Weight Loss Support - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 12/11

12-11-2011, 09:28 AM
Hello Everyone! :wave: Welcome to the Check-In! Let's make it a great week!

I want to welcome everyone to the Daily Accountability Check-In. Our goal is to stay accountable and on track by posting our daily food and exercise choices. All food and exercise programs are welcome. Consistency is the key to reaching our weight loss goals.

Introduce yourself or jump right in and tell us what you have been doing.

:cheer2: Here's to the start of a great week! :cheer2:

12-11-2011, 10:03 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Had a nice day yesterday. My two Scots and I went out to my favorite wig store in celebration of 70lbs lost. The two of them are so funny. DD was trying to get me in long hair (which I look terrible in) and DH was roaming the store (that only sells girls products) oh and chatting up the store clerk. He always does these off the wall (sometimes dated) sarcastic sayings which confuses the heck out of young ladies. It cracks me up!

After buying my new wig DD and I went to Target for xmas gifts. OK, I don't like xmas and I don't like Target! I worked for them too long to appreciate any of their stores. AND we found nothing. Apparently I lost a stocking so DD made me pick out a new one. I found one that said "naughty" on it, that fits me to a 't' when it comes to xmas. Then we met back up with DH and went to Chili's for lunch/dinner. Poor DS (the one who actually needs to eat) had to fend for himself.

Diana Thank you for avi comment. We discovered with this weight loss that my face has turned squarish. I have a very strong jaw and have no idea where it came from. My DH has noticed that women's bodies/faces change after babies...loosening of the ligaments to prepare for baby's birth alters the body shape slightly. This is the thinnest I've been since babies so we think this is my after baby look...strong jaw. It's a big strange to see a different person looking back at me :)

Berry glad you had a nice day yesterday (the cake sounds so good). How did Sven take you weighing less than him?

Well today I started the countdown. I skipped 210 (not complaining). I'm hoping this is a real loss because I'm counting down! This seems so bizarre to me. I'm so close I want to cry. I'll save that for the day I see 199 though :D

I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy day!

12-11-2011, 10:23 AM
I will repost my post for today on here. I didnt even think about it being a new week!

Well I was really disappointed when I weighed this morning, but I cannot be surprised. I was 204.8. I knew I had not been doing as well as I should be. Maybe if I come up with some kind of reward to work for once I hit under 200 lbs I will be more motivated. I have lost around 30 so far, but have never had any kind of reward for reaching a milestone yet. I am starting a new diet tomorrow and maybe this is the focus I need to be more motivated.

12-11-2011, 10:32 AM
Mamakat What I really noticed about your avatar is that I LOVE your cheeks. From your picture, you look to have a heart shaped face. I also like those red colors (lipstick/shirt) on you. You have a great smile, but your look is also a little devilish. It's like, look at me, I smile so pretty (you don't know this, but I am up to no good. Hee Hee! ):devil:

12-11-2011, 01:30 PM
Diana :rofl: You hit the nail on the head...I try to think that before all my pics. I have no idea why. Thank you for the compliment. :)

agoin rewards are fun. and I think a onederland reward would be awesome for you. I know I'm going to have one. I've waiting for this for years...not sure what it's going to be though. I just got a wig, so I'm thinking a tattoo or two :D You can do this!

12-11-2011, 05:13 PM
Good day all! Well, my sighing less than DH lasted one day. Ovulation weight gain is rig on cue. Up 1.8 pounds from yesterday. And he was down a pound, but it's a preview of what's ahead. I'll see 171 again in about a week or so a couple more days (probably) of going up and then I'll hold it for a few days and then whoosh!

Going to the gym this week as I really miss it and I don't have all that labor intensive work at home left to do. Just minor stuff.

Mamakat love your new avatar, but I'm confused by your siggie. Are you at 214 and are counting down to 209? Or do you need to change your ticker number to reflect your. Urgent weight? I think it's the latter.

Second question, why do you like wigs? I'm curious as you have hair (something I'm losing fast!)

12-11-2011, 06:22 PM
Berry I hate having hair. I am a wash and go girl. This is actually the longest I've had my hair and I've been wanting to shave it off (but fighting the urge). I know it's weird because I still have a strong thick coat :p but I've never liked hair (childhood issues-yet again!) I like the wigs because I can have any style at anytime. I love the versatility and the fact I can just pop it on and go. I like that control. I hate having one thing all the time. If I keep my hair less than an inch I have no need for any products, combs or anything. But sometimes I want to feel girly too.

I recommended wigs to the two girls I know here that are losing hair due to their loss. Wigs are fun and fashionable and honestly if it's a good one no one can tell. I have to laugh, I wore one not to long ago on my walk and when I stopped in for a water at my regular zippy mart, the guy who sees me at least three times a weeks says "you've got your hair done up nicely. you get a cut?" OK I have a shaved head (1/2 inch length of hair) and he's asking if I got it cut. That made me laugh. I told him the truth of course and he asked a bunch of really interesting questions that any curious mind would want to know.

So that's why I love wigs...they're like clothing, I guess. :D

OH...I forgot to answer the second question. I haven't changed my ticker because I do that once a week. I'm hoping tomorrow it will still be 209, but if not I'll own up to it :)

12-11-2011, 08:05 PM
Great job on the loss Mamakat, and I love your avatar!

It was a wonderful night! Way too much fun. Dancing in the cages, dancing on the bar, riding the mechanical bull, drinking wayy too much, and bringing those that still wanted to hang to my house after we got the rest of them home :) Our DD was wearing his DD bracelet, but think everyone would have known anyway since he was holding all our stuff as us girls got out to "do" stuff, :lol: Got worried I held water due to alcohol consumption, but got on the scale this morning to see it didn't move at all :) YAY!!! 188 on the button again! I guess all the dancing countered the water :D

Got everyone back home today and have been pretty much laying low since running on VERY little sleep. Went to sleep finally around 5am-ish and was up 3 hrs later to stay. So worth it though, as that was the first time in a year that I have gone out with friends for some fun :P I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!!!

12-11-2011, 09:26 PM
Hello all!

Diana: Thanks for starting us off again!

agoin1: I second mamakat - rewards are great! ESPECIALLY when it's for hurdling the wall into onderland. :D My big reward when I reach goal is going to be a shopping spree, but I'm planning something smaller when I drop below 200. It's great motivation to keep you on plan!

mamakat: Wearing wigs is definitely tempting... my hair is thick, curly, and generally unruly and boy can it be a pain in the neck! I shaved my head when my mom had to shave hers for chemo in June (my avatar is an old pic from high school) and it's just about back to shoulder length. I definitely didn't like being bald, but I wish I'd thought of wigs... oh well. I guess I'm stuck with my Shirley Temple noggin. Your hair looks fantastic though! You should post a picture of the new wig - what does it look like?

Berry: it's the pits when you start creeping back up again mid-month, but at least you hit your goal before it started up again! What a wonderful birthday present, it's definitely a feeling to hold on to as you go.

It'sMyTurn: Holy smokes! That sounds like more fun than you can shake a stick at. Mechanical bulls are the BEST - I have some great pictures of my friend from her 21st birthday, and I can't wait to torment her with them when she's older, ha! :devil:

This weekend was very nice, lots of relaxing and catching my breath after a crazy first quarter of grad school. I've been spending a good portion of my days cooking and writing letters that have been left WAY too long, listening to music, reading... all and all, a very quiet and meditative kind of weekend. It's also great to be back on track with Ripped in 30 - I was tempted to go after the chocolate lava cake in my freezer last night, but I got halfway to the kitchen and could hear Jillian's voice in the back of my head yelling 'No! Turn back! For the love of god, woman, don't do it!!!' so I turned around and quick started up RI30. 20 minutes later I was done, and no more craving! :carrot: The cake went in the trash, and the trash went in the dumpster. Crisis averted. Whew!

12-11-2011, 10:04 PM
SMess - I LOVE when crisis is averted and all ends well!!! Great job! :dance: That sounds like a hurdle that you had no problem jumping. As for the bull, I took pictures AND video of my friend on it, LOL! I posted them to facebook immediately from the club before we even left :lol: Gotta love modern technology!!!!

12-11-2011, 10:49 PM
It was a wonderful night! Way too much fun. Dancing in the cages, dancing on the bar, riding the mechanical bull, drinking wayy too much, and bringing those that still wanted to hang to my house after we got the rest of them home :) I guess all the dancing countered the water :D

It sounds like someone had a lot of fun this weekend! :D You would get me in so much trouble if I could hang out with you!

Let's see, who would contribute more to my delinquency? Itsmyturn or Mamakat? :rofl:

12-11-2011, 10:50 PM
SMess The avi you see is me wearing a wig. My last avi with me and DH at a lake is the length of my real hair (well it's a little longer now, but not by much). I took the short summer hair pic when I lost 50lbs. I thought I needed an update avi.

ItsMyTurn glad that you had a wonderful night out. Did you ride the bull?

Berry I remembered after I posted earlier that you lost hair in the past because of thyroid. I lose a lot of hair every day. I'm not sure if it's thyroid, weight loss or even Celiac's at this point. But we are forever cleaning out drains in this house. Both my kids lose a lot too. And they both have my hair.

12-11-2011, 10:51 PM
Diana But let's get the three of us together and then have a party.

12-11-2011, 10:53 PM
Itsmyturn dancing on the bar? Mechanical bulls? Dancing in cages? Man... That is wayyyyyyyy out of my comfort zone. Chill with ya at a cafe over a decaf something, but that's about as wild as I ever get! Glad it was a great time for you though!

Smess way to go with throwing the cake out. I don't know if I would have such a resolve. I can walk by things and not eat them, but actually throwing them out would be a realllll test of my willpower.

Mamakat so funny about hair and what issues we have and why. I have hair issues too, but it's more that it's always been one of my best features, so I sometimes have had nightmares about a horrible hair cut or my hair falling out. So it is freaking me out that my hair has thinned so much these past couple years.

For me, I am ready for bed. Dh had me up late last night :o:o:love: and tonight he's figuring out what we should have deducted for pre-tax medical stuff. Of course, he's doing it the night before the last day, so I have to stay up so we can figure it out.

All signed up for body step tomorrow evening.

12-11-2011, 11:00 PM
I just finished doing an update to our GPS. Ahhh, the joy. ;) NOT!

I ate some leftover vegetable beef soup, without the beef, for dinner. Between last night's dinner and DH all the beef was gone. I am really full from the soup. I think I ate too late again. :o

Agoin1 Hang in there. You will find a plan that works for you. Sometime it takes time to get it figured out.

Berry The gym will be a nice change of pace for you.

Smess Great job staying strong against the cake! :carrot:

Total Approx 1515 Calories + :coffee:

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
high fiber English muffin 100 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (750 Calories)
Grilled Salmon 600 Calories
Steamed broccoli 100 calories
Iced coffee w/sweet 'n low & cream

Dinner (400 Calories)
Big bowl of vegetable soup 400 calories :?: I don't really know

Shape Bikini Body Camp Transforming Potpourri premix (cardio/weights) w/5's, 8's, and 10's
KCM's 30 MTF TLC Conditioning Workout w/weighted gloves

12-11-2011, 11:02 PM
Diana But let's get the three of us together and then have a party. :D :D :D

12-12-2011, 02:11 AM
I had a lunch of grilled salted mackerel (250kcal), Dannon Bio yogurt (70) and a banana (80). I also snacked two pieces of chocolate and a tiny square of homemade sponge cake (100kcal total).

Not sure what I'll be doing for dinner, but I know that I have to get back to the gym. Typing it here so I'm accountable for it. I need to do a C25K workout and some strength training.

12-12-2011, 02:21 AM
I guess I had been downplaying even to myself how much my knee has been hurting. Today I did a 1 mile run as part of an fun event put on at the running store, and my knee hurt *so* much afterwards. I'm not limping but just I can't put too much pressure on my left knee.

I have been icing it but I may need to head to the doctor tomorrow to see if anything can be done but I imagine that they'll probably just tell me to rest.

Also a few things I have been meaning to write but haven't!

@mamakat Your new picture is so pretty! I saw it the other night but didn't say anything!

Pint Sized Terror
12-12-2011, 07:23 AM
Hi everyone! I'm going to try VERY hard to get back in here every day! I barely have time to weigh in every day though.

I had gained back to 161, but I'm back down to 155.6lbs as of today. My body is stuck here. UGH.

I'm looking forward to getting back in here!

