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12-03-2011, 08:03 AM
Morning gals. We seem to be holding steady with our weather. It gets up to near 60 the last few days and into the 30's most nights. I don't hear the furnace kick on so the house doesn't seem to cool off significantly.

I am not sure I can remember what we talked about on the last thread to do replies, but I will give it the ole college try! :lol:

Jean: I am sure whomever gets your gift will like it just fine. The sweater irritated me no end as there is no way that fit her poodle because she was Fortune's size. Sometimes when you use patterns written by non professionals you end up with stuff like that. Her pattern was not clear either and though I understood it, people with less experience would say, "hey, where are the rest of the directions for the row?" Anyway, I have a surprise for you all when I am done. It is looking pretty terrific if I do say so myself. :lol: Hope your weather is not too bad this weekend.

Maggie: Sounds like you are in for some nasty stuff coming your way. Sure hope it doesn't hit Indiana and around there as the kids are flying to Mexico to visit her dad this morning. My grandsons are sure world travelers. I never even flew in a plane until I was an adult and married. I have only been on a train a couple times and sure wish they would bring back rail travel. I enjoy it.

Susan, Gloria, and Gail: Thinking about you!!!

Like I said, I am working on something I hope can be finished in a couple days so I can take a pic and show you. Something brand new for me, but I seem to be doing ok with it.

I am going to try and tackle upstairs today. Jack wanted to go out to dinner last night so I never did get upstairs and clean. I guess it is still there to do! :lol:

I have to find something to get to go along with the socks I made for my sister for her birthday. She is a bit hard to buy for as she is about as round as she is tall so I don't buy her clothing. I imagine I will do what I usually do and get her a gift card.

Well, I am going to go sit and knit for awhile then start in working. Have a great weekend girls! Faye

12-03-2011, 01:51 PM

It is 32 degrees as I type and snowing. Will and our boarder have left to return the loaner of a vechicle for when his was being worked on. Hope they don't do any slipping and sliding. Yesterday when we were out and about we noticed that they had already salted the roads.

There were lots of kids and adults that rode the wagon last night and had a great time. The museum director gave Will a real neat book. It is a big 10 X 13 inch book on the Age of the Gunfighter. All about the men and weapons on the frontier 1840 - 1900 with lots and lots of pictures. I opened it and there to my delight was a picture that took up both pages of the inside of a log cabin with a wood stove and an iron bed and all the trappings, etc. Gun belt slung over the bed foot and animal skins on the walls ~ a really neat picture like I had just stepped into that room. I am going to have fun going through this book.

I am making progress on my glass flower shop. Like I said the coper cut out trees on each side walls will take some doing. I have two trees cut out and on the glass and now to solder them to get the wood surface look. I'll have to do it in stages to let it cool between each passing so as not to crack the glass. The trees are bare without leaves. Just trunk and branches. One of these buildings was in the village I sold years back.

DONNA FAYE You sound chipper this day. You must be feeling much better. :cp: What day is your official weigh day? Mine is Monday.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave: Be back later. :ginger:

12-03-2011, 02:04 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! Well, the weatherman was right this time . . . it is snowing! It is sticking on the ground so guess it is serious. I baked my cake to take for the funeral this afternoon and have a roast cooking for lunch. Tomorrow is a baked potato bar at church done by the kids for a fund raiser. I'm thinking pizza if Beth and family are here for supper tomorrow.

"Gma" -- One thing about housework, it will wait for you forever. :dizzy: I noticed you were going to knit and then work . . . I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. ;) :lol:

Maggie -- Thanks for sharing the snow! :snow4: We could get up to 8" at the last report, but we are right on the edge so I hope we don't. The flower shop sounds really cute and detailed. :yes:

I need to go check on my potatoes. Enjoy the rest of your day . . . and keep your shovels shined! :p :shocksn:

12-04-2011, 10:16 AM
Good morning gals. It is very mild out this morning and looks very overcast so I imagine rain is in the forecast for us today.

Ok, advice to those knitting, :lol: do not use a pattern that has been translated from Swedish into English, they tend to forget parts of the explanation. I had my surprise project almost complete and realised it was correct and had to rip it back. That's ok, but I spent about half an hour trying to figure out what they left off and put it back in! :D I have ripped it back to the point where they left off what I really ought to do and will work on ti later on today.

Jean: True, work should come first but yesterday I sat on my backside and knitted all day except to do the laundry. :lol: I am just going to wait until Jack goes back to work tomorrow and then work on everything, it is easier that way. Jack watched football all day and evening so he was sort of in the way anyhow and I could dust and vacuum and such without disrupting him. Very valid excuse I think! :lol:

Maggie: I weigh on Mondays too. I am jazzed though because according to the scales I not only took off vacation weight but more lbs. Yeah for me, won't be long and I can get into my jeans again.

:mad::( The female stuff started up overnight again last night. I am all shaky this morning and all the other bologna that goes with what is going on with me. I have a regular dr appt on Thur so we are going to get the authorization and appt to the new gyn and get this show on the road!!!

Not much else going on here. I just finished breakfast and am going to go up and shower and dress and we need to go out to Walmarts for a few groceries to tide us over until the weekend when it will be commissary day.

Younger grandson and his parents are in Mexico this week visiting his mama's daddy. I imagine he is having a grand time of it. He is in Guadalajara so I imagine it is warm down there. Have a good one all. Faye

12-04-2011, 04:16 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The snow stayed on the ground, the wind is blowing, and it's cold outside! Welcome to winter! We went to early church and had planned on a baked potato lunch. That is postponed until next week due to the flu. For whatever reason, I have the chills this afternoon and just can't get warm. I don't have time for the flu bug to visit! I didn't sleep very well last night and would really like a nap, but should get busy on my Christmas "to do" list. Tomorrow morning is counting church money first thing, then I have a Christmas luncheon and meeting tomorrow at noon, and lastly is Maddy and Kolby's program at 6:00.

"Gma" -- I would like some mild weather again! We had such a nice fall that this weather is a shock to the old body. Good luck with the knitting project; as I've said before you have way more patience that I! :cheer: I do hope your doctor will agree with you on a plan of action after the holidays.

Bob made a trip to get some replacement bulbs for the outside lights, and I see he is back again. I talked him out of getting up on a ladder this year so he outlined the picture window and front door. We have an inside switch so don't have to go outside to turn them off and on. I hear the dryer buzzing so need to keep moving. Enjoy the rest of your day! :snowglo:

12-05-2011, 07:18 AM
Good morning ladies. It is cold, windy and has been raining going on the second straight day now. We have a leak in the roof the morons didn't fix the last time I called and it was leaking so I have to call them again. Jack says you can see the sky at the peak in the attic so it should be obvious, but they have some noodleheads that work maintenance here. They showed up one day, unlocked my gate without permission and went into my garage and started fooling with our garage door opener, which works fine. I went out there and ask them what they were doing and they told me and I said they had the wrong address and pushed the door opener button and up went the garage door. The one guy insisted they had the right address and argued with me that I called the office to have it fixed. I told him to get out and call the office again because it wasn't our garage door opener, then the petulant little snot made a comment that it was going to break anyway because of blah blah blah and they would be back. Well the thing isn't that old so I imagine it will last awhile. I should have called and complained, but we were involved with something in the house and I went back in and forgot about it. Just one more gripe I have with this stupid management company that owns the condos.

