Ideal Protein Diet - Starting IP tomorrow.

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01-07-2012, 02:15 PM
I'm trying to get together a list of things I need to pick up in order to start IP tomorrow. Speaking of supplements wise, I'm picking mine up at Walmart.
I'm adding my list & I had a question about supplements, so I was just wondering if you could all help me figure this out. I've looked and looked, but it's SO different that I'm starting to get really overwhelmed.

a woman's multi vitamin [how many do I need per DAY?]
omega 3 [do I need the 6 & 9 too? also, how many per DAY?]
potassium [how many mg's do I need & how many per DAY]
cal/mag [can it have zinc in it? that's all I saw on] & how many per day?

Thanks again you guys!

Also, on the "occasional" veggies, along with tomatoes. Is anyone else actually eating those? OR are you skipping them completely?