Other Reduced Carb Diets - My Keto Diet! Daily Summaries and Weekly Weigh-Ins!

01-09-2012, 03:32 PM
Hey guys and girls! I'll be on a strict keto lifestyle starting today.
I'll update this post weekly and I'll be updating my blog daily. (Don't worry I'm not selling anything and there are no ads... I'm not profiting from this)
The reason i am running a blog is because I feel that daily updates and summaries will really help me to stay on track.
Check my signature for link.

I've basically created my own keto plan on there as far as what I will be eating and stuff.
Please feel free to look at it and give me critiques. I need it!
I'll be more than happy to change anything or ad anything, I would love for it to serve as a step by step program for other would be keto'ers.

My starting weight is 235.6 and my ideal weight is a healthy one that I feel comfortable with.
I am not setting goals, I'm excising as much as I can (mainly cardio), and I'll keep on it until I feel healthy and look healthy.
I started keto in my senior year in highschool and what I loved about it is the fast weight loss (10 pounds in first week before I stopped) and the amazing burst of energy I felt on a daily basis. It's crazy how high this lifestyle makes you feel! I want that feeling back again!

I've already made a post in the Keto Forum but feel free to suggest supplements for vitamins and fish-oil/omega-oil.
Also, like I mentioned, if you want to add to my blog I would love to update and credit anyone with a link to their profile.
Starting Picture:
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01-10-2012, 01:57 PM
Feeling awesome today. High energy once again. Woke up feeling alert and ready to roll-out of bed. No grogginess at all. Kind of new for me as I drink a lot of coffee XD.
Feeling comfortable with the food so far as well.
Bought a few multivitamins and fish/flax oil.
Bring on day two!