Today is weigh day and yahoo, I am down a whopping 9 lbs since we came back from Thanksgiving and 5 lbs since my weigh in before that. So not counting the weight I gained over the holiday, I am down 5 lbs for the week. Hope this keeps up for sure! :lol:

Fortune has been driving me bonkers. He is not sleeping at night, but jumps on me, walks all over me, lays down, then gets down then up again and all night long this goes on about every half an hour or so. I don't know if it is the shift in food and he is hungry overnight or what, but he always still has food in his bowl by morning now. I think he will adjust eventually and he does eat about half of it everyday and he is not getting sick or anything and it feels like he is getting the weight back off again so I am sure it will eventually all balance out, but thank goodness I don't work and I can nap when I need to.

Jean: We have the warmer variety of what you and Maggie are getting for weather I imagine. Poor Fortune is beside himself as he can't go out the rain is driving so hard this morning. I guess I will be cleaning up puppy pads today. Thomas's band program is tomorrow. I am anxious to hear them. Thomas is doing great with the trumpet, but I got the giggles when he and Jackson were playing a Wii dance party game. He has very little body rhythm and considering how he plays the piano, I found it funny. Hope Maddie and Kolby's program goes well for them. I miss those days and won't get to see Jackson's. I finally succumbed to needing help and went to my knitting website and posted the pattern and ask them for help. Come to find out, this is knit in the round, but when you get to a certain point you are supposed to knit straight. It didn't really explain it well and it made no mention of starting a second 2 balls of color to do it either and I have never seen that not done when it is part of the pattern. Like I said, it is a non english pattern translated so maybe they figured you automatically knew that, I don't know. Anyhow, it is coming along at the moment.

I hear Jack up and getting ready for work. He may have to swim for it today though! :lol: Oh, you are gonna love this. As you know the city gave us a big 5% pay cut back in July. The mayor just came out and said they have a surplus in one of the expenditures and wants to give a 1.5% bonus to each employee for the holiday. I mean, it will be great to have the extra $1000 for us, but if the city has surplus, why did you find it necessary to give us a pay cut or at least one that big???? I know we get the same COLA as SS the end of the month in Jack's Navy pension, which amounts to about $50 extra take home a month, which is always nice since we haven't had one in several years now.

Well better go. Hubby will be down anytime and will want to eat his cereal and play Freecell. Have a good one today. Faye :rain:

12-05-2011, 03:10 PM

It is certainly a cold one here in the Heartland. The low was 2 and the high today is said to be 25 so the snow won't melt in the yard. I guess I didn't post yesterday ~ we had company all day after church that stayed with us till evening services. What fun we did have for he is working here in Hays for a few months and is from our beloved Texas. Yipekio I am down another pound this day. Will also is down one. We must be doing something right. :p. I have my list started now of what I want to accomplish this day. I may start cutting out a new building since I finished that flower shop. But I can't finish a new one until I get my order of light brackets, lights and cords with sockets ~ because I need the brackets to solder on the inside back wall of the building before I put it all together. I had a few extra brackets so I was able to make a few buildings without lights so when I get my order they can be lit for they will already have brackets installed.:D We are going to have to put up some more shelves to hold the rest of the village.;) When I get all the buildings made I want to have in my village I think I will make some boxes. I have made lots of boxes but don't have any myself. I like boxes. Yep, I need one to slip over a tissue box on my night stand.:cool:

DONNA FAYE It is good that you are a napper for you certainly don't get a full nights sleep. Your poor pooch. I know you do all you can and know what to do for him. Sounds like a child with collic ~ up and down all night. :congrat: on your losses. Pounds gone forever. You are doing great so keep up the momentum girlfriend. You have convinced me that if I decide to knit something I had better pick a pattern from this country. I am not nearly as smart as you when it comes to reading a pattern nor making adjustments to one. I do want to knit for myslelf one of those intricate cable knit sweaters when I get down small enough to not show bulges.:p I made one once ~ then when I got too big for it ~ gave it away to a friend in MN who was jazzed to get it. Hopefully I still have that pattern. I do still have my needles.:cool: That reminds me to do some checking if I do still have that pattern. I learned how to knit just to make that sweater.

JEAN :nono: don't get the flu. Your temps are like ours and I am staying inside this day. Enjoy the program. Those kids are so much fun to watch at those school events. How nice you have an inside switch for your outside lights. Too many accidents happen this time of the year. How dreadful for that family of the man who just got electricuted recently while putting up lights. Well dreadful for him also. Christmas time will never be the same for that family I do believe. Best to be safe.

:wave: Everyone have a lovely day and stay warm. Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-05-2011, 08:18 PM
Here is my surprise! I just finished it. I have never done fair isle knitting before so I think it turned out pretty darn good. Fortune likes it anyway as it will keep him warm. The pattern once you get down to where the legs are supposed to be didn't explain that you are supposed to put stitches on the holder then knit straight back and forth not in the round and you have to join another two balls of yarn to do it. I tried all different ways and couldn't make it work until I went to my knitting website and one of the moderators who is an expert knitter highlighted part of a sentence and when she did that and said she thought that was what was hanging me up, it was like a lightbulb came on. I had no trouble knitting the fair isle though. It is really rather easy I think. I guess I shouldn't be so afraid to do things out of my comfort zone as I am finding out I can do them! :lol:

12-06-2011, 06:53 AM
Good morning ladies. It is super windy and very cold this morning here. The rain has finally stopped though and hopefully it will have worked its way out of the area.

Read an article yesterday our Mayor proposes a 1.5% holiday bonus to the employees because there is a surplus in the money this year. Wellllll, then why did you cut our pay??? Come to find out, I saw another article in the afternoon that said the county commissioners had passed a holiday bonus for the county employees. Ahhh, can't be outdone by the county. The city council is to decide today. I am not saying no to the money, but we have something like a 20 million dollar surplus. It is so ridiculous here and I am waiting for the judge to tell the city they have to give us our pay cut back then we shall see some hopping around. :lol: The employees are pretty miffed about the whole thing, at least what I have seen on online posting, but of course the other citizens say we should be happy just to have our jobs. I just always tell them to remember how they get their trash picked up, who comes when they have a fire, that they can flush their toilets, and who shows up when someone tries to shoot them????