12-12-2011, 07:32 AM
Let's see, who would contribute more to my delinquency? Itsmyturn or Mamakat? :rofl:

Ok, I want in! :lol: Game on! LOL!!!!

12-12-2011, 07:38 AM
Melissa - It is very uncommon for me to even go out, this is a once a year thing, and usually surrounding my bf's birthday :) I would love to do the cafe (not decaf though :lol: ) thing on any other day :D

I did ride the bull, however I did not have photographic evidence that could be used against me later taken, :rofl: Then when I got off the bull, discovered people that I work with come up to me asking if we should post it on our work site and they were laughing. Wow :O That was right before his friend got on it, LOL!!!! What a night! My thighs right above the knees still sore today!! That must be a muscle that doesn't normally get the brunt of my workouts, cause it's the most sore of anything

12-12-2011, 08:00 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave: I hope you have a great week!

The word of the day is TTOM. Is that actually a word? I've got a few words for it. ;) It started yesterday evening.

Weigh In: 148.6
Up: 1.2 pounds

12-12-2011, 08:33 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Monday WI brings me to 208.6 that's down 5.6lbs from last week. That's a lot of loss, so it's suspect. Hopefully I won't gain it back like a couple of weeks ago. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Diana I actually knew a guy (one of husband's ex drummers) named Ttom. He was pretentious as all get out. But then I found percussionists who actually go to college to be percussionists are....LOL, don't tell my bro-in-law I said that.

ItsMyTurn those inner thigh muscles are killer. I used to do exercises where I squeezed a ball with my knees then thighs...I can't do that one anymore, it knocks the hip out. Man, it gets those thighs a working. :)

solarplant sorry about your knee, I hope it gets better soon. It sounds like you're doing the right thing for it. Thanks for the compliment. :)

kohokkuri :welcome: now I'm expecting you'll tell us you got to the gym!

pint glad to see you're back on track and here. :)

My plan today is laundry. Yikes, I only did two loads last week and now everyone is out of clothes. How come I can't remember to do 2 loads a day? If I did that I could stay on top of it. I thought I'd visit my bike today, I haven't seen it in months, but then it looks sunny out so I might go for a walk instead. Walking burns more calories and is less boring. I saw two foxes two Sundays ago. They were just laying out and getting sun on the edge of the woods. That is so cool.

I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy day!

12-12-2011, 08:35 AM
Morning all. Up another pound with impending ovulation. Good grief. My body goes through all that for Noooooooooo chance of it going to use. Getting pregnant at 42? I think not.

Plan is still to do body step this evening. I'll see if I stick to it or not. Sleep was sparse last night and my energy zaps early. Maybe I'll hang curtains and do the last of the cleaning today too. We will see.

Chilly here this morning 22 degrees at 7:30 am.

12-12-2011, 12:45 PM
Happy Monday!

And yes, I'm pretty freakin' happy! :twirly: I've already hit my Christmas goal of 188! I was being conservative in my goal, knowing about parties and such so hitting it already is a quite a surprise. However, I have two Christmas parties this weekend, so maintaining my 188 will be the trick. Nevertheless... I'm a dancin'!! :broc::carrot::cb:

Spent the weekend doing Christmas stuff...wrapping gifts , making cookies :cookie: (I was SOOO good with not eating them), decorating the tree :tree:, etc. It was exhausting! My DH gave me a hug this morning and said "your butt feels smaller". Talk about a good feeling! :hug:

BBB: I'm hoping to be done with all this menstruation nonsense soon myself. You're right, what a waste! Hope you get some energy back soon! :flow1:

MamaKat: Keeping my fingers crossed with you for a solid loss. :crossed: Love the wig! I totally did a doubletake at your avatar. You remind me of a blond Olivia Newton John from Grease! I have 2 BIL who majored in percussion. They're both teachers now. It's great that you've got fun things to look at on your hikes. :goodvibes

Diana: I would love to help contribute to your delinquency! :devil: I did a lot of that in High School. Hope TTOM doesn't get you down! :)

ItsMyTurn: You rode the bull? :moo: How difficult was it? I'm thinking it's one of those things that is harder than it looks. The benefit is a muscle workout in a new way. Sounds like a B*L*A*S*T!!! :hat:

SolarPlant: Sorry you knee is so painful. A Dr. visit is a good idea! :yes:

SMess: Is it a little creepy you're hearing Jillian Michaels in your head? :listen: Good job on dumping the cake! :dancer:

12-12-2011, 01:58 PM
Diana - When TTOM makes a person USE "words" , then I say it qualifies for a word itself. Just sorry it's the highlighted word for you today, :lol: Maybe tomorrow will be "relief" day? :)

Mamakat - My soreness is actually on the front of the thigh, just above the knees. I do squats during my routines and such, but apparently some of the "moves" the other night in the cage were working different parts of the muscle? Actually thinking of maybe incorporating some of those moves into my floor routines a few times a week now, :lol:
Wow, that IS a ton of weight in a week! Keeping fingers crossed it sticks for you!!!! Seeing the fox must have been great.... :)

Melissa - hope your ovulation levels out soon for you.

Moondance - Congrats!!!!! Goals being hit is one thing that always lifts spirits! Then to have your DH make that comment is a total NSV!!!!! It wasn't tough til it was getting revved up, :lol: then I got dumped :) Fun times!

12-12-2011, 03:21 PM
Ugh, I took the weekend off...and gained a pound. :( I'm up to 174. Not as bad as I thought it would be, I was really dreading the scale this morning. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself...but I'm pretty disappointed. I think the main culprit is that I overdrank beer and underdrank water this weekend.

Oh well. Back on track today.

Miss LunaStar
12-12-2011, 04:48 PM
I lost a pound, considering how terrible I've been eating, I guess it's cool...but I also haven't eaten today so it could be that..just been drinking lots of water. I decided to restart on what's left of my phentermine pills, not very hungry but I do have a strong craving for a bowl from Panda Express. :( Instead, I'll get a hair cut, I suppose. I have no idea what to eat today! I really wanna eat out. :( I did 100 "thigh abductors" with toning bands and 10 minutes of jump rope...oh my gosh! Now that was a work out for out of shape me...I really need to get a pedometer and hit the track again...sorry if I killed anyone's buzz, it's just one of those days.

12-12-2011, 06:17 PM
Hiyah! I'm back!

Can't wait to start seeing the scale get closer and closer to the 170's then 160's and so on. I'm bouncing around between 188-195. Not making me very happy. I got off track when school started back in September (teacher) and about a week ago I was diagnosed with heart disease. I joined a gym the day I was diagnosed. Now I finally have it figured out so I have about 90 minutes a day after work without kids. I've been 5/7 days since. I've logged just under ten miles in 4 hours and about 2 hours of strength training. I'm feeling better, mainly about myself, but haven't seen any change on the scale. I'm being WAY more active and eating WAY less, hope to see some results soon.

12-12-2011, 10:09 PM
I had a busy day at work. I got started on the Christmas card list. I got most of them done! :carrot: I need to hurry with this post. I am wanting to clean out my email in box. I've got about 100 emails to go through. :eek:

Kahokkuri Hi and Welcome to the check-in.

Solarplant Sending you healing vibes for your knee and your Dr. appointment tomorrow. I hope it's nothing serious.

Pint Hi and Welcome back! How are things going with you. I remember the last time you posted that you had a lot going on. I hope things have calmed a little for you.

Mamakat Has your foot pain lessened? I don't like TTOM so I don't think I would like a drummer named Ttom. :lol: I'm sure I would have some sort of complex against him. ;)

Berry Did you make it to Body Step tonight?

Moondance Congrats on meeting your goal! :congrat: :dance: :bravo:

Itsmyturn Yes, I hope tomorrow is better and not another gain. How was your day?

Artykay Today is a new day.

Miss LunaStar Hi and Welcome to the check-in. :wave: Sorry that you are having a rough day. We all have them. Some days are just better than others. Congrats on your weight loss so far and for getting your exercise in.

Msthickmiddle Congrats on getting your workouts done!

12-12-2011, 10:14 PM
Total Approx 1400 Calories + :coffee:

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
high fiber English muffin 100 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (375 Calories)
Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds 100 calories
3 Slices Hormel Natural Choice Deli Turkey 60 calories
1/2 TBS Hellman's light mayonnaise/Lettuce 25 calories
Oikos Strawberry Greek Yogurt 4 ounce container 90 calories
1 Apple 100 calories

Dinner (660 Calories)
Bread w/butter 160 calories
Sirloin Steak 300 calories
2 orders steamed broccoli 200 calories

TF Fire 60

Misti in Seattle
12-12-2011, 10:46 PM
Just passing through, catching up on all your posts, and saying hi!

12-13-2011, 07:38 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Man, I do not want to get out of bed, it's so cold here. I stayed the same weight, so it's looking good. :)

Diana My foot is feeling better, thank you for asking. I think I might have pulled a muscle in the shin near the ankle and now it's all better. Did you get through all your email. I refuse to do xmas cards. I can't stress out on that so I use "save a tree" as an excuse and "do people still use the postal?" Actually most everyone knows I don't really celebrate so they don't expect me to send them something cheery. My DH's family is just happy that he's happy :)

MsThick Glad you are doing all the right things for yourself. Sorry about the heart disease, is it reversible? I'm sure you'll see results soon. :)

MissLuna no buzz kill, great workout. Hope you found something nutritious to eat. I'm glad you weren't hungry to the point of overeating, but you should try your best in meeting your calorie quota (whatever that may be) otherwise, your body will hold onto the fat thinking it's in starvation mode. It's easier to plan a menu when you're not hungry, don't you think? Chinese always sounds good to me :)

Arty how did your day go getting back on track?

Moondance yay for reaching your xmas goal. Do have plans for a reward?

ItsMyTurn okay, you said you saw or went with co-workers, right? How was the Monday after at work? How's everyone walking? :rofl: I'm picturing a bunch of people complaining about their thighs and walking like they still had a mechanical bull between their knees.

I didn't get my walk in or biking. I did get four loads of laundry a lot of writing done. I planned to go to DH's show last night, but I was too cold and didn't want to stop writing. So I stayed home.

I had another meds adjustment yesterday. Apparently I was manic two weeks ago and like a true Bipolar had no idea. So doctor now wants to lower the drug that helps with the depression as I really didn't have too bad of a hit after the mania. The mania itself wasn't bad either, I mean in my opinion it could have been a heck of a lot worse. I thank food and exercise for that. That is apparently one reason I lost so much last week, he said sometimes in a manic stage food is not my concern and I can't sit still so result is weight loss. It's a little disturbing no one at home noticed, well they did, they just thought it was funny. So if they don't keep a better watch, and if I don't continue with therapy, I could be in danger. :lol: of talking to strangers!

So we will see how new change will affect me. I'm sure xmas season doesn't help, but it's close to being over for me. I went shopping yesterday, this time Walmart, found nothing. I can't even find dog stockings with chewies in them! Two more things and I'm done, okay maybe three...four :p

I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy day!

12-13-2011, 08:00 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave:

Weigh In: 147.0 (TTOM)
Down: 1.6 pounds

I'll be back, after some :coffee2:

Misti in Seattle
12-13-2011, 08:08 AM
Hello everyone. Okay, I admit I am a bit frustrated... up 3 again this morning and I do NOT deserve it. Yes, I know there are fluctuations but that does not mean I have to like it. :( Go away, you nasty ole pounds!!!

Hope the rest of you have good weigh-ins today!

12-13-2011, 08:54 AM
Ugh.... I had typed up a long post and just hit the backspace button and everything was erased and I couldn't retrieve it! I don't have it in me to write it all again now.... Man, that's a bummer to lose ten or so minutes of writing especially when it includes personals. Grrrr....

Ok.... I'll be back later once I get over feeling mad at the computer. Scale was down a wee bit so ovulation must have passed.

12-13-2011, 05:28 PM
Diana - my day yesterday was good, thank you for asking :) I was in quite a bit of pain last night, so kept the elliptical session short. I would have taken a percocet or vicodin to work through it, but I hate doing that in the evening - must be due to the ADHD, but when I take a potent pain killer, it revs me up... and I can't sleep (or stop) until it is out of my system... whereas most people get drowsy or sleepy. So... was able to get in a bit without the pain relieving aid and I consider that a victory :)

Mamakat - It was hilarious. Ok... when I went out, I went with only 1 coworker, the rest were just friends. When there, we ran into a bunch of coworkers. Fortunately we didn't get their attention til my coworker I went there with got on the bull... not when I did. The funniest part... they all came up to me to show the pics they took with camera phones of her on the bull!!! :rofl: Honestly think the dancing is what made us all sore...but we looked like a heck of a bunch :)

12-13-2011, 06:20 PM
Happy Tuesday!
Just a quick hit here to read and a short post...quite busy at work today...which is a nice change!

