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01-21-2012, 07:55 AM
Good morning to you all. I am up early this morning, have unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher with the few dishes from snacks last night, fed and watered Fortune and balanced my checkbook. I am going upstairs in about 45 minutes and take a shower and dress to go to the commissary. We have to make a Target and Walmart run to get hair color and Jack a new charging cord for his Iphone. We sure do go through them. The little wires break inside and then they don't work. There isn't anyway to know except they just stop connecting. The stupid things aren't cheap either, I think around $25 for one.

Jean: The name of the book is The Society by a guy named Michael Palmer. He has more than one book out and is an emergency room physician if I read his bio right. The book is interesting as it is about managed health care companies and lots of murder and mayhem in this one! :lol: I just downloaded another of his books, so will let you know what I think of that one. Have you ever read any of the Diane Mott Davidson books about the caterer murder mystery series? She is a pretty good read and has some great recipes to boot. Those crunchtime cookies everyone loves so much came from one of her books. I am reading another of her books now too. I am a series gal. I like books that have the same character in them. I need to download The Drop which is a fairly new Michael Connelly book, but it isn't in the free library system and I hate to pay for the darn thing. I am not sure tanning would do me a bit of good other than not making me look like a fish belly. :lol: I burn so darn easily, even with sunblock on that I wonder why I am nuts and going to the caribbean for a vacation this year! :lol: Boy, it is freezing at your house. I don't envy you. Do you have a lot of snow? Looks like Jay and Alicia have a bunch of snow at their house.

I guess I should get out of here and get something done before we have to head out for the day. You all have a great Saturday! Faye

01-21-2012, 12:11 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cloudy, windy, spitting snow, and a cold 1 degree (feels like -11) outside. :brr: The squirrels even look cold this morning! :lol: Bob is plowing snow for his farmer friend who is out of town. He clears driveways for houses along the lake and a church parking lot. The church calls as needed, and called him last night after he left town. Bob enjoys "playing" with the tractor and loader; I hope he can keep warm this morning. I need to dust and vacuum this morning along with decluttering the island counter . . . again.

"Gma" -- I don't think I've read any of the Diane Mott Davidson books. I do like Michael Connelly and you got me started with him and the Lincoln Lawyer book. Bob thought we got about 5" of snow yesterday. I don't think what is coming down now will accumulate as you can hardly see it. Supposedly, the tanning lady can help anyone tan by using certain lotions and the beds with not-so-hot bulbs. I like those beds better than the hot ones! I can burn, the first time we take our boat out, if we stay out too long or I don't use sunblock. I can tell by using the lotion I have tanned faster than the last place where I didn't use any lotion. Have fun shopping! ;)

I need to get busy! Have a super Saturday and enjoy! :wave:

01-21-2012, 04:34 PM

It is chilly, feels like 14 degrees, today and I am easing into the world. I am not planning on doing much of anything except some glass work this day. Well, maybe the dishes for they have to be done regardless. We leave our back door open off the kitchen so the animals can go outside and it sure makes it chilly to sit at the small kitchen table to eat. We are going to have to start eating all meals in the dining room it seems. The back door doesn't open directly into the kitchen but beside it near the star well door to downstairs but it makes the kitchen area cold unless I have the oven on and am baking something. The cat was crawling in a box that was about 4 inches tall and 24 long. He was having a ball and then Beanie wanted to give it a try and got his head in and got it stuck and it was so funny. If Cecil could laugh I know he would be ha ha-ing at the dog. I have got to figure out what to make for dinner. Right now I don't have a clue and I don't even want to think about it. Maybe after Will gets back with my sf ff vanilla latte I will be more into planning a meal. I forgot to add one item that I ate yesterday to my tracker and remembered it before I went to sleep and lo and behold I remembered to add it this morning to yesterdays talley. I slipped up on writing what I was biting ~ oops. But I made up for it and fixed my records. :p I ended up giving Beanie the rest of my lunch today for I got full and otherwise it would have gone in the disposal receptacle. Ragg Mopp was asleep elsewhere so didn't get any of that good roast beef.

DONNA FAYE I hope you find all you want and need at your shopping excursion this day. I am so thankful Will does our shopping except for the items I find on line or phone for. I have never liked to shop which is weird for a woman I hear. My sis in law likes to shop till she drops. Yep, the accessories for phones are spendy for sure. Or in that case it is a necessity.

JEAN You got snow and we just got cold. That is so nice of your hubby to clear snow for those who aren't able. With all this cold there still comes the dust. I would think it would take the winter off but :nono: things still get covered with that little glaze of it. I love that spray they have that you put on a cloth then the dust clings to it instead of going into the air. That is something that never gets really done for it always comes right back ~ dust. I would have really suffered in the "dust bowl days" when Oklahoma blew away. Did you see on the news awhile back when that big dust cloud was descending on Arizona. I shuddered when I saw that.

Well Magnolias ~ time for me to go check in the freezer and make a decision on what to make for dinner this day. Baked chicken sounds good ~ I'll see what I have.

01-21-2012, 11:37 PM
Maggie -- :congrat: on remembering to write what you bite! :cp: I am not a shopper either! Perhaps it is because the only stores in town are WM, Walgreens, Mexican stores, a Hallmark store, and two jewelry stores. I really hate to need clothes for something special and need to look for an appropriate outfit. I do like to meander through specialty shops in big cities though. Baked chicken does sound good . . . maybe tomorrow! :T I'm off to read, catch the news, and head for bed. See you all tomorrow!

01-22-2012, 02:55 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is considerably warmer today at 31 degrees, but it is foggy and misting outside. There is NO wind for a nice change of pace. We've been to early church, came home and read the papers, then went out for a chicken dinner. :T I'm done eating for the day! I've got laundry going and need to start seriously going through my summer clothes. :twirly:

I need to get busy or the day will be gone before I know it. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-22-2012, 05:34 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! It's a cold drizzly day today - 34 degrees right now.

Time is really flying for me with working so much. We've had people out sick at JH so they asked me to work more and I have. Doesn't leave much time for anything else.

I'm trying an experiment for this week and following the WW Power Start menu for this week. That way I don't need to think about food. I spent the morning cooking ahead for the days I get home late and preping salad things. I'm following the green Smart Choices tracker.

Jean, if I plan my meals in advance, I eat what I planned. It works better for me that way. Eating on the fly = no loss or very tiny loss for me. I'm hoping for no snow this winter.

Maggie, I'd forgotten all about the cottage cheese salad recipe. I'll be making it soon. I added it to my cookbook. There is a new WW cookbook out and for the live of me I can't think of the name right now but something like Best Ever Comfort Foods. It's sold at meetings only on maybe the shopping for WW online. It looks pretty good and I meant to buy one yesterday but we were so busy weighing I forgot.

