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12-17-2011, 05:49 PM

It is currently 48 on this beautiful sunny day in the Heartland. The talking heads say that our temps will be between the high of 57 to the low of 27. We currently set at 48. I spend a very uncomfortable night up and down with trips to the bathroom. I am now trying to figure if it was something I ate or part of a bug. I don’t feel bad otherwise so it probably was that cookie dough. Will said he didn’t feel so good either so we dumped it and won’t buy anymore food products from the kids but just give them a donation for whatever outfit they are selling the stuff for. It has been working out pretty good by letting dogs eat at a certain time and then picking up the dog food. It is best for them and more work for us to remember to set it out but that is how it is going to be. No more of this “snacking” behavior. The kitty is a different story for I think we can leave his bowl out all the time since it is dry kitten food. The dogs have dry food also but Beanie was not eating much at a time where Ragg Mopp ate at 5 pm and left it alone. Beanie now eats at the same time Ragg Mopp does and no more of this snacking type eating. He isn’t an ounce overweight but we needed to regulate his eating for his necessary trips outside.

I was so jazzed last evening for I found 4 light fixtures that I had stashed away with the Christmas things. So now all the buildings have lights in them. I must have taken the lights out of the buildings I had out last year and stored them and forgot I did that. Now all 12 buildings have inside lights. I only have enough colored roof lights for 3 right now but it is looking festive anyway. (I have hopes of a trip to the city to get some more lights before they need the space for something else at Michaels.) Those 3 have little copper hooks I made and had soldered around the roof edge so the lights could be strung. At first I had used some of that putty stuff but I didn’t like the looks of that because I would have to use too much to hold the little string of tiny led lights and it looked messy. Those two shelves are getting full. I need to build some more shops for the downtown area. So far I have a flower shop, butcher shop, firehouse, and an inn. There is a barn and the rest are houses. My plan is to build a church, police station & jail, court house, post office & general store, doctor & clinic, school, library, market and a train station. I will make little signs for the front of the buildings to tell what they are. That’s my plan and it will keep me busy for awhile.

I don’t have a clue what I will be making for dinner. I really think I will just pull out a package of that wonderful chicken noodle soup I made not too long ago and have that for dinner. I can make some French bread toast to go along with it. Will did some shopping this morning and brought home a nice roast and some other needful things. After next spring we will be going to our freezer for a nice roast for our plan is to buy half a beef.

DONNA FAYE I am sure you will find something else to make with that lovely yarn. It is such a pretty color. That book is so neat for it tells a story about the folks who used a recipe and then gives it in a way we nowdays can understand like any recipe we would find in a book. In the section called Meals Without "Receipts" there is one that is called Scripture Cake and all the ingredients are scriptures. At the bottom of the page is the recipe instructions using the ingredients and lists their names. However, before I read the bottom explanation I looked up the scriptures and wrote out the recipe that way and it was a fun exercise. I'll type the recipe as it is in the book for I think you will like seeing it. It comes out of the section titled "MEALS WITHOUT "RECEIPTS".

"A few "receipts" were coded with Bible verses as a way to combine lessons in religion with instruction in cooking. Probably both the Bible and the receipt bacame smeared with flour and butter as the directions were laboriously deciphered.

3/4 cup Judges 5:25
1 1/2 cups Jeremiah 6:20
5 Isaiah 10:14
3 cups sifted Leviticus 24:5
3/4 teaspoons 2 Kings 2:20
3 teaspoons Amos 4:5
1 teaspoon Exodus 30:23
1/4 tsp each 2 Chronicles 9:9
1/2 cup Judges 4:19
3/4 cup chopped Genesis 43:11
3/4 cup 2 Samuel 16:1
Genesis 43:11 for garnish
3/4 cup finely chopped Jeremiah 24:5

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in egg yolks, one at at time, mixing well after each addition. Sift together flour, salt, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and powdered allspice

Beat flour mixture into butter mixture, alternating with milk, until flour is just blended.

Beat room-temperature egg whites until stiff; fold into batter. Fold in chopped nuts, figs and raisins. Grease and flour a 10 inch tube pan. Put in batter. Bake at 350 until a cake tester ccomes out clean, 50 to 70 minutes. cool on a wire rack for 15 minutes. Then turn cake out of pan. When cool, drizzle with Burnt Jeremiah Syrup (recipe for this syrup is on page 28). Garnish with whole almonds."
The Pioneer Village Cookbook; by Ann Chandonnet; ISBN 978-1-883206-60-4; page 27

I don't know how many points+ that cake is for I haven't run it through my program as of yet to find out.:p Before I ever bake it I will find the values though. ;) If you also want the recipe for the Burnt Jeremiah Syrup let me know and I can easily get it to you also. :cool: I love the Pioneer Cooking Term pages. So many of the words they called things is very different than what we call them. According to the definition for instance we have "spiders" in several different sizes. According to the book the definition of a spider is a cast iron pan with legs to hold it above the coals. Schnitz is dried apples. Fun to learn "their terms" for items we use.

JEAN We will probably have a brown Christmas also but I really don't mind. I don't get excited about snow like I did when I was a kid. Prices are going up on just about everything and making our paychecks shrink in the process. Less bang for the buck. I am so thankful that Will does our shopping for he can really see where the money goes. That's why he wants to buy half a beef for it will save money in the long run. I am so glad we are going to go out for Christmas dinner for I won't have all those glorious, wonderful left-overs to deal with. The BBQ man is bringing our anniversary meal for Christmas Eve so that is taken care of. We will go out and about looking at the houses with the Christmas decorations that evening drinking our low fat egg nogg as we go.

I think I am absolutely over whatever got into my system to distress it:o. I feel fine now. Hallalujah. Time for me to get some work done even though I would love to just skate by and not do anything thing productive today. I fed the cat ~ isn't that enough? Well his bowl was empty and he meowed at me so I had to do at least that. Life is good.

Magnolias, have a great afternoon/evening. :wave: I am really going to get something done this day. It is 3:30 and I have not even eaten anything yet. Type at y'all later. :ginger:

PS: Another thing about that book ~ Will said there was a lady that wanted to buy 20 copies to give as Christmas presents but there were only 2 left after Will bought mine. They are going to try to get her what she wants before Christmas. What a neat gift to give to friends.

12-17-2011, 07:56 PM
Good evening, ladies! 40 cold degrees right now.