Hope everyone has a nice day!

12-13-2011, 07:09 PM
Itsmyturn glad to hear you aren't too sore and that there doesn't see to be too mcy visual evidence to torture you with. Sounds like you had a much needed night out though!

Moondance hi! Glad it's a good day at work.

Misti yes, fluctuations stink. I wonder if men fluctuate as much? I know my husband weighs daily and he will go up a pound or two from high sodium foods, but that seems to be it. Don't k ow if that's typical or not though.

Diana sorry TTOM is making you want to have words with it, but some of the water weight is leaving I see.

Mamakat maybe your family is just used to much bigger manic phases so ey didn't take notice of this happier, but not out of control phase. Adjusting meds though can be a pain, hope it's an easy adjustment.

Kahokkuri Hi!

Solarplant i hope your knee is feeling better! That sounds yucky,

Pint Welcome back Pint!

Artykay as Diana said, Today is a new day.

Miss LunaStar Hi and Welcome!

Msthickmiddle Looks like you are getting things back on track! Good for you!

Misti in Seattle
12-13-2011, 08:23 PM
Wow, what a day. First, I weighed again at my normal time and I had NOT gained... I fluctuate a lot and for some reason always lose early in the morning. So the first time I weighed was at 3 AM and the second my normal time of 5 AM... 3 pounds different, but that is typical for me.

BUT today there was junk all over the place. Cupcakes all over, a huge coffee cake, candy canes; then a team meeting with various kinds of cheesecake, awesome looking chocolate dessert and other desserts, finger foods and "puffs" most of which looked fried. I had coffee!!

I stopped and got a Jack-in-the-Box grilled chicken salad and ate it around 4 when I got home so I will probably eat yogurt and nuts or something later tonight.

For breakfast I had a (frozen) egg white/turkey sausage bowl (230 calories) and 5 small apple slices.
Lunch was a tuna salad packet (100 calories) and 5 crackers (110 or so).

So I have done incredibly well today!

12-13-2011, 09:52 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave:

Misti You may be holding on to water weight from eating at the functions this week. You are probably eating in a way that you don't normally eat. Great job having coffee and avoiding the sweets :carrot:

Itsmyturn Great job on getting that workout in. Sorry about the pain and you not feeling well. Isn't it funny how meds affect us differently. I cannot take Nyquil. Most people take it when they have a cold, etc. so they can sleep at night. It jacks me up sky high. Cannot sleep a wink until it wears off. It's a miserable feeling. That's probably how you feel with pain meds. The decongestant in Nyquil is what messes with me.

Moondance I hope you had a great day.

Mamakat A lot of the Christmas cards that I sent out are for customers. I hope the new med adjustment works for you.

Berry Good job on your weigh in!

12-13-2011, 09:55 PM
Total Approx 1440 Calories + :coffee:

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
high fiber English muffin 100 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (375 Calories)
Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds 100 calories
3 Slices Hormel Natural Choice Deli Turkey 60 calories
1/2 TBS Hellman's light mayonnaise/Lettuce 25 calories
Oikos Strawberry Greek Yogurt 4 ounce container 90 calories
1 Apple 100 calories

Dinner (700 Calories)
2 Grilled Chicken Tacos 600 calories
Sauce 100 calories

The Firm Hi-Def Sculpt w/8's & 10's
TF Fire 45 EZ w/weighted gloves

12-13-2011, 10:14 PM
evening folks!

Good day today, went to the gym, did the incline treadmill, some circut training, then the stationary bikes. Came home and did all sorts of things from my to-do list, and now at the end of the day I am at 92% of my calories. My goal right now is 1600 cals, which is probably a little high, but since I have been not counting, I figure I'll try to get down to that, then adjust as I go. I'm also hoping to get more easy meal ideas, so I will be going back and rereading your posts to see all your good ideas. :-)

Now I am off to watch my high school classmate in a DVR'd episode of Top Chef Texas. :-)

Misti in Seattle
12-13-2011, 11:35 PM
Hi everyone.

And thanks, Diana... but you know, it was silly. I just weighed myself really early in the morning and for some reason I am always a bit up on the scale -- I weighed at 3 AM but when I weighed again at 5 AM... my normal time... it was 276. Yippeeeeeeee. I sure haven't deserved to gain any today! I have been cleaning my house because a friend is coming over tomorrow after work to fix the broken pipe under my sink... one way to get the housework done LOL. So I just now sat down for a snack... a few nuts and 3 pieces of candy cane roca (I allow myself those in the evening if I have stayed on plan all day, since I had to buy a can for the Christmas dessert. But in the past I would have eaten the whole can LOL.

12-14-2011, 06:39 AM
Hello, everyone!

Things are going well here. I've been doing a fairly good job of eating (a bit munchy, as its TTOM, but I've been able to keep it below 1700-1800, which I consider a success) and I've been working out again. Weigh in this AM was 163, which is my ticker weight and one pound above my lowest ever weight (162, 2 days before Disney).

Misti- fluctuations on the scale (especially undeserved ones) can be frustrating. great job keeping track, ignore that nasty old scale and keep it up! The scale will have to bend to your will sooner or later!

Ande- hi!

Diana- hi!

moondance- hi!

star- reading about your night out is awesome. It sounds like a crazy blast.

mamakat- hope the med adjustment does well for you! I love, love, love your new pic! so cute!

Anyone hear from Larry? When he's gone it worries me a touch. I know its the holidays and everyone is busy.

Have a great day, everyone!

Miss LunaStar
12-14-2011, 06:53 AM
Yesterday was awful. My boyfriend stopped mid sex and kind of broke down and went on a rant about how he's held in so much and how I'm just too fat. He always compliments me and plays with my belly and just makes me feel comfortable...and then this?! I have problems sticking with a diet or work out routine and he turned that into me not trying. I was so hurt. (A tear just came out thinking about it.) I've made it a goal to no longer be fat by September when I turn 21 and he said he knew I wasn't going to do that, he "sees the way" I eat. How can the person I'm closest to not support and believe in me? :(Later he apologized, saying he went about it the wrong way and none of it matters, he loves me too much to lose me, and bla bla bla. I decided to start phentermine again, luckily no side effects this time. I wanted to prove a point so I didn't eat all day (horrible, I know) and had a glass of water.

I'll eat today though, only for the sake of not developing an ED..I'm crushed inside and so ashamed. I feel like a fool for allowing myself such comfort. This makes me even more embarrassed to try and lose weight. I don't know why. I just want to hide. :(

Thanks for listening everyone. I hate this struggle. I'm scared I'm not strong enough but I have no room for failure. :(

12-14-2011, 06:57 AM
I'm doing well getting back on track. I'm on my second day of graveyard shifts for the week, and trying to readjust my body and schedule. Swing shift...blech.

I weighed in at 174 again today, so no change....I think my body's still recovering from my food attack though, I'm not going to let it get me down. Maybe the second half of the week I'll be losing again!

My food choices today were awesome, so I'm pretty proud of myself! A little carb-heavy (165 g), but I can live with that. The main thing is I had zero junk food today.

Good job on the good work, guys! I really enjoy reading your posts.

12-14-2011, 08:05 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave:

Weigh In: 146.8 (TTOM)
Down: .2

12-14-2011, 08:05 AM
Yesterday was awful. My boyfriend stopped mid sex and kind of broke down and went on a rant about how he's held in so much and how I'm just too fat. He always compliments me and plays with my belly and just makes me feel comfortable...and then this?! I have problems sticking with a diet or work out routine and he turned that into me not trying. I was so hurt. (A tear just came out thinking about it.) I've made it a goal to no longer be fat by September when I turn 21 and he said he knew I wasn't going to do that, he "sees the way" I eat. How can the person I'm closest to not support and believe in me? :(Later he apologized, saying he went about it the wrong way and none of it matters, he loves me too much to lose me, and bla bla bla. I decided to start phentermine again, luckily no side effects this time. I wanted to prove a point so I didn't eat all day (horrible, I know) and had a glass of water.

I'll eat today though, only for the sake of not developing an ED..I'm crushed inside and so ashamed. I feel like a fool for allowing myself such comfort. This makes me even more embarrassed to try and lose weight. I don't know why. I just want to hide. :(

Thanks for listening everyone. I hate this struggle. I'm scared I'm not strong enough but I have no room for failure. :(

I'm sorry this happened, but it did. Guys can be terrible about saying their feelings and about saying them in soft, cushioning ways, but that was hard to hear especially when you heard it. I think for many guys, they feel closer to use during intimate moments so they are more likely to spill their guts then too.

But also realize, the comment isn't all about how you look, but it's a worry about any future you might have together. It's a worry that you'll get heavier (and you probably will). It's a worry about things you can do together if you are too unfit and fat. And it's a worry about your health.

I know I'm double your age (gasp) and I've been fat for most of my adult life, but I'm learning some new things about my relationship with my husband of 18 years too. When I treated my body so poorly it worried my husband a great deal. We are a partnership and I was unable to do some things because of my weight and unfitness. I didn't take care of myself and so, he felt I didn't love him. Because I couldn't show him in a way he needed to be shown love. Yes, it also had to do with his physical attraction to me, but it was so much deeper than that. It's how I ate. How I was a couch potato and so on.

And that's why your reaction really worries me. You didn't eat for a day (veery immature) and then decided to take a weight loss drug to solve your problems with food. So what happens when you stop taking the drug? A drug is not going to solve your relationship problem or your food problem. You need to relearn portion control and make better food choices if you want to keep this weight off.

12-14-2011, 08:54 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Up a full pound on the scale, but I sort of figured it would do that as last night, I ate WELL! :lol: Yesterday, came and went in about an hour, I swear I felt like I only had one hour all day. I made it to therapy and chatted :p Then got home long enough to veg out for that hour (I need to decompress after therapy...why is it, it makes me more depress :p). Then we went to a wonderful concert (middle school kids are so stinking talented). And last to Applebee's. I love DH's cooking and I never complain about it, but something about eating restaurant food just makes me happy :p Probably all the salt :lol: Now I'm right back in the predicament of no food in the house. Oh well, I'll manage.

Berry your reply to Miss Luna made me think about yesterday's session w/ my new girlfriend :lol: It was about feelings and trust. I don't trust anyone and I never ever share my feelings, not even with DH. Therapist asked about sex (nope not even then). She pointed out the same thing you did. During intimate times, we (not me) share our intimate feelings and usually when you're intimate you are in a trusting situation (yeah?). So, maybe that was the case.

Miss Luna Normally I would say 'dump the jerk, love yourself and move on', but as I am learning about feelings myself, I am reconsidering such advice. What Berry said makes sense. Although, he could have done it better (less judgy and at a different time) what he feels is valid. I struggle with validation issues nearly every stinking day. My DH likes to say "that's not how you really feel", I don't like people telling me how I feel. Attraction (physical) is one of those things we all deal with. Love always sounds easy in movies, but really it has to worked on and through. You can love a person and still not want to talk to them (let alone other stuff) it doesn't make them love you less.

I think (and truly this is only an opinion of a very messed up person when it comes to emotions) that now isn't the time to 'get back' at him for his misplaced words. He did apologize later for his tact. That sounds like he cares. I say a lot of cruel things to people around me, I lash out like no bodies business, but I feel guilt afterwards. It doesn't make it better, I know, but to do yourself harm (neglect, addictive drugs, food..whatever it may be) doesn't help you or the situation.

I, too, am twice your age :( (shh, who said that!) and have been overweight all of my life (except 2 years...the window I met DH. Boy what a shock he got when I ballooned up again.) I have tried many many diets, pills, starvation (other reckless things), but none it worked because my head was in the wrong place. It's not 'lose weight for others', or 'lose weight to get a partner', or 'lose weight to be a hotty' or even 'lose weight to show them'. You are the only one carrying that weight. You are the only one carrying the baggage of being an overweight person. People will say and do things to you because of weight that you will not be able to control.

But, you can control you. You can take control of yourself and your weight issues. You can look into why and how it all came to this and work on that. This is a journey, it's not a fix. And journeys are meant to walk, explore and learn, not to be carried (by others words or actions). Instead of doing to prove something to others, prove to yourself that you are worth loving and start loving yourself...you truly truly are worth it. :hug: Good luck :hug:

OK, I have rambled on long enough. I hope everyone has a wonderful and healthy day!

