Weight Loss Surgery - My WLS story (I had complications) LOOOONG

02-20-2003, 09:50 AM
Hi everyone I just realized that I have not posted my story yet so here goes.....

Wed the 5th I got to the hospital and was told that my surgery was cancelled due to the blood problems at that hospital..

My husband and I marched over to my doctors office and I told them that I would sign whatever I had to (I had heard on the news that they would do your surgery if you signed a consent form) but I wanted my surgery NOW.

Well my doctor and the hospital both said no. But his staff went into overdrive and called the other 2 hospitals he does surgery at and they got my in. I was sooooo ecstatic.

So we get to the hospital again and check in I have my surgery and everything seems fine. About 3 am the nurse came in to try to sit me up and I passed out. She pulled my back up into the bed and covered me up and some time later they tried this again (several hours later) I passed out again.

Paul stayed the night but had to work the next day (so he could take the week off after I got home). He asked about 5:30 am was it normal that I had not waken up from the surgery. The nurse told him yes because of the pca pump. He went to work.

At about 9 am a third nurse came in and tried to sit me up and I passed out one more time, then all **** broke loose. She started screaming for help my blood pressure was 78/53 and my pulse was 150+ I was bleeding out. I remember telling them to call my husband and I kept saying his name is Paul. Oh yeah the nurse asked me when was the last time I pushed my pca pump and I said I have no idea it is on the floor. There is sat sooooo far out of my reach.

They had taken my cath out some time that morning so they had to put it back in while I was awake :?: not very fun!!

They brought in a cardiologist and my dr. was there in a flash and I was going back to surgery, Paul was back before I went into surgery but I do not remember much.

I also remember being back in the OR and the anthologist asking me if I remembered him from the day before and I said yes and he said " I am about to open the bar and you will be in Margarittaville before you know it" all I could say was I have 4 children please take care of me and he said "we will" and I prayed until the lights went out!!!

I had to stay in the hospital until Monday (instead of Friday) Paul never left for more than a couple of min to eat. I ended up needing 6 units of blood. I never new I was so close to death I just knew I would be ok, but my family was not that lucky poor Paul has never been so scared in his entire life. I have always said that after I loose my weight I want to have a tummy tuck and boob job and he said that this was my LAST surgery!!! I am ok with that!

My boys were so excited to see me when I got home Andrew (my 1 year old) just kept waving and smiling at me like your back??? They want to climb all over me and it is great. Jacob (2) just wants to hug me all the time. I could tell that they missed me. Matt (15) and Chris (7) came to see me once in the hospital and Chris cried all the way home so I did not want him to come back it was too much for him. Matt left me his ball cap and said mom you gotta cover that hair. He also said that I looked and sounded like a flesh eating zombie!!!

I am so happy that I am here to share my story with all of you! I know that I have given Dr. Daly fits !!! His office called to tell me that I turned his blues eyes black he was so upset when he got the call from the hospital, Tammy says she does not believe he opened the back door when he left, that he just went right through it!!

I still am so happy with my choice of surgeons. I know the DR. Daly did a great job and I would let him do surgery on me again in a heartbeat. I just told him that I never wanted him to ever forget me! And he won't!!This is the first time in 12 years he has ever had this happen. I ended up needing 6 units of blood given to me and I want to thank every person that has ever donated blood because you saved my life.

Oh yeah Dr. Daly did my first surgery lap and was able to go back in the same holes to fix the bleeding!!! I had a bleed on the outside of my new little pouch!

I am doing great I am on soft foods and loving it! I am so amazed at how little I eat and am NEVER hungry. I have no regrets!!!

Hazel :hat:

02-20-2003, 09:58 AM
Glad your here my friend.

I still think at the next support group meeting, you and I should wear crowns!! You know, complication Queen crowns.

love ya

02-20-2003, 12:08 PM
good heavens!!!! what's in that georgia air or water that makes these bad things happen to you ladies???????

so glad you got the prompt, attentive care you needed and deserved. and now: EAT PROTEIN. TAKE VITAMINS. MAKE SURE THEY CHECK YOUR B12 LEVELS SOON!!!!!!!!

02-20-2003, 12:18 PM
Debbie I will be out looking for some nice tiaras!!!!

Jiffypop I am drinking my protein and taking those vitamins!! I want this to work soooo bad that I am being soooo compliant!!