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12-31-2011, 04:09 PM
Janus being the god of the new year has two faces - one looks back to the past and one looks forward to the future. This year will be what we make it. I'm hoping to:
Shift some of this weight
Finish some niggles around the house
Be a good friend to all my family and friends
Stay on the right side of the law (that's pushing it, when all I want to do is to knock some heads together and bellow at them to get with the program -sheez)
Work sufficient hours to put some money aside for travel
Stay healthy

Now you can all pick apart my new years wish list and tell me how to go about doing all that and while you are at it state your own aims.

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01-01-2012, 02:08 AM
Words I can appreciate...

So far Happy - it (the new year) looks bright and shiny. Long may it last.

I'm hoping it does too. 2011 was a year of incredible happy times, stressful moments and some downright - don't ever want to go there again - times. But it has ended on a wonderful note - here where we belong. It's snowing outside - big, light fluffy flakes thus proving true the tradition that if Christmas is dry, we get hammered at New Year's. Always a good thing I thought - keeps some people off the roads and at home safe and sound. I started the day off track and stayed that way - always 4 steps behind. I had picked up some nice ribs, a boneless ribeye roast, some shrimp and lobster tails all with the hopes of finding something special to make for our traditional New Year's Eve candlelight dinner. However by the time we got home from the store it was too late to make any of the nicer things and since we didn't want to be eating at 9pm, we had a light dinner of snacky stuff like cold cooked shrimp, cheese and crackers and some fruits and vegetables. It was nice. We watched some TV, kissed when the big ball dropped in Mel's town and I just went down and kissed DH again at midnight here and told him he could go to sleep now :lol:

Thanks for setting up the new thread Shad. I like the theme - I hope we all have lots to look forward to this year.

This year I would like to:
- deal with most of the packing boxes in the garages
- get more organized - I seem to be chasing my tail alot even though "I have all the time in the world now" NOT
- make some progress on the budgeting and weight loss front
- enjoy my new life here and get to some of the things I wanted to do when I finally had time
- finally switch my hours back around. I have shifted to my natural body clock of staying up really late and sleeping in. Even though it's still quite dark here at 7am, I think it's best if I get up earlier.

I think that's enough of a good start. :newyear: to all - looking forward to another year of friendships. And with that, I bid you all a good night.

01-01-2012, 09:36 AM


CUT MORE TIME OUT OF THE OFFICE(i did "good" in 2011)





01-01-2012, 11:15 AM
Wishing all my wonderful Worldly sisters a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

I was pretty sore yesterday, so I didn't spend any time on the computer. We went to DH's aunt and uncle's to play cards yesterday afternoon, but were home by 8 pm. Then DH, DMIL and I watched TV until midnight.

Today, we're going back over to DH's aunt and uncle's to get together with some more cousins and watch the Packer game. I also have website work to do (today and/or tomorrow)...but I'm pretty darn sore so I don't know how much I'll be on the computer.

I hope you all are doing well.

Love, hugs, and Happy 2012 wishes to all,

01-01-2012, 01:15 PM
Good morning chicks,

Happy New Year to all. I hope it's a wonderful one for all of us and that the world does not end as predicted 12/21/12. BUT just in case it's thinking about it, it would behoove us to make the most of this year, right?

DH and I decided that we are taking today as a holiday - free to do whatever we want. He wants to take out the big TV in the basement - we need to replace it. The thing is a monster 5 foot giganto tv when they first came out with HD tvs. It doesn't work right and we got some quotes that said it's not worth the price to repair it. So we will put one of the others in it's place. But it's in a built in cabinet so it will be fun to get it out tho DH says he's been thinking on it and has figured out a way to get it out with minimal effort on my part. Hope so!

We'll be eating mighty good this week since we didn't have enough time to cook up the special dinner I planned yesterday and today's also special meal will get rolled to tomorrow. My new freezer comes tomorrow too and I am all set to stock that baby up! We got about 4 inches of soft new snow last night and it's still snowing very lightly out there. It's cold too, but nice and warm in the house and I have a heated throw blanket that will keep me comfy if I need it. So after helping DH with the tv and putting the roast on, I am ready for a nice quiet day to kick off the new year. Sure is nice not to have to fret over going back to work tomorrow. :D

Michelle - I am sorry to hear that you are so sore from your procedure. :hug: Your poor body has taken a beating lately. Just remember not to over do it and wind up like your DH although I understand with deadlines, sometimes things just can't wait. Happy New Year to you GF, I hope this one is a much healthier one for you.

Mel - I'm with you on looking for a quiet day today. I hope you get your wish. You said you scaled back on the office last year and I noticed (hope you did too) that you seemed to be free of outbreaks with the face and eyes. Not sure if the stress alone caused it or pushed you to eat some things which also made the situation worse but outside of a few tummy incidents which happen to us all, you were in a better place and we like you like that! I wish you good health and a few extra bucks in the wallet as you need them! :hug:

Shad - I sure hope you stay on the right side of the law this year - :lol3: Didn't realize that was a conscious (?) decision for you :lol: And I liked your remark about being a good friend. Didn't think much about that until one of my co-workers said she just wasn't the good friend type and after that I watched her actions and realized that indeed, she wasn't a good friend at all. So I'm glad to have a good friend like you close to me :hug:

Ceejay - I saw it was quite warm by you yesterday. It sounded good - for a minute - but I think I'll keep my snow and stay here. I hope you didn't have to travel and had a good holiday so far.

Laura - did you find the perfect outfit for your NYE party? Hope you had a good time.

Annie - I know you kissed your sweetie at midnight - did you spend time with the family or just a private party with you and Curtis?

I guess I'd better go put my "tv moving" clothes on and go help DH. :newyear: to all - wishing us health, love and enough in our pockets to take care of needs and have some fun this year. :grouphug:

01-01-2012, 01:39 PM
Morning everyone and Happy New Year

Stayed up and watched the guitar drop from Beal Street in Memphis, TN.

My main goal or New Year's Resolution is not to let others, mainly my aunt, run my life.

Thanks for starting the new thread. I really like what Janus stands for. In fact at Beal street last night they were burying some things from the past which I thought was a good idea. They had people write things on sticky notes.

I'm feeling a lot better. Seems like I get depressed this time of year also. But today is a new day and new year and the sun is shining. That should make for a good day. Stress causes a lot of unknown issues to arise out of no where.

I'm taking this day as a holiday also. I'm not letting the prediction of the world coming to an end interfere with my life. Too much happening this year.

Good for you in taking it easy after your procedure.

I'm going to make the traditional food for today, black eyed peas, cornbread, and I'm using spinach instead of cabbage for something green and ham instead of hog jowl.

01-02-2012, 06:17 AM
Evening all,
Very slow day round here today. Public holiday but the transport and shops were working to a Sunday timetable. I went down to get some potting mix, hanging hooks and a couple of other bits and pieces. Went with 10 things on my list, came home with 5. Sold out, sold out more coming in a couple of weeks. Too late, I will get them elsewhere.

Not much else was achieved here.

Some good ideas coming out of the new year thoughts. We can do this. Might have to revisit per month or so to see where we are.

Gotta go. Clothes all over my bed and I can't get into it until I have done a couple of jobs. Back tomorrow.

01-02-2012, 09:36 AM
Absolutley love your avatar.

Things are quiet here.

I'm back to work and using the computer at work. It's doing like my home computer was last week.

01-02-2012, 09:49 AM






01-02-2012, 09:51 AM Popped In Before Me You Sneaker Inner You!!
Thanks About The Avatar. I Lauged Out Loud When I Found It.
I Had Trouble With 3fc In The Office Too. I Tried It Last Week Jnust For The Heck Of It. Same Problems There Too. It Coesn't Matter Which Forum Either. Sigh. Hope Your Day At Work Is Smooth And "uneventful"!!!!

01-02-2012, 12:19 PM
Good morning ladies,

Will have to come back later for personals. New freezer is getting delivered today and I have to clear some stuff out of the delivery path. Big to do list this morning.

Just wanted to say good morning and I'll be back this evening :wave:

01-02-2012, 01:33 PM
Morning all. Didn't get here yesterday to wish you a Happy New Year, but I don't think it's too late yet! Happy New Year!! Hope 2012 is a fabulous year for everyone.

I'm now having problems w/ this site on my laptop, which I brought home from work for the weekend, so I'm posting from my iPhone. No probs here except for the tiny screen and keyboard!! So this will be very short, and no personals for now.

My Friday at work was very quiet. Saturday was breakfast w bf & a friend. The hotel party started with dinner at a nearby steak restaurant. Yum, haven't had steak in a while & boy was that ribeye tasty! Looking forward the Omaha steaks we received as a gift & also using my other service award gift cert, for which I chose a high end steak place. The gift card amount definitely won't cover the tab, but will put a dent in it.

The hotel party was a lot of fun, after getting past the security logistics of such a large event. As usual the band we like was a lot of fun.

The next day was a bit rough with the late night,sore feet & a slight hangover, but all was well after breakfast at a nearby local breakf joint, then back home for a nap, and a foot spa session for my tootsies.

Doggy got a walk right after we got home and I foolishly chose to walk by the creek- open spaces and windy as he!!. Oh well, he enjoyed most of it, but even Coal looked like the wind was getting to him towards the end!!

Well, you all seem to be miles ahead of me for your 2012 goals, I'll haveto give those some thought...right now just enjoying the quiet, and thinking of ordering some teas online from Market Spice, the shop in Seattle's pike place market.

Gosh I hope 3FC realizes the issues w the forum site & does something soon. The reality is that I usually post from work and I can't be adding new browsers
To a compaNy computer. And Lord knows I'll go insane typing on this phone, lol!! BTW, please excuse the typos!!

Hopefully back tomorrow w/ personals.


01-02-2012, 03:58 PM
Hi everyone -

It's cold and snowy here. Well, not snowing, but the snow on the ground is blowing and drifting. Last day off of work and I spent the first several hours running errands...getting doggy medication, etc.

DH is down and out with a bad cold. He was in bed all day yesterday and has been in bed all day today. I'm trying to make sure I get lots of R&R and drink lots of fluids and take my vitamins (and stay the heck away from his germs) so I don't get sick.

I have a pot roast in the crockpot for an easy peasy dinner. Now it's time to get some website work done.

You all are way, way, way ahead of me in your 2012 goals. I'm going to get back to my healthy eating/light exercise routine today and set down some formal goals in the next week or so.

Sorry no time for personals today. I've got to make a dent in the website work because we need a new microwave (ours went kaput over a week ago) and we're tapped out between Christmas and doggie I need to send out some invoices.

BTW, I love the new avatars!! And I hope you're all starting the new year healthy and happy!!

Love and hugs to all,

01-02-2012, 04:19 PM
Morning all,
The roses are starting to bloom again. Mel's Just Joey has at least three buds in progress and the Standard Rose called Radio Times has a spray of 4 or five buds ready to perfume the garden. Now if only the castle was finished and the cr*p put away, we could all sit in the yard and smell the roses and sip on tea or Mohitos or what ever you poison is and nibble on the good things of life.
Seems the new owners must be putting more American ads into the site - we are not having a problem over here. Maybe you need to ask the question on the forum page.

Laura - poor Coal. Fancy taking him along a windy and cold stretch when he could have been home taking it easy. You should not have the problem with browsers and sites etc. It works quite happily on my IE9. Fingers crossed.

Michelle - hope all is well in your place and you are recovering from the procedure okay. Are you back at work yet or still on holidays like me.

Annie - sorry your internet has failed again. Seems we will have to see if we can find the good computer fairy to set it right for you. Hate it when one of our chicks is out of communication for long periods.

Ceejay - our worker bee. Hope it stays quiet for you and you can carry on with other important things - like posting while you are there.

Happy - still snowing? How come the DH posted that he has had enough snow now? Don't tell me he is tired of the white stuff already. Hope the freezer arrived safe and sound and is now working away in the house. Are you having a garage sale with the things in the boxes that you can't fit into the house and associated garages and man-caves?

Mel - you seem to be hip hopping along and getting things done quietly. What happens if the kids get snowed into the trailer? I am presuming that Richies daughter and son have gone home. How did the kid break a leg anyway? and was that why she was sent up to NJ?

Time to get ready for a run/ jog/ walk. It's back to the routine for me this week - first day yesterday and I am not as sore as I thought. How come I can move up and down the hills at Whitby and not get as puffed as I do here on the flat?

Few more pictures from NZ. Better explain I suppose. First is the food induced coma after Christmas dinner. Next is a display of Asiatic lilies in the botanical gardens in Wellington. Third is a Pohutukawa tree in full bloom near Chris's place - Pohutukawa is the New Zealand Christmas tree and depending on how early it blooms (according to legend) determines whether the summer will be long and hot or not. The last is the iconic Wellington Cable Car. It's a fun ride up a very steep hill

01-02-2012, 06:50 PM
Shad - today is my last day of vacation...back to work tomorrow. :( I either need to win the lottery or become a best selling novelist. :) I can't believe 11 days off passed so quickly. Oh well, it was lovely while it lasted. :)

01-03-2012, 09:38 AM






01-03-2012, 10:13 AM
Good Morning Ladies...still do not have internet or cable at fault...I overnighted payment to get there on Thursday so I would lose connection, but they are so slow in their billing department, it was a wash...AT&T have been closed since Friday noon, so no luck getting connected til today.....really didn't miss ANYTHING BUT YOU GIRLS...truly...kept wondering what everyone was up to....not even going to try to respond to personals right now, my mind in a muddle...head is hurting...and worst of all a tooth broke off in the back on New Years Eve (for no reason Mellie, get your mind out of the My tongue is raw on that side...I did find some tooth putty at CVS and that has helped a lot....probably also why I have a headache. Dentist is working me in at 12:30 today...thank God...

Curtis and I stayed home on NYE...we partied like it was 1999...haha. Watched movies and listened to the radio, danced around the house, had a few snacks, went through 4 bottles of champagne, then passed out at 1:30 am.

Made black eyed pea soup beans and fried cabbage with noodles for New Year's day. If it doesn't bring goodluck, nothing will. It did, however, bring music to our Curtis and I went over to dads with the food loot and had dinner with him. He was very excited as it was a surprise food visit...also made zucchini bread from the frozen zucchini from the garden...quite tasty...took dad his very own loaf. He loved it. I brought a half of a crockpot of the soup to work today to share (get rid of) with everyone..

Had to go to the funeral home last night. A dear older friend (76 yrs old) passed away after complications from surgery two weeks ago. He was such a loved person of the community (back in the stix days of Putnam County)...his son was Tater's baseball coach for several seasons. Stood in line for 3 hours to get through the viewing line. Was ok as I got to see many of my friends from back in the day.

Curtis and I made it to the movies over the weekend. We saw "We Bought a Zoo". I thought it was a very good movie and even made me cry 3 times. Sheesh. It is a true story so it made it even more interesting.

The visit with brother was not bad....we went over to dad's to visit with him. He bought pizza, we chatted for several hours then we went home. Not too bad, however his wife did not come with him, so that "disturbance" was not there.

That about wraps it up, and yes I am posting from work. So shoot me. Got lots of new business to get ready for submission and checks to deposit.

Things I want to work on...

-Developing a closer relationship with God.
-Visiting my dad more often.
-Being kinder to others as you never know what is going on in their lives.
-Eating healthier and exercising..actually Curtis and I are both working on this one. (Would like to lose the same 15 lbs I have talked about for the past two years) Shame on me.
-Being more organized in all aspects of my life...(home, health, finances, etc)
-I am sure there is more for me to work on and do better at, this is just a good start however.

Hope your NYs was wonderful and 2012 will be so very good to all of us, happiness, health, prosperous.

Loves to all and a big tight squeeze hug too!!

01-03-2012, 10:14 AM
***would not lose connection***and AT&T has been close***shoot fire where did I go to school.

01-03-2012, 02:25 PM
Man I will be glad when they get this transfer pump quieted down. I jump every time it shuts down because it's so loud.
Expecting the supervisor to come change out the chlorine cylinders. He's still at lunch.
Nothing better than the home front on NYE, especially with the ones you love.

More drama,ugh. Good for you in sneaking down the reports.

Good luck in getting everything done before you go back to work tomorrow.

Did the freezer arrive?

Laura and Shad
Hello--more later. Think I hear the boss down stairs.

01-03-2012, 05:15 PM
Crazy frassin' busy day at work today...and I still didn't get nearly enough done. I predict tomorrow will be just as bad, but I'll try and get caught up with y'all.

Love and hugs to all,

01-04-2012, 04:38 AM
Good EARLY Morning Girlies...I can truly say there is NOTHING on TV to watch at 3:23 a.m. Couldn't sleep for the first time in 5 nights...whew whoo a record for me....Hella B and I are in the living room, hanging out. Actually she is asleep on my fleece blanket...without Cannot even clean or run the vacuum for fear of disturbing Curtis's sleep. See that is one of the things I gave up letting C move in...can't even clean in the middle of the here I all have to deal with me instead....

Ceejay...sure hope they got the repairs done....noises that startle me kind of make me jumpy in other areas of my life...yikes.....

FINALLY got a raise at Humana. No one got a raise in 2010..then it was hit and miss after July 2011. Not much to write home about...the max was a measly 3 percent...I feel greatful to get the 2.5 percent that I did receive. Beats the heck out of the soup line. I will take it.

C coughed up an extra 500 bucks toward bills and house payment...he surprises me so...we have never talked about a set amount to his contribution...but really, I amd POSITIVE I am ahead on the contribution he makes....he surprises me all the time. He is such a sweetie and truly loves me so much, it is scary...but scary good. Where has this man been all my life? He gives me so much...mentally, physically, emotionally....I truly love him.

Results from the a temporary filling to ease the tongue pain...go Feb 6 for crown prep. Dang...the bad insurance only pays 50% of crown...good news...due to another filling previously...I do not have to meet the 75$ deductible. RATS...on the crown.

CHELLE...I do not care how hard you work as long as you GET THE REQUIRED sleep and rest you need for you, your health, and your NOT neglect yourself during this trying busy time...I love ya sista...hugs

We are at a VERY busy time...more and more companies submitting insurance than ever..which is good...job security for me...keeps me so busy and time just flies at work...I even worked an extra hour tonight and didn't even realize it. Traffic reminded me however.

Ok....I think I am babbling on and on...and should probably try to lay down and get a couple hours of sleep before I HAVE to wake up....Not really feeling tired and wanting to sleep but know I need to...

Have a GRAND day/night.

Love and hugs...

01-04-2012, 08:38 AM
Morning Chicks

It's Freezing Here. Thinking Of Getting Back Undser The Covers.
Maybe At Least Till The House Warms Up A Bit.
All The Decorations Are Down And Put Away.
Chatted With Jen. Yhr Kifs Left Late On Monday Night.
The Grandfather Pulled A Fast One & Picked Up The Kids On 2 Hrs Notice.
He Decided To Go Back Early And Take Both Kids With Him.
Imho....just As Well. I Think Everyone Had Enough.
Certainkly The Girl Needs More Meds And A Dr's Attention.
There Is Still Too Much Pain Involved ....i Think Anyway.
Nothing Else New & Exciting. Have A Great Day. Sorry To Hear About Your Friend's Passing.
All My Sympathies To You And Her Family.
Glad The Visit With The Bro Turned Out Ok At Dad's Place.
For What These Cable People Charge, You Think They'd Cut Peeps Some Slack.
Hope It All Works Out. Don't Get Into Trouble Posting At Work.
Did You Finally Get To Sleep??
Humana Seems To Be Holding Their Own In This Crazy World.
Long May It Continue!

Ceejay.......hope The Pump Shut Up For Awhile!'
When They Go, They're Loud Enough To Wake The Entire Meigborhood.
Were There Any Dead Boirds Near Your Area?
Funny How That Happened Again This Year. Poor Things.

01-04-2012, 11:41 AM
*Sigh* busy day again today...but it's MUCH better than the soup line. So I'll take it.

I'll be back later chickies.


01-04-2012, 11:49 AM
The authorities are stating that this was a copy cat of last year, concerning the birds. None were found in our area as far as I know. As fas as the pump goes, the supervisor said they are waiting on a part. It sounds like it is hitting rock bottom with extreme force. They say it's a check valve.

Today is my last day of work for the week. Not sure what my plans will be for the week end. One friend wants to go to Jonesboro Saturday. This is my 3 day week end.
The birds roosting in the tree above my car at night have left there "mess" on it so that needs to be cleaned. Always something.
Watched the Biggest Loser last night. Only two trainers this year and the red team beat the black team. I'm glad in away. BH was getting the big head from last year. My weigh in yesterday morning was 200.8 pounds. I know that some of this was fluid pounds as ankles were swollen. I've got to take a fluid pill more often.
Even did the pedals for an upper body work out during BL for 20 minutes.
Also baked a pineapple upside down cake. The first one I've baked in years. Going to give most of it away. I had Splenda brown sugar but it was still soooo sweet. but oh so good.

01-04-2012, 11:50 AM
Are you playing catch up for taking off those 11 days?

01-04-2012, 01:19 PM
Good morning ladies,

Argh the freezer. Cleared a path Monday morning so there was totally free access to get the freezer in and into the basement. We got about 6 inches of snow New Year's Eve so DH cleaned the whole area outside too. Got a call about an hour before they were supposed to deliver it - again there are dents in the freezer. DH said a voice in the background said there were lots of little dents in the back of the unit. We said we didn't want it. Sears called and offered a small gift card in return for our trouble. We don't have a local store here (just appliances) and why would I want damaged goods and a gift card to buy more from there? No wonder Sears is having troubles :no: We wonder if they tried to re-ship the first damaged freezer. The problem is that given ratings and features like automatic defrost and energy efficiency, I want a specific model and we don't have many options for stores up here. Sears claims it's coming damaged from the manufacturer. I may go back to the Hometown Sears appliance store here and order the freezer again, this time in black so they can't send me the same one! Such an ordeal. And yes, I could store the food on a shelf in my garage right now as it's that cold out (single digit temps) but that's not a long term solution :lol:

DH is having words with my cousin - that's not good. I think it's 2 bucks with alot of testosterone myself although I see DH's side of the picture. Sometimes it's hard to overlook someone's idiosyncracies when they get on your nerves. He is also having problems getting our fireplace heater fixed so that doesn't help frustration levels.

I got my insurance straightened out over the last 2 days with lots of phone calls. Will be happy to go back to our other insurance from DH's pension in May.

I did make a list of things I need to tackle and prioritized it, after I get off here I need to do some cooking before the meat I bought on the weekend goes bad. I stayed up until about 3:30am this morning trying to get a glimpse of the meteor shower that was supposed to be good - it was a bust and a waste of sleep. Now I am tired and DH wants to do stuff and I am dragging. Reshoot for tomorrow and try again.

He is calling me for something now... better go see what he wants as he is not in the mood to be ignored. Back for personals later...

01-04-2012, 08:48 PM
Just a few minutes before I go to Pilates class. Registered yesterday, just taking one class a week. Have a free pass to one fitness passport class good for this week, so I'll use that tomorrow or Saturday.

Happy - What a pathetic situation with that freezer! Hope the Happy Household is back to happy tomorrow.

Ceejay - Hope the pump gets fixed soon - what a nuisance. Yum, Pineapple upside down cake. :hun:

Michelle - I had a busy first day back today too, and tomorrow will be as well. Probably for quite a while with this software implementation...

Mel - Yeh, probably a good thing the kids went back home. Too bad the girl was having pain. Shouldn't have traveled with a broken leg anyway, I say... Stay warm!!

Annie - Sounds like a real mixed bag for you so far in 2012. Ouch - hope the tooth and tongue are feeling better now. Bummer that the crown will set you back some $$$. My condolences re your friend passing away. Hope you get your cable/internet back soon and can post from home again since doing it at work sounds dangerous! On the bright side, yay for a raise and for C. helping out financially. Get some sleep tonight sistah!!

Hi Shad!

01-04-2012, 11:12 PM
Started a post yesterday, but it all disappeared after I left the computer for a while and went and did something else. B*gger

Yesterday was the DS2's birthday - how did he get that old? and I actually got him a card that he loved. He seemed to be happy with his presents as well. He will be a bit tired when he gets back. He started work at 4.30am this morning.

Michelle - not looking forward to going back to work on Monday either, but I guess I need the money. Work seems to multiply overnight - so maybe you should camp out at the office until it is finished. :rofl: But you are right, it is better than a soup kitchen. Heaven forbid.

Mel - Good for everyone that the kids have gone back. If they are travelling with the Grandfather then the poor girl will have an uncomfortable journey. Hope she gets a sports scholarship. Should take some pressure off Richie.

Annie - If the company does not like you using the internet for this site, they should block it same as most companies do. I haven't had a problem with 3FC but just about everywhere I go, Facebook is banned. Only a few places allow us to waste their time with that.
Sounds like NYE was just what you needed. All that food over to your Dads as well. And a good visit with the brother. Goodonya.
The Humana book arrived yesterday. It is still sitting in the car. We don't have it over here but I might just read it to see whether it is much different from our medical insurances - of which I have not any.
Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend.
Well done on the raise. It's a darn sight better than taking a pay cut or worse. Nice of Curtis to give you some cash for expenses. Since he is not paying rent anymore, it's only fair.

Ceejay - Busy at work again I see. But you have a 3 day weekend. Much better than listening to noisy pumps. Good on you for doing some baking. I'm not a pineapple fan and they are grown just up the road but the cake sure sounds good enough to give to friends.
Birds have a habit of sitting above cars. As if we didn't have enough to do.

Happy - that freezer will be the death of you. I swear I have never heard so much gross incompetence from a store. Perhaps you should try the manufacturer and figure out if it is their quality control, the transporter or Sears that are causing the problem. I'd have cancelled the order by now and bought one on-line to be delivered.
So the two old bulls are butting heads huh! Hope it works itself out soon. So stupid at times.

Laura - good luck with the software implementation. Hope it all goes smoothly. I always say that without users everything would be a marvellous program. No doubt everything will be busy until the silly season quietens down again. Well done on the Pilates class.

I should be heading out for the local breadshop to get some loaves for lunches. Seems we have just about eaten the last lot. Have to sort some things for the DS2's lunches as well. He and his mate have decided to lose some weight this year. Probably not a bad idea, I know the DS2 is carrying a bit around the middle. So I need to think up some interesting lunch ideas for a week at a time. Back to the CSIRO diet book. They have some great lunch ideas.

Today I have my taxes in order. Just a couple of months late. I keep threatening to do them as soon as the Group certificate arrives but I never do. More organisation is needed. While I was in the junk room sorting out my tax junk, I shredded some papers and tidied up some bills and filed them - that makes me feel a little better, but there is a lot left to do in there. The castle progresses a lot more slowly now that DS2 is back at work. I have taken some photos and will let you see as it comes together.

I'd better off to the shop before the daily bread sells out or is sent down to feed the masses (loaves and fishes), no doubt I will be back.

01-05-2012, 02:17 AM
More photos - I'll stop soon I promise.

1. Is the old Government Building in Wellington. Reputed to be the largest wooden building in the Southern Hemisphere and to have 365 windows. I haven't counted them.
2. Turakirae Heads. Where the seals were supposed to be and weren't. Next stop across the sea is Antartica
3. Turakirae Heads again. In the far distance you can just make out the South Island of New Zealand
4. Taken on my morning walk from a hill above my sisters place.

01-05-2012, 08:36 AM


01-05-2012, 11:52 AM
Good morning ladies -

It's been a helluva week. Starting with spending Tuesday and part of Wednesday updating the progress made on my goals/objectives and Individual Development Plan in Q3 and Q4. Then learning on Tuesday that the reason for the rush is that my really wonderful manager is leaving the company to go back to consulting. :( Also, I've been having trouble sleeping...not falling asleep as early or quickly as normal. And then I woke up at 2 am with bad back pain. I grabbed an icebag and layed down on it for an hour or so, then finally fell asleep at 4, only to have to wake up at 4:30. :(

Thankfully, I'm taking 1/2 day off work because I have to take Mischief to the vet for a blood test. I'm hoping and praying that her levels come back normal or at least close to it. I'm working from home tomorrow, so I'll get to sleep in a little.

Saturday, we'll probably take down the Christmas tree, and Sunday, we're taking DMIL's sister out for Sunday brunch. DH has been battling a very bad cold and stayed home sick on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so he may choose to rest rather than go out to brunch. After brunch, we'll drop DMIL off at her sister's so she can spend a few days with her. And sometime during this weekend, I've got to crank out lots of website work.

DMIL wants to stay least an extra 3 or 4 weeks. So DH is going to see how much it would cost to change her plane ticket.


Mel - I hope you feel better soon. :getwell:

Shad - I love the photos!! Please keep 'em coming! Happy Belated B'Day to DS2! Glad he liked the card and the presents!

Annie - I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's passing. Hugs to you sweet sista. :hug: :hug: I hope your tooth/tongue are doing better. Congrats on the raise! So nice of Curtis to pitch in with expenses.

Happy - I can't believe all the trouble you've had with the dang freezer! I hope your cousin and your DH are able to iron out their differences soon.

Laura - Good luck with the software implementation. And great job on doing the Pilates class...ironically, I have to get my core a lot stronger before I get back to Pilates.

Ceejay - Enjoy your 3 day weekend! I used to work in a very noisy environment. I even put headphones on and cranked up the music and still couldn't drown out the noise.

Well, that's about it. I'll write more tomorrow. Please keep your fingers :crossed: for Mischief's blood test.

Much love and many hugs,

01-05-2012, 01:25 PM
Morning all.

Shad - happy belated bday to ds2. :) What gorgeous photos, or rather the locales!! Yeh, I'm sure our implementation team will be cursing us in the coming weeks, if not already, LOL.

Mel - Hope you feel better very soon!!!

