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12-01-2011, 05:12 PM
HEY GANG :wave: yep another month is over. they keep flying by. I did not get to exercise this morning as I had an early checkup with my thyroid doctor, but I hope to get with it tomorrow. I'm hoping to do better with my exercise this month.

12-02-2011, 01:05 AM
Lost my computer on Tues. Back on now. Just walked to some favorite music for 3 days.

12-02-2011, 08:54 AM
Hi all! I don't really ever come here, but I do at least one of the WATP DVD's a day, lol... I just love her!

I usually do my 5 mile one, but I just got the abs one offa amazon and it came last night. I'm going to do that one tonight. I also ordered the 5 high calorie miles or whatever, and I'm going to put that into the rotation. :D

Keep walking everyone!!

12-03-2011, 02:35 AM
Hi all, I would love to join this thread for accountability on WATP! I am going to start walking tomorrow.

12-03-2011, 11:00 AM
Five really big miles yesterday. Good to get back to the real thing.

12-03-2011, 01:07 PM
:cheer: WELCOME JADE!!!! :cheer:

Hey Kate - we would love for you to post here when you can. we love walking with Leslie ;)

I did the 3 mile Bootcamp this morning. :cp: have I ever mentioned that I HATE lunges :faint: but hey... I did them.

my plan is to get up at 6 tomorrow morning so that I can get in 2 miles before getting ready for church. I hope I stick with the plan ;)

later gaters :wave:

12-04-2011, 12:44 AM
Hi Cathy, thanks for the welcome. I should have signed my name, it's actually Michelle but Jade is a nickname, so either will work ;).

I did not do my video today BUT I did have a nice brisk walk in the brisk wind with my hubby and bull doggie.

Tomorrow plan on doing at least 1 mile from the DVD.

12-05-2011, 11:13 AM
Hey Michelle :wave: I love a good brisk walk! and what could be better than walking with your hubby and doggie!!! :)

I did 2 miles this morning. I used the 2 mile Closer Walk.

hope everybody has a great :running: day!

12-05-2011, 05:21 PM
Five really big miles today again without the warm up and cool down to save time. The first mile is not that hard and the whole thing is nearly an hour and half altogether. It's only an hour and a quarter the other way.

12-05-2011, 06:10 PM
I did the 4 Big Miles on my lunch break. I'm really anxious to take off about 5-10 pounds in the next month. I have a hysterectomy scheduled for next month, so I will be having to slow it down for a bit. Does anyone know of a good weight loss rotation for WATP or Walk at Home? I have a whole bunch of the DVD's.

12-06-2011, 01:17 PM
Hi everyone! Nice to see new faces posting!!

Christmas goodies are popping up everywhere and I am determined to avoid as many as possible.

Monday: 3 Mile Boot Camp w/ bands

Today: 4 Mile Walk Slim w/ resistance band.

I'm trying to get in a 4 or 5 mile walk at least a couple of times/week. I'm really going to try to work in a DVD at least once per weekend for a while, too. Want to avoid gaining over Christmas and then meet my goal by my 50th b-day in Feb.:carrot:

12-06-2011, 05:27 PM
Did the walk strong and the walk and kick for a 4 mile total.

12-07-2011, 11:14 PM
Hi gals!

Monday I did nothing but Tuesday I got my butt in gear and did 1 mile. I can't remember the name of the DVD I have (it's from Netflix) but it's got 5 miles total. My plan is to do at least 1 mile every day in December (with maybe 1 rest day to let my muscles rest) and if I succeed in that I am rewarding myself with a new sports bra that fits well!

Just got back from a dinner date with my hubby so I'm going to let my food digest and then do my mile for the day! :)

12-08-2011, 01:49 AM
:woohoo: Did 1 mile walk with Arms focus. Also did my back stretching exercises, 15 wall push ups and another 40 minute brisk walk with my hubster and doggy! Pretty much an hour of good heart rate rising walking! I feel great and it's only the second day!! :goodvibes:

12-09-2011, 04:55 PM
hey gang - I did 2 miles this morning. I used the AHA Start Walking at Home 2 mile dvd.

later gaters :wave:

12-09-2011, 07:57 PM
Hi all, did 1 Classic Mile yesterday plus 20 wall push ups and back stretches. Did not feel like exercising, was going to use an excuse, but then felt worse just sitting on the couch so I got my butt in gear!!

12-10-2011, 08:52 PM
Did Classic Mile this morning before leaving for overtime at work. Did 30 wall push ups.

12-12-2011, 02:56 PM
Walk it off and tone it up...five mile.

12-15-2011, 11:43 AM
Five really big miles yesterday minus the warm up and cool down. That is still an hour and thirteen minutes.

12-15-2011, 07:10 PM
Hey all, sorry I haven't checked in. I twinged my back on Monday morning so I have not been able to do any walking while I heal. I will probably be doing "normal" walking for a little before I can get back into the side steps, kicks and knee lifts but I intend to get back to walking next week after I am healed up! Awesome job to all the ladies getting their walk on! :)

12-20-2011, 01:01 PM
Doing 2 to 5 mi each day with an average of 4mi. Had the flu Sun. night and still managed a 2mi. on Mon. That's what I like about these videos. They are inspiring.

12-21-2011, 04:11 PM
Did the whole five really big miles last night as dh was gone...........all 88 min.

12-26-2011, 01:17 PM
hey gang :wave: i hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! I have been out of town and caught up with the busyness of Christmas so haven't been on here much, but as of TODAY I am BACK on TRACK :)

This morning I did 3 miles. I used the iwalk strong 3 mile that Leslie has streaming on her website.

hope everybody has a great :running: day!
laer gaters

12-27-2011, 10:29 PM
Five really big miles, whole thing. Had a tough time as I'm tired and achy.

12-28-2011, 12:35 AM
Hey gang :wave: I almost forgot to post today. I did 2 miles. I used the walk slim fast start 2 mile DVD.

Carol that is great! YOU GO GIR! :)

12-28-2011, 07:23 PM
Hi Cathy. Thanks for the encouragement. I try to do 2 mi in the morning and 2 in the afternoon with a couple days of the 5mi. Depends on the time I have.

12-28-2011, 08:12 PM
Today I put up Christmas decorations all day. That will have to count as my exercise for the day! I'm pooped :faint:

12-29-2011, 10:18 AM
hey gang :wave: i'm at work today doing payroll and then i shoudl be off for the next 4 days :carrot:

I did 2 miles this morning. I used The Big Burn with handweights.

hope everybody has a great :running: day! later gaters!

12-29-2011, 10:35 AM
I like to do the ones with weights, too. I think I need it being almost 63.

12-31-2011, 12:45 AM
Carol I agree! I'm 52 and need all the strength training I can get

Today I cleaned house for over 6 hours. That was my exercise for the day.

12-31-2011, 11:18 AM
I love the results of house cleaning but seems I dread it. Only did 2 mi. yesterday and probably the same today. No time. And, yes, I think house cleaning is just as good exercise as anything.