100 lb. Club - couch potato trying to reform-need ideas

02-22-2003, 11:03 AM

It occured to me that I could burn more calories if I didn't spend so much time sitting on my behind (duh!) I am exercising every day, but other than that, I'm still too sedentary.

I started today-while my son was playing in the family room, instead of sitting on the couch and reading, I cleaned out four kitchen cabinets, organized the pantry, and put photos in albums (while standing up). It felt good to get things done, and burn more calories than I would have just sitting.

Any other ideas for getting off my behind during the day? At work I'm stuck, cause I'm on the phone (customer service rep) I try to stand up and do little exercises, though.

I read that naturally thin people are more fidgety, and don't sit around as much. Maybe this will help!

Thanks for any ideas-

02-22-2003, 05:04 PM
I've been trying to get more activity in during the day as that = less time sitting an watching telly. Pretty much I can't beat cleaning, no matter how much I do there is always more to do. I also garden, an hour spent pulling weeds is a great upper body workout. I get my normal exersize walking and try and do two lots a day. My body is getting ultra toned which I'm really happy about and the house is looking much better then it used to , so is the garden, Oh and my dogs thank me for all the walks :)
One thing I've found that helps me alot is audio books, I plug myself into one and the rules are I can only listen to them while being active, I'm finding I get so into the story that I want to keep doing something so I can listen longer, it's great! I get them from the local library so it doesn't cost me anything. I guess the only downside is my t.v is getting dusty from lack of use, guess I can live with that! :D