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01-13-2012, 12:52 AM
Was curious is anyone is doing cross fit workouts. My husband want to try it out and i'm pretty nervous by how intense it looks. I'd like to hear all feedback, good and bad. Thanks!

01-13-2012, 01:41 AM
From what I've heard, they start everyone out at their own fitness level and the goal is improvement, not mastery. Though you do find some of the real fittest there, there seems to be a place for everyone. They have open/free workouts on Saturdays, right? So you could get a look at the place you're considering to see the types who go there.

01-15-2012, 12:06 AM
I actually popped in to look for any crossfit feedback I can find. I'm sort of over my gym and looking for a new one, and this crossfit nonsense is sort of intriguing to me. Please keep us posted and let us know if you give it a shot...I'm curious to get an honest opinion.

03-18-2012, 02:12 AM
theres a cross fit center opening in my area soon so I think i will check it out. my husband and I do some of the workouts at home and they are very challenging but sort of fun too. we just looked up exercises online and did what we could at the house with our limited equipment. i'm going to have to learn more about kettle balls since that is one of the core pieces of equipment for cross fit. anyone else trying out cross fit out there?

03-23-2012, 02:45 PM
I started Crossfit only 6 months ago, and I'm in the best shape of my life. I would recommend it to any fitness ability as every exercise can be scaled to suit. Even my 65 year old father has been along.

The whole hour is not intense. The WOD (workout of the day) is usually between 10-20 minutes. The rest of the time is stretching, mobility, and working on skills. If there is running involved and you have injuries and can't run then you could do rowing or something else. If it's pullups and you can't do them (like me!) then it can be scaled with a big rubber band to help, or ring-rows. There is always an option for every ability.

My advice would be give it a go :) Good luck and let us know how you get on if you do.

To me Crossfit is now a way of life!

03-24-2012, 09:11 PM
There are a bunch of Crossfit groups/gyms in my area, but the cheapest is 95 dollars a month. That's a little too expensive for my budget. But I found that you can look up the WODs (workouts of the day) for each day at crossfit. com . Just follow these at your local gym and use a buddy to compete and stay challenged:)

10-24-2012, 08:12 PM
I started doing Crossfit in April and I love it. I am doing the beginner training program, I have asthma and diabetes (+diabetic neuropathy) and I'm in my late forties. It's going to take time for me to get to the level of fitness and weight loss I'd like. I am so much better now than I was when I started. I haven't lost much weight because I haven't truly been focused on it but now, I'm feeling so empowered, I know I can win this weight loss battle.

I've turned into one of those people that always goes on and on about Crossfit. I'll tell anybody who'll listen all about the crazy WOD's, kipping pull-ups and box jumps. I have signed up to do my first 5k this Sunday with a bunch of folks. I had never really run very much before, I kinda hated it. We've been training for this race along with our regular workouts and I can't believe how far we've all come. I'm really starting to enjoy running and I've been training on my off days with the couch 25k app. I've had the app for years but I've never made it past week three until now.

I just gotta tell you about today's WOD. When I arrived, the earlier class was deep into it. As I parked I saw one of my buds run around the building holding a barbell on her shoulders. Before I got out of the car, she was on her second round, dripping sweat. I thought it looked like medieval torture,
when I got inside and onto the field, I saw the rest of what they were doing which was rope climbs (like in gym class) and thrusters (squat and overhead press combined). All of this done in multiple reps and three rounds for time. I did it in the beginner class with lighter weights and a scaled rope climb (I can't do one, yet). Three 200 meter runs with a ten pound weight, three sets of 12 thrusters, and 3 sets of 6 scaled rope climbs 15:55!! The earlier class did it in much shorter times with heavier weights, but that's what I love about Crossfit, it can work for everyone.

I would suggest that if you're thinking about doing it, you should go try it. Be forewarned, it is crazy hard and will push you. It will be unpleasant at the time of doing, but you'll feel great afterwards, until the soreness hits the next day.

10-26-2012, 10:14 PM
I did CrossFit for over a year. I loved it. The workouts are totally scaleable and we saw people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Talk to the gym owners and make sure you like them! They should be CrossFit certified and, ideally, have an olympic lifting certification. Ask them how they structure their box and how they handle people of different fitness levels. It's hard, but it's amazing. Every person - both crazy fit and unfit - collapse in a heap after each workout. Sweat puddles are common. ;)

10-30-2012, 11:29 PM
I went to a crossfit-like gym last night. I was there early, so I got to watch the previous class. They've been doing it for awhile so I was watching their experienced bodies do stuff that I know flat out I can not do. When my class started, I was lucky because I was the only one who showed up which took away all of my concerns about "looking stupid". Unnecessary fears however, since the owners of this gym are awesome, kind, and very interested in making this work For Me. They had to scale every exercise for me, including jumping rope, because apparently, in the last 40 years, I've forgotten the mechanics of how to do that. No problem though, as their modifications were perfect and I could succeed! It was hard. It sucked. But it's not the kind of sucked that makes you prefer sticking needles in your eyes. It was challenging and they pushed me and they ENCOURAGED me. I couldn't even reach the damned handle thing on the row machine because I'm so damned fat; no problem, he just pulled it the couple inches I couldn't get to and I rowed on. I told my husband about that and his response was, "Sounds like a goal to me!" I also called my best friend who is a crossfitting fanatic, and is also in amazing shape and told her I finally went. She was so happy and when I said, "God, I thought I was going to puke" she replied, "yeah well, I HAVE puked." In all, what a great experience. I am in excruciating pain today, but it just reminds me that when I get up out of my chair to get something to eat or drink that I damned well better not be putting something in my body that's going to make this pain a waste. Do it!!!!