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12-09-2011, 09:25 PM
Ok... I'm confused :?:

I just checked my BMR and it says it's 1796 calories.

So if I am consuming 1200 calories a day, how much should I be burning in a day?

I don't understand how the BMR and exercise calories and food calories are combined.

Can someone explain


12-10-2011, 03:45 AM
I'm not an expert, so I'm not going to directly answer your question.

I'm going to give you an indirect answer based on my own experience, you can take it or leave it:

Regularly exercise and restrict your calories to 1700 (your suggested BMR). Weigh yourself after a week and if you have lost, stick with it another week. If not, go down to 1600.

Starting at 1200 is quite difficult - for many it is unnecessary.

Don't worry about exercise calories: don't eat them back. Exercise because it makes you feel good.

One person here told me "diet smart, not hard" - I think that is a genius way to think about it!

Don't invest too much confidence or time in the calculators. We are all uniquely composed, so they often are not correct readings of our actual metabolism.

Good luck and keep us updated.

12-11-2011, 05:15 PM
I agree with Unna. All the technical stuff and over-thinking this is a rabbit hole of endless research!

Losing weight is about cutting calories from what we eat.
What we eat is about getting the right nutrition to fuel our bodies to do what we need/want to do everyday.
Exercise is about building muscle and developing cardio-vascular health.

If you track how much you eat (count calories), then you'll get a good idea of what you're taking in and how your body reacts to that level of food. If you're getting all the right nutrients, and that includes plenty of veggies for all the right micro-nutrients, you're not going to feel as hungry. Weight training is good for building muscle, so you need adequate protein for that. Cardio is about building cardio-vascular health, so you need adequate complex carbohydrates for that. And it all needs plenty of water to work.

Keep it simple and you'll be rewarded!