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01-10-2012, 09:59 PM
So. I'm in love with the Philosophy brand of bath products. I had bought a bottle of the red velvet cake shower gel/bubblebath/shampoo at Marshall's on clearance a while back, and loved it, so when Christmas rolled around and my in-laws asked me for gift ideas, I said I would love some more bath stuff from Philosophy (because it's pretty spendy compared to my normal dollar store products!!).

Anyway, my very generous in-laws got me A LOT of different wonderful-smelling bath stuff, and a few delish lip glosses, and the other day I got on the Philosophy website to see what else they sold. OMG! I would love to try some of their skin care products, but I just can't bear to part with the cash!!

I've checked out Marshall's again, and they seem to have a decent(but random) amount of the bath stuff on markdown at most locations, but I haven't run across any skincare stuff (masks, moisturizers, etc).

I was wondering if anyone here knew of someplace else that sells the skincare products for cheap? Also, I might consider buying them (gulp!) retail at some point, if I knew they worked. Of course, there are online reviews, but I never really know how to take those, since they are all glowingly positive. Has anyone tried their skincare stuff? Did you like it?

As a side note, I just came across a sampler of their "Grace" line of perfumes at Marshall's for $20 (the retail is $35)- it's 4 tiny bottles of different scents and they are all HEAVENLY. I want to drown myself in all of them!

01-10-2012, 11:10 PM
I love Philosophy stuff, too!

I hardly ever find anything cheap, but sometimes does a gift with purchase. If you sign up for emails on philosophy's website, you get a gift with purchase for your birthday. QVC and Sephora have some good values on sets, too.

I love the graces - amazing, pure, and eternal are my favorites. I get lots of compliments on how good I smell. :D

As far as skincare, I use the purity cleanser, the microdelivery peel, the oxygen peel, and the microdelivery exfoliating wash. I use the on a clear day retinol for acne-prone skin every night - has made a big difference in my skin texture.

Song of Surly
01-11-2012, 10:06 AM
The only Philosophy product that I'll pay the money for is the face wash. Oh my gosh. It is the BEST stuff ever. I always used pretty harsh face washes, because I've always had a problem with my face getting oily by the end of the day. They did not make my skin feel or look very good, though. I love their face wash, though. No oiliness, and my face feels so smooth and soft. I could rave about it to everyone.

01-11-2012, 03:19 PM
Has anyone tried the facial moisturizers?

I get so dried out around my brows and right above my nose after I shower and every last thing I have tried only works for a few hours & I am either too oily or completely dry again.

I'm desperate for something that works.

01-12-2012, 10:31 AM
I don't use their moisturizers - I'm oily, and they're ALL too greasy for me. I'm so oily, I use an oil absorbing lotion. :o My mom is very dry and sensitive, and she likes Hope in a Jar and When Hope is not Enough with SPF. What amazes me is that even though our skin types are so different, we can both use the Purity face wash.

I forgot to add the other day, I also use their primer The Present. I don't care for silicone based primers, and this one is different.

If you like the red velvet cake shower gel, you really should try to smell the cinnamon buns - OMG it smells so good! That's what started this whole obsession for me. :o