Misti in Seattle
12-14-2011, 09:13 AM
Good morning, everyone! Wishing all of you a successful day!

12-14-2011, 11:20 AM
Scale is down a wee bit more this morning. And I'm wearing a new sweater and new pants. miL had to comment that the sweater is a bit tight, but it's also the style of the sweater and darn it, I'm showing my better assets instead of hiding them all the time! Size medium sweater and size 10 pants. Of course, she came out 30 minutes later wearing a wool sweater pulled tight over her round abdomen, so I had to smile to myself. Whose sweater is tight? Her is way tighter than mine and in the wrong way.

Anyway.... Forgot to pick up my thyroid medicine last night, so I'm waiting to have breakfast now that I took it. 15 more minutes to wait and I'm starving! Been up since 6:15, so 4 hours and no food and I ate a bit light yesterday.

12-14-2011, 01:53 PM
Diana - Nyquil decongestion for you may be the same type of reaction... I can't take decongestives due to my congenial heart issue... but I don't have a problem with Robitussin DM. It's not a nighttime medicine though either? All I know is when I take the pain killers I am up. I did mention it to doctor, that the percocet is worse than the Vicodin... so we avoid the Percs, and use only as an absolute last resort.... and I always start with Tylenol. Yesterday Tylenol totally sustained it, so hoping tonight to get back a full workout - Lord knows I feel I need it, LOL

Nikki - Glad to hear you are not going up on the scale! Yes, my night out was awesome and much needed. :)

Luna - I read your post with my mouth hanging open. I am about to be honest with you, and if it sounds harsh I do apologize in advance, I totally suck at sugar-coating and soothing... I am a "fixer" by nature (fortunately my mom and my DH are good at nurturing so my kids get a rounded nature, lol). Let me start with... men can be insensitive, it happens - I blame the piece of anatomy they have that we don't, cutting oxygen off to the brain... especially at a time like that ;) What my mouth hung open for though, is that you stopped eating for a day because of it. Honey, you are better than that! Don't you dare give him all the power over you like that... 1) cause YOU should have the power over YOU... no one else... and 2) because that is a ton of pressure on him as your partner... i.e. "if I don't walk on eggshells she will lash out hurting herself"... not good! Now, I would also like to come down on him for his words, but don't know the circumstances it arose at - I will say this though... you said you were embarrassed to try and lose the weight... why on earth would you be embarrassed to make improvements on yourself? Sincerely I say... YOU are worth feeling good about FOR YOU. I am sorry he was insensitive - unfortunately the world around us can't always tune into when the proper time/place/and wording is, but if you want to do this, do it for YOU... feel good about YOU...and don't be ashamed, be determined/driven/motivated ;) Seriously look around you and think of how you can make each of your statements into a positive one today - you will be amazed how it changes your view. It's not "I can't"... it's "I will", it's not "well I have this going on instead"... it's "I will have an amazing adventure after this...".... it's not "I'm too tired", it's "I am going to get in better shape and push myself so I am NOT tired anymore".... and it's not "I can't cause of this obstacle"... it's " I am going to turn this stumbling block into a stepping stone". Relearn how you eat, have a bit more exercise, and learn that YOU are the #1 person worth loving ;)

Mamakat - I feel ya on not being good with the emotional stuff. :) I think it's funny the differences you and I have, yet so many similarities along with it, :lol: Going out to eat sounds great :)

Hope everyone has a super wonderful day!!!!!

12-14-2011, 02:32 PM
Happy Wednesday!

There are times when I step outside myself and examine my choices, attitudes, and behaviors. Since I decided to make another stab at the weightloss/lifestyle change, I've had an outlook that has been different from any other before. It's like when I finally quit smoking. The mind has to be there. No excuses for binging. No such thing as failure. A plateau doesn't mean it's time to quit. I can eat less calories, still fee like I'm getting enough to eat, still go to restaurants, still go to Happy Hour, still go to holiday parties, eat a little, drink a little and have lots of fun. I can hardly believe this is me...losing weight and not stressing, feeling guilt, or craving food. I fully believe I will be successful this time. I have no time limit. I'm learning this process and learning about myself. A cookie doesn't = failure. It's a learning experience. I'm so grateful and thankful everyday for this new mindset. I wish the same thing for all of you and great success along with it!

ItsMyTurn: Hope you're having a great day! :cb:

BBB: Your MIL sweater story cracked me up! Funny how people can't see their real selves in the mirror! Hope you've had some food by now! :p

Misti: Good morning to you! :wave:

Mamakat: I especially love the holiday season concerts by the kids. Glad you enjoyed yours! :hohoho:

Diana: Hope you're having a great day! :wave:

ArtyKay: Good job on staying away from the junk food! One victory at a time! :carrot:

LunaStar: So much I want to say...I feel for you! :hug: It's one thing to think everything is ok, your BF is fine with the way you look, etc., then for him to unburden himself when he did...crushed and embarassed are completely understandable. I think he really does care about you and is worried about you. I also think he doesn't know how to "help" you. Do your best to keep communication open. But the others are right. You have to want this for you. The motivation to get through the hard times has to come from within. You can do it!! :yes:

Still: Glad to hear you're doing well and staying OP. :) Keep up the good work!! :spin:

Andejean: Hi! :wave:

12-14-2011, 04:11 PM
Moondance I second you wishes to everyone on this weight loss journey. You know more than half the battle is the mindset. It truly is great when we reach a point where we know we've got this. :)

ItsMyTurn OK we have another thing in common...I, too, get wired on pain killers which totally sux because they don't really kill the pain. I always hope that I'll fall into a drug induced sleep and wake the next day pain less (it's never free :p), but those dumb drugs keep me wide awake (of course I'm loopy and don't really care that it still hurts). Over the past few years we've been experimenting on which one is less of a wire and more of a relief. I've given up on that and have just settle with Vicodin. It does not take the pain away, but it makes me less aware and I can nod off for about five minutes or so. Whereas all the rest are useless. Isn't it funny, most people get knocked out by them. DH always says he's jealous of my stash, he had a Vicodin years ago for eye surgery (one!) and he remembers it as the best thing ever. I can take three and still wish for someone to conk me on the head :rofl: SO funny how things work. :)

Berry I say wear what makes you happy. My wonderful (sarcastic) grandmother used to complain about my wardrobe. I chose tight tops, but kept the cleavage to a minimum (ha, just like now) and she'd say "how'd Scott like knowing his goods were being seen?" I swear if I could go back in time, I'd do some slapping :p Just as I told her, I will say again, it's our bodies and we can wear what we want! I say hey, if you got and you want to flaunt, you worked darn hard...DO IT! Enjoy your new look, you deserve it and hey, if it drives her crazy, all the better...(Ok, that was the evil Kat speaking :D)

OK like yesterday, today went by too fast. I just looked at the clock 3.10, both my kids are home from school and I still haven't eaten! What the heck? Man, something is off. Where did the last two days go? I have to go find food. :p

12-14-2011, 04:30 PM
Hey all! Happy hump day :D

Computer's been on the fritz lately - I took it down to the apple store and they fiddled around with it for five minutes and now it works fine! I asked them if it was anything I could have fixed, and they said definitely no, so that makes me feel better. I got on a kick yesterday of watching 'Biggest Loser' and OH BOY if that's not a motivator than I don't know what is! I find myself constantly yelling at them for being *upset* at losing 1 or 3 pounds in a week instead of 15 or 20, but seeing the process and the emotional journeys they make is really inspiring. And Bob is such a sweetheart. Who doesn't love Bob?

still: Good job monitoring calories - when TTOM hits me, I'm happy so long as I don't eat half a cow! Being so close to your all-time low is great motivation, though!

Diana: The first thing that popped into my head when I saw your .2 loss was 'Look at that! Diana's gettin' down with her bad self!' Ha!

Miss LunaStar: I'm 22, not that much older than you. And I can tell you from an experience a few years ago that relying on diet pills and guilt to get you thin will lead to disaster. I lost a lot of weight freshman year, and ended up reaching my all-time low. I was a size 6, and I LOVED what I saw in the mirror. But I'd done all the wrong things to get there - using diet pills, starving myself, working out 2 and 3 times a day - and eventually it caught up with me. Over the next three years I ballooned out, gaining back all the weight I'd lost and eventually becoming 30 pounds heavier than I'd ever been. I didn't suffer side effects from the pills that I took, but I've found out that I have permanently damaged my health in the long-term because of them. I was a size 18, and for a long time I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. There was a big truth I had to accept before I was ready to really lose the weight

Here's what I had to learn: If I wasn't enough with the weight, I would never be enough without it. Pretty enough, smart enough, happy enough, sexy enough, healthy enough.... just enough. I had to learn to love who I was at my 260lb size 18 self. Only then would I be able to lose the weight for the right reason: because I want to be healthy. Being pretty is just a side benefit. Being attractive to others is just a side benefit. If your main reason for wanting to lose weight is anything other than wanting to live a healthy life, then I really don't think you'll succeed. I remember how awful it was to really accept that, but I did. And it's made all the difference for me, allowing me to lose the weight and keep it off for the first time in a long time. Instead of just reacting to whatever happens around you, take the time to really think through why you're doing this and what your motivations are. That way, instead of making this experience a painful guilt-trip, it will become the positive journey of self-discovery and growth that it's meant to be. :hug:

ArtyKay: Any day resisting temptation is worth a little celebration. Congrats! :carrot:

mamakat: I feel the same way after therapy.... probably because therapists are just so darn good at finding those issues we've been tap-dancing around for years and making us slog through them. :dizzy: That's a workout in itself!

Misti: Good morning to you too! :wave:

Berry: If you got it, flaunt it!

It'sMyTurn: Great thoughts this morning! Thanks for sharing

Moondance: I've been reflecting on a lot of the same ideas lately.... mostly around the idea that 'the best things come to those who wait.' We've all fallen off the horse in little ways and big ways so many times, but that's just the way it's going to be for the rest of our lives. The important thing is that we get back up, dust myself off, and start riding again. It may take a while, but eventually, we'll get there.

12-14-2011, 04:35 PM
Moondance - Good for you!!!! I love the outlook you have discovered!!! That view on this will make you successful!
Yes, my day is going good :) Another busy day and trying to cram all I can into it.. I so hate to feel like I wasted a second of any day I am still priveleged to live :) To "live" is more than just breathing ;) After work today I will make my drive home, start warming the supper for the family, do my workout while it's heating up... serve out supper and eat as a family... help the kids with homework, have to update my FASFA paperwork if I get a chance tonight for school, give my son his injection, get the pills ready for my 2 oldest to take... shower then bed :D I do try to shove water down my face as much as possible during all this too :lol: I hope you are having a most awesome day?!

Mamakat - that's hilarious!!!! My mom had ONE percocet, and fell asleep for 4 hrs! :O I take 2 percocet and have the house so clean it sparkles, :rofl: Of course I am on Ritalin regularly too for the ADHD... so according to DH it's kind of funny to watch me when I have both because I become hyperfocussed and appear to be on speed cause of the amount I get done, :lol: I will Tramadol isn't too bad, not AS hyper on it, but it also doesn't do much for the pain... when things start to really make the pain ease a lot is when the energy kicks in - can't win for losing. I also have gone with the Vicodin, and in a lower dose (500mg) as it is more effective than Tylenol when that won't touch it, but keeps the energy level to a minimum... but... since it is low dose, if it doesn't work at all, I have a safety net of having two. I still go into shock of how fast mom went to sleep that day though, LOL
For goodness sakes woman, eat something! :lol: We are behind you in time, so only 1:30 here. My days all seem to be flying by lately, but I blame the weather. It's been colder, and for the last 3 days we have been raining and wet (Flagstaff got a foot and a half of snow in ONE night). All these storms blowing in has made traveling take longer, plus sun isn't out, so seems like it's just dark all the time, so almost like there never WAS a daytime. Maybe yours is still coming down off manic stage? Or just so busy in general? Either way... gotta remember to eat ;)

12-14-2011, 04:42 PM
SMess - I am glad the computer wasn't a huge fix - that is always welcomed news :) Also... if you find that show to be a motivator, watch away... anything that adds to your motivation is definitely worth the time :D

Misti in Seattle
12-14-2011, 08:27 PM
Hi all - thanks for all the updates.