Faye, I like Diane Mott's books and have read all of them. Have you read any of Joanne Fluke's? They are similar. I have a lot of things with chargers and haven't had to replace any of them yet (fingers crossed). One For the Money comes out on Friday - can't wait!

Another busy week coming up. Have a great evening.

01-23-2012, 08:37 AM
Good morning to you all! It was really warm here yesterday and by late evening we had one heck of a storm blow through here. Jack got up at around 11 because the tornado sirens were going off big time and we put the tv on, which because of our satellite would come in and out, but after the power went out, then came back on a bit later, we were able to get what we needed to know. It was raining so hard, I couldn't even open the back door without getting a face full of blowing rain. I didn't see any hail like they were expecting though. It is all quiet out there now, but considerably chillier.

Got the commissary shopping done, came home and unloaded and put away then out we went to Target and to Walmart to get stuff. Jack found a great phone charger that the wiring is actually up in the plug rather than ending at it. I know it sounds confusing, but Jack told me what it is called when it is done that way, but I can't remember. Anyway, what would happen with our chargers is the tiny wires inside the cord right at the end of the plugs would break from stress then it would quit charging when you plugged it into the phone. This one has a flat cable instead of round and like I said the wiring goes up into the plug instead of ending at the plug so there is no stress. I am going to get myself one next payday or on Thursday when I am out. They have them at Target for around $20, cheaper than the Apple ones. We also bought a bunch of movies to take with us to Chattanooga since the hotel has a dvd player in the room. We did watch "The Smurfs" last night and that was a cute movie. My larder is now full of great healthy food, lots of fruit for me and no junk food. Not that we have junk food in the house for the most part unless Jack is dying for something, but I had gotten low on a lot of stuff and just needed to restock.

Susan: I am probably going to have to wait until "One for the Money" comes out on dvd. It is not something Jack would enjoy at all. I am wondering how the gal who plays Lula will do. In my minds eye reading the book, she is chubbier and a whole lot more trashy that the trailer looks, but let me know what you think. The books are becoming a bit dull and rehashed I think, just like any author that does a series and runs out of new ideas. Take it easy working so much. Don't want you ending up in the hospital again.

Maggie: I pretty much plan what I am going to eat for the day, put it in my spreadsheet and not veer from it so I don't over eat. It is the best way for me to stay OP I think and we always follow the menus I make for the two weeks. I think our biggest problems would be takeout/restaurant eating and buying something fatty and bringing it in, which we rarely do anymore. My weight is up, but mainly because the cold I had from Christmas until a week ago and combined with the pain and stuff from what is going on with me pretty much zapped me and Jack was cooking or mostly bringing stuff in, which is a sure way for me to gain weight. I am over the cold though of course the pain is pretty much constant nagging to intense and has been for a couple months now instead of on and off, but I just try and control it best i can with some Advil and am back on eating healthy and cooking our meals.

Jean: I think Jack said we are down to 34 weeks until vacation now. We should get our tax refund next week and I will finish paying for the cruise and stuff then and we will be set with a lot of it anyway. We picked out the colors we are gonna paint the downstairs now so I hope to go to Home Depot this weekend and get the paint chips so I can take them to Chattanooga and maybe buy some pillows or something to go in the living room. We have decided since our space is so crazy and right now I feel like we are living in some old used furniture shop with the way we have our furniture arranged with the craziness, we are going to get rid of our full length couch and get what Lazy Boy calls a sleeper chair, which is about the size of an apartment sized couch instead of full length. It has a twin size sleeper in it in case the boys are ever here since we are going to eventually make the upstairs bedroom into a closet so there won't be a guest bedroom up there anymore. Since we just bought the double recliner (which I hate btw) a few months ago, we have to keep it and it is dark blue so I am going with a blue/maroon/yellow plaid couch that will really go well with the paint color and the recliner. None of this is going to start until next year and it will be slow going as we can only do with the money we have since I refuse to go into debt to do any of this work. I don't want it hanging over our head when Jack retires.

Well, I see it is 6:30 so I best get in the kitchen and get the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded and decide on food for today. Have a grand start to your week and keep warm everybody!!!! Faye

01-23-2012, 02:16 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We had some freezing drizzle during the night and then snow on top so it was slippery this morning. We should have had a school late start but didn't. We did count church money later so the streets had had traffic by the time I left. I went to tan afterwards, picked up the gift shop money, and am home for the rest of the day.

Susan -- I hope your drizzle didn't turn to ice! You are smart to cook food ahead, but then I knew you are one smart gal! ;) Let us know how the Power Start menu works for you. I'm going to look for both authors the next time I visit the library. I bought a couple of paperbacks, for the plane, and have been reading a book I forgot I had.

"Gma" -- Sorry to hear about your exciting weather. I saw on the weather map that things were not too calm in your area. It's good you found a better phone cord. :yes: Our phones have different hook ups, but can use the same wall plug which is handy. We bought a Lazy Boy loveseat and it is the most uncomfortable piece of furniture we've ever owned. I can hardly wait to replace it. Bob usually sits on it, then lays one way, sits again, then lays the other way. Ernie and I get the recliner! Furniture is so expensive I dread shopping for it.

I came upstairs to get my laptop so need to get the gift shop money counted and ready to deposit. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-23-2012, 03:42 PM

It is cold today but the wind isn't blowing. Will just got back with the dogs fresh from the groomer and Cecil gave Beanie a slap across the face ~ guess he chastized him for being gone. Ah but the boys smell good. I am up a pound this day and guess that is par for the course. I ate some of the weekly plus-points we are allowed this past week and guess I should just leave them alone for the most part. I'll try to not use them this week and see how it goes for I have been writing all I bite and charging myself the proper amount of points-plus. So this is one of the things I should expect to happen for it always happened before when I was really following program. I'll just bash on regardless. The swelling has gone down on Will's ankle and his foot feels lots better and he gets to go to the doctor this afternoon. He needs to find out the cause of what happened. I could bet that the doc tells him he needs to wear arch supports in his shoes or go back to wearing those cowboy boots that have such high arches in them that he wore for years. We will know more this afternoon after the appointment, hopefully. The roast that I cooked all day in my crock pot yesterday was a tough one. I am going to cut it up in very small cubes and put in some veggie soup. That was some tough cow. I can use the veggies I cooked along with it in the soup and it will be yummy.

DONNA FAYE Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have your pantry full of "good for you" food. Hopefully your upcoming procedure will eliminate your suffering and you can have better quality of your days. Will belongs to an on line book trading place and we get what we want to read from there. He found that book we sent to Jean on one of his used book places and it was in new shape. We don't mind reading used books at all for they have all come in great shape. You put what book you are searching for and the person that has it will notify you and if you want it they will send it to you. You post books you want to trade and when someone wants it you send it and you get credits and so it goes. Will had so many credits stored up that he was able to get the book for Jean. It is a real neat system. We get what we want to read and then put it back in the system if we don't want to keep it we then get credits for them to get more books. Someone out there in that program usually has what we are searching for and someone wants our books we have posted also. That's why it is called "swap."