I spent a few days with my friend in Hayes. She just has dial up internet since she lives in the boonies so the internet is slower than molasses.

Maggie, WW has ONE program for the entire US. It is not by state. The books you received are not free. You have to pay a weekly meeting fee, be a monthly pass subscriber or be within 2 lbs of goal (and that is + or -, no free etools if you are more than 2 pounds below goal). To me its the same as if my friend works at a retail store and brings me "free" merchandise.

Faye, the sweater is lovely. Won't those 2 dogs be cute when they are together. Be prepared for compliments!

Jean, the things you do for grandchildren. I would have done the same if I had some.

I just got home so I need to get some clothes together for church in the morning before House comes on. Have a good evening.

12-18-2011, 12:14 AM
Maggie -- I'm glad you are feeling better after having a queasy stomach. :yes: What a nice surprise to find the light fixtures! The Scripture Cake looks like a fun thing to make . . . after looking up the ingredients to be sure! Are you going to a restaurant for Christmas dinner? I will think of you as I am slaving away over the stove! Actually, I plan to have everything ready the day before and use crockpots and the oven on Christmas Day. :cp:

Susan -- I'm glad to see your post tonight! :cheer: I remember dial up internet; it's better than none at all but it is so slow. I, too, need to figure out what I'm wearing to church tomorrow and iron a white shirt for Bob. He is singing and I see he has his Christmas tie ready to wear. :) Beth and family will be here after lunch. They are coming to go through Santa's Castle. I'm hoping I can talk them into helping me finish getting out the Christmas decorations. :candy:

12-18-2011, 01:11 AM

Thought I would check in here before hitting the sack and found out two of the Magnolias have been here since I was. :p

JEAN Yep we are going out to a local restaurant that will be open Christmas for dinner. We went out there last year and enjoyed it so opted to do the same this year. Christmas Eve will be the BBQ from the champion. The lights sure make the village, as it is, really look good. Having them up on a couple shelves make a great TV light. Your having everything ready for Christmas dinner will be so nice for you won't be spending most of your time in the kitchen and can enjoy the day.

SUSAN Sounds like you had fun with your friend out in the country. It is nice to get out of the hustle and bustle isn't it. Surely you don't charge for the Living Points Plus booklet, Meet Point Plus booklet or the Pocket Guide at your WW ~ if someone that does the program on line requests them. Those are given free at all the WW places I have ever been if you are participating in the program one way or another and I am doing it on line. Evidently the local leader did check with the "powers that be" before delivering them to me for she had said she would check if she could give a copy of it to me. I had only asked her for the Pocket Guide. She just included the other two that I hadn't even asked for. That just saves postage for me if my friend out in CA had mailed them to me. Which in itself tells me that she doesn't get many requests for the booklets from those that are doing the program on line. Another way of getting the handouts is if a person just went to a local WW "join free" day and received all the booklets and then never went to another meeting. Of course all the cookbooks are charged for. I understand there is another new one out called Fitness Kit & Snacks which I will be watching for.

All y'all have a lovely nights sleep. :wave: I am going to cut some zzzz's soon myself. :ginger:

12-18-2011, 10:06 AM
Good morning to everyone! We sat around last evening and Jack watched Bowl games and I worked on my wrap. I had way too much junk this weekend and seemed to always be hungry so am going to tighten my belt. I hate it when I go through periods of intense hunger and they always seem to coincede with some kind of female stuff. Yuck, be glad when this is taken care of for sure in more than one way.

Jack is going to shampoo the dining room carpet this weekend and the living room one next weekend some time. He has 4 days off next weekend since the holidays are on the weekend so plenty of time to do everything. He wants to go and get new tires for the suv and we have dinner plans with the kids too. Of course, all of our Christmas is pretty much over with except for Christmas Eve dinner with the kids.

Ours won't be brown, more green Christmas. We have had a lot of rain and things are pretty healthy looking around here lately except no leaves on the trees of course. I saw on FB yesterday that they were getting snow in Indiana and my hometown particularly. So maybe one grandson will have snow for Christmas.

Maggie: I have seen the recipe for the scripture cake before. It would get passed around at churches we were members of. Fortune is balking a bit at the dry dog food, but we have to get his weight down and I am not putting him back on canned as that is what started this whole mess in the first place. He didn't eat much yesterday, but Jack says when he is hungry enough he will eat.

Susan: Sounds like you had a nice time at your friends. We sure are spoiled these days though with internet and such, aren't we??? So many things are becoming things of the past from our generation, records and hi fi's, knobbed tv versus remote control, color versus black and white, cell phones versus land lines, and on and on. I use the internet constantly and wonder sometimes how we ever got along with out it. :lol: I just hope Marty likes his new sweater and it keeps his old bones warm. He is 16 now so can use the nice warm sweater.

Jean: I had about 6 inches done on the other wrap when I tore it out. It doesn't bother me too much to tear things out and start over anymore unless I have goofed something repeatedly. I get aggrivated at myself when I tear something back and find I didn't make a mistake after all. I have done that one more than once. I like this zigzag pattern as it is easy and quick and looks cute so I will be able to get it finished fairly quickly and move on to something else. I have to quit getting side tracked doing stuff for other people, but I get bored working on stuff for myself. I like making gifts! :lol:

Well gals, I see it is 8 and I haven't had breakfast so need to chart my food for the day and eat. Have a nice day today. Faye :gift2:

12-18-2011, 03:17 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We're enjoying a sunny day for a nice change of pace. Bob sang at church today so after first service I came home and fixed a meat loaf for dinner. Beth and family are coming this afternoon so moved all the unwrapped toys to the basement. I knew if they were under the tree Maddy and Kolby would be taking inventory! ;) I have nothing going on next week except counting money at church and gift shop, bells, and WW. What a treat to stay home and get ready for Christmas! :cheer:

"Gma" -- I don't know why but there are times when I just want to eat anything that is loose, and I'm not really even hungry. :crazy: I try to do something away from the kitchen; sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. :dunno: People, here, who have sprinklers have green grass too. The paper said we've had as many years without snow, as with, for Christmas. I remember a few times when it acutally snowed Christmas Eve as we were leaving church -- so pretty.

