house in 1932 and all the cabinet doors and hinges are pretty neat. We're going to give all the doors/hinges away to whoever wants them, maybe use them for some basement cabinets or laundry room cabinets. Today we're going to remove many layers of flooring if possible, check on some good deals of new flooring. I won't be posting much this week since we'll be at Tiff's house. She can't afford to hire this work done and we're still capable of doing the grunt work. Home Depot delivered all the new cabinets yesterday, can't wait to open up all the boxes. Have a great day everyone and I'll post the new February G.G's right now to be used TOMORROW.
Keep me Accountable menu 915 calories + 43 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, Caramel Cinnamon yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds,
3oz. Chunky Cinnamon applesauce

Lunch - Carrot and Butternut soup
SF jello with rhubarb and pineapple/sf cool whip

Supper - Venison Hamburger on lite bun. Cooked Red cabbage, 1 only tator tot (16 calories)

Popcorn popped in peanut die for

01-31-2012, 09:28 AM
I got on the scale this morning and I am up 4 lbs. See? This is what happens when I get out of the habit of weighing daily. I get complacent and lie to myself, telling myself that my indulging isn't causing any problems. I know this is from the over-carbing I have been doing lately so I know what to do to get back in control. I would have rather caught it when it was 1 lb instead of 4.

Marie - The forum with all the fighting and name calling was an AOL message board. Stuff was done there that was actually illegal. It was supposed to be monitored and offending posts were to be removed and repeat offenders kicked off, but AOL was making money from it's members and didn't want to lose not $1, so they did nothing. Eventually, the board was closed down. It's really amazing what people will post when they are anonymous. Things they would never say to someone's face. I really love GG!!

Karen31 - I'm glad your headache is gone. I am fortunate that I do not get headaches for some reason. I was concerned for you with the amount of ibprofen you took in just a few hours, but I guess when you are really feeling terrible you do what you have to do!

Lynn - I am the same way with the clutter and the flat surfaces. My dining room table is the worse for this!

I am so glad the DR did the culture and found the source of your problem. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Bobbi - How is the new cabinet project going? Are you installing the new cabinets, or is Home Depot doing the installation? DH and his brother installed ours, and they did a fantastic job. Of course, they just replaced cabinets with cabinets...didn't do any rearranging. That would have been more difficult. (I just saw your post that you are doing the installation yourself. Hope all goes well.)

Zoe - I never ate sweet potatoes in my life until I was 60 years old. The candied ones just looked gross to me and I never knew you could eat them plain. Once I tried them, I loved them! DH doesn't eat sweet potatoes but wants white potatoes every day. Naturally, I don't make them when we have something like spaghetti or lasagne for dinner and he goes into withdrawal. I could make him a big plate of fried potatoes for his dinner and he would be happy. For some reason, my grandfather did not allow potatoes and bread at the same meal. He was from England, and I don't know if that was their tradition or not.

Maryea - I'm glad you were able to return your Cusinart and get another one that you liked. My DH is famous for returning things. I have been known to hide in stores while he argues with them sometimes, but he usually gets his way in the end. I am more timid about it, but I WILL return something that doesn't work the way it is advertised to work.

I'm glad to hear your brother is home with no heart attack, but something is causing his symptoms. I hope they figure it out and you get to see him soon.

Karen3 - Glad to hear your echo was good. That doesn't solve the problem of your shortness of breath, so I hope you get that one figured out. I had one a week or so ago and haven't heard back, but they might not call unless they find something. Maybe I will call to be sure.

All - I think as we grow older and the girls start to go south we need to change the style of bra we wear. What we wore when we were young and perky just don't cut it anymore. Now we need more support, in the front, sides and back! I have never felt comfortable in a sports bra, and I have tried different styles. They just aren't for me.

01-31-2012, 09:37 AM
Good Morning,

Ending one course and beginning another. Today, I have my last elementary school assembly for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Have a good day everyone,


Accountability -

Wt. - 150
Exercise - 40 min - 20 bike; 20 treadmill

Breakfast = protein bar

Morning snack - mini Glucerna bar

Lunch - brown rice; steamed veggies

Dinner - 2 sl raisin bread; 1 egg

Evening snack - blueberry lt cream cheese parfait

Cals - 760

the slim me
01-31-2012, 09:41 AM
Good Morning GG's,

Worked the weekend, but I figure you all know that by now. If i'm not here for several days I'm working. I come back and there are so many posts. Isn't that awsome!!! I did read all the posts this morning. Yesterday was catchup day. I'm not home to do housework for 2 days and the house is a disaster. DH (believe me I'm not thinking in those terms right now) is home and nothing gets done. Do men just not see that the floor is dirty and the laundry is spilling over? Is it a genetic thing? We got our first snow fall that actually covered the ground and stayed.