JEAN We didn't get any snow and not much rain out of this last batch of clouds come our way. Be ever so careful on those roads. It's the other person you have to watch out for at least that is what happens here. We are ever thankful we have that Rubicon.

SUSAN I imagine that the web site will have that new book posted on it soon. They usually post things of that nature a few days after they come out at the centers. I will keep an eye out for it for you know how I love the new cook books. I love the POWER FOODS cook book. I have lots of tags on pages that have recipes in them that I want to fix first. That "Quick Gazpacho" on page 245 is yummy if you like that sort of thing. It makes a serving for 6 but easy to cut the recipe down. I make the whole recipe for it does keep well in the fridge. There are several recipes that are for a serving of 6 and I cut them in half and I eat one serving and Will has the other two.:p I will be looking for the new cookbook for sure.

To stay satiated, eat three similarly caloric meals and one or more planned snacks daily.

Here's an easy diet tip: go to bed. Research suggests that how much you sleep (and how well) may help hormonal activity tied to your appetite.

Walk away from the snack table at work or your kitchen counter or pantry. Don't fill your cupboards at home with sweet snacks. Live the adage "Out of sight, out of mind." (And off your hips!)

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. :wave: Type at y'all later. :comp:

01-23-2012, 10:38 PM
Maggie -- You will have the pound gone along with a friend or two by next weigh in! :cb: This was a bad eating weekend for me; I just wanted to eat . . . period. :hyper: I appreciate Will finding the book for me; he has such good luck doing that! Great strategy tips today! If only we didn't have to eat, life would be so simple! I have a dishwasher to unload and a kitchen table with the mail sorted into piles that I need to clear off. I have a haircut in the morning and need to make a WM run for Ernie food. See you all tomorrow! :wave:

01-24-2012, 02:50 PM
Just a quick one as I leave one job and go to the other today. 60 degrees and sunshine right now. I love it.

Have a great day and we'll all see progress on the downward spiral of the scale next week.

01-24-2012, 04:28 PM
Just a quick peek in since I got in here so late. I am working really hard on the blanket so I can get the thing mailed the ned of next week and sometimes it sabotages me I think! :lol:

I colored my hair just a bit ago and noticed I missed a tiny spot on my side hairline. Oh well, it will be hidden more than likely. I hate having to color my hair, but letting it grow out natural for now is out of the question. I just can't face what it will look like. I will be a red and white striped zebra I am afraid! :lol:

Jean: I hate the darn recliner and always have. Jack loves it. I think the part where it hits you at the back of your thighs is really uncomfortable and seems awfully thin there. I would say it is my weight, but Jack seems to have the same problem and when you put the leg kick up, you tilt downwards. We paid too much to get rid of it so I have to put a blanket on it to cushion it. Before I order the couch you can bet I am going to sit on it awhile. Glad you have your errands run and are back home all safe and sound. When do you guys leave for Hawaii???

Susan: Sounds like you are one busy chickadee at the moment!

Maggie: Weight goes up and down a bit so what can you do??? Just do the best you can all the time I guess. I imagine my dr will have something to say with the extra lbs I have put on, but I plan on being perfectly blunt and telling her between being sick and being stressed about tests results and the upcoming surgery, eating is the least of my worries. I have been doing fine this week, but it is always a struggle for me when I get off track.

Well gals, this is short and sweet, but I need to get my asparagus fixed up to put in the oven in a bit. We are having white meat turkey roast, mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus for dinner tonight.

Have a nice afternoon. Faye

01-24-2012, 05:45 PM

Another chilly day here in the Heartland but after all it is winter. I received my order from the glass factory and now I need to get to building something. I hate to start something when I don't have all the ingredients to finish it so was waiting to receive some needed items. Now I will be on a roll. I have yet to decide which building of the village I want to make next. I am thinking of doing the court house.

Will came home from the doctor yesterday and said "You were right." My diagnosis of his problem was the correct one ~ wear arch supports or cowboy boots. He wore cowboy boots for years and never had any foot pains. This all started when he shifted to wearing shoes. Even though he wears good ones they just don't have the proper support for his high arches. The foot doctor said there are not many people with as high an arch as Will has. His shoes weren't giving him the correct support. The special arch support to put in shoes would cost as much or more than a special made pair of boots so guess what Will opted for. The boots of course. Too bad his cowboy packers got stolen. Those are spendy but they are made to order and have a life time guarantee of fixing them back to exact if any part wears out. Now Will just has to use the patterns they will send and measure his foot in several places and make a foot print so they can start building him a pair. The guy that stole those boots was probably really surprised when he found out what size they were ~ 11 5E with extra high arches. Big foot. But with the lace ups it was hard to tell about the arch until he slipped his feet into them. Probably couldn't walk in them.

One day Will is going to learn that if it dangles on his desk the cat will play with it. He left his ear bud hanging over a small lamp on his desk and Cecil must have found it and batted it around and now it is gone. Gone ~ one day it may turn up but in the meantime Will needs it to use his phone hands free. It is just the small clear soft plastic end piece that is gone and Cecil probably dropped it down for Beanie and he will eat anything. I see now that Will has gone his door is closed. That cat will get on his desk and clear it in no time. He is almost 6 months old now and we can get him fixed. I think we have decided on having his front feet de-clawed because he has been so creative with them lately and we certainly don't want him to scratch Beanie in the eyeball when they are just playing rough and tumble.

DONNA FAYE Your doctor will surely understand why you didn't lose weight. The experts always say to not to try to lose weigh when you are in such pain. Trying to maintain is hard enough during times as those. Your dinner sounds yummy. Asparagus is one of my main most favorite veggies. I like the fresh baked and also like Green Giant's spears right out of the can.:p We used to pick it wild in the ditches out in CA when I was a kid. We also had a creek a few steps from the house that had neat growing things along the banks. What a fun place for kids to grow up.

SUSAN Looks like you are keeping busy which is a good thing. How is your foot doing these days?

JEAN Did your hair cut turn out to your satisfaction? I sure like the last one I got for it is so easy to keep.

The biggest asset in the battle of the bulge is your brain. You can fool yourself (and your body) into losing weight with these tips:

Sometimes the worst part about dieting is the repetition of meals. here's an idea to make each meal special: Serve your meals on beautiful dishes. Instead of eating fat-free yogurt out of the container, spoon it into a parfait glass and top it with colorful berries. Or get out your vest china for your morning bowl of oatmeal. After all, treating your body right is the biggest special occasion of all.