Michelle - Ugh, hate all that goals, performance management stuff. No sooner do you finish the one year, you're having to document the next year's. Sorry that sleep has been sub-par lately and that your back woke you up too early today - I hope you get a full night's sleep tonight. Hope DMIL can stay longer - it seems like she just arrived!!

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies! :wave: :wave: :wave:
Pilates class was good last night. I took those classes for a couple sessions several years ago and enjoyed it, so I'm glad to get back to it. The instructor, who I see around the recplex all the time, remembered me from the classes, as well as my neighbor who had joined me for one of the sessions. Anyway, she's very nice, and she's a great instructor.

Honestly, if I didn't feel guilty over not taking cardio classes, I'd totally ignore them and focus on strength and flexibility types of classes because I enjoy those so much more! But I will buy a 10-class passport (so 1 class per week) and probably use it for the circuit classes, or maybe Zumba. So with one Pilates class and one circuit class, that's only two classes per week. I will try to get back to doing my evening BE workouts. I did one on my day off Tuesday and realized I miss it.

Still busy as heck here at work. Better get back to it.

01-05-2012, 08:32 PM
Hello Chicklets.....

My man is awesome...I fixed baked italian pork chops, garlic mashed potatos, and greenbeans almondine...we ate...then he ran me an awesome bubbly bath including candle lite and a glass of wine...I soaked for about 20 minutes then he came in and washed my back...truely I am living a dream/fantasy...he is so good to me. Seriously...why do I keep waiting for the other foot/shoe to drop.....always on the defense. He also cleaned up the kitchen while I was in the tub. AMAZING....

Work has been rather crazy! I processed 4 different groups/companies...that is about 1.5 hour process time for each company....not enough time to get my other points of work done...but I LOVE it...keep it day goes so stinkin' fast. The gal that does the sales part of the groups...her hubby is paralyzed from a motorcross (motorcycle) race, from the waist down...He is having surgery tomorrow to fuse his spine together, then put a rod in down the entire length of his spine and scrape out the staph infection in the back side of his spine.....he does not want the surgery and does not want to live like that, so the outcome is undetermined...then next week he is having a second surgery...from the front are going to move his organs out of the way to get to the front side of his spine to scrape the infection out of that side. God love him..he has been living like this for the past two years.....cananot blame him for not wanting a life like this...hope he knows God.

LAURA...good for you to do the Pilates class and get your exercise in...I just hope I can do as well.

CHELLE...sure hope Mischief comes out great on the blood tests. Dogs and kids are so much worry...I certainly hope DMIL gets to stay longer...I have another stack of mags and books collecting...she needs to stay with you all permantently....

OH MELLIE...I certainly hope you are feeling better love...I will put you in my prayers...bless you sweet sista heart...hugs.

SHADDIE...hope you got your taxes in order...I am getting ready to do my taxes too...what a pain in the ***. Always love your pictures you post. Seriously, you need to be a photographer and write a book... sad about the freezer incident..always something to keep you going.

CEEJAY...plan your three day weekend to suit YOU...then make room for deserve YOU time. You work so hard and need it.

My man and I are going away for the weekend when he gets off work at 3 on Saturday...I guess it would be just for the night...but we picked a place only 1 hour away. The motel has an indoor pool, jacuzzi...and other great stuff...Sissy is going to "babysit" Hella B. I am looking forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle...I am working Sat morning at CVS...need the $$ to save up for Baby Boy's rehearsal dinner...I know it is only 11 months away, but need that much time to save....I already have 400 bucks saved but think I need a grand....he says no, but I know would only be about 500 bucks if the X would contribute, however I cannot depend on him, as usual, so I am going to save for the entire thing...and if he comes through...hahaha...I will be ahead of the game....

Need to post this and get to bed, or at least think about it...have a marvelous night/day...wonderful Friday...Saturday...will try to get back before the weekend is over....50 degrees all wonderful...

I love you chickies...

01-05-2012, 08:34 PM
It was back to the doctor today for me. I used my doctor here. I'm glad I went too cause I still had congestion in my lungs. Told him I thought I had brochitis. Another injection--also got my lab work done and will find out about that tomorrow. I'll be making goals concerning this tomorrow.
Went to our new Super D pharmacy today. It's really nice. It's on a corner like Walgreen's. Found some good vitimans and bought those while I was there. The doctor is going to call in my rx's tomorrow so I'll pick those up then.
I had a message on the phone that stated when you go back to Jonesboro to the doctor I want to go. I miss understood and thought she needed to go to the doctor. I went to check on her this morning. She was bored so we've planned an outing to Jonesboro Saturday.
Can you believe this!!!!! I had a call yesterday from my doctor's wife that I used to use in Osceola. Asking how I was and then told me that she and my doctor had been talking about me and they missed me. She asked me why I quit coming there and I told her. This couple has been like family to me when I worked for them. I misunderstood what he said the last time I was in there. I really have to listen to him closely because he still has his accent. They are from Tiawan(Miss spelled ) He's an excellent internal medicine doctor which is really what I need. Dr. T is only a GP but he does know his stuff.
Dr L is closer. So I made the decision to go back. She told me that they were going to Tiawan for a couple of weeks to check on there aging parents both whom are ill.
Went to Blytheville to check on my Verizon bill. Thought maybe I'd sent to many text messages. but I was told that when I suspended my internet services it was only for 3 months. I suspended it for another 3 months. I'm debating on getting either an I phone or a tablet/Ipad. Those are expensive so I'll probably upgrade my cell phone to an Iphone.

Glad the ds2 like his card and gifts. Tell him happy birthday from me also.
The pictures are gorgeous. I would love to visit Austrailia and New Zealand some day. Will put this on my list of places to visit.

Sorry you are having so much bad luck with Sears. I need to call them to do maintenance on my washer and dryer. And find out about the service maintenance that I purchased.

Get well soon. :hug:

I hate that you are in pain again. Myabe work will slow down some. Sending good thoughts for Mischief.

I have a good Pilates dvd called the Firm. You get an extremely good work
out cause it combines the cardio and strength exercises. I do need to add some weights too.

Hope your tooth and tongue are better. And Congrats on the raise. We didn't get on this year due to the economy.

01-05-2012, 08:43 PM
P.S. --This sight must have fixed there problems. I'm having none today. yeah.

01-06-2012, 10:58 AM
Good morning ladies,

Guess I forgot to get here yesterday. :o We went out and ordered another freezer, this time at the Sears store. We'll see what happens. If it comes dented again this time I will call Frigidaire and complain. Hopefully it will be all right :crossed: I never got a call but noticed one of the garden books I ordered from the library came in so DH drove me over to pick it up (it was dark out so I didn't want to drive). It's a really good book and I'm sure it will be very helpful. We are supposed to take a drive to Duluth today to 1) check out the city and 2) look at televisions but DH was snorting and snoring to wake the dead yesterday (he slept well with a sleeping pill :s: ) so I am kind of tired today - I finally went to another bedroom around 1am. It was nice and warm yesterday - over 42 degrees. It's been a very mild winter so far they tell me - people are concerned as there is a big international ski race here next month and we don't have the 10 to 12 inch snow base that is essential. It also hurts the tourist season up here for skiing and snowmobiling. I'm not complaining but I know it will have to hit sooner or later.

I also have to say that our new memory foam mattresses do wonders for the aches and pains in the back and legs. And foam mattress toppers just don't do the trick. I slept on our old sleep number bed this morning and woke up all achy with a sore back and knees. And I've noticed this a couple of times. Which also disputes the theory that being drier here is also a bit gentler on the body.

Mel, I am sorry that you are feeling poorly. I hope you get lots of rest. Eat soup, drink hot stuff and feel better :hug:

Shad - loved the pictures you've been posting. The blues are incredible - how gorgeous it is over there. Kind of neat about the seals too. I forget that you are as close to the bottom of the world as I am close to the top! I hope you find all of your accounting papers - a reminder that it's time to gather ours too.

Annie - hope your tongue is better and you get the tooth fixed. It's bad when one gets to the point that it's one crown after another. And I understand that sometimes things are so good that you wait for the bottom to drop out but STOP DOING THAT! :nono: :lol: Enjoy what you have for right now and don't invoke the self fulfilling prophesy. Hopefully Curtis will be a friend for the rest of your life. How nice of him to be thoughtful enough to pamper you. And good going on saving up for the wedding. It will always cost more than you think...

Ceejay - your pineapple cake sounded yummy. Enjoy a piece for me. Good luck with the doctors. Sometimes when they move away it's too inconvenient to continue seeing them. Not sure they always consider that.

Michelle - hope the aches have eased up a bit. Sorry to hear about your manager leaving. Companies make it hard for good managers to hang in there. This is (usually) never good news :( but I hope you get someone decent to fill their place. That's nice that DMIL wants to extend her visit with you - that says alot.

Laura - you are doing great with the exercise! Pilates is such a good workout. I guess you could combine it with Zumba and maybe one weights session (even if you did it at home) and get a very well rounded workout. I should have half your ambition :lol: Have you seen "We bought a zoo" yet at the movies? That would be one I'd be interested in seeing.

DH is asking when I'll be ready to go for a car ride - I'm thinking tomorrow but he would not appreciate it so I'd better go get ready. ;) We are going to try a local fish fry for dinner tonight. I'm hoping this place has baked as well as fried fish.

Happy Friday chicks. :wave:

01-06-2012, 12:39 PM
Hey ladies -

It's Springtime in January!!

It got up to 45 here yesterday, and will be even warmer today! It's positively spring-like! Almost all the snow has melted! Yay! Now if it could just stay this way until April/May and then get warmer! :crossed:

Working until only 2:30 today since I'm working this evening doing report implementations. In between today's work and tonight's work, I need to pick up some more meds for Mischief and maybe meet with a website client.

Speaking of Mischief, her blood levels were still really high, not extremely dangerously high like last time, just slightly dangerously high. Another medication adjustment and re-check in two weeks. I hope her meds that we ordered from Canada get here soon.

DH's cold is getting worse and worse. He was up all night coughing despite two doses of codeine cough syrup. He was going to call in sick to work today, but he got an email from his boss saying she was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. Even though it feels like spring outside...there are some nasty winter colds going around. I'm trying to stay the heck away from him and taking extra vitamins to keep me from getting sick.


Laura - Good for you on the Pilates classes and all the other classes. You are truly the exercise :queen:, but given Annie and Curtis' resolution...she may give you a run for your crown. I know what you mean about missing working out. I really, really miss it. I'm going to pull out the Wii Fit later today and get moving. A friend of mine got the Wii Zumba and she really enjoyed it, plus she said it was a great workout. I might go ahead and order it...or I could just use the Zumba DVDs and Biggest Loser DVDs that I already have. I just have to make sure I start out at a beginner level again.

Annie - I'm so glad to hear that Curtis is so good to you are to him. You deserve to be treated like the wonderful, loving woman that you are. I'm so sorry to hear about your co-worker's husband. It sounds like he's in for horribly painful surgeries. I can't even imagine what he's going through, but it can't be an enjoyable life. Poor guy. So wonderful that you and Curtis are going away for the weekend! So nice!!

Mel - Do you and the other tenants like to read? Annie is so kind and sends me and my DMIL so many wonderful books, I'm just wondering if you'd like me to send them on to you. If not, I'll donate them to the local library, which is what I tend to do with our books after we're done with them. I do hope you're feeling better, dear sista.

Ceejay - I hope the doc was able to give you something for the congestion in your lungs. We don't have Super D pharmacy's...but it's always nice to find one that has good products and good prices. I'm glad to hear you friend didn't need to go to the doctor...but just wanted an outing. How sweet that your former doctor's wife called and asked how you were. As for Iphone versus Ipad. DH and I each have Smartphones which are like Iphones but use Android apps. He has a Samsung and I have a Motorola. We like our phones very much, and the apps and games are fun and handy. DH also has an Ipad for work, which he brings home in the evenings and we both use. :shh:

Happy - Good luck with this new freezer! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is delivered in pristine condition. Melinda Myers writes great books about gardening in Wisconsin. I highly recommend her. She knows her stuff. Hope you have a nice drive to Duluth. We've been there once, when we were vacationing near Hayward one summer. As much as none of us want snow, I hope it doesn't affect the ski race or tourism industry. Interesting that the foam mattresses work better than the sleep number. We have a 3" thick foam mattress topper, but I'm still getting quite achey at night. As for my manager is truly a bummer, but we were getting a new manager in February due to restructuring. I am looking into applying for a promotional position back on the Ecommerce team, but I haven't heard if they're still accepting resumes. It will mean occasionally more hours...but not nearly as bad as it was when I worked on the Ecommerce team 5 years ago. I am also very interested in the "We Bought A Zoo" movie.

I'd better get back to it. Lots to get done today.

Much love and many hugs to you all,

01-06-2012, 02:01 PM
Poor Mischief. Hope her new dosages work well. DH may need to go to the doctor again to be checked. I hope he doesn't have pneumonia. We have you beat on temperature's today. Supposed to be in the lower 60. Wind is still a bit chilly. But I'm loving the sunshine. May get out later and wash my nasty car. The doctor did give me and injection and plus 3 rx's.

You sure are having a time with the freezer. Hope this one comes with out dents. Ate your piece of pineapple cake this morning.

Keep up with the exercise. You are doing great. I'm feeling better this morning so I rode the bike for 15 minutes.

Annie and Mel :wave:

Yesterday was a good day. Today is straightening up the house as I'm letting the neighbor clean Wednesday.
Think the injection was a full decadron injection. I was awake till 5.30 a.m. I'm sleep today so I may take a nap sometime this afternoon. I was looking at the ceiling in the bedroom and noticed how dusty it was. No wonder I keep getting sick. That all came down while ago. I need to change the air filter too.

01-06-2012, 05:44 PM
Hey girls...thought I would check in...

Getting ready to go meet Curtis's girls at Olive Garden for the Christmas dinner...Curtis usually waits till after Christmas for dinner with DDs, as it is so much easier and less stressful.......YEAH! I am ordering soup, salad and breadsticks...breadsticks that I will not eat...I cannot handle bread, but look out salad and soup...Pasta Fagoli...YUM...

Work has been extremely busy...which I LOVE LOVE days are going so dang fast...that I forget what time it is and work over...haha. I am sure they are taking advantage of my extra time at no

Co-workers hubby's status when I left work was,...the surgery, which started at 8 am..was going OK, but it would be a few more hours...yikes, that means, so FAR, he has been in surgery for 9 hours. My heart breaks for both of has to be absolutely AWFUL!!. Hubby does not want to live any more like this..and co-worker has tears in her eyes...jeez..I am thankful for EVERYTHING!!!

OK, girls, I need to blast off outta here....have a marvy weekend....and do something great for yourself!!

Loves, hugs and many blessings to you all..

01-06-2012, 10:07 PM
I love the soup, salad and bread at Olive Garden. Have a helping for me.

The doctor called and told me that my blood work was good. He lowered my dosage on Thyroid med and told me to take 2000mcg of B12. This should keep me from getting the injections each month. They are really happy that I've using them again. Doctor's wife talked to me after he was through. I'm glad to be back home. The only thing he was concerned with was the low hdl and told me I really need to bring this up as I have no protection from heart disease. It's more exercising for me. My hdl is always low.

01-06-2012, 11:55 PM
Hey y'all. Extremely busy at work today, so no time to post earlier.

Ceejay - a shot & 3 Rx's - not all for the same thing I hope!! Take care, feel better & good for you getting on that bike. :). Nice u heard from the doc's wife - so you're going back to him??

Annie - you're sounding happy as a clam w/ Curtis. Good catch!! You deserve a great guy like him chickie!! Get used to it!! Enjoy your weekend getaway. :love: Yeh, the day sure flies by when you're busy as heck, which I've also enjoyed this week. So sad about the mgr's husband - i hope the surgeries help his life become more bearable. Makes me count my blessings, for sure.

Happy - :crossed: re the new freezer order. How was Duluth?? Yeh, I prefer a well-rounded workout plan to a well-rounded Laura, lol. :lol3: Hope the weather remains mild but you get enough snow for the recreation $$.

Michelle - glad mischief's not in the high danger zone, and I hope you can get her blood levels to a safer zone. Hope your back starts to feel well enough so you can get back to exercise soon. Wii zumba- who knew?! :D

Hey Mel - Are u feeling any better today? Take care & get well soon, ya hear??!!

Hi Shad!!
What a gorgeous day today - is it really January in the Midwest???!!! Was up & about earlier this morning & enjoyed a beautiful sunrise out the kitchen window & walking to the train. And on the walk home, just enjoyed the mild air with no breeze/ wind to speak of. And lunch time was also nice to be out for a brief time in the sun. My kind of winter weather. ;)

Tomorrow is a circuit class, though I'm tempted to skip & run errands before we have to go to bf's bro's to visit w/ bf's niece & her son in town this weekend. Didn't know about that til yesterday, grrr. There goes a big chunk of my Saturday. Sigh. I could do a zumba class on Sunday instead of the Saturday class, but i like my lazy Sunday mornings...

Bed & book sounding good about now, so I'll get this posted & get into some jammies.

Nighty night Worldies!

01-07-2012, 05:51 AM
Evening all,
Been a fairly busy day. I don't seem to have stopped much today although I must admit I don't know that I have achieved all that much. Anyway today is done so it's time to wrap it up and put it to bed.

Tomorrow I have to get ready to go back to work. Damn, damn and damn. I have a list of things to make for lunches but I have to go to the shop to pick up some veges and stuff so I didn't get to them today. I did get to the gym today. First day back since I went to NZ in December. It was also weigh in day and surprise, surprise I haven't gained or lost. Although I have to admit to seeing 82.9 yesterday, but a bad days food put paid to that. I daresay it will be back sometime soon. It is still hot and sticky here even at 7.30pm and some of those pesky mosquitos seem to have got inside. I must spray the house shortly. Can't sleep well if you are being eaten alive.

Not much else to report. Good to hear Annie so happy and sorry to hear Mel is unwell. Ill be back with personals tomorrow.

I've uploaded some more photos - they are:
1. Wellington from the top of the Cable Care. The black building - middle ground has some interesting decoration at the top. The way the struts have been put in mean that when viewed with a cynical eye, the penthouse says HA HA. Don't know what it's proper name is but it is called the Ha Ha building.
2. Some of the rose garden at Lady Norwood Rose Gardens.
3. Peace pond at the Botanical Gardens
4. Brilliant orange rose. I'm not sure what I did to it, but whatever I can't correct it. It is what it is.

Better go do some more shredding. Then it is time for bed. Back tomorrow, have a good one.

01-07-2012, 09:33 AM
I'm loving this weather too. But this morning the sidewalks and streets are wet. Now it's supposed to turn cold again. Unfortunately the rx's were all for one thing. Then after the lab work came back I had three more, Yes, I've decided to stay here in town and use this doctor. They are like family to me.
I'm getting ready to go to Jonesboro today with friends.
I've got to get into the exercise habit again. My goal this week is 30 minutes on the bike at least and wear the pedometer. I want to burn 500 calories per day.--Gotta bring up the good cholesterol reading.

01-07-2012, 10:25 AM
Shad - Gorgeous photos. LOL, Ha Ha Building. Love the name. We have a building in Chicago that people call the White Castle building because the very top is lit up white at night and resembles a castle. White Castle, however, is a fast food chain in the US that is known for being a place to stop after a night of drinking to eat their little hamburgers, which are called "sliders". So it's not the most complimentary name... Yeh, I also need to prepare for next week's lunches - I'm going to be busy and would prefer to not have to go out to get something. I might buy some deli turkey and cheese and slap together a few sandwiches on wheat bread and freeze them. I was surprised the scale showed me a couple pounds lighter this morning. Not been snacking as much the past several day I guess.

Ceejay - Wow, sorry you need all those meds - is it the sinus/bronchitis stuff you've been suffering? I hope all that helps. Glad you're going back to a doc with whom you feel comfortable and confident. Good exercise goals. I need to get back to wearing my pedometer too! If the weater will stay mild for a while I hope to walk to/from the train station as much as possible. Bf got in the habit of picking me up in the evenings, but I actually like getting the fresh air after being indoors all day.
Okay, need to eat some breakfast before going off to my circuit class. I got into my workout clothes right away, and after that it doesn't seem so hard to get myself there.

Hope to also do some errands before going off to visit the bf's brother/niece/grandnephew. Need to pick up some contacts from the eye doc's office, for starters.

Okay, everyone have a wonderful day!

01-07-2012, 12:02 PM
Just a quick blow house, waiting on Curtis to get home so we can blast off on our get away. Washed pillows in my washing machine this morning...washer flooded the laundry floor in there has NEVER been so clean..forced me to do deep cleaning in there...gotta get on with the rest of the house.

Loves and hugs..

01-07-2012, 12:25 PM
Good morning chicks,

Aren't you jealous of me? Going to an Elvis impersonator show this afternoon. My cousin is taking her son who is a huge Elvis and Michael Jackson fan and I thought I'd tag along because no one should have to suffer through that alone :rofl: It's bright and sunny out - funny how all of you are raving about the warm temps - it's in the low 40's here and great, 50's to the chicks in the middle of the country and 60's down in the south. We all think it's marvelous. Me, I'm afraid that means we are going to get pounded something fierce and spring will be late to come. I guess it's unseasonably warm up this way although we still have snow cover here and the ground is just starting to peek out from under the trees. Either the deer are getting more comfy or they are getting more hungry. 6 appeared in the yard after DH put some corn out yesterday. And I don't think I will ever not be amazed driving down the road and seeing a bald eagle sitting in a barren tree and surveying the landscape. Yesterday we took a ride north into Duluth Minnesota to check out the town and look at some TVs - DH is looking to replace the old built in one that came with the house and is not working properly. It's a nice city sitting on frozen Lake Superior. A big transportation port I suppose - lots of cargo ships in one area. So we have shopping at our disposal - Duluth 90 minutes north, Rice Lake 60 minutes south, Eau Claire 2 hours south and if we were desperate Minneapolis 3 hours west. However Minneapolis is the frozen tundra of winter weather so we'd only go there in the summer :lol: It's also good that we don't have either room in the house or money for alot more so shopping is not so tempting any more. But it's a nice day trip once in a while. I find that as we settle in (8 weeks today) I am more content just to stay home. My gardening books I ordered are starting to come into the library - 2 more to pick up today - actually one is Diane Keaton's autobiography so I'll have lots to read this coming week.

Laura - I am familiar with the White Castle building - they built that after I left downtown - can't exactly recall but I think it's an insurance building? Have a good visit with the family and enjoy the fresh air and springlike weather.

Ceejay - I hope you get your sinuses resolved. It's much better up this way but I still have a drip once in a while. My sister said the nose spray helps alot but your body gets used to it and after a while you have to take it all the time. Don't know what's worse :dunno:

Shad - don't envy you those mosquitoes. I'll bet they are big and nasty. Nice picture of the rose - I take it that it's not naturally gray - something about the way the picture came out? But it's a lovely effect anyway. Are you in the throws of the summer heat now?

Mel - hope you are resting up and feeling a bit better today. :hug:

Annie - I hope you enjoy your outing with Curtis' kids and that they behave themselves! I liked being over busy at work too - as long as you can keep up with the pace. Makes things go by faster. Hope the surgery works out for the poor guy.

Michelle - thanks for the tip on the gardening books - I will check her out. I'm loving the consortium of 30 libraries we have in our area and grateful that ours is the town that has the library in it. As I said, I don't think the foam mattress topper does much, if any good at all. The downside of the foam beds (besides the price) is that they tend to be warm. I go to bed at night cold but warm up quickly with my lightweight down cover and an extra light blanket on my feet. By morning my feet are sticking out from the covers and I pretty much am just covered on my waist. DH had to give up the down blanket as he said he was too warm also. But I notice such a difference when I sleep on one of the other beds that I think it's worth it. And I also don't like that it seems to take months before the foam smell gets out of the mattresses. I hope things go well for you with the job hunt. Sometimes it's good that you work at a big place - more opportunities - but also sometimes it's also equally hard to move. I'm sure you will do well as you have skills my friend. :D

I need to get dressed, would be nice to go pick up my library stuff before my cousin gets here since the library is not open on Sunday. Have a great weekend chicks. :wave:

01-07-2012, 12:27 PM
Oh and last night I rented the movie "The Help" and DH and I watched it. I thought it was quite good although it was a bit far fetched - 1960's Mississippi and racism was much harsher than the book portrayed. Would have been more believable if they set it in Memphis or South Carolina. But still a good movie that I'd recommend.

01-08-2012, 05:17 AM
Hi all,
Had an e-mail from Jen this morning saying that Mel is very sick and if she doesn't improve will have to go to hospital on Monday. Jen is not allowed to go and see her because if she gets the bug then it may turn to pneumonia and Jen is underweight and fragile. So Jen is communicating via phone and leaving things outside the door in a cart. Apparently there are no drugs she can take for this apart from an iv antibiotics.

I guess Jen will keep us informed. She has no internet at her place and has to get permission to use the office computer to email me.

It has been infernally hot today with very high humidity. I am about to close up the house and turn on the air con since I am tired of sweating. Actually it is nicer out that in, but if I went out there to do anything I would bet that the bugs get me in an instance. They don't seem to take much notice of the bug repellent these days.
No the rose should have been a brilliant orange. No idea what I did to the camera settings to get that. Have another one as well where the flowers should have been red, red, red and they ended up gray but the foliage was fine. Go figure

Annie - hope you enjoy your weekend away. Have fun

Michelle - hope the dogs blood work is okay now.

Laura - I know what you mean about having got into the proper gear. You feel like you have to go then. I went off to the gym this morning. I must have work really hard because I can feel it in the arms and shoulders already. Lord knows what it will be like tomorrow.

Ceejay - all that medicine. Don't jump up and down, you will rattle.

I've made us lunches for the next few days today. It really wasn't the time for cooking although it wasn't too bad this morning. It was too muggy to work outside so it was best that I did that.
DS2 should be home soon. He has been out to the Mogerah Dam for the weekend. Hope he doesn't want dinner. There isn't any tonight.

Time to go and find some clothes for work tomorrow. Damn it. Back to work again.
Happy - I hope you enjoyed Elvis' impersonator. It's his birthday today - not the impersonator.

01-08-2012, 08:51 AM



01-08-2012, 09:48 AM
You and Jen feel better soon. Think a lot of this stuff is going around.

I may get the dvd of the movie Help. I've seen the reviews and looks okay. How did you like the "Elvis" concert. My uncle used to say that the deer told the other deer about their finds. They'll eat you out of house and home if not careful. But they are beautiful to wtch.

Hope your summer isn't an indicator of what ours will be. Try to stay as cool as possible.

My wellness goal is to build my good cholesterol level, and the good doctor said exercise was the best way to do this.
My girls day out yesterday was fun but exhausting. We shopped till we dropped. I didn't buy a lot. Bought a cd yesterday and brought it to work to listen to it today but some one, probably the boss, has taken the speakers. Also bought a pair of boots, to wear to work when the weather get's bad.
Had a phone call yesterday also from my little sis, Mary Ann. She has taken a different job in Branson, MO and is thinking about moving there. She's wanting a small condo. I told her that I wanted to come up in March.


01-08-2012, 02:14 PM
Good Sunday morning ladies,

Almost Sunday afternoon at that - been busy this morning reading finance articles and trying to make a meal plan and shopping list for the week.

The Elvis impersonator was REALLY cheesy but we had alot of fun anyway. I got yelled at by the lady sitting in front of us for making too many comments. She was right to say something but could have been nicer about it. The show was 2 hours long which was way longer than we thought it would be. Half the show was singing gospel songs which were not my favorite. The other quarter was patriotic songs which I guess he thought would appeal to the audience. He only sang about 3 Elvis songs which were all ballads. Didn't sing any of the rocking songs like Viva Las Vegas, Jailhouse Rock or Blue Suede shoes so that was disappointing. But it cost me a can of beans for the food bank to see it so we got our money's worth. All 3 of us had a good time - my cousin's wife is very funny with her dry sense of humor - she pops out these zingers that you don't expect. At one point the impersonator went to change into his really baggy fake Elvis jumpsuit and the 2 guys who accompanied him on guitar and drums did a 3 number set of country music - they were much better than the impersonator. But the crowd loved him so I guess me and J were the odd ones out :lol: He had on a really awful wig and baggy clothes but the crowd ate him up like the real deal. :dunno:

Got home last night and DH picked up my library books. Got Diane Keaton's tribute to her Mom - "Then Again". I read for about an hour, it's a different kind of book - many people panned it because they thought it would be more about her. I'd say it's an ok book so far, I wouldn't rush out to buy it. We have a consortium of 30 libraries in our system and while we might have to wait to get a book, I was surprised that I got this one in a week as it is still new - whichever library has it available sends it out so if there are 10 holds on the copy at your library and another has it available, they will send it out which I think is nice. I am glad to have a library again, for the ritzy town I lived in down south, they had a crummy library compared to what I left in Chicago.

Mel - I am so sorry to hear that you are ailing. (thank you Shad for the update). You have been having a pretty good year so far in keeping the bad germs at bay. I will be sending lots of good thoughts for you so that you don't have to have a hospital stay. :hug: I hope Jen gets some rest and gets better too. This is always a tough time of year - the cold should freeze things out but with less fresh air I think the cold bugs are more abundant. Relax and get your rest and come back to us soon.

Shad - I can just imagine how steamy hot it is by you. Bad with the humidity too as that gives off a sheen that the mossies just love to hone in on. Should be good for the garden tomatoes and not much else. Has DS finished the castle yet or is it like construction projects here and temporarily on hold? :lol:

Ceejay - I never got there but hear that Branson was a nice place. Hope things work out for your sister. This is not the one who got the nursing job, is it? DH has issues with low cholesterol too - I think they told him to eat more protein but I'm not sure. No matter what, I'm sure someone has advice on what to do :dizzy:

While surfing the internet the other night I looked up long term effects of Nexium - what I take to reduce stomach acid. I asked my doctor about taking this a long time, she said there are no issues with it except for occasional benign stomach polyps which are harmless. Imagine my surprise when I saw all over the place about NOT TO TAKE THIS LONG TERM. I've been taking it about 2 years now. Among other things you don't absorb B12, can cause a cough and other assorted things. I liked my doctor when I first saw her 6 years ago but the last 2 years she is not what I expected. I am looking forward to a new doctor here. In the meantime I am trying to cut back on the Nexium (can't quit it cold turkey without having a rash of long term stomach issues). Always something, huh?