Karen, I couldn't figure out what the post ment, didn't dream it was you outing yourself! ha!

Z, I'll take the kisses and deal with the consequences later too. Hope the cold is short lived.

Rosie, i hope DH continues to feel well, and you don't find too many things that he can't eat.

slmn11, I haven't been on other sites and can't imagine a group that is so unkind to the members. And why anyone would stay on there and listen to that.

Bobbi, Don't work too hard and take care of yourself. Tearing down cabinets? Not sure I would be up for that. Although we did remodel our kitchen years ago.

Karen, glad that the test results went well. what is up with the breathing? Did you talk to the Dr. about it?

Lynn, I had a bladder infection that I couldn't get rid of years ago. I took antibiotics for a month and then kept a perscription on hand and started them at the first sign of symptoms. I hope you feel better. That is a miserable feeling.

Stuff to do, so I better go do it.


01-31-2012, 09:52 AM
Good Morning Tuesday Gals,
I read all your posts. Yes alot of conversation going on in #9. Today I am reading and not so much commenting.

Have a good day all. Off to exercise.

Have a good evening all. Thanks Lily girl for telling me I look good and not to worry about weighing on scale.Your right so aye I am not going to weigh in only once a month. Now that is not worrying. Tee,hee.

Actually my clothes are telling me more then the scale. My tops and jeans are getting loser. Ya! Some jeans even baggy.

01-31-2012, 11:23 AM
Morning GG's,

Bee, I know what you mean about clothing getting looser - it's both good and bad as I feel frumpy in my ill-fitting pants but don't want to spend the money on new ones. :-( I would love to eventually get to a size 10 (dream) and splurge on new duds.

It's supposed to get over 60 today here and there's blue sky and sunshine! I've already walked about a mile outside and will do it again this afternoon. Have been fairly good and OP and lost another half pound. Why is it so much easier to gain than to lose?

Have a good day everyone!

01-31-2012, 11:24 AM
Lynn, I had a bladder infection that I couldn't get rid of years ago. I took antibiotics for a month and then kept a perscription on hand and started them at the first sign of symptoms. I hope you feel better. That is a miserable feeling.

Hi Freda,

I was REALLY happy to hear that it is an infection and that I don't need those painful tests.

I have a feeling that I might be picking up the infection from the pool. I only use it when I have company (they like the pool). Seems to me the last few infections have happened after going to the pool.

Actually my clothes are telling me more then the scale. My tops and jeans are getting loser. Ya! Some jeans even baggy.

Hi Bee,

CONGRATULATIONS! I LOVE it when my clothes are too big! MUCH more important that the numbers on a scale.


01-31-2012, 03:31 PM
Rosey, you are a kind and good woman. Your grizzly bear is lucky to have you.

Rie, no chance I wouldn't keep the appt. I want to know what's going on. I just have so little faith in the medical establishment to actually diagnose something. I'm guessing that your medical reimbursement was a use or lose by Dec 31st 2011??? That would just bite.

Lynn, I'm glad that you have a diagnosis. Gives me some hope for those dr types.

Isabella, it's so nice of you to share your buns. Hehehehe... :lol:

KarenFL, have you been tested by a pulmunary specialist as to why you're short of breath? Asthma perhaps?

Mary, YES!!!! on the ads. I'm a skier, so my cookie history shows that and this site is posting loud movies about skiing safety. It has gotten annoying. But alas, they don't charge us and the ads are the only revenue they get for all our fun. And great job on returning the blender to Costco. I hope your new one doesn't smoke and leak.

Jenye, I know there are few of the GGs that would agree with you on the heat not being liked (aka Donna and Zoe) but I'd love to live where you are now and here in the summer. Give me heat. Hot and sunny. And great job on the weight loss. You're making progress.