Interesting day. I forgot to take my breakfast to work so thought no biggie; I'll just eat one of my tuna packets and crackers. Got to work... no tuna packets. :( I don't like sweet stuff for breakfast but went anyway and got my Greek lemon yogurt and citrus fruit cup. Had a few banana chips later in the morning.

Then found a frozen dinner in the kitchen for lunch, and then a few chips.

Oops more later... friend is here to fix the plumbing.

12-14-2011, 08:46 PM
I blew it today... started out good, but the boys went out to fix the car, and it over ran dinner time, so I snacked... then I bought chips and dip when I went to get car parts... oh, and chocolate... I'm disappointed in day two of recommitment, but tomorrow is a new day, and I will be doing some recipe research and grocery shopping, so I should be better off tomorrow. One day at a time.. right?

I have to say that reading all the posts makes me want to reiterate how important to want to do this for ourselves, not for others. Sometimes I think we all forget how worth it we are! We are friends, daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, and lovers - all of whom mean the world to someone, so we should mean the world to ourselves too!


See you tomorrow!

12-14-2011, 08:57 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave: I am going to post my food first. After Survivor I will try to do some personals.

DH wanted to go to Olive Garden tonight. I had a really good coupon, better than normal. I usually order the Venetian Apricot Chicken. It is lower in calories, but higher in sodium. This time I ordered the Grilled Salmon. It has 100 more calories, but is lower in sodium. I made this decision based on the fact that it's TTOM. Sodium + TTOM is not a good combo. I tried to make the best decision based on my current situation. Hopefully it won't be so bad. We'll see.

Total Approx 1420 + :coffee:

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
high fiber English muffin 100 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (375 Calories)
Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds 100 calories
3 Slices Hormel Natural Choice Deli Turkey 60 calories
1/2 TBS Hellman's light mayonnaise/Lettuce 25 calories
Oikos Strawberry Greek Yogurt 4 ounce container 90 calories
1 Apple 100 calories

Dinner (680 Calories)
Zuppa Toscana soup 170 Calories
Herb-Grilled Salmon w/veggies 510 calories

TF Fire 55 EZ
TF Fire 30

12-14-2011, 10:17 PM
Itsmyturn and Mamakat and diane add me to the wired on pain meds. I remember my mom being completely knocked out. Me? Wide awake and hyper. I opt for plain tylenol unless absolutely necessary to take something trongeer,

Moon dance it feels ally good when you get to a point with this weightless battle when you realize the answers for your own body. Just hold onto that or write it down somewherer to remind you when there are days that are a bit rough.

Smess such a mature message from sonwe one your age that you sent to Luna. You've been through some tough roads in your short life, but you ate learning from them too which is something not everyone can say. And glad your computers is ok now.

Still you keep mentioning work and I keep meaning to ask. Didnt you quit your job to stay home? Did I miss something where you went back to work?

Arty good job on a junk food free day!

Misti in Seattle
12-14-2011, 10:29 PM
Okay, I'm back! Had a leaky sink and a friend came over to work on it.

Then I ended up just heating up a can of veggie soup for dinner, along with some cottage cheese and a few blue chips.

So I've done great today.

BTW has anyone tried Metromint water? I love the stuff, especially the chocolate peppermint. It also really helps to satisfy my appetite.

12-14-2011, 10:35 PM
I was feeling crampy and yucky all day. This site still doesn't work right at work, so I can't do personals during the day. :(

I have missed seeing Larry. I hope everything is OK with him.

Itsmyturn How was your day? I always think about you and that long drive home that you have. :hug:

Andejean It sounds like you had a very productive day yesterday. Sorry to hear the food didn't go as well today. Tomorrow is a new day. Keep trying.

Still Great job holding your own! How are things going with your thyroid meds?

Miss lunastar I'm sorry to hear about the situation between you and your BF. I think the other ladies have given some very good advice.

ArtyKay I love you new avatar. I love puppy kisses. :love:

Mamakat What did you order at Applebees? I love their Portabello Dijon Chicken. :drool:

Berry Congrats on the scale and the sweater. Totally ignore your MIL. I am picturing her like a stuffed sausage in her sweater. :rofl: :lol:

Moondance I love your thinking! :bravo:

Smess Ha Ha! I was thinking something similar this morning when I got on the scale this morning! :rofl: Actually I am thrilled to see a loss. I have been struggling with an allergy reaction from last week. Now it's TTOM. Not a good combo. Do you think your computer issues could be related to the issues that's going on with this site? I use IE at work and it's a problem with this site. At home I use Firefox and everything is fine.

Misti DH and I are self employed so I take my groceries to work with me on Monday. I normally bring in 2 big bags of groceries for the week. DH and I have this ritual. As soon as I walk in the door at work he asks me "what is all of that!?" I tell him "it's my food for the week" He says "for you and who else" That when I :p I am lucky to be able to bring everything in and leave it in the refrigerator without people steeling it. I haven't tried that water. I will have to look for it. Are there any calories in it?

Misti in Seattle
12-14-2011, 10:44 PM
Diana, that would be great to be able to do your grocery shopping for the week and leave it there! Sounds like you and your husband have fun together... thanks for sharing the funny story.

We do have a full kitchen at work and are also allowed to eat at our desks, so that helps. They clean out the refrigerators every weekend so if you forget and leave something there on Friday, it is gone... except for the freezers; we can leave stuff there. We don't have much of a problem with theft. In fact, we have more people leaving stuff on the free table so there are often yummies we can find. :)

The Metromint water is unsweetened and has no calories. They use real mint grown pesticide-free in the Yakima Valley, WA. It is a bit expensive but to me it is worth it.

Sorry I can't post a link since it is not allowed but if you google they have a nice website that tells all about it.

12-14-2011, 10:47 PM
Misti How does the chocolate part of chocolate mint taste? I think I will try it.

12-14-2011, 10:52 PM
OK, it is 9.43 and something went screwy in this house today. Yikes. So I have still yet to eat...I know, I know. But here's what happened. After last post, I did have a shake (less than 200 cals, so that's better than nothing, sort of :p). At six DH called and said a whole lot of BLAH...owning your own company really doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room and apparently someone dropped the ball. He's going out of town tomorrow and since everyone else went home at 5, he had to pick the ball up himself. He called to say he'd be home late. Now I was about to say, I'll take the kids out because we have no food in the house (remember, I don't shop), but he said not to worry, he'd bring food that it would just be a little late. Well here it is nearing 10 and a little late is way late. Every second I keep saying, I should take the kids out, but then I say, he'll be home soon. He'd call otherwise, right? So that's how its been for close to 4 hours.

Update: He just walked through the door. Not sure with what to eat, but he's home :D Oh he went shopping (for next few days :lol:) so he'll be cooking. I will eat, but probably around 10.30. :D

Diana I had a steak with mushrooms and lots of mixed veggies, minus carrots because carrots are icky :p Since low carbing, I eat mushrooms like they're candy. I've always hated mushrooms, but now it's like I can't get enough. DH sautes them in red wine and garlic, oh I could eat a whole bowl full. So funny how my taste buds have changed.

I'm off.

Misti in Seattle
12-14-2011, 11:20 PM
Diana, you can barely taste the chocolate, and the water is clear. It contains purified water, real mint, and cocoa essence.

There are other flavors too... seven of them, I think. The frustrating part for me is that they do not say whether they are spearmint or peppermint. I hate spearmint but love peppermint.

There is a very interesting video on their website showing them making it.

January Snow
12-15-2011, 02:32 AM
Hi all,

I'm a new poster so I'll just jump right in. I did pretty well calorie wise today. The nutrition could use improvement but overall today was decent.

3 cups of coffee (No, not all at once)
Lite yogurt
2 small slices of pizza (Yes, pizza. Hubby made it.)
A pear
About a cup of beef lo mein

Weights- Chest, Arms, Sholders and Abs
Elliptical- 3.33 miles, ~42 minutes

12-15-2011, 02:48 AM
Doing pretty well today. We had whole wheat pasta for dinner (his dinner, my lunch.) and....my husband ATE IT!! And he liked it!! Usually he turns his nose up at anything he considers health food, but I just handed him his plate without saying a word and he ate every bite. :D

I think I'm going to try and slip in a healthy meal every other day now that he ate that...maybe I can get away with it. I'm sick of cooking a separate meal for him like a 5 year old. :rolleyes:

ETA-Diana-I loooove puppy kisses! Those are from my lab's first (and last) litter. I miss having 11 little puppies to play with. If only they stayed puppies and didn't turn into 80 lb slobber factories like my girl. ;)

12-15-2011, 07:42 AM
Almost back down to my low before the ovulation weight hit. It might actually be possible that I might, might get out of the 170s this month! Though, we have a party this Saturday and I'm starting some baking tomorrow, so we will see. I think seeing I'm so close to moving down a decade might motivate me to stay away from the yummy sweet things. We will see.

And sorry for my horrendous typos lately. I am using my iPad and I don't always catch all the weird autocorrects or the weird other words I'm creating. I need to be better about rereading what I type, but even some words, like just now, reread, it wanted to autocorrect it even though I typed it correctly. So frustrating!

Yesterday and today I've been making a gingerbread house cover (fabric) for my younger sons playhouse. I'll take a photo when I'm done. He's so excited and I know the kids at the party will like that too. So, I must get it done!

12-15-2011, 08:03 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave:

You gotta love the TTOM and allergy drama! NOT! ;)

Weigh In: 147.4
Up: .6

Misti in Seattle
12-15-2011, 08:59 AM
Hello everyone. Sure seems like Friday but I guess it is only Thursday. :)

Welcome, January Snow. Nice to have you here.

I managed to whap off another pound this morning, yayyyyyyyyyy

12-15-2011, 12:33 PM
Yikes! I fell of the wagon a little bit recently. Scale is now at 160 instead of 158....not gonna let it get me down. I'm back on track and back in control NOW!!

12-15-2011, 12:34 PM
Melissa - I think that's funny how some of us react like that and yet we see others get so dungy and sleepy on the exact same thing! I am the same way though, use Tylenol unless it's totally ineffective (which sometimes the pain is just so bad that it won't touch it).
Don't worry about typoes... most of us have a second language we are fluent in, typonese ;) I bet you do hit the new decade and stay... you have been keeping your eyes on it and pushing forward to that goal :) You certainly deserve it! Oh wow, I admire your ability to sew... it's certainly not a skill I have naturally - though determined to try and develop it so I can at least mend things on the machine instead of having to do it by hand

Diana - the day was good, thank you so much for asking. You made me feel real good to know I was thought of in the evening, thank you for that gift :) I don't mind the drive unless weather gets weird or people insist on going 20mph or under on our interstate... then I just get aggravated and turn up the radio to jam out while waiting :D I haven't been to the Olive Garden in 5 yrs! I love their food and service :) I will send healing thoughts to you for the allergic reaction to take a hike and it can take your Ttom with it ;)

Misti - I have never heard of Metromint water. I drink vitamin water in the mornings with my meds and supplements though - for some reason regular water makes the pills taste worse and have after-taste last longer :) I am such a baby sometimes. Hooray for another pound down for you!!!! :dance: That's awesome!

Mamakat - dang that's a late meal! I would have wasted away, :) Or that's what I would have guilted him with, :lol: I am aweful that way :lol: Please have something to eat a bit earlier today ;)

January Snow - :welcome: Great job staying accountable :) Love seeing the fitness portion as well as good food choices :)

ArtyKay - I think you will find for the most part, he won't complain. I do it to mine. I will say this, told him if he had an issue with it, start cooking.... guess who does some of the cooking now? He actually had started doing all the cooking until he started his new job, he knew he didn't have a license to complain if he wasn't willing to fix the issue, :rofl:

Today is starting out pretty good. I got to drive to work in massive fog this morning, and to me, if felt like back home in Maine... loved it!!!!! That started me on a good track, then got here and have had a few more people commenting on how good I am looking and such - what a great confidence boost! :) I got a great elliptical workout in last night: did the ab selection for hill-climbing... killer! Then followed it with ab workout and stretching... felt soooo great at the end. A sweaty mess, but great :P Hope everyone has an awesome day today!

12-15-2011, 12:58 PM
ItsMyTurn Oh sweet lord...him cooking would be punishment for me!!! He's a truly horrible cook. Seriously, he can't even cook mac n' cheese...

berryblondeboys Out of 170s...that's awesome! Getting out of a "weight decade", as I call it, is so great. I'm excited for you, you can do it!

