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12-01-2011, 08:47 AM
Starting us up for a new month. This month will be full of temptations so :crossed: for us all.

ETA: FBGL a nice 4.2 this morning but my ticker is still lying as I'm just under 180. I am determined to get firmly into the mid-170s this month and keep that BGL in a good range.

12-01-2011, 10:25 AM
http://www.clicksmilies.com/s1106/weihnachten/xmas-smiley-024.gifHappy December to you all. Hope it is a great month for us all!!http://www.clicksmilies.com/s1106/weihnachten/xmas-smiley-024.gif

12-01-2011, 10:39 AM
Thanks Ruthie for the December thread. Good morning everyone. I can't believe we are finally in December. I agaree that this is a trying month for everyone. I believe this WW/LC/IE combo is going to not only work for me, but it will help me get through those tempting times. As of this morning, when I get this next 2 lbs off that my ticker will be accurate again. I now have the scales moving downward again. :carrot: FBS still bounces, but I believe if I get the weight down that it will eventually line up.

DD came in to talk with us last night. Tony and I had a chance to be alone yesterday so I had told him things I had said and things they had said to me. We realized that they didn't have to move here and I told him I wasn't sure why they did. Tony has a Master's Degree in music and he did not stay in that field. He later took correspondence courses to become a Resperatory Therapist which he absolutely loved working in Neo-Natal. It was his calling in life. He felt that he wasted all those years in college and of course we see lots of kids graduate and can't find jobs in their field. He didn't push for his son and daughter to go to college. His deceased wife didn't go and they both made pretty good money. His kids feel cheated because they didn't get to go to college because Tony couldn't send them. She had an extremely good job working 4 days a week and the company he works for actually called her husband to go to work in FL, but he told them they were moving here and he got the job here. So we suddenly realized that she actually manipulated her hubby, kids, ex and us to get to move in up here so she could go to nursing school. She created this situation. Of course, we will never voice that too her. However we did take the opportunity to make some things very clear and exactly how we feel and what we can and cannot do. I also made it clear what I do not like and what I will and will not allow when it comes to respect especially when it comes to her Daddy. However, I'm not sure she even knows what respect is. I love her dearly, however, she is just like any other daughter and she will have to learn the hard way that Daddy and Mama do know what they are talking about. I told DH that he needs to quit telling them some things and let them find out on their own because some things we say are like talking to the wind. I did make it clear that I am the one who writes the checks and I am the one who knows how much money I have to work with... every month "I am the one who has to be able to pay the bills and I do pay them before anything else is done" and I get cranky until I get them out of the way. I told her that I'm sorry but they will have to learn to live with it, because every month I go through this thing wondering if I'm going to be able to cover it all. I can't tell you that it is any better, but it sure as heck felt good to say what I wanted to say. I think DH felt better too. One thing I have made clear is that her Daddy IS sick and they need to be thankful for him because if it wasn't for him we would have nothing. I know she thinks we have money. He told her that it was because he had the right banker that took his 401K years ago and put it into an account that is paid by the stock market and we lived great for a while because of it, but that since the economy has gone like it has in the past year of so, we don't have much of it more. I told her "We have lost half of what was in there just this year because of the stock market dropping like it has". Don't know what she believes because her mother always lied to her about how bad things were telling her that "it's not as bad as your Daddy says". She doesn't know that her mother would spend on credit cards and get them messed up and Tony would have to take over and get them out of messes. According to what his Mother told me before she dies, some times even had to go to his Mother to get things straightened out. And of course, that isn't mine to tell her. But she tells her son all the time, "Daddy always says these thing. He has said these things all my life. It's not that bad". Well it was and it is and... Hey were living in the 2011 world where things are bad globally and things are really scarry even here in the USA. And even if it wasn't, you still have to be responsible and pay your bills.

Bonnie We may be just going through the adjustment period in our home and I hope that is all it is. My hope is that we will adjust and things will get better. I'm also thinking that a lot of "our" problems may be a little 8 year old girl who says is working between people, manipulating to get things the way she wants it. I see her doing this with her parents all the time. If you have lived with your hubby's aunt before and it worked, then it could definitely be a really good thing for y'all and her. I know that the last 2 or 3 yrs that my previous hubby lived, out daughter moved back in with us. I will always be grateful for that time we all had together. She had moved in and out for years and it was always a nightmare. But the last time she moved in the only problems we had was the normal problems you have with teens because of her daughter, but our last 3 yrs together with her Daddy was absolutely great. He died knowing that his little girl was okay. So I know it can work. Times are tough and I believe that this is a time when families need to pull together and work together. So I hope this works out good for you, your aunt and everyone involved.

As for the rest of us going through these things, regardless of how it is going, I try to keep reminding myself of the old saying "This too shall pass".

Sorry this is so long so won't do indies. I have a baby who needs a diaper change and to eat so he can give me another stinky later. LOL

Have a great day everyone.

12-01-2011, 01:13 PM
hi everyone... me and the hubby talked last night we addec up a little of what it would cost to turn the garage into a apt and i can say i am not comfortable with it. so i explained to hubby i never would of wanted to do that i was only suggesting we could help her for six months to help each other out . i jest need to find a cheaper place to live. one where they will have a better school for my dd . so we are going to talk to her this weekend and see if+we+can+work+something+out.+other+then+that+doin g+good+i+need+to+get+back+to+working+out+been+putt ing+it+off+lately.

12-01-2011, 01:31 PM
Hello All!

fbs at 81 this morning. I was a little too carby yesterday despite being under calories but my bs was unfazed so it is ok. I did 90 minutes of walkitout this morning and enjoyed my usual breakfast. I have an appointment with the oral surgeon today to start the process to get two tooth implants before the end of the year. I am such a phobic about the dentist that I am prescribed sedatives so I can go - Actual panic attacks:( weird! I plan to put up the christmas tree and decorations later with dgs.

Trish, I am proud of you for speaking up and making boundaries clear. Whether or not they ever believe you about your situation, what you TELL them is what is important. Again, the only advice I can give is to speak up - on the spot - when things are happening and not let them fester. You should not be the one stressed out - they should. It is still hard. BTW, your dh did not owe them a college education! Most people work, attend school, and (often - like me) function as parents at the same time. :hug:

Bonnie, whatever decision you make will be the right one. I was glad to see that you had posted this morning. I was hoping that you could get on here with your phone :) Hopefully you will find a new place to live that will be easier on your budget and dd. Yup, try to get back to at least a little excercise - so good for your stress and your body :carrot: I have set my walkitout so the slower songs start first and then keep getting faster and faster until the end. It is really fun and I sure get endorphins that way.

Ruth, thanks for the new thread. I can't believe that it is December. I MUST get my shopping in order! My plan for the month is to excercise moderation during special occasions and to stay strictly on plan the other days of this month. I believe strongly that I can learn to enjoy special foods and special occasions without getting out of control!:^: Anyone else have a strategy?


12-01-2011, 01:47 PM
Bonnie - I think you are wise to know how you feel about things and I hope you will know in your heart what to do. I probably sound terrible when I rant and I know a lot of my attitude is wrong, because it isn't really what I want in my heart. I love my step-daughter and I want to help her and her family improve things for them. I honestly believe that is what we are supposed to do as parents when we can. I told her if this had happened 2 years ago it would have been easier, but it didn't. It actually takes compromise on all concerned. We made the mistake of never sitting down and having the family meeting that we had planned to make known what was expected. It seems like you have that covered. Just be sure you get the "important" things taken care of in advance and you won't go through what we are. I actually believe that in time this situation will calm down and be okay. I also believe since you have done this before with your aunt and it worked that it would work again if you so choose to do it. I know y'all seem to go and help her a lot already when you can and I'm sure it would much easier if you either lived there or at least closer to her and I also believe good schools are important for your children as well. I DH and I knew this was going to be difficult when we agreed to it. After all, it has been just DH and me for 5 yrs and we could go and do as we pleased no one else was involved. I am also just as sure that I have to have an "attitude adjustment" myself, because I'm not stupid as to think that everything is their fault either... I know my faults as well. So just as dieting... it is a process to get things right. So please don't let my situation keep you from doing anything you think will be beneficial to all concerned. I think one of my problems too (I think Rie understands this one), I don't feel I get to play Grandmother because I'm having to be more like Mom to the children as well. You don't have that problem. I'll be praying for situation as I pray for mine. Believe me I don't pray for God to move the kids out of my house, because I do believe we are supposed to do this. Instead, I pray for Him to help us make it work and cause our relationships to be much stronger and better.

12-02-2011, 06:09 AM
Insomnia strikes! I've been doing well sleeping lately but have been awake since 3 and up since 4. I was worried that my FBGL was really low but tested OK at 4.5. :shrug:

On with the day! Am thinking of a breakfast of ww couscous, pomegranate seeds and some agave - am I nuts? I'm planning to make broccoli soup for lunch but that may end up for dinner as I will be in town shopping later - and avoided the dreaded Chinese Buffet!

12-02-2011, 09:01 AM
Ruthie Sorry about the insomnia. I was the opposite this morning as I wanted to sleep, but of course duty calls (alarm clock went off).LOL

Busy day today to get ready for the weekend. So will make this a quick one. Hope everyone has a great Friday.

12-02-2011, 06:26 PM
Hello All!

fbs at 79 this morning. Sorry that I am so late getting here today. It has been a busy and stressfull time since last night. My dad has some health problems relating to very severe sleep apnea and I am not sure how things will work out. I didn't sleep well last night.

I got up early and then did more than 2 hours of walkitout plus a little weight lifting. I went to the health food store and went with ds to get some new filters and stuff for the aquarium because it was bugging me! LOL I am heading down to my moms after a while to help her get set up to start working out a little on her wii. Maybe dad's health problems will have a positive outcome, after all.

Trish, :hug: I understand exactly what you mean about losing some of the fun of being grandma. You can't really spoil them when they live with you. I tell myself that my dgs will have a special relationship with me because he knows me so well. It all works out in the end....

Bonnie, I have "watched" you deal with many problems since you have been on this site and I absolutely know that you will make the best decisions for you and your family. In a weird way, after we get the diabetes diagnosis, some of us get stronger:carrot:. You are one of those people.

Ruth, good luck on your shopping. I have managed to get most of mine done in the last day or so by going online. Yay! A couple more and all I have to do is wait for the UPS man. :D I like to do elaborate gift wrapping so I try to do it all in one effort. I really enjoy it. I will actually go to a store soon to get more ribbon, etc. I bought all my paper last year after christmas.
Have a great day!