Carol Sue, your 4 pound experience is the reason I weigh every day. You aren't alone in getting that scale shock. As much as I don't like the daily fluctuations (water and such) I don't like the :evil: scale laughing at me. BTW, I don't get headaches either. I'd say I've had maybe 5-7 of them over my life. Something to be thankful for. And my girls were never young and perky. I went from flat chested (late bloomer) to oversized overnight. Oversized and pointing south. I've always had minimizer bras with loads of support.

Freda, I believe men can't see a dirty floor because the Y chromosome makes them believe they should never look that far down.

Bee, YAY!!! on loser clothes.

WWoman, just a note on not purchasing new clothes as you lose. I can attest to the fact that buying while losing is a major incentive. Look at some of the nicer 2nd hand shops so you can feel pretty and feeling pretty keeps staying the course so much easier.

I'm thinking I should look into investing in a Starbucks franchise. I'm obsessed and could just get my mochas out my profits.

01-31-2012, 04:27 PM
Hi everyone! Hope everyone's having a good day. I didn't get to the gym today but dh went to his Tai Chi class. In a little bit I'm going out as I want to buy a couple for a class I'm taking at church and another for a new series our new pastor is starting on Thurs. They both sound very interesting!

I used my new blender again this morning and it worked well.

On the discussion about men not seeing my experience with my dh..we "see" different things. I think Marie maybe be right about not looking down as far as the floor! My dh quickly notices dishes in the sink, an unmade bed, or laundry (clean or dirty) piled up. He doesn't notice a dirty floor, a dirty table (unless really really bad maybe), or most any housework that needs to be done. I am very fortunate though as when I worked he was always willing to jump in and help with the things that bothered him and when the kids were little he was very helpful with them. Now that we are both retired he doesn't do much housework but will fill the dishwasher now and then. I don't need him to do housework as with just the two of us it isn't that much and I have my own system. He is the one though that does repairs, including changing light bulbs, car maintenance and yard stuff so guess we could be called a traditional couple except I do the finances.

Beesparkle - congrats on the looser clothes. I love that feeling. I was just beginning to enjoy it before the holidays but now I'm back to snugger clothes. Good thing I hadn't bought anything new in a smaller size I guess. Takes me a lotta pounds though before I actually move down to a smaller size because of how I carry my weight.

Bobbi - Sounds like your kitchen project is going well. A lot of work and mess but sounds good. We looked at mirrors and lights for our little bathroom yesterday. I think dh wants a medicine cabinet with a mirror this time. He hasn't had that since we've lived here (34+ years!). I haven't either...but my bathroom was considered the main bath (kids and guests) for a long time so wasn't so needed, plus when it was we used plastic baskets for storing grooming products and that's what I still do.

Freda - I've had frequent UTI's the last couple years so I have an ongoing prescription as you mentioned which I take at first sign of infection too.

Lynn - Do you take tub baths? If you do be sure to pee immediately afterwards. That and after sex is what doc tells me. The latter I rarely forget but sometimes I forget after a tub bath.

Well, need to get going. You all have a good afternoon and evening!

ETA: Karen3 - keep forgetting to tell you I finished the Haunting
Jordan book and I liked it. Thanks for mentioning it. Right now I'm reading The Healer. It's a kind of inspirational book about good people dealing with tragedies and a sister dying but so far it's a little boring and I'm getting close to the end. Despite the blandness, one can't help thinking it would be nice if everyone were so nice and helpful though.

01-31-2012, 05:03 PM
I am trying to keep up with posts so I do not get too behind to catch up.

Lynn, I'm glad that you have a diagnosis. Gives me some hope for those dr types.
I'm thinking I should look into investing in a Starbucks franchise. I'm obsessed and could just get my mochas out my profits. [/COLOR]
Hi Marie,

This Urologist is REALLY good. My GP just tested the urine in the office & said no infection. The Urologist sent it to a lab to be “cultured” (sounds like a finishing school) and not only found the infection, but which antibiotic will kill this one.

I LOVE Starbucks, but until I get over this UTI, I am keeping away from coffee.

Beesparkle - congrats on the looser clothes. I love that feeling. I was just beginning to enjoy it before the holidays but now I'm back to snugger clothes. Good thing I hadn't bought anything new in a smaller size I guess.
Lynn - Do you take tub baths? If you do be sure to pee immediately afterwards. That and after sex is what doc tells me. The latter I rarely forget but sometimes I forget after a tub bath.
Hi Mary,

I am with you on the clothes being snugger after the holidays. I bought a new pair of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans in November (size 8 petite) because a pair my DD bought for me (size 10 petite) were too big. Guess which size fits me now!