We have the concert tonight, but I am going to try and get some housework done. I was possessed to get the sweater finished yesterday and worked on finishing it for the most part so I feel behind now. We have commissary shopping this weekend and I have a dr appt on Thursday so that shoots those days in the head so I need to get it done in the next couple days.

Fortune likes his new sweater. He hasn't been trying to get it off like he usually does by rolling around on the floor. He did go out last night and rub up against the tree and get it a bit dirty, but I cleaned it off when he came back in.

Maggie: Congrats on your losses and to Will too. :carrot: Jack weighed yesterday and is down another 2 lbs so he is at goal now and is going on maintenance. I told him over the weekend he looks positively skinny. I know he feels better, but he is still having daily pain and stiffness with the knee he had surgery on in September. I told him I thought he should go back to the ortho doctor and have him take a look just in case, but he says he thinks it is as good as it is going to get until he can get his knees replaced. I have yet to knit a cable project. I have a cable needle, just have never tried it. I know I can do it as it truly isn't that hard to do, but I guess just always had other things I wanted to do.

Well gals, Jack should be up soon so you all have a nice day today. I am going to try and stay warm. Faye

12-06-2011, 03:01 PM

It is a chilly 17 that "feels like" 7 and not expected to get over 21 this day. If you are thinking I will stay inside you are correct. We got just a few decorations put out in the front room and I think that is all we are going to do this year. It is cheery and Christmas looking but not overdone if you get my drift. We found in one box some real nice Christmas items that we bought at a yard sale during the summer that was a surprise because we forgot we had purchased them. Couple of darling 18 inch male and female scarecrows in holiday attire and an iron sleigh with greenerie in it. Real nice expensive at one time pieces. The Kinkade tree looks great on a cabinet in there. Will is going to put wider shelf boards where I have my glass village so I will be able to plug in the lights on some of the houses and put out some of my little holiday decorations for that village. Life is good.

The indoor smoker should be arriving any day now. :cp:

We are having guests in for dinner this Thursday and Will has requested that I make a meatloaf. Easy and yummy so that will be done. I'll serve a salad, roasted potatoes, green beans, corn and rolls. And for dessert something I have not decided on as of yet. We got that large spiral cut ham and have been given a coupon for another one. Looks like we will have ham in the freezer for awhile. I will get creative with some ham recipes. Will has visions of a ham bone in beans. That certainly can be arranged. When I am cutt all the ham off the bone I will make a pot of beans. OH that sounds good on a day such as this but it is too late to get that started for this day's dinner.

I think for dinner this day we will have oven baked panko coated chicken breast cutlets roasted baby carrots and a green salad. Easy to do and good for us.

I always make enough for our guest. If he can't make it at dinner time he can have it later that way. Microwaves are wonderful for reheating "stuff." I don't want him eating just "junk food" all the time ~ the mother coming out of me toward him.:p I am old enough to be his mother so I can chastize him for working too hard and not eating properly to keep up his stanima. Certainly don't want him to get sick. In fact last night was the first night he had come home and taken a long nap and then didn't go back to the studio to record his show. The baby girl is going to be born soon for the 15th is fast approaching. The plan, as it stands now, is after the baby is born they will find a place here and she will move. We shall see how that goes. Things are always subject to change.

DONNA FAYE That is such a darling sweater for Fortune that you knited. It looks so good on him and warm and cozy. Yep, he had to tell that tree about his new sweater and rubbed on it to convey the message. Little scudder ~ so silky and precious looking I just want to reach out and hug him. :bravo: for Jack ~ reached goal. He sure did good. I know he must be very happy with his progress and reaching goal. Your mayor is a piece of work jerking the people he works for around like that. I know you will totaly enjoy that concert tonight. What a delight those programs are during this season. Enjoy.

JEAN & SUSAN & GAIL I hope is all well with you Magnolias. Time has come to hear from all of you, please. Let us know how you are doing.

Type at y'lll later. :ginger: I am off to the kitchen to get some chicken tenders out of the freezer. :wave:

12-06-2011, 04:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and it has warmed up to 6 degrees, from -8 earlier. :brr: I feel like the hamster running in the wheel! :hyper: Yesterday morning, when I got to church . . . no secretary and no custodian; the other money counter had keys so we were able to get into the church and the office. Come to find out both were home with the stomach flu as well as the ed. director. I did my job and got out of there fast! My first Christmas luncheon/meeting was at noon followed by a trip to Sioux City for Maddy and Kolby's "holiday" program. We happened to run into some old friends we've known for years and nothing would do but we stop over for coffee. It was close to midnight by the time we got home again. This morning was my time to work in the gift shop and I was busy -- sold close to $200 worth of Christmas and sale items. Bob met me for lunch in the coffee shop and now I'm home. I have to do last week's deposit for the gift shop, then type out a year end report for the board meeting on Thursday. Crafty club is also on Thursday so I may not make the meeting, but will take my report to the volunteer director.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 9#s and to Jack for being at goal! :cheer: You two rock! I hope you are able to get your roof leak fixed asap, and that they leave your garage door opener alone! Some people are really stupid! :p Fortune looks pretty spiffy in his new sweater! You do such nice work; I'm glad you were able to get the help you needed online. I hope you both sleep better tonight. Hopefully those "in power" don't renege on the bonus promise. :no: Enjoy the concert tonight!

Maggie -- :congrat: to you also, for losing another #, and to Will for being a # lighter! :cb: I have hopes for a loss on Thursday. :crossed: What fun to find a Christmas box that you had forgotten about! The program last night was fun. Kids just come up with some funny gestures that make the program interesting. I thought Kolby might knock the kid behind him off the risers because he kept tapping Kolby on the shoulder. Maddy's group had a line-up of kids doing actions to the music and a couple boys really hammed it up. :lol: The auditorium is small so I'm glad Will went early to save seats for us. Those who came later had to stand along the walls. A young mother, sitting in front of us, was saving seats and some "dirt bag" character was going to sit there. She had jackets laying across the seats and he just picked them up and threw them in a pile. She stood up and politely told him the seats were taken and he was very snotty saying there were no other seats left. She stood her ground and he finally did leave; Will stood up as the guy was talking so don't know if that helped or not. :dunno:

I've got a load of wash to get into the dryer and another load waiting for the washer. My kitchen is a disaster that also needs attention. *sigh* A nap is sounding even better. Enjoy the rest of your day! :tree:

12-07-2011, 10:31 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a gloomy cold day in my neighborhood this morning. At least I don't have to notice my dirty windows quite so much. I'm looking for the gift shop checkbook which I had last night because I sent an email to the buyer. GRRRRR! Why can't I stay organized?! I need to make the bank deposit, type a report for the board meeting tomorrow, decide on a salad for crafty club, go get the ingredients, and wrap an exchange gift of some sort. Tree is still undecorated . . . *sigh* . . .