I have towels in the washer and need to get them in the dryer. I put too much soap in, then pushed the wrong button so the water emptied out and I had to start all over. :( Hope you all have a super Sunday and enjoy! :tree:

12-18-2011, 05:00 PM

Good afternoon Magnolias. It is a quite pleasant sunny day here in the Heartland. Tomorrow night they say we will get snow. Lots of snow. We ate out at a buffet style Chinese place and I think I chose my portions wisely and only made one trip to get food and my plate had some space between what was on it which was mostly veggies and chicken. I don't have much on my list "to do" this day but some yummy stew to get ready to cook tomorrow. I am going to cut up the veggies and have them all ready to boil away in the beef broth after being browned in a skillet sprayed with cooking spray. I put potatoes, carrots, celery and onions in my stew. I also like to brown the meat with spray also in a separate pan then it all goes into a large pot with beef broth and some spices and herbs. Such a good winter day dinner. It is also really good as a re-run the next day so I will make a big pot of it. I also think I will make a loaf of herb bread to have some to eat with it. Our friend that is staying with us will be gone all week. Their baby is going to be born and he will be home for that wonderful happening. I sure am hoping he brings pictures when he comes back.

DONNA FAYE Must be a good feeling for you to have your Christmas all done with. I have all the presents I was giving out mailed and we already know what we have gotten each other so we just have the day to look for ward to going to Church for it is on a Sunday and a nice meal afterwards. That recipe I shared is just one of the many neat ones she has in the book like Faye Smiddy's Fried Apple Pies from the Museum of Appalaachia. (If I make that recipe I would probably bake them though.) The kitchen at the Museum of Appalachia serves country dishes such as fried green tomatoes,, Soup Beans with a muffin and fried pies. At age 85 in 2009, Faye Smiddy was still running the popular kitchen.

JEAN You are wise to move those presents for those kids would surely inspect them. :mag: Hope they never go to the basement and snoop around. Christmas is surely most fun when there are children around. Nothing better than the smell of freshly washed towels. I have a basket of them sitting in the hallway even as I type waiting for their trip to the washer downstairs. :p

SUSAN Hello there my friend. How are you fairing this day? It is so nice that you can spend time away from home with your friends ~ especially now that you are recouping. Walk softly and carry a big stick.

GAIL I sure miss you my friend. Hope all is well with you and yours.

:wave: Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-18-2011, 10:23 PM
Maggie -- Chinese sounds hmm, hmm good! :T We haven't had that in quite awhile. I'll bet your stew will smell (and taste) so good tomorrow! Our weather is supposed to stay in the high 30s/low 40s all week. It was really mild today; I wore my coat this afternoon, to Santa's Castle, but Will and Kolby both just had on their hooded sweatshirts. It wasn't very crowded and they had changed some of the displays so the kids enjoyed it. One room has a huge train display with several trains running, and that's always a big attraction. I am going to do some reading and head to bed early tonight. :elf:

12-19-2011, 11:09 AM
Good morning, ladies. We had a frost last night and its 33 degrees right now.

I have just been vegetating around the house. The meeting leader picked me up Saturday so I could work at WW.

Maggie, according to WW corporate the only thing online members are allowed to get from a meeting is food products. Everything else is already on line (plan info) or available for purchase there. That is the rule. Your leader doesn't follow the rules. Online members are not given and printed information at a meeting place unless they pay for the meeting. You are not entitled to that info with paying for a meeting. Render onto Ceasar.... Did the snow come? I'm hoping to not see any this year.

Jean, meatloaf sounds good. I haven't made that in awhile. Haven't cooked much at all for the last month since my friends have kept me supplied. My friend's grandson is in love with trains right now. He's 4 and that's all he talks about.

Faye, with you are feeling very hungry, try extra potein. It keeps you feeling full and satisfied longer than anything else. I'm sure yours must be from raging hormones. I hope they can get it taken care of soon.

Have a great day!

12-19-2011, 12:20 PM
Good morning ladies. It is chilly here and overcast and gray but no precipitation. I am going to go upstairs and work today when I get finished here. We did get the rug cleaned so it looks wonderful again. Fortune had thrown up on it! :lol: I think every time we clean the darn thing he goes in and does something to put a stain on it. He is snoozing at the moment. Little by little he is eating the dry dog food. My only concern is his kidney medicine as it is a powder and very hard to put into anything for him to take it each day. You can't put it in liquid and in something solid, it doesn't do well. I am thinking about trying a piece of banana and see if I can squish it around in some banana. I just don't want him to go back to not eating the dry dog food because I am giving him banana and he can be like that I am afraid.

Susan: Thanks for the tip. I have been doing things like eating a spoon of reduced fat pbutter or having an egg, etc, but like you said, I think it is raging hormones. I have always felt the whole thing is hormone related and not something physically wrong with the organs and such. I am going to have a talk with this new gyn and see if I can pin her down a bit more about what would cause this to occur when there are no indications it should be happening. More than likely she will say she doesn't know! :lol: I am desugaring myself again too so that I am not hungry which sugar drives that up for me also. I have had a couple things since Thanksgiving which keeps me on that track. I am not eating a bunch of sweets, but for me pretty much anything other than a bite of something will then start that up again I found.

Jean: We were watching a Christmas episode of Charm City Cakes on the food channel and they were making this beautiful wedding cake for a winter wedding. It was a dark green cake with piped on snowflakes and red roses and ribbon then at the top had a custom made crystal sleigh with the couple sitting in it with crystal horses. One of the decorator's dropped the thing and smashed it! They hot glued it back together, then piped on royal icing where the hot glue was cloudy on the crystal to make it look like snow piles. Duff kept calling the bride to be but couldn't get her to answer so they took the cake and set it up and the girl told the wedding planners what happened and they would pay to replace it, but the wedding planners said they wouldn't tell her until after everything was over. Well, here comes the happy couple after the ceremony going on and on about how beautiful the cake is, especially the snow on the sleigh. Wasn't that cleaver and they just loved it, made it look better than just the sleigh itself and on and on about how creative they were to put snow on the sleigh! :lol: They said at the end they told her and she didn't freak about it or anything just said that was fine.

Maggie: I love Chinese, but tend to stay away from it because the types I like are high in fat and things. I like a lot of the veggie dishes, but I am a big noodle fan. I have stuff to make stew with and I am going to put that on the menu this week I think. Good time to have it when the weather is chilly. I make a nice loaf of homemade bread to go with it.