I would not swear to it, but I think I always pee before a bath. What is the logic of waiting until after? I do NOT need to worry about sex. (At least, not about having it.) That has not been part of my life for the last 7 years.

01-31-2012, 05:35 PM
Lunn, as an experienced UTI sufferer, the logic behind peeing after a bath is because the bath water can easily get bacteria (from other body parts) and then it swishes around your body as you relax in the tub, or pool, or hot tub. The idea is to pee afterward to flush the urethra clean so any bacteria can't get to the bladder. Since chickies have a short urethra, you have to make sure they're flushed as soon as there is any possibility of contamination. Aka after sex as well.

01-31-2012, 06:33 PM
Hi everyone another "grumpy"day in the neighborhood.honestly i wish i could tell dh to quit feeling so sry for himself sometimes an attitude adjustment does wonders for how you feel grrr he wouldnt take it well right now and i know when to keep my mouth shut :( as far as cleaning my dh is most happy to point out what needs done but doesnt lift a finger to help hes a very gender orintated guy.mens work and womens work however i make a honey do list and stick it under his coffee cup and he does them at his own pace and crosses the list off.. i keep reminding myself he brings me to combat the wanting to bean him in the headlites with a rolling pin i got out my bead books and beads and am now happily creating a pair of earrings. hoping your day is sunshine and flowers :hug: rosey :wave:

coffee 1/2 banana

chix strip

snack coffee mocha

hamb steak
sphagetti squash

01-31-2012, 06:48 PM
Mary, smart move with the blender. Glad you're enjoying your new one.

Jenye, hope your weather cools down soon. :carrot: Yeah, on the weight loss!

Bobbie, thanks for starting February's GG thread. You're always thinking ahead.

Carol Sue, you'll soon get those 4 lbs gone. Do what's good for you with the scales.

Hi Freda. It's always good to see you. Yeah, men....

Marie, Hehehehe. I thought someone would think the "buns" were funny.

Hello to everyone I haven't mentioned.

Do any of you use Stevia or Truvia? What do you think of the taste? I just can't use artificial sweeteners, not even Splenda as I get an awful aftertaste but I found the Stevia quite nice.

Here's my eats and exercise.

Breakfast: 1/2 blueberry bun, 1/2 banana, 1/2 large tangelo, 1 thin slice ww toast (naked), 1 boiled egg

Dinner: 2/3 cup Scalloped potatoes, 3 tablespoons baked beans, 2 tablespoons corn, 1/2 cup Brussel sprouts, large tossed salad, 2 teaspoons ranch dressing

Supper: 1/2 cup cooked brewis (hard tack or sea biscuit), 1 teaspoon margarine, 1 slice fresh pineapple, 2 large strawberries, 1/4 banana, 1/4 cup ff yogurt, 2 tablespoons applesauce, 1/2 blueberry bun, 1/2 cup skim milk

Exercise: 13.18 km on exercise bike, 45 minutes

01-31-2012, 07:09 PM
Keeping up with the GG’s – (sounds like a TV show)
Lynn, as an experienced UTI sufferer, the logic behind peeing after a bath is because the bath water can easily get bacteria (from other body parts) and then it swishes around your body as you relax in the tub, or pool, or hot tub. The idea is to pee afterward to flush the urethra clean so any bacteria can't get to the bladder. Since chickies have a short urethra, you have to make sure they're flushed as soon as there is any possibility of contamination. Aka after sex as well.
Hi Marie,

Thank you. I will work on developing this habit.

Hi everyone another "grumpy"day in the neighborhood.honestly i wish i could tell dh to quit feeling so sry for himself sometimes an attitude adjustment does wonders for how you feel grrr he wouldnt take it well right now and i know when to keep my mouth shut :( as far as cleaning my dh is most happy to point out what needs done but doesnt lift a finger to help hes a very gender orintated guy.mens work and womens work however i make a honey do list and stick it under his coffee cup and he does them at his own pace and crosses the list off.. i keep reminding myself he brings me to combat the wanting to bean him in the headlites with a rolling pin i got out my bead books and beads and am now happily creating a pair of earrings. hoping your day is sunshine and flowers :hug: rosey :wave:
Hi Rosey,

I hope your DH gets better soon – for both of your sakes.