I need to get dressed and find the checkbook before I can do anything else. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :tree:

12-07-2011, 11:18 AM
Good morning ladies. I am freezing my bum off this morning, it is snowing icky wet thick stuff here and colder than blue blazes. Scared my husband to death because he called me 5 times and texted me a couple this morning and couldn't get an answer, but I put the phone on vibrate and turned off the volume while we were at Thomas's concert and forgot to turn it back on.

Thomas auditioned and got picked for concert band, which is usually only seventh and eighth graders so that was cool. They did a nice job and it was only an hour long so very enjoyable. Please say a prayer for Kelly's fil, Irwin or as he is known to us, Bookie. He has prostate cancer that is now metasticized into the bones, which we found out about last year (the doctor's kept treating him for arthritis!) so he is without any kind of cure. He came last night, but it was sad to see him now in a wheel chair. Kelly did say at Thanksgiving they bought him a scooter now to get around in and she talked to Alicia what would be the best pain medication because the poor man is in pain all the time. He is in his mid 70's so not a young man of course, but up until this he was always doing something either woodworking or doing craft shows, fishing and such. It will be so devastating when this crappy disease finally takes him.

I still got not a thing done yesterday so am determined after I get through posting to get my behind upstairs and do some work. I keep forgetting to call the management company so I stopped long enough to do that and she is having a couple companies call me to bid on the job. I guess they have hired a company now instead of those bozos doing it thank goodness.

Maggie: Please accept my apologies for not letting you know I got the lovely bookmark. I just kept forgetting when I would sit down here to post. We are going to have homemade sloppy joes for dinner tonight. I make just enough to have our sandwiches and we have some ff chips with it and I have fruit of some kind and perfect quick dinner. Thank you for the lovely compliment about the sweater. I was amazed it came out so well. I do love the color combination on Fortune and he sure seems to love it as usually he tries to rub them off until he gets the job done. He has kept this one one, maybe because it is cold outside. :lol:

Jean: You sound a bit harried! I think you have over scheduled yourself and just can't fit everything in. Between the kids, Christmas, the church, the hospital and then whatever else you want to do you just do not have enough time. You know me, the great organizer. If I don't make a list, it doesn't get done much of time time. I have post it notes on my computer right now reminding me to cancel in aug, renew mcafee in January, my dr appt tomorrow, just took of Thomas concert one this morning and a list of books that came out new last month! On top of that, I worked for a couple hours and did the whole budget for next year, paid bills for this week and am scheduling a time for Jack to go in the end of the month and buy new tires for the car. The city is giving him a $525 bonus after taxes, which will be nice as it will pay for the tires without having to dip into my budget for them. We got a coupon from Firestone for buy 3 get one free and our tires are about $145 apiece so that was nice. On top of that we have to pay almost $30 for those valve kits that have the auto tire pressure measuring in them along with the other stuff then add on and taxes too. You go to price a tire and think you are getting them for $145 apiece when actually they end up being closer to $155-160 apiece with all the junk they add on.

Well gals, it is to work to work for me. Have a good middle of the week. Hopefully the weather will warm into the 40's today as promised and it will stop snowing and melt. Faye

12-07-2011, 02:29 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 71 degrees but cloudy today. Rain is on the way.

I got home yesterday from Glory's. I sure didn't think it would be 2 weeks with her. It's a good thing we get along so well. As you know, they were going to go with a block from my knee down for the surgery and they put it in but the doc though I was having too much discomfort (I don't remember it) and they gave me general anesthetic on top of it. Osteoporosis has made the bones softer than the doc though they would be and the screws went in a little easier than he would have liked so I'm having to be extra careful because if I fell and damaged the foot, I'd probably have to have a cage around my foot with pins for several months. Anyway, I have progressed to a walker and hopping on my left foot when I need to move around. I've been sitting for 2 weeks with my foot elevated above my hip and I was sure when I went back to have my stitches removed yesterday he would say I could do more but it's another 2 weeks sitting on my butt. The bottom of my foot is purple with bruising and I don't think it would feel very good to walk on anyway. I'm doing a lot of reading and applique.

Faye, Fortune's sweater is beautiful! I'm sure he feels very special and stylish in it. You are dropping weight like a champ! And Jack has reached goal - what a special feeling!

Jean, always busy and volunteering! You life will always be interesting, that's for sure.

Maggie, I love my bookmark! A handy reminder for me and it'll be much used. Your village must be spectacular. I'd sure like to see it.

Hi, Gail!

Have a great day!

12-07-2011, 02:33 PM

It is a cold day of 35 degrees that "feels like" 27 here in the Heartland this morning. There is still snow on the ground that needs to be melted. Yipekio our indoor smoker came yesterday and I am now deciding what to smoke first. I have read the directions and checked out the recipes that came in the enclosed pamphlet and want to smoke everthing in it. :o What is neat for a crowd or potluck I can smoke a dozen chicken breasts in half an hour. I will decide what to cook in it and use it for it's virgin run on Friday for we have dinner guests coming tomorrow evening.

The funniest thing happened with Cecil and Beanine last night. They were wresteling about in the living room floor then Cecil walked away a few steps and stopped and looked back and Benie charged him and Cecil jumped from where he was standing up ~ straight up 3 feet. We all saw it ~ all who where in that room. Three feet straight up. Landed on top of Beanie and they continued to tussle. We should start calling Cecil "Air Jordan." That kitten can jump. OH ~ if I could have only gotten a picture of that.:p

I found a neat Monkey Bread Muffin recipe I want to make. It didn't come with the nutritional information but I can figure out the points+ after I lighten the recipe. :cool: I'll do that before I make the muffins for sure. Looks like a good recipe for a brunch with boiled eggs. It uses Grands, Flaky Layers refrigerated biscuits. My bet is that they freeze well. ;)

DONNA FAYE You are quite welcome for that bookmark. Don't you just hate to have to buy tires but they are certainly a have to have. One thing I reall my father impressing on me was to always have good tires and a regular oil change schedule. Just a couple of those necessary things if we want to drive isn't it. That is a real good deal to buy 3 and get the 4th free. Our tires are so stinkin' expensive that last time we got them on sale which sure helped but the ones we get last us a long time for they have lots of tread. On big ticket items it is always good to find them on a discounted price. It is good that Jack is getting some money coming in that wasn't expected to buy your tires with so it doesn't eat into your budget. :cp: Wow, you already have your budget done for the next year. You are on the J-O-B. We are currently figuring what more money we can put in savings in the coming year for we are planning on buying a half a beef around March or April. When we move to Texas we can raise our own beef, poultry, and pork. Also grow as big of a veggie garden as we want. That's the plan for we have a place to go to do just that.