Well gals, it is after 10 and no production out of me so far. Have a grand day today. Faye :wreath:

12-19-2011, 01:18 PM
:clause: GOOD MORNING MAGNOLIAS :wreath:

Yikes it might just snow lightly today but for now it is just chilly and the wind is blowing. I am chilly and do believe the heater may come on any minute now. I feel so much better this day than I have in a week I do believe. I may have had some bug running around in my system but who knows it is gone now thank goodess. This is my weigh day and I am down a pound and am grateful. One more weigh day before the New Year begins. I am looking forward to a bowl of stew this day for it sounds so good. I haven't put it on to cook yet but in my mind I can smell its goodness.:p I have a vivid imagination. I can hear the wind a blowing, it's comin' round the bend. Burrrrr.

DONNA FAYE Could you put the doggie meds in a soft treat. Our dogs meds come in a soft cube thingie that they love. That sounds like one beautiful cake. Clever makers to do the fix up job like that. All was well afterall. After I get off here today I am going to go get a loaf of bread started in my small machine. Since there is just the two of us this small machine is just the ticket. Bread doesn't call my name anymore so it doesn't hurt me to make a nice loaf once in awhile. :p I like to put lumpy things in it like whole grains and such. Makes it more program friendly. I also add some powdered fiber to up the fiber count.

JEAN Santa's Castle sounds like a fun place with the train room especially. Trains always facinate the kids for some reason. Will is working on figuring a way to have a small train travel by the glass village. I'll let him work on that thought. We have a friend in another state that loves trains and he and his wife have a special huge warehouse like room built onto the back of their house and have trains ~ many trains that can be going at the same time in and out of villages and tunels and such. It is amazing to see. It isn't open to the public but they gave us a tour. Some folks have the bucks to sink it into a hoby.

SUSAN Well all I can say is that I must be special since all the WW leaders I have been acquaited with have given me stuff. :cp: If in fact that is the way of it ~ being "special" is a good feeling.:D Something else I was given ~ now don't faint ~ is all the weights to go on that key ring for all the weight I have lost and plan to lose. So I have weight washers to add to the key ring to total 175 pounds lost. I know you are going to tell me that I shouldn't have been given those also. :nono: I have the ones I have earned along with the charms on a key ring hanging on a black cord on my upright Healty-O-Meter weigh machine which is in this room and I see it every day. I love visuals. Those leaders that gave me stuff have helped me on my journey and I am thankful for them. Since we have traveled around a lot I have leaders in several states that I keep in contact with. My weight loss journey started in Texas and has wound around this great country of ours. :soap: Life is good.

Everyone have a lovely day. :wave: Winter begins officially on Thursday the 22nd. Wonder what that day will bring us. Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-19-2011, 03:40 PM
I just read a mega blizzard is coming east from Northern New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. Hopefully, Maggie, you aren't in a part of Kansas that is expecting to get hit and it won't hit Jean either. Keep us informed!

12-19-2011, 04:04 PM
:tree: BACK TO YACK :clause:

DONNA FAYE I have heard we are on the edge of things and it is snowing as I type. They say we will have light snow for a couple of days and not get hammered like they first thought. AH ~ but things are always subject to change. We have to keep the back door closed during a storm because Beanie loves to go out and frolick in it and try to catch snow or hail as it is falling.:o When it first started awhile ago I thought it was rain being pelted on my office window but it was hail so I knew the snow would follow on it's heels. The wind is blowing and I imagine the roads are not too slick just yet because before a storm, if they know one is coming, the city salts the streets.

I decided to make a loaf of French Bread w/garlic today to go with the stew. Got it going now and it will be ready at dinner time ~ still nice and hot.

I just got a big chuckle for Will just came in after making a trip to our favorite coffee shop. He handed me my sf ff Latte and a piece of paper that was a job application. I looked at him and he said that the owner gave it to him and instructed him in a stern voice to fill that out and return it. They are short handed and two of the gals have quit for they finished college and have moved on to other jobs elsewhere. She truly wanted to hire Will but he has enough to do as it is.

Have a lovely afternoon Magnolias. :snowball:

12-19-2011, 04:11 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly, but the wind is blowing quite hard so it feels extra cold outside. :brr: It took most of the morning to count money and post on the computer. There is only two of us counting, for 3 weeks, and the secretary normally doesn't do the balancing of all the money. I need to finish my cards today and go pick up the gift shop money later.

Susan -- It was nice of your WW leader to pick you up so you could work the meeting with her. :yes: I think all little (and some big boys too) boys get a kick out of trains. Both Ian and Kolby have Thomas the Train sets; Ian announced he would like a "real" looking train instead. :twirly:

"Gma" -- I'm glad Fortune is eating his dry food, but I bet he misses his homemade menu. ;) Is his kidney med a pill? My dad used to wrap pills in raw hamburger and the dog would woof them down. I missed the cake show on the food channel. I do enjoy the baking and the contests. I would be a wreck if I had to create and cook against the clock. :hyper: Right now we have no snow in the immediate forecast.

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another pound! I'm sure you and Will enjoyed your stew today. :T Santa's Castle stays set up in the Carnegie Library building all year around. Every once in awhile there will be a tour bus parked outside during the spring, summer, and fall. There is a world map full of stick pins where people have visited from.

Well, I need to keep moving! Enjoy the rest of your day! :santa:

12-19-2011, 05:12 PM
Maggie: Sorry I missed seeing you loss. Congrats, that's great.

Jean: Fortune's kidney med is a powder and that is why it is so difficult. If I sprinkle on his hard food, he has to eat it on the day I put it on to get his daily dose and if not, putting it into something is difficult because the powder doesn't want to stay in any kind of a pocket situation. I did put it in a piece of banana by squishing the banana around in my hand to get it gooey and then sticking the powder in the middle, folding it and rolling it into a ball, but what a sticky mess that was. I put it on a plate to make it easy for him and he picked it up and put it on the floor and ICK what a mess. I gave up and held it in my hand and he ate it off my hand in pieces but did get it all.

Gotta go, Jack will be home anytime and I have to run to the post office and ship my sister's bday present as her birthday is a week from today and with all the holiday stuff I want her to get it on time.