Use common, recognizable items, like a tube of lipstick, your cell phone, or your hand-held electronic organizer. Match food portions to these common items. for example, an ounce of cheese is about the size of a tube of lipstick. This will help you eyeball foods and approximate their portion size.

All y'all have a lovely day. :wave:

01-24-2012, 11:25 PM
Good Evening Flowers! I headed this direction earlier today but got sidetracked somehow. It was a strange weather day with some fog, a bit of bright sunshine, and raindrops falling this evening. It's only 23 degrees so I imagine it might be freezing. Bob is at the office playing catch up and Ernie has gone to bed so all is quiet.

Susan -- I am jealous of your 60 degree weather! Lucky you! :cp: You are a busy gal these days. :running: How is your foot/feet?

"Gma" -- I'm anxious to see the blanket picture when you finish. I just hope the new mother appreciates your work. I :lol: :lol: at you looking like a red and white zebra! Our recliner is too big/long for me; it has 3 separate cushions on the back and I usually flip the top one one on over the back. Otherwise I will get a stiff neck if I sit there too long. We leave Monday afternoon for Omaha and fly out Tuesday at 6 AM. This time next week we will be landing there if all goes on schedule. :crossed:

Maggie -- Where were Will's cowboy boots when they were stolen? When we bought Jason's first pair of white high top baby shoes, we went to an expensive shoe store. He ended up with an FF width and the clerk jokingly said, "that stands for Fat Feet!" His feet grew first and then he finally grew into them in junior high. I don't think he takes FF any more; I should ask him. I'll bet Cecil and Beanie were in cahoots concerning Will's earbud. :lol: This losing weight is most definitely a psych game! I know we eat a lot of the same things and get in a boring rut by doing so. :dizzy:

It's time to wind down for the day. I think I will read for a bit, catch the 10:00 news, and head for bed. I'm working in the gift shop in the morning so need to get up and get going early. See you all tomorrow! :wave:

01-25-2012, 09:41 AM
Good morning to you all! I haven't heard a word about my ct scan so I am assuming by this time that the dr has the report and that it all looks good. I am going to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning and do the pre-admin stuff to get it out of the way, then take Fortune for his shot and then on to the salon and get my hair cut. I need to go by the store and get bread too.

It is raining this morning and quite chilly though it should warm up into the 50's later on today. We have had a pretty warm winter and for us it won't be long until we will start warming up for spring, about 6 weeks or so and I am looking forward to that for sure.

I have to say I will be glad to have this blanket done. It has been a pain to deal with, more so than most projects. I hope to get a square done and another one started today. I only have 4 squares to finish and then I am done. I have been sewing them together as I finish a square so won't have to do all that when I finish them all. I do want to find some bows or buttons or something to jazz it up a bit and make it a bit more girly. Like I said it is a small blanket like a stroller blanket.

Jean: Wow, you don't have much time and you will be in wonderful warm weather. I hope you all have a grand time. The funny part of the blanket business is that I am not very fond of the person I am making it for and have worked harder on it than for people I really like! :lol: Jack said to me when I told him that, "You are just the kind of person who does your best no matter what so don't worry about it."

Maggie: You wonderful what someone else is going to do with Will's boots unless they fit perfectly and if they had any age to them at all had conformed to Will's foot and walk and wouldn't be comfortable for someone else. You can't ever leave anything hanging with a cat that's for sure. They see it as toy central. We had butterscotch's front claws removed and never regretted it. Of course, he had torn up the carpet in front of each door upstairs for some reason! :lol: I take asparagus and sprinkle olive oil, minced garlic and that powdered parmesaan cheese and marinate it all day then roast it in the oven. It comes out all crispy and yummy.

I guess I should get some breakfast and get the day going. I have dusting to do upstairs today and need to put clothing away, but then I can concentrate on getting knitting done.

Have a good middle of the week. Hopefully your weather isn't too bad where you are. Faye

01-25-2012, 04:26 PM

OH Magnolias ~ I had my post all written and poof it was gone. I hate that :mad: when it happens and I always say I should type it here in my word program every time so I will have it saved and then I get to typing on the thread and that happens but only on occasion. I’ll begin again only typing it in my :comp: word program this go-round.

I have my menu planned for tomorrow night’s meal when we will have guests. I am serving meatloaf, baked potatoes, green salad, green beans, corn, fresh pineapple spears, clover leaf rolls, and then later ~ sugar free fat free pistachio pudding for dessert. That is my plan and I can stay OP with what I choose to eat and the portion sizes I have. :cp:

I like serving fruit with a meat dish. I guess that comes from a childhood with a mother that did that. We always had lots of fresh fruit in the house and she served it along with meals. My favorite fruits are Thompson green grapes and Cuties. However I have never met a fruit that I didn’t like. I don’t much like pealing Kiwis :nono: but I like them a lot so do it anyway. My apples have to be crisp for I don’t care for the soft variety. I like bananas but don’t eat them often for I like other fruit much better. However, I do eat a banana when I have a leg cramp. The potassium in them takes the cramp away. We usually do have bananas in the house for Will likes them a lot and I call them “medicine”. I ate the last of my Cuties last evening so that is on the shopping list which Will took with him on his errands. Fresh pineapple is great. I will be serving some of it with dinner tomorrow night. Since we buy them fresh I get to cut them up however I want, and I like to make spears and chunks instead of the traditional round ones that come in a can. Spears fit so nicely in an oblong container I have. I really do prefer to eat some fruit with a sandwich instead of chips. Well, unless it’s Cheetos ® ~ which is a red light food for me so we buy them in small bags which are 4+P each. If I get a huge bag I am a gonner. :faint: It is good for me that I recognize that fact and so use behavior mod on myself. That is what this WW thing is all about ~ Behavior Modification.

DONNA FAYE How long do you bake that asparagus dish? :eating2: It sounds so yummy and I love “crisp”. :cp: Do you think that freshly ground parmesan cheese would work? I guess I could go to the pizza joint and get some of their packets of dried if that is what works best in that recipe. We don’t have any of the dried variety of :cheese: for we use the freshly ground kind. I have cut chunks to fit in my grater of Parmesan/Rigatoni, Ramono, & plain Parmesan wrapped in plastic wrap then in foil and placed in plastic freezer bags. Hard cheeses freeze so well and that way we don’t lose it with decay. If we don’t use all what is in the grater I place it in a plastic bag into the fridge. It keeps nicely there until the next use and handy. I like a little grated over eggs and some veggies such as steamed :broc:. I think it a smart thing you are doing to assemble the blocks of that throw as they are finished. I am sure she will love it as a stroller throw. You are so very nice to make it for her.