12-15-2011, 02:08 PM
[QUOTE=ArtyKay;4139029]ItsMyTurn Oh sweet lord...him cooking would be punishment for me!!! He's a truly horrible cook. Seriously, he can't even cook mac n' cheese...


12-15-2011, 02:45 PM

For lunch today I had a can of Progressive's Rich & Hearty Steak & Homestyle Noodles. Only 220 calories, I'm FULL as could be. It was delicious! And 16 grams of protein! Which is fantastic, because I just did an awesome Zumba workout on my lunch break before I ate. I felt SO in control eating my lunch in the break room today. The others that were in there had Sonic and Burger King....I wasn't even jealous! Well...maybe slightly of the mozzarella sticks...but those tear my stomach up!...so I KNOW better :D

Oh and for breakfast I had a blueberry bagel and half a glass of Vitamin D milk.

I'd say I'm doing pretty super right now!

I just started a multivitamin a few days ago because I had been feeling really run down and sick-ish (I even got blood work done, but everything looked a-okay---The doctor just said I was a little vitamin deficient..which a lot of people are). I can tell already how much better I feel!

Not sure what's for dinner, but I'm in control and it WILL be in my calorie limits. And I WILL go for a walk today after work. I WILL put away laundry. :carrot:

12-15-2011, 04:03 PM
Kayla - That's awesome! Look at you go girl!!!!! Full control :) Love it!

12-15-2011, 05:32 PM
ItsMyTurn Oh sweet lord...him cooking would be punishment for me!!! He's a truly horrible cook. Seriously, he can't even cook mac n' cheese...

berryblondeboys Out of 170s...that's awesome! Getting out of a "weight decade", as I call it, is so great. I'm excited for you, you can do it!

Oh that is me with the cooking thing all the time. I get ally tired of having to do it every day, but what are my alternatives? My mil cooking her bland over cooked food or my husband's bland food. And both of them, since they never cook, would be asking me "where's is?" and for my husband, "now what do I do?". I might as well do it myself as I enjoy the food I make.

And yes! I hope to be to a new decade very soon. That would be a great gift for the new year. Getting lower than I even thought was possible for me in a year's time.

12-15-2011, 06:07 PM
Down .6 today -woo hoo! I've been on a hardcore plateau lately, completely unable to dip below 227. But yesterday I added a half hour of cardio in the morning, and I think that did the trick. 226.4. I think if I keep this up, I'll be able to get down to 219 by Jan 1st... which would be epic. :D

January: Welcome to check-in! We're glad to have you. :welcome2:

ArtyKay: My parents have a black lab (who I'm very excited to see when I fly back to the east coast next week), and I remember just how quickly the cute puppy kisses became big slobbery messes. :p She was one of 9 at one point, and it was the funniest thing to see this puppy pack tearing around the house and sliding all over our hardwood floors.

Berry: Woo, a new decade would be great! And don't worry about the typos - there are entire websites devoted to the horrible things autocorrect can make us say. Type in 'funny autocorrect' on Google and click the first link. Whenever I need a good ab workout, I just go to that website and laugh myself into a six pack. :rofl:

Diana: Sorry to hear about the ongoing drama! Hope it clears up soon.

Misti: Congrats on the pound!

Kayla: Motivation up = pounds down. Great job today!

It'sMyTurn: Ha, glad to hear someone else enjoys fog! I've discovered that when people in Davis talk about how much it 'rains' in winter, they actually mean it's foggy a lot. We had hurricanes going through PA when I left, and now I just chuckle when people talk about how tough it is driving and walking in the rain. If they only knew!

Mamakat: Yikes, that sounds like a crazy day yesterday! I hope today is treating you better.

Well, I'm off. I'm leaving Monday for two weeks on the east coast, and I need to get my apartment cleaned up before I leave. After 10 weeks of school-prompted negligence :book2:, I'm not really looking forward to it. But, oh well. At least it'll be a good calorie burner!

Have a great day, all!

Larry H
12-15-2011, 09:08 PM
Hi everyone

My diet has been a real train wreck since Thanksgiving. I have been eating way too much and a lot of junk food to boot. :(

What made this even worse is that my antique laptop computer passed away. Old age I think so I was not able to get support from my friends here.

The good thing is I seem to have gotten it out of my system. Today I had absolutely no desire to eat too much and no desire for junk food. I bought a brand new HP Pavilion laptop computer and I am trying to learn Windows 7.
I love this machine it has a 17.3 inch display.

678 calories today. I am going to be rather restrictive in my calories for a few days unless I get too hungry in which case i will eat more. I certainly do not want to trigger another binge episode.


12-15-2011, 10:00 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave:

Mamakat I love mushrooms, too. I like to put them in my omelet and have them sauteed for a steak. :drool:

January Snow Hi and Welcome! :wave:

ArtyKay LOL :lol: about your DH. My DH is scared of my food. :rofl:

Berry I love your motivation! You are determined to get where you want to be with your weight and health.

Misti Congrats on the pound!

KaylaChristine Great job getting right back on plan! :carrot: It sounds like you are doing a great job, today.

Itsmyturn typonese :rofl: That's funny stuff! Thank you about the healing thoughts. :hug: I am very grateful that I seem to be doing a better job at avoiding whatever I'm allergic to. (still don't know for sure what it is, but at least I'm avoiding it. ;)) Congrats on looking good! :bravo: Gotta love those compliments!

Smess Congrats on the .6! Your body may like cardio. Mine does.

Larry I'm so glad to see you check in! So sorry you have been struggling since Thanksgiving. I'm glad to hear that today has been a better day for you and you got a new computer! :carrot:

12-15-2011, 10:04 PM
Total Approx 1440 Calories + :coffee:

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
high fiber English muffin 100 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (375 Calories)
Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds 100 calories
3 Slices Hormel Natural Choice Deli Turkey 60 calories
1/2 TBS Hellman's light mayonnaise/Lettuce 25 calories
Oikos Strawberry Greek Yogurt 4 ounce container 90 calories
1 Apple 100 calories

Dinner (700 Calories)
2 orders steamed broccoli 200 calories
2 orders steamed cabbage 200 calories
baked chicken breast 300 calories

Slim Series Tear It Up w/#5's, #8's, and #10's

12-15-2011, 10:56 PM
Good Evening Everyone,

Ha, the day got away from me yet again. I'm wondering if it's a little bit of the mania left over or the meds change, I don't know. I got one meal in today. It was a very good meal :) DH prepped meatballs before he left and all I had to do was put them on in the morning. I enjoyed them a lot. I did not enjoy dropping everything or knocking over everything I got near today. It was very frustrating especially when doing dishes. Not sure what that was about...hand shakes and uncoordinated could be a side affect to almost everything I take :shrug: So hopefully Friday is better. :)

Larry glad to see you're back. I'm sure you'll get a handle on the bingeing, you've got all the right tools in your think tank :) Yay, for a new computer. I hope you have fun with your new toys. Big screens are great.

SMess awesome job on moving that plateau. I hope you enjoy your two weeks on the east coast.

Kayla good job on eating what was better for you. Sometimes it's really hard when all that fast food is staring at you in the face.

ItsMyTurn I am a giver of the guilt trip too. It's almost a passion of mine to do so, but he was beyond livid yesterday and I had ticked him off by not validating his feelings (actually he was just too mad to hear me out. if he would have, he would have heard me supporting him fully ;)). I was glad when we made up around 11.15 last night, then lovingly shaved each others head :rofl: aw, the way we bond is soooo romantic :p

Tomorrow is Friday. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not. I didn't work out once this week. I started out strong with laundry and flopped on that. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, I can always try to redeem myself.

Have a great night everyone.

January Snow
12-16-2011, 01:39 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome!

Smess Don't you love "instant" results? Awesome work!

Diana I love coffee, too. Cute smilie

So today: see yesterday. Seriously, it was like groundhog day. My husband was sick in bed pretty much the entire day. (My house is my primary work station, so I'm home a fair amount most days.) So ended up just eating leftovers which just so happened to be the same foods I ate yesterday.

Coffee- I think I only had 2 cups today.
Lite yogurt
2 small slices of pizza
2 graham crackers
Small slice of sharp cheddar cheese
About half a cup of beef lo mein
Peanut and jelly wrap using half a whole wheat tortilla

I estimated that I consumed around 1500 calories today.

Weights + core + 53 minutes on the elliptical for a total of 4.08 miles :carrot:

Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be off days because I'm going to be out of town. I'm still going to manage what I eat within reason, but I won't be making it to the gym. I've been "banking" cardio minutes in anticipation of these two missed days and plan to return to the gym on Sunday night. Have a great weekend everyone!

12-16-2011, 03:28 AM
berryblondeboys my hubby doesn't make bland food...he goes crazy with adding stuff...and he overcooks everything. I always tell him I want my steak med rare because I really like it medium! And I still end up with a med well-well done. He made me hamburger helper one time and it was so soggy and slimy and tasted like a slug coated in italian seasoning. :rolleyes:

Larry Hey, but you're back on track now! Sounds like you're off to a good start!

January Snow I totally do the same thing. I'll eat leftovers every day until they're gone...and I'll have pretty much the same snacks every day until the bag/container/whathaveyou is gone. I know that if I don't the stuff will go bad, and I only eat stuff I love, so...eh :shrug: Its just easier.

Today went pretty well..I'm starting to feel like I'm slimming down or at least less bloaty again. Its crazy how two days of overeating heavy salt and carbs affect me now that I don't do it regularly anymore. I'm really starting to notice the changes (other than weight loss), both physically and emotionally, of eating better.

I didn't weigh myself today, because the scale wouldn't work. I keep meaning to replace the battery, but I always forget. It'll only turn on about 25% of the time...all other times it just says "Lo" and won't weigh me. I figure that's a good thing, though. I'm trying to get away from weighing myself daily.

Misti in Seattle
12-16-2011, 04:30 AM
Hi everyone! Here I am again awake at midnight -- have to get up at 4:45 -- reading all of your great updates.

I woke up and am wanting to go find something to eat, so all of you are my "substitute" for all the calories I don't need. :) Thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments and welcomes.

Today for breakfast I had a frozen egg white/turkey/cheese bowl (230 calories).

I was so busy I did not even think about snacking... which in itself is amazing... and at lunch a tuna salad packet (100 calories) with 4 crackers (110). Then I went to Target and bought a Yonanas and some frozen bananas & strawberries, went back to work and made a bowl of the "ice cream." YUM... soooooo good. It also filled me up and I did not even want any snacks.
Dinner was a Jack in the Box grilled chicken salad (about 300 calories) and another bowl of Yonanas (raspberry with a bit of chopped candy cane almond roca in it).

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.

My kitchen sink is all torn apart; I have to go buy a new faucet tonight or tomorrow morning. Fortunately my friend took it apart for me and is going to put the new one back on.

So glad all of you are here for me so I can do this instead of eating, LOL.

12-16-2011, 08:09 AM
Good Morning! :wave: TGIF! :dance: I hope you have a most fabulous day! :grouphug:

Well, I am up again. I have been 100% on plan with my food and exercise. That's all I can do. Hopefully, whatever my issue is, TTOM or allergy reaction, it will soon pass. I will just have to ride out the drama wave. :dunno:

Weigh In: 148.4 (TTOM)
Up: 1 pound

12-16-2011, 10:39 AM
Morning all! Today is baking day. Making a crapload of biscotti for gifts and stollen too. MIL is making tiramisu for tomorrow's party.

Up .4 today, but that's fine. Just a normal blip.

Larry H
12-16-2011, 11:45 AM
Off to a great start today. I lost 3 lbs since yesterday!!:carrot:

Down from 215 to 212. Let's pray that this is the last time that I have to repeat these numbers. :carrot:

From the number of trips to the bathroom last night it was obviously water weight but hey, what the heck I will take any loss I can!!:D:D:D:D

I hope everyone has a great "TGIF" I was impressed by so many new names that appeared on this thread during the relatively short time I was without a computer.


12-16-2011, 06:54 PM
Fluctuation is so bizarre. This morning I weighed 209 and I thought I'd weigh for fun just now...205 :p That's crazy...I wish it was 205!

12-16-2011, 07:18 PM
Morning all!

Down 2 pounds this morning, to 224.4. I'm sure I burned a few extra calories today cleaning out the grad student office (my program is mostly boys. even the guy whose been here 7 years couldn't remember the last time it was cleaned. Ick.), so I splurged and got brown rice veggie sushi for lunch. SO GOOD.