12-20-2011, 10:30 AM
Good morning gals. Seriously rainy here and will be probably through Saturday. We are gearing up for things that have to be done while everyone else is gearing up for Christmas. Jack is buying new tires on Thursday afternoon, we have commissary duty on Friday morning then Friday evening we will have dinner with the kids. We have no plans the rest of the weekend. I think I may make a small ham for Christmas dinner for the two of us, I haven't decided yet. It is hard to get a nice ham in a small size. Most of them I have found have a rind type of thing on them and aren't very tasty. Maybe I will just check with Honey Baked and see what they have, who knows? We decided we didn't want turkey.

I have one bathroom to clean upstairs today then that is done for a bit. Seems like always something to do. You wouldn't think a house would get dirty with just two people, but like everything else the house always needs to be straightened up or cleaned.

I am coming right along on the wrap. This one is an easier pattern to memorize so I don't have to continually be looking at it, which can slow you down. I noticed last night that Jack had glitter from the yarn all over his face! :lol: I have no idea how it got on his face, but you could see tiny glittery pieces here and there. Guess he just wants to be in the Christmas spirit.

Jack took the cookies today because I guess they aren't having a lunch on Thursday. He called at 8 and said they are all gone and the guys loved them. :lol: I should make them another batch and maybe I will for next week and have Jack take them in. I didn't do kieflies this year and they aren't as popular around here because there isn't a big middle european community like there is in Indiana. So I will stick with chocolate chip, these oatmeal style cookies, maybe even the chocolate marshmallow ones.

Other than that, life is kind of boring around here this week. I did get my sister's birthday package mailed. Glad I did the postage online and then could just take the box and dump it inside the post office in their package recepticle because there were at least 50 people at the post office when I got there. The parking lot was full and I had a devil of a time getting a parking place. So much for mailing early I guess! :lol:

Jean: Oh my gosh, Jack's dream would be to have a big house with an area he could have a whole train set so it is big boys too for sure. I bought Thomas a wooden train set sort of like Thomas, but he didn't play with it all that much. Jackson seems to enjoy the hot wheels cars and racing set I bought and he loves books and puzzles, which is nice. He is so into super heros though that is funny. Alicia just posted a couple pics of him at one of their friends house with his super hero gear.

Maggie: I think we are getting rain where others are getting the snow out of this storm that is moving east. I will put up with the rain thank you very much. I don't mind snow at all, except living down here people just don't take it seriously enough when it snows. They drive like maniacs. Sounds like you have meals all lined up. We had pot roast last night and I had a bit of the roast and a couple carrots, but just didn't feel up to eating much.

Well gals, I need to eat as it is getting late and get some work done this morning so I can sit and knit on my wrap. Have a great Tuesday! Faye :present:

12-20-2011, 12:05 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cold 19 degrees, but no wind so far today which makes it a "good" weather day. :cp: I finished my cards this morning, wrote the rest of the church birthday cards for the year, and have made a grocery list for later this afternoon. Next on my list is the gift shop counting. I am meeting one of my retired lunch bunch friends for coffee later this afternoon. Her husband has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer (from smoking and he is still smoking ); her son is visiting here and called to ask me to get her out of the house for an hour or so. The guy also has dementia so she has her plate full.

"Gma" -- I would take some rain over the snow that the southern states are getting. :eek: There still isn't anything in our forecast through Christmas Day. The lady at the meat counter recommended a pit ham; she said it was something new they haven't carried before, but everyone really likes the samples they give out. :T I think we are having a ham again this year; maybe a turkey breast which doesn't excite me much. I wish you could come and clean at my house! We have a funeral in the mix now, over in Bob's little hometown on Thursday. She is the mother of the guy who was our best man, and he lives in FL. We haven't seen him in years so Bob would like to go.

I need to start counting money and get the deposit ready! Enjoy the rest of your day, whatever you are doing today. :tree:

12-20-2011, 12:07 PM
:clause: GOOD MORNING MAGNOLIAS :wreath:

It is a chilly day here today in the Heartland and 26 degrees as I type. We got about 10 inches of snow and it quit yesterday evening and we are supposed to get another 2 inches this day sometime. Some kind person plowed our front sidewalk and right up to our front door. It is true that goes around comes around because Will used to plow our neighbors walks when we lived in SD. We are not sure which neighbor did that but we will find out to thank him for sure. We are going to go out and about in it not because we have to go anywhere but because we want to go play in the snow with our Jeep. When I got up this morning and looked down the hallway there were little clumps of snow on the carpet. Beanie loves to frolic in it and he dropped them off of his body as he made his way down the hall. He is curled up now to take a nap. AH the heater just came on ~ I was wondering for I was getting chilled. I have decided to start carving that ham up today and bake a chunk of it with cloves in the top for dinner this day. I'll cut up the rest of it and get it into the freezer. The bone will have it's place in a pot of bean soup later I am sure. Today I think I will bake some cut up red potatoes that I will have sprinkled with dry onion soup mix. I can bake the ham and potatoes at the same time. I have some green veggies to go with it. Sounds like a plan. Anyone want to come for dinner?

DONNA FAYE I would gladly let you have a chunk or our huge ham for your dinner on Christmas. It is a good one and too bad we don't live closer to each other. I would love to share. New tires especially this time of the year are great to have. Glitter is so lite it floats in the air and if your dear hubby was anywhere near you when your needles were flying I could just see, in my minds eye, the glitter floating up and away toward his face. He was being festive.:p Cookies, guys do like cookies don't they. I think they like them more than we gals do.

JEAN That would be so nice of you to get your friend out of the house for a bit. Give her a break from what is happening around her place. So you didn't get any of this snow ~ your time surely will come.

Everyone have a lovely day. :wave: Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-20-2011, 03:42 PM
Maggie -- I'm waiting for the phone call to meet my friend for coffee. You really don't have to share your snow although I'll bet your neighborhood looks very Christmasy now. ;) I would love to come to dinner. I keep hoping someone would start a "meals on wheels" business here. One of the teachers, who likes to cook, claims she is going to do that when she retires. She lives close to us so I can be her BEST customer! :lol: My deposit is ready for the bank so guess I will clear off the island . . . again. Did you see the comment on the #54 (?) thread, about the food store??

