Weight Loss Support - anyone else suffer from gastritis? and weight issues?

12-23-2011, 06:33 PM
Hey guys,

After a grueling three nights in the hospital emergency room without a clue as to why i was suffering from so much intolerable pain, they finally figured out what was going on. The diagnosis: Gastritis(inflmation of the stomach tissues and the lining of the stomach) Cause: Stress, acidic beverages such as pop) as well as mechanical back pain(the back pain associated with being obese and your body carrying too much weight)

So after losing 7 pounds from being un-able to eat for 7days, im home and hopped up on medications. Im looking to get back into a normal food routine. At this time, not looking to necessarily start a weight loss program..but just trying to find foods that i can safely eat without making myself in lots of pain and discomfort. Anyone else suffered from gastritis??? what did you do for it? what did you eat?

PS:Can i just say..back pain so severe caused by weight issues..was certainly a wake up call..just like when he told me that i have fatty tissues surrounding my liver(aka..its time to lose weight NOW)

12-23-2011, 07:51 PM
I had gastritis, with symptom onset in 2001. It's now considered cured.

But your story could be mine -- except I puked endlessly. The gastro never figured out why it happened. He believes I have some kind of intolerance to ibuprofen, which I have not taken since. (This isn't that hard to believe, given my reactions to various other medications in the near and distant past. Most have ended up with an ER visit.)

What are you taking? I had to go through a few Rx before I got put on Nexium. I took it every day for a long time ... then only as needed ... and then none at all.

I started with super bland food, and very gradually reintroduced other things. I remember it took a while to be able to eat dairy and citrus. It was like South Beach in reverse, LOL.