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01-11-2012, 05:37 PM
Ok I am not a binge eater. I'm a picker. I pick and snack all day. I rarely eat full meals and I fill up quickly. Since trying to eat healthier, I am having full meals.

Once every few months I have a binge day. No matter how much food I eat I feel starved. It's embarrassing and I hate for anyone to see me eating that way. I can never tell when it's going to happen. I just wake up and I can not get full.

I am having a day like that today. For lunch I had baked fish and vegetables with a yogurt cup. When I finished that I still felt gnawing hunger. To put it in prospective I made this same meal last night for dinner and I almost couldn't finish it because I was full.

I don't know if this a medical issue as I only do this once every few months. I want to get control of it. Any one experience something like this?

01-11-2012, 06:00 PM
Some days are like that. I give myself about 45 minutes for the food to "sink in", and then I'll eat something more if I'm still ravenous. Repeat as needed. Usually something "different" - so after fish/veggies/yogurt, I'd try something like fruit with peanut butter, a bowl of brothy beans, or a corn tortilla (possibly dipped in olive oil). If it seems to get worse with eating, I'll try hot tea or coffee.

For me, it usually follows a few days where I ate to hunger, but incidentally lower calorie than usual. A couple of days of broth-based soup for lunch will trigger a really hungry day in me, for example.

01-11-2012, 06:33 PM
I have been having a full week like that. I've exceeded my maintenance calories by about 100 a day, so it's not catastrophic, but it's still annoying. I don't know why this happens, but I do have a bit more stress in my life right now, so maybe that's why it's happening.

I'm going to try a few strategies (so maybe this will help you, too):

1) I'll delay eating my first meal as long as possible.

2) I'm going to eat soup for lunch and/or dinner. I find soup satisfying and filling.

3) I'm going to try to keep snacks out of the house. If they aren't here, I can't eat them.

4) I will fight tooth and nail not to pick (like you, that is my downfall). I was making a homemade pizza today, and as I was placing the pepperoni on the pizza, I had an intense desire to eat a piece, but I resisted, thinking to myself, "If I eat this, will I really feel satisfied even a few seconds afterwards?" The answer was "no," so I didn't eat it.

Good luck to you (and me)!

01-11-2012, 08:49 PM
Maybe you can make a veggie soup and freeze it. If you have another day such as today, you can defrost this soup and binge on it. There's not much damage that can be done by a veggie soup. Another suggestion would be to make a smoothie. My hubby makes one using two huge glasses of water, a bag of frozen strawberries and about 5 stalks of celery. He also adds some Chia seeds which are healthy Omgea 3's and keep you full longer. The entire smoothie is 300 calories and extremely filling. He drinks half in the morning and half before dinner. I think its good to fill up on veggies since they are so healthy and don't pack a lot of caloric punch like many processed foods. Also, maybe you could chew lots of gum? For me, coffee is helpful sometimes. Just some random ideas that I hope help you at least a little.