12-20-2011, 04:04 PM

JEAN I saw that comment but I think she was just on the wrong thread. She is new here and probably asked a question on another thread. I would gladly share some of our snow. It is the wet kind and we can hear the sound of stuck cars once in awhile for they haven't cleard the streets nor the alleys yet. We can't get out with all the wet drifts we would probably just spin our wheels even though we have 4 wheel drive and such. No traction out there at all. Good thing we "don't have to" go out for anything today. We could get out today if we really had to though. :p It is melting fast so tomorrow folks with cars should be able to get out. Since they aren't quick to clear the alley next storm Will will park the Jeep out front somewhere probably on the lawn.

My break is over so I need to get back to the kitchen and deal with that ham now. :wave: Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-21-2011, 11:09 AM
Good morning, ladies! A rainy day but its supposed to hit 70 today. There may be rain on Christmas - there's a Nor'easter that could hit the coast over the weekend. Right now they don't seem to know much about it.

Good doc appointment yesterday. He said my foot looked like 6-8 weeks post-op instead of the 4 it actually is. I can now start wearing real shoes for 1 hour today, 2 tomorrow, etc. until I build up to a full day and I can try driving next Wednesday. I think I'll be glad to get this shoe off - it's only been 15 minutes.

Maggie, snow~please keep it in KS. I see there has been a really bad storm out that way. I hope everyone is okay and gets to their Christmas destinations.

Jean, your friend surely has a full plate. I know an hour with you meant a lot to her.

Faye, I'll bet those were good cookies~not that I need any. Does Jackson like to play in the snow?

My friend's are picking me up for my library bee tonight. All of us are meeting at Olive Garden for dinner (apricot chicken for me) and then we'll go sew.

Have a great day!

12-21-2011, 11:48 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's warmer at 25 degrees! I'm debating about going to the grocery store this morning; I'm making cheesy potatoes, for Christmas dinner, and one time the store was out of them so I had to do something else. I also need to make a WM run for a few last minute items.

Susan -- What wonderful news from your doctor! :cheer: You obviously have been following his orders. It took a long time before I could wear a shoe all day. I ended up buying new shoes in a larger size, which eventually were too big. Have fun at the OG :T and the library bee tonight. You have such nice friends!

I need to make a list and check it twice! Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave: :candy:

12-21-2011, 12:21 PM

It is a chilly 14 and expected to climb to a high of 31 this day and supposed to snow again tomorrow which is the first day of winter. That, my friends, is the forecast. I got that ham all cut up and in the freezer yesterday so we will have lots of ham this coming year because there are now two in there. We are both really looking forward to using that bone in a big pot of beans this winter. I left quite a bit of meat on the bone. I also cubbed a lot of it and have many slices. I have lots of recipes using ham so none of it will go to waste for sure. A good friend of mine who is five years older than me out on the coast sent me a picture of her new man friend who is an actor. Quite a nice looking old fellow. I hope things go well for them. Some man to go and "do things" with is great for her for she is a real fun gal to be around. I am so happy for her. They didn't get my perfume in yet but gave Will a promise paper that he will still get the 20 dollars off when it does come in. They didn't think the shipment would be here before Christmas because it didn't come in the other day like they had thought it would. Fine with me for I know it will come in sometime soon and doesn't have to be here right on Christmas. It is one of those tradition things he gets me every year. A bottle lasts me that long for it takes only a little to get the scent. I don't bathe in it. He brought me a neat plastic box that is fixed like a present. It is a 4 inch red plastic cube that has a lid. It is wrapped with pretty plastic striped ribbon and the lid comes off easily and has a plastic bow on top. The things they can do with plastic now days is amazing. It really looks like a beautifully wrapped package.

SUSAN :congrat: for healing so quickly. Little by little your foot will get used to having a real shoe on it. Each time with it on will get better and better. Couldn't you just dance a happy jig. :D You are verry fortunate, and I believe you know it, that you have wonderful friends that you can lean on. We got about a foot of snow and expect a couple more inches tomorrow. Our alley is cleaned out and we can get out now which is a good thing. The drifts were about as high as the Jeep and it was wet snow so impossible to just drive up and over to get out. Sink we would.:o Will did get out last evening for they had plowed by then. He just had to get out. I didn't want to for I knew the roads would be lumpy and I was nice and warm and didn't want to go play at that hour. So he went to see if my perfume was in yet and came right back. :D We found out it was the guys from the building supply store that plowed our walk yesterday. How very nice of them to come over here and do that. :clause:

JEAN What brand of cheesy potatoes do you buy? I have never bought them but make my own. But buying them would certainly be easier. WM is probably very busy now till the end of the week. Isn't it marvelous that some folks are paying off lay-a-ways for several families at K-Mart. That's the spirit. Tis the season. :coolsnow:

Have a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-21-2011, 12:38 PM
Good morning gals. I have had a time of it getting in here this morning. I would get to one spot and then it would quit responding so I would go back a page and it would give me a blank page and on and on. Anyway, here I am finally.

I just finished paying the bills so we will have medical insurance, phones, electricity and the like for another month! :lol: It is nice to sit down and pay bills and have enough and not have to decide which one I won't be able to pay. When Jack was in the Navy it was sure like that, always tough to pay the bills and I always dreaded it.

I never did get upstairs yesterday. Lazy me got involved in a hidden object game I bought and sat here on and off all day playing it. I love to do the puzzles in those things, keeps the ole brain sharp.

Jack and I are going to go to Grisantis for dinner tonight. He wants toasted ravioli. Me, I haven't decided what I want to eat there. They have some nice salads and such and some of their pasta dishes are within points so will probably go with one of those, just not eat the whole darn thing.

Susan: Great news and I am sure wearing a shoe is going to be a trial for awhile and absolutely miserable until the ole foot gets used to it. I guess this is pasta eating out week! :lol: Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. So many folks don't send them anymore. I have only received 3 and haven't gotten Kelly's yet. I know she is sending cards as she emailed me regarding some addresses she needed. We are in the low 60's mid day here, but it is always pretty chilly in the morning and it is so gloomy here for the last few days.