I'd better get my shopping list finished. Now that I mentioned to DH that we have to go grocery shopping, he is ready to go so he can get some of his plans done for the day which is only fair. Have a good Sunday chicks. Special good stuff for you Mel :grouphug:

01-08-2012, 05:51 PM
Yes, this is the sis that lives near Springfield, MO. and the one who has graduated from APN school this spring.
The doctor told me to get the b12 strips that dissolves under your tongue. Goes straight to your blood stream. If you read most medications/vitamin etc each will have side effects. I always say use with care.
My body has quit making b12 which the doctor told me was heriditary.

01-09-2012, 06:45 AM
Quick one, just on my way to bed. This heat is getting impossible. 40 degrees just down the road from home today. 36 at my place. thats 110 and 102 respectively more or less. There will be many grumpy people around if this keeps up for long. 1 year ago we were under water and drowning, now we are being boiled alive. Such fun

Just off to bed for another restless night. Think I might just shut up the house and turn the air con on. Sleep is important.

Back tomorrow with more grizzles.

01-09-2012, 12:56 PM
Good morning ladies,

Shad your weather is reminding me of last summer - the 3rd hottest on record and the one that drove us out of the south. There's no way to stay cool except go into the office - pretty sad, eh? Then again you have to work to pay the heating bill. Hope you can find a way to stay comfortable - note I did not say cool.

Ceejay - thanks for the tip on the B12 strips, I will have to look into that.

Other chicks must be sleeping in this Monday. I hope you are resting comfortably Mel.

DH wants to find the property markers so he can start planning out the trails he wants to put through the area. Last week a hunter was roaming our property (not supposed to do that) uncomfortably close to our house. We watched a garden video last night which gave very good information on setting up a garden. So lots to do. He is getting antsy about me coming out to help him so I'd better get moving.

Talk later :wave:

01-09-2012, 01:43 PM
Hi ladies -

Sorry I didn't check in over the weekend. I didn't sleep well Friday night, so Saturday I couldn't attempt to put a couple coherent thoughts together and post. Sunday, I took DMIL and her sister out to brunch. DH was really sick all weekend, so he stayed home and rested. We had a lovely brunch, and then I took DMIL back to her sister's house, so she could stay with her for a few days. Unfortunately, DMIL is leaving on 1/18...but she's looking forward to coming back in the spring. She says her home is with us, as this is the only place where she feels comfortable, secure and wanted. If it wasn't for her medical issues and her insurance through the State of CA, I think she would've moved in with us long ago.

Anyway, when I got home from brunch, DH told me that our dear friend (wife of his best friend since junior high school) passed away at age 43. She was diagnosed when she was only 38 years old. She had recovered but the cancer came back 2 years later. The nearly constant chemo that was necessary to just keep the cancer under control became just too much and her liver failed. When DH talked to her husband yesterday and knowing how devastated he is surely makes our problems seem so very trivial. Talking to him today and knowing how devastated he is makes anything any problems I seem trivial. :( :cry: It breaks my heart that she's gone. She was such a lovely, caring woman. She did not have any children, but my heart breaks for her husband and both their families. :cry: The services are Wednesday afternoon/evening.


Mel - I sure hope you're not in the hospital. I'm so worried about you, sista. Having lungs that sound like the popcorn toy is NOT good. If IV antibiotics will help, then do what's best for you. Please take good care of yourself. Sending you and Jen lots of healing :hug: and :getwell: wishes. Love you.

Ceejay - DH went back to the doc last week. He doesn't have pneumonia, just an upper respiratory infection. He is doing a little better. It's just going to take time. What do you get the decadron injections for? It's good you can B12 supplements rather than have injections, and so good that he lowered your Thyroid med. Good for you on having low HDL. My HDL is a little high, and my LDL is a bit low (probably lower now that I haven't been exercising much for the past couple months).

Annie - Hope you had a nice dinner at OG with Curtis and his daughters. How was the weekend getaway? Any news on your co-worker's hubby?

Laura - I got a great laugh at your well-rounded plan versus well-rounded Laura (or in my case Michelle). I'll have to remember that when I'm trying to resist treats. I'm loving the warm weather too. Unfortunately, DH had to tell me that we get a few more days of really nice weather, followed by cooler temps, followed by freakin' cold temps. :yikes: :brr: I hope your visit with bf's brother and his family was nice.

Shad - Goodonya' for getting back to the gym, and congrats for not gaining over the holidays!! I loved the HA HA building and the pictures of the gardens! Thanks for the update about Mel and Jen. So sad that Mel may need IV antibiotics. No fun. Try and stay cool, my sista.

Happy - I do believe we are still going to get winter...after DMIL leaves...and you're right, spring may be late in arriving...but it can't be much later than mid-May, right? I'm sure the deer are getting more hungry and appreciate the corn your DH puts out. I love seeing bald eagles. We don't see too many of them here; we either have to head west to the Wisconsin River/Dells or north. Is Lake Superior frozen all the way across? Lake Michigan is not. DH has to drive to Rice Lake for work a couple times a year. He says it's a very pretty drive. I really love the library consortiums! It's great that even though we live "in the country", we can get books from so many libraries around the state. Thanks for the input about the foam mattresses. I talked to DH about it, and he said that our next mattress will probably be foam, but it will be awhile as we can't afford one now. An Elvis impersonator that only sang 3 Elvis songs?? WT_??? I'm glad you had a good time regardless and that you got your money's worth. Enjoy your quest for the property markers and planning out the trails.

Better get back to work. I have to finish a report and then send it for approvals.

Love and hugs,

01-09-2012, 02:16 PM
Morning all - or it was when I started this!

Mel - I sure hope you aren't in the hospital, but if that's what you need to clear those lungs, so be it! Just keep away from all the other germs hanging out there! Take care my friend, and get well soon wishes to Jen too!

Happy - I wouldn't have been happy either not hearing the more upbeat Elvis tunes, but it was a free show and it had some entertainment value for you, so that's that. I have a memory foam pillow and it does get warm, as does my latex/foam rubber one. There's always something. As for the odor - the foam is a petroleum product, so that's part of the lingering scent, and I've read that it should be contained in a cover to keep your air quality cleaner.

Shad - Wow, that's hot!! At least at work you've got AC and it's not on your dime. Hope the first day back at work wasn't too awful.

Michelle - Get well wishes to your dh - that's too long to be so sick. Too bad DMIL can't stay at your place year-round... So very sad to hear about your friend's wife dying. How devastating to the husband and other family.

Annie - How was the overnight getaway??

Hi Ceejay! :wave:
The visit w/ the BIL/Niece/grandnephew on Saturday was nice, just casual and not too many people either. The little nephew was a delight to be around, especially vs. his behavior last summer. I think he's 3 years old now and that's a fun age.

Exercise this weekend was the circuit class on Sat. morning. I upped the weight at several of the stations by 5 pounds, so it was more challenging than usual. Also had a long dog walk Saturday by the creek. Shorter dog walk Sunday because I had a chill even before I left the house and it wasn't nearly as nice weather as Saturday.

Did some grocery shopping Sunday and that was about it for Sunday. No, I take it back - I took down the Christmas tree, and that was the last of the holiday "un-decorating". Bf had taken down the outdoor decorations on Wed., and I put away all the indoor decorations on Saturday (other than the tree). We have all that stuff in a lot of plastic storage bins, and I had them all labeled nicely from years ago, but now a lot of the lablels are starting to fall off, and the contents don't always match the label anymore, so next year it might be time to re-organize that stuff. Might be a good time NOW to buy a few more holiday colored storage bins if they are on sale/clearance.

Okay, better get back to it - so much to do it's not funny.

01-09-2012, 03:05 PM

The decadron injection is for the sinsus infections. I've had enough of those for awhile.Glad that Dh doesn't have pneumonia. That's nice that you felt like taking DMIL and her sister out for brunch.

I 've been wearing my pedometer and getting a good amount of functional exercise but i still need to some cardio. You are doing well in the exercise department.

Whew on those tmperatures. I'd definately would turn on the a.c.

The bosses came this morning and started on the transfer pump. Think I hear them back down stairs. It's been very quiet with this other pump running.
I woke up with a headache this morning and it still hasn't gone away. My sinuses/cold are a lot better today. I am getting my sense of smell back.

01-10-2012, 06:52 AM
Uh, where did this afternoon and tonight go. Oh yeah, work, home, exercise, sleep in front of the tv.

I'll be back tomorrow. Night all.

01-10-2012, 09:30 AM
Your day sounds like mine.


01-10-2012, 10:01 AM
Good Morning Everyone...

Yes, at work...anyway.......

The weekend was marvelous...we really didn't do a whole lot. Went out to dinner, then layed around the hotel room watch the tube and drinking champaigne. Didn't sleep real well then woke up around 4 am with bathroom issues...sheesh....we went onto Curtis's 1 yr nephew's bd party at a pizza joint, similar to Chunky Cheeses but on a smaller scale, not crowded and more quaint...did play some skee ball and enjoyed that. We got home around 7 on Sunday night. Did some laundry and went to bed.

Went yesterday after work to pick up Hella B from sissy's house (she dogsat for us). HB didn't even care that I was there and actually ignored me and went on about her business...Lil Monkey was just waking up from a nap and was oh so cuddly....I hated to put him down as he was so sweet. Got us worldlies a bunch of sweet kisses from his cheeks and neck...

Curtis and I finally got started on our healthy eating and light exercise program. We both ate extremely healthy and then did some step arobics and floor exercises. Curtis is in charge of the exercises, and too cute. Most of the exercises remind me of what he did in the Army...but what the hey, it is getting my bunz moving. Today, I had 2 oz leftover grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast and greek yogurt for brekkie. 280 calories. I am trying to stick to about 1250-1300 cals a day. I have to figure out what to fix for dinner tonight. Curtis came up with last night's dinner....we made a huge garden salad (tomato, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, green onion) with a T of cheese. Then grilled teriyaki chicken breast on the outside grill, oh and I sauteed some fresh mushrooms in a tiny bit of olive oil. Orange for dessert. Had a glass of apple juice before bed.

NO ALCOHOL for me and NO SODA for Curtis. That is our two biggest NO-NO's. Also MORE WATER.

Really it is all logical healthy eating that we all already know..applying is the

Ceejay..hope you are feeling better from the doc visit. I do B12 shots once a month.

Shad...I still say you need to publish a picture book of your are sitting on a gold mine of pictures.

Happy...we rented the Help last week. We liked it but I agree with your comments about it all.

MELLIE...holy cow woman...stay away from that office, sick people and bitter cold, rainy, snowy are way too fragile for all of that. I certainly hope you are getting better and not hospital bound...Hugs sweet sister...feel better. sorry to hear of your friend's death at such a young seems sadder when they are younger. Beth, my co-worker's hubby is doing just ok. He lost a LOT of blood and has been given 10 pints so far. His BP has been running 70/50, way too low. All of the has to improve before the 2nd surgery can occur. It all sounds horrible.

Laura...lil kiddos are so cute and sweet...but then....they grow up and be

Better get this posted before I get in too much trouble.

Much love and many hugs...

01-10-2012, 10:14 AM
Okay...I'm working on the report from h*ll. Have been for about 3 weeks. Got the sorting worked out...but when I try to display only the top either shows every row (as if there were no Top 5 filter) or no rows at all. I know it has something to do with the filters in the other cells. Driving me crazy.

We finally have a microwave that works! Our built in one went kaput a few weeks ago, and with DH being so sick, he was too weak to bring the one that we had at our old house up from the basement and it was too heavy for me. So we had to "rough it" for a long time. Anyway, DH brought up the microwave Sunday night and it works great despite being idle for so many years.

Annie - I'm keeping your co-worker's hubby in my prayers. I hope he has a common blood type so they have an ample supply. I'm O Neg, universal donor, so I donate as often as possible and try and keep my iron levels up so they don't turn me down. I'm glad you and Curtis had a nice, relaxing weekend away, and :bravo: for getting with your exercise program. I've got a bunch going on the next few days (friend's funeral, spending time with DMIL before she goes home on Tuesday or Wednesday, etc.), but I am going to get back with exercising. I went through all my exercise DVDs and I have a few "beginner" ones to rotate with my Wii Fit. :)

Mel - Sweetie, I hope you're getting better. I'm worried sick about you. Sending you lots of love, hugs, and :getwell: . Even my 3 doggies are sending you get well wishes...and they truly are the best nurses. Don't worry, Schnauzers are fairly hypo-allergenic since they don't they shouldn't make you sneeze or get stuffed up.

Big waves :wave: to Shad, Ceejay, Happy and Laura!!

Gotta prep for a meeting in 45 min.

Love and hugs to all,

01-10-2012, 11:00 AM
Morning all. Meeting in 10.

Ceejay - Has the noisy pump issue been resolved yet?? Aaargh, I keep forgetting about the pedometer!! Thanks for the reminder.

Shad - Full day for you.

Annie - Good job with the healthy eating and the exercise!! Nice to have a partner in your efforts I bet. Bf is not exercising at all except for the weekday dog walks. So much for the new gym membership - I think he's gone once, maybe twice since he joined in the fall. He's a bit better with being considerate with food. If it weren't for my weight and bp issues, he'd never give a thought to regularly having veggies as part of a meal. Sigh.

Michelle - I hope you get the report working before it gets the better of you and your sanity. Nice you had the spare microwave to turn to, and that it still works! They aren't great for much actual cooking, but oh how we rely on them!

Mel - Hang in there!!!

Hi Happy!
Meeting soon, and nothing much to report anyway. Tonight's movie is We bought A Zoo.

01-10-2012, 01:54 PM
The part for the noisy pump is being replaced. It's taking them a long time. So this may go on tomorrow also.

Glad you had a relaxing week end.

Hope you get the kinks worked out of the reports.

Nothing to report in my little corner of the world.

01-10-2012, 09:45 PM
Hey Gals...

Not much going on ...made pan seared steak and mashed garlic potatos for dinner...not to bad..I only ate a small portion. Then made homemade chicken pockets to take to sissy's tomorrow night for dinner. Will bake tomorrow night. Greenbeans to go with, maybe something else..depends on my mood after work tomorrow's work day.

Curtis found out today his company filed bankruptcy. He doesn't know what all it means to his position but has decided to ride it out. I told him that only good will come from it and he will come out smelling like a rose. He went to bed tonight at 7:30, he was exhausted from the stress of the work day and the stress of all the jibber about the bankruptsy....God love him. His eyes were even blood shot and had a headache...I think part of that was from not drinking soda and had to do with caffeine...and stress.

Anyway, I am having major ME when I lived by myself...kind of miss that in one way and don't in the other...mixed feelings. lol And Tuesday night TV S.U.C.K.S.!!! Have it on for the noise.

Laura...Curtis and I went to see We Bought a Zoo last was good...I really liked it. Hope you enjoyed it too!

Chelle...walk away from the report and have an iced tea..go back to it and wham it will come to you...the little bitty cell that was messed up. I hate that. It always ends up being such a minor detail that can P*ss you off so much..dang it anyway...wish DMIL could come live with you full time, you all have such a great time.

Ceejay...nothing going on in your corner of the world is good...peace is always good.

MELLIE...I am worried about you sister...praying for your health...dang it...

Well, better finish up my chores so I can go to bed. Not really tired, but know I have to get some sleep so I can fight the BS tomorrow.

Much Love and bunches of hugs....

01-10-2012, 11:44 PM
Afternoon all,

Michelle - reports hah! No if it is an Excel type report with pivot tables, is there any set criteria in any of the other cells? That used to drive me to drink when I was doing Excel reporting. Nothing would show, or everything would show. Sounds remarkably like your problem.

Annie - the new food regime sounds good. I hope that Curtis doesn't have an employment problem. It's really an unhappy time for workers over there at the moment despite your Pres. Obama telling us that unemployment has dropped and the private sector is creating all these jobs. Might just drop into Sissy's for dinner tonight. Is sounding interesting.

Laura - let us know how you enjoyed the Zoo movie. It is one of the few that looks like it might be worth my getting out and going to the movies.

Happy - yep been a bit warm you might say, and there is more where that comes from as well we are told. Need to get out and water the garden tonight if I get home early enough. It seems that everyone wants me to do doco for them that they have been too lazy to get around to. Plus the fact that I have a couple of manuals to do, I might have to work longer hours this week. It's a hard life. Hope you sort out all the trails etc. Bummer on the hunter trying his luck on your wildlife sanctuary. Better put up notices.

Haven't heard back from Mel apart from the fact that she is at home. I think she was copying everyone in on that.
Yesterdays exercise was very hard going. I went for the normal route and it was around 5.30pm. The first run part of it is uphill and I swear I was leaving a wet trail behind me as I slogged up hill. The second part is downhill and that wasn't so bad but I reckon that anyone who heard my breathing probably thought I was gasping my last. By the time it got to the 3rd and 4th legs, I was totally saturated. I just wish that all that effort would lead to quicker weight loss.

The new steel for DS2's castle arrives today or tomorrow so he will be able to get a bit more finished over the weekend. He did want it so that he could put up a couple of sheets per night during the week, but it hasn't worked out that way. Maybe next week the castle will be completely covered and waiting for the roof ridges and flashings and finally the roller door. Then we can put all the photos together and watch it being built again.

Meantime, I had better go and do that which I am paid to do. I've been emphasising to the BigT that since he is farming me out to all areas of the project now I really want a fabulous reference out of this job. Only gold plated and diamond covered will do.

01-11-2012, 10:44 AM
Morning all.

Annie - Poor Curtis re his employer's bankruptcy. But it doesn't mean the business won't go on, so tell him I said to hang in there. I enjoyed "We Bought a Zoo" more than I thought I would. I suppose I thought it might be all cutesy, but it was definitely much more than the zoo bits - good relationship stuff in there too. Hmmm, chicken pockets - anything that has a pastry/crust on it always sounds good to me, LOL. Hope it turned out yummy, and enjoy your time at sissy's tonight.

Shad - Good you let your expectations be known re the references! I can certainly imagine all the sweating if you're exercising out in that heat - and all the water being guzzled to replace fluids. As I mentioned to Annie, I enjoyed the Zoo movie, and it's probably worth your time.

Hellos to the rest of my Worldy pals. :) :wave:
Nothing to report at the moment. Got the early train again this morning, but doesn't feel like I got a jump like I did the past couple times. Of course posting here isn't exactly getting the job done, lol. But when I think about it, this is right about the time I'd be arriving, so I guess I'm still ahead a bit.

Tonight's the Pilates class.


01-11-2012, 01:13 PM
I heard on the news that Hostess is going bankrupt. Ugh. Don't take away my Twinkies. May need to stock up on those.
Yeah, No more loud pump noise. It does have some vibration but I can deal with that.

The chicken pockets do sound good. Also read on FB that lil Monkey is up to 9 pounds. He's really growing.

With your's and Annie's review I may have to go see We Bought A Zoo.

Thanks for the updates on Mel. Glad she is back home. I'm not sure how you are surviving the exercise outside with all that heat and humidity.

01-11-2012, 01:53 PM
Howdy folks,

We had a couple of days of nice weather but it's about to get cold and snowy again. Not as bad as Michelle and Laura might get out of this latest storm - I think we'll get more cold and snow. We did go out for a walk on the property the other day. Lots of brush to cut back so it wasn't as fun as it will be when we make some walking paths. It was a nice sunny day so afterwards we sat on the patio for a while - no wind and warm sun so it was actually quite nice out. It's also terribly bright in our kitchen from the chalet windows. The are trapeziod shaped near the peak of the house so we stopped at a window treatment store to find out what our options are - all expensive of course. We don't want to block the windows but need to do something for the few hours the sun shines. I did some cooking too but have hit a slump in that department. The last few meals I've made are not quite as good as I would like them to be. And we have to finish up the food because we can't afford to be wasting stuff. Not sure what the issue is. Maybe I just still with the old tried and true instead of experimenting.

I saw the news about the Hostess bankruptcy too. Saw that it's mostly the pensions that are killing them. I can understand that with people living longer. However companies are pushing out their older workers and that is causing people to claim earlier. Also they say that today's smaller workforce is also creating a problem for pensioners. I don't understand that, especially since alot of the workforce is outsourced in bigger companies. I think if you have worked for a company for 20 years or more (as you mostly had to do in order to get a pension), that company owes you something back. Within reason of course. It's annoying to see big bonuses paid out to management and the little people who made the company profitable get stiffed. It's also annoying to see that our congress members are entitled to a full pension after serving only one term - totally opposite of the private sector where cash in hand was related to a combination of your salary and length of service. Ok, off soapbox.

Annie - I hope Curtis will be ok. Sometimes bankruptcy gives them a chance to restructure. Never sure of how long you'll have a job today no matter who you work for. :( Glad to hear the baby is growing strong and catching up to where he should be. Had a rough start but he's a fighter ! I heard that We Bought A Zoo was good - that's one I'd also consider actually going to the movies to see. I hear you on wanting some me time occasionally. Send Curtis out for a night with the boys :lol:

Laura - I always found it hard to get back in gear coming back to work in January. It's cold, there's nothing to look forward to and you get off your rhythm over the holiday break. Also the trains and traffic are back to being crowded again :( I think guys are either gung ho gym rats or avoid it. My DH was never one for the gym - I'd try to drag him in and he finally admitted that he didn't like it and it was a waste of money for him.

Michelle - I hope you finally got your report working. That can be so frustrating to figure out and once you do, it's just a teeny thing that you totally missed. Glad you got a working microwave again too. I think I'd miss that more than my stove. Well not really, but you need both :)

Shad - can't imagine slogging up a hill when it's so hot and humid out. Did you go after work when the heat of the day set in? Sounds like the castle is quite the project - will there be a tower at top and window so you can gaze out at the world? :lol:

Mel - how are you today? Good thoughts to you :hug:

Ceejay - maybe you could do a bit of powerwalking on your trips around the plant to get in a little cardio?

I'd better get off the computer and go get some things done before the day is totally shot. Later chicks...

01-11-2012, 01:54 PM
Hi ladies -

Well, after many hours yesterday and with the help of a report expert, we finally got the report to display accurate data in the way that the end users want to see it. Problem runs for 3 hours and then times out. So now I've asked another team to try running the same report using a different tool to see if it delivers the output files faster. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I have to present this report for preliminary approval this afternoon.

Tomorrow, we're supposed to get hit with approx. 9" of snow. Normally, I would just be able to work from home; however, I have a mandatory transition meeting with my new manager, followed by a mandatory ethics training class that everyone in the entire company must attend annually.

And Friday, I have all-day training for our new reporting no working from home for me this week.

After work today, DH and I are going to our friend's funeral. So very sad. My heart breaks for her husband. He's completely devastated, of course.

No time for personals today...I'm still struggling to get the report to successfully complete before my afternoon meeting.

Hopefully I'll have more time to post tomorrow.

Love and hugs,

01-11-2012, 03:41 PM
Well, in case you have not figured it out...Curtis works for Hostess....just Great!

01-12-2012, 12:18 PM
Wondered if Curtis work for Hostess. Things will work out for the best for him.
It's sad that all these huge corporates are having to file bankruptcy.

It sounds like you had a nice day yesterday. Would love to go on a walk in the woods at my uncles but it is to wet and cold.

Glad that you all got the reports to run. That has to be frustrating.

Woke up this morning but not in time to see the snow flurries. The wind is blowing very hard and it's cold. I like those mild day's.
Good news is that I've lost weight this week, 7 pounds. I'm thinking it's mostly fluid pounds. I feel a lot lighter, less bloated and ankles are not swollen. This new fluid med is time released and works a lot better.
I'm dreading on going to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor today. I feel it's a waist of my time. The antihistamine's and decongestant seems to be working that my doctor gave me. Going to ask if the APN will write me a rx for this to use after this runs out.

01-12-2012, 01:03 PM
Just wanted to let you all know that I'm here. I'm still having some difficulty dealing with my friend's passing. It's just not :censored: fair. She and her husband were such a great couple. She was so beautiful, strong and fun loving. He is such a fantastic guy. He shouldn't have to go through this.

Anyway, I'm trying to stay focused on the piles of work I have, and wishing I didn't have mandatory meetings all afternoon, and mandatory training all day tomorrow. I guess the positive aspect is that I'll be so busy that my mind will be kept occupied.

I really have to get to exercising and eating healthy. DH said seeing what his friend is going through makes him very concerned for my healthy.

Just a few quick personals:

Mel - I'm worried about you sista. I hope you feel better soon.

Annie - So sorry to hear about Curtis' company. I read that his company doesn't plan layoffs at this time. I'll keep him, you, and your whole family in my prayers. Love ya, sis.

Ceejay - Congrats on the weight loss. You lost weight and I found it. I hope you're able to get an rx for the meds that actually help you.

Happy - Looks like the storm won't be the barn buster that was originally predicted. 3" - 7" total (I hope), and the plows should be able to keep up with that. It's just started snowing now. We have windows in our house that let in blinding light...mostly the patio doors to the family room, making it difficult for me to work in there on my work from home days. Luckily the blinding only lasts an hour or so, so I can handle that. As for recipes...I've checked out some Cooking Light Cookbooks from the library. I'll let you know if I find anything interesting.

Laura - Bravo on all the exercising!

Shad - Your hike sounds like quite a workout. I'm so hoping that my back is well enough for hiking by springtime. :crossed: Good for you for telling BigT that you expect a fabulous reference. I look forward to seeing photos of the castle. :)

Well, gotta go. *sigh* I'm so grateful that I have you all in my life.

Much love and many hugs,

01-12-2012, 01:12 PM
Morning all.

Ceejay - Oh, I wouldn't worry about the demise of the Twinkie - even with all the info we have on healthy foods and not healthy foods (guess which category Twinkies fall into), people still want this stuff. I rarely eat that stuff (I have a whole host of other junk food I like), but I have fond memories of hot dog and hamburger days at school. We alternated months with hot dogs and hamburgers, but the side was always chips, and the dessert was always Suzy Q's! Good to hear the new fluid pill is working better for you! Wow, 7 pounds is a lot! :)

Happy - Living in a ranch house, the only real window covering dilemna was for a skylight we installed. We have a blind for it, and a looong pole/hook to adjust it. The only time we really need the blind to be closed is in the heat of the summer; in the winter I always wish the skylight was completely uncovered, but we can't have it both ways, darn it. Good luck to you. Would a window film that looks like frosted glass be any help? I imagine it would eliminate strong glare. One of our master bedroom windows looks right onto our neighbor's driveway and we covered that one in that type of film and it's perfect - allows light & privacy, and there was no view to lose anyway.

Michelle - So hard to deal with the loss of someone way too soon! :hug: Too bad you can't work from home today and tomorrow. Safe travels my friend!

Hellos to everyone! Mel - hope you're feeling better now!
Nothing much to report. Good Pilates class last night. Wish I'd also taken the Monday night class as well. Oh well, next session I think I will!

It's been a struggle making the early train, and I swear it seems to arrive early and, more importantly, leave about a minute early, which only makes matters worse. Haven't missed it this week, but I've had to hustle my butt to make it.

It's snowing...we'll see how much we have to deal with on the evening commute. The boss will likely leave a bit early, and the admin hopes management tells us to leave early. The boss said go ahead and leave early if you need to, but she advised taking home our laptops, just in case. I take the train so I don't think it's a huge deal for me...and it's not all that much snow anyway...

Nothing planned tonight, so that's good. Why be out driving in the "storm"? I don't remember the media/weather folks calling them storms back then. It's not like it's a blizzard. Knock wood.

01-12-2012, 04:51 PM
Morning all,
It will be a long and busy day today as I have at least five things to finish before the weekend and they have to be on the intranet by COB Monday. Oh goodie. Weeks of no work and it is all to be done TODAY. So I have brought the car into Morningside and caught the ferry into town. By the time I get through today, it will probably be past peak hour traffic.

Haven't heard back from Mel but she did say that she would be out for the rest of the month. Maybe we didn't make the title nasty enough.

Annie - sorry to hear about the problems with Curtis job. Life, it seems, was never meant to be easy. Still the other parts of your life seem to be going okay. It's not all bad.

Michelle - Sorry to hear of the friends passing and my sympathies go to her husband/ partner. It's difficult when someone either the same age or younger passes because apart from missing them we are reminded of our own mortality. Maybe it would help if you could organise a private memorial of your own dedicated to your friend in a place where you used to enjoy meeting and/ or doing things and invite the husband to participate. Spend some time remembering the fun bits. It makes no difference to her now, she is at peace and no longer in pain or despair. This is for you and she would not want you to be troubled or feel guilty over her death.

Laura - Sometimes our trains seem to be early too - it is generally when I am running late. But on the whole, their timekeeping is not too bad. I just think they are slow as all heck and wish that someone would make a timetable that works for the inner suburbs, the outer suburbs and those that live more than an hour out in any direction. Surely there could be more express trains for those of us who live 45 minutes out.

Happy - Have you thought of putting the anti glare, sun film in. It works like tinting in a car and just cuts off the worst of the glare. You wouldn't want to take away the view up there.
Seems to be taking time to get to grips to your new stove. Always a problem that. I'm sure that by the time I get over there you will have sorted it all out and gourmet meals will be the order of the day.

Ceejay - if you feel better without the medication, then don't take it. I don't think it does anygood longterm for things like antibiotics and antihistamines and anti anything really.

