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01-22-2012, 06:21 PM
Before I start I tried the P90X I tried it two days and watched my diet and I have gone from 232 to 299!!:carrot:
ANyways I cannot physically do the P90X. After I had my son my knees and back went with the after birth. I can do some but that was just too extreme! :?:
Now my problem is I have this nasty, ugly spare tire under belly button and ugly love handles! I WANT THEM GONE! Now I need a video I can do to remove that. I like the Jillian Michaels and I would like to do one of her videos. Does anyone know one of her videos that could help with that. Also I am scared with the jumping and doing that I may stretch it more and I dont want that I want it to go away as much as possible.
Please tell me how I can succeed!