12-02-2011, 08:29 PM
quick hello to everyone. Trish, I feel for you, but don't know how to keep qrown kids from feeling so "entitled." I think my own younger one feels too entitled as well, and we have done our best to make her work for what she has. She seems to be doing better since leaving home and managing on a budget. Thats what happened with the older one who is now good with money and doesn't rely on us. She was very happy when we outlined what we were willing to help with financially for her wedding, and grateful.
Bonnie, hope you find a decent place that is that special combination of affordable and appropriate to your needs. Converting a garage to apartment does sound expensive.

I seem to be down a pound today, inspite of the fact I gave into a carb craving yesterday and had some corn chips with cheese on them. Hives are definitely better with the singulair. Ruth, I am sleeping really well lately, the meds for the hives (atarax) makes me sleepy and I am sleeping well at night, I still wake to go to the bathroom at least once most nights, but can get back to sleep fairly well usually.
a big hello to everyone, have a great weekend.

12-02-2011, 08:35 PM
Hi Everyone so Internet is Back on the hubby couldn't take it no more had to have it back as soon as he got the money. Will be back tomorrow to read all the post from the last few days...

12-03-2011, 08:02 AM
Good morning. Weight still stuck and FBL 5.2 this morning. :shrug: No idea why the higher reading - maybe having two slices of bread with dinner last night? On the other hand, maybe my bad girl body is thinking of the Ferraro Rocher and Laura Secord chocolates that are waiting to be wrapped. (This will be the first Christmas I've not succumbed and had to go out and buy new ones for gifting!)

Hold your families close despite all the turmoil you are going through. My DD ran away from home when she was 15 which left a huge hole in my heart - and in hers. She and I are fine now but it took twenty years. She's 46 now. Just sayin' from the advanced age of 72.

On with today. Big challenge today will be doing washroom control duty from 4 to 7 at the Mill tonight, We will be swamped with visitors here to tour, see the light displays in the Park and visit Santa. Our facility must be open and people use it for pit stops and to keep out of the cold while they wait for the next wagon down to the park. We also serve them hot chocolate while they wait.

Lifting my mug to a healthy weekend. :coffee:

12-03-2011, 04:38 PM
Hello Everyone,

Ruthie I know it is so confusing when it seems that our bodies are doing their own thing no matter what we do. My FBS is coming down slowly on home meter, but I have no idea why it reads much higher than the Alc reads at the doc's office. Now I'm just working at eating healthy and weight loss.

You are right about holding to our loved ones. I've had situations where these things work and some where they were a disaster. I think my fears of it not working get in the way. Yes there are some things that have to go the way we want it and some that don't. As Rie suggested, I've learned to speak up and say something before it gets away from me so that it isn't a "lot" of little things building up. I have re-arranged my kitchen putting some things like my pots and pans where they seem to want them. They are being ruined by them using metal in them, but I told DH that I was going to look at it this way. When they move out, I will get new ones. Same with some other things that seem to just "disappear". I don't want the stife in my life and I just may have to overlook some things to keep it out. That way our relationships can stay in tact when they leave and no harm done.

I also remember how I felt when deceased DH, the kids and I lived with his grandparents for a while. I loved them and I loved being with them. When DD's DH isn't here, she spends a lot of time with her Daddy and me. I realized that just maybe she feels that way about us. I sure don't want to mess that up. Also, I sure miss my deceased Mama and would give anything if I could spend one more afternoon with her and I'm sure she feels the same way about hers. I might be misunderstanding what is going on here. She may just really want a Mama relationship which I have never expected since she was so much older when I married her Daddy. I said something to her the other day about taking her for a Mother/Daughter time together and get a pedicure and fills. I told her it would be part of her Christmas. She was excited and like the idea of having that "special" kind of time together. I now see that while I do need to make some things clear that can't change, I also need to be alert for those signals that she sends that says she just "needs and wants" a Mama/Daughter relationship. What a blessing if we can build that kind of a relationship.

Bonnie Glad your internet is back on. Look forward to hearing from you.

Fatmad So glad the hives are better.

Rie I see how far the baby boy has come since they have been here and I'm sure their living here is important. He has gone from not talking to saying words even 2 word sentences. He love cheese toast and cheese sandwiches and will pick up pieces to feed himself. This morning he seemed to realize that Nanny and Mama were both here. I was busy getting ready to go to the beauty shop and his big brother was taking care of him. He evidently was ready to eat so he was calling, "Nanny, Nanny" and when I didn't answer he would say "Mama, Mama". These things were unheard of when they moved in here July 27th. I am now teaching him how to turnover and slide off the bed so he won't roll off and get hurt. This baby didn't do anything when they moved here because no one had taken time to work with him. Although I am not in the room with them when his therapist is here, I listen to what she does with him and then I do the same things during the week. He is turning out to be a very smart little boy. And eat? He used to wouldn't eat, but he eats lots of things now. That is because I give him tastes of different foods and he likes it. And it is even healthy foods. LOL I think you are right about the relationship we are gaining with them so that they know us probably better than any one else. He knows Nanny is going to be there for him and I think that is good.

I think I got everyone who has written recently. If not, I'm sorry I missed you.

12-04-2011, 08:35 AM

12-04-2011, 10:36 AM
Good Morning Chickies

I finally have found what works for me. Sunday is the day I made to be my official WI day. Just had to tell y'all that I have lost 10 lbs this week. :carrot: The ticker is finally reading true again. I am really excited about that.

Ruthie Guess I spoke too soon about sleeping so well. I woke up very early this morning around 5ish. Finally got up and did some exercises and then laid back down until time to get up. This is my only morning to sleep in and I couldn't sleep.:?: Any way, I turned it into a good thing.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.

12-04-2011, 12:47 PM
Hello All

FBS at 84 this morning despite some bad behavior on my part yesterday and last night. I ate a cheeseburger with onion rings for lunch at at the tourney and drank way too much wine:(I did not work out this morning because my knees and back are aching something fierce. I was literally on my feet for more than 12 hours.... Back on track with eating today.... Back on track with excercise tomorrow.

Yay Trish! 10 pounds is an AMAZING loss! It sounds like you have found the answer.



12-04-2011, 09:50 PM
trish that is amazing. congrats!
Ruth, thanks for the wave, hope you slept ok.
I may have a sleepless night, after a quiet weekend, had a delivery this afternoon and an induction to start in the morning, but in the mean time, I think the lady with labour on her own before then, and I will be up with her tonight.
DH made a lovely supper of roast pork and roast veggies, and I will have a little nap until needed. ttfn

12-04-2011, 09:50 PM
I've decided that I would use the lbs lost avatars to remind myself of the weight I've lost. I notice that they are in 5s and 10s. So hopefully that will also help me to stay OP to work toward another 5 lb loss. I think I'll set my goals at losing 5 lbs at a time.

Let's hope we all have a great week.

12-05-2011, 09:21 AM
Raising my mug of Keurig coffee to a good week. BGL a nice solid 4.8 and weight steady at 180. Forgot my diuretic for two days but am back on track now.

Challenge today is my Quilting Biddies luncheon, a planned pot luck. I'd hoped to sign the list early and bring Taco Bake but ended up doing dessert. I made and froze a rum cake last week and just took it out of the freezer now. I am keeping my fingers crossed that somebody brings something healthy for the main course. If not, I'll have to be very careful!

The Christmas machine is cranking up, girls. Hang on tightly!

12-05-2011, 09:51 AM
Yesterday was a very carby day. DGS turned 18 and we took everybody out to Ryan's for his birthday. I usually have no problem eating at Ryan's. I know lots of people have problems with buffets, but I usually don't. I think what happened is that I only had a snack for breakfast to save for eating out and then didn't plan well like I usually do. So by the time we got there I was starving and EVERYTHING looked good. I just didn't have a good plan like I usually do. I did not follow my IE rules I live by. I never allow myself to get to that stuffed feeling that I hate so. But we were all having such a good time that I wasn't paying attention to my feelings and I didn't realize what I had done until I was already miserable. Didn't eat anything else until we did DGS birthday cake and presents later in the evening. I am definitely back OP today.

Working on finding a way to get exercise in and figured out that I can do my 20 min Walk Away the Pounds when I put the baby down for a nap. Then I will let DH and DGD watch the baby while I do 10 minutes on the stationary bike around 4 or 4:30 in the afternoon while I watch a game show on tv. I'm shooting for 30 minutes 4 days a week. Some time next years I would like to build up to 45 minutes.

Mad - The pork roast sounds sooo good. I may have to get one to cook for next week. I know you are such a blessing to your mothers bringing little ones into this world. I know you have been such a blessing to all of us with the info you are so willing to share with us. I can tell that DD is going to be that type of nurse. We need more like y'all. As difficult things have been getting adjusted to each others ways, I am very proud of her.

Rie- Yes, I believe that I have found the answer for me. I don't usually have a big weight loss in the beginning of a diet. I have always been the one who followed the rules to the letter only to have small losses or even a gain while everyone else around me had the big losses. I think one reason I had such a good loss was that some of the gain was water and hadn't been gained all that long. I've learned some little helpful tricks from the WW/LC group that I found to help keep me from letting a mistake turn into disaster. For example, when I have an off day like I had yesterday, I learned not to let it make me feel like a failure but just use my weekly points. One person said she just counts the pts and moves on. I'm not sure how bad I did so I'm just counting all my weekly points for this week as already spent, although I don't think I used all of 49 of them, making it a legal off day. The rest of the week I will only use my daily pts and if I feel I want more then I will have to work for it with exercise to earn Activity Pts. It is something I can work with and live with and having to earn Activity Pts will help me get exercise going.

Ruthie, Bonnie and everyone else:wave:

12-05-2011, 12:12 PM
Hello All!

fbs at 79 this morning and I got in an hour workout. I woke rested and feeling good despite a general restlessness all day yesterday. I am looking forward to the week. I have a plan to eat and excercise well all week with the idea that I may slip a little on Saturday when we are ringing the bells for the Salvation Army. I think I need to get my shopping finalized and in order so I can feel more relaxed. And, of course, I need to get the oral surgery scheduled. :(

Fatmad, good luck with the long night ahead and the delivery. My oldest is 32 and I still have such fond memories of a labor and delivery nurse who stayed with me and took care of me. Even though I ended with a csection, I can still picture her face because of her kindness. Bless you.:hug:

Trish, it sounds like you have a good plan to get in some moderate excercise and to manage the occasional off-plan eating. Like you, I strongly believe that this is NOT a diet - I need to do this for the rest of my life and the weight will take care of itself.