Hope everyone has a great day today - TGIF!

12-16-2011, 10:16 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave:

Just a quick post. I need to get a few things done before bed. I will catch up with everyone tomorrow.

Total Approx 1490 Calories + :coffee:

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
high fiber English muffin 100 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (375 Calories)
Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds 100 calories
3 Slices Hormel Natural Choice Deli Turkey 60 calories
1/2 TBS Hellman's light mayonnaise/Lettuce 25 calories
Oikos Strawberry Greek Yogurt 4 ounce container 90 calories
1 Apple 100 calories

Dinner (750 Calories)
Bread/butter 150 calories
Grilled Chicken 400 Calories
2 Orders steamed broccoli 200 calories

Mitch Gaylord's Cardio Mix & Melt w/#6 weighted ball

Larry H
12-16-2011, 10:39 PM
Had a small Cod Fish filet and a small amount of coleslaw for lunch and a small salad with 1 cup of pasta and about 1 oz of marinara sauce for dinner followed by a medium apple.

My total calories for today was 709 :D:carrot::D


12-17-2011, 12:04 AM
I'm already in bed. I've been all my feet most of the day - even when I volunteered at school I was on my feet. But I got 96 chocolate chip cookies made (had a fair share of batter) and made 278 pieces of biscotti for the Sunday school teachers' gifts which I still need to put in tins, and then 4 large Christmas stollen for auction items people won and want before Christmas. Also managed to make a very nice roast pork with cabbage and sauerkraut for dinner. Phew.... Tomorrow is cleaning and readying for the party at 6 pm. We're expecting 45-50 people.

I'm sure I consumed morer than I burned today, but that is ok. This one of the planned higher days of the holidays. Holiday baking days are high calorie days, but it was planned and controlled and yummy!

Ok.... Night all!

12-17-2011, 04:09 AM
Been doing well all day, and actually had to MAKE MYSELF EAT!!! :dancer: I haven't had too much of an appetite all week, and I think it has a lot to do with this week's shift. When I wake up at 5 p.m. and go to bed at 11 a.m. it messed with what I consider to be normal mealtimes...(which aren't really normal for everybody else, lol...) So I've been eating lunch around 6 or 7 p.m. and dinner around 3 or 4 a.m. with several snacks scattered around in there.

I used to just pig out whenever I got bored on graveyards.
Now, I have a hard time getting hungry for dinner. Strange...makes it a lot easier to stay on plan though! :p

berryblondeboys I can't imagine having a baking day without nibbling and sneaking a cookie or 10! Good job keeping it under control.

Larry Woohooo!!! :carrot: Don't enjoy your loss any less just because its water weight, it's weight that is no longer on your body. :D

Everybody's doing so well this week! Lots of pounds down...I'm getting itchy to weigh myself....but I will. wait. till. monday!

Misti in Seattle
12-17-2011, 06:05 AM
Hello everyone. Well, here I am again on here at 1:50 AM! I get up for work so early that often I come in and fall asleep and then am back up later. I've been up now for several hours and I really am hungry but don't want to eat... so here I am LOL.

I love reading all your good reports. And yay Larry, for sure don't celebrate any less because of water weight loss... hey, it's all good! :)

Today I had a bit of an NSV. Every other week I go to one of our other offices to assist, and sometimes the work involves getting up and down off of a low stool... yikes! (Besides being fat, I have degenerative arthritis and no cartilage at all in one hip.) Sometimes I get down on that stool and have a hard time getting back UP. But today it was not that hard... just the difference in the small amount of weight I have lost.

Breakfast today was

frozen egg white/turkey sausage/small amount of cheese bowl (230 calories)
Coffee with creamer

Del Monte grapefruit cup

For lunch, at work someone had cooked a big pot of chicken noodle soup and they had a donation box for a charitable organization, so I had a bowl of that.

Mid-afternoon Choubani lemon greek yogurt
Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, celery from a veggie tray someone brought in.

Dinner was BBQ chicken, corn on the cob.

Later a bowl of banana/pineapple/raspberry Yonanas
2 pcs almond roca

Low today on green veggies... or any veggies for that matter. But I often go really high in that area so it's okay once in a while. I was really hungry tonight for the chicken so ate more of that than usual and only corn on side.

Another NSV, at least so far. When I was going to a nutritionist she encouraged me to do better in the "gray" areas. To stick with my plan I usually have to totally STOP eating sweets, etc. because it is all or nothing. If I eat any, I will end up pigging out on them. So I have been intentionally now eating a couple pieces of almond roca, or eating salad for dinner on the night of the dessert theater so I could eat it instead of skipping the dessert... and so far I have been able to stick with it and not blow it. In fact I have 8-10 half pints of ice cream in the freezer that I bought several weeks ago before I started getting with the program again; and I have not eaten them. I need to take them to work and put a FREE sign on them in the freezer!!

Happy Saturday everyone!!! You have kept me from eating once again tonight LOL. It is wonderful having friends who understand.

12-17-2011, 07:37 AM
That's an awesome NSV, Misti!!! Its things like that that really let you know that you're not only losing weight, but that your body's changing. Sometimes the numbers just don't do it like NSVs do.

I've got one...I noticed today that my pants are starting to fit a little bit longer. Which isn't good in the sense that I don't want to ruin the hem of my pants before I fit into a smaller size...but it does show me that my body is, in fact, changing!

12-17-2011, 08:54 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave: I hope you have a great weekend!

Weigh In: 147.2 (TTOM)
Down: 1.2 pounds

I'll be back in a little while. I need :coffee2:

Misti in Seattle
12-17-2011, 09:42 AM
Yay for you, ArtyKay!!

And yeh, Diana :coffee2: is what I need at this point too.

Good morning to everyone

12-17-2011, 09:43 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Arty You and I are the same height (I fudge a little and round up :lol:) I have the same problem with length. Right now I wear pants I got from Savers that are so long they curl under my shoes as I walk around. They're jeans so it's ok, but I loved seeing that same NSV this summer with a pair of pants that were so short that I just rolled them up. For about a month, they were normal pants (alas they've been retired as I shrunk out of them). NSVs are the best!

Misti great job on so many things. First, coming here when you want to eat (and maybe shouldn't) is fantastic. Preempt those night binges! Then on keeping the sweet to a minimum, awesome. I, myself, do not have that kind of control. If I put anything sweet in my mouth, I would probably end up eating my fingers while I shoved the rest in. Good job! I, too, have hip issues. I totally understand what you mean about stools. I can't sit on anything below my hip height, otherwise I don't have the power to bring myself back up...not even cars! That NSV is the best, I think. Its so hard on our bodies when we tax it with weight, don't they have enough to deal with (arthritis, MD-that's mine, hip trouble) it's a nice thing to do when you start caring for them and even greater when they start showing how much they appreciate it :) Keep up the great work!

Berry I really don't know how you do it. I am imagining your house filled with the scent of cookies and I am drooling. Ah man, fresh warm cookies baked lovingly...so not something I couldn't resist. One question, what's a stollen? Oh and so cool, on playhouse cover, you deserve a Best Mommy award.

Larry a loss is a loss, good job

SMess nice loss. I could never clean after a bunch of boys/men. :p

Well I have lost another 1.8 over night. I know that's because I haven't eaten enough all week. I had grand plans yesterday, lunch was prepared and everything. I had to out for a bit with DS and my tummy was growling like mad. I told DS what my great plans were, to eat yummy meatballs from the other night. Then I laughed and said, that's if I remember after I dropped him off at his friends. Guess what? I didn't remember! After about 30mins of growling, my tummy just gives up hope of eating and stops reminding me, I'm hungry. I spent most of the day glued to my laptop writing like a madwoman. Dinner was good and filling, but it was seafood and not very high in calories. I'm hoping this will pass before I pass out :lol:

Have a wonderful and healthy day!

12-17-2011, 10:24 AM
mamakatIts such a frustrating height....especially when you're overweight. Petite pants are way too short and don't fit right...but I'm very hippy, so pants that do fit my waist/hips drag the ground. The only thing I can wear that doesn't drag the ground go up to my belly button, which is very uncomfortable when I sit down.

I would hem my jeans, but I don't know how to do that...I might enlist my mom to do it when I get closer to goal and buy myself some cute jeans.

Congrats on the 1.8!!

12-17-2011, 05:50 PM
What an afternoon. DH thought it would be nice to go walk the mall for exercise as it's just too cold for outside. I said okay, but not just one lap, we had to do at least 4 and we had to climb the stairs to the third floor theartres. He agreed and DD tagged along...she held her complaints til lap 3, that was long for her :lol: Afterwards we let her choose the place to eat.

Here's where things got not-so-good for me. It's a regular diner in our town (very old and popular) they serve a good chef's salad, which is what DH and I ordered. Mid salad, I started struggling to breathe. I have an allergy to certain perfumes and carnations that can wipe me out in 20 mins. Well as I started to struggle with breathing we were trying to pinpoint the source, the thing is, there were a lot of ladies. I nearly passed out in my salad, so I rushed outside (as fast as a lightheaded person could rush :p) and sat coughing and gasping. I was sure I wasn't gonna make it.

DH had the waitress pack my lunch up and he came outside. I was still struggling. Now here's where it shows how slow I am. I drove home! Well not all the way as I started to fade out. I had to pull the car over and switch seats. On way way in, I almost went out again. I looked like a drunk struggling on my side lawn. Really though, I was worried. It plumb tuckered me out, so I went to bed.

SO, I didn't get to eat my entire salad :( Will I never get to eat? Oh well, I made it through another calamity. I gotta have one at least once a month, so I'm good til the new year. :D

Arty I agree with everything you said. The pants I mentioned earlier were petites and most of the time I laugh when I say I get anything in petite. Me petite :rofl: but average is long and longs are underneath my shoes :) I am the opposite when it comes to where the pants sit though. I don't like the hip cut because all my tummy is just below my bbutton...thanks to c-sections and other fun surgeries. I just bought 2 more cheap pants (without trying them on) that turned out to be hip cut. I'll wear them, but with a big shirt. I like my shirts tight because I have an awesome figure right now...it's heavy, but its awesome :D

12-17-2011, 07:03 PM
Hey all! Happy Saturday :)

Down to 223.2 this morning. TTOM is creeping up on me, so I'm very happy to have a 1.2 loss today. I moved into week 2 of ripped in 30 last night, and I was really happy that I got through it. I'd been biting my nails for a few days, wondering if I should just stay on week 1 for another week. But I bit the bullet, and actually did okay. It's harder, yes, but it was an experience that proved just how important it is to believe I am capable of something more. Self-confidence issues have helped put a lot of us where we are right now, so it's just as important to deal with the mental stuff as it is the physical.

I got the apartment cleaned up and laundry is next on the list - I've got a ton of it that I've been putting off. Sigh.

Berry: that sounds like an obscene amount of baking! I do big batches after Christmas as a welcome back present for all of my dad's tax offices (he has 6). This is going to be our first year without mom (she was the manager for all the offices) so I invited all the employees over to my dad's house to help bake. It's going to be my first party with this many people... any words of wisdom from your big gig?

Arty: Dinner at 3am? That's something to wrap your brain around. But it sounds like it's working wonderfully for you - you and your body are getting into a good rhythm. Hope it keeps up!

Larry: Nice to see you again! Congrats on the loss.

Misti: what great NSV's! I can definitely identify with the second one. I needed to get my calories up today, so I put some mayo on my sandwich - it was SOO GOOD! I'm not usually crazy about it, but I think knowing I was eating something 'naughty' made it seem way more awesome. I admire your willpower in resisting constant temptations in the house... I hope I can do the same!

Diana: congrats on the loss! I hope you enjoyed your coffee :D

Mamakat: I ran a housekeeping business for 8 years before I moved to California. I literally cringed every time I touched the keys on the computer... it's a white mac keyboard, and they were covered in mud! I asked someone about it, and they said it wasn't mud, it was chocolate from a concert that had a fondue stand. Apparently someone went and smeared chocolate all over the keys. The worst part? That party happened THREE YEARS AGO. :rolleyes: The cleaning was a present to myself, believe me!

Hope everyone has had a great day!

12-17-2011, 11:08 PM
Artykay Do you think you could be adjusting to eating less food? I hope you have a great weigh in on Monday! :carrot:

Misti Congrats on the NSV! That's awesome! I also started keeping dark chocolate around. I still cannot have large containers of ice cream, cookies, cakes, pies, etc. around. I still have issues with large containers. I don't have problems with little packages, though.