Better get on with my day. I'm not getting stuff done being on here.

01-12-2012, 08:46 PM
It's shivering cold outside.:brr:

Been to the E N T's office. The A P N is going to let me try the histamine for awhile to see if this strength is sufficient. She told me to come back when needed. Yeah. I wish that I could come off these things but I'm not sure if it's possible. I think my immune system is very low. I'm working on building that back.

We had snow flurries on the way to Jonesboro today.

:hug: Michelle,
Shad has some very good advice.

It's a good night to stay in and drink something hot. To be honest I haven't had a Twinkie in a very long time. It's just the thought of really not having it again.

01-13-2012, 03:14 AM
Hi ladies,

Late post for me. I started earlier but got distracted.

Michelle - I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I understand completely how difficult it is - why do the good ones die young? There is no reasoning other than to accept that whatever they were put here for, they have accomplished and moved on. Honor their memory by trying to be the kind of person that they were, and do a bit of the things that made them so special to you. :hug: I like Shad's idea of a personal memorial. I will only repeat what I always do in these cases, give DH an extra big squeeze, tell the people you love how you feel about them because we never know what tomorrow will bring and all too often we drift through the days until something like this hits us like the proverbial brick in the head. Giving you a big hug and a box of Kleenex tissues. The soft kind. Did your new report get approved?

Shad - I hope you pulled the wand out and were able to make headway on the impossible deadline list. Yes, we did consider the film. The lady at the window store suggested a commercial grade and it has to be applied by people who know what they are doing, else you get bubbles (her way of saying not too many people here who know what they are doing with that ;) ) also I had read that the film can take up too much heat and crack the window(s). This is a concern as the 4 windows get full on sun. We did see some solar shades which just filter the glare but let the light in. And since the shade would be way high up on the "2nd" level we would probably have to get them motorized which triples the price. We are thinking about it. My Mom will have a terrible time here in the house with her macular degeneration and since it runs so rampant in the family, I have my concerns too. Are you in the throws of the heat of summer? Have the tomatoes bloomed yet? How's the crop looking? We may consult you on building a rain barrel - an idea we are kicking around. When you come to visit we may take a walk down to the lake to catch dinner and have a pick in the garden for side dishes. Deer will not be served ;) Finally I guess we have learned our lesson on thread titles. From now on... nasty as it can be :devil:

Laura - we considered the frosted window film too - white will not absorb the heat that a black tint will, but we realized that we often watch the deer from the loft area through those windows. Maybe we just have to plant a couple of fast growing shade trees in the front yard, however that would require relocating the septic system - probably cheaper to put in shades :lol: Did you wind up getting much snow? You've had a pretty mild winter so far. Do you have issues with ice build up in the gutters? I hear you on just missing the train. I would set my watch and car clock 4 or 5 minutes early just to trick myself. Does BF drop you off at the train? Sometimes I swear things would conspire just to be late - like a misplaced glove or an overly long traffic light. :dunno:

Ceejay - I'm sorry you are having such a hard time getting your nose cleared up. Not sure if you can ever get off the meds with the cotton in the area and all the flowers of the south. I am still having residual issues here and there's nothing growing and it's frozen outside so unfortunately I think we have inherited a life long problem :( and I haven't found anything much in the way of homeopathic things to try - particulary since they say your system gets used to the antihistamines after a while. Congrats on the great weight loss. Keep up the good work!

Hi Mel :wave: hope you are resting and giving everyone around you a hard time :rofl: I would offer you some recoup time here but winter has hit again and I have neither warmth or sunshine to offer you. But lots of good tea and I make a mean soup :D

Annie - I can't believe how the baby is growing. Loved the pictures you posted on FB. I hope Curtis is not getting stressed out. Take each day a day at a time.

We are going to a fish fry (we hope) for Friday dinner out. There is some preliminary ski race in town (the snow came in just in time) so we hope the restaurant won't be too crowded. I am a bit concerned as some of these fish fries are like long lines of folding tables at banquet halls - that is NOT DH's style sitting elbow to elbow with strangers. However, we do need to get out and meet some new people :?: :dizzy: The Humane Society needs volunteers to clean the cat kennels. I told DH we should do one day a week. Not so sure he's keen on the idea, if not I may go myself even though I don't have a reliable allergy med right now and the long hair kitties will really bother me. I think the truth is that DH is afraid I will come home with 6 cats as I am such a sucker :rofl: I can say it should not happen, can't say it won't ;)

I really need to get to sleep - should have gone an hour ago but I did want to get a post in. Sweet dreams everyone. Sweet cat nap for 3 minutes Shad ;)

01-13-2012, 09:38 AM
Happy Friday ladies -

Yay!! It's Friday!! We got about 8" of snow yesterday, and had some drifting overnight. Yesterday afternoon, there was a big wreck on the freeway I normally take to get home, and there were also cars in the ditch. Luckily I knew about the wreck before getting on the freeway, so I took the side streets, which were plowed but a bit slippery in parts. It took a bit longer, but I made it home did DH. This morning, the side streets were a bit slippery, but the freeways were clear (of course some drivers still managed to get their cars in the ditch this morning too).

I'm going to be in training all day today...and then I have a meeting with a website client after work. Training starts in about 15 minutes, so I don't have time for many personals...sorry. But I do REALLY appreciate all your love and support and good advice about dealing with my friend's passing.

Shad - Do you know if Mel is in the hospital? Or recuperating at home? Or why she is away 'till the end of the month? Good luck getting all your stuff done. I have many days where I'm swamped like that...where everything has to be done TODAY.

Mel - Sending you much love and many hugs. :getwell:

Gotta go.

Much love and hugs to all,

01-13-2012, 10:47 AM
Good Morning and TGIF FO SHO this week...didn't make it out of the office til almost 5 last night and the traffic was nuts with this snow. Took me 10 minutes to get to the highway this morning as they had not plowed any of the roads. It normally takes me about 2 minutes. ***RANT*** Brainless people STAY HOME when it snows. I do not leave space between me and the car in front of me so you can swerve in.**** My BP has to be up...I got up angry for what reason I do not know....was angry at the stupid drivers...have put out 2 of the 3 fires going on and it is not even 10 am yet. The third fire will take some waiting on a better mood. My head is splitting from all the crap. OK done...

My doc appt was good on Wednesday...BP 123/78...of course that is because I have to take BP meds....healthy eating is going great..exercising is slowing down...Every evening since Tuesday there has been interferring issues to keep me from exercising. Tuesday was getting a new battery in my car then it wouldn't run worth a hoot. Had to go back and get a fuel injector additive to put in gas is all good now..fingers crossed...Wednesday night was sissy's house...last night was shoveling snow..maybe tonight we can get back at it.

Curtis was in a better mood as Hostess filed Chapter 11 which is Re-org rather that throw in the towel...and being there 23 years, he seems to be pretty safe at the moment...however we all know no one is safe. Smiles EVERYONE!!

MELLIE....I do hope and pray you are getting healthier every day..I miss you sweet sister. Hugs

CHELLE...Hope work has slowed down some...but knowing you, you will fill it up with something else...stinker sister.

SHAD...sounds like you are putting out fires also....may the force be with you..nanu nanu! is the Pilates class going? I heard Pilates is hard so I have never attempted it...on a scale of 1 easy - 10 hard, what would you say Pilates rates?

CEEJAY...Seems like the older we get the more meds we have to keep getting old....something wrong with that picture...hope the antihistimines help.

HAPPY....aren't you dang glad (happy) that you don't have to get out and go to work in all this I am jealous...hugs sweet sister..enjoy!!

Everyone stay warm/cool....and safe...get healthy...

Love and hugs

01-13-2012, 11:12 AM
Morning all. TGIF and payday, whoo! The week went quickly for me - keeping busy at work.

Michelle - Glad you got home safely. People just need to slow down and keep a longer stopping distance when it's like this - why do they think their cars can perform as good in the snow as they can on dry pavement?? Hope your training is helpful.

Happy - Enjoy the fish fry tonight. Re your windows - if there's a nice view, I definitely wouldn't want to block it, so I guess the motorized shades will be more desirable. Gosh, it would be nice to volunteer, but you might need to take a paying job for a while to buy those pricey blinds, lol. Re the train - sometimes I will ask bf to drop me off at the train if I'm running late or the weather is crummy, but usually I like to walk so I get some exercise and fresh air. He has made a habit of picking me up from the train at night in the colder weather, but even then, I'd prefer it if he limited it to just the very cold or rainy weather.

Shad - Hope you got everything that needed doing done. Hate that wait around then rush-rush! Thanks for the update on Mel, but I'm concerned when you said she said she would be out for the rest of the month - is she in the hospital? I worry so much about people spending time in the hospital with all the dangerous bugs to which already weakened people are vulnerable.

Ceejay - I wish you didn't suffer from that sinus stuff. What can be done to boost one's immunity? The one thing I know for sure that lowers my immunity is when I don't get enough sleep, so I usually don't mess with that.

Hi Annie!! And Mel, if you're checking in or Jen is doing so for you - sending hugs and healthy vibes! :hug:
Nothing much to report. Another morning where I barely made the train. Sigh. I have to make my departure time a minute earlier and actually leaving on time would help too! But I did it 4 days in a row this week, so I just need to keep at it and soon I will have a new routine established.

I'm hoping that the forecast still includes some above-freezing temps on Sun & Mon so that the snow melts. I generally don't mind snow, but when a lot of folks don't bother to shovel, it makes the walk to/from the train a real PITA. I will actually be glad for bf to pick me up tonight because I won't have to slog through unshoveled snow. This morning I walked in the plowed street at least half the way, but I would never do that at night.

Not much planned for the weekend, thankfully. I need to do laundry, return a pair of boots, borrow the next book club book (The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold), and I dunno what else.

I definitely need to restock my tea supply - I've been drinking the stuff the employer provides at the office and it's swill. It's the Flavia beverage system (I think it might be called something else now) and the meager tea choices available to us are Lemon Calm (fine, but it's herbal), Green/Green w/ Jasmine (gag to both, I HATE green tea) and what I usually drink, English Breakfast (pretty awful). Maybe I need to check out the other choices that are available and see if I can get our office services folks to try another flavor. The coffee folks have at least twice the choices we do...

Okay, enough rambling, time to hit it.

01-13-2012, 11:35 AM
Annie you're the sneaker-inner! Hope your day gets better - yeh, the bad drivers should just stay home and shovel their sidewalks, LOL. BTW, shoveling is good exercise, so I say you should definitely count it!

Hmmm, I think the type of exercise people find difficult is generally subjective. For instance, I hate huffing and puffing through heavy cardio workouts, and if I could get away with not doing it, I would. But Pilates doesn't seem so tough to me when I can leave class not having broken a sweat and feeling serene. But you do have to focus on the movements very closely to get the benefit. I think if you're doing it right, it can be very challenging. The other night towards the end of class, we did a plank and the instructor said, "five minutes left of class, let's see if we can make it" - she was joking, of course - thank gawd because at the moment I could not probably go more than 30 seconds! (Note to self: need to do planks while watching tv and build up my time.) I give Pilates a 6 or 7. Borrow a dvd from the library and try it out. The focus is your entire core, including the back, so it's not just like doing non-stop crunches.

Sorry you needed a new battery - or did it turn out to not be necessary after all?? If not what a waste to have bought one, unless of course you had an old battery that would have needed replacing soon anyway. There's always something with cars. :shrug: We're coming up on the 90,000 mile service on ours and I have no idea how much that'll cost, before even considering whatever repairs they might tell us we need on top of the usual maintenance work. Brace!!

Stay warm and have a good weekend!

01-13-2012, 01:12 PM
Good morning everyone,

We got about 3 and a half inches of snow. It did start off yesterday as a misty rain so the snow was crunchy instead of the usual powder. I helped DH - I think he had more fun on the ATV with the plow than I did with the shovel but as Laura said, I'm counting that as exercise along with the usual 10 to 12 flights of stairs I climb on a routine basis each day.

Annie, cutting into the safe space I leave to drive in bad weather is ONE OF MY BIGGEST PET PEEVES :mad: :mad: :mad: !!!! Especially when according to the law if you hit someone in the back it is generally your fault. DH said not to get upset, when someone is cutting in like that if you do hit them it's generally on an angle as they cut in and would not be your fault. But again, who wants to get into an accident on purpose. And yes, one of the best things about not having to go to work is not caring what the weather is going to do other than plans to make sure I have enough groceries to tide me over. I'm sorry your day is going so crappy - maybe you have to get the bad stuff out of the way so you can have a good weekend with your family :hug: Just don't grit your teeth - bad for your smile :D Good going on keeping up with the healthy eating plan - especially since you love to cook up a storm. (You'd be the one I'd want to be stuck with if we were snowed in ;) )

Laura - I agree with your comment about exercise. Outside of Zumba, can't think of what would be "fun" exercise, although I do like swimming. That's great that you are doing the Pilates - that and yoga are so good for the body. And walking to and from the train - even downtown. I used to walk too until I started carring alot of papers and my laptop and purse. What a load! I would walk down AH Rd and curse out the people in the big fancy houses that could not be bothered to shovel even a small path for walking. And it was a killer to climb over the snow plow mounds at AH and Central. Was worse when we first moved and I had to walk from the race track all the way to Central. At least in the winter when your boots would leak and your feet would freeze. Glad those days are over! I love Jasmine tea. You are probably better off with getting your own stock when you can catch a good sale. They seem to cater more to the coffee drinkers than the tea folks.

Wow - 8 inches of snow Michelle? You sure got dumped on! You must be at the right place for the lake effect snow. Glad you got a heads up on the traffic so you could make alternate plans. Hope the day at work is not too frantic and you can get some you time in this weekend.

Love to Mel :hug: Rest up woman, we miss you lots!!!!!

Ceejay - I see you are getting some of the cold we are all sharing. At least it's better for the nose!

Shad - hope by now you are in bed sleeping and not working late to finish all your doco. Sleep well!

I have a house to clean and a fish fry to go to tonight. Looking forward to that! Happy weekend ladies.

01-13-2012, 03:32 PM
Annie - For me, Pilates is very difficult and frustrating (around a 9 for difficulty for me)...because I don't have strong enough core muscles for many of the moves. I prefer huffing and puffing cardio and strength training.

Laura - If I want to feel serene, I prefer yoga or Tai Chi to Pilates. I guess because I don't feel like such a loser if I can't do the moves perfectly in yoga or Tai Chi, I do feel like a loser in Pilates. The training was very worthwhile...both for my current position and it turns out, I can use most of the concepts if I get the promotional position I just applied for. :D

01-13-2012, 04:20 PM
We got some snow flurries yesterday on the way to Jonesboro and that wind was very cold plus it was in the 20's. Have fun on your outing.

I hate when drivers abuse their rights especially on the snow. You would have to mention getting older as that's what the doctor mentioned. I've always had sinus problems and I agree with Happy that living in my rural farm area makes matter's worse. But I'm dealing with it.

I agree that this work week has flown by. Even my 2 days has gone by fast.
I hate meetings. I picked up my pay check this morning. We got paid yesterday at 4 p.m. but wasn't here to pick it up.

As far as building my immune system, I'm doing what is best for me. I'm taking a multivitamin, plus my b12, plus an extra vitamin d3 and Echinacea. And trying to get enough sleep. When I had my vitamin d checked it was low.

Shad :wave:

Nothing new here. I need to run a few errands. On to the Post Office to mail my sis and bil their Christmas gifts. They were not home during Christmas. And honestly forgot about it until today.

01-14-2012, 10:26 AM
Morning all.

Dressed and ready for the circuit class at 9. Need to leave a bit earlier to purchase my fitness passport. Sorted the laundry and have a load going. Turns out one of my bras has gone missing...the one I wore NYE. Huh.

Bf and I went to Big Bowl for dinner last night, using some gift cards. Since we were in the vicinity, I also returned a pair of boots to Lands End. Too hard to put on and take off. At least I don't have that errand to do anymore.

That's about it for me. Off to class, then to pick up an rx afterwards, then to the bank, then home, then a shower, and then who knows. More laundry I suppose.

Have a good weekend everyone.

01-14-2012, 11:35 AM
Getting ready to head over to Paragould to eat lunch with the uncles. It's been awhile.

Good news is that I got back in to my size 16 pants this morning. Think that the B12 is helping my metabolism + the exercise.

To funny about the bra that's gone missing on NYE :lol:

01-14-2012, 02:01 PM
Happy SATURDAY ladies!!!

I am having a slow day....thought I might put in a few hours at CVS...but was NOT motivated to do I stayed home....must be the weather...and I do not care!!

CEEJAY...hope the lunch with the Uncles went well. I know it is a mixed bag when you go over to Paragould. Hugs and FUN sweet sista!! Congrats on the size 16 pants...looking awesome!!

LAURA...good for you on the exercising..proud of you momma! How was dinner??

HAPPY...if you are running up and down all those bum and legs should be really getting into shape and looking good....YEAH!! Good for you on the shoveling...but man is it hard on the body....wears me out. Sleep comes quick.

CHELLE...hope you are feeling good and enjoying your weekend...I love ya sista.

SHAD..what chu have goin' on?

MELLIE...still praying for you and wishing you good you my sweet sista.

Making homemade cauliflower cheese soup for dinner and may make fried (baked) chicken thighs for Curtis....he loves thighs..I do not care for them...will probably over eat on the soup. lol

Went by Sissy's and delivered some food...then rocked the babe to sleep..I so wish you all could see and hold him...he is so dang sweet. Had to cut the visit short as I had to get to the bank before they closed at noon. Then got some errands done and ready to stay in for the day/night.

Curtis and I are taking dad out to lunch tomorrow. He loves Red Lobster..I could take or leave it...but that is where we are taking him. Not much else planned after that..just visiting.

Better get this posted and onto laundry....oh fun!!

Loves and hugs.

01-14-2012, 02:02 PM
P.S. the heck did you lose a bra...leave it at your secret lover's house????? lololol

01-15-2012, 12:35 AM
Afternoon all,

Better get on here before I forget it all again today. It's been raining today so I have tried to get on with the inside stuff. Lunches are done for next week. Sweeping in the kitchen and dining is done. Now I need to get a bit of ironing done and pack my bags for Yarrabee tomorrow. Still working out what to take. It is only a three day trip so don't actually need too much.

Gave up on the gym this morning. So much from yesterday still hurts and I just decided not to go. I've enough here to do to keep me on my feet for the rest of the day anyway.

Annie - soup sounds good. Hope you get some excitement in the weekend. The darn things go so fast and are so infrequent. Work weeks seem to drag but not weekends.

Ceejay - good for you getting into those size pants. Keep on keeping on. Whatever you are doing is working - unlike me at the moment

Michelle - that's why I like Body Balance because it is a mixture of Tai Chi, yoga and pilates. Not too much of any one thing.
Good luck with the job application

Happy - worked late, got the doco done. I am sure I will get told if it is not right. Glad to hear that the freezer finally got there.

I do not know if Mel is in hospital. Last e-mail I got said she was home. But she was ordered to bed rest and wouldn't be back till the end of the month. I haven't heard from Jen at all lately. She may also still be sick.

Okay - better get off here and get sorted. May not be back for a couple of days although I will try to. See you all later.

01-15-2012, 08:41 AM
Happy Sunday...Make it a great one!!! Save travels Shadlet! Feel better Mellie..hugs.

Taking dad to lunch today...if it warms up a bit.

Nothing much else..HB is wanting a cookie and driving me nuts..better go and get her one.

Loves and hugs.

01-15-2012, 02:33 PM
Howdy ladies :wave:

Nothing going on at the moment. I'll let you know if something exciting happens...

01-15-2012, 07:32 PM
Got back from Paragould around 4 p.m. Had a good visit with the uncles yesterday. Went shopping yesterday also but only bought food for the next two day's. I'm looking forward to my four day week end this week. It's all mine.

Every one have a good week.

01-15-2012, 10:06 PM
Arrived in Yarrabee. I can see big White and Black butterflies outside my office window. They are quite lively. I'm thinking they are using the sheltered area to breed. If I can, I will get a photo of them later today. Can't do it through the window cos you can hardly see out of it. Maybe they are not butterflies, maybe they are Spiders - nah just kidding.

Ceejay - I'm at the point where I am buying for only a couple of days at a time. I find that some of the 'fresh' stuff we get in our supermarkets today are not very fresh at all and goes off if you leave it (even in the fridge) after a short period of time. Useless bunch of yobbos.

Happy is obviously stuck in the new freezer! Hope you get some special, specials to put in there next time you go shopping Happy.

Annie - good luck with driving to Dad's and getting out to a restaurant. So nice that you are doing all this for him. Hope he appreciates it. Give HB a couple of cookies - then she might shut the heck up. Sunday the cat has suddenly decided foot is it this week and keeps yelling for more. I don't know what is causing it since she was off food a couple of weeks ago.

I think the attached is my butterfly, however I am not entirely convinced since I can't see the colour yellow on these ones. Check out the site:

Better go and introduce myself as the wicked witch around here and get things moving. Be back as time permits.

01-16-2012, 09:58 AM
The butterfly is beautiful. Don't rmember seeing one like this here.

Have you stocked the new freezer?

Back to work this morning. A short week for me today and tomorrow. I'm off Wednesday. Nothing going on.

01-16-2012, 10:50 AM
Good morning ladies...

You may wonder why am I so happy with the Packers losing yesterday. Yes, Packer fans are very disappointed that our team won't be making a repeat trip to the Super Bowl, but they still had an outstanding season.

DH is off work today for Martin Luther King's b'day, which is good because he hasn't been sleeping well at all for several nights. DMIL leaves early tomorrow morning, but she's planning on coming back in April. :)

If there is a positive side to the Packers being out of the playoffs, it means DH can focus on organizing the basement next weekend, and I can focus on website work. :)


Annie - Thanks so much for sharing all the photos of the little guy. I hope today is much better for you than last Friday was. I hope your car is doing better too. Good for you for doing so well on the healthy eating. I'm doing better in that area too. :) Hope you had a nice lunch with dad yesterday. My fave thing about Red Lobster is the cheese biscuits! :)

Happy - If you're still having sinus issues up here in the frozen north, maybe you've also got indoor allergies. I know I do. So is your new freezer dent-free? Have you stocked it yet? We love the chest freezer that we bought a few months ago. So nice to stock up on things when they're on sale.

Ceejay - Congrats on the great weight loss!! And the size 16 pants!! :bravo: :cp: :cp: I hope the meds help. :hug: I hope that your Saturday lunch with the uncles was really enjoyable. :)

Mel - I hope you're doing better sweet sista! We miss you. :hug: :getwell: :hug:

Laura - I don't drink as much tea as I do coffee, unless I'm sick. My fave teas are Earl Grey (with milk and sugar) and Good Earth (which is nicely spiced and cinnamoney sweet so that milk/sugar aren't necessary). Yumm. I think I might look through my desk to see if I have some Good Earth tea. You must've had a heck of a great time on NYE to lose your bra! :rofl: :rofl:

Shad - What a gorgeous butterfly! I would love those outside our windows at the office (or at home). Of course, we'll have to wait several months for our butterflies. I'm so looking forward to spring!

Gotta sign off for now. I'll be back later if I can.

Love and hugs to all,

01-16-2012, 10:56 AM
oh MAN :mad: :mad: :mad:

Just lost a long post I spent 45 minutes on !!!!! And we are about to take off and run some errands for the day so I don't have time right now to retype everything.

Will get back on later. Sorry :(

01-16-2012, 11:40 AM
Morning all.

Ceejay - Glad you had a nice visit at the uncles. I know I had a lot of time off recently, but I'd like a 4-day weekend myself. Probably just because I don't really feel I should be taking any time off right now with this software implementation going on. Yup, I want what I can't have.

Shad - Beautiful butterflies! Enjoy your time in Yarrabee.

Michelle - Yeh, at least you can appreciate your team's great season, if not a return to the SuperBowl. I hope your dh gets a good rest today - he's probably still recovering from his illness, and a relaxing day would do him good. We also need to get our basement cleaned up! Bf is interested in carting all our junk to a flea market to sell, but I'm just not sure if it's worth the effort - plus finding someone's van to borrow. Unfortunately, our recplex no longer holds an indoor garage sale, so that's not an option. Neither of us are keen on having a garage sale during our village's annual garage sale weekend in May. We did it once years ago and it was dispappointing that we were practically the only ones on the block to participate, so that didn't draw many people (there's a map distributed that has dots indicating all the registered participants, and naturally folks hit the areas with a lot of dots). We also found it annoying when people in cars would slow down to see what we had, and often not bother to even stop and take a look. I guess if you were specifically looking for large items or a lot of kids stuff, you could see that right away, so I shouldn't blame them - I admit that if a place looked like it had mostly kids stuff, we would take a pass too. Anyway, unless we decide to only do the sale on Saturday and maybe encourage some of our neighbors on the block to do it too, I'm not really up for it. Actually, the idea of a flea market is sounding better now that I've compared it to a garage sale... Maybe I should get bf planning on it for the weekend after the Superbowl...

Happy - Sorry you lost your post. Enjoy your day.

Annie - Did you get to Red Lobster yesterday? I love those biscuits too!! We don't usually go out for seafood at anyplace other than a restaurant that specializes in it, and that's not often enough because those places can be pricey. We'll go to Red Lobster every once in a while - maybe once or twice a year. I prefer to eat more fish and seafood at home, but I don't trust any old place to buy it either. The superrmarkets have their fish departments, but some of that stuff is previously frozen - no thanks.

Hi Mel - Hope you're feeling better!!
Nothing much to report. Didn't do much of anything yesterday. I didn't make the early train today. The train I caught was very quiet. A lot of people have MLK day off, or are taking it off to spend with their kids. The admin is doing that.

Off to a slow start and not getting a jump on my work. Mondayitis. Better immerse myself.

01-16-2012, 12:59 PM
Happy - Such a bummer about the lost post! Have fun running errands. Since my DH is off work today, he gets to run the day's errands. :rofl:

Laura - I wish we had a flea market close by to sell stuff at. We had a garage sale once when we first moved out here to the country. Big mistake. We don't live in a heavily trafficked area, so we only got a handful of people who drove by, 2 stopped, and 1 bought. :rofl: If you're thinking of doing the flea market the weekend after the Super Bowl, is it an indoor flea market? Wish we had one of those close by...the closest one I know of is in the Racine/Kenosha area and we'd spend more in gas hauling stuff down there than we'd make by selling it.

01-16-2012, 01:32 PM
Michelle, yes, the one I'm thinking of is an indoor fleamarket, and I can think of two (actually been to one of them) that are in suburbs in the general vicinity of the airport and not all that far from us. There is an outdoor one that's at the Allstate Arena, assuming it's just during the non-winter months (maybe I'm wrong, but it doesn't matter if it's year round - NO WAY am I doing an outdoor flea market in the winter!)

Re your tea comment - I like mostly strong black teas, including Earl Gray. I think I've finally determined that certain chai blends I've tried sometimes have way too much cinnamon for my taste. It took me a long time to figure that out because I've never have had so much cinnamon in other foods (e.g., oatmeal, etc.) that I've found them to be acting as a sweetener. Anyway, I prefer my chai to be more balanced, and to be able to taste the other spices - including pepper, clove, ginger, cardamom... However, the spice cardamom is extremely expensive and so I doubt any teamakers are being overly generous with that one! No wonder the different chai teas I've tried taste more prominently of cinnamon - it's a less expensive ingredient.

I recently received a catalog I requested from the Pike Place spice shop we'd visited (Market Spice). Until I order some tea from there (I'm waiting to see if bf wants to order any other spices), I'm using up tea I have at home, and today I brought a box of Earl Grey to work that came from a gift tin years ago. I know it's the thought that counts in gift giving... but I've found this tea to not be so great - all the flavors tend to taste the same, lol. (And the tea bags are very well sealed.) But when I bring it to work it goes quickly, so no biggie. And it's still better than the Flavia stuff. Oh, and I checked the flavia site the other day and they don't offer very many different teas AT ALL, so there's nothing different to ask the office to order on a trial basis. Boo.

And so I'm sure that's enough (probably more than enough, lol) tea talk for everyone for quite a while!!


01-17-2012, 09:41 AM
Feel ho hum this morning. It's still windy. And nothing to report.

Helllo's to all :wave:

01-17-2012, 09:57 AM
Good morning ladies -

DH and DMIL were up really early this morning...actually more like the middle of the night. DMIL had to be at the airport at 4 am, and it's a 45 min. drive. Luckily, DH has some 5-Hour Energy drinks to get through the day. With everyone up and around, I didn't get much quality sleep after 2 am, so I came into work a bit early to get a headstart on things.

The doggies are home alone today, and I'm sure they'll miss their "grandma". At least I'm not working late today.

We're getting snow now (about 2" to 3"), which is affecting the morning commute for the area, but not for me and DH since we got to work hours ago. The roads should be fine in time for the afternoon commute. It's going to get down to the single digits with wind chills well below zero. The doggies will not like having to go outside to do their "business", but at least the chill in the air should motivate them to go quicker.


Laura - I found a packet of Good Earth tea in my desk. I'm going to have to check our cupboards at home to see if we have any tea that I can bring into work for the rare occasion that I want a cup of hot tea. Are you having snow down there? Any fun exercise classes tonight? I'm going to do the Wii Fit when I get home.

Ceejay - Now that you've lost 7 lbs, I hope you don't blow away in the wind. I've got a long way to go before I have to worry about that. :lol3: Seriously though, I hope the winds don't cause any damage or power outages. Hope you feel better. How's the exercising coming along?

Big :wave: and :hug: to Annie, Happy, Shad and lots of :hug: and :getwell: to Mel.

I'll check back later to check on y'all.

Much love,

01-17-2012, 10:52 AM
Good Morning Lovely Ladies of the Worldly Type....

