100 lb. Club - what is it about impending snowstorms that makes me want to eat!!!

02-15-2003, 03:56 PM

I live in NJ, and we're expecting yet more snow..that combined with my usual trouble with staying on program on the weekends is driving me crazy. I just want to bake (anything chocolate) cook and most of all eat! I'm making low fat chili (with lean ground turkey ) for dinner, but it's the between meals that is getting to me. Our son is sick-but now better to the point where he's bouncing off the walls wanting to go out, but he can't go out yet. I know the key is to keep busy, but we've done about every puzzle and game with Matthew that he has, drawn pictures, painted, playdough, videos, blocks....I have such cabin fever! I did get out to the library, which helped, but I still just want to EAT.


02-15-2003, 04:08 PM
Living in Arizona, I don't have the snowstorm problem. But, having my elderly mother in my home, I do get cabin fever a lot. I can lose myself in a book. I am an incurable furniture mover, and when all else fails I do that. Time passes like a snap. When I get the munchies I try to pick something that you can eat a lot of for little destruction. My favorite is air-popped popcorn eaten one kernel at a time, to make it last a loooooong time. Also, doing something that keeps your hands busy helps with the eating. My sick grandkids have been with me the past few days and it's been raining cats and dogs, so we have played a lot of hide and seek, we baked bread (they loved that and so did their parents because I sent it all home with them). We've done art projects involving cutting things out of magazines. Our favorite one was making a "dream" poster. Cutting out pictures to represent all the things we dream about doing. Even I enjoyed that one. Like I said, when I find things to do to keep my hands busy, I do better. When all else fails, take a nap if you can.

02-17-2003, 12:13 PM
i' with you, sherrie. the4re's something about the cold and snow that makes me want the warmth and the comfort. so, i added a couple more layers of clothes and made a huge mug of herbal tea.

not quite the same as baking, but it did indeed help me! AND NOW.. i have to go out and clear the back deck and the side porch so that we can get the doors open at some point!! we' have more than `18 inches, i thihnk. my sister in VA has more than 30!!! ICK!!!!