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12-22-2011, 11:38 PM
My son left yesterday to visit his dad for Christmas (out of state), and since then, I have had some maaaajor urges to stuff my face. I don't think it is feeling lonely (I look forward to my alone time!), but in my "old life" whenever he was gone, it was my chance to eat whatever I wanted and as much as I could. Either things he didn't like (Taco Bell - smart kid lol) or things he loved, because then I wouldn't have to share. I haven't given in (and I don't plan to) but it was pretty eye opening to have those feelings and figure out where they were coming from.

I have been extremely lucky in that I haven't had to battle the craving/binging demons throughout my weight loss, and now that I have had a taste of it (ha), I am so proud of those of you who struggle with it on a daily basis.

12-23-2011, 02:31 AM
This just happened to me too the other day - but with cigarettes!

I pulled out an old CD that I used to listen to in the evenings to wind down. It was like each song was begging me to pour myself a strong drink and have a few cigs. Luckily there wasn't any alcohol or cigs in the house!

I do agree, the body reacts strongly when certain cues are given to it.