Ruth, have fun at the quilt luncheon.

Bonnie, :wave:

Be Back Later.


12-05-2011, 12:56 PM
Some one Please Help me I have been feeling down here this last week and thought I have not went to sugar I have went to carbs .... I must get myself back together and keep going.. I dint exercise all week last week so I am up a pound or two . I must get it back before I fall off the cliff and I cant come back!!!!!

On the Brighter note It is official we are moving in with the aunt we are going to be move out of here by the end of January.. Spent the day with the aunt and her daughter yesterday and both agreed it was all a go. But were not building a apartment in the garage we will be staying in the house like we did before. It all worked out last time I know it will now. We all get a long great. It will be good for everyone. We set all the kids sown and told them what was expected and so on and all agreed.. So now I have so much to do I have to pack and go threw everything we have..

It is time for lunch I think a tuna sandwich is calling me. I will get back here later if i am able....

12-05-2011, 01:12 PM
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I got the decorating done in the kitchen - noticed a spot on the door that kept bothering me, so washed the door, then the other two doors, then the walls, and the cupboards! Also started decorating in the dining room - only had to wash one wall in there! Hoping during the week this week to get the Living room organized so I can get the tree up over the weekend. Meant for this to be a quiet weekend, but had a really busy bug in me. My DIL says I was nesting for her as she is due to have a baby any day. Was over budget in the eating both Sat and Sun - back in the groove today. Weekends are so hard for me! Sleep was off last night, am determined not to take sleep aids as I get in the habit of them easily. I have some relaxation music that helps - hopefully tonight will be better. Had a birthday here at work this morning - complete with apple pie and some frothy raspberry desert. I made and drank a cup of tea while everyone else indulged. I felt good about it, not deprived. Had a nice low cal/fat/carb soup for lunch.

Hope everyone is having a great start of the week.

12-05-2011, 03:20 PM
Some one Please Help me I have been feeling down here this last week and thought I have not went to sugar I have went to carbs .... I must get myself back together and keep going.. I dint exercise all week last week so I am up a pound or two . I must get it back before I fall off the cliff and I cant come back!!!!!

On the Brighter note It is official we are moving in with the aunt we are going to be move out of here by the end of January.. Spent the day with the aunt and her daughter yesterday and both agreed it was all a go. But were not building a apartment in the garage we will be staying in the house like we did before. It all worked out last time I know it will now. We all get a long great. It will be good for everyone. We set all the kids sown and told them what was expected and so on and all agreed.. So now I have so much to do I have to pack and go threw everything we have..

It is time for lunch I think a tuna sandwich is calling me. I will get back here later if i am able....

:hug:Bonnie You have done beautifully with your eating and your exercise. If I remember correctly, correct me if I'm wrong, you were not able to exercise for a few days there. So don't be down on yourself about any of that since it was beyond your control. My doc doesn't get upset about a couple of lbs gained because he says it can be caused from water, etc not because you've actually gained weight. If your weather is like ours today, try to remember that it can cause you to feel a little down. You have come so far and accomplished so much. I really don't know why you are feeling down, but please don't give up. It could be a number of things that has nothing to do with food. I got off and still don't know why, but it has taken me way too long to get back on a plan. If you think you can't do it, try to step back and see what you have accomplish and remember that you have proven to yourself that you can do this. I have no doubt that you will not give up but you will continue and be successful. Please share your feelings or thoughts with us if you need to so we can help you better. Hope you know that you have been a real inspiration.

Bonnie I'm glad you have made a decision concerning moving in with the aunt and everyone is in agreement. I don't think you will have any problems. I've thought back to how I felt when deceased hubby and I lived with his grandparents and remember what I wanted in the relationship. I realize that she and her DH just want to be mothered. DSIL Mother is still living but is so far away and her Mother is deceased. I realized that my fears of it not working for all of us was clouding my vision and I was seeing some things wrong. She has even voiced some things recently concerning the children especially disciplining the youngest girl that she doesn't know what to do. They don't even know how to wash their clothes properly. I had to show her hubby how to wash his work clothes last night. So my situation is just different from what I thought it was. It isn't that they will not do certain things, the problem is they don't know how and DH and I have to help them learn. You and your family will do fine living with the aunt and you are going in to it with the discussion in advance and you have successfully lived with her before which is a lot going for you. Have a great day.

12-05-2011, 03:22 PM
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I got the decorating done in the kitchen - noticed a spot on the door that kept bothering me, so washed the door, then the other two doors, then the walls, and the cupboards! Also started decorating in the dining room - only had to wash one wall in there! Hoping during the week this week to get the Living room organized so I can get the tree up over the weekend. Meant for this to be a quiet weekend, but had a really busy bug in me. My DIL says I was nesting for her as she is due to have a baby any day. Was over budget in the eating both Sat and Sun - back in the groove today. Weekends are so hard for me! Sleep was off last night, am determined not to take sleep aids as I get in the habit of them easily. I have some relaxation music that helps - hopefully tonight will be better. Had a birthday here at work this morning - complete with apple pie and some frothy raspberry desert. I made and drank a cup of tea while everyone else indulged. I felt good about it, not deprived. Had a nice low cal/fat/carb soup for lunch.

Hope everyone is having a great start of the week.

CONGRATULATIONS Connie!!! Great job on handling the party and not feeling deprived. Quite an accomplishment.

12-05-2011, 09:17 PM
Trish Thanks I know I tell myself I have to get back into working out daily I am gonna make it a point in the am I need this. I have been indulging in the carbs and I have to stop that Done told hubby I need to go grocery shopping for me. I am excited about moving with the aunt . ME and her daughter used to work out daily and we are planning on getting back into it. Plus I thought about jining the community center too they have a full gym..

I guess I was feeling a little depressed that we dont have any money aqnd isnt sure we can do anything for the kids for Christmas. All the Bills are paid we jest dont have no money left.. still depressed and the move will help alot for that. I must do what I need to....

12-05-2011, 11:46 PM
Trish Thanks I know I tell myself I have to get back into working out daily I am gonna make it a point in the am I need this. I have been indulging in the carbs and I have to stop that Done told hubby I need to go grocery shopping for me. I am excited about moving with the aunt . ME and her daughter used to work out daily and we are planning on getting back into it. Plus I thought about jining the community center too they have a full gym..

I guess I was feeling a little depressed that we dont have any money aqnd isnt sure we can do anything for the kids for Christmas. All the Bills are paid we jest dont have no money left.. still depressed and the move will help alot for that. I must do what I need to....

:hug:Awe, I'm so sorry about the funds not being there for Christmas. Deceased DH and I had to tell our kids that one year when they were young. It is amazing how kids seem to be more concerned for you than themselves. We've told the grandkids that we can't do a lot like they are used to because we have to spend the money on things to take care of them. The youngest GD doesn't understand and wants lots of presents which I've gone to dollar stores to buy for her since she is young enough to be happy with things from there. The older kids are more understanding. They will get something but it won't be a lot or as expensive as we probably could spend if they weren't living here. Of course the economy doesn't help either. I pray that things go well for you.

12-05-2011, 11:48 PM
I got my 30 minutes exercise done today. Sure had to make myself do the 10 on the stationary bike. DGD just came in and told me that her Step-dad doesn't work tomorrow so I can sleep in. Sure hope I can sleep. Had a good food day as well. See y'all tomorrow.

12-06-2011, 12:26 AM
Hi everyone, managed to stay on plan today, in spite of busy work stuff. All healthy babies, just many at once after a quiet weekend. so off to bed soon.
Bonnie: small Christmas gifts are ok. Your kids have parents who love them, who are doing what it takes to be able to feed and clothe them and take care of them. even the smallest little gifts are meaningful when you have love in your family. Thats what they will remember when they grow up, not that they didn't get nintendos and xboxes.

12-06-2011, 05:30 AM
Grrr. Woke at 2 and could not get back to sleep. Finally got up at 3 and tested my blood - 2.1!!!!! I have no idea why as I had pasta for dinner and indulged in some chocolate snacking in the evening :yikes: and was expecting a high. :shrug: I've had juice and am eating a delicious orange than just arrived from Florida yesterday. It may be time to cut the glyburide completely - I'm at a half dose of 2.5 right now.

Survived the pot luck yesterday without even a nibble of the desserts. Luckily there were some yummy salads for a change. I sent the remains of the rum cake home which worked out well.

Bonnie, I well remember Christmases when I was a single parent and money was really tight. Those are the years my kids recall now. Hang in there.

Raising my coffee mug to a good day for us all.

12-06-2011, 11:37 AM
A quick flyby this morning. A busy day ahead of me. Taking DSIL to get car tags for their vehicles... switching from FL to SC. Then DH and I plan to go to Costco in Charlotte. This evening oldest DGD is in a school play tonight. I will get my exercise today by walking, walking, and walking.

Bonnie - You know reading what Fatmad and Ruthiewrote made me realize that my kids always enjoyed Christmas whether we had much or little. In fact we all seem remember and talk about the Christmases or holidays when we had the least not when we had the most. I think that's because they knew there was one thing we always had and that is that we loved each other. That's what your's will remember too.

Be back later to catch up and do indies. Y'all have a good day!

12-06-2011, 12:21 PM
Hello All.

Fbs at 76 this morning. I had my usual breakfast and a workout. In the middle of a busy week.

Trish, it really sounds like you are learning some things that will help you cope and make the best of things. I am glad.

Ruth, I am so greatfull that your lows seem to wake you up! :?: I worry about being low in my sleep. May be time for that med change. You often express surprise based on what you ate. Is it possible that the med is "over-reacting" to carbs and causing lows?

Connie, nice job on passing the desert. Even nicer on not feeling deprived.

Fatmad, congrats on successful deliveries and on caring for yourself.

Bonnie, I am a big believer in extended families and it sounds like you know that this will work for all of you. I am glad. I used to feel really bad when my kids were young and I was a poor single mother. I felt like I could only give them puny presents. To my surprise, they have both told me in recent years that they have really fond memories of those times. "Family game night, borrowing movies from friends, our habits of the time". We used to also volunteer one day or evening at the mission or food bank as a family. My boys grumbled but they still love those memories. all were fond memories of love and caring. :hug: I am sure that your kids will be the same. As for the excercise, consider logging the heavy activity that you will be doing as you prepare to move. One of my sites (the presidents challenge.org) counts household tasks and other everyday activities as excercise. I hope that you can be kind to yourself right now. You have made such great progress and I dont want you to get down on yourself now....