Maggie: I have just found that those small hams you buy taste more like the pressed deli stuff and not like the real ham. I may just buy one and freeze part of it like you are doing. I have the room and I love ham and would have it more often if I had one I could grab out of the freezer. I would love a nice pot of Navy beans and ham, but Jack hates beans except pork n beans, green beans, and pinto beans and though I like pinto beans and ham, prefer the Navy beans. Pintos tend to thicken while they cook. My mil put sugar in her pinto beans, which I don't like, but Jack likes them that way over corn bread. I am a purest, put ham in a pot of Navy beans and cook them and that is it! :lol: Fortune hates the snow. He comes in shaking his paws. I remember when he was a puppy in Indiana and we would take him out and he would be completely in a hole of snow because he was so little! :lol:

Jean: Sounds like you have a busy schedule still. Jack is taking the car for tires, commissary on Friday morning and dinner with the kids on Friday night and that is the extent of our Christmas stuff. We are planning on shampooing the carpets, but not much woohoo in that! :lol: I think that other poster is a bit of an air head because I think it is the second time she has posted to our thread with a comment that absolutely doesn't make sense. I looked at her profile to see where she has posted and it isn't even in the support groups so I am not sure how the heck she got onto our thread. :lol: I don't want anyone to think they aren't welcome, but she obviously didn't even pay any attention to Maggie saying the thread was closed.

Well gals I should get out of here and be a bit more diligent and get some work done. I just feel all blah again today like I just want to sit and do nothing, but I have one bathroom to clean upstairs so it isn't like it is a huge thing and it needs to be done. Have a great middle of the week all. Keep warm and dry if you can!!!! Faye

PS: Interesting article about this no fat, no calorie noodle sensation out of Japan. Hungry Girl touts this noodle on her website I hear


12-21-2011, 06:13 PM
Maggie -- I got my pit ham yesterday . . . $43 worth! I don't expect there will be much left after we eat leftovers Christmas night. I make my own cheesy potatoes also; I buy the frozen little square hash browns, add my own soup, cheese, sour cream, etc. :T I'm glad you are going to smell nice next year. ;) I did go to WM for some Christmas gift bags and thought I would pick up the few grocery items. They were out of 6 out of the 7 until the truck comes in. I HATE that store! :tantrum:

"Gma" -- I get a box message saying the site is running slow and do I want to continue. :( I just hit yes and it comes right up. When we were first married we used envelopes to divide out the monthly bills. There were times when we didn't have much left over until I started teaching and Bob was in Viet Nam. Where do you find the hidden object puzzles? I ran across one when I was looking for something else but don't see them very often. :no: Let us know if you find the noodles. ;) I find it hard to believe there are no calories nor carbs in them. Makes me wonder what is in them. :dunno: Enjoy your meal out tonight.

12-21-2011, 07:40 PM
Jean: According to the article, they are made with no wheat flour, but only water and some fibrous plant in Japan so there are no fat, no calories, no carbs. The one type she said tastes more gelatinous than the other more like asian noodles, but then I love asian noodles. She said they are sort of "flat" tasting so you can use any sauce with them and they taste good. I don't know, but I know Whole Foods supposedly carries them and we have a Whole Foods here so I might check and see if they have them just to try them. I would love to find something to substitute for pasta. I know a lot of people like spaghetti squash, but Jack would never ever eat it and one squash is pretty big so a lot would go to waste I am afraid. I have never heard of pit ham. It is like a regular ham or what??? I used a site called It has a huge group of hidden object games. You have to join their "club" but it has no restrictions or anything. I have a lot of hidden object games and the cool thing is I can uninstall them and then go to the site and download them again as my account keeps them activated even if I am no longer paying the fee every month. I like playing them over and over as I have so many that I never remember the puzzles or the hidden object areas.

Our dinner was lovely. Jack was a total hoot. He loves their toasted ravioli and the regular ravioli as it is beef and not cheese, which he doesn't care for. I ended up with salad that had gorgonzola cheese crumbled on it, and it was delicious but I am sure the cheese is fatty. All in all it was really nice. The restaurant sits inside an Embassy Suites and they put us out in the courtyard area instead of inside which meant all the people walking by and the noise of that, but it was ok as we were the only people in the restaurant. One little girl who was about 5-6 and was walking by with her brother says to Jack, "Good evening sir!" Cracked me up.

Well, Jack ran to the store and to the atm for me as I started cramping pretty bad at the restaurant so I going to sit in my chair and knit or watch tv or read until bedtime. I did get the bathroom upstairs cleaned and the laundry done so I can tackle downstairs tomorrow and this weekend. Have a lovely evening all!!! Faye :clause:

12-22-2011, 08:17 AM
Good morning everybody! Rainy day here again all day and night then it will be sunny and nice for a whole week. Guess we will wait until tomorrow and get the nasty car washed. It has rained here so much that we haven't been able to get it washed. Last night I walked into the garage and the whole garage smelled like the sewer smells from the plant, EUWWWW!! The whole car smelled that way. Jack said it had been particularly bad out there yesterday and that was why.

My poor hubby is sick. He has one of his famous colds. That's what he gets for not getting his flu shot. He doesn't feel very well this morning but had to go to work because to get paid for tomorrow and Monday he has to work Thurs and Tuesday unless he takes vacation and he has no more vacation until the first of the year again. I told him to come home and I would take the car to get the tires but he said he would do it. We compromised and he is going to come and pick me up before he goes over there. They usually get off early the day before Christmas Eve though and don't get a lot of work done either so I imagine around noon he will be coming home.

Nothing is going to get done today like I had hoped and tomorrow is a full day so the downstairs is gonna have to hang in there until Saturday I guess. The house won't fall apart if it waits a couple days to be cleaned again. I keep it straightened up and cleaned up pretty much anyway, it is just a mind set with me. Once a week I clean house. :lol:

Oh I talked to Gail a few days ago. She is doing fine as are her fil and father and Wayne's new job seems to be stable. So she said to tell everyone hi and happy holidays!

Nothing much else going on around here today, just errands and such when Jack gets home. Have a wonderful day!!! Faye :tree:

12-22-2011, 02:05 PM

First day of Winter this is and it is snowing lightly. It is currently 30 degrees and not said to get any higher than 32 this day with a low of 13. Will has gone to the museum for his volunteer work there and I am just hanging around here. I have my favorite desktop holiday picture up on my computer screen of an old fashioned winter scene of a church with a modle T parked out front and kids pulling a sled up a snow path and trees laden with snow ~ nice winter scene painted by some famous aritst but I can't remember who. I also have my little snow program that has snow falling on my screen that piles up on the bottom for about a half inch. I can adjust the size of the flakes and the direction the breeze blows them etc. It is a little program I bought for about 5 bucks years ago and enjoy it every winter. My cursor is a lighted christmas tree from Cursor Mania. Life is good. Not much happening around here as you can tell. I don't yet know what I will be cooking for dinner. I need to go out and shop in the freezer. I'll surely find something in there to make a dinner out of for I have veggies in the fridge to go along with whatever it is. I know ~ I can work on my shopping list for "good for us" food for when we next go grocerey shopping. It always helps to have a list.