JEAN I would love to be going to Hawaii :beach: with you ~ think what fun we would have in the :sunny: and the surf. I would even rent a surf board and shoot the curls but that is out of the question. I never surfed anywhere but in CA and Hawaii has the best surf they say. Will and I don’t ever want to fly again so that is left to traveling on this continent for there are many places we want to re-visit and places we want to see for the first time. However, I do wish you the best of travels. Well we could get a sail boat and sail to Hawaii. Now that’s a thought. We know some folks that did that a few years back. However, we would rather pull our Jeep behind a motor home than a sail boat. But that leaves the possibility of renting one. :cp:

SUSAN I hope all is well with you this day.

Is your stress buster a bag of peanut butter cups or caramel popcorn? Keep cravings under control (even when your life isn’t) by setting serving of the craved food on your desk and eating only that amount.

Have your order in mind at the drive-through, and make a beeline to the healthiest kiosk at the food court. Don’t let the choices tempt or overwhelm you. If you don’t know the menu, check the restaurant’s Web site so you can plan for the best option.

I keep a WW Dining Out Companion booklet in my glove compartment and it has “saved me” many times when we are “out and about.” I have to use the tools available to me to help me down this road to thin.

Have a wonderful afternoon/evening Magnolias. Type at y’all later.

01-25-2012, 06:18 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another gloomy day in my neighborhood but it has warmed up to 32 degress and NO wind. I worked in the gift shop this morning, went to tan after having lunch in the coffee shop, ran a couple more errands, and headed home. My house looks like a tornado went through with piles of "stuff" everywhere. :hyper: I hope nobody comes to visit before I get it picked up after I finish here. :o

"Gma" -- Rain is good for growing green grass and flowers! ;) I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't think that anyone who doesn't knit, crochet, make craft items, etc., appreciates the time and effort it takes to make something. I'm sure the blanket will be beautiful! You are so nice to make it for the new baby. :yes:

Maggie -- I've been down the lost post road too. I'm glad you persevered! :cp: I'm free tomorrow night in case your supper guests cancel out on you. ;) Just before we leave Maui we order fresh pineapple to be shipped home. We have it delivered to Bob's office so we know someone will be there to receive it. I'm not sure I would want to sail from CA to HI. A friend checked into a trip package and that part seemed like wasted days. They decided to fly instead.

Susan -- Two more days and it's the weekend for you! :dance:

Well, the pixies aren't coming to pick up my piles so guess I had better get moving! Enjoy the rest of your day and evening. :wave:

01-26-2012, 02:19 PM

Good morning Magnolias it is a whopping 48º here in the Heartland and expected to climb to 52º degrees. I don’t have much on my ticket to do this day except get my cooking times organized so dinner will be ready at 7 pm. I’ll get all the other items all ready and in the fridge except the rolls. There will be four of us and that will make for lively conversation. I love cooking for company. :hungry: I have figured my food intake for today and am staying inside the lines. :cp: I have decided to put a thin layer of chopped walnuts between the vanilla pudding and the pistachio in the nice single serving dishes. Then on top I will sprinkle graham cracker dust with a spike of cracker stuck in the pudding. It will make a festive low point+ dessert all dressed up. :joker:

I can do some glass work before it is time to start cooking. :chef: Pretty soon we will have to put up another shelf in the front room for the two up there are getting quite full. Will has just left for his work at the Museum so I will be all alone for awhile. He has some guns there that were mistreated at another museum to get back to exact. The director of the Museum bought all the tools and chemicals Will needs to get the job done. Some of the real old ones are starting to rust and that is not good. Will is loving it ~ got lots of guns to refurbish and the proper tools to get the job done.

I got the tickets printed out for the upcoming US Constitution seminar and dinner coming up in February being sponsored by the local chapter of the T-party. It will be an all day affair with a meal served at noon. The local leader here told me that Will and I are his two most favorite people in the chapter. Well that is a no brainier, we are the ones that will do the work we say we will and others don’t follow through and have to be prodded. We are his “go to” people. These tickets sell for $20 which covers the meal and the hand-out material. No profit is being made. It will be an interesting session for sure and I am looking forward to it. It will be interesting to learn all about our Constitution. We studied it way back in grade school but that was a long time ago. I believe it is important to get a good refresher of our country’s Constitution. :mag:

It is so quiet in here for the animals are all sleeping. :yawn: Nap time. It is so funny when the dogs make their last outside run before turning in for the night; the cat goes right with them out the doggie door. When they come in he also comes in right behind them. When Cecil goes out by himself, he usually doesn’t go far from the back steps and doesn’t stay out very long. He likes to take a snooze in the sun. I would be very surprised if he ever left the yard where his dogs are. He could get out of the fence but I don’t think he will and hope that he doesn’t. Right now he doesn’t get far from his dogs. Soon he gets his front claws removed and neutered, soon.

JEAN I would love to have you come for dinner. Half the fun of sailing to Hawaii is the getting there if one is retired. But if you have a time frame where you have to be there and back it isn't that good. Plus that couple I told you that sailed to Hawaii were on their honeymoon and hit foul weather and she ended up with a broken leg. The boat needed some welding done to it and there was no one on the island that could do it so they had to get a man from the states to fly over and fix the boat. It was quite an expensive honeymoon. It was good that the welder was an older friend of the bride and my brothers father in law so he was happy to go help them out. I worked with the gal for she was a parole officer out where I was employed. Small world. Did you get your house in order yet? My house pixies are a lazy bunch also.:p

Don’t head into the grocery store on an empty stomach. You’ll crave and buy fatty foods for dinner as opposed to meals you plan on making for the rest of the week. When you plan ahead, you eat healthier.

Are you nuts over French fires? Feed your addiction by making a healthy version: slice potatoes, drizzle with a healthy oil, and bake.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon/evening. I am off to get some things accomplished before I start cooking. :wave:

01-26-2012, 02:26 PM
Good afternoon gals! I am finally home from the hospital, the vets, and the hair salon, ate some lunch and will go get Jack in a couple hours. I am beyond peeved at the idiot nurse this gyn has. If you remember right, she called me saying someone changed my appt with my regular dr to afternoon and when I told her I couldn't come in at 2 pm she hunted up another appt and made it for the 3rd which is the Friday before my surgery on Monday. She said "It will be tight, but I think it will be ok." She just called here and was miffed. She wanted to know why I changed my original appt because it was cutting it too close before surgery!!! I read her the riot act and she said, "No ma'am, I did not do that." I told her she most certainly did and told her exactly what she did when she called. I was furious and she knew it and backed down. I then ask her about my ct scan as I haven't ever gotten the results. "Oh, we have had them since the day after you had the test." I told her off for not letting me know about those too and ask her if everything was ok. She goes on and on about scar tissue, my gall bladder surgery that I have two hernias, etc, etc, but never mentioned anything about if my ovaries and such looked ok until I specifically asked her. "Oh yes, they're fine," she said. Geez what a nitwit. I know I have scar tissue, a missing gall bladder and the hernias from the colon surgeries and they all have not a thing to do with what the ct scan was for in the first place. I am beginning to wish I had tried to make an appt with the other gynecologist that left the clinic and went downtown. She is still with UT Medical so more than likely I could have seen her, but thought the one at my practice was more convenient. Now I am wondering if that was such a good idea. I have had to have my blood tests twice, the hospital won't do surgical procedures when there is anethesia if you haven't had an EKG in the last two months and she never scheduled me for one, the nurse that took my blood had me take one this morning, then she screwed up my regular dr appts and blamed ME! Well, at least I am all set for the surgery. Just have to have my regular dr sign off on it next Friday.