SUSAN :welcome: back girlfriend It is so good to hear from you, but dear you didn't :nono: have to rub it in that your temp is in the 70's now did you? Better for you though to have those nice temps while you are recouping. How nice for you that you do get along with your friend so well. She is a peach. That is a lot of sitting when you aren't used to it but please don't over do as you heal. Do you take those once a week or yearly meds to strengthen your bones? I am on the monthly ones and they test my bone density yearly when I go for my checkup and perscription refill orders. I hope for you that the next 6 months goes by in a flash and you are walking again and have it all behind you. Be safe and let us know how you are doing. Please, easy goes it. You are quite welcome for that bookmark. I would love to have you come for a visit and see my village ~ but if you can't you might have to wait until I take a picture and post it when I have it all built.

Everyone have a lovely day this chilly December humpday. Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-07-2011, 05:27 PM
"Gma" -- I often forget to turn my cell phone back on after I've been to church or meeting. I guess I just am not tuned into the cell phone that much. :congrat: to Thomas for making concert band. Music is something he can enjoy all his life. It is sad about his other grandpa. :( Bob's secretary just found out she will have to have 6 months of chemo, she will lose her hair, and be very tired. I think it is scheduled every week for 3 weeks and then skip a week; she had the port put in today. I make all kinds of lists, but it seems like a lot of events get piled into a short period of time this time of year. I do plan to skip the board meeting tomorrow afternoon, and enjoy however long crafty club lasts. I have my salad fixin's; I didn't know they still grew grapes with seeds in them and that's the kind I picked out. :dizzy: You will be glad to have your new tires; Jack will be safer coming and going to work.

Susan -- :cheer: You are back with us once again! :cb: We missed you! I'm sorry that it is taking your foot longer to heal; just be extra very careful! I hope you won't have to put up with freezing and melting ice.

Maggie -- It has warmed up to 23 degrees right now, and the sun is trying to peek through the clouds. I'm glad your smoker has arrived and know you will have fun using it. I wonder what RM thinks when Beanie and Cecil are playing together. :dunno: Probably he thinks, "oh, those kids!" :lol:

I have bell practice in an hour but need to go early so the secretary can help me get out of a screen on my laptop. Come to find out my PC wasn't up to date for Word so the fix-it guy did it online for me. Meanwhile I thought I could figure it out on the laptop and ended up with a screen for graphing. :o

12-07-2011, 06:16 PM

I am taking a break and decided to check in here and see if anything was going on and found out ~

JEAN A good day to you. Yep you are allowed to pick and choose which functions you choose to attend. Your crafts get together sounds like the more fun thing to be doing with your time this evening.:cool: When my aunt had chemo her straight hair all fell out and curley grew in and she had a care free hairdo for the rest of her life. Strange thing but quite welcomed. I don't use my cell phone much either. Will does most of the phone talking these days. They say since the phones have gps in them that we can be tracked anywhere we are. If they choose to track me they would always find me in this office because I rarely have it out of this room. :o I don't know why they would be tracking me anyway and I am certainly not paranoid. :nono: When Ragg Mopp thinks Beanie is getting too rough with Cecil he intervens being very protective but usually just watches them from a distance. Cecil is a faker though. He will meow to make Beanie back off then attack Beanie. Works every time. This is one smart kitty. Manipulative. He can always get away when he wants to. Cecil has taken over Ragg Mopps place on the couch where he used to take his afternoon/evening naps. Now it is the place Cecil takes his naps. Beanie gets the middle of the couch, Will gets one end and Ragg Mopp gets the floor. I am happy a-ways away in my rocker. Since I don't have carpeting in my office the pets like hanging out in Wills office that has carpet. If he is in there they spend time in there and the cat goes where the dogs are. I am so glad for I cannot work with glass with that kitten walking all over my area.

Type at y'all later. :candy:

12-08-2011, 06:24 AM
Good morning flowers. It is cold this morning, but dry as the snow has moved out and it dried up by yesterday evening. Hopefully there are no icy spots anywhere on the roads this morning as I have to take Jack to work and then head straight to the doctor's. I have an early 7:40 AM appt. I needed a morning appt and that is all the guy said she had so early morning it is.

I think tonight we are going to just get something quick since I have the dr appt which could drag on all morning depending on what she wants to do and I have to leave home around 2 to go and pick up Jack.

Tomorrow I am going to tackle cleaning the downstairs as I did get the upstairs cleaned yesterday. I am leaving the vacuuming to Jack though. He does a nice job and I hate doing it because my vacuum is so darn heavy. It does a great job, but it is like pushing a truck around. It is stupid to get something newer and lighter weight because in just a few years we are going to put in flooring that won't use a vacuum and there is nothing wrong with the one I have.

Susan: It was so wonderful to hear from you. Sorry the surgery was a bit more than you expected and not the roaring success either. It sure is tough getting older and having things you can do nothing about take over. Yes, I think I finally latched on to the key to losing the weight and keeping it off permanently. I don't question what, why and such, I just do it. Jack looks terrific and I told him last night as he was sitting in his flannel pj pants he now has knobby knees again. He told me his work shoes fit better and I noticed mine are pretty loose. :lol: I hope you continue to improve until you are up and around again permanently. Do you have plans for Christmas this year with everything going on with you???

Maggie:Sounds like the animals are having fun at your house. Hope your Christmas glass making projects are coming along and will be ready to send out in time.

Jean: Chemo is not for the faint of heart. That is why I admire the children at St Jude's so much. They go through so much to get better, but then unlike us old folks the young don't want to just give up they fight a lot better than we do. Maybe we need to get you a "remembral" from the Harry Potter movies. It is a glass sphere that gets smokey red inside when you have forgotten something. Like the character in the movie though, you may have forgotten what you were supposed to remember! :lol:

Fortune sure does like his new sweater. I am glad too as it is pretty chilly here now and he goes out in the back checking things out when it isn't raining and such and would get cold. I keep him short as it is too much of a pain to deal with his hair long so he needs the warmth. I have found he is eating the dry dog food as long as I put a tablespoon or so of pureed veggies mixed in. They won't make him fat and if I can get him to eat the dry dog food which is for seniors and better weight management I might be ahead of the game. I made up a large container of beets, carrots and green beans last night and gave him a spoonful on his food this morning and he went right at it. I mixed the pumpkin in with the other veggies and that way he gets the advantage of the intestinal good pumpkin does without binding him up by having too much.

This weekend is commissary weekend and we both need haircuts, which I am going to go and get after the dr appt if there is time to do it. I also hope to hear from the roofing guys so they can fix the roof the first of the week at the latest. She said to call her back this afternoon if I hadn't heard from either of them. I am glad they have contracted the roofing out. That way at least I know they know what they are doing not like those noodleheads that came about the garage door opener. We have a guy that always did our maintenance and he was good at it, but I think they have him just doing painting during the spring because I don't see him very much anymore.