Mamakat Great job on all the writing! You are making progress with your book! Sorry about that allergy reaction today! That's scary! Did you get to eat again since you missed eating the lunch.

Smess Congrats on the 1.2 pound and moving on up with Ripped in 30. :carrot:

Berry I hope your party went well tonight.

Itsmyturn Did you do anything fun today with the family?

Larry Hi :wave:

January Snow Hi :wave:

KaylaChristine Hi :wave:

12-17-2011, 11:13 PM
Total Approx 1720 Calories + :coffee:

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
high fiber English muffin 100 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (395 Calories)
Iced Coffee w/cram + sweet 'n low 50 calories
Toast 55 calories
Pumpkin Butter 20 calories
Cottage Cheese 270 calories

Dinner (960 Calories)
Orzo 210 calories
Grilled Chicken 250 Calories
Feta cheese 60 Calories
5 Kalamata Olives 20 calories
Asparagus 20 calories
Chocolate Cake 400 calories

TF Fire 60

Misti in Seattle
12-17-2011, 11:59 PM
Hi everyone. Here we are having made it through another successful day!!

Mamakat, it is nice that you lost more weight, but yes, I agree you do need to make sure you get enough to eat. Sometimes it seems like we just can't win, ha... all or nothing!!! How awful about your allergy problem. I too am allergice to most perfumes so I certainly understand!! And normally I too would not be able to have any sweets at all in the house but so far I have done well with it this time. Today I even bought a small bag each of mini dark chocolate chips and butterscotch chips to put a few in my Yonanas. I did pass up the jar of dark choco syrup.. way too many calories!!!

ArtyKay, I am tall and have the same problem with pants; it is so hard to find any that halfway fit anyway because I have a big waist and stomach and small thighs so anything big enough to go around on top has gigantic legs! Argh.

Smess, yay for that 1.2 pounds gone! Yippee for you. Glad you are gaining some confidence. Yes.. you can do it!!! Keep on believing that! And as for the willpower... well it is not at all like me but I really want to be able to do it this time. I think the Yonanas is really going to help. Today I bought some frozen peaches and cherries, and also some lemon and coconut extracts, and root beer concentrate. Knowing I can have that pretty much when I want it (within reason of course ha) helps.

Diana, how interesting that the package size matters to you! :) And ohhhhhh dark chocolate is really my big weakness so I put the bag of minis I bought today out of site and I get only a spoonful in my Yonanas sometimes. :) Another yummy I passed up today is white fudge oreos.... those things are soooooooooooooooooooo good and available only at Christmas time.

Greetings to everyone else! Keep up the good work.

12-18-2011, 05:07 AM
I'm such a brat.

So my husband had to find something to do with himself while I was sleeping today, and he went around visiting friends. He woke me up at 5:30 saying "I got you something!" I thought ooooo, present! and got out of bed and went into the living room.

He brought a breakfast burrito that had been made and sent home for me. I told him "I appreciate the thought, but I don't want it." thinking that I'd already planned my meals for the day, and I didn't want to guesstimate what was in the burrito.

He kept pushing it on me, saying it was made just for me and that it was really good. I finally took the burrito and stared at it for a while, took a small bite, and what flashed through my mind was somebody's post in the support forum, talking about how they'd been given food and had "accidents" at a park and dropped the food on the ground by some ducks.

So I chunked the burrito on the floor. I don't know why I thought this would be taken as a "whoopsie!" moment, as I didn't drop it. I tossed/threw it. My dogs started lunging at it, and DH snatched it up and threw it in the garbage before they could get it, saying "Why would you do that??!!! That's bad for the dogs, and [insert name] made it just for you!"

Okay, I was under the impression that his cousin had made it, as that was where he was headed when I went to sleep. The person who made it is somebody who is a) a bachelor, b) a slob. I have OCD and I have a very hard time eating food made by certain people. There's no specific criteria I have, and it has nothing to do with how I feel about them personally...I'm the same way about drinking after people. I'll drink after certain people, but others I won't. I know its bizarre. I can generally overcome it, but it just took me off guard today.

So I started crying and yelling at my husband for "tricking me." He just let me yell and cry for about 10 minutes until I'd calmed down. I'm not mad at him, he didn't know I'd react that way. He deserves a medal for putting up with me...when I freak out he keeps me calm and doesn't even rub it in my face later. :love:

He just mumbled "I could've eaten that." and left it at that.

Anyway...I used to feel bad and binge after a flareup, but I didn't! I used my mouth for talking about it, not for eating it away. :D

mamakat I'm so sorry, that sounds horrible!!! :hug: Allergies are the worst.

SMess Congrats on the loss and the amazing NSV!!! :carrot: And that thing about the chocolate keyboard is just disgusting...they actually left the keyboard like that for 3 years?! jeez. Made me giggle though.

Diana I hope so too!

12-18-2011, 06:28 AM
Hi all. Party was a smashing success. 49 people counting my clan - 15 of the being children and they didn't want to go home and not a single tear shed. When the kids are happy the big people get to spend time with friends in peace so it is a win-win. And clean up took all of 30 leisurely minutes.

I ate way, way too much, but again, it was planned. Now back to normal for a few days. I am having my mentee over today, but not a big deal. We'll do some crafts and maybe bake a bit. We'll see.

I love that we were able to get the entire house picked up in one afternoon and ready it for the party and still had time to shower and be ready 20 minutes before the first guests arrived. Lovely time. It even spat a few snowflakes (our first) as guests were arriving. My 6 year old son was thrilled!

Today is Sunday school and handing out all those goodies. Phew!

12-18-2011, 10:04 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Up 1.6 this morning...I did eat yesterday so there you go :)

Diana Yes, I got in a second meal. My DH makes low carb burritos (joseph's tortillas) they are one of my favorites because they're sinful (but not) and it's the few times I eat bready products. Course tummy hates the wheat, but it was delicious :) As far as the book goes, I started it over. I kept what I wrote 90k is a lot of words to just toss and started over. I love the plot and I love the characters (I wish I knew them in real life :rofl:) so the story needed a change...this could be why it takes me up to a year to write a novel. :shrug: I'm up to 50k right now, so that's pretty good for a week's worth of work.

Berry How nice that the party went well. I can not imagine more than 5 people in my house at one time. My DH is always saying he wants to have the company party here because we can have bands outside and the beach, you know? He thinks grandiose about block parties too. Ever the musician wanting to play. But the thought of that many people freaks me out and I of course start whining immediately. It amazes me how some people are natural hosts. My MIL was like that. She always impressed me. I find it elegant even if its a bbq. So what's a stollen? :)

Arty I don't think you were a brat at all. In fact, I thought you handled yourself well. Look, you said no thank you (that was nice and respectful). He pushed. Now I have a foody husband, he's a feeder. He loves to feed, its bizarre. So I know your DH wasn't pushing to be mean or nasty, but really probably thought you'd enjoy and what the heck it's only one burrito, right? Well, you had plans, you've been working hard and you did say no. Those should be respected...period. Tossing it on the floor is something I would have done (and since I'm a basketcase, I'm not sure if that was good or bad, but I liked it :)). I'm impressed he thought about the dogs...my DH would have yelled pick it up and then I'd tell him off and walk away. That would be the end of it. I am nasty nasty nasty once pushed too far and it doesn't take much to push me. SOOO I think you did marvelously. Better the trash than the butt :D Oh and OCD or not, I don't like eating what others prepare either nor do I like drinking from others. I have a hard time with DNA and others inside of me, so when we go out, I do my best to not think about it, but if it pops into my head, I don't eat. I have a hard time eating when I see people prepare the food too. Hands touching what's going in my body freaks me out and is way too personal :rofl: I am so amazed I'm fat :lol:

Well my friends as I'm up, I figure I need more exercise. I've got 2 weeks and 8.8 pounds. I'm thinking if I am a good girl, I can do this. Of course, I said that yesterday too and now I'm up. DH has pointed out that I had two meals but haven't visited the bathroom so not to dash the hope of 200 by New Years. Yes, yes...I can do this.

I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy day!

12-18-2011, 10:18 AM
Arty I don't think you were a brat at all. In fact, I thought you handled yourself well. Look, you said no thank you (that was nice and respectful). He pushed. Now I have a foody husband, he's a feeder. He loves to feed, its bizarre. So I know your DH wasn't pushing to be mean or nasty, but really probably thought you'd enjoy and what the heck it's only one burrito, right? Well, you had plans, you've been working hard and you did say no. Those should be respected...period. Tossing it on the floor is something I would have done (and since I'm a basketcase, I'm not sure if that was good or bad, but I liked it :)). I'm impressed he thought about the dogs...my DH would have yelled pick it up and then I'd tell him off and walk away. That would be the end of it. I am nasty nasty nasty once pushed too far and it doesn't take much to push me. SOOO I think you did marvelously. Better the trash than the butt :D Oh and OCD or not, I don't like eating what others prepare either nor do I like drinking from others. I have a hard time with DNA and others inside of me, so when we go out, I do my best to not think about it, but if it pops into my head, I don't eat. I have a hard time eating when I see people prepare the food too. Hands touching what's going in my body freaks me out and is way too personal :rofl: I am so amazed I'm fat :lol:

Well my friends as I'm up, I figure I need more exercise. I've got 2 weeks and 8.8 pounds. I'm thinking if I am a good girl, I can do this. Of course, I said that yesterday too and now I'm up. DH has pointed out that I had two meals but haven't visited the bathroom so not to dash the hope of 200 by New Years. Yes, yes...I can do this.

I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy day!

That's my exact issue, I just picture people's skin flakes and hair and germs falling into the food and infecting it...where the OCD comes in is I worry about getting all sorts of diseases and all sorts of horrible things happening as a result of me eating their food. But restaurants don't bother me, and my family doesn't bother me...its really strange.

lol, now that I think about it its kind of hilarious that I chunked a burrito on the floor. :p

Of course, if ANYBODY, including my husband, reaches over a plate of food I will not touch it.

Like you said, you're probably not up as much as the scale says. I've got a similar amount I want to lose before New Years, we can do it!!!

12-18-2011, 10:22 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave:

I am hoping that today is my last day of TTOM.

Weigh In: 147.6 (TTOM)
Up: .4

Misti in Seattle
12-18-2011, 10:22 AM
Good morning, everyone!

Arty, wait wait wait... you are such a brat? No, I disagree. Okay, yes, your reaction about the burrito was a bit over the top but please don't be too hard on yourself. Your husband was attempting to force food on you that you don't want because it is bad for you but yet he grabs it up away from the DOGS saying it is bad for them? Especially when he knows you have OCD??? What about it being bad for YOU?? Ummmmm wellllllllll... LOL he is lucky he didn't get a worse reaction than he did. :)

And I am not meaning to "put down" your husband here... so many people just don't seem to "get it" when we are trying to eat right and lose weight. They see food as a "reward" or a "gift" to share with someone. I'm sure he was trying to be thoughtful and "bring you something special." Yes, you probably should have made your point in a more positive way than throwing it onto the floor (I admit I am laughing here) but at least you are not having to "wear" the burrito today. Yah what Mamakat said... "better the trash than the butt" LOL. Oh wise man that he was for just keeping his mouth shut until you calmed down!! :) But perhaps now that you are calm it is a good time to have a gentle discussion with him about your being serious about wanting to eat right and get into shape and how he can be supportive. He WAS being thoughtful in bringing it to you... sound as if he just does not understand.

And I think being selective as to who we drink after is normal; I would certainly drink after some people but not others. Actually I drink oreat after very few people, and I don't have OCD.

LOL I am glad you said in your later post that it is hilarious because I was avoiding saying that I cracked up laughing when I read your post... so I am editing this to add that. Ha ha your husband got exactly what he deserved!!! :)

Berry, great job on the party. And glad you were able to plan it into your eating so you were able to enjoy it without a guilt trip. Good for you!

Mamakat, hope you make your goal. But from looking at your ticker, you have obviously had a GREAT year and you are going into 2012 in much better shape than 2011!!

I am up early this morning. A bit disgusted as I am "due" to drop a pound and have earned it but am instead "up" one this morning. But that's okay as I know I didn't overeat so it has to be going away even if it does not show.

12-18-2011, 10:27 AM
I hope you have a fantastic week! http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/weight-loss-support/248820-daily-accountability-lifestyle-change-everyone-welcome-week-12-18-a.html