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02-24-2003, 09:21 AM
Morning!! Guess I'm the first one here today.

Heaven, I told lots and lots of people before I had my surgery what I was doing. Not one person, at least to my face, said anything negative. I'm very open about my surgery and my complications. If a fellow band Mom had not shared her experience having by-pass surgery I may have never had it done.

prazn, I don't have any idea what could be causing your fevers. I did have problems with fevers, but we knew why and they were while I was in ICU, where they tried to cook me. They were using a cooling blanket on me (my fever was up to 104-105) instead of cooling me, it malfunctioned and was actually heating me up!! Thank goodness my husband came in when he did, he noticed what was going on, threw the "rubber" blanket off me and demanded answers. I swear that man saved my life more than once while I was in ICU.

Luna, John and you will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Let us know how he is when you get the chance.

Hazel, my daughter has the perfect crown!! Hazel and I are going to wear crowns at our next support group meeting. We have crowned ourselves the "Complication Queens." The crown is really cute, it's silver with feathers and little Jewels. She only has one, so we still need to find another.

I've had my breakfast of egg and cheese......I'm now off to take a walk.

Have a terrific day all!


02-24-2003, 02:30 PM
We hit the road at 3:00pm!

Starting at Noon John had to switch to an all clear liquid diet. He went out for breakfast, and seems pretty happy so far.

We are all packed and ready. Strangly, I feel pretty good too!

peach pit
02-24-2003, 05:38 PM
awww.....Luna, I bet I missed you! Will be sending out good thoughts, vibes and good prayers John's way...and yours too!

Debbie! Love the idea of you and Hazel in crowns!!!!! Although when it is my turn I don't want one...but perhaps a badge for courage just for going through the whole darn thing?

Hazel, Debbie kept me posted on your condition, you sure had us worried! I am glad you are home safe and sound!

A big hello to all the other gals here! (and you lurkers with big hair)

Same old same old around here! I still can hardly hear out of my right ear. My antibiotics were up yesterday so I went to see the doc today. He can not see me until Wednesday at 8:45pm :( I also had to give him the letter back that he had written for me about wls. He listed jenny craig as one of the diets I had been on and that is the 1 diet I have never gone on.

Both boys went to school today!!!! That was a happy thing!! The big kid took a second place at a wrestling tourney yesterday and he was pretty darn happy about that! I brought the little guy with me to see him and he was really good when his brother was winning but when he was losing he (the little guy) threw an absolute fit saying things like, "that kid cheated" and a whole host of other good stuff :rolleyes: at least he was defending his brother! For those of you who don't know, my little guy is an asperger kid and social skills are NOT his strong suit! oh well, he is much much MUCH better than he used to be and we are grateful for the little sprout!

off to make dinner, get homework done and all that good stuff!


02-25-2003, 01:16 AM
i have nothing to say today. so i'll say it here rather than starting a new thread to say a whole lot of nothing.

did that make any sense to anyone??? oh well...