Got a pizza from Papa Murphy's with size with 6 ingreds for only 10 bucks...took it to sissy's house last night, she colored my hair and cut Curtis's hair. Gave her 20 bucks and dinner...I would say that was pretty good considering I buy my own She won't hardly take the money, kind of have to force it on her..I know they need it. Lil Monkey was just adorable..what else? haha. He slept through the night for the first time on Monday night, waiting to hear if he repeated last night. That would be great for sissy cause she is always worn out. She mentioned last night what a trooper I was when she was a baby cause she was sooooooooo clingy and not only did I work full time but I traveled one way to work 62 miles, dropped the kids at the sitter too! Only took her 26 years to appreciate that one...lmao.

Watched the Betty White birthday special last night. I just love her and how much she loves animals, animal rights, and cool her Golden Retriever is named Pontiac. How cute is that?

Chelle..I am sure you are going to miss DMIL and all she does for you when she is here. Just being home with the doggies is such a relief while you are at work. April is the gives me time to save up the Forgot to tell you...Curtis's daughter's boyfriend is from northern Indiana, and after farmer's plow their fields they go arrowhead hunting. He showed me some pictures of arrowheads they found...very nice. He is supposed to take Curtis and I hunting sometime this spring. Excited.

Shadlet...the pix of the butterflies are simply I mentioned before I collect butterfly stuff.

Ceejay...congrats on the weightloss and size 16s. YGG. Keep up the great work, very proud of you sista.

Laura...I love Earl Gray tea. I have also been drinking hot green tea in the mornings, it is not my favorite but know it is really good for you and for dieters. We did make it to Red Lobster...Curtis and I shared a crab and lobster tail meal. It was kind of expensive but with both of us just eating one it wasn't so bad....the lobster was good, but both he and I thought the crab was old as it was a bit tough and "fishy" smelling. Dad had baked blackened fish which he just loved. Afterwards we all went to sissy's to babysit. The kids took Ainsley (Chris's daughter) to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. WHen they got back, sissy cut dad's hair. It was a good day.

MELLIE...hope you are feeling better and I must say I am a bit worried about you my sister.

Happy...doesn't that just P you off when you lose a LONG post. It just takes all the wind out of my sails.

We are having some bizzaire weather today. High 57 and tornado warnings in parts of southern Indiana. Raining like mad outside. Just glad it is not that nasty snow/ice stuff.

Better get going...much love and hugs.

01-17-2012, 10:53 AM
Michelle - Wow, what an early start for you today. I bet the dogs loved having their "grandma" around for a companion. Good she'll be back in April. :)
No, no snow yet. Just rain/drizzle so far, but turning to snow later today. So with yesterday's mild temps, the sidewalks are almost entirely clear. Just in time for more snow. :P

Ceejay - Hope the wind isn't so strong it's damaging.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies! :wave:
Nothing much to report. No exercise last night, just the walking for my commute, which was both to and from the train station.

No exercise tonight because it's movie night! We're seeing "The Artist" which should be interesting because it's a silent movie. It's won a couple Golden Globe awards and I've heard good things about it, so I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Well, better get to work. I wasn't very productive yesterday, so I need to do better today.

01-17-2012, 11:05 AM
Annie, you snuck in on me again! I think both you and sissy got a good deal last night! Hope lil monkey continues to sleep through the night so that his parents can catch up on their sleep!! You used to travel 60+ miles ONE WAY to work!!! :yikes: It's my area that's gonna get the rain/freezing snow/ice stuff. Boo. You be safe w/ the tornado warnings you've got down there!!

You're a better person than me drinking that green tea...all I know is when they have to flavor it up umpteen ways to make it taste better, it's not a naturally pleasant tasting beverage. But it does have a lot of healthy benefits. Whether it's black or green though, tea has a lot less caffeine than coffee, so at least there's that.

Arrowhead hunting, sounds fun!! Spring sounds fun too!!

Here you go ladies - a link to a spring countdown:

If you figure out how to install the widget on your desktop, let me know, LOL!

01-17-2012, 06:06 PM
Hi ladies,

DH decided to go ice fishing with my cousin today. The temps are in the teens. I almost froze my nose walking down to the mailbox this afternoon. But cuz has a fishing "tent" so they will apparently be warm. warmish. not so cold maybe :rofl: I did go online and order DH a pair of fishing boots rush shipment as they are thinking of going again on Friday. Yesterday we went into the next town to get some food for the new freezer. It's about half full now - looks good and there's stuff for quick I don't feel like cooking dinners and lots of room for the homemade soups and casseroles I plan on making over the next few weeks. I bought DH a trail cam for his upcoming birthday and yesterday we had 10 deer out here. As well as a partridge, 2 pine squirrels, lots of bluejays and the cutest black capped chickadee that hangs upside down and feeds on the suet block. We put a block up for woodpeckers but they haven't found it yet. I ordered an old video from the library on how to plan and start a garden. It was so good that I ordered a copy from (discount books and videos) and also ordered a couple more on growing herbs, greenhouse growing, tips for warm and cool vegetables. They came today so I'm all excited. It's really cold out there so it will be nice to snuggle up and watch the tapes. I also am waiting for the mini-series of John Adams to ship from one of the other libraries. It got fantastic reviews and was very interesting - a history of one of our early presidents. So that catches you up on my exciting life.

Ceejay - glad you had a nice time with your uncles. Congrats on the weight loss! Smiled at Michelle's comment about you blowing away - she must know how windy it can get out that way ;) I do admit to being a bit wistful about your warmer weather, but just a bit... enjoy it for me, will you? I will also miss the spring flowering trees - not much to see here with pines and birch trees.

Laura - I'm a tea drinker - tho not dark and strong like you so maybe that's why I got used to the taste of green tea faster. It definitely is more weak than black teas. And I agree with you - some of the flavored ones now taste like nothing more than sugared water to me - no tea taste. Are you going to see that new Sandra Bullock movie - comes out next week? Heard mixed reviews - mostly pans that they are taking advantage of the 911 tragedy to pull on people's heartstrings. I will ask you to mention if you find any of your bookclub selections to be a really good read - now that I have time to read again. I'm just not into vampires, mysteries or gory stuff. Hope you don't get the icy stuff today.

Annie - good deal - GREAT deal - 6 toppings for 10 bucks. Hope the pizza was good. Our gas station / quick mart pizza is actually quite good too - you can take it home and bake it and much less than the pizzeria. Sounds like Sissy had you all lined up at the table getting your hair cut - reminds me of the infamous Easter perms the girl cousins were tortured with long ago but I'm sure Sissy is more gentle. :lol: I can understand she doesn't want to take the money BUT I'm sure she does so much better than the typical crooked haircut and fast dye job. And it costs a fortune to go to a salon so she's doing you both a favor. If she protests, stick the money in a drawer when she's not looking like I do with my Mom :rofl: Yes, apparently there's no chapter in the Mom Manual that says you'll be dead tired for the next 18 years :( kept my legs crossed just on that note :rofl:

Michelle - glad DMIL got off ok - whew what a ride to the airport. Makes for sleepy people at your house tonight - hope it's a light dinner and off to bed. But at least the early start saved you sitting in traffic this morning. So are you saying you are one of the good people who actually drinks mostly water at work? Kudos to you!

Loved the butterflies Shad - how cool that must look. There must be some plants there that they like for food or is good food for future babies as that's what I've heard attracts them. So how did the new folks take to you introducing yourself as the new Wicked Witch in town? :witch: :rofl:

Love to Mel - hope you are getting better and stronger each day. Also some good health to Jen too. :grouphug:

Buzzer just went off on the dryer. Better get the load out before it wrinkles. Not sure what to do about supper - I have some chicken legs I need to bake but not sure when DH is coming home and if he's bringing fresh fish with him. He just better not think I'll be the one de-scaling and cleaning them :D

Later kids...

01-17-2012, 06:38 PM
Happy - Lots of local wildlife to learn about, and you sure sound excited about getting a garden going this year. I'm just a bit envious of you having the time to snuggle in and explore all this, LOL. I wouldn't mind looking at some seed catalogs about now. I haven't ordered anything in years, so I've fallen off the mailing lists though. :(

I think black tea and green tea are from the same leaves, it's just that the black has been fermented (?) longer or something. It's very rare that I would buy a bottled tea - I highly doubt there's much real tea in there at all.

Right now we're trying to see the 2011 award nominated films - they always get released late in the year and then we scramble to see them before the Oscars - so the Bullock film may have to wait or be skipped altogether.

Our current book club book is an older one - Alice Sebold's "The Lovely Bones", which was made into a movie that came out in 2010. Not all the way into it yet... I'll let you know how/if I like it.

That was the deal w/ my mom and dad - if he caught 'em he had to clean 'em!!
I'm antsy to get out of here today...

01-17-2012, 09:03 PM
No time to post today but had to send this information along.
There is nothing we can do at this time, just prayers if you do that thing and good wishes. I am going to try to get Jens phone number next time I write so that I can talk to her and see what needs to be done for Mel.

i couldn't sleep and it's mom's first night home.
i don't even know where to begin.
the doctor as you know sent her home from the er.
the next 2 days they were frantically trying to reach her
and there was mom sitting in a codeine coma for crissakes not hearing the answering machine.

i found the messages and called the hospital and our new insurance back.
someone made an error reading the exrays and mom did have pneumonia.
we rushed a very sick woman back to the er and they admitted her last wednesday
the pneumonia is in both lungs, upper and lower lobes.
not the worst it can be for a normal person but for her it was too much to fight.

the sad part (in a way) is she is making such a miracle recovery that these @ss holes sent her home. i tried to fight them but the hospital board agreed she could recouperate better at home. the only part i agree with is the hospital is becoming infested with flu victims!! they are afraid if they keep her there she could possibly get even sicker. richie said they should have thought of that when they misread the exrays and she did get sicker.
maybe it's for the best but i am nervous. mom says the worst that can happen is she ends up back there with people who said there was nothing wrong with her in the first place.

in a funny way i am feeling she is safer here. plus i can see her more too. richie is on and off work. it's the slow season still. so i don't always have the car.
the mayor is on the hospital board and is furious. he's been calling everyone abouth the hospital making a mess of all of this and with someone who could have died as a result. i don't even want to think what would happened if i didn't hear the answering machine and find the messages.

i will try to be a better letter writer. i keep forgetting when i panic that we have "family" outside of weehawken. mom's fist thoughts where of you when she rolled in. not even an i'm glad to be home but did you write joy & carol!!!!

she is short winded still. no fever
the lungs are going to take a long time to heal.
they have given her a pump for that.
she'll be on antibiotics and other meds for awhile. no visitors or excitement till the end of the month. no exposure to sick people so we have made a no visitors sign for the door. the doctor said it's the only way to be sure she gets a chance to heal. every doctor she had said the same thing. they told her a 100 times that the pneumonia is still present and readable in her last exrays.

right now it's the pneumonia taking the number one slot. but there is more.
they found a small nodule in her right lung and will be following up on that every 3 months. she is also bleeding vaginally again and might need the d&c. she has to find a ob-gyne before the end of february. but this doctor said NOT until she is recovered. they said by the tests pictures they can see she has endrometriosis.

i can't even think of this right now. mom says one foot at a time and to worry about it one thing at a time. i know she is right but you all know how i feel.

but here's a funny for you. the doctors service who picked up the call for a lowpaying insusrance person was our old doctors!!! he has associates and he still does house calls. we will find out more later if they will be together again at long last. we both were cracking up. ironic huh? she only saw the 2 associate women.

i think i can sleep now. will be in touch. mom and i have learned how to communicate suing hands and one word!!!! ha!

Have a good day - all of you.

01-18-2012, 10:54 AM
Shad, thanks so much for posting Jen's message!! It's so horrifying that the hospital made that mistake and sent Mel home when she was so sick! And to not try harder to reach a live person to inform her of the mistake!!! It makes me so angry about how inept they handled this!! But now that she is now into recovery mode, I have to say that I feel better having her do it outside of the hospital where Mel can recover from the pneumonia and not pick up some other nasty bug.

Mel, I know you're probably not seeing our posts right now, but just know I'm sending prayers and healing thoughts your way! May all those meds, the quiet and no visitors make a healthy, healing environment for you. :hug: :hug:

01-18-2012, 12:35 PM
Morning ladies,

Just read Shad / Jen's post about Mel with my mouth open in shock and disgust. Her situation is what is wrong with this country and society. I sort of agree that being in a hospital with other sick people and minimal care has got to be worse for someone with compromised health.

My thoughts and prayers are with you also Mel. Thank God you are a fighter. Strength to Jen also. :hug:

It's bitterly cold here for the next week or so. Going to hunker down, do some cooking and things around the house. Will be back later.

01-18-2012, 04:21 PM
Shad - Thank you so much for sharing Jen's message.

That just p*sses me off that they made a mistake and sent Mel home when she was so sick! And then didn't follow up with an emergency contact person when they couldn't reach her for 2 days!! The pneumonia sounds so entrenched...both lobes of both lungs. It will take awhile for the lungs to heal. Poor Mel. :hug: Not good, especially when combined with the nodule and stuff down below. I've been so worried about Mel since she first mentioned the hospital...and thinking that something was seriously wrong. I'm so sorry to hear that I was right. I am glad that she's home where she can rest more comfortably and not be exposed to all the sick people. Reading that in Jen's message reminded me of the times when my doctor wanted to put me in the hospital for acute bronchitis so I could have IV antibiotics and be on oxygen...but it wasn't worth the risk of exposing me to the other patients' germs.

Mel - I know you're resting and not on the computer...but my prayers and thoughts are with you. Get lots of rest, and follow doctor's orders. And even if you start to feel a little better...DO NOT OVERDO IT!! Much love and may get well hugs to you. :hug: :getwell: :hug:

01-18-2012, 06:36 PM
Morning all,
Haven't heard back from Jen, however I think it will be okay for you to send her e-mails wishing her a speedy recovery. Jen can then read them to her as she sees fit. Any info I get, I will pass on.

Back home again and will be in the office for the next couple of weeks, then off again for a period of time although it looks like I will be home at weekends. I may change that depending on how things pan out in the first week or two. Maybe spend a weekend fossicking for sapphire down the road a bit.

Thats about it for the moment. I will check frequently for emails and let you know asap.

Better get back to the grindstone here.

01-18-2012, 06:40 PM
Thanks again for the information about Mel from Jen.

Sounds like their is a lot of wildlife. I would love to see chickadee's and a partridge.
Also glad that you did get the freezer and it's stocked with some goodies. You never know when you may need it.

I need to start drinking the green tea. It's suppposed to be good to help raise the good cholesterol.

It would be nice to have your own hairdresser. The pizza sounds good also.

Di you get the reports going?

It was cold this morning at 25 degree's, but supposed to warm back up over the week end.
Took off today from work. I used a floating holiday. I was called to come pick up my W2 at work today. May take this to H & R Block tomorrow.
My neighbor has been letting her son use her vehicle so I've been helping her run some errands. So much for my day off.
Also got my hair cut.

01-18-2012, 07:20 PM
OMG..MELLIE...girl, I didn't have a very good feeling about your situation and was worrying and praying for you.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away from the office and the seniors..your health cannot take it. We love you too much to give your last breath to that place...Don't make me come there and whoop up on you with the rolling pin, which I have a wooden one I use regularly and travels well....get it??

Shad...thank you girl for sharing the information....

I haven't much to report other than I ordered a bathingsuit from Tommy Bahama's for my Florida vacay with my sweet adorable man...don't puke We are going the 3rd week in March....

Please stay healthy girls and think about what you are doing with yourselves....take alllllllll of your vitimans and stay away from the sickies...sickos....all of the above....

Loves and hugs

01-19-2012, 11:26 AM
I can't remember if I told y'all that I didn't get the job I applied for. I guess my Ecommerce experience was too long ago (as I couldn't fess up to doing websites on the side for the past umpteen years).

And with the re-org/restructure, they're going to be phasing out the centralized report development team within the next month, so I'll be brushing up my Java programming skills and go back to doing that. I'm okay with that. I don't mind doing Java programming....I wish I had more time to refresh my skills, but whatever. As long as I don't have to work through the middle of the night and on weekends, I'm cool with it.

Anyway, I've got many reports to finish before they dismantle the team, and today is our IS-Holiday party (to celebrate surviving the holiday season with all systems intact). And after that, my co-workers and I are meeting our former manager for a brief happy hour. I won't have more than one beer because I still have to drive.

Tomorrow should be tons of fun (NOT!). We're supposed to get 3" to 6" of snow, and even though I am working from home, I still have to leave the house to take Mischief for another blood test, and then come back home to work in the evening. :faint:

I hope you all are doing well! Annie, I'm jealous of your Florida vacay! Mel, I hope you're resting and recuperating.

Love and hugs,

01-19-2012, 11:33 AM
Good frosty morning ladies,

It is -16 (F) here right now. Brrrrrrrrrr. The house is creaking something fierce and there is very little wind out (thank goodness). I was going to go to the library to pick up my videos but I think I'll wait until it "warms" up tomorrow. I'll bet the cars will be rough starting even sitting in the garage. I shudder to think what is going on inside of some of those packing boxes in the unheated garages. DH was going to go ice fishing with my cousin tomorrow but S called it off due to the cold. Even with a propane heater, a plastic ice shanty doesn't keep you very warm. Too bad because I was hoping to make some headway in the garage. With the SUV and the ATV and the snow plow, there's not much room to manuever in the garage. He would have taken that all fishing which would have given me some room to shift boxes. It's too cold to work in the garage but at least I could have moved things around a bit. I'm planning on just staying inside today. I started sorting some papers out and the dining room table is a mess. Picked up a chicken to make some soup - will do that too as well as empty 2 boxes that have been sitting in the living room for 2 weeks. I sort of lost my gumption here and I don't want to fall into some lazy habits.

Annie - how nice that you have a vacation planned and something to look forward to. Will it be nice enough in March to wear a bathing suit on the beach or is that for the indoor pool? You have enough time and good motivation to get bathing beauty ready. How fun!

Ceejay - nice of you to help out your neighbor but it doesn't sound like you got alot out of your precious day off. I will try and get a picture of the chickadee for you. He's a very busy little fellow.

Shad - thank you for the updates on Mel, I think it's better if Jen just channel all the correspondence through one person - you. So it sounds as if you popped off just to do a short training session. Hardly seems worth the trip although I'll bet that short hops are preferrable to long stints at a mining camp.

I'm not so sure we will get much into the actual garden this year. We have a short growning season and alot of work to do in order to get the fence up, the grass out and the new raised beds in. Add that to a short growning season and I'm not sure I will get more than some herbs and tomatoes in containers this year. It might have been better if we moved here early September instead of mid-November. We have a herd and I say that because I think you can rightly call 7 to 10 deer at once a herd that favor the back part of the house and come right through what will be my garden area. I have to tell DH to move the corn over out of the path but he just jury-rigged some lighting so he can watch them out the window and catch them on the web cam so don't know how ammenable he will be to moving things. :dunno:

Laura - if you can remember, which seed places did you prefer? I was going to look at the obvious one - Burpees but I've been seeing advertisements in the Sunday paper in the coupon sections for other places. Thanks for the book reviews. I think I was going to watch the movie "The Lovely Bones" but never got around to doing so. Did you get icy weather yesterday?

Michelle - is the house quiet without DMIL around? Did she cook for you when you were at work? Was that December procedure successful for you? Hope you don't get socked with a big snow today - will make for a lousy commute home and lots of work once you get there :yikes:

I got up a little earlier today. Best get dressed and get something accomplished other than sitting at the computer until lunch time. I don't get paid to do that anymore :lol: Later ladies...

01-19-2012, 11:34 AM
Just took my vitamin. You are so lucky to get to go to Florida.
I'm concerned about Mel too.

Nothing new this morning. Weighed in at 196.6 Pooh a gain of 3 pounds. The news of Hostess triggered a binge. What can I say I'm weak.
Road the bike for 20 minutes last night while watching the Biggest Loser on the internet.
I need to get off the computer and pick up the clutter in the house.
Every one have a good day. I'm enjoying my extra day off this week--another 4 day week end. I could get used to to this.

01-19-2012, 11:41 AM
Michelle- just saw your post - I'm so sorry you didn't get the job :( :hug: So why are they breaking up the group? Seems like companies do that - have independent teams all doing the same thing concurrently - then they decide to consolidate that to save money. Then it takes a long time to get things through the system so departments start doing stuff on their own on the side so they break up the groups again and over and over. :dizzy: It's unfortunate that you could not use your side work as support for your current experience. At our place I was surprised at how open people were about admitting that they did work on the side. Everyone always commented that "as long as it's not interferring with my day job" and we'd snicker because you couldn't help but notice that some of these guys (and it was always guys) would be constantly on their cell phones walking the halls and taking support calls from their side businesses. We had several highly paid contractors doing this too. And no one would ever say anything about it.

Anyway I hope you land on your feet with something else that isn't so hectic as what you are doing now. Enjoy the comraderie of your happy hour - one doesn't have to always drink to have fun, despite how some folks feel.

01-19-2012, 11:46 AM
Michelle and Happy sneaked in on me.

Be careful in the snow tomorrow. So sad to see a team being dismantled.

:brr: on that cold temperature. Stay inside and stay warm. This would be a perfect day to go through a couple of boxes. I'm with you on letting Shad do the communicating for our group.

01-19-2012, 12:01 PM
Morning all.

Annie - How nice to have a getaway to somewhere warm in March!! I'm jealous!

Shad - Sapphire hunting? Sounds interesting.

Michelle - Sorry you didn't get that job. I guess accrediting your ecommerce experience to "a hobby" wouldn't have been strong enough, and admitting to a side business would have been a dangerous thing. Hope you enjoy going back to Java programming. I hope the snowfall isn't too bad in your area tomorrow, but personally I'm hoping it doesn't reach down to my area..

Ceejay - Nice of you to help out your neighbor. Enjoy your long weekend. :)This is the 2nd full 5-day workweek I've put in since early December, so I'm dragging. I'm trying to tell myself that even if I could take a vacation day right now, I'd just waste it sitting around doing nothing...

Happy - I'm not a big gardening devotee, so I never did get any "specialty" seed catalogs, just the biggies - Burpee and Parks.
Gotta run to a meeting.
Back from the meeting. Nothing much to report. Pilates class last night. Tuesday night's movie was "The Artist" and we all enjoyed it a lot. It was about films going from silent to talkies, so it reminded me just a touch of "Singin' in the Rain", but The Artist really was silent for 99% of it. There was a cute little Jack Russell in the movie, so he alone was almost worth the price of the ticket, LOL. :D

Tonight bf and I are having dinner at Lou Malnati's w/ bf's mother. Going to continue to log my food, but it'll be another high calorie day. (Yesterday we had tacos for dinner.)

01-20-2012, 10:19 AM
Happy Friday ladies -

Dang, I am so glad it's Friday. The IS Holiday party was fun, better than in years past because instead of it being 75% talk about the past years accomplishments and next year's goals with the remaining 25% left for fun; this year it was the other way 'round. And it was nice to get together with our former manager afterward. He really likes his new job. He apologized that the team was split up when he left, but really, we were going to be split up and put on different projects just happened a couple weeks early. No worries. We'll all land on our feet, either within the company or some may choose to move on. Not me though...despite the occasional negatives...I still really like the company.

I guess I didn't explain why they're breaking up my team. We're moving to a new reporting software that will allow each department to create their own reports, which kind of eliminates the need for a central team (my team) dedicated to creating reports for the whole company. Well, the target launch date was early 2012. The initial plan was for us to be the "Subject Matter Experts" for this new software...that changed. And while no one has come out and said it...I guess they (directors and above) budgeted very little money for the central reporting team. There may be "reporting" jobs on other teams throughout the company...but the opportunity for growth may be better if we stay in IS and get back on a "programming" career path. Lots of options to weigh...but I don't mind. It's much better than having no options and I'm so glad I still have a job. :D

I'm working from home today. Then signing off a bit early to take Mischief to the vet for another blood test. I hope the roads won't be bad from a snowstorm that's moving in. Then I've got report implementation tonight. Tomorrow I'll be taking all 3 dogs to the dog groomer.

DH is still quite sick. It seems like he's had an respiratory infection since summer. He doesn't sleep well at night because he wakes up coughing and not being able to breathe - not sleep apnea, just his lungs and bronchials get so congested. They're congested all the time, but worse at night. He went back to the doctor yesterday, and they took another x-ray. Just like our dear Mel, he has pneumonia. The doctor put him on some really strong antibiotics and told him to use the nebulizer every 6 hours. Hopefully he gets better soon. :crossed:


Happy - The advantage to winter is that the cold/snow keeps you inside and allows you to focus on getting indoor things done (unpacking, sorting, decluttering, and website work - LOL). I'll be doing the latter this weekend. We have one small raised bed garden, and the rest I plant in containers (tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers). We get the Burpee and Parks seed catalogs, as well as the Brecks bulb catalogs. I just love bulbs and perennials. And we now have so many bulbs in the front and back yards and they all bloom at different times (early spring to late summer). :) So nice that you have a herd of deer in your yard. I would love that, but the dogs would probably scare them off. And with the fenced yard...we don't see too many larger critters except in neighbors' yards. We get mostly squirrels, bunnies and opossums. The house is quiet without DMIL around. She does cook for us occasionally. As for the December procedure, it was mostly successful. I don't have nearly as much pain when I'm sitting or driving. I'm able to walk a bit more, and I'll continue to build up that time. Standing and bending are still very bad, and sure-fire ways to get me hurting quick. But overall with the two procedures (in November/December), I'd say I've gotten roughly 75% relief, maybe more. So I'm very happy about that! :D

Ceejay - We all have our moments of weakness. Whether it's for Hostess or something else. Good for you for biking while watching TBL!

Shad - Sapphire hunting sounds great!! DH and I love going rock hunting/fossicking. I'm hoping my back allows me to do much more of it this spring! :)

Annie - How wonderful to be planning a warm romantic getaway!!

Laura - Glad you enjoyed Pilates class and the movie. Like you, I got used to short work weeks during the holidays. Too funny about the Jack Russell in the movie being worth the price of the ticket. :) I'm so jealous of you, bf and his mom going to Lou Malnati's. That's my favorite restaurant in Chicago! Yummm.

I should probably get back to work. Lots to get done today.

Much love and many hugs

01-20-2012, 01:51 PM
Morning all. Yup, I started this much much earlier, but it's still actually morning here, so I don't need to change that, LOL.

TGIF! This week has been a grind with this big project and commuting in the very cold temps. I was just in the "atrium" area of our offices where we have a seating and kitchen area and it was super cold in there! Nobody's gonna eat their lunch in there today!! Anyway, today we get the same snowstorm Michelle is going to get, and no it doesn't sound like it'll stay to the north of my area. Oh well. At least this weekend's temps will be more moderate.

Michelle - I'm sorry to hear about dh having pneumonia! Well, at least it's now been diagnosed and can be treated. I hope his lungs clear quickly and that he's soon feeling 100%. I'm glad to hear that your procedure has brought you some relief!! :)

I hope you land in a good spot at your company and enjoy your work, whatever it will be. In this economic climate, keeping a job is key!

Unfortunately, bf's mom had a headache yesterday, so we didn't go to Lou Malnati's last night. :( Maybe we'll go sometime next week. Bf and I ordered a thin crust pizza from our local place instead. I should have been strong and ordered half veggie, but nope, I didn't. :(

Nothing much going on this weekend. An exercise class and a couple dog walks. Miscellaneous shopping - some makeup, a wallet, and groceries. I still have to pick up the contact lenses I ordered! I'm looking forward to finding a new eye doctor in 2012 that is more conveniently located to home, and that's more modern. Our current eye doc is pretty good, but the office doesn't use computers for anything!!

Hope everyone is having or going to have a good weekend!!


01-20-2012, 01:59 PM
Good morning ladies,

Temps are warming up - going to get above zero today. Not by much but above zero. House is still creakig from the cold though. Two of my videos came in from the library yesterday and DH picked them up for me. One was John Adams - a 6 hour miniseries that was on HBO cable a few years back. It's about American history and how the colonies chose their independence from England as well as the early years of government. Wasn't sure I'd like it although it got rave reviews and won 13 emmy awards but as I started to watch it, I really got into it. I made homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday and for once it really came out flavorful but the chicken must have had alot of fat in it because I got heartburn in the evening. Then I got a really bad headache and my allergies got so bad I had to take 2 pills last night. What a mess when I went to sleep. I think alot has to do with it being dry here. I have a warm air humidifier in the basement which is helping tone down the shocks and bought a new cool air humidifier for the loft area. I think I like the warm air one better. The cool air doesn't put out much moisture but to me it feels cool and clammy. And it doesn't seem to do anything except maybe enhance the static shocks :dunno:

Michelle - how nice that you had a good IT party. Where I came from they would only do that for the managers (of which we had a ratio of more than 1 mgr to 4 workers). They would rah rah, pat themselves on the back for doing such a fabulous job, get word on just how big their big fat February bonuses would be while the people who mostly got the department successful sat back at their desks working and continuing the success :rolleyes: I'm glad you like your company - it means alot these days. Sounds like your company is very similar to my old one in how they handled the reporting function. They too rolled out new software but had a couple of false starts and it was still in development when I left - it seemed like it would be a good tool if they ever got it off the ground. Sorry to hear that DH is having such a difficult time getting over the lung bug. That's a long time to be sick - must be sapping the energy right out of him. And there's not much you can do to speed things along except let it take it's time and hope the medications kick in. :( Good to hear that you got some good relief from your procedure. Are you good to go for 6 months or so?

Thank you all for the seed catalogue suggestions. I will look into the Parks company.

Michelle and Laura - hope you don't get belted with that snowstorm that is heading down your way. Wear your boots today!

Laura - how was Lou Malnati's? I am living vicariously through you. :hungry: I have an urge to make ravioli - never did before and it looks like it's not too hard.