I must run now and get to work. I will check in later.


12-06-2011, 12:38 PM
I jest did 1 hour of walk it out and am feeling pretty good...... Thanks everyone for the kind words my kids no that money is tight and my daughter even said lets wait for Christmas till after we move.. Smart kids I know . So far today is going good...

12-07-2011, 07:22 AM
Fly-by post as my day is already gearing up. Did not take ANY glyburide last night and FBGL was 4.6 this morning. I'm still puzzling over yesterday's low.
Healthy eating is the watchword today - broccoli soup is cooling, ready for packaging.

12-07-2011, 08:35 AM
Good morning everyone. Have an early doctor appointment today. Insomnia for a while last night, so am still dragging in spite of the quiet night. Looking forward to my new schedule in January, so I won't have to get up for work when on call. Can just sleep until done or the pager goes off.
weight is the same, and am having a little cheat of something sweet (with splenda after supper, and must give that up, the habit as much as anything, and to shift the weight.
I am dragging about food right now. Last week I was enjoying cooking everything from scratch, this week it just seems like a chore. I am hungry but not inspired to cook anything. Maybe just tired and will be better with sleep.
I am glad to hear everyone's experiences of Christmas in poorer times. I don't remember things being terribly tight, but I know my parents weren't spenders when I was little. My favourite gift the year I was 4 was a red ball. That's it, an 8 inch red ball. My mother recalled that so vividly, she gave me one for my 40th!, I still have it and treasure that moment of opening it up at my 40th, and we all laughed for a long time. My kids and husband didn't get it of course, until explained.
this year the handmade gifts from my girls made my 50th so special, and although I love the rolltop desk my husband gave me, the low cost but thoughtful gifts from the girls made my day. I will keep that in mind this year for them.
love to all :hug:

12-07-2011, 12:19 PM
Good Morning!

fbs at 82 this morning and I got in my workout. I am a little puffy and my rings are tight. I can't see anything really salty in my diet yesterday but who knows. I will push the water today.

Bonnie. Good job! Nice to have you back and your ds sounds like a really good girl.

Mad, being tired can cause all kinds of disruption. I hope you get rested. Your gift descriptions made me smile.... I was snackish myself last night for no reason. I had a small serving of fiber one cereal and it helped.

Ruth, the soup sounds lovely!

Trish, busy day. Enjoy!

Everyone else, I will be back tonight. It is a bye week for pool league and I am going to practice, then come home to my house in solitude. I might work out again, then relax with 3fc. Later


12-07-2011, 12:44 PM
Well, DD & GD are moving back in with us for the month of December. Hopefully after that DD's significant other will have a plan put together for taking care of his upcoming family! He is just finishing his degree next week and has to be out of his current apartment by the end of next week so DD & GD are coming back home so they don't contribute to the stress he is already feeling.

Also, we welcomed our newest GD to the world yesterday. My DS & DIL have been married 13 yrs, could not conceive so adopted two baby boys who are not 7 & 3, then she quite unexpectedly became pregnant! Both Mom & baby are doing well.

Finally had some movement (downward thankfully) on the scale. Down to 157.5 this morning! Gives me some motivation to get through the rest of the week.

Hope everyone else is having a great week.

12-08-2011, 08:53 AM
Just a quick flyby to to say :wave: Busy morning. Will try to get back later. Y'all have a great day!!!

12-08-2011, 09:18 AM
GOod morning all, a little change down on the ticker today. Still not back to the 170 I was at a couple of months ago before the hives started. They are worse today, after indulging in a diet ginger ale last evening. That may be a trigger, so will take pelligrino water to my staff holiday party tonight. The food is citrus free, (a guarantee by the caterer, who is awesome) so it will be safe, but I don't think will be on plan. I may eat before going and just stick to veggies. I will just enjoy the chance to dress up and dance.
Looks like people are getting busy, I have the weekend off. We were supposed to visit friends, but the one friend may need emergency gall bladder surgery, so likely not going anywhere.
In any case, there is a whole lotta moving going on here, with families getting into close quarters! Hope it goes well everyone! I guess my own DD (the younger) will be home soon.

12-08-2011, 09:51 AM
Fly-by for me too after a late start. Forgot my meds last night and had a 6.6 reading. I need to smarten up.

12-08-2011, 11:29 PM
Hi all!

fbs in line all day but I am definitely off plan. I spent the day baking goodies and making candy with the kids at work and I sure tasted stuff:( I did work out this morning so after standing on my feet for almost 7 hours straight today I am tired. The kids always like the day when I cook with them. It was fun.

Be back tomorrow.


12-09-2011, 08:42 AM
Good morning. FBGL 5.1 this morning after remembering to take my meds last night and weight is still stuck at 181. It HAS to budge sometime, right?

My friend Donna went for her HA1C results yesterday and was shocked to find she's now a 12! She told me this as she ate a breakfast at the Diner of two scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries, two slices of white Texas toast with peanut butter and jam all washed down with Splenda sweetened coffee because she has to "watch my sugars." I am so afraid for her. Her husband died in the summer after a battle with cancer so she has been pretty stressed out but ... She is talking about going to the gym with me in January which will be good for us both. However, she is going to have to revamp her eating habits - she doesn't "like" vegetables except for potatoes.

Yes, I'm frustrated but it is her problem. All I can do is set a good example.

12-09-2011, 10:49 AM
A quick one here today. My computer has been acting up. I'm not sure what is happening. I think too many people using it. I never let kids on my pc and came home the other day and oldest GS was on it which makes me wonder who goes on it when I'm not here. May have to start putting it away when not here.

Been a busy week and had hoped today would be quiet after I get laundry done, but DH told me before he went to bed that we need to go out to pick up meds. The man called in our meds and I can't find one of my prescriptions. Oh well. Got a really busy week end so not sure when I'll be back in here. DGS goes early to help set up Sunday morning and asked if it was okay if he does it next week as well. Means no days to rest.

Ruthie Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope she will get some good advice from her doc.

See y'all later.

12-09-2011, 01:43 PM
Hi all ,
Been busy here starting to get some stuff packed and go threw stuff so I can get some of this stuff done. We have so much to do inside and out side. Been on plan for eating I jest have not had the chance to work out. I wot lie the other day I was reading one of my ebooks I had ten in the series and I was on the 10th one I could not put it down I ended up staying awake till 2 am to finish it but it was so worth it. But I figured everyone needs a days of being lazy especially with so much stuff that needs to be done.

Looking around this house I wonder what the world am I doing with all this stuff I do realize I have three children but seems like I have so much stuff for 10. Looking for a place for my two kitties They are solid white and I need to find them a home both are fixed and inside cats so I hope we can find someone special for them... Then we have two dogs too we are looking for them a new home too. We will be giving the two huge fish tanks of fish to the fish store. so at least we can get something going...

Well so much on my mind I have to get in here and get some of this stuff going . Until I have a chance to get back on here......

12-09-2011, 02:31 PM
Good Morning!

fbs at 90 this morning.:( I had some sweets yesterday while I was baking with the kids. Oh well. It was fun. I did 2 hours of walkitout this morning and had a healthy breakfast. I plan to get my online shopping done this morning...

Tonight is the monthly charity pool tourney so I will be up until about 2am. Then, tomorrow I ring the bells for the salvation army with my staff from 10am until 8pm. Sunday is another charity event. It's gonna be a long weekend and I hope that my knee holds out. I probably won't be on here in the morning.

Ruth, sorry about your friend. It is so hard to watch. I hope that she gets some more education. So many people are kind of "old school" in terms of diabetes and don't understand the concept of carbohydrates. My dad is still convinced that he needs to watch is fat...:?: All we can do is set a good example.

Bonnie, I sure don't envy you the move and all the changes that go with it. :hug: It sounds like you have a good plan. And yes, you are entitled to a break. I love to read. Don't feel that you have to post - you feel free to just check the thread any time. We are here for you!

Trish, it sounds like you also have busy weekend ahead! It might be a good idea to password protect your computer..... I would raise H...LL if I found out that they were using it without my permission! NOT ok. :hug:

Hey Mad! How did the holiday party go?

Well, I need to get going. Have a great day!


12-10-2011, 08:57 AM
Good Saturday morning. FBGL 4.1 this morning and a tiny bit of movement towards the 170s. A good solid sleep after a relatively quiet Friday did the trick.

Some chocolate truffles occupied my mouth for a while last night but they are banished now. There is something about this season that says chocolate. :( Too bad it doesn't say salad instead! Today will be better although meals will be a tad off schedule. ( I have to work 4 to 7 at the Mill so will have a mid-afternoon snack and a later supper.)

Right now it's time for breakfast with one of those delicious and massive oranges from Florida. I must weigh one because I'm sure Fitday would count them as two fruits! They are just a tiny bit smaller than the grapefruit!

12-10-2011, 12:01 PM
Good morning everyone been busy here last night had the hubby go threw his closet got rid of everything he dont wear. So I went this morning and got rid of at least 3/4 of what was in my dresser. OMG I have this huge pile of clothing on the floor I din't know that I could possibly own this much clothing and I havn't even got to my closet yet God help me If I have not worn it for a while IT is GONE unless I jest have a fav I will keep I feel like I ma drowning in this house we have so much stuff I jest dont want all this extra baggage any more so It will be going....

Well hubby's aunt is comming to get the girls today they are going to go spend the night with her and help her out and we will be going in the am to help her get stuff ready and move furniture and make some room in her garage for us to store our stuff so have one busy weekend here...

Hope all is having a good weekend Check in when I can....

12-11-2011, 06:53 AM
Bonnie, I'm not moving but I cleaned out my dresser yesterday morning too. I can't believe how many bras I have, some of them still in the package. When I lose a bit more weight, I'm going for a professional fitting and may get one that really fits! It's very liberating to get rid of stuff!

3.1 this morning and weight still stuck. I need to get with it and increase my fiber. I plan to make a beef, bean and cabbage soup (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/cabbage-beef-soup/detail.aspx) today to get things moving. ;) It's the time of year for hearty soups and I have all the ingredients on hand.