Well gals, I need to get a shower and such before Jack gets up in half and hour and get myself ready so I better get out of here. Have a great Thursday, keep warm and dry if you can!!!! Faye

12-08-2011, 12:59 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and I'm sitting here with an "iffy" stomach and chills. I feel "fine" otherwise but just in case the flu bug is here I don't want to pass it along. I will not be going to WW, crafty club, or the book signing later this afternoon. Maybe I can get some online Christmas shopping done. :crossed:

"Gma" -- Sounds like you have a busy couple days planned! The scary part about cancer, around here, is not "if" you get it but "when." The gal who was subbing for the secretary got the flu so bad she ended up in the hospital over the weekend. :( The stomach flu is rampant around here right now.

I'm going to think about some soup for breakfast/lunch and see how that goes. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday! :D :wave:

12-08-2011, 03:31 PM

It is a chilly day here in the Heartland with freezing drizzle and a temp of 33 that feels like 28. I will be keeping the kitchen real warm anyway this day for I will be baking a berry pie and some rolls and a meatloaf. I'll do the baked potatoes in the microwave. I have a wonderful little recipe for Honey roasted Baby Carrots I am going to make also but I can do that on top of the stove.:p Life is good. Dinner is at 7 pm. Gives the two guys that are coming over time to get off work and take a shower and arrive here. Needless to say I won't be doing much else this day but it is my choice and I enjoy cooking for company. I enjoy cooking for just the two of us also. :DI will go into the kitchen after I get off of here and get all my ingredients rounded up and figure out when to start the shebang. I have yet to eat anything this day so I will have a bit of brunch in awhile.

The animals are all snoozing and Will is at the museum so it is very quiet in here now. All I hear is my computer keys making a soft noise and an occasional car go by. Reminds me of an old song with the words "listen to the quiet." I would not fare well living in a big city where there is hustle and bustle going on all the time. I could deal, but I wouldn't like it. I'm a country gal now. In a couple years I will be a really, really country gal living out in Texas on a ranch. There is electricty there and I can still be hooked to the internet. :o Come March or April we are going to take a trip down that way and visit our friends. The other day I was going through some things and tossing packing material I didn't need to keep; there was a two by three inch by 1/4 inch thick, soft pliable gray foam piece that was packing on a cell phone which I dropped on the floor and before I could pick it up Cecil had it in his mouth and was trotting away. He has played with that for, I believe, 4 days now. He certainly doesn't need store bought toys for he carries that around from room to room with him. I am glad now I dropped it on the floor.

DONNA FAYE It will be nice to finally get your roof fixed before any storm hits and you get more damage. Thanks for the chuckle for you gave me a picture in my mind of Jacks boney knees that caused my face to break out in a smile. Hope you can get some answers from the visit with your doc so it will put you on the way of getting your problem fixed. Hopefully this spring we are going to yank up the front room carpet and put down that wooden floring. In the meantime it has to be cleaned quite often and who ever installed it didn't do a great job for they didn't stretch it plus it is old and a light color ~ too light to have in a place that sees a lot of traffic. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I don't sneeze nearly as often here in my office since we yanked up that carpet and put down wooden floring. I now have all the glass items build that had to be sent out done and gone. I am now working on buildings for my own village. :D I still have time to do another project if someone wanted something for Christmas but I don't think I will be getting a call for folks know they shoud get their orders in earlyier than the middle of this month. Ah, but last year a gentleman came and wiped me out of most of what I had made for myself. I just never know what I will end up keeping for myself but right now my little village is looking good.

JEAN I am so sorry you are feeling under the weather. Hopefully you just have the kind of malady that is going around that only lasts a couple of days and then is gone. Chicken soup ~ drink it hot and steamy. Clears the sinuses and sooths the soul. You still have time to get your on-line shopping done and shipped in time so hopefully you feel up to doing that. The cat must be in hiding for Beanie just rushed in here and checked the place out and left running down the hall. It is such a joy to see the two of them playing so nicely together and old Mopp just looking on like a loving grandpa.

SUSAN & GAIL I hope all is going well with the two of you this winter day.

Everyone have a lovely day. :wave: I am off now to the kitchen to get things organized for tonights dinner and have some brunch. Mopp just let out one bark so I imagine the mail is here. Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-08-2011, 11:42 PM
Maggie -- You can keep the freezing drizzle! We got a light dusting of snow flakes this evening but don't think we are to get any more. I did feel better as the morning went along so did go to WW showing a loss of 5 1/2#s. :o I know some of that was from my greasy breakfast on Sunday. Bob ate at a fast food this noon and was sick tonight. He just ate some chicken soup so know he is feeling better. He also had the chills and has spent the evening in a hooded sweatshirt and wrapped in an afghan. :lol: My crafty club luncheon was nice with soup, salads, and Christmas cookies. I went to the book signing later this afternoon. I did buy 4 Christmas gifts today: ordered home made fudge for the guys and bought Beth the cookbook at the book signing. Your dinner sounds delicious! :T

I am heading off to bed after the news. See you all tomorrow! :yawn:

12-09-2011, 04:29 AM
Good early morning gals. Yes, I know it is really the middle of the night, but I fell asleep really early and woke up around 1:30 and can't go back to sleep so thought I would balance my checkbook and go ahead and post.

Dr appt went really well. She is pleased with my weight loss and the fact I have all my shots, mammogram,tests and such up to date. She promised to get me a referral asap to the gyn so I can get the ball rolling there. I am going through another round of stuff after having "time off" from Thanksgiving week until last weekend so it is time to get this fixed. She is such a lovely woman and I am enjoying her very much. I did find out that Jack's new doctor is her husband! :lol:

Jean: Sorry you were feeling poorly and Bob is a bit under the weather. I was a little confused by your weight loss but saying, "I know some of that was from my greasy breakfast on Sunday." Is that how you lose 5# by eating greasy breakfast??? :lol: Congrats on the big loss though, that is terrific. :bravo: We had freezing fog if you can believe it. It put a nasty coating of ice on our deck and on bridges and overpasses, which of course I had to drive in yesterday morning since I had to keep the car to go to the doctor. The surface roads were fine, but some of the bridges were murder and of course there were slide off accidents everywhere because of the dummies that drive here.

Maggie: I got the giggles at you and your big city sounds. It would drive you nuts here. We not only live just over from a busy city streets so it is police and fire trucks all the time (we are between two fire departments about 4 miles each direction so it is all the time fire sirens) and we live in the airports direct landing path for the Fedex planes. Since Fedex is based here they are going over all the time. Yesterday, early morning I heard a plane or something, didn't know what it was as it was dark out, sound like it was going to land on top of our condo. Wow, a bit scary. I imagine it was one of the army helicopters because they have an air national guard unit and they fly about as low as they can get with those huge helicopters. So, between that and our rude neighbor next door that is banging around at 11 or so every night, it seems to always be noisy here. You dinner sounds lovely and I am sure the men enjoyed it immensely.