Ceejay - wow another 4 day weekend - how nice. I always thought I'd prefer to work four 10 hour days and have 3 day weekends. You get so much more accomplished that way - at work and at home. Enjoy your long weekend.

Shad - have you decided what you'd like to do this weekend yet as you are closing out the workday? Mining sounds fun - is it above ground?

:wave: Hellos to Mel and Annie

I think I'm going to go rustle me up some lunch here. Happy Friday chicks.

01-20-2012, 06:07 PM
Morning all,

Message from Mel.







So she is up and about again, be careful what you say about her now :rofl:

Went to go to the gym this morning but got there and I can't find my card in my wallet. Seem to remember just chucking it in the bag last time I went but it is nowhere to be seen right now. Guess I will either have to go outside and run or pay for another one - darn it all.

Weather out there this morning is just beautiful. It will get hotter later in the day, but right now is just nice. I'm about to go out and mow the lawns in the front and then get stuck into the housework. Maybe I will even find that darned card.

Work rolls on. I'm back in Yarrabee for an overnight the week after next and then I am there for five weeks through February into March. It's an interesting place especially the butterflies.

Annie - off to Florida - I'm jealous. Hope you have a wonderul time. How are you going to get one without your lil monkey fix a couple of times a week?

Michelle - sometimes something good comes of a change of job at work. Hope it works well for you. Pity you couldn't have used the website work or used it as an educational path for a new diploma or something. They would have looked at that.

Ceejay - Hope the four day weekend is going well. Are you on the road to Paragould or somewhere?

Happy - sounds like your move might have been a good thing for you both. Stay warm and cosy. Filled the freezer yet?

Time to go and get some work done. I've been spending a lot of time working on the family tree and have now gone back to the early 1700's. My fathers family as always remains stubbornly hidden. That trip to the UK is becoming more important. Gravestones hear I come.

Anyway, I am out of here.

01-20-2012, 07:09 PM
There's two in my family that have work on our ancestry for my father's side. I may start on my mom's side. My sis took us way back. Hope you find your card for the gym. And thanks for sharing the information about Mel. Glad she is feeling a bit better.

I wish we did work 10 hour day's instead of 12 hours. Sorry your allergies acted up on you. I know that can be miserable. Let me know how the Ravioli turns out. I've been temped to try that myself.

My 4 day week end is going good. I'm still confused as what day it is when I wake up in the mornings. Wednesday I had my hair cut. Thursday I went to lunch with friends, yum pizza and today went with a friend to Jonesboro to court at the Federal Building. That was an experience. No cell phones plus you had to have your ID and then went through a scanner like at the airport.

Their is rumors flying around town that our Mayor has been arrested. I'm not sure if how true this is. I called a co-worker and she didn't know anything. But that's logical. We operator's are always the last to know. Their has been nothing on the local news.

01-21-2012, 10:49 AM
bumping us up.

Good Morning to all

01-21-2012, 03:08 PM
howdy peeps,

Just checking in also. Still cold here. Looking for some things to do - will go see a raptor program at the local natural history museum next week. We try to get out at least once a week. There is a town north of us that has murals painted on the outside buildings - supposed to be nice but it's a bit too cold to do that comfortably yet.

Hope all is well with the chicks. Thank you Shad for forwarding Mel's note to us. Sounds like she has had quite the ordeal. Bamm - smacked her a good one. Hope you are resting and getting better Mel - we love and miss you :hug:

Not much going on to talk about so I will just get off the computer and go do something productive. Have a good weekend and don't forget to have some fun.

01-21-2012, 05:28 PM
Not much to report here either. Slept in this morning and probably would not have woken if Sunday hadn't been yelling for breakfast. Darn cat.

Morning Ceejay and Happy. Will be back later to check on the chicks.

01-22-2012, 10:08 AM
Hi ladies -

sorry for not posting yesterday...just wasn't feeling that great. After working Friday evening and up early on Saturday to get the dogs to the groomers, when I finally got home, all I wanted to do was relax. Yesterday, while waiting for the dogs to get done, I went to the library near there to look for some good programming books that I could purchase as resources for my new job duties, and I found some really good ones that take a person from a beginner level through advanced.

This morning, I remembered that my company has an account with an online books service....just technical and business related books fun reads. I was able to find online all the good resource books that I found in the I don't need to purchase them. I'm thrilled about this because quality technical books aren't cheap (roughly $50 each) and since the technology is ever-changing, within a year the content is out of date and if you purchase the book all you're left with is a $50 paperweight or door stop! :rofl:

I'm so glad that Mel is feeling well enough to write. Many get well hugs to you, Mel.

Before I forget...Mischief had another blood test on Friday, and her results were much better. The vet would still like them to be a little lower, but based on other factors in her blood test, the vet said that Mischief could've been a little her values may in fact be at or near the correct level! :yay: We're supposed to keep her at the same levels of all her meds and re-check in 3 weeks. It's such a relief to know that Mischief is finally getting stabilized. :D

I've got a ton of website work to get done today, so I'd better get to it. Sorry for the lack of personals.

Much love and many hugs to all of you,

01-22-2012, 10:10 AM
Morning all.

Happy - Sorry the allergies and the dryness of the air are bugging you. At least you can take naps if necessary to make up for a poor night's sleep! Did you see the raptor lecture? Nice you can delve into things like that and the Adams mini-series. When you don't have time to explore your interests, you stick with the tried and true, but won't it interesting all the things you discover you like to do and see now that you have the time?? :)

Shad - Thanks for passing along Mel's message. Hope the gym card has turned up by now!! I think my sister has done a bit of poking into the family ancestry, but I'm not sure what she's discovered....

Ceejay - So have you found out more about the mayor??

Hellos to the Annie, Michelle & Mel!! :wave:
Well, lugged home the blasted laptop and a couple files to try and do some catchup work at home this morning and of course I can't access the network to use the files I want. So annoying, especially when I think about how heavy my backpack was. And of course that was Friday evening when we got all the snow and bf didn't pick me up from the train. (He took the dog for a walk and they met me about halfway home.) Not that I phoned and asked for a ride, lol. Anyway, the walk home slogging through the snow with that !@# backpack tired me out.

Okay, rant over. I think I can get to my e-mail and so I might just clean that up a bit.

Yesterday morning bf got out and cleared the sidewalks and driveway with the snowblower, and he didn't finish til after 9 am, so I went to the 9:30 Zumba class instead of the 9 am circuit class. It was good. I always enjoy it when I go, and this particular instructor is always fun.

Afterwards I did some puttering around the house, then got out to shop for my wallet. Ended up buying one on clearance from Target. Checked Marshall's too, but they didn't have anything. Gawd why do I go in there?! I just can't stand the mess.

So now I have this "genuine leather" wallet that is so stiff - it's just got to be "bonded leather", which I think might have some bits of genuine leather in it, but also has other stuff thrown in and made into something faintly resembling real leather. Not that I know how they can get away with calling it "genuine". Oh well, it was 7 bucks and has enough slots and compartments to suffice until I find another one. If I stopped carrying around so much junk, I could really expand my options - all those cute little things out there that hold maybe one or two cards and some cash... But that's not me.

Then there was lunch, and then a doggy walk and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening under my snuggly with my book and the tv.

Okay, gonna post and spend a bit of time on e-mail and then reward myself with the newspaper and some tea.

Have a great day everyone.

01-22-2012, 10:48 AM
Morning every one
Back to work for me today. ugh.

No, I haven't heard anything else about the mayor. Hope these are false rumors which this small town is noted for.

Glad to hear that Mischief's blood work was almost normal.

I'm envious of your retirment. I checked into mine and after going over the expenses I might can retire in August when I turn 62. I wouldn't get as much as I would if I waited till I'm 66 though.

Are you back to work today since it's Monday down under.

My sister from Missouri called me Friday night happy as a lark. She and bil have bought a condo in Branson, Mo. She'll start to work there at a neurologist office Monday. And is wanting me to come up there. Told me I would have to pay rent etc. Makes it very, very, very, tempting. Told her to check to see if there were medical receptionist jobs available. I'd like to work part time. Guess I could babysit her grand children.

We're supposed to get thunderstorms later today and into the night. Starting out at 41 degrees and warming up to 60 degree's. It's not Spring yet Mother Nature.

01-22-2012, 05:45 PM
Happy Sunday afternoon ladies,

We were supposed to get some icy weather but it looks like it might have dried up before it got here :crossed: but we are due for some snow tonight. I don't mind it because it looks pretty coming down and DH is the one to shovel it :rofl:

We had a date night last night - I try to find one thing a week for us to do, see, or check out. We went to see a blues influenced rock band at the small local theater in town. I was doing this more for DH's sake since he's the blues guy and I'm more Barry Manilow (which he refuses to take me to even though Barry has set up more concert dates closer and closer to me ;) ) But this group - group 2 brothers and a friend were really good and I enjoyed it as much as he did. We had dinner at a local brew pub - a bit loud and probably a good place for drinks more than the food. I had a burger that was quite good but DH did not enjoy his beef rib - I wasn't impressed either. But all in all, we had a nice night out that we both enjoyed.

Today it was supposed to be icy with snow later so we planned on staying inside. DH made breakfast this morning and I'm trying to think of something light for dinner - I've had a craving for Asian lettuce wraps - might try that.

I hear there is some devistating weather headed your way Ceejay - be careful. Hope the rain isn't too bad and the tornadoes don't form. There's a price to pay for such warm weather. As far as retirement goes, the peace of mind and lack of stress it takes on the body makes up for the fact that we have to tighen our belts more. I would definitely recommend it but you have to know what you want out of life so you can comfortably live in the bounds of what's needed. Is your sister inviting you to come up to Branson? That would be nice - no cotton fields to irritate the lungs I suppose.

Michelle - glad to hear that Doppler had some improved numbers. I'm sure that puts your mind at ease a bit. I hear you on the tech books costing so much - I had some SAP boat anchors I paid lots for that we gave away to the library. It's hard to deal with the electronic copies - many times you just need to be able to touch the book for reference sakes.

Laura - I have found that there are some things worth paying more for - leather being one of them - it just holds up better. I keep my cards in a change purse type of thing and try and keep my wallet thinner. Argh - I feel for you slogging home with the laptop in tow. Feels like you have the weight of the world - and you didn't even get get to make use of it! :mad: Did you get much snow?

Shad - Sunday seems to be quite the noisy one. Boo would just get on DH's chest and pat his face with her paw. One of the things DH liked best about her was that she was quiet.

Hi there Mel - here's you :hug: for today. I did santize before I grabbed you - and not too hard :lol:

Hope you are having a nice weekend with the family Annie.

I think I'd better go get on with those lettuce wraps.

01-22-2012, 06:22 PM
Sunday evening and have not done one thing...still in my robe...haven't even had a shower yet. Spent Saturday cleaning house then went to watch bro's band...danced my arse off...babysat Friday night lil monkey man. He is just too darn cute. I am so lazy today and tired. I have jury duty tomorow...that will be a change in pace.

Not doing personals because by golly I am too

Hope MELLIE is feeling much better...everyone have a marvelous Monday.

01-22-2012, 10:08 PM
Morning all,

Back to work Monday. Scotty is lamenting a lost weekend. Someone else is whinging about being up the creek without the appropriate paddle. Many others have failed to arrive at all. Must be going to be one of those weeks.

Happy - good to hear that you two are settling into retirement life, but then you planned for and wanted it and so here you are. Good idea for a weekly date. Makes sure that at least one time a week you make time to make yourself look good and get out of the 4 walls.

Michelle - good results from Mischief. That's a relief for you I am sure. Sorry that you weren't feeling that great.

Laura - gym card has not turned up. Lord knows what I did with that. I haven't given up hope completely yet but it is not looking good. However betcha that as soon as I have bought a new one, the old one will magically re-appear. I also seem to have lost my little black book that I use as my to do list. No doubt that will turn up as well along with the gym card.
My wallet must be like yours - lots of compartments, zips etc. I find that very handy when I go overseas, the old currency goes into one of the zipped areas and the new currency is out in the open. But mine is not stiff - I think it is genuine leather and it is bright red so I can see it in the depths of my black lined handbags.

Ceejay - while it often sounds nice to check in with the relatives in retirement, it doesn't always work out that way. Be very sure before you give up your complete independence. Working part time sounds so nice.

Annie - does absolutely no harm to have a down day once in a while especially after a busy week and an exhausting dance night. Have fun on Jury duty. Hope you get a nice juicy case.

Okay - so now for my news. DS1 rung me last night and suggested I sit down. It seems I am to be a grandmother in August. I should be happy about this but somehow I wish that their relationship was a tad more concrete if you know what I mean. I'm not suggesting marriage although I did ask if there is to be a wedding - which there is not. But I feel a bit xxxxxx about it. Not deliriously happy here. I must ring the DS1 back and apologise for not being more excited. I think he probably realised I wasn't that excited and when I asked how his father had taken the news, he said that he (the father) was speechless - now there's a turn up for the books. It would seem he is no happier about this than I am.
Meantime none of this is the baby's problem and I have to get my head around it and put it into perspective for my head. Since M is 40 they are having all the tests done to ensure a healthy baby. I did not like to ask what will happen if it does not come up healthy.
Anyway - this is my dilemma at the moment. I should be happy for him and her, but I am not. Is there something wrong with me here?

The weekend flew by. The house is nearly spotless, the washing is under control, the kitchen cupboards have been cleaned, the floors in the hard areas are scrubbed and the vacuuming is done. By tomorrow it will probably all need doing again. The DS2 got to work on the castle so maybe soon all the stuff on the patio and lawn can go back inside. It's nearly watertight.
We have a public holiday on Thursday - Australia day and Friday I will probably work from home in preparation for an overnight trip to Yarrabee on Monday/ Tuesday. I also have to decide this week whether I will stay in Blackwater/ Yarrabee for weekends or come home. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Today I have scheduled the repair man to come and look at the dishwasher (he will at the house tomorrow afternoon sometime after 1200). The dishwasher has decided it is flooded and will not work. There is no water in it but never mind. And I have scheduled a trip to the optometrist to get some more contacts because I am currently on my last pair. It's all go around here at the moment.

Better go do some work since I will be leaving work early tomorrow and will probably work from home Friday.

01-23-2012, 11:34 AM
You have a right to you feelings. Let's pray the baby is alright. My sister had her last at age 39.

You have every right to stay in your pj's all day. You had a very busy week end.

We had a lot of lightening with lou thunder last night. Thank goodness it was over before I went to bed. Nothing new.

01-23-2012, 12:28 PM
Good morning to you ladies,

It's snowing the dickens outside right now. We got at least 3 inches, there is a possibility that we might get up to 6. Hope not - that would be too much. At least we didn't get the ice they predicted yesterday. I have plenty of food here - no reason to go out although we were planning on attending a raptor lecture tomorrow at the Natural History museum. If it looks too crummy out tomorrow, we can go to the next one in a few weeks.

Ceejay - I was watching the radar last night down your way. Ugly storms stretching from Mississippi all the way to Chicago. I'm glad you didn't get tornadoes.

Shad - you are one busy little bee. Makes me feel guilty that I should be on more of a routine. As for the new baby - congrats - people take a different approach to children today than we are used to. Is this the son who is over in NZ? Perhaps DS2 will build a room in the castle for the wee one. You have the most organized approach to travelling of anyone that I know, but then again - you travel lots for your living so I'm sure you have developed a tried and true method over time. Hope they got the dishwasher fixed. I was looking at a drawer type when we were in a store a few weeks back and thought of yours. Funny now that you mention yours - geez I hope I didn't jinx yours :o

Annie - I didn't get out of my pjs until 6pm yesterday. Can't say I really liked it that much. In fact not at all, just wanted to see what everyone raves about :lol: Glad you had a nice relaxing Sunday - you are generally as on the run as Shad. Good luck on the jury duty.

I see that everyone else is sleeping in today. It is Monday, isn't it?

I guess I will go downstairs and do a few things and check back later...

01-23-2012, 12:47 PM
I had a sense that something was wrong with Mel. My senses are seriously lagging and lacking. I've read (quickly) over the last couple of weeks and I see that she is slowly on the mend. Please, please please Mary, keep up with this thread. These are good, worldly women that you care about. Now look what you've gone and done, didn't even know how sick Melly Mel was. And since the first week of January? Wow. That's a shame.

Since I'm a little further out of my shell than normal, I shall endeavor to stay abreast with you all and keep better tags on Mel and the lovely ladies here. Please accept my apologies for not standing near.

Get well Mel. And hello to all you wonderful worldly women. Drag me into February with you, won't you?

01-23-2012, 02:05 PM

Hello. Mel has pnuemonia. So good to see you back .

We did infact have some very ugly thunderstorms. Wondered if you were getting snow. Ssaw the blue over your state. One thing about retirement is that you don't have to get out in the weather unless you want to.

It's a normal Monday at work. Infact it's a bit on the boring side today.

I'm still contemplating retirement in August.

01-23-2012, 05:24 PM
Quick post....super busy at work. We switched over to a new email and calendar software today...and it's taking some getting used to. Plus, I'm starting to tie up loose ends in preparation for my transition from reporting to programming.

I hope y'all are doing well.

01-23-2012, 05:41 PM
Morning all,

Mary - good to see you posting with us. Yes Mel has been a bit crook - Aussie understatement for very ill - and yet she gets herself back up again and will be back with us at the end of the month. She doesn't have a voice at the moment or maybe only a little one. But just think what she will be saying and doing when she gets it back!!!!! :yikes: :rofl: Don't beat yourself up, life happens when we are planning other things. How are things going with you?

Ceejay - hope the storms have gone by now - actually I think you sent them down our way. We have heavy rain, reports of flash flooding and a slow moving weather system which we won't see the end of for another week or so. It's just on the anniversary of our big flood last year so there are some twitchy people around I can tell you.

Happy - more snow up your way. Well at least you don't have to go out in it. If there is any consolation in this, we are finding our days drawing in and it is not get light as early as it was, so spring for you is on its way. Wonder what you might find in a new garden when spring arrives - I presume bulbs would do well up your way.
My son the DS1 lives in Adelaide which is in South Australia. It's about 2500 kilometres from here so they won't be coming up too often. I am considering going down there for Easter, but now I am not sure whether I should wait for an August date - baby is due 5th August apparently.

Work carries on. I am through with doing the finance doco for the lazy b*stards. I'm told by the Test Manager that they have never had such detail in their documentation and that they are in danger of becoming educated. That sucks - bright financial bodies I can do without! :rofl: :lol3:
So I am back with my stuff. I'm just going over it and finalising the details like making sure we have the right data in the right place for the right job at the right time. Now all I need are the students and staff in the right frame of mind. And we are still 2 weeks out from training starting. Heaven forbid - PM is organised (maybe).

Did I mention that the corn was ready over the weekend so I ate it for lunch. Yummy corn on the cob. I have some tomatoes ready to eat as well. For all the neglect in the garden the tomatoes have cropped quite well. They are just not ripening very fast and I have to check everyday for ones that have a tinge of orange or red and pick them because otherwise the birds and the bugs get in there and feast on my dime.

Anyway, I am rambling here. I need to get on with the lesson plan and then decide how much paperwork I am going to hand out. Not much since most of them will never read it anyway.

01-23-2012, 05:42 PM
Michelle just sneaked in ahead of me. Have a great day.

01-23-2012, 06:29 PM
Ladies....this will be a trying YES I was selected for jury duty...blah....boring...however the case is something I do know a great deal about as I am sure you all do too! Cannot speak of the case, but can next week. It is a FIVE...YES..FIVE day civil trial...blah. My boss is having a fit that I will be out of the office all week. Sorry about you, but I am NOT breaking the law.

Gotta get dinner on the table and relax a bit before another 8 hour day in court tomorrow.

Loves and hugs

01-23-2012, 07:03 PM
Afternoon everyone. I need a break.

Michelle - Looks like you snuck in on me yesterday. Glad Mischief's levels are more stable. :) Great you're able to forgo buying the expensive books, especially since they get outdated so quickly.

Ceejay - So is your sis moving to Branson, or will they also stay in Springfield? How exciting to think about retiring or working part time. Hope the numbers work out for you. :crossed:

Happy - Awww, date night. Nice you enjoyed dh's choice. ;) Yeh, my old wallet was a nice leather one and it got softer as it got older. It's a Fossil brand, and I also had a Fossil brand purse and it was good quality leather too. I saw a wallet similar to what I had on their site, so I might just buy that one and be done with it. Re snow - we got about 6-7 inches, and with the mild temps today, it might be just about melted by the time I get home today. How much did you end up getting, or is it still snowing?

Annie - Sounds like you had a great weekend!! How was jury duty?

Shad - Well, I can certainly understand wanting the child to be born into a stable family structure (even without the formality of marriage), and if I have the right DS in mind, I recall it didn't sound like it was such a sure thing... you feel how you feel, and that's not wrong. I hope everything is okay with mom and baby. Yeh, Murphy's law re the gym card - pay for the new one and the old with suddenly appear. Re my wallets - yeh, I like lots of slots, but as I was transferring cards from one to another, there were a few cards I felt I could probably leave at home. Hmmm.

Turtle - Howdy and good to see you here!! I'm sorry I didn't think to shoot you a message about Mel. Dunno what's wrong with me. Mostly I can't keep up with much of anything lately. :( Anyhoo...hope you pop in more frequently. Now I will be hounding you, lol.
Feeling blah. Didn't do any project work today, and found myself burrowed in a convoluted budget vs. actual department expense nightmare that I'm still not through, ugh. Sometimes I feel guilty that I didn't follow my accounting roots, but not today, that's for sure!

Gonna try and wrap it up and get out of here. Oh, and found out the solution to the remote network connection. I was doing it the old way before our windows upgrade. Duh. Got the drive hard-mapped (whatever that is) and hopefully this is the solution.


01-24-2012, 12:23 PM
Hi there chicks,

almost 10am and I'm the first one here today? :chin: I guess Mel was the early bird of the group. Speaking of which, hope you are resting and getting nice and strong my friend - we miss you :hug:

Got a good 6 inches of snow yesterday. Not quite a dumping but lots to clean up. I have made a mess of the house trying to go through some boxes. Sorting things here and there and then I had to stop and make dinner so everything got shoved to the side. We are going out for a little bit today - if someone breaks in I won't be able to tell! :o And I probably shouldn't admit that :lol: I did get alot of other "maid" things done in between like laundry, cleaning bathrooms, gathering the trash for trash day, etc so there was actually alot going on. Still feel like I didn't accomplish much.

So you have mild temps to melt all that snow you got Laura? I'm not sure that's such a good thing, stuff freezes overnight and makes ice and it gets so dirty so quickly. Maybe that's why I like the snow here - it stays nice and white - just looks like herds of wild buffalo come through the yard each day with all the deer tracks in the snow :lol: So, based on your comment are you secretly coveting a life as an accountant? I was better with words than numbers. Sometimes when they would talk budgets I could feel my eyes glazing over so thank goodness there's some of you that understand that stuff. Funny thing was in my old job, only the highest manager understood the numbers game - her underlings admitted they were really bad and disinterested in it. Should be fun for budget planning this year! I hope you fixed your remote connection for home.

Annie - so I guess this means you were selected for a high profile case. I hope they REALLY MISS you at work! :lol3: Sounds like they will - not that they can do anything about it. I hope it's at least interesting to you - will you be able to sit in a wooden chair for 9 hours without fidgeting? You are so used to being on the go. Good luck.

Mary - welcome back. Perhaps if we name the February thread in your honor you will visit us more? :rofl: We are just what you need to pull yourself out of a winter slump :D Trust us...

Shad - ah chasing the baby due date - probably best to save a few days when the baby makes it's appearance rather than try and be there precisely on time. Of course timing being what it is, you will probably be right in the middle of an implementation! I completely understand your feelings about the new one - it's a big shake up in your life, will take some time for the news to settle in. I know you will be as supportive as you can be. Given my dim remembrance of your back yard, I can't for the life of me imagine where you had the room to put sweet corn. It seems to like your yard, every time you mentioned eating it, it was quite delicious so you must have the right stuff for growing things well. Pity the bugs are so in love with your tomatoes. I'm a bit concerned about that too given the wild conditions out here and the plague of bugs we saw here in July. DH said he's going to get me a bee keepers outfit - might be a great idea after all. In Tennessee we had problems with the darn squirrels taking a bite - just one bite to ruin as many tomatoes as they could. Probably retaliation for DH shooting them. Squirrels seem to have gotten more destructive than I remember. Well it sounds as if you will be providing the company the first documentation that they have ever seen. :yikes: Can it be that they might become too organized and actually KNOW what they are doing? Reminds me of a magnet I had at work - Conway's Law - In any organization there is one person who knows what is going on - this person must be fired. :lol3:

Ceejay - I can tell you that once you really start the seed of retirement in your head it is amazing how quickly it runs through your brain. Work becomes unbearbly boring and tedious and you find yourself dragging through the day. Once I decided to leave it was the longest 3 weeks ever. I hated going in to work and there was no way I would have made it until the end of the year feeling the way I did. So be careful what you ponder ;) On the positive side it is wonderful to laugh and the weather and not worry about it, my health is so much improved - blood sugar numbers are way way down, so is the blood pressure, I don't have the aches and pains I did from stress and I find myself laughing alot like I once did long ago and lastly, I don't want for much so not having the money is not a big issue. Now I probably won't be feeling quite the same way come May when I have to start spending the better part of our income on health insurance again but I still say this was a good decision. The timing has to be right though - try to estimate income and expenses as best you can and various scenarios so you don't get caught blindsided. Of course you can't anticipate everything but you can at least have something to work with.

Michelle - nothing as disruptive as changing out the base software you depend on. :rolleyes: We went from Lotus Notes to Outlook and while they did a good job on training. the transition was bumpy - particularly when it came to scheduling our always busy conference rooms through the calendars. Sounds like they are disbanding your group pronto - like someone made a decision and the big guy answered "Make it so" and boom, it happened. Hope you aren't too harried! :dizzy: Do you already have a new place to move to or will you have to interview for spots?

Well we are to have lunch with the cousins so I'd better get cleaned up and presentable. Have a good one ladies...

01-24-2012, 01:10 PM
Morning all. I don't know what happened to me yesterday, but it seemed I missed some posts.

Michelle - Good luck with adjusting to the new email/calendar software. Generally okay with ours - we went from Lotus Notes to Outlook about a year ago. But for some reason, we can't search email just within a folder - it defaults to searching the entire database!

Shad - Mmmm, corn on the cob. Hope you stay diligent w/ harvesting so you can enjoy your tomatoes. :)

Annie - Wow, 5 days away! Yup, I would guess your boss wouldn't be too happy about that. Hope you don't have to sign your jury paycheck over to your employer. You'll have to work extra hard catch up after being gone a whole week and deserve something extra! Not that it's all that much.

Happy - I spoke too soon re all the snow melting. The temp dropped quite a bit during the day yesterday and the wind picked up big time. I was totally underdressed going home, so I asked bf to pick me up from the train. The bad part was that he didn't walk the dog. So I walked the dog and it was hazardous because there was that frozen up melted snow to contend with - in the dark and with my energetic bratski wanting to move along without regard for safety. There's still snow out there, but the sidewalks are mostly clear, save the frozen puddle spots. Our yard, however, doesn't have much snow at all now except for the shady spots where the dog hasn't been running around breaking it up into smaller, more meltable sections.

So good to hear you've reaped healthy benefits from your retirement! Should come in handy when you have to pay for your own health insurance, LOL. I think you better post more about the negatives of retirement (are there any beyond the financial ones??), because the rest of us might start getting really jealous!! :D Have an enjoyable lunch w/ the cousins.

Hellos to the rest of you!
Not much to report today. Scale is being kind, in spite of TOM week. My bp med definitely helps w/ the bloating, but I'm thinking that my reduced exercise of late (less rigorous) has maybe caused some muscle loss too? Still logging my eating.

Decided to skip the movies tonight. Planning a night out this weekend with friends. Next month a friend and I will be doing an overnight trip to Madison, WI. Just a quick trip to meet up w/ some other friends.

Better get back to it. TTFN!

01-24-2012, 03:59 PM
Hi ladies -

It's been an exhausting week. And it's only Tuesday. :faint: Yesterday, despite being mentally and physically tired when I got home, I made meatloaf for dinner, and also made a couple make ahead dinners and lunches. Today, I had to run an errand at lunch and after work, I'll be getting some stuff done around the house and maybe doing website work.

DH is having a CT Scan today. The radiologist report from his chest xray last week was "Weird". The doctors and the radiologist haven't seen anything quite like it. They don't know if it's a fungal infection in his bronchials/lungs or what it might be. The fact that no one has been able to diagnose it yet makes me and DH a bit worried. :( The doc has been treating it like pneumonia, and the medicine really helped a lot for a few days, but now DH seems to be nearly as sick as he was last week. He goes back to the doc on Thursday to learn the results of the CT Scan. Hopefully, they'll be able to determine what he has so that they can treat it effectively. Otherwise, I'm suggesting to DH that he see a pulmonologist who specializes in the respiratory system.


Ceejay - Good for you for thinking ahead towards your retirement. Congrats to your sister and BIL on their new condo! So they want you to come live with them? Awesome! I hope you didn't get hit with any of the tornadoes that were down there a couple days ago.

Happy - Glad you and your DH had a nice date night and enjoyed the band! Can you get your cousins to go see Barry with you? What recipe did you use for lettuce wraps? They sound yummy! 6" of snow? Yuck! Better you than us, sista! Especially since you don't have to leave the house if you don't want to. We got rain, which thankfully melted most of the snow on our driveway that DH was too sick to clear off. Are you going to make it to the raptor lecture tonight? As for my transition due to the disbanding of our group, we will all be put on separate projects that are currently underway. So I will have a job and don't have to interview for a position. Thank goodness! How wonderful that you are experiencing the health benefits of retirement? Is DH having the same benefits? How was lunch with the cousins?

