General chatter - Tailor makings fitness gadget wish list

01-25-2012, 10:21 AM
This is what I want in a fitness gadget.

I would love to have the info a bodymedia fit or a bodybugg gives. It would be helpful to wear something that tells me in more detail how I'm burning calories throughout the day. Especially as I am getting near maintenance, I figure it might help me tailor a diet, but... I want more.

I want a heart rate monitor that lets me know I'm in the zone. Something that tells me how far I've walked, biked or ran when I'm outdoors. Something where I can keep track of time in the zone, etc.

Of course, I can buy both those things, but we're talking big bucks.

And, I'm figuring after a few months use of the bodybugg type thing, you figure it out. I would know that by walking here and there I tend to burn this many calories. By gardening, I tend to burn this, by spinning, this and so on. So, is it worth buying a gizmo like a bodymedia fit when I know that after a few months of using it, I will have learned what I need to learn? A heart rate monitor I can use for years.

And yes, I know I don't neeeeeed any of it, but it motivates me to move more and I like knowing more about my body and what it is doing.

So, my wish if I can't have an all in one gadget would be to rent/lease/borrow a bodybugg or it's kin for awhile - like a year and then give it back. Doesn't work that way.

Eta: totally botched the title (I have a dilly of a time with autocorrect on my iPad). Meant to say, "tailor making a fitness gadget - wish list"