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12-30-2011, 11:30 AM
I read on here that a person is going vegetarian because of high blood pressure. Now I have border line high blood pressure and never heard or read that this would lower it as not much sodium and that in meat if you do not buy it processed. Would like some info on this as would change to vegetarian if it would help me get off the pills.


12-30-2011, 06:19 PM
I'm not 100% vegetarian, but I do eat some vegetarian meals; like today, I had a veggie pita pizza for lunch (made it myself). I had high blood pressure before too, so I cut my salt intake drastically, using herbs & spices instead. Last test was down to 132/80; not too bad but still some room for improvement yet.

I also eat leaner cuts of meat (cut out the fattier things like sausage & pepparoni on my pizzas). Subbed with chicken burgers, etc. I eat beans about 2 times a week becuz I like them (ones in tomato sauce); and omelettes (one egg + one white; then cooking & giving the other yolk to our furry baby).

I have tried the hamburg substitute; I didn't hate it, but it has a little different texture. I like meat too much to go vegetarian 100% but I'm slowly cutting back. I love pasta without meat; but DH doesn't -- so I have it only once a week with lean meat & use a lot less (still measure 1 cup cooked whole grain spagettini though; a man could eat more, I think).

Like the other poster says (in your other thread; I read it too); you still have to watch what you eat: how much, and how you prepare it. I'd limit eggs to one a day or the 1.5 omelette with veggies & cheeze. Cereal like oatmeal is great; no cholesterol there. My DH is on pills, and we are trying to work it so he can get off them too. He is eating mostly peanut butter sandwiches every other day.

You can eat brown rice or barley dishes with veggies; whole grain pasta with same or nice sauce; beans however you like them: i.e. chili without meat. I like to use mushrooms & olives as my meat sub or stretcher (watch how many olives as they are high in salt though). You can even buy lentil pasta made from beans; we tried it and loved it -- just had to cook it a bit more.

Cheese & cottage cheese & milk products can be used as protein subs in pasta & rice dishes. As with anything; watch your serving sizes. Some people still eat fish (?) and poultry (removing all visible fat & skin); or you could work it out slowly as someone suggested ... :D

12-30-2011, 06:46 PM
I don't know if my experience is helpgul, but here goes...

I used to have dangerously high blood pressure, I was a walking time bomb once at 205/113. Now it varies from 90/50 to 115/75, without any meds.

The greatest factors that seemed to create my high blood pressure (in this order) were: Depression Meds (Effexor); Lack of exercise; Weight; sodium. I was 90% vegetarian at the time my BP was high.

Changing my depression meds and going on BP meds saved my life at that time. Since then I changed my lifestyle, and am off *all* meds. I seem to have a weight threshold where I know my BP will rise if I hit it. It also begins rising if I don't exercise regularly. Even just a little bit of exercise (20 minute walk every day or two) keeps my BP in the healthy range.

I heard chia seeds lower blood pressure.

12-31-2011, 11:54 AM
Thanks for the information!