Annie - Sounds like you had a very nice Friday, and a fun Saturday, but your Sunday was best of all! I love relaxing, do nothing days. Unfortunately, they're few and far between. Good luck with jury duty...bummer that your boss is upset...but thems the gotta do jury duty.
Shad - I understand about you not being ecstatic about DS1 and his GF's baby on the way, especially given what you've said of their relationship. I don't think there's anything wrong with you. :hug: Sending loving thoughts and :goodvibes: to the baby, and I hope that DS1 and his GF's relationship becomes more stable. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the castle. Hope you have a great week and safe travels to/from Yarrabee! I hope all the storms don't cause the damage they did last year! My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. Your yummy garden fresh veggies are making my mouth water. I'm so looking forward to planting my garden again (maybe even starting some plants early).

Mary - Great to hear from you again!

Laura - Yikes! Budgeted expense versus actual expense does sound like a nightmare. :faint: We had a snow melting rain early in the day, but it did get chilly at night (and early this morning). I'm glad you didn't slip or fall during the dog walk. Sounds like you have some fun stuff planned (for this weekend and next month in Madison). :)

Mel - I hope you are starting to feel better. :hug: :getwell:

Gotta prep for a meeting.

Much love and many hugs,

01-24-2012, 05:56 PM
Morning all,

Laura - budget vs actual! :yikes: my eyes just glazed over there. Hope you get it all down pat and have some left over. Don't know about where you work but in most of my jobs I find that the budget devised leaves an awful lot of the month left over when the money runs out. Profit, profit, profit. Profit is all very well and not a dirty word but when you expect people to run something like an office or a coal mine for example and the money is not there to do it quickly enough or safely then something is wrong with your budgeting. I get so tire of hearing the men on the mines say that they get paid (very well as most would agree) to do a job for 12 hours per day (or night) but they are expected to be on the shop floor half an hour early and stay for half an hour afterwards. It's the same in offices. Nobody does a straight 8 hour day anymore - and the unions fought so hard for that all those years ago.

Michelle - I am coming to accept and understand this new beginning in the family. It is not my decision to make anyway. So now I am thinking of what to do for the new little family. I want to put away some money for the baby so by the time education comes around there will enough there to pay for it. And I want to tie up that cash so it can't be used to buy expensive clothes and shoes (these are label people we are talking about here) that the child will only wear a couple of times. I will have to talk to the accountant and see what I can do.
Hope you enjoy the new job. So pleased that you didn't have to compete for a job and they just shifted you from A to B.

Happy - watch the grammar - shouldn't that be speaking of whom and not witch, ummm sorry I mean which?
One thing my sister always says about her messy house is that at least if the burglars come, they will think that they have already done the place over so they won't try again.
I am not going to Adelaide for the birth. Not this chick thank you. I will go down a week or so after and see if I can help them out and get settled into a routine. Not that her family won't be there (in their droves - they are Italian/ Greek heritage) so it won't matter that I am not there. I can't compete with the noise.
Veges don't grow as well here as they would in a more temperate climate. Sure they grow fast, so where my Dad used to put in corn, it grew slower but they would crop much more heavily that mine do. I only get a couple of cobs if I am lucky per plant. You put six plants in, you get only a couple of feeds but it is yummy and I can grow it all year round which helps. Green stuff like beans, lettuce, spinach, rocket etc grows very quickly. Plant it one week, start harvesting leaves 3 weeks later.
I doubt that too many people will know what they are doing even if they read my doco. Too many accents abound and not everyone can understand them and as you know SAP knowledge doesn't come easy.

Oi Mary - get with the program. I will drag you into February although it may take some doing since I will be in training classes about then. No doubt I will be crazy enough by that time to think up something nasty for the title. February is not an easy month to try to visualise a witty saying.

Annie - doing duty at the jury. Hope you don't nod off mid rivetting revelation.

Haven't heard from Mel. Might just try to see if I can get her on the blower this weekend.

Gotta go, do some work for a change. It's leave early day today since it is raining hard out there and we are getting some flooding again. It won't be anywhere near as bad as last year though.

01-24-2012, 07:35 PM
Speak and she shall appear. Latest from Mel.

still resting. very little talking.
no contact with the office and canceled all my meetings.
jen is doing only the emergency calls.
visiting nurses say i am making a great recovery considering the circumstances.
deep breathing still an issue with some left side pain.
lungs are sounding clearer each day.
the dr thinks its the muscles causing all the problems breathing.
she said i need a lot more rest and give myself time.
maybe i was rushing it a bit....but not much though. i don't want to end up back in the hospital.
sorry this is short. i feel like an old lady and tire easily.
i will keep your dates in mind. printed them out.
love, mel

01-24-2012, 10:08 PM
JESUS MELLIE...for craps sake take care of yourself....and do right by the doctor and NOT worry about the crap with the office..lets face is not going to kick back and let be bygones be bygones...

Civil Jury Duty was so boring and stressful...listened to six hours of testimony from a doc....then a two hour deposition from a doc on DVD...OMG. talk about boring and everything we have already heard. We still have to hear from 3 more docs LIVE....I am over this case...I have made my decision....I know that is not right, but facts are facts. and especially sinc the medical recview board has made their decision. REALLY...why in the h*ll did they pick me???????? Maybe because of all the deadbeats...I looked more sane??????? hahaha...I am a nut!!!

Gotta go...poor Curtis is having bad time with his tummy....guess I had better baby him....he is such trooper....

Have a wonder hump day and eveing.

Love and hugs.

01-25-2012, 09:51 AM
Happy Hump Day ladies -

Today will be spent starting a requirements document for a report that I probably won't be developing due to the timing of the transition. My team lead has suggested to all of us that we spend time preparing/training for our new role, and just tie up loose ends on the stuff currently on our to do list.

Other members on our team are suggesting that the other developer and I should keep an eye out for internal job postings for when the reporting functions are taken over by the various business groups (product development, buying office, etc.), and I may do that. But I then start thinking about...what if, heaven forbid, anything were to happen here...what would offer better opportunities...strong reporting skills using a niche software along with Java programming experience that's over 4 years old. Or strong recent programming experience using Java and the latest programming technologies (e.g., programming for mobile devices, etc.).

DH had his CT scan last night, and he got the results, along with his recent chest xrays put on a CD. He is going to send a copy of the CD to a friend of ours in CA who is a radiologist.


Shad - You are so right about no such thing as an 8 hour workday anymore. Unless your paid hourly...then by gosh, don't work a minute past 8 hours because we don't want to pay you overtime. Don't even get me started on the elimination of things that unions fought for. When DH's grandfather was alive, he was head of the Milwaukee branch of the AFLCIO. And my state's Governor is trying to eliminate collective bargaining and other union rights, which is one of the many reasons that organizers have filed petitions to have him recalled. I don't want to start a big political debate here, so I'll get off my soapbox. :soapbox: I think setting up a trust fund for your grandchild's education is an excellent idea, especially if the mum and dad are into expensive "labels". I've never been much of a label person. I look for quality, and I know from experience that quality doesn't always come with a big expensive label. I love your sister's messy house justification! :yes: I wish our growing season was more like yours. It seems we have to wait FOREVER to harvest ANYTHING, with the exception of lettuce and radishes. Wishing you safe travels on the flooded roads. I'm sending :goodvibes: to your area that people's lives, homes and businesses will be spared this year.

Mel - I'm glad you've got a visiting nurse to come check on you, and that you've cancelled all meetings and have no contact with the office. You do not need to be catching anyone elses germs! That's great that the lungs are sounding clearer. The muscles in the chest and back could be causing the pain/problems breathing. Also, several times that I've had pneumonia/bronchitis, I coughed so hard that I slightly tore cartilage between the ribs, which hurts like HECK! And the reason you get tired easily is because you're not getting enough oxygen. You DEFINITELY need more rest - MUCH MORE REST. Definitely do NOT rush it. There is nothing you need to do that is worth a relapse. Get well soon, sweetie! :hug: :getwell:

Annie - Sorry that the case is so boring. I actually find medical stuff interesting...but maybe after listening to it 8 hours a day, repeating the same things, I might have a different opinion. I hope Curtis feels better today.

Well, best get started on the requirements doc. The sooner I finish that, the sooner I can move on with my new role. :D

Much love and many hugs to all,

01-25-2012, 10:00 AM
Still no news to report.
I may go to the Social Security Office tomorrow to check out some things. I have already revised my budget. My sis said I didn't have to pay her rent. Mainly what I will have is my car payment and cell phone. If I don't retire in August, I will the next year. There are a few things that I would want my insurance to pay for. Plus if I go this year she wouldn't have to buy furniture for the condo. We could use mine.

Yes my sis and bil are keeping the house in Ash Grove near Springfield.

I've been lucky in not having to go to jury duty. Hang in there. Hope Curtis is feeling better.

I can tell that you are not as stressed since the move . Glad the numbers are improving.

Thanks for sharing the news from Mel. She's really having a tough time.

Yikes for the dh. Hope the drs find out what is wrong.

01-25-2012, 10:54 AM
Ceejay - That's great news that you're making steps toward retirement! I'm a bit jealous. So will your sis and bil just live in the Branson condo part time, but you'll live there full time? I wish I could retire. I need to come up with an idea for a book (or book series) that will be as successful as Harry Potter or the Twilight series. :rofl:

01-25-2012, 12:04 PM
Morning all.

Shad – Great idea to get a start on the baby’s education fund. These days students carry so much debt as a result of their studies. What a huge burden to start out with in life. I attended college in town, so I lived at home and saved a bundle that way and was fortunate to not have a staggering debt upon graduation, and also fortunate to have a good-paying job to go to. My situation w/ budget vs. actual is starting to make my eyes glaze over too because after several hours over a couple days, I’m still not sure what’s causing the entire variance! Aargh. Sad situation w/ the unions – those rules re hours came about for safety reasons and it’s not a good thing to ignore them… Thanks for sharing Mel’s message.

Michelle – You must be so worried about dh! I hope the CT scan gets to the bottom of it, and he can be put on the right regimen to eradicate whatever is going on in his lungs. I definitely agree about getting him to a specialist if there is trouble with a diagnosis! Good luck with your transition at work!!

Annie – Sorry you’re finding jury duty so boring. Hope Curtis is feeling better.

Mel – So your recovery is “great”, “considering the circumstances” – so what are those, may I ask?? What they should be is that your recovery comes first and nothing else!!! So forget about everything else and make sure you’re getting your REST and ABSOLUTELY NO RUSHING ANYTHING!! Got that?? Next time you get the rolling pin, LOL. :lol:

Ceejay – Looks like you’ve been crunching the numbers. You must be so excited! :) Just don’t cut to close to the bone with the budget. Having to replace your car or even a major repair bill could really put you in a tight spot. And of course things never get less expensive…. If you could swing it, and maybe just work part time, that would be so awesome for you. :crossed:

Hi Happy! :wave:

As I mentioned to Shad, the @#$% budget to actual analysis is driving me nuts, and my accounting contact is not very helpful – and he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer either. And he's not returning my phone calls either. :mad: Yes, this is one of the unpleasant parts of my job. At this point, I just want to focus on the software project.

Nothing much going on at home. Our last cable/internet/phone bill jumped up quite a bit so bf got on the phone with them and worked out some discounts. We’ll also get some good savings by giving up two additional cable boxes/receivers that currently get little use. They will be replaced with free digital adapters that will apparently give us a good number of channels that will suffice for these tv’s (one in the basement, the other in the bedroom). We might also buy our own modem instead of “renting” the cable company’s.

I'm about 3/4 done with the book club book, but it's been slow going. It didn't really get okay for me until after the halfway point. I'm looking forward to just finishing it, and hoping the ending is satisfactory. I'm also looking forward to borrowing the dvd of the movie and seeing how I like it.

Our book club is approaching it's 5th year, and so an anniversary party is scheduled for the next club gathering after this one. How time flies.

Tonight is Pilates. My salon phoned to confirm my appointment - set for tonight, oops - so I had to reschedule. Dang. it's not til the 9th. I should have some good roots showing by then, lol. Not that I can properly judge - it's the silver and gray ones that really show up in the light and look like more than they actually are...I hope that's the way it is, haha. Being taller than a lot of people helps too. :D

Okay, enough rambling. Back to the drudgery. Reference Wednesday on the Snoopy work week.

01-25-2012, 09:06 PM
Hey girls, just checking in. Jury duty was a bit more exciting...the lawyers were actually angry at each other, lots of OBJECTION...may I approach the bench judge..from the lawyers.....I wish I could tell you about it...can't wait till next week so I can. I am extremely exhausted when I get home from court every day. I think it is mentally exhausting, plus sitting in the jury box and HAVING to pay attention at all times. And take notes too! Shuweeeeeeee!

Love and hugs,

01-26-2012, 09:35 AM
Good morning ladies -

Looks like I'll be doing online Java training all day today, most of tomorrow and nearly all of next week. I'm realizing my skills are rustier than I thought, and I have to be able to "hit the ground running" on Feb. 6. I asked if I could go to an off-site, week-long training, but there's not enough in the training budget for that.

DH and I are hoping that he gets some answers today at the doctor's office. If not, it's time to call in the specialists.


Mellie - I actually hope you're not reading this because you need to be resting. Get well soon, sweet sista. :hug: :getwell:

Laura - Glad you got some discounts on your cable/internet/phone bill. I've been trying to figure out how we can get discounts...Maybe I'll just have to call them like your bf did. I hope the accountant is more helpful today. Happy anniversary to your book club! :) I hope you had a good time at Pilates. I loved the Snoopy Work Week!

Annie - Glad that JD is getting less boring...but I totally understand how mentally exhausting it is.

A big :wave: to everyone!

Love and hugs to all,

01-26-2012, 11:31 AM
Morning all.

Annie - Glad the trial got more interesting. Taking notes is something I do to keep me busy during meetings, otherwise, yup, it'd be tough to just sit and pay attention. Can't wait to hear about it next week!

Michelle - Wow, that's a lot of training. And online - I'm not a big fan of that style of training. Especially for such a long period of time. I hope it does the job in refreshing those skills. Yeh, definitely phone the cable co. and see what they can do for you! Can't hurt. The accountant finally returned my calls (he was out), and he did help me, so I think I'm finally done with that yucky task. Whoo!

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. :)
Nothing much to report. Pilates was fine, but the classroom was very cold. I kept my hoodie on the whole time, and my socks. Afterwards I had a chill that wouldn't go away until I bundled up in PJs, robe, socks, slippers, and fleece throw.

That's about it, so I'll post and get back to work. Hasta la vista! :wave:

01-26-2012, 11:54 AM
I went to bed with a sinus headache and woke up with one--ugh---probably due to the giant weather system coming in from the gulf.
This is my four day week end and I'm so ready for it. Two major task set for this week end and that is to clean both the fridge and oven. But if my headache isn't better I'm not doing either one.

Sounds like you are getting into the court drama now.

wow didn't know that there was online classes for Java script. Hope the dh is feeling better.

Wow 5 years with the book club! Are you through with the "balancing act" as I call it. That has to be a night mare. Believe me I'm not going to rush into any retirement. I'm going to talk to my sis some more when I go for a visit in March and after I talk to the SS office.

My headache seem to be leaving. so it's on with my day.

01-26-2012, 08:11 PM
Hey girls....

FINALLY both sides rest their cases....the jury does not have to be there till 10:30 tomorrow for closing statements....then deliberations...I think we are pretty much in agreement so far...hopefully it will remain the same and it will be over quickly....I am busting at the seams to tell you the specifics....Kripe......secrets suck.

Hope everyone is have a marvelous week...I loves you and hope you all are doing great...especially MELLIE...FEEL BETTER my sweet sister.

Loves and Hugs

01-26-2012, 08:16 PM
Today's medical news:










Not much else going on at the moment. I am working from home but so many people have taken the day off that it is hard to find people to shoot or maim. I am however managing to get on well with my fellow trainers from Yarrabee who have the same idea about getting on top of the bast*rds

01-27-2012, 11:02 AM
Morning all. TGIF!!

Ceejay - Hope your sinus headache stayed away. Wow, fridge and oven cleaning - well you're a better woman than me I guess, LOL. Truth of the matter is that I can't find the manual to our stove and I want to use the self-cleaning feature for the oven. I'm sure I could figure it out without it, but I'd prefer not to. One of our previous ovens had this and I loved it!

Annie - So glad the whole week wasn't boring for you. :) So you got to sleep in a bit this morning?? How nice. Have a great weekend and I hope you can fill us in about the case next week!

Shad - "it is hard to find people to shoot or maim" LOL. :lol3: Thanks for posting Mel's message.

Mel - Glad you're on the road to recovery, even if it's at a snail's pace. Good for you to keep the door shut and ignore all the office disfunction - that's what you need to keep doing, difficult as it may be for you. Take care. :hug:

Hellos to Happy & Michelle!
Nothing much to report. I brought home the laptop to make sure I could connect properly - yup. All set to put in a few hours this weekend. I also did some work while bf was at his mom's dismantling her computer setup. Even if she just cancelled her internet service because she doesn't use it that much, she still wouldn't use it. So she's having bf sell it. We, however, are getting her large monitor, and our smaller one will be sold with her computer. Sitting in front of a computer all day, I don't use the one at home very often, especially since I use my iPhone for a lot now, so the bigger monitor is no big whoop. Plus you know about my mess of a home office...not a nice place to spend time anyway. Hmmm, I wish that room had a self-cleaning feature. Lock the door, set the timer, and voila, everything is reduced to a fine white ash. Just wipe and it's done. If only... :lol:

That's about it. This weekend is the usual, and then we're having dinner with friends on Sat. night.

Okay, back to work. Have a good weekend everyone. :)

01-27-2012, 02:07 PM
Hi ladies,

Sorry I didn't get in here yesterday, got a call from the cousins on Wednesday - boys were going fishing and the girls decided to have a girls day out. I had a big mess here in the house as I was tackling some boxes and I wanted to clean up the place in case they came in when they picked me up (they didn't). Both groups had a nice day - I kind of forgot it was a weekday - first time we did something when it wasn't a weekend. We are waiting on that new Sandra Bullock movie to come to our little town and we will do our next outing with lunch and a movie. I hope they realize that the afternoon matinee is only on the weekends :lol: Will probably be springtime before we get the movie here in town (it came out last week). The only problem is that half the crew smoked and we went to the casino - one of the few places you can smoke indoors. I reeked when I came home - gotta remember not to wear my good coat although that one airs out better than my wool one which seems to hold onto smells. So yesterday was a 2 shower day! My cousin did fillet one walleye so we'll be having fresh fish for dinner tonight.

Laura - love the idea of a self cleaning room. I'd do the I Dream of Jeannie *nod, blink* to the garage if I could. I'm tired of unpacking boxes. My Mom was hinting around again that she'd like a computer but we are all afraid it would be like your BF's Mom. And I tell her that it costs alot more money than she'd want to pay to add the high speed internet service. She also realizes that with no one around to show her what to do, it would be difficult - not that she's afraid to do something with step through instructions. But at least you are getting a monitor out of it. It's hard for me to imagine doing laptop stuff on an iPhone. I was looking at email on my iTouch and thought it was too difficult to read although I guess you get used to it. I laughed at your comment about being taller which shields your hair roots from a good part of the population. I feel the same way about being short and the occasional chin hair :rofl:

Thanks for the update on Mel. Sounds like she's got a mess of medical stuff to wade through for a while now. I'm glad she is ignoring the office - let's face it, they have to stand on their own 2 feet and earn their pay sometime, although I can understand that the reality of it is that unless she intervenes, they all suffer for it. Although I do not want to see Mel in pain, I am glad that there is something to save her from her good intentions - can't risk any more setbacks Missy :nono: I hope you have enough movies to keep you focused on resting.

Annie - can't wait to hear about your experiences on the jury - good thing there is concensus among the members. Nothing worse than a couple of people arguing over indecision for days on end. Did a leader naturally emerge or are people taking direction from the foreman? I always wondered how they decided on a foreman. Anyway - look forward to your stories. Nice pic you had on FB of the kids. If only they didn't have to grow up to be teenagers :lol:

Michelle- I would definitely recommend DH go see a pulmonologist if he can't seem to shake this respiratory thing. I was quite happy with the man I saw and since their specialty is lungs, you get better treatment I feel. I hope he finds something that works, get's very tiring (physically and frustratingly) when something like that lingers on for months. I'm sorry you need to dig so hard to get your skills tightened up. You made me very glad I am retired - I just don't have the interest or energy for that any more. Given today's workplace, I think you are very wise to consider your options towards what will give you skills they look for vs something that would be interesting to do. Especially on the tech side when there are more options for someone to come up with a foolish alternative that saves lots of money (in the short term) but in the long run mucks up the whole process :lol: I guess the best option is to have both the business and tech experience - I hope you land on your feet - you are a fabulous worker and someone who will do well for whatever group you land with. As for the garden, sounds like you are saying that the best luck you have with a garden is the cooler weather veggies - guess maybe I should invest in that greenhouse :lol:

Ceejay - sorry your head is bothering you. Seems like I constantly had headaches this year from the environment. I hope it doesn't spoil your long weekend. I'm glad you are checking things out thoroughly before you jump into retirement - that's the best way to do it - enter prepared because once you leave the office, there is no going back.

Shad - loved your shoot or maim comment :rofl: I'd better tell my cousin to look out. He mentioned yesterday that he pesters you in the wee hours of the morning here. I don't know why he gets up at 4:30am, especially in the very dark and cold of our winters. I guess someone has to get up to stoke up the fire :lol: I also agree with putting the money aside for the new baby's education. In today's world they almost expect people to have master's degrees - can't imagine the staggering cost or requirements this little one will need to make it though life. And being first time parents, I think people look at the cutesy short term stuff instead of looking forward - mostly because they are young and don't have the experience to "know better" as we all do. I have seen many a tv program too where parents are realizing what schooling will cost for their kids and are getting second jobs to build up the college funds. If it wasn't for tuition assistance at work, I would not have been able to afford it myself and companies here have really limited what they will help employees with for training. How are the rains doing out by you - did you wind up getting flooded?

We put up a birdfeeder and 2 suet cakes. Been getting visited by some very hard working chickadees and nuthatches. They are just busy busy flying back and forth getting a seed - they aren't too afraid of us either so we can watch them rather closely. In the spring the goldfinches will return - heard there are flocks of them. As well as the hummingbirds. We will have to design the front yard as a feeding area - will be great to sit on the porch and watch them. We do have the nuisance birds - crows and bluebirds scarfing up the leftover corn in the morning. My cousins put out all sorts of food scraps for the foxes but here all we've found is it attracts the ravens. And my what big birds they are :yikes:

And now I need to go find some lunch for us so I'll sign off. :wave: to Mel and Mary

Happy Friday chicks.

01-27-2012, 03:56 PM
Quick post for me ladies -

I'm busy doing online training all day long. after work, I have two errands to run and meet with a website client.

Then all weekend will be spent cleaning. I have to get rid of all the dust (and clutter since it collects dust) as DH's doc says that's making his condition worse. Not that the doc knows what his condition is. All he can say about the xray and CT scan is "weird". So DH has an appointment with a pulmonologist (lung/breathing specialist) on Wednesday.

I hope ya'll are doing well. I'll write more tomorrow when I need a break from cleaning.

Love ya's,

01-27-2012, 06:16 PM
Happy - yeh, I'd like my mom to be able to enjoy the computer and I'd love it if she had e-mail, but the only person she has to help in her area (that she would bother to ask, that is) is my brother and he does okay, but probably couldn't troubleshoot... Good thing she's not gung-ho for it, I guess. Bf's mom had hinted about wanting a kindle/nook/e-reader for Christmas, but with her not even comfortable with using e-mail, we held off and will see if she even takes a class at her library to learn about them. Sure, one of us would probably take it off her hands if she decided she didn't like it or couldn't learn how to use it, but we're actually more interested in having an iPad...

Michelle - Just "weird"? Not very helpful. Glad your dh has the appt w/ the specialist!! Now you take care of your lungs while you're doing all that cleaning this weekend!! :hug:
One more hour!! I went outside for lunch and wished I'd eaten quicker and gone for a bit of a walk because it was sunny and mild outside. :sunny:

Everyone have a great weekend. :)

01-27-2012, 08:09 PM
I've been busy today and still need to get some more things done. Tomorrow is my day to go to Paragould, even though I really do not want to.
There's some things going down in this city that I'm not agreeing with and my friends are involved. I'm hoping this blows up in their faces. I'll explain more when I can. I'm like Annie I hate to keep things secret but one of these days I may be with out a job due to them. This is the reason I'm looking into retiring early. I may not have a choice.

Thanks for the information about Mel.

My bil has goldfinchers in the Spring in Mo. They are a beautiful bird. Not to sure I'd want foxes around.

It was a beautiful day here also. It would have been a good day to work outside.

Glad to hear that dh has an appointment with the specialist. I don't like it at all when a doctor tells me that's weird.

Time to get busy again. Fridge is clean. Now to tackle the oven. Wish I it was self cleaning but these 35-40 year old stoves didn't have that option.

01-28-2012, 12:28 AM

Had a most delicious baked fish dinner tonight courtesy of the boys fishing trip. Just wish the fish were biting more. 4 guys and all they caught were 2 fish.

Michelle - I will tell you that the cleaning / dust removal is probaby a good thing for both of you but as my friend told me, "don't worry about DH until you have something concrete to worry about". The first doc told me that I had lung cancer based on my x-ray - she was wrong. The pulmonologist almost could not find the spot when I went there. He reserved his opinion until there was a biopsy. And even then they were surprised at the outcome altough we all were glad it was not cancer. So even if DH's films look "wierd" might just be some fungal thing. And apparently you can't get it out of your lungs without surgical removal so even if they kill the infection, your body will still fight the dead tissue so I guess funny things go on in the innards. But a pulmonologist should be able to help him more I hope :crossed:

Ceejay - I am sorry to hear about the things going on at work. At first one might say that is the problem with a government or political job but I think odd partnerships are the undoing of many a person in these days - civilian or not. I hope you can make whatever plans you need to keep yourself safe and comfy. Take care on your drive tomorrow.

Laura - all in all sounds like it hasn't been too bad of a winter for you this year. You are a bit off from the lake at work, aren't you so you don't catch that wind chill. Funny how people flock to the sidewalks on sunny days.

Shad - sounds like you are getting quite soggy over there. Either too little or too much - isn't that the case?

Today really flew by, not even sure where it went. We picked up our 3D Blue Ray movies and watched them - 2 documentaries actually that ran about 45 minutes. Really cool looking although we only have one pair of 3D glasses so one had to watch while the other waited. They are pricy so DH wanted to make sure they were worth it (they are) before we invested in 2 pair. We went to the library and picked up a book for DH and I have a cookbook of sorts that I wanted to check out. I made dinner, talked with my Mom who has some dental issues and now it's the end of the day. Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow - we talked about going north to the next town up to check it out - might do that too. Might just stay at home. When we went out this afternoon it snowed like the dickens. Just for about an hour and a half - left us with about an inch of snow. I popped my head out tonight and the stars are just amazing in the sky. It's a moonless night and there are stars all about. Sure wish it was like that earlier in the week when they had that solar storm - no doubt we might have gotten a glimpse of the northern lights. But it was heavy cloud cover as usual. :(

I took my allergy pills early tonight instead of waiting until right before I went to sleep - and I think they are actually helping me get sleepy. Would be nice to get to bed much earlier. That's about it for now. Goodnight ladies...

01-28-2012, 06:46 AM
Evening all,
Another day of rain here. We will be growing webbed feet shortly. So not a lot got done outside and there will be a mountain of growth this week what with the rain and the heat. I did manage to get out and pull a few weeds this afternoon so that will make a bit of a difference. The garden is looking pretty ordinary at the moment, although the rocket and spinach is growing very well indeed.

Laura, what wouldn't I give for the spare room to have automatic cleaning. It is the next room for renovation on my list, but I have to get rid of the junk and shred the paperwork before I can get in there to clear it out and revamp it.

Happy - glad to hear that retirement is setting in and you are forgetting which day is which. I guess you will sort yourselves out to a routine eventually. How's the unpacking going. Anything to sell on e-bay yet?
Your birds sound like our fairy wrens. They aren't afraid of us either. They flit around the yard picking up insects and such and seem to be nesting in the hedge.

Michelle - hope the training is going okay! I've done a bit of on-line stuff myself and I can honestly say that the biggest drawback is when you need to question a section or comment because there is so little interaction.
Dust is always a bother to anyone who has nose or lung problems. That's part of the reason I got rid of all the carpet around our place. The dust in that was really bad.

Ceejay - I hope you get ot of this racket with your job intact. Too bad some people like to make things hard for their colleagues.

Annie - think I saw that you had finished the case and are about to give your all important verdict. You will be pleased to get back to work no doubt.

It's time I took this weary body to bed. Don't know why I am so tired, I haven't done much all day. See you all tomorrow.

01-28-2012, 04:24 PM
Morning all,
Thought I had better get this in before the day gets away on me as they often do these days. Had an email from Mel.


I've cut a few personal bits out but she is very depressed by the sound of things and doesn't know what to do about this thread. I've told her to just let things be and I will relay stuff around and if I am not able I will let Happy know and she will relay things around. Sorry Happy but you are it!
Can't do anything for her, she just has to get over it on her own. I have no doubt she will but every set back seems to be taking more and more out of her and the tone of her letters seems to spiral downwards.

Not much else going on here. It is still grey and cool (well that's a relief) and as yet - 6.15am - the mossies aren't biting. Maybe they are all still full from yesterday.