Today is tackle the downstairs and write up a grocery list to go shopping tomorrow. I did get to Target and get more rug shampoo so I can shampoo carpets next weekend. The nitwit who fixed the roof yesterday dragged in mud all the way across the living room. Men, they can be such idiots and this one takes the cake. They were supposed to send out someone from a roofing company and instead I get the bozo that showed up here with the garage business. He had the gaul to say to me yesterday, "I told you that you had a leak last time you called and you told me you didn't and not to worry about it so I didn't!" Can you believe that??? I mean, why would I put in a maintenance call because my roof leaked then tell him it doesn't and to not fix it? He said he fixed it all but we shall see I guess. I told him the roofs are old and need replacing and he admitted it but said they have no money to fix the stuff. Like that is my problem. We now have water stains around the attic pull down so they will have to eventually be painted again. Luckily, we don't have company so it can wait for awhile until we repaint the whole place.

Well gals, I am going to see if I can snooze a bit more before Jack gets up. I am hoping some new yarn gets here in a couple days as I am going to squeeze more more surprise present in for someone for Christmas. Have a wonderful weekend all. I am hoping it warms up! :lol: Faye

12-09-2011, 12:49 PM

It is a chilly cloudy 26 degree day now expected to climp to 32 in this Heartland of our great US of A. I am going to make Monkey Bread Muffins, boiled eggs and fruit for brunch this day. The recipe didn't come with nutritional information but I can figure that out easily enough depending on what kind of ingredients I use. :p It calls for sugar, butter, granulated and brown sugars. For instance ~ I will, of course, use Splenda for the sugars which lightens up the recipe. :p For dinner I believe we will be having left over meatloaf. I was planning on using my new smoker today but since we will be having left-overs I will do that another day. Life is good. Now I have the meals planned I can go on to other things. We have invited the same guests we had last night over for dinner again for next Thursday. I am planning on making spaghetti for that meal. Spaghetti, green salad with toasted french bread slices. I just had a laugh ~ Cecil was in eating his food which I place on the top of his butt hutt. He looked up at me and then over to the mirror hanging on a closet door and jumped down and checked himself out in the mirror then off he went out in the hallway and jumped on Beanie.

DONNA FAYE Yep you live life in the big city and I prefer the country. something for everyones taste that is for sure. :D A person has the choice to live where ever they want now days depending, of course, on the job situation. That is so neat that you have such a lovely doctor that you feel good to go to. My good friend Beth is a doctor (but not mine) and her husband is also a doctor and they run a whopping busy clinic at the hospital. The hospital that Will is the chaplain for. Dr. Beth is amazed at me for a person of my age only going to the doctor once a year. If I ever need to go ~ I will though. I like her being amazed. It will be so nice for you when you get your system back to exact and you won't be having this discomfort each month. Freezing fog is some bad stuff. Sure makes driving conditions deteriorate quickly. Be safe when you are "out there." Watch out for the other guy and be ready to act quickly to stay out of his way.

JEAN :congrat: That was a great loss. I am so glad the malady didn't hang around any longer with you than it did. Not fun to have the flu. Enough of that going around these days. Greasy foods can sure do a number on those of us who have been watching it and cutting back to lose weight. Our systems aren't used to it. I think of all the fried (tasty too) foods I used to eat and shudder. I even have a deep fryer that rotates the basket in and out of the grease so the food only absorbs half of what fired foods usually have. None is better than half but half is much better than the whole of it. What cookbook did you buy at the signing?

I am off to make a brunch now for it is almost 11 of the clock. :wave: Have a lovely day Magnolias. Type at y'all alter. :ginger:

12-09-2011, 02:42 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 56 degrees today - yesterday it never got past 46. What weather!

Nothing happening here. It's very boring, in fact. The highlight today is I'm going to put a load of laundry in before I go to bed. Then when I get up I can put it in the dryer and get washed and dressed and hang out upstairs until it is done. Only once a day up and down the stairs is making me creative!

Faye, good for you on your docs report! I live at the end of a cul-de-sac and about 1/2 mile from the main road so I seldom hear traffic sounds. I do hear the wind tunnel and the planes from Langley but I've head them for so long its more like a background noise. They publish our police log once a week in the paper and there is mostly DUI, a few shoplifting and maybe an altercation. Once in awhile there is some kind of drug possession.

Jean, I'm glad you are feeling better and were able to go to your craft lunch. Book signings can be fun.

Maggie, I love you antics of Cecil stories! Poor thing probably can't decide if he's a dog or a person so he checks the mirror.

Well, I'm going to read some more. I'm thinking I'll have a Harry Potter marathon this weekend and watch all 8 of them.

12-09-2011, 07:00 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We left for Sioux City first thing this morning and just got home a little while ago. Bob wasn't sure he felt like shopping but said he would go along for the ride. I did get a good start on Christmas shopping: jeans and shirts for the grandkids, Bath and Body Works for Beth and Amanda. Now to go online and order toys. :dizzy: SAMs has become the $300 store! :( We did stock up on alot of paper items, some food and gift items along with vitamins. Lunch was at Applebee's because Bob wasn't sure he wanted spicy Italian food at OG. I want one of those tiny reindeer people have in their front yards and thought maybe Menard's might carry them. No luck there. :cry: It was busy everywhere we went today. I'm glad I don't have to go back tomorrow.

"Gma" -- I wonder why some of the words are printed in green in the posts? :?: I'm glad you like your new doctor! :yes: We ate breakfast at a local restaurant after church on Sunday. We had the same thing except I had bacon and Bob had sausage; my plate seemed to have a layer of grease from the hash browns, which I picked apart and didn't eat the bottom layer. I paid for it by spending the afternoon running to the bathroom. My stomach felt queasy for a couple days afterwards. We lived next to a busy highway in Minneapolis, in the airport landing pattern in Cleveland, and a half block from train tracks when we first moved here. Now we are a couple blocks from the country highway so do hear the traffic (trucks) more in the summer when the windows are open. The jets from the USAF bases in Omaha and Rapid City use our area for their practice drills and they are loud. I hope your roof was fixed properly so the goofus doesn't have to come back!

Maggie -- The sun was out all day today so it didn't feel quite so cold at 9 degrees. Cecil would make a good candidate for Funniest Home Videos! :lol: By the time you'd get the camera set he'd be long gone. :yes: The cookbook was written by a gal who was in Beth's class, Girl Scouts, danced together all the way from 4 years old through high school, etc. She has a son who has many multiple health problems. When he was born they were told he would never walk, talk, hear, maybe not see, etc. It's a combination of things and has a big long name. However, he is now 5 and walks, talks, hears, etc. His main issue right now is behavior control . . . or lack of it. The mom likes to cook and put the book together to raise money in support of other children with major medical challenges.

