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01-07-2012, 09:48 PM
Anyone tried this product that is said to be made by Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne?

01-13-2012, 01:16 PM
I bought the program at a special discount and unless you are into extreme eating it isn't worth it. The amount of figuring and calculating you have to do for this plan is ridiculous. They recomend fast days, cheat days, very restrictive eating (can't eat fat and carbs in the same meal) and calculating the amount of fat, protein and carbs with 2 different variations depending on whether it is a work out day or not.

The program also requires expensive supplementation of BCAAs, Protein supplements, multi-vitamins and fish oil. They try to make it seem ok by telling you they are replacing food and you spend less on groceries but I would much rather eat food personally.

The work outs are quite good and I do like that part of the program but I think the diet is far to extreme. If I could stick to a diet of that calable requiring that much will-power I wouldn't be overweight.