Fortune is good now until August with his heartworm and I scheduled his yearly appt for the 10th and grooming same day so will just drop him off first thing that morning and they will then do everything and call me when he is done.

The little gal that cuts my hair wasn't there and I didn't want to come back so just had someone else do it. She did a fairly decent job I think, but we shall see after I wash it the first time.

Maggie: Here is what I do with the asparagus, one bundle, remove ends and wash then take a baking dish, lay them out flat though they can touch, pour a bit of olive oil, about tbl garlic that is minced and I just shake some parmesaan on until the oil is sort of pasty. Mix the asparagus all in the oil concoction and let sit for at least a couple hours for the garlic to infuse into the oil and veggie. Bake in the oven at 425 for about 20 minutes. You can try it with grated cheese. The dry stuff just seems to stick to the asparagus and as it cooks it gets brown and crunchy and yummy. I would try it both ways and see which way you like it better.

Jean: I am not sure I would make this particular blanket again. One of the worst things is that row with the knit 4 together. That is really tough on the hands of this old lady. :lol: I am just to the point where I am no longer enjoying it, just want to get it done. I love fresh pineapple, but it doesn't love me. It gives me mouth sores when I eat it. I still eat it from time to time when I crave it, but usually stay away from it. The most exciting thing to buy in St Thomas is jewelry and liquor I hear. We will bring the kids back a bottle each of something and I have my eye on this gorgeous ring at one of the jewelers there that has a website. I haven't decided what to get the boys though, especially Thomas, who has already been to St Thomas. Ooooh, big surprise there! :lol: The kid is going to climb Killamanjaro this year! :fr: Nonny is already nervous about that one.

Well gals, I need to do some work as no one else is here to do it. Clothes to fold and dishes to unload and such. Have a great Thursday! Faye

01-26-2012, 05:09 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, it's 35 degrees, and the snow is melting . . . just in time for more coming tomorrow. :( I had my nails (toes too!) done this morning, went to the grocery store, and have picked up the rest of my piles from yesterday. A load of clothes is in the washer and towels are in the dryer. I'm making progress! :cp:

Maggie -- It sounds like you have your evening meal planned and ready to go for the most part. Dessert, and everything else, will be yummy! :T I'd like to attend the Constitution seminar as it will be interesting. I missed going into informative classes with students when I got stuck in study halls. My house is picked up and the top layer is clean. Just don't look in any closets or behind closed doors. :eek: :lol: I do eat before I grocery shop or else I end up with things I never intended to buy. I've never tried baking french fries; they are something I can pass up unless they are home made in a mom 'n pop cafe.

"Gma" -- I hope you share your opinion of the nurse and her snafus with the doctor when you get a chance. :yes: What a hassle! :crazy: It's good that you knew what some of your innards would look like. I would be nervous about my grandchild climbing a mountain too! :hyper:

I need to fold towels and think about something for supper. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening . . . I hope there is no politicin' on the tube tonight! :wave:

01-27-2012, 12:37 PM
Good morning gals. It is sunny and cool here this morning. Yesterday it rained all day and was totally lousy, but today it is lovely. I am very crampy today and miserable so I doubt anything will get done. I am just sitting and knitting.

I have been watching Discovery ID this morning. Always interesting murder cases. It is amazing what people will do to each other.

Jean: My body looks like a topographical road map in this stage so it doesn't surprise me I have hernias scar tissue, etc. It would be impossible not to have the stuff. Knowing for sure about the hernias though at least helps me understand why it hurts when Fortune walks across my abdomen or bending over "pinches" for lack of better words. Did you buy new clothes for your trip this year??? I have a lot to wear if I can lose enough weight to get into them. That might be the problem at this point. I just can't focus on working my program as I should right now. I am not binging or whatever, but I also just pick up what is easy to eat in the pantry or kitchen and usually the easy stuff tends to have more fat and such. I am trying to at least stay even until after the procedure and then maybe the pain will be gone.

Not much else going on here. I guess I will get back to knitting my blanket squares. Have a great weekend. I am hoping to clean downstairs and shampoo the living room rug because Fortune puked on it a couple days ago and he upchucked a treat that had red food coloring in it I guess because it turned the carpet pink. Faye

01-27-2012, 02:22 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We got a skiff of snow this morning but not the predicted freezing rain. It came down pretty hard for an hour or so, but now is slop. I had some errands to run and wanted one last tan session so left in the midst of it. Bob had a meeting today with a free lunch included so I won't see him until after 5.

"Gma" -- I hope you feel better as the day goes along. Last summer when we were in MN, I bought 4 pairs of capris and never wore them. I tried them on last weekend; I must be shrinking because they looked like I had outgrown slacks instead of being mid calf length. I took them to the cleaners to be shortened. :o I could have done it if I would have had more time, but I just didn't want the hassle. I'm picking up this weeks gift shop money later this afternoon so will only have 2 weeks worth when we get back. I'm meeting with the volunteer director Monday morning to give her the checkbook, bank deposit book, etc., in case something would happen, to me, while we're gone. I know all about eating what is quick and easy, that's my main problem. :( I hope Fortune's tummy has settled down again.

I've got to do some more clothes sorting. My SOS box is full and I'm starting a second box. I have way too many clothes I never wear! Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-27-2012, 04:25 PM

Good afternoon Magnolias. It is so windy here today that it is stopping me up. Good thing I keep a lot of tissue boxes around the house. The temp is 45º and not expected to get much higher this day. I just had two Cuties and a serving of jerky and it sure tasted good. Tonight we will be having meatloaf Panini sandwiches for dinner so I don’t have to do any planning in that direction. I do hope the bread we have is sturdy enough to hold up. I think it is, because it is of that high fiber kind that is only 1 P+ per slice and tasty. Last evening Ernie was very interested in my Cuisinart Griddler® and asked a lot of questions about it so I think he just might get his wife one. It is really my most used appliance beside my microwave of course. When this one ever quits working I will get another one just like it. I have certainly had this one for years and the newer model will be welcomed in this kitchen when the time comes, if ever. The removable plates are dishwasher-safe which makes clean up a breeze. :cp:

We watched a movie that was a hoot called “Cowboys and Aliens” with Harrison Ford as an unpleasant character. The good guys, bad guys and Indians had to all work together to fight the enemy. Also a dog in it that was quite the dog. I recommend you rent it if you want to see a different type of Western. Quite well acted. Probably we will watch it again in a few years.

