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01-21-2012, 12:26 PM
Okay, so after all my stomach pains and stuff, i was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease and so i no longer have to live off of barely anything. If you have an idea of what its like to live gluten free when you have this disease..you would understand that the smallest amount of gluten gives you major gut pains and nausea..its so bad..

So anywho.. my friends came over to our house, and i had been living on my gluten free wheat free diet and someone brought cheesecake over and then this girl proceeded to say "is the cheesecake any good". She had been eyeing it all night. My response was : If it was good, i would be eating it even though i know i would pay later...but if i cant forsee my self having major pains in the stomach over eating something like plain ol regular cheesecake, then no its not good enough.

My point in saying this: Is that, its the same thing with dieting. Its like..is it really worth it to gain a pound over eating that piece of cake? Are you willing to sacrafice a pound of hard work at the gym for the calories in that slice of cake? Cause if you arent...then that cake just isnt good enough!

01-21-2012, 02:15 PM
Indeed, it is the trade-off. Is it worth your health to not manage your food intake? It's a personal choice, but I'd rather manage my food intake. I know the risk to being obese and I know the method for losing weight. If I choose not to take the steps I need to take, I am choosing ill health. I've had enough health problems that were beyond my control. I don't need any more health issues, especially ones caused by over-eating or eating the wrong things b/c I am not paying attention.

It may not be so dramatic when extra weight is a vanity issue rather than medical but it really does all boil down to the trade-off.

Congratulations on the engagement! I am excited for you and I know you will be beaming as you walk down the aisle.