Susan -- You are a smart gal to plan your trips up and down the stairs. I'd hate to say how many times I've gone up or down and can't remember why. :o I had to chuckle at your comment about Cecil wondering whether he was a dog or a person. I'm so glad you are back with us! :cheer: Now if we could only find Gail again, or she us.

Guess I will make a grocery list and see what's for supper. I'm not a bit hungry and know Bob won't care. Enjoy your evening! :tree:

12-10-2011, 08:36 AM
Good morning ladies. Well it is good ole commissary day. I did not get my downstairs cleaned like I would have liked yesterday so will tackle it this weekend sometime.

My yarn for my new project should be here tomorrow and I am anxious to get started and finish it quickly so I can wrap it up and give it to the person it is supposed to go to. Then it will be back to knitting my sweater and finishing it up and on to my wraps and other sweaters for vacation.

Jack wanted some cookies so I made him some cookies yesterday and ate two, which I wish I hadn't. I am working not to eat refined sugar as you know because it seems to make me hungry, but I succumbed. I divided the cookies up and froze most of them and they will go to Jack's Christmas lunch in a couple weeks along with another full batch. I am done with sweets. Right back on track this morning, which is a difference for me from what it used to be.

I sure hope I get the gyn referral this next week so I can schedule an appt and get in next month to do this procedure. I had a very bad day yesterday, so much so I ended up taking a pain pill. Poor Jack cannot help me in anyway and I think that frustrates him a bit, but there isn't much even I can do at this point. My dr did say she was sure this would fix the problem for me.

Jean: We haven't been in Sam's in years, but years ago we could never get out of there without spending $100 so $300 sounds about right. :lol: Hope Bob is now feeling better. I know several people around the country that have had stomach flu issues. One gal, who is on my knitting website said hers lasted 10 days! UGH, can't imagine that. Hopefully, I can avoid it. I have had my respitory flu shot so hopefully won't come down with that this year. I keep telling jack he needs to go and get his since he works everyday and around people. He is needle phobic so avoids them if he can. Sounds like holiday gifts for you are coming along. I saw a lady in Target on Thursday who was a grandmother and her basket was loaded with stuff and she smiled at me and said "Christmas for the grandkids." I told her I was done buying, wrapping and giving and explained why and she said she wished she were. The holidays can be done for me soon. I hope the kids enjoy themselves for Christmas though. Jackson is in Mexico having a good time from the pictures I have seen of him and should be back home tomorrow so I am sure Alicia is sad about that because she only sees her dad about once a year as he cannot come into this country.

Susan: Oooh, if I were there, I would watch the marathon with you. :lol: I imagine it is a challenge to think of ways not to go up and down the stairs. I try and combine my trips also as it is so hard on my knee to climb the stairs. I am reading a couple good books at the moment inbetween knitting projects. Rounds out my time pretty well. :lol:

Maggie: I have never heard of monkey bread muffins. Sounds interesting, though since Jack doesn't ever eat muffins much, I would be the one eating them all so stuff like that I just don't bother with.

Well Jack is downstairs so time for me to make breakfast and get into the shower so we can leave at 8:30. Have a great Saturday and do something interesting today! Faye

12-10-2011, 02:44 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly along with the never ending "breeze." I've got laundry going and need to do some online toy shopping which I've been putting off. I play bells tomorrow and then we will head for Sioux City to attend a musical with some friends, then go caroling with a group from Bob's hometown church. I'm hoping it warms up!

"Gma" -- Hope the commissary trip was short and sweet. :yes: You are brave to bake cookies! They will call my name from the freezer. :congrat: on being back on track though! Every year I think I am going to be better organized for Christmas but it never seems to happen.

Bob just got home so guess it's lunch time. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

12-10-2011, 03:43 PM

It is a chilly day here in the Heartland in the high 30's. We are installing wider shelves to hold my glass houses today. It will make it nicer to hide the cords and then give more room for the decorations. :p We had left over meatloaf sandwiches this day. I ate half a sandwich and gave Ragg Mopp and Beanie the rest. I have the ham all bagged up in small sizes and in the freezer. I left quite a bit of meat on the bone for when we put it in a large pot of beans later on. There are several ways I will be using that ham though the winter. My freezer is packed full but I always find room for something else. :D However I do need to go though the boxes because when I open one to take a couple of pieces of meat out I close the box back up. If there are just a couple pieces left I can take them out and put them in the door and leave more room on the shelf. Things stack so nice in boxes and I can tell what I have better that way which surely shortens the time I have the door open.

DONNA FAYE Do you make your cookies lite by using Splenda and egg Beaters? I find they tase just as good that way when I do make them which is in a blue moon. We would pig out on them so when Will wants a cookie he buys just a couple at the bakery. You just cook the monkey bread in a cup cake pan instead of a big pan. They turned out good by the way and made our brunch yummy.:p

JEAN Did your WW leader give you the Pocket Guide changes based on USDA updates? If not and you want them I can e-mail the page to you. Some of the points+ values went up and some went down on a few food items. A breeze blows here almost every day of the year also for we live in the flat lands. Have fun caroling and bundle up. I haven't done that in years and when I did it was so much fun.

All y'all have a wonderful day. :ginger:

12-10-2011, 06:08 PM
Maggie -- I just finished "shopping" for toys. :dizzy: Between Toys R Us and Amazon, I feel stressed! :hyper: Both Beth and Amanda sent gift suggestions for the kids so that helps. The problem is that a couple of the items might not get shipped in time for Christmas and they don't tell you that until after the order is placed. :( We did get some new material at the WW meeting but I haven't had time to look at it. :o All of the frozen WW items are listed so I wonder if they all changed in points again. The leader did say that wine went down a point and beer went up a point; however that piece of information makes no difference to me. :lol: Meat loaf sounds good, maybe since we haven't had that for awhile. I sure wish you could provide meals on wheels for us! I need to change laundry loads so need to keep moving.

12-11-2011, 02:24 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A chilly 43 degrees today.

I had a great day yesterday but I am exhausted from it today. Glory and I went to open house at Bella, Plantiques, and Design and Consign. It was so good to get out and see people! Then my friend who is taking me to church and bible study called and said they were going to 5:30 p.m. Mass that evening so I went there and then we went to Stinky's (how's that for a restaurant name) and had burgers for dinner. My foot is really more swollen today and hurts again - too much walking I guess. So today is in the recliner with ice on my knee and ankle. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to applique bee so I need to get in shape! LOL Lisa at Bella has a recliner for me so I can keep my foot up. That's real service!

Have a great day!

12-11-2011, 06:21 PM

Please post on the new thread Magnolias. :ginger:

12-20-2011, 12:40 PM
Can some one please tell me how to get to the store: where you order the food