I decided to get organised for my overnight trip today and went to print out my boarding pass only to find I don't go until Tuesday. Dopey. So I had better think about a couple of meals for today and tomorrow now. Can't go around eating Jaffa Icecream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, much as I love the stuff.
Today will be more of the shredder, more in the yard, more sifting through the wardrobe and thinking about whether to keep or chuck some of my gear. Have a good weekend

01-28-2012, 09:38 PM
Jaffa ice cream? Is that like the orange chocolate candies???? I'd be in trouble if they made that here.

Not much going on for me today - mostly work around the house.

I would be glad to pick up the reins of keeping in touch with Mel while you are travelling Shad. I sent a card to her - didn't want to bombard her with too much. If anyone wants to include an individual message to her, I'd be glad to group them together and send them along. I'm sure the slowness of the get better routine is in and of itself part of feeling down.

Glad you figured out the travel plans before you headed off early all for nothing Shad. Any particular reason why you are travelling out on a Tuesday for a change?

I'll be back later...

01-28-2012, 10:58 PM
Yeah, much like the jaffa sweets but even nicer. It's expensive, delicious, very morish, not diet friendly, and comes in a fairly small package. I could eat the lot in one go.

01-29-2012, 12:26 PM
Good morning chicks,

Jaffa ice cream - oh that looks sinful :devil: I did find a recipe for it - with translations even - may have to give that a try in the summer time with the ice cream maker. No doubt expensive because of the ingredients.

Not sure what is on the agenda today. DH said he needs to run to Walmart for some stuff. It's pretty chilly out today even if it's sunny, part of me doesn't want to step foot out although another part is getting bored being at home here. (Ack - did I just say that? :yikes: ) DH is going to help out with some Access programming work at the local natural history museum (where we saw the raptor lecture). It is voluntary of course but will be something to interest him. They asked if he can do some staff training and make some program improvements so hopefully that will work out well. I'm still debating about helping out at the humane society. There is surely alot of places here that are begging for volunteer help due to their very tiny budgets. I would rather lend my services to places like the historical society that won't take any government help.

I'm thinking too that we will plan a trip next week one day to the Lake Superior shoreline just to see what's up that way. I jammed my finger yesterday (waited too long to go to the bathroom and was in a big hurry to get my pants off :rofl: :lol3: and somehow smacked my pointer finger hard on the counter top. It's quite sore today and a little crooked but I looked at the other hand and that finger is a bit sideways too so I guess I'm just old :lol: - at least nothing appears broken.

Not much going on - so I guess I'd better get dressed and off with DH. Have a good Sunday ladies - enjoy your last day at home Shad - may it be a sunny or at least dry one for you :flow1:

01-29-2012, 02:38 PM
Morning ladies.

Happy - Yes, so far the winter here hasn't been bad. I don't mind the "real" winter weather if we're getting little breaks of mild weather in between. It's the long stretches of frigid cold that get to me. So after a mild Friday, yesterday was chilly & windy, and I think today is similar, maybe a bit warmer. But tomorrow will be milder. :) So nice you're already thinking about the volunteer opportunities where you live. Finally the time to do that! :)

Shad - Have a safe travel day tomorrow, and hopefully no/minimal snafus and irritations. :D

Ceejay - Did you go to the uncles this weekend? Good job with the fridge - did you get the oven cleaned too?? I hope what's going on w/ your local govt doesn't negatively impact whatever retirement decision you make.

Mel - I hope the additional tests and xrays help them figure out how to help you. Hopefully when you mention your full plate, you just mean your health issues and not anything else but that!! And for now, just focus on getting rid of this pneumonia, and the rest will have to wait. My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend. :hug:
Back and shoulders are stiff from working at the dining room table. I did about 3-3.5 hours of work this morning. Not super efficient given that I had to e-mail a couple things to myself and print them off the pc to which our printer is connected. I'm validating the financial data conversion to this new software, and it sure would have been handy to have my trusty 10-key adding machine at my side, lol. But no more work for today. Not going to crank away all day on this. Might bring home the laptop more this week and try to get an extra hour of work for a few days.

Just brought in the mewspaper, but I'm not sure how much time I'll spend on that now that it's now after noon! I have more laundry to do, as well as some grocery shopping.

Yesterday I went to a Circuit class. After that was sorting and doing laundry. I didn't do any last weekend, so I have a good amount to do this weekend. Need to get back into the habit of doing a few loads during the week so I don't have to do it all on the weekend. :yes:

I ended up ordering the same wallet as my old one at an outlet type store online. I tried to use some gift cards to pay for it, but the site didn't accept AMEX, and the visa one I had wouldn't let me register it to my name. Apparently that's what you have to do if you're using one of those for online shopping. Although when I looked it up online, it identified me with my first name and last initial. Huh. Anyway, I noted it was actually called a debit card, so who knows if it can be used the same as the gift cards that claim they can be used just like credit cards. :faint: Anyway, I gave up and just used my credit card. However, good thing I went through that exercise because I discovered that the "debit card" visa expires at the end of this month and I think thereafter, a $10 fee is deducted each month. So I need to spend this thing, and QUICKLY!!

Last night bf and I met a friend for dinner. We enjoyed a nice Greek restaurant we hadn't been to in a while. My friend hadn't eaten much Greek food, so she enjoyed her combination platter. In addition to good food, there was also live music and a belly dancer!

Afterwards we went to a bar that had three bands playing. We missed the first. The second was AWFUL - just that death metal sort of music where the singing is actually screaming. But there was an entertainment value to it... :lol: However, by the time the 3rd band came up, we'd used up all our tolerance and even though they were better and a wee bit closer to our taste, we'd had enough, and left early into their set. When you try new things, you don't always like what you get... At least dinner was a success.

Okay, gonna post this and maybe have another cup o' tea.

Enjoy your day Worldlies!

01-29-2012, 03:40 PM
Happy Sunday ladies -

Once again, the weekend is passing way too quickly. I cleaned and dusted and vac'ed our bedroom...still need to sort through our closet to determine what we're actually wearing/using and donate the rest. Spent yesterday afternoon in a allergy med fog. I had to take the meds due to the dust from the cleaning. My chest was pretty congested yesterday. Anyway, at least today DH and I are both breathing a little easier.

Today, my back has been bothering me, probably from overdoing it I'm taking it slow and only doing what's absolutely necessary. I've got some website work to do...but it's stuff that doesn't require several hours of focus at a time, so I can do it in the evenings after work. :) I also got my Teach Yourself Java book in the mail yesterday so I've been working my way through that. Right now, I'm finishing up the last load of laundry and then I'll be making some meals to freeze for during the week.


Mel - I'm so sorry to hear that the doc is sending you back to the hospital for another xray and more tests. But at the same time, more tests mean more information which will lead to better treatment for a quicker recovery. Don't worry about anything else...just get breathing better and without pain. The rest can wait 'till later. Sending you lots of love and hugs. Bummer that the stuff in the building is a dysfunctional mess...but I'm really, really glad to hear you're continuing to rest. I know about the pain you have, it's quite frustrating and very easy to get sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I totally understand how the breathing gets worse with movement, stress or excitement. I've been there. Hang in there sista. Has the doc given you a peak flow meter (or does the nurse have you use one when she's there)? Keep resting and taking your meds, especially inhalers. :hug: :getwell: :hug:

Laura - Glad that you were able to connect from home, but it's such a bummer to work on the weekends.I hope your back/shoulder stiffnes eases up soon. Validating the financial data conversion sounds even worse than online Java training! :rofl: If you ever find a way to install a self-cleaning feature on rooms in a house, PLEASE let me know. Except I don't think I'd want everything reduced to a white ash. :rofl: I've got some of those funky AMEX gift cards/debit cards or whatever they're called. And while most places don't take AMEX, I did find out that the major grocery stores in town take AMEX, as does Walgreens (and probably CVS), and gas stations! Glad you had a nice dinner with your friend, even if the after dinner entertainment wasn't that great.

Happy - Sounds like you had a nice day with your cousins. Bummer about the smoking in the casino. There's a Casino in Green Bay where they actually have a non-smoking section that has slots, table games, etc. I've only been there once, but it was nice to be able to have a good time and not reek of smoke. I'm glad the walleye fish dinner was yummy! Thanks for the kind reminder not to worry. The doctors/radiologists could say with some certainty that what DH has is not cancer. Thank goodness.

Ceejay - So sorry to hear that stuff is going down in the city, and that it could leave you without a job. Not good. Hang in there, dear sista. :hug:

Well the laundry is just about done...and I'd better get started cooking.

Much love and many hugs to all (and lots of healing energy and prayers to dear Mellie),

01-29-2012, 05:38 PM
Morning all,

Jaffa Ice Cream, otherwise known as Dark Chocolate and Orange. Here is the full list of the lady's repertoire in Ice Cream. I've tried a couple of the others and they are also yum. Vanilla bean and Elderflower is really good.

Not much to report here - ssdd as they say. Back in the office although I will probably leave at lunch time. Then pack and go back and see if I can hack the hedge some more. The rain stopped long enough for me to hack the sides, but I will need to go back and pretty it up shortly. Looks a little sad and I have to do the top before long as well. If only I could find the top trimmer. It like much of the other tools is hidden under a tarp on the back lawn waiting for the castle to be finished.

Happy - :rofl: at the toilet saga. Serves you right for hanging on too long. I'm glad the DH has something to do to showcase his skills. It will be good for him and could lead to other things.
And no it is neither sunny nor dry here and won't be according to the forecast for the next couple of days. Hopefully it will be better in Central Queensland although their forecast is not the greatest either.

Laura - so annoying when you can't attach the plug and play printer to your work laptop because of IT restrictions. Doesn't make for time and motion greatness. Sometimes those gift cards are a curse. You don't want to just splurge them away but then again they have that time limit. I haven't heard of the $10 fee over here, but they will catch on no doubt - generally they just pocket the money and say thank you very much. Lot of fuss going on here over gift cards.

Michelle - 15 minutes at a time, rest, 15 minutes. I know it is painful, but it may stop your back from seizing up due to bending and stretching. Once all the dust is done you will be better. Shame you don't have an extractor fan with a filter. Dust is a doosey and you have to keep at it.

Haven't heard anything back from Mel but then I guess we won't until after the x-rays and tests are done. Had a note from Carla (remember her?) - she who lurks - who is keeping up with the news as we speak. :wave:

Okay - February arrives in a couple of short days. I don't want to use the obvious word, so we will have to think up something particularly obnoxious without being rude. :chin: :chin: :idea: :nono: :chin: :chin: :idea: :nono:

With that I had better get out of here and get some work done.

01-29-2012, 06:53 PM
Thanks for the updates. Sounds like Mel could be on the mend. At least you are a day ahead of getting some things done for your trip.

Yep got the fridge done but not the oven--couldn't get the cap off the
Easy Off. Good job on the exercise.

Ouch on the finger. What a way to jam it too! I had to smile.

Sorry the dust caused the congestion. Did you wear your mask while cleaning?

Got back from Paragould a few minutes ago. Had a nice visit with the uncles. I'm going to ride out the storm and hope things blow over. They usually do.

01-30-2012, 03:08 AM
Frassin' February BETTER Not Mess with the Worldlies...

maybe I will dream up something better. Night all...

01-30-2012, 10:24 AM
Good Morning Worldlies Girlies..........

Hate to say it, but glad to be back to work. ... If I heard "All Rise" one more time...I think I would puke. not was very interesting, other than the downtown superbowl traffic and paying to park, it was a good experience. is the scoop on the case....

Plaintiff vs. Dr. Piatek and the Piatek Institute-west side of Indy (diet doc and diet center)...better know as a pill can google them. The plaintiff already had a thyroid problem and was on synthroid. Piatek prescribed/filled on site, at his "institute", two scripts...Adipex and Amourthyroid (keep in mind he has NO PHARMACIST on site...a normal pharmacist would never fill these scripts). This made the Plaintiff on two types of thyroid (when blood tests revealed she was already in the normal range with the synthroid) and then the adipex. The combination of the meds gave her a reaction you would not believe called TENS (abbreviated name) (Google that one). SOOOO horrible and most die from it. The pictures alone of her body were almost unbareable to look at. There we 4 doctors that testified for the plaintiff anywhere from 2-6 hours each, then 3 docs for the defense, anywhere from 2-6 hours each. We the jury only had one late day on Wednesday. Normally 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, however Wednesday was 8:00 am to 6:45 pm. This case had been going on since 2003 and just now came to Civil Court. The jury chose in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $225.000. The doctor has already had his license sent to the medical review board and slapped on the it will go again....we will see what happens.

Gotta get busy...first day back...140 emails but only 12 Vmails. Yeah!! Mail stacked high. Trying to swim above it all....

MELLIE....I am praying for you sweet sister.

Hey to all

Loves and hugs,

01-30-2012, 12:19 PM
Good morning ladies,

Guess we are going to get some icy drizzle tonight which ruins our plans for a day trip tomorrow. We are going to go pick up some milk (which I forgot at the store yesterday) and some deer corn and then hunker down for the next 2 days.

We're getting lots of birds feeding on the porch. It's nice to sit in the window and watch them - chickdees, nuthatches, a gold finch and some juncos. DH hollers at the squirrels and blue jays.

Nothing special going on at the moment - guess I'd better go get dressed if I want to go out with DH. Will come back later today and let you know how my attempt at making "the very best" fried chicken turns out. :lol:

01-30-2012, 03:47 PM
Good afternoon ladies -

Another busy day for me. Today's training was about the Software Development Life Cycle, which I understood at a high level, but was unaware of all the different models and prototyping methods. Enough to make my head spin. I will have to keep this short to get back to more training, but I wanted to at least say "hi".


Shad - "ssdd" indeed. I can totally relate. I hope you can find the top trimmer under the tarp. Thanks for the wise advice about 15 minutes work/15 min. rest. We do have really top notch HEPA furnace filters that are supposed to pull out all the dust/allergens. I guess they don't work 100%.

Happy - Sorry, but I had to LOL at the toilet saga. I do hope your finger feels better soon. I sometimes find myself trying to hang on too long...but I was cured of that habit when DMIL was staying with us. With three of us in the house and only 1 bathroom downstairs (and sometimes there's not enough time to get upstairs), I learned to go when I needed to and not procrastinate. :rofl: Bummer about the freezing drizzle messing with your plans. We're having really mild weather down here (knock on wood). High today was in the upper 30s, and tomorrow's supposed to be in the low to mid 40s. Positively tropical for January in Wisconsin. :beach: My DH doesn't have to holler at the squirrels...our dogs do it for him. They go crazy when they see a squirrel in the yard, and then they demand to go outside so they can chase the squirrels up the trees. What is "the very best" fried chicken? Is it fried or baked? Recipe please??

Ceejay - Yes, the dust caused the congestion. I wore a mask...but not 100% of the time. I've learned my lesson. From now on when I'm cleaning, the mask stays on! Maybe with the mask, I could be the cleaning superhero...but no, that would be our Miss Annie.

Annie - What an awful doc!! What an incompetent, irresponsible :censored: !! I googled Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TENS). How horrible! I can't believe that the defense was able to find doctors to testify for Piatek. His license should be revoked! Are they waiting until his actions actually do kill someone?

Laura - :wave: I hope your Monday is going okay.

I'd better get back to training.

Much love and many hugs,

01-30-2012, 06:40 PM
Hello to the worldlies. Nothing new.

Talked to my boss/friend this morning about the events that have been going on outside the work place concerning the light bills. He said that I was doing the right thing by refusing to go along with them. Maybe my stomach will now settle down.

I know I'd rather have snow than the icy mix. Did you get the errands ran?I'm with Michelle on the recipe for the chicken.

I wondered about TENS, now I know. Dr's like that do not need to be practicing.

How much longer do you have in training?

Shad and Laura
:wave: Happy Monday.

Come out come out whereever you are. We miss you.

Where did you go?

01-30-2012, 08:02 PM
Todays news from NJ







So, not great news but she doesn't sound as bad in this mail as she has previously, not sure whether that is good or bad.

Back in Blackwater and sitting in the office with the butterflies doing their thing outside the window. Different lot this time. Black mainly with a bit of orange and white. Will have to try and check out what they may be. Actually now I come to look closer, there's more than one variety out there. Hope we are not getting mixed marriages out of this lot. :rofl:

Okay, well I need to get out amongst the folks. Plenty of rain water around here and I just hope that the predicted storms this afternoon don't leave us stranded out here or even in town. I need to be back home tomorrow.

Catch ya later.

01-31-2012, 08:41 AM
Good Morning Everyone...this will be short as the hotshots from MI are do to arrive at any time this morning and stay through Thursday. This just baffles me as the media reports there are no hotel rooms available in Indy within a 50 mile radius. They must have some type of connection. Blah!

Curtis has been in bed with the flu since Saturday night. Fever, stomachache and diarreah. He tried to go to work yesterday but was back home in bed by 10 am. I have been sleeping on the couch as I do not want any part of it. I had a flu shot, so hopefully I am safe.

I have to put my one night in at CVS this Thursday, kind of looking forward to it. I miss my fans...hahah.

CHELLE...more and more training, more knowledge and education and I am sure you are being compensated for it salary wise...haha..not. Anymore the more we know the less we get paid around here. I would imagine that is the only way Piatek gets his license revoked is if someone dies...kind of like when they install a new stoplight...only after many accidents and a death at that stop do they finally take action.

SHAD...thanks for the updates on MELLIE. I hope and pray the lung thing is nothing. I have a shadow on my lung that always comes back alarming to the docs til I remind them it is just a shadow, if it were more I am sure I would be dead by now as I have had it over 20 years. Hopefully, Mellie has something like that...far fetched..but hopeful. I would do nothing but stare at the butterflies outside my window if I were there. ENJOY THE VIEW!!

CEEJAY....hope you get the whole light bill thing straightened out. Boy if it is not one thing, it is another.

HAPPY...OMG parents had a nest of the lil b-tards outside their front door...everytime you tried to go in and out, the BJs <---haha would dive at your heads. My son put on his football helmet and went after them, destroyed their nest...there were no eggs in sight btw. Good for DH for yelling at them and the squirrels.

LAURA...are you getting this warm weather we are having down here in INDY? It is good for the superbowl activities, which I am sick of hearing about already. What is the next movie you are seeing?, hugs and prayers sweet sista!

Not much else going on...lil man is laughing out loud and cooing up a storm. Too cute.

What a week to be back at work...h*ll week...everyone have a healthy, happy, splendid day..

Much loves and many hugs....

01-31-2012, 09:20 AM
Happy Tuesday -

Meeting with my new boss this morning to discuss my progress on the training and my transition to my new "programming" role next week. This afternoon, the entire team (from the VP on down) is going on a team outing to go bowling. I love bowling but haven't even tried since I hurt my back...and am not too keen on trying now. I do NOT want to risk re-injuring myself now that I feel pretty good most of the time (except when I do stupid stuff like cleaning - LOL). It might be a fun outing, but there's one big reason I don't even particularly want to goes until 5 pm, and I normally leave at 3:30. And even leaving at 3:30 causes Mischief to get her medicine several hours late...I'm not thrilled about giving it to her even later. Maybe I'll get a migraine or something and be able to skip out on the event.


Ceejay - I'm glad you talked to your boss about the events that have been going on. So nice that he was able to ease your mind by saying you're doing the right thing. I hope this eases your stress. I'll probably be doing online training for the remainder of this week, when I'm not working on my self-review. Ugh...what's the lesser of two evils there? :rofl:

Mel - Sounds like you're in the same boat as my DH. Something going on, but no one wanting to venture a guess as to what it is. My DH's CT scan that he had last week was with contrast. I hope you and he both get answers very soon so you can be treated and have a complete recovery. Getting oxygen sent to the house may not be a bad idea. I'm keeping you in my prayers, my sweet sister. I can imagine that the plumber feels a bit guilty.

Shad - How lovely to be able to watch butterflies (even mixed-marriage ones - LOL) from the office window!! I sit near the window, but in order to look outside I'd have to slide out of my cube. I hope the rains behave themselves. Stay high and dry my friend.

Annie - When you mentioned the TENS disease in your post, I immediately thought of the TENS device I use on my back - which is a pain relief device and is completely different from the disease. So the hotshots are coming in this week and not staying for the Super Bowl? Is it totally crazy and crowded in Indy now that Super Bowl week is here? Or are you able to steer clear of the crowds? Ooops, I just got to the part in your post where you're sick of hearing "Super Bowl". Sorry. So sorry to hear Curtis has been ill. I hope he feels better soon. You're wise to sleep on the couch and stay away. Too funny about the compensation for the training...well, I am "on the clock" while I'm training, but the main compensation is that I get to keep my job. :D So adorable that the lil monkey is laughing. :)

:wave: to Happy and Laura.

Time for me to get prepped for my morning meeting.

Love and hugs to all,

01-31-2012, 10:05 AM
Thanks again for the update on Mel. I do hope that the doctor's can find out what is wrong. Enjoy the butterflies.

Hope that your dh can have answer to his problem also. This has to be frustrating.

Sounds like it may be time for Curtis to go to the doctor. Good idea for sleeping on the couch. No point in both of you getting sick. This wasn't my light bill but people in the city are complaining big time that their's is too high.

It was like a Spring day yesterday but it's still January. More rain is on it's way. Even the tree's are thinking it's Spring.

01-31-2012, 10:44 AM
Morning all. I wrote a short post on the train but lost it when my battery died. This will be quick since I already spent a few minutes writing to complain to Jimmy Johns (sandwich shop). I went there for lunch yesterday and the music was entirely too loud. I decided to ask the employee at the counter to turn it down. I returned to my table, but nope - they didn't turn it down. I could barely hear what I had playing through my headphones and I gave up on that. Not that it was any easier focusing on the book I was reading. I've notice a lot of restaurants doing that now. It's annoying. Can't seem to get peace and quiet anywhere these days.

Tonight will be the movie "The Iron Lady", about Margaret Thatcher.

Loving this mild weather. However, I did smell skunk on my walk to the train this morning. We'll have to be careful when we let doggy outside during these warm temps. I recently heard on a radio show that spreading moth balls around areas where skunks like to spend time (like under decks, etc.) will keep them away. But those things are toxic and I don't want them leaching into the soil or being around where Coal spends his time in the yard, and then getting it on his paws. I haven't had moth balls in the house for years and I'd like to keep it that way.

Okay, I'll have to do personals another time. Everyone have a great day.


01-31-2012, 06:42 PM the "under neath the deck" blocked enough that the doggies cannot get under..if so..throw the moth balls under the deck rather than around the deck...same effect.

CHELLE...not really tired of hearing/talking about it from friends and neighbors...just SICK of the local news being consumed by it. MOVE ON...I know it is a HUGE event, but really????

CEEJAY...not only are the trees thinking it is spring, but so am I and HELLA B. She sees the sun shining and wants to go out then gets out there and realizes it is not what she expected and scratches on the door...she is so gullible...

Curtis was still in bed when I got home from work with the door to the bedroom shut...kind of like when I was living alone...I come home and do my own love him....I think he might be a bit better, but still has a low grade fever. He did take an anti-poo med, hopefully that will kick in.....I think his tummy now hurts from being empty rather than this flu thing he has going on. He said he ate some of the jello I made for him and a couple of pieces of dry toast.....that is all he has had since Saturday....not enough....

Gonna fix some dinner even if it is only me tonight....leftovers are good!

Oh and Chelle...on FB I saw your post about protein shakes...they are all gross and is just a matter of finding the least gross and nasty one. Sorry to dissappoint...but the facts are there...bleckie...blah...gross...nasty...yuk...and all the other.

Gotta get busy...

Love and hugs.

02-01-2012, 12:06 AM
Short post since I am trying to get a few things done before I have to pack up and go to the airport to fly home.

The butterflies are flitting around, there are some different ones today. Got a photo of one of them. Let me see if I can post it.
No, can't do much with it here. I will see if I can tidy up when I get home. I tried to identify it and the closest I can come is to a Pale Green Triangle butterfly however it is almost see through and I thought it was a glasswing butterfly but can't find it on that list. Anyway, no doubt someone will put me right or tell me where to go. They always do.

So I'll catch up again tomorrow. Might have some news from Mel at then as well.

02-01-2012, 10:00 AM
Happy Hump Day ladies -

This week is going so slow. I can't believe it's only Wednesday. DH has an appointment with a pulmonologist today and I'm anxious to hear what he has to say. DH sent his CT films, xrays, and reports to our friend who is a ultrasound/xray tech in CA. She had a radiologist with a great deal of expertise look at them. Essentially the CA doc was able to rule out a few diseases and said it is likely a fungal infection. Anyway, we'll know more today, I hope. And hopefully, the doc will give him an effective treatment plan.

I have one afternoon meeting today, and aside from that, I'll be working on my self-review or Java CBTs. I'm not sure which is the lesser of two evils. The bowling event was okay. I wish I would've been able to would've been more fun that sitting there watching. Oh well. Maybe next year. When I went home and was hoping to enjoy the gorgeous weather and take the dogs for a walk, but by the time I gave them all their meds, etc., the sun was going down and there was a chilly wind. So I did 25 min. of Wii Fit instead (when I probably should've only done about 15 or 20 min.). My back and legs were sore afterwards (mostly my legs), and they're sore today. I've got to get back to regular exercise and really control my portions. I'm thinking about using a meal replacement program for a quick jumpstart...but I haven't decided yet.

I'm fighting a losing battle against a migraine today...but since I can't miss the afternoon meeting, I guess I may have to tough this one out.

I will be implementing reports on Friday night and Sunday morning, and the rest of the weekend may be taken up with website work.


Ceejay - Glad to hear you're getting the Spring like temps too. I hope that's not messing with your allergies too much. And I hope the rain isn't causing any flooding.

Laura - I've also noticed that fast food restaurants crank up the music, which I guess is okay if you like their taste in music...but often I don't. And quite often, I want peace and quiet. And when you can't hear what's playing on your headphones over their blaring music, it is annoying. How was "The Iron Lady"? The previews looked really good. I hope you, bf and Coal are able to stay away from the skunks.

Annie - I can understand how you could be sick of all the media hype for the "Big Game". DH and I will be watching the game, but not as intently as if the Packers were playing. We are curious to hear whether or not Peyton Manning will play again, and if so, will he play for the Colts. Sounds like a big soap opera. I hope Curtis feels better soon. Can you get him to drink some Ensure? DH's mom drinks that to help get nutrition when she has difficulty eating/keeping food down. Sending lots of :getwell: wishes to him. Thanks for the warning on how protein shakes taste.

Shad - Are you home now? How's the garden and the castle coming along? I'm so envious of you seeing the butterflies. When DH and I lived in CA, we went to Yosemite National Park one spring and timed it perfectly so that we were there during the Monarch butterfly migration...there were literally THOUSANDS of the beautiful creatures flying and flitting about. It was a spectacular sight!

Lots to get done today, so I'd better get to it.

Big :wave: and :hug: to all!

Love ya's,

02-01-2012, 11:33 AM
Morning all.

Ceejay - Hope you're enjoying the Spring in January, and not getting flooding.

Shad - So nice you've been seeing butterflies right out your window. So this was a short trip?

Annie - Re the moth balls/skunks - we don't have a deck, that was just an example. The skunks pass through our yard, but I don't believe they've taken up residence...though they might decided to because we have a growing pile of branches and brush way in the back that might serve as shelter for them. Not sure how inviting it would be for them to settle in since the dog is always out there. Anyway, there isn't a spot where I could spread the moth balls where the dog couldn't get at them or be exposed to them. I hope Curtis is feeling better soon!! And that you don't catch whatever he has!!

Michelle - Sorry you couldn't bowl yesterday, and that the event didn't allow you to get home and out for a walk w/ the doggies. I hope your migraine eases up so you can focus on the training and the meeting. Good luck to dh w/ the pulmonologist.

Hellos to Happy & Mel!! :wave:
I went to the theater last night and bought my ticket, surprised that the movie started 10 min. earlier than I'd thought. I warned a fellow movie gal via text, and she pointed out it started 10 min. later at another theater. Turns out, there had been a change of theater and I'd totally overlooked it in the e-mail, haha. I ended up watching "The Iron Lady" by myself. Meryl Streep was very good (as usual), as was the actor Jim Broadbent, who played her husband. The movie itself was alright. Naturally there wasn't enough time to delve into anything in any real depth. The movie was framed around Thatcher as an elderly woman and told in flashback, and that was interesting, if sad. I think I would have gotten more out of it had I known more about Margaret Thatcher and Britain’s system of government and history. I will make a broad generalization and say that I don’t think people in the US pay much attention to other countries, or rather certainly not as much attention as other countries pay to the US.

That’s about it. Going to my Pilates class tonight. This is the 2nd day that the muscles on the lower front of my calf/ankle are sore. I’m stumped as to why. I haven’t been walking any more than I usually do. It might have been the shoes I wore the other day. Huh.

It wasn't a late night yesterday, but I'm just weary today. Doing this software implementation on top of my usual work is getting old, even though this is a low period for my usual stuff. But there is an end to this which point my usual work will start kicking into high gear again. Sigh. I need to be grateful for my job and the opportunity to be working on this project.

02-01-2012, 12:40 PM
Laura - Bummer that you ended up at a different theater than the rest of the group. I think you're correct that people in the US don't pay nearly as much attention to other countries as other countries pay to the US. Which is probably why I don't get all the jokes told by standup comedians and talk show hosts on BBC America. I've had the lower front calf/ankle pain before and what I did was elevate it and ice it when I was laying down, and go gentle flex and extend stretches when sitting. I hope the weariness passes. :hug: My co-worker had some Excedrin, so my migraine is easing up a bit. :)

02-01-2012, 01:06 PM
Hi Folks,

It's February. Need to come up with a new thread. Let me think a minute and I will do it.

02-01-2012, 01:07 PM
@Happy - I like your Frassin' February title you came up with a couple days ago.

02-01-2012, 01:13 PM
ask and you shall have...

Take Me to the new February Thread (