OH the wind is blowing. Reminds me of the movie “Oklahoma ~ where the wind comes whistling down the plane.” Will just came in and said it is awful. We are under an advisory ~ whatever that means. Cleans whatever trash there is out of the streets and alleys and sends it way far away. This town always looks so clean.

I had Will stand on a chair so I could trace around his feet on a sheet the boot place sent. I then made all the measurements up his feet and legs and entered them on the chart. The boots will be special made and Will should have them in March. We did all this measuring before but they only keep the records for a certain amount of years and it has been awhile since he had his other ones made. Meanwhile he has some inserts that will help him in his shoes. I was laughing when I was tracing around his feet because they are wider than the drawings on the page.

DONNA FAYE Looks like you will be through knitting that little blanket throw soon and then we can see a picture of it. :p I know you will be so happy to get rid of that pain ~ soon. Your procedure gets ever closer.:cool:

JEAN You are going to be a nice color when you finish up the tanning sessions and be all ready for your fun in the sun in Hawaii. BTW, I sent your check back ~ since that book nor the postage cost us anything you don't need to pay either. Spend that money on something on your vacation. :D You can keep your snow and maybe you would like some of our wind to go with it ~ please O please take the wind.

Increased variety leads to increased consumption. If you keep introducing new foods, your brain won’t register when you’re full. So choose only two items, then push your plate away.

Research has show that people view food, whether it’s a half-cup or heaping plate, as one serving unit. So when you eat out, have the waiter box half of your dish before bringing it to the table. If you don’t see the missing portion. you won’t feel deprived.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. :wave: Type at y'all later.

01-28-2012, 06:46 PM

Good afternoon everyone. Where is everybody this day? Hopefully you are all having a good time with whatever it is you are into. The weather is hovering around 45º this day and we just got back from a wonderful drive in the country. The winter wheat is coming up and all the hills will be covered with green if we ever get enough rain. I took my sf ff latte :coffee: along to sip on and it is now almost gone.

I got a building :ginger: cut out last evening which will be a white church with blue windows and brown roof and a white steeple. Every little village needs a church that is for sure. I’ll grind the edges smooth later when I finish here. I got all my house work done before we went out and about so I can putter with my glass. I took a little chunk out of my pointer finger top knuckle when I was reaching down for a large piece of glass to cut and that is that. I put “New Skin ~ Liquid Bandage” on it and it is doing fine. I love that stuff. You put a thin coating on the cut 3 times daily and it keeps it medicated and covered. I rarely ever cut myself when working with glass. Can’t remember the last time I did cut myself.

Will’s shades took a notion to break so the cat is having fun playing with one of the bows batting it all over this office of mine. While we were gone today he was snoozing in our room and just woke up a couple minutes ago. Will got a call from the vet that we can make an appointment to have him neutered and de-clawed. :cp:

I have pork chops thawing for dinner and will make some of my rice mix and a green salad and some other veggies to serve along with some fresh pineapple spears. So dinner is planned. For lunch I had half a meatloaf sandwich and some soup. I’ll put this day to bed with my points in tune. I love it when a plan comes together. I still have 42 of my extra 49 points+ left to spend or not to spend. I do best when I don’t use them all up.

Substitute fish for red meat and chicken twice a week. Fish is lower in saturated fat than poultry, beef or pork. Plus studies have shown that the type of fat found in fish – polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids – can help protect you from heart disease.

Simple different cuisines. Have a spicy Thai meal one week, then Italian the next. Eating a variety of foods makes every meal an experience. It also helps you be conscious of the flavor and texture of everything you eat, which will help you feel satisfied.

Have a wonderful late afternoon/evening my Magnolia friends. :wave: Type at y’all later.

01-28-2012, 07:30 PM
Good Afternoon/Evening! The sun was shining brightly and I ran a couple errands early (for me) this morning. The gift shop deposit was only $41 so was hardly worth the effort to do the paperwork. That's the least amount since I started this job, but it's slow after Christmas and the merchandise is limited since the buyer is gone for 6 weeks. We were invited out for a turkey dinner at Amanda's parents, along with Jason and family. We never have turkey "off" holiday time so it was fun. I think Ian and Zowie have grown another inch since Christmas. Needless to say, being gone for a few hours has put me behind in my packing.

Maggie -- I bet you heard an echo in here this afternoon! I really wish, wish, wish you would quit sharing your wind with me! Will will be anxious to get his new boots I'm sure. I hope your knuckle doesn't take long to heal. I like that liquid skin too. :yes: Amanda's mom ordered a book that was advertised on tv; it promotes no white sugar, bread, carbs, etc., and tells how different foods work together. It is geared towards diabetics but would work for anyone; she's lost weight and been off insulin for over a week. She checked with her doctor and he told her to give it a try; she's a nurse so knows how to monitor her insulin levels. I'm not sure I could stick to how strict it is in the beginning but she said she had no cravings. One hint was that if you crave chocolate, to eat one Hershey's Kiss and the craving is satisfied. I would have to get rid of all the WW snacky kind of stuff and they are too expensive to pitch! :spin: I know we eat too much of the same old things; I need to be more creative. :rolleyes: I wish I liked to cook!

I need to change clothes and count my clothes piles headed for the suitcase. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

01-29-2012, 12:03 PM
Good morning gals. I am stepping away from the knitting for a bit so I can let the steam out of my ears. My circular needles just broke off on the end!! I have no other needle in this size except for my double pts and they are short and of course open on both ends because they are made for kntting in the round. I am going to have to use them to try and finish the blanket up which does not make me happy. I have these needle protectors for the ends of needles, but the ones I have are really too big to stick on the one end to keep the stitches from sliding off, but I have to figure out something so I can finish as I need to mail it out next week. :mad:

Maggie: We bought 5 dvd's last payday, one of which is the "Cowboys and Aliens" movie so I am looking forward to watching it. We are taking a bunch of movies with us when we go to Chattanooga as the room has a dvd player in it. We have watched the "Smurf" movie and the last mummy movie that has been made, but the last three are all my choices and something Jack probably will care nothing about watching.