Happy Sunday, Chickies. :coffee:

12-11-2011, 11:49 AM
Good morning. FBGL 5.1 this morning after remembering to take my meds last night and weight is still stuck at 181. It HAS to budge sometime, right?

My friend Donna went for her HA1C results yesterday and was shocked to find she's now a 12! She told me this as she ate a breakfast at the Diner of two scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries, two slices of white Texas toast with peanut butter and jam all washed down with Splenda sweetened coffee because she has to "watch my sugars." I am so afraid for her. Her husband died in the summer after a battle with cancer so she has been pretty stressed out but ... She is talking about going to the gym with me in January which will be good for us both. However, she is going to have to revamp her eating habits - she doesn't "like" vegetables except for potatoes.

Yes, I'm frustrated but it is her problem. All I can do is set a good example.

Ruthie, when I met my husband, he ate potatoes, creamed corn, and sometimes peas and carrots. Now he eats a full spectrum of veggies, with a few things he honestly doesn't like. (brussels sprouts and cauliflower) I am a big veggie eater and he does well now. A good example, and having her over to eat with you, is the way to go.
Being there for her is great.

12-11-2011, 12:03 PM
Hi all, our holiday party was a lot of fun. the caterer had special stuff for me, but my downfall was the chocolate pavlova for dessert, I did indulge, but I had been dancing all evening, so I didn't feel too bad.
We didn't go to see our friends in Bancroft this weekend, as my girlfriend, who has been struggling with gall bladder problems for years, had a terrible attack this week, and had it removed finally on Thursday night as emergency surgery, there was a stone stuck in the bile duct. Hope they got it before she gets pancreatitis. She is on the mend now. We had been invited to a dinner party last night, but didn't want to reimpose on the hostess after declining, but we went over for coffee and dessert, (didn't have it!) and visited with dear friends. And today, I will go to Toronto and check DD out in what she thinks is THE wedding dress. A lovely weekend none the less even if not what we planned.
Working just 10 more days before the 5 day holiday break. Having the whole crew for Christmas, (my Dad, both girls, son in love, his dad and brother, and my sister and nephew. )
I am really way too lazy though and have to get more exercise. I have not been making it a priority. I am inspired by those of you who have been exercising so regularly. Thanks for that.

Its cold here (-10 C) and DH has a fire going, and I will be off to Toronto in a few minutes. have a lovely Sunday friends.

12-11-2011, 03:14 PM
Good Afternoon Chickies,

Not feeling well today. I don't know if I'm fighting off a cold or an allergy. Went to bed around 10:30 and got up around 1am because I couldn't sleep. I just couldn't get comfortable. Took an OTC sleeping pill and went back to bed. Today have heavy head feeling and horrible ringing in my ears. Just not up to par. Didn't make it to church. DD had to GS as today was his day to do behind the scenes stuff. I think he has been asked to do it next week too.

Ruthie I sympathize with your friend. It is not easy to face up to things sometimes. So many people think it is all about sugar. I'm afraid I fall into that trap sometimes myself. I hope she will be open to your wisdom and let you help her.

I was up 5 lbs today. I am so :mad: at myself. I'm really :frypan: myself up because of my stupid attitude. I need a good :kickbutt: in the pants. It's time for me to get with it holiday or no. Not only am I getting back OP with LC, but will also start the 3 day a week exercise with it as well. Just going to go for it asI know that I have to face the fact that I HAVE TO LOW CARB!!! I did such a beautiful job of getting my numbers under control whan I did Atkins over a year ago. Now I'm having to start over with it. I am doing Induction for a few days to get my eating under control again and to get the FBGL back down. It's not too late to improve my health if I will JUST DO IT. I am craving fish again so I feel that is a good way and time to start over while hungry for fish. I also got an article last week telling of research/tests done in Canada that proves that eggs are actually very healthy for you. I had an egg salad for breakfast this morning. So I'm on my way again. I actually believe that it is sinfully wrong to know how to heal your body with the way we eat and to keep doing the opposite. When I did Atkins, my doc was impressed as well as amazed at how much my numbers had improved in just a few short months. He talked about how I had improved things before any damage had been done. So I know it works, I just have to WORK it and hope I haven't done any damage while goofing off.

Fatmad Like Ruthie and Rie, you are a busy lady. You really did a good job with your eating at the parties. Have a safe trip and enjoy being with your DD.

Bonnie Isn't it amazing how much stuff we collect? Like Ruthie I also have a lot of undies as well as other clothes that I can wear as I lose weight. I refuse to buy any clothes larger than the size I am now so I can't allow myself to gain any more.

Rie, Slmn and everyone else:wave:

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

12-12-2011, 08:22 AM
Happy Monday morning!

I was out tea-partying yesterday afternoon and succumbed to a slice of Marjory's Christmas cake and I don't even like the stuff! I think my resistance muscle needs to start working out more. I did have a proper supper though - the cabbage/bean soup which was tasty but made a huge amount. I had to switch over to my largest crock-pot.

Today should be a healthy day. I am cooking a smallish utility turkey later to make dog treats and will save some of the breast meat for supper WITH vegetables. I am getting lazy about veggies and need to fix that. I plan to roast some sprouts and wee carrots in the toaster oven and see if that inspires me to eat more. I am suffering from the Big C and really need a "celebration"! ;) TMI, I know but ...

By the way, Donna has rejoined the gym, so starting in January we will be going three times a week for 7:30. It really helps to have someone else going. I hope her enthusiasm - and mine - lasts past her one month trial membership.

Raising my coffee mug to a healthy day for us all.

12-12-2011, 10:04 AM
How is everyone going?? Things here are going ok. Went to the aunts and got alot accomplished . Packed a few boxes and got a load on the way to good will . Although my eating was not very good this past weekend I have to say I am up a few pounds but Hopefully can start loosing them here soon. I have so much to do I still want to take time for me.

So I hope all is going well I dont have alot of time right now I will check back in later.

12-12-2011, 11:05 AM
Good morning!

fbs at 84 today and I had a good breakfast but I didn't work out. I spent Saturday night and all yesterday in lots of pain from my knee. I guess standing on the cement and ringing the bells for 10 hours on Saturday was too much for me. So, I am letting it rest. It sure makes the rest of me achy and out of sorts, though, when I don't work out. :( We gave out lots of hand-made treats all day and I only had a couple small morsels. It was hard to stand there in front of a table full of chocolate and not even have a taste ;)

Mad, how was the dress? I bet your DD is beautiful.

Ruth, I am sure that your example will be good for your friend. The gym is a good choice in your neck of the woods. We don't want you taking another fall! The big c stuff is no fun. I am chronic. I am still working on it because I just know my system would work better if I find the right balance. Dont forget to include water with the fiber :o

Trish sorry that you are not feeling well. It seems like there are lots of bugs going around this time of year. One would think that the cold would kill them off. You will get back on plan, I have every faith in you.

I am thinking of Carol and hoping that her health procedures are going well.

Bonnie, you are so busy but it sounds like you are really getting things ready to go! Good for you - and get rid of those clothes - you won't be needing them anymore.....:D. But, keep one giant shirt or pair of fat pants - it will be fun for you to look at them later....

Gotta run. Have a healthy day all.....


12-12-2011, 10:15 PM
HI gang. Dress shopping was limited, DD really just wanted my blessing for what she was pretty sure was the dress. IT IS THE DRESS! :bravo:
It is a v neck sheath, in raw silk and is rusched across the torso. Quite lovely. She looks gorgeous, and it really suits her figure and skin tones.
So thats done. Will need alterations, its off the rack so she got a deep discount, yet its ideal for her.
Weight is ok, haven't lost more weight but still at 177. However, not feeling great, think I am brewing a uti, so did a urine sample and started on macrobid.
Sort of stayed on plan today, used some atkins products for meal replacements. am going to bed in a few minutes.
I got to read everyone, but too tired for personals today.
happy monday.

12-12-2011, 10:47 PM
I had a really good nights sleep which did help me to feel better this morning. Still had the stuffiness off and on throughout the day as well as the ringing ears. But I am back OP and I've had 2 good lc days. Didn't use WW yesterday, but today I decided to continue using it with the WW plus pts for portion control. I actually do enjoy doing it this way. I just have to be careful to watch out for too much salt and really keep the grains even whole grains to a minimum. Didn't use all the daily pts today so I'm really pleased with that. I was back down 2.5 lbs this morning. I read on the thread I joined that does WW and low carb on another site that WW no longer pushes the grains whole or not. They don't discourage them, but they don't encourage them either. So this is very doable and works... I just have to remain committed to working the plan.

Bonnie - Looks like you are going to be busy for a while packing, moving and then getting settled. I think some of that counts as exercise. Do you have a date you are shooting for to be moved in to your aunts? Continue to check in and let us know how you are doing whenever you can.

Ruthie - I have been slipping on the veggies too. I hope doing the WW plan will help with that because I can make a big salad and the veggies I use are 0 pts which gives me an incentive to eat them not only in the salad but also as snacks. I am so glad your friend is going to be doing the gym with you. Should make it more fun and perhaps you will be an inspiration for her.

Fatmad - Hope your friend is doing well after her surgery. How did your DD like the dress? I know you will enjoy having your whole bunch especially your Dad for Christmas. I would love to have my family especially my Dad here for Christmas, but we all live too far apart as we are all scattered. I think it will be nice to have the children that live here with us. So I will be thankful for what we have and not complain. I've got to get in the mood to bake as I promised the 8 yr old DGD that we will bake when she gets out of school for the holidays. Can't disappoint her. Since I make everything from scratch for the holidays, I will mix the homemade cookie dough and the girls will bake them. She is very excited.

Rie - Sorry about your knee; hope you get to feeling better soon. I don't do well on cement either. I know how you love doing your exercise so I know you are missing it. I may not be able to start mine until after the kids go back to school in January. However, I will be ready to get into a routine by then if not able to do it before. I will do some before January if I can work it out.

Good night. I'll catch y'all tomorrow.

12-13-2011, 08:39 AM
Good Morning Chickies

I just had to check in real quick and say things are getting to normal with this way of eating. One more lb and I'll have my 10 lbs off again and my FGL is back down to 123 this morning.:carrot: Thank God I'm on the right track evidently on the right plan for me. I have a book that says you need to count calories as well as carbs. It is easier for me to eat less carbs and count WW pts. So glad someone figured this out and was willing to share their success doing it and I found it.

Y'all have a great day!!!

12-13-2011, 09:24 AM
:carrot: for the weight drop, Patty. Mine is still stuck and nibbling on some truffles yesterday didn't help - chocolate truffles, not the mushroom-type ones. I cooked a turkey yesterday to use when I make dog treats and did snack on some of the meat. I might better have had a proper meal and ignored the candy because BGL is 5.2 this morning.

Raising my coffee mug to us for a good Tuesday. :coffee:

12-13-2011, 10:54 AM
Hello All!

fbs at 84 this morning. I had a pretty much on-plan day yesterday. It even included a little wine in my calorie/carb count.:o

Today the kids at my facility make a fancy lunch for the board of directors and county commissioners. It is a great event and the kids are so cute as they agonize over menus, decorations, and practicing their manners. I can't wait...

This afternoon I am seeing my orthopedic guy. He will drain my knee and inject cortisone. I can handle the procedure but the 36 hours or so afterward will be awful. I always get this reaction in my knee that is so painful. I can also expect bs readings in the 180 - 190 range:(. The medical people never seem to be worried about that but it always scares me :( However, after the next couple of days, I will be able to train and workout with less pain.

Ruth, I am planning to make some truffles and a couple other things on Saturday. Then, I am going to get rid of them ASAP. I LOVE chocolate.

Trish, it sounds like the WW and low carb is working great. :carrot: Yay on the weight loss.

Well, I am off to face the day....


12-13-2011, 10:58 AM
HI gang, all well here, weight steady. Maybe daily is too often, but it keeps me honest. I guess looking on the bright side of having these hives, is that the atarax I take at night lets me sleep well, I have virtually no insomnia anymore. The singulair seems to get me through the day and I don't get sleepy from that. So, 2 days in a row I took the dog to the trail for a 30 minute walk. :carrot:
Big stuff for me, lazy as I am. Today I will go to town and have lunch with my little Lilia, and give her her Christmas gift. She and her parents are going to Holland for the holidays, as their dear friends are there for a year sabbatical.
I got her some red rubber boots (they look like ladybugs) and the fab book,
"Red is Best". That was a fav of my kids. GOt the shopping done for the grand nieces and nephews. Just a few more little things to do. I am not baking except for dessert for Christmas dinner and I think if I can make a sugar free pavlova, that will be perfect. In past years, I made a sugar free nut torte for the cake, and made an (almost) sugar free trifle for dessert. (cant get sugar free sherry, and the berries have a bit, but the custard and cream can be sugar free, low carb, but sinful!)
While I am in town, will plan to go to yoga, so as long as I don't get called out, will be good for exercise today. Have to get in shape for cross country skiing.!
Must be having a good day, feel inspired. :D
hugs to everyone, especially Bonnie while you are packing and making big changes for the benefit of your family. :hug:

12-14-2011, 07:20 AM
Busy, busy chicks! As they say around Delta, "No flies on ......" <---- your name here.

BGL and weight still holding from yesterday - no chocolate yesterday but did have a bad encounter with hummus and crackers, all good healthy stuff but not in large quantities. I realized yesterday that I've not been regularly taking my Victoza which seems to stomp on my snacking habit.

Aside from that, I'm feeling on top of the Christmas juggernaut with just a bit of wrapping left to do and my goodie baskets to make. Today I hope to get to Bulk Barn for supplies and make my doggie treats as well. However, it's very foggy out there so I may not be able to get to town this morning. I have pet therapy to do this afternoon so may have to go tomorrow. This is one of the times when I wish I was back in the city - but the wish passes fast!

Happy Hump Day!

12-14-2011, 08:46 AM
Hi all, weight is down another pound this am. WIll change the ticker if it stays down. Am thinking that if I can keep this up I can forget about the bernstein diet, everything I read is negative, but I want to lose most of this by April, so may do it in February if I am not losing even if faithful on Atkins.
Ruth, it is too warm here too, about freezing and expecting rain today after a week of cold clear weather and some snow on the ground just feels wrong. HOping for a white Christmas for sure.
Saw my little Lilia yesterday, I brought lunch to her and her mother, so we didn't have to tie the kid down in a restaurant. Instead she showed off her brilliant 11 month old walking skills and enjoyed my Christmas gift of red rubber boots and babbled and played, and I had a lovely time.
Happy wednesday friends, Im off for a busy work day.

12-14-2011, 09:36 AM
Good Morning Chickies

I am happy to say that I've had 3 days of successfully OP and it has paid off in the fact that the 1lb+ 1 has come off and I am now down 11 lbs and my ticker is accurate. It helps me have the incentive to stay OP. FBGL was up to 150 mg, but could be due to several things. Had a stressful evening and didn't sleep very good and I usually have a snack around 9ish of yogurt and a few berries so I can take my last Metformin for the day. Last night I ended up eating a string cheese and 2 whole grain crackers instead. I ate a little later and may not be able to eat those that late at night. It's just too heavy for nighttime for me. I also had to take a sinus pill since something is really messing with my allergies and that makes the reading higher. Doc told me to take Clairton without D, but I have to have the D for it to work. I also realize that my FBS reading just may bounce around some until I get some more of this weight off. I do know from past experience that when I get my weight down below 200, my BS is normal. So I think I need to focus on getting the weight off and everything else will correct itself. My goal during the holidays is to lose as much weight as I can or at least not to gain anything. I want to go back to the doc in January with a weight loss of even a lb and to get an improved blood work. I also know from past experience that eating more of low to moderately low carb sure does improve all the blood work numbers. It just feels so good to have things back under control.

Ruthie - I also have to watch the chocolate. I do allow myself 2 pcs of dark chocolate for the health benefits, but I may not be able to do that much until I get the bs under control again. At least with WW, I can have it within the daily pts. However, I find that as I get things under control that I don't seem to crave it so much. DD bought to turkeys on sale and has announced to all of us that she is cooking it tomorrow. I am looking forward to having some of it.

Fatmad - Sorry you still have those horrible hives, but glad you are getting sleep from the meds. Good for you on the 30 minute walk. The kids have a dog and I've have taken on so many things they should be doing that they should be doing, but maybe I should walk their dog. They take him out but don't walk him and all he does is eat and sleep and he is getting fat. I just haven't decided if I wanted to do it because once I do, it will become "my" job. However, it would solve two problems... he would get out more and we both would get exercise. I see you get attached to some of your babies... so easy to do. I always did that when I had child care in my home years ago. I wanted to be a foster home, but my DH at that time said "No, you will get too attached and then it will break your heart to have to let them go". So I never did it. I can tell you are really good at what you do and I'm sure you are blessed as much as they are.

Rie - I agree that kids are so cute and fun to watch as they plan things like that. Soon to be 9 yr old DGD has informed me that "we need to plan our Christmas dinner", especially the things we are going to bake. I need to make a list of things I need to get for our baking and may make that a project she and I can do this afternoon when she gets home. Saturday she spent time going through the house finding things she could give each of us and wrapped them with wrappings she made from construction paper and placed them under the Christmas tree. So cute and funny. We may get things that are already ours. LOL
Sorry you had to have the knee drained and a shot, but sure hope your knee will be better really soon.

Bonnie - I hope all is going well for you as I know you are a busy girl these day with the move.

I have presents I need to get busy and wrap and see what I still need to get for who. DH used to keep a list of things we gave each person so I'm waiting for him to get that done and then I'll wrap them and put them under the tree with Hannah's homemade gifts. Just have to get in the mood. Don't even have my Christmas Cards ready to mail and I usually mail them way before now. I did find them and get them out yesterday, just have to address, stamp and mail them.

Well, I've been long winded this morning. Guess I better get busy. DD gets out early today so will be home before noon and DH and I are going for him to get 2 blood tests done at 2 different doctor's offices and then out to eat and to the store. My Thursday night Bible study has moved to tonight so will be a busy day.

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Y'all have a great Wednesday.

12-14-2011, 09:38 AM
Hi all, weight is down another pound this am. WIll change the ticker if it stays down. Am thinking that if I can keep this up I can forget about the bernstein diet, everything I read is negative, but I want to lose most of this by April, so may do it in February if I am not losing even if faithful on Atkins.
Ruth, it is too warm here too, about freezing and expecting rain today after a week of cold clear weather and some snow on the ground just feels wrong. HOping for a white Christmas for sure.
Saw my little Lilia yesterday, I brought lunch to her and her mother, so we didn't have to tie the kid down in a restaurant. Instead she showed off her brilliant 11 month old walking skills and enjoyed my Christmas gift of red rubber boots and babbled and played, and I had a lovely time.
Happy wednesday friends, Im off for a busy work day.

:carrot: CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss. Glad things are working for you and hope it keeps going that way for both of us.:)

12-14-2011, 01:10 PM
Hello friends!

fbs at 62 this morning. I had two other (worse) low episodes last night. I am having a really bad cortisone storm post shot yesterday, lots of pain and a fever. I was worried about it sending my bs soaring but apparently it is giving me lows this time :?: Just when I think I have this bs stuff figured out. I talked to my nurse and she thinks it may be because my bs is so controlled now as opposed to a year ago when I had the last shot. Just got a call back from the dr who advised 10 - 15 carbs and testing evry 2 hours for now.

Congrats on the weight loss to everyone, especially during this busy season!

Ruth, I love how you always remember to mention "hump day". I am a chocolate FIEND :devil: I just try to allow myself to indulge in small amounts.

Trish, it sounds like you are getting things figured out. I agree that losing the weight is such a big part of this bs battle. For me, the regular excercise is also key. I was reminded again, as my bs was staying at about 10+ in the couple days that I couldn't work out. Your story about little dgd is soooo cute! The little ones understand the spirit of giving, even though they may be a bit confused about the mechanics...:D

Mad, of course, we will support your decisions about whatever plan you follow. I have some friends who did a Bernstein-like plan here. Shots, appetite suppressants, very rigid program. They have rapidly lost a lot of weight and two of them have boomeranged right back. Just be careful, ok? Your dd and the rest of the family want you HEALTHY. How is that diet for diabetes? I loved your story about little Lilia. I could picture her in my mind.

Bonnie, thinking of you as you do all the hard work to take care of your family.:hug:

Lets all say a prayer and think special thoughts about Carol. I am sure that she is still hospitalized from her surgery but I am praying for her quick and effective recovery. Bless her and her family.

Sorry for anyone that I missed.


12-14-2011, 07:20 PM
Thanks for the support friends. What I have read about Bernstein is that it isn't healthy, and I would boomerang, and while I am desperate not to look fat in the wedding pictures, I don't want the weight back at the end of the summer, and maybe be unhealthy in the mean time. I will think about it for the long term if needed. After a couple of weeks of being really on target with atkins, I tend to get a bit lazy and cheat a bit. Not enough to really gain, but it interrupts the weight loss. I think I have to be really on plan. That shouldn't be any harder that what I read about Bernstein. And if I can stay on plan, the carb cravings will be better.
Rie: I have mostly heard about bs going high after cortisone shots, but you are right, your sugars are MUCH better controlled now, so may be the reason for the lows. Trish, I love the story about grandkids and baking, and "homemade" gifts. That is sweet. It is good for kids to get creative when finances are difficult.
DH made a good supper for me tonight, which was great, was starving after work. Am also very tired, so going to lie down.

12-15-2011, 07:48 AM
Good morning. Just a quick check-in before the day gets away with me. Weight is still the same and FBGL is steady. It HAS to move sometime, right?

Fatmad I feel better knowing you are not doing Dr. B. There was a chick on this board (from Kingston) who was on his plan and ended up with major problems. I think it was from the shots.

Sorry I can't linger these days but things are gearing up around here. Happy Thursday.

12-15-2011, 09:18 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Fatmad - I wasn't aware of Dr. B with shots, but I did try the diet at one time and I just couldn't cut the carbs that far back. I get emails from a girl on another thread who has lost weight on Carbohydrate Addict's CALP. She said she heard of a man who lost weight by just cutting out grains which really caught my eye because when I decided to do WW/LC I decided to eat grains but very little. She decided to do an experiment for 30 days to see how her body reacted to cutting out wheat/grains. She says she has been consistently losing weight everyday. May be 1/4 to 1/2 a lb a day, but the scales are moving downward. She started doing the experiment on June 11 and gave the results of a few days and she is still doing it with the same results. I noticed when I started doing this WW/LC that I am steadily losing as well and have been wondering what was helping me to lose since I've had such a difficult time losing for so many years. I think it is because I'm not eating a lot of grains. I did have a burger yesterday and noticed that the scales didn't move up or down. So I'm thinking the wheat/grains just may be a problem for me. She gets her carbs from chocolate, fruits, veggies and nuts and still does it with CALP. Not a lot different from phase 2 of South Beach. This also explains to me why that diets like Meditarrainian (sorry sure I spelled that wrong) Diets always made me gain weight rather than lose. Had a diet doctor put me on a diet with loads of grains and when I went back 2 weeks later I had gained weight and he chewed me out. I went home in tears, because he thought I cheated but I didn't. Now I see it was the grains, not me. Just thought I would share this with you for what it is worth.

Ruthie - Be sure to take care of YOU during all you busyness.

Rie - Hope your knee is letting you get back to the exercise you are missing. I am actually getting in the mood to exercise. My dvd player is difficult to work in my bedroom, but I am wanting to learn to use it so I can get with the exercising. So I plan to do just that and not wait until January to start while I have the strong desire to do it.

Bonnie Hope you are taking time for yourself with all the work you are doing. All that work is called EXERCISE just working other muscles than you usually do.LOL

Have an easy day today and tomorrow. DD is taking exams today and will be home early and off tomorrow so I'm going to try to get the rest of the shopping done and get presents wrapped and under the tree. Also got to get things ready for the DGDs to do their baking as well as do my own baking. Christmas will be here and over and we'll be in a new year before we know it. Time goes so quickly, but it seems to go even quicker since I've gotten older.

Everybody else reading:wave: and let's all have a great day!!!

12-15-2011, 09:53 AM
Moved the ticker this am! I am down, and am actually a little below that. Friends, you are all right, I just have to stick with it, and be strict. In the past I have been adding in sugar free treats, low carb crackers etc. and I stall. I am doing it right, and better and its showing. Trish, I can do without bread and spaghetti, but I miss sweet baked goods (ok, we all do) and oatmeal and grain salads, like tabouli and quinoa salads. These may sound strange to some, but they are whole grains, have some protein, and when I was a vegetarian, many years ago, were staple foods to me. A good tabouli salad is really delicious. If you do eat grains, try it some time.
Today is potluck day at work, may not partake and just have the chicken salad and coleslaw that I bring.
HOpe Rie's knees are better, and the fever is down. Trish, thanks for your buck up. BOnnie, good luck with packing.
Happy Thursday.

12-15-2011, 07:43 PM
Made my famous red cabbage salad for the potluck, went over well.


Try it for a colourful and flavourful mouthful. I am not sure about the nutritional info, the carbs seem high to me. I use 2 pkts. splenda instead of sugar in the dressing of course.

Stayed on plan today, inspite of Christmas temptations. I took stuff off the table, and did the dishes so I wasn't tempted to munch after lunch. If I can just keep this up, for say 6 months :dizzy:

12-15-2011, 10:26 PM
Hello friends.

No internet this morning and I had a terrible and very long day at work today. My knee is better but I am following dr orders to lay off excercise until Monday. I will probably "cheat" a little and lift some weights with upper body on Sunday.

Bad news for me today of allegations against two staff members that have started a full investigation. Auditor arriving tomorrow at my request. I spent the day with attorneys and trying to deal with anxious staff members. I will probably need to work through the weekend. Sorry if I won't be around much but maybe things will settle out soon.

Even so, it is sure nice to come on here - even like I did late last night - and see what you all are up to..... Proud of everyone here and our progress. Be back soon.


12-16-2011, 08:45 AM
good morning..

sorry for being MIA. i get down this time of year. my dad left me and my mom on Christmas morning when i was 13. i know it was nothing i did, it still hurts after all these years. i think i am going to work on that this coming year and see if i can't resolve the feelings and maybe it will help with my eating. sorry to complain.

tomorrow we finish up the Christmas shopping and sit back and wait. granddaughters will be here for their winter break. the other grandmom watches them, but, she is leaving town. one gets her braces today. so i have some soft foods for her to eat next week.

well, off to find next years 5k runs. i am also going to plan some with hubby for next year.

zumba tonight. looking forward to that.

12-16-2011, 09:03 AM
Nice to see you, Chipper. Sorry about the bad Christmas memories but please don't apologize. You have every right to have those feelings.

Woke up this morning to two pounds gone and a decent BGL of 4.3. I may reinstate my ticker next week as it's lying just a little bit right now.

I have a slight bit of indigestion happening since I nibbled at some nuts last night. A dumb move since I know they do that to me but I did do a Bulk Barn shop yesterday - in the pouring rain - and was feeling a tad sorry for myself. With no family nearby, this time of year can be sad although I have lots of friends and lots of community involvement.

Donna comes to clean this morning, I have a doctor re-check this afternoon and Book Club tonight so had better get moving.

TGIF :cb:

12-16-2011, 09:31 AM
Chipper - Good to see you. I remember when DD first hubby left her and 3 children. Their divorce was final on their anniversary. She and the children were devistated. She has a wonderful husband and they have a son and they all live with us right now. I know at least one daughter (the one child who was closest to him) still goes through things. I don't believe we ever get over the hurts of things that happen in our lives that hurt us, but I do believe that we can get to the place we can past it. I pray you will find your way. It is like my Daddy said one Sunday to a man visiting our church whose wife had died. Daddy told him from the pulpit "People tell me they don't know how I do it... how I go own without my wife like I do." He said "I tell them I didn't know I had a choice". So my thoughts are with you this Christmas for you to find peace.:hug:

Ruthie - You know DH and I have spent so many holidays without our family around and I realize what a blessing it is to have the children here this year. I was thinking this morning, At this time, we would usually be getting for them to come spend a week or so with us. This year we are making new memories. DD and I are really building a great relationship.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Will try to get back later. Y'all have great Friday.

12-16-2011, 10:53 AM
Hello all,

I am thankful for a fbs of 72 after a stressful and sleepless night. I have breakfasted and I am off to face the day.

Chipper, :hug: sorry about the hurtful christmas memories. I hope they go away.

Ruth, it must be hard to be away from family. Remember though, there is the family that you are born from and the family that you choose. I think you have lots of chosen family around you.;)

Trish, it is easy to overlook the blessings and just focus on the stress, isn't it?

Off to face the day.....


12-17-2011, 09:10 AM
"Chosen family" - good thought, Rie. Thanks.

The hostess for Book Club went all out with refreshments last night so I had a very light supper. Luckily she had veggies and dip along with other terrifying stuff. She insisted I try her stuffed mushrooms which were absolutely horrible! Blue cheese and walnuts were a bad combo. Luckily her dog was very fond of me so ...

Being abstemious paid off as weight was back into the 170s this morning and BGL a good solid 4.5.

I'd better get moving. We had snow last night and I need to shovel the decks so the dogs don't track in quite so much of the white stuff. I am so glad I put the car into the barn last night.

Wishing us all a Saturday of peace and accomplishment.

12-17-2011, 10:32 AM
hey friends: Nice to hear from you Chipper, and Rie, hope that situation at work gets better. How stressful at holiday time.
Ruth, we too have chosen family, or what I call "friendship families", those who are not related, but are so close that it feels like they are family. While most have other family to spend holidays with, not all do, and we regularly include each other in gatherings.
ticker down a little again today. HOpe I can keep it together today. I have a family gathering (pizza, so I will eat before going) and a Christmas party after that (I am making low carb stuff to take for the potluck) Hope I don't get challenged too much though.
DD home today, she just has one more exam, but we will drive her to town for that one. Have a happy Saturday.

12-17-2011, 11:22 AM
Hello Friends.

After a 14 hour day yesterday, the investigation is finished. I will have a couple of days of lawyers and reports on Monday but then it will finish. Sad and tired here...

fbs was 85 this morning after a supper at a local club. Not many good choices so I had really good battered shrimp. I pulled off most of the breading.

Yesterday I went in to weigh in and was very disappointed to see a reading of a 5+lb gain. I refuse to believe that. So, I ordered a scale for my home today to start tracking more closely. I looked at my logs and there is no way that I GAINED weight this month. Time for a new weighing strategy.

I am going to spend the day with my mom and dad making sweets and cookies. My plan is to practice real moderation and to let the stress of the week fade away. I am not supposed to work out until monday but I am going to cheat and go for a slow walk tomorrow morning.... Hey - its not aerobics, right?;)

Ruth, careful shoveling that snow! I sure wish we would get some here.

Mad, I liked the coleslaw recipe but I am alergic to walnuts and pecans. Maybe toasted almonds?

Trish, enjoy the holiday preparations.

Chipper, I just descovered a website here that lists running events. I am so excited!

Bonnie, hope all the move preparations are going really well.

Be back later folks!


12-17-2011, 03:09 PM
Hello Friends.

After a 14 hour day yesterday, the investigation is finished. I will have a couple of days of lawyers and reports on Monday but then it will finish. Sad and tired here..

Mad, I liked the coleslaw recipe but I am alergic to walnuts and pecans. Maybe toasted almonds?


sorry for a hard work day, sounds awful, I too would be upset to lose coworkers this way.
I am sure you could use toasted almonds, but if you are terribly allergic, I am not sure its ever safe to eat other nuts. Up to you though.

Have a good day

FYi everyone, I posted a recipe I made by experimentation for a low carb chocolate cream pavlova yule log. Very rich, and yummy!

12-17-2011, 06:11 PM
Rie :hug:Sorry about the problems at work. I'm sure it was stressful and a sad situation for you, but glad the investigation is over for you. Hope you can have a good week end inspite of everything.

Ruth I found the idea of "chosen family"very pleasing. I've some of those in my life as well. Some how blue cheese and walnuts just doesn't sound good. Glad your weight is back down in the 170s.

Fatmad I will definitely check out the recipe.

Well, you know me... always trying something different. Attempted combining CALP with the WW/LC woe, but it's too complicated and I like what little carbs I do eat scattered throughout the day rather than trying to eat them in a 1 hr period. So will keep things simple and do them as I originally planned. Just don't like eating all my carbs at one time. It also caused me to have some swelling this morning. So I'll just keep things simple.

Have a church Christmas party tomorrow evening, but DH is sick with flu (he had the flu shot too) like symptoms so we don't plan to go. Will probably go to church... unless he gets a lot better, we will stay at home this year.

Catch y'all tomorrow.

12-17-2011, 09:22 PM
Mad, where did you post the recipe?

12-18-2011, 06:25 AM
Here you go, Rie. http://www.canadianliving.com/food/red_cabbage_slaw_with_blue_cheese_and_walnuts.php Edited to Add: I just realized you meant the Chocolate Pavlova recipe. Sorry!

Woke at 3:30 feeling strange so got up and checked my blood expecting a low. It was 5.2 - go figure. :shrug:

I have not been eating enough lately as I seem to have lost both my appetite and my enthusiasm for food. This is a side effect of the Victoza but I don't like it! I miss looking forward to cooking something yummy and have been relying too much on frozen dinners like Lean Cuisine and Compliments! As I made my doggie treats yesterday, I was thinking that my dogs eat better than I do! (The treats are cooked turkey, sweet potato, oatmeal and grated carrot.) I never thought the day would come when I'd forget to eat but yesterday was poor: a poached egg on toast for breakfast and then nothing until 6:30 when I had a frozen dinner of 270 calories and two glasses of wine. Not enough calories and minimal veggies plus 0 fruit. :nono:

Time to get a grip. Plan your meals and EXECUTE the plan! I refuse to turn into one of those old ladies who just picks away at her food - it's completely out of character.

12-18-2011, 08:07 AM
ruth...did you just start taking victoza? i have been on it for over a year. the appetite suppressant part works well. that's why i am was put on it by my endro. most of the time it's not a problem for me, i have an addiction to food anyway. i have set eating times, breakfast by 7, lunch by 12:30, so on and so forth. it does help if for some reason you can't eat lunch until later, you are ok. i take between 1.2 and 1.8 dose. it gets better. with the times you make yourself eat so you don't forget.

12-18-2011, 08:24 AM
Chipper - I started Victoza the beginning of February and am now at the full dose - 18ml?

I lost 25 pounds by July 1 but weight has sort of stalled since then. Over the summer and fall I seemed to eat more but now I am losing my appetite - a real surprise for me. My HA1c has gone from 6.7 to 5.8 so my doc and I are both delighted with that.

I'm just not hungry but am going to force myself to plan and eat meals during this busy holiday season. Luckily I have had very little problem resisting goodies lately.

12-18-2011, 10:27 AM
:wave:Chickies Have a Blessed Sunday.

Read and do indies later.

12-18-2011, 12:04 PM
hi all:
Rie: I posted the recipe for the pavlova on the atkins thread.

I didn't do so well at the Christmas parties last evening. I didn't pig out on dessert (ok so maybe better than I thought) but I did eat some treats. I tried avoiding them in the seating plan, and eventually had to leave the table, they kept putting things in front of me, and after a while I couldn't resist. I have a headache this morning, and even last evening didn't feel well after the treats.
Watching the grandnieces and nephews open their little gifts from us was really fun, they enjoyed what we gave, and they also opened a couple of other things from the aunties and uncles. Makes it feel more like Christmas this way.
THen we went to an adult party, with lots of musical jamming taking place, and that was awesome. Had a great time, and did play my fiddle a bit even, which I have not been doing for a long time.
So this morning, a little kick in the pants for me, back on plan, and going to walk the dog now. HOpe you all have a lovely Sunday.

12-18-2011, 12:30 PM
Thanks, Mad. I was interested too and will go and copy it since it sounds like something I would eat.

12-18-2011, 12:45 PM
Hello all,

fbs at 88 today and it was good all day yesterday - despite the fact that I had a cookie here and there and tastes here and there of the goodies we were making. Is it possible to get diabetes in control enough that a little bit of this stuff doesn't cause a reaction in bs? I know the calories are bad for weight loss efforts.

Today I need to go back down to moms to process and wrap the caramels that I made yesterday. I also might put together a couple batches of truffles to be rolled later. Other than that, I am going to rest and prepare for the week.

Last night I prepped and fine cleaned some trout that my friend brought me. Very large beautiful trout. I will cook for my folks on Tuesday.

Ruth, it sounds like you know what you need to do. I hope you find your way to some healthy meals. Maybe a pot of soup or two to have on hand for healthy meals?

Hi Trish! Have a good Sunday!

Mad, it sounds like you attended two lovely parties. I think we have to find a way to enjoy the goodies this time of year in moderation, don't you?

Chipper, is the victoza an injectible? Does it really take away your appetite? Interesting...

Well, I will check back here later. Have a great day, everyone.


12-18-2011, 09:21 PM
Hi Everyone Jest getting a chance to stop and check in. Well I am doing good with my breakfast and lunch but my dinner is out of wack. Hopefully I can get enough out of my living room so I can workout some before we move. Took 3 god loads to good will and one load to the aunts already so more to come hope to be out of here in the middle of jan. Got lots done but lots more to do yet.. Hope all is going well with everyone...

12-19-2011, 07:30 AM
Happy Monday. 5.0 this morning and my ticker is back! I'm hoping to keep it as is or improved over the next two weeks. There will be lots of temptations but ...

Today, after another coffee, I will make a meal plan for the week taking into consideration a luncheon on Wednesday and a birthday party on Thursday. Temptations will abound but I will keep in mind that "one little piece" can shoot me down the slippery slope to another and another. Sugar addiction is not pretty.

On we go with a brand new week of our personal renovation projects.

12-19-2011, 11:01 AM
Good Morning!

fbs at 84 this morning depite a restless night. Ds experimented with a new friend that I loved: oven roasted jicama. Relatively low carb and tasted really good roasted with a little olive oil.

I had an enjoyable day yesterday as I just rested and tried to put the upcomming week aside. I was feeling stressed and doing the "what if" dance in my head so I went to my room and actually accomplished a few minutes of meditation.

Ruth, it is sure helpful to plan the menu for the week with the special events in mind. Good luck this week and I hope that you appetite stabilizes.

Bonnie, wow, lots of work but it sounds like you are making progress.

Trish, I agree that it is better to distribute carbs in small amounts through the day. In the end, whatever plan you can live with is the best for you.

Mad, when does your dd come home? Did I miss that? I looked up your recipe and printed a copy for myself. It looks yummy! I will try it.

Sorry for anyone that I am missing. Must get on with the day.


12-19-2011, 02:11 PM
Sorry another flyby:wave:Hello. Besides having all the kids and things to do for them, DH has been sick all week end. I called doc office this morning and got an appointment this afternoon. So getting ready to go and find out what is going on with him. I pray it is something simple. Weight is same as last week which is good. No weight gain is good. FBS was back down in 120s so that is good too. Will try to get back and read later and do indies.

12-19-2011, 05:15 PM
Hi everyone, Got out for my walk yesterday, and had a neighbours holiday gathering, met some new neighbours and their kids, and the ones who moved away came for a visit too. Was lovely, and did a bit better with food. Stayed on track in spite of getting up at 5 for a delivery. Had an atkins bar with tea on the way and had a proper breakfast and lunch and snack today. Now I need a healthy supper and maybe a little walk.
Just a couple of days more for work then a 5 day break. Hoping to be busy.
Hellos to all. I too should make some meal plans for the next little while. Ruth needs to do it to remember to eat well, and for me, not to over eat.
Less than a week til Christmas chickies.

12-20-2011, 09:28 AM
Well, it's definitely the Victoza that's killing my appetite. I "forgot" to take it yesterday and was ravenous. I did OK at my planned meals but fell into a bag of bits and bites after dinner. FBGL was up a bit this morning and I managed to "forget" to weigh. Today I will cut the dosage a bit and see if that normalizes things.

Holiday menus are killers, Chickies! I think they should call this season "Carbmas." I gave my pharmacist heck yesterday because he had a tray of fudge and shortbread on his counter to offer to all clients. I would estimate that over half the population of Delta over 50 is diabetic and accused him of trying to poop up his insulin sales.

I am prepping food for my Eve party and certainly will have lots of veggies and other low carb things like SBD Taco Bake and pork balls with peanut sauce. Wee tomatoes stuffed with feta and black olives is another item on the list except it's very last minute because of the salt. I'm also stuffing prunes with cheese and wrapping in spicy Calabrese salami - they were a big hit last year. My theory is that you can eat anything if it's stuffed into a prune. Figs would be good too. ;)

I'm breakfasting on lovely Florida citrus these days and have my day's menu planned again. I have a corned beef in the crockpot already and may have some of it for dinner with cabbage - back to me Irish roots! The rest goes into "Reuben" canapes for the party if I can find small round rye crackers when I do the "Big Shop" on Thursday.

On with the day and hoping it's