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01-18-2012, 04:44 AM
So, the 35 pounds i've lost has been an effect of being sick, being on a liquid diet after surgery, all of that happy stuff. And then I am only assuming my highest weight was 350. Today is the day that I will do my first official workout during my weight loss journey. I've worked out before, obviously, but this is the first one in a long time and I'm excited about it. It's 3:40am, so I can't do anything right now without waking everyone up, but after my mother goes downstairs and my brother leaves for school, I'm going to try some different workouts that I've found online. It's just nicer working out in private, for me anyway. I'll have the whole upstairs to myself. My plan is to workout for at least an hour, breaks in between if I need it, since I am still healing and severely out of shape. But as long as I keep moving for the hour i'll be happy. I'll tell you how it goes. :) And yes, my sleep schedule is severely messed up. I slept all day yesterday and woke up around 2am this morning, but I think it was a good thing. I feel very well rested. I'm hoping this will jumpstart things, sleeping right and all that. I'm buying a scale on friday as well, hopefully. I don't have one right now so it'll be very tricky for me to know how much progress i'm making. I'm not one of those weight yourself everyday people. Once a week is good for me. I'd get too discourage weighing everyday and seeing it fluctuate.

01-18-2012, 04:34 PM
Well, good luck to you! (:
I also feel more comfortable working out in private, hehe. That way nobody can stare at me and I won't get embarassed if I do something wrong.
And I also don't weigh myself everyday, it's quite stressing for me, because if I eat more one day than another, I can easily gain, but the next day it's gone. So I do it once a week as well.
But anyway, good luck!