Do any of you use Stevia or Truvia? What do you think of the taste? I just can't use artificial sweeteners, not even Splenda as I get an awful aftertaste but I found the Stevia quite nice.
Hi Isabella,

I tried both, but to me, did not taste as sweet as Splenda. I also tried Agave. That is GREAT, but 30 cals. a teaspoon!

01-31-2012, 07:19 PM
Lynn - I think the logic of peeing after your tub bath is that the tub/water could contain bacteria that if it gets in the urethra could cause infection. So urinating can cause it to flow out rather than up where it can cause a problem.

Oh sorry I see Marie answered your question and I obviously agree.

01-31-2012, 07:33 PM
We're pooped but it was a blast smashing out all the cupboard. Tomorrow we'll install a new floor, then we have a guy from Tiffany's church who will help us put in the new ones. We'll be buying lunch out so I'll not be counting calories the rest of the week. It probably doesn't matter what I eat, I'm burning calories and using muscles I didn't know I had.

01-31-2012, 08:49 PM
Hi Golden Girls-
I haven’t had much energy the past couple of days. Not sure why. I skipped the George Clooney movie and went to the gym but still eating some evil leftovers so I have to work on that.
Rosey – sorry dh is grumpy. You are very understanding – and you will have some pretty earings when you finish. I need to find a constructive outlet like that.
Isabella – I like stevia. I need two packs of it and it has a few carbs but I think it may be healthier than some other sweeteners (my own humble opinion.) When I am counting every carb, which is what I should be doing, I use Splenda. I encourage my dh to use the stevia.
Marie – lol about the Y chromosome. I think you hit the nail, or something, on the head…oh, that does sound painful. I better get my mind out of the gutter. And about the Starbucks, you don’t have to buy a whole franchise, you can buy a few shares of stock on line.

Bobbi – You go girl! All that rehabbing for your dd. Very nice. Dh and I used to do a lot of our rehabbing. Then someone had really
to watch the darn kids. Then the rotator cuff problem, small protruding disc….DH still tries to do everything – I have to yell at him about his bad back…
Jenye – congrats on weight loss.
Well, have to go see if I can copy and paste this. Hi to everyone!

01-31-2012, 09:25 PM
Hi I spent a nice afternoon working with my beads. its been many yrs since ive done this. my hands and eyes arenot what they used to be but i deff want to relearn. dh was in abetter mood after his nap hmmm sounds like alittle kid :dizzy: i also made him rice crispie bars,but eliminated the margerine as hes on a ff diet.maybe i sweetened him up lol. im optimistic and vary rarely grumpy,hes the exact opposite. they do say opposits attract lol Bobby sounds like fun smashing things up.hopr your evenings great rosey :wave:

01-31-2012, 10:13 PM
Rosey, those ear rings are so pretty! You really did a good job on them. I wish i had all your talent. Hope Steve feels better real soon. I think there must be something going around--- I've been calling Tim "Mr. Crankypants" all day!!!

My Aunt and I are starting a Bible study tomorrow with my sister. She has already started it with her group of ladies from her church but thought that the three of us would really like the chance to study it together. It is: Esther by Beth Moore---It's Hard To Be A Woman. I picked up the workbooks for it this afternoon for my aunt and I. So we should really enjoy it and then we plan to go to lunch afterwards...I think I need to quit eating at home!!! LOL!! This is a 10 week course so I am going to have to plan my meals better than normally eating out after church on Sundays. Which I know we will still do as a family. BUT I love it and that is why I moved back here, so I could spend more time with family.

Bobbi, you sound like you have been pretty busy. We bought a vent free gas fireplace last week and plan on selling the Buck woodburning insert that we have now and replace it with the gas fireplace. It is going to take a few modifications too. But then the chimney won't be a problem anymore because it won't be used. This is something we wanted to do when we first bought the house so now is a good time to do it.

Sounds like everyone has been pretty busy and putting up with their own ups and downs. I sometimes get so frustrated but then I know it is my own fault--I am the one who decides what goes in my mouth and when I do or do not exercise. Just need a swift kick to get back on track-- Summer will be here before I know it!!

I know I haven't answered each and everyone but I have read all the posts. I hope all the illnesses are getting better with each day. I do think about all of you all the time. It is so nice to have our own little "family" here! Take care of yourselves and have a great night.

01-31-2012, 11:04 PM
Bobbi has the February thread up and ready to go, so hop on over there. :)