DONNA FAYE Does your dear husband Jack use Cold Eeze when he gets a cold? I love that stuff for it truly cuts a cold in half ~ it's proven ~ yep they ran a study on it. Sucking on zink sure does the trick and makes one feel better in the process. That's something we keep on hand. :p It comes in different flavors also. I prefer the lemon but I have a pack of tropical fruit in my desk drawer as I type. I also have some red hot jaw breakers that are 2 points+ for three and I can only eat one.:o They are :flame:. Your poor car ~ hope you can wash away that odor with the dirt.:o

Other Magnolias ~ good day to you. Type at y'all later. :ginger:

PS: The snow has quit and it has cooled down to 28 with a 50% chance of more snow. The snow that fell awhile ago was not even enough to fill in the dog tracks. :shrug:

12-22-2011, 04:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly and it's a beautiful "winter" day with just a dusting of snow last night. The temperatures are to be in the mid 40s over the weekend so it won't last long. We just got home from the funeral and I need to get busy on my "to do" list; a nap sounds much more inviting! Bob went to the office so Ernie and I are home alone.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry that Jack is sick! I hope he is feeling better soon and will enjoy going out to eat with Kelly and her family. You said, "once a week I clean house," -- I could swear you clean something every day! ;) After driving on sloppy roads this morning my car needs a bath too. Bob said he would take it to the car wash after the snow is gone and the streets are dry again. Thanks for letting us know that Gail and family are ok. I was beginning to think she didn't like us any more. :p

Maggie -- I always :) when you mention shopping in your freezer. I put some frozen items in the neighbor's freezer because both of my fridge freezers are full. I guess I don't plan ahead very well to buy a bigger freezer and we usually eat out more than we have been lately. I get tired of that, since our local choices are limited. :yes:

If I don't keep moving I won't get much done today and the time is slipping by too fast! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :tree:

12-22-2011, 05:14 PM

I have decided to do pork chops this evening with the usual side dishes. Not real exciting but we like it. :p I am even going to bake some biscuits. Will loves the little bisuits I make which are just made with low fat Bisquick ~ nothing special ~ but yummy for sure. The dogs are both asleep out on the couch and Cecil is in here curled up on his play station asleep after his grooming bath he gave himself. He is sure growing fast. I never saw a dog and cat get along as well as Beanie and Cecil do. They are true friends. He looks so cute all curled up with his front paws crossed over his eyes.

JEAN Our freezer is an upright one like a fridge and so easy to find things in so when I go shop I don't have to have the door open long at all. When we had a chest freezer I would do a header and almost fall in looking for something that may have fallen to the bottom. Mysteries abounded in that thing. I think you would really like it if you had an upright freezer and ate at home more often. Just my thought. I am also so tired of eating out and we don't eat out that much considering. Schwans has a wonderful veggie mix of mushrooms and onions that go with so many dishes in fact I am going to use some of the bag tonight. My freezer holds a lot of Schwan products that when I go shopping in the freezer I can make a whole meal plan quickly. I can always be ready to make a meal when we have company drop by around dinner time so we can invite them to stay for the meal. That's one good reason we have that upright freezer. That is something I believe I learned from my mother ~ always be ready for company.

Speaking of company our friend Paul is home this week with his wife. Their baby was born nice and healthy on the 19th. They named the little girl Niana Pauleen who came into the world weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces and was 19 and a half inches long. All are doing fine. Paul will be back here probably on Monday. He may or may not keep his radio job here ~ we shall see. Several things factor into his decision making on that subject.

While all the animals are sleeping I think I will play a few games of spider solitaire here on my computer.:p

Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-23-2011, 09:55 AM
Good morning to you all! We are going to head out to the commissary in about 45 minutes so thought I would hurry and post before we go. We have dinner with the kids at 5 pm. They are going to pick us up at 5 anyway. Oh my gosh you should have seen their Christmas card this year. They always do family photo kind of things and this year she did a Happy New Year one and it was a scene in the woods with a bear on the ground, Tom is laying on the ground on his back in jeans and tshirt with this EEK kind of look on his face, the bear has Tom's arm in his mouth and there is a log behind Tom and Thomas is standing with a big old shot gun, one foot on the stump smiling with this backwoods had on adn the gun pointed down at his dad. It is Hilarious. I told Jack, take away the expensive watch, the Hollister tshirt, and the Wallaby shoes and Thomas could be one of those backwoods hillbillies!

We had go rounds with the tires yesterday as they didn't have them when we got there even though they said on Tuesday they would be there. We were at Firestone from 12:30 PM until 4:30 PM. I always get a survey to fill out and I let them have it. I was really mad because they told us we could leave and come back in a hour and a half they would be there and we did and they still weren't there. We got all kinds of bologna until I sort of yelled over to Jack (I was sitting in the waiting area) that if they didn't want to sell us 4 tires we would go somewhere else. Then it was "just wait a second we are trying to solve this." I said, "Solve it then and right now!!!" He sent a guy out immediately and our car was ready in about half an hour after that.
Men don't like assertive women! :lol:

Maggie: Jack always takes Nyquil. It is the only thing he will take and swears by it. He is right in the middle of the cold, the worst part and is sleeping in the recliner downstairs, we both are at the moment. I worry about him so much. Sounds like you have a cute screensaver. Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend. Does the church do anything special when Christmas falls on a Sunday???

Jean: It was supposed to be sunny here today but we have the same gloomy ole stuff. The house was freezing when we got home last night so we had to turn up the furnace then turn it down when we went to bed. Jack watched the Las Vegas Bowl which had his favorite team, Boise State and then came to bed. This morning besides the terrible cold, he had a Niaspan attack so had to sit in front of the fan until it receded. It was a short one this time though. You all have fun with the family this weekend. I am sure you are going to be busy!!

Hope Santa is good to all of you!!! Faye :candy:

12-23-2011, 11:54 AM
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