Jean: I am sure you are running around trying to settle things up before you go. Hey, even though it cost to have your capris shortened, it is great they are a bit bigger as long as they aren't too big. I believe the term for those type of pants are "flood" pants. They are long, but come up above the ankle instead of below it. One of my high school friends lives in the Atlantic coast of Florida and she said Food Lion has gone out of business and all their stores were selling everything 50% off. She bought like 3 big turkeys and a bunch of canned and packaged goods and freezer stuff. She said the rest of the meat was gone or stuff was picked over, but she said she is going to freeze the turkeys and keep one and give the other two away so I imagine they will have turkey non holiday season too. It is funny that people seem to have the turkey for Thanksgiving, ham or turkey for Christmas and ham for Easter mentality. At least, that is what I have always found. We have turkey roast a lot through the year, but I never buy a whole turkey as we would never eat it all even freezing it as it would freezer burn before we ate it all up I am afraid.

Well, back to knitting and a bit of housecleaning later today. Have a great day and a good start to the week tomorrow. I have one more week of this stuff then I get relief I hope. I am almost to a level of depression and I have never been that way before, but then I have never had chronic pain like this either. I have to say those that do must have incredible courage to go through it. Faye

01-29-2012, 04:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm taking a quick break from counting clothes and packing. I also need to make a last minute check off list for just before we walk out the door tomorrow. The sun has disappeared but the wind isn't blowing so that's good. It's chilly at 27 degrees. We went to early church, Bob's last official Sunday to usher for another year. He often fills in when needed though, as he likes to usher.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry about your broken knitting needles! I hope you didn't have to redo any of the stitches. :dunno: I am not a huge turkey fan so I never fix a whole one since my family only likes the white meat. Sometimes I'll do a breast and a ham for Christmas. I hope this week goes by quickly for you and then you will be on the mend soon. :yes:

I need to get back to my clothes. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening. I'm going to try and check in while gone but don't be surprised if I don't. I usually have trouble finding the thread on other computers for some reason. :( :wave:

01-29-2012, 05:27 PM

We are in the high 50º’s this day and it feels great. It is said we will be warmer even tomorrow. Hallelujah. Not much going on this day however we went on a quest to find will some new sunglasses. Gracious sakes, a couple stores we went to said they are a seasonal item and they won’t get any in before a couple of months. So off to the dollar store and he found a pair. You can’t even get an air popcorn popper here until it is Christmas season for it is a seasonal item also. Not much happening this day but church this morning and evening. I am going to do some glass work in awhile which will keep me busy.

DONNA FAYE Hope you like that Cowboys and Aliens movie as much as we did. I just wanted to tell Harrison Ford to “shut up” when the Indian Chief was talking. Have you tried putting a cork on the end of your knitting needles or an eraser to keep the knitting on the needles? I have used both and they do the trick. I am sure you will be joyful when you get that throw finished and delivered.

JEAN Just don’t forget anything you can’t do without. Like any meds you might be on. All else can be replaced or done without. Do you just leave your cat at home with plenty of water and food? When we go to Texas in February we are leaving the dogs with the vet but haven’t yet decided about Cecil. He can survive here with food and water but he will sure miss his dogs. We will have to check and see if the folks at the vet will take Cecil and put him in with Beanie & Ragg Mopp since they are such buds. Bon Voyage tomorrow. Have a wonderful time and safe trip. When you get back give us a run down how and what you did. :p

The more food you see, the more likely you are to eat. Stick to regular-size packages, or pick up the bulk version ~ but divide and conquer as soon as possible. By using re-sealable bags or plastic containers to portion-control how much you eat at each sitting, you’ll keep your diet in check and cut down on packaging waste at the same time.

Fruits and vegetables with the lowest glycemic index include apples, apricots, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, cherries, cucumbers, grapefruit, green beans, lettuce, mushrooms, plums, spinach, strawberries, sweet peppers, and tomatoes.

Have a wonderful afternoon Magnolias. :wave: I am off to do some glass work.

01-29-2012, 06:58 PM
Maggie -- You could share some of your warm weather! ;) I noticed sunglasses at WM the other day when I was looking for something else. They had air poppers too, because I've thought about buying a 2nd one before ours dies. We have a gal who will come in daily to feed Ernie his soft food, treats, and give him fresh water. We leave dry food out all day so if the weather gets bad she can skip a day or two and he will be fine. We've never boarded any of our cats. I don't think cats do as well, but Cecil would probably be much happier with RM and Beanie. :yes: Good hints again today! Thanks! :D :wave:

01-30-2012, 08:24 AM
Good morning gals! It is chilly outside and the furnace is running at the moment, but it warms up into the upper 50's most days and is sunny, though looks like by the end of the week it is gonna rain. Seems like it always has to rain on the days I keep the car. I have a regular dr appt on Friday and want to run some errands. I need to contact Kelly and see if I can pick up the baby gift at her house on Friday so I can ship it all out over the weekend. I have one square to go if I do the regular size, but it looks too small to me, more like a doll blanket so I am going to add three more squares to the side to make it a totally square blanket instead of rectangle.

Man, my ears are ringing big time this morning. I usually ignore it when I have the ear ringing, but seems awfully loud this morning. :lol: I can't take any pain meds at all until after the surgery now, so it has been a bit difficult for me, but I just have to try and ignore it the best way I can and go on. Oh, and I didn't swear on my last post where the astericks are, I just said c**p think and it is considered a bad word in their system and they bleeped it so I apologize for that! :)

Maggie: Gosh, I haven't even seen an air popper in stores in a long time. We buy the lowfat popcorn you pop in the microwave so we haven't had one in years I imagine. We buy a kettle corn mix, which Jack likes and has a touch of sweetness to it. I don't really eat popcorn because the kernals get trapped down in the skin of my throat and seem to always stick and then cause a sore throat until they dislodge so I usually pass it up. We never kenneled Butterscotch either. Cecil is more social it seems that a lot of kitties so he might miss the interaction of the dogs, but B didn't seem to mind being alone too much. We would make sure he could get up in the window and watch the birds all the time. He loved that.

Jean: They have sunglasses here year round. We bought a pair of those new ones advertised on tv and really like them, though the screw fell out of my ear piece and I haven't fixed it yet. I bought an expensive pair at the optometrists and find they aren't any better than cheap ones, frankly. Well, I sent back the needles to the knitting place I always buy stuff so we shall see if they send me a new pair. I am having good success with the double points, just have to be careful about the end stitches sliding off as my nickel double points are shorter than my bamboo ones, but I find the nickel slides for me so nicely. In fact, it hurts my hands less to knit with the dpns than with the 16 inch circular needle.

I guess I should go. I need to put laundry in the dryer, unload the dishwasher and reload it. Jack broke the faucet hot water handle in the kitchen this morning so we will be buying a new set sooner than we expected. We are just going to go ahead and get what we wanted to put in there when we remodel the kitchen and then take it off when we replace the sink I guess and put it back on. I swear this place bit by bit is falling apart! :lol: Have a good Monday everyone and stay OP this week. Faye

01-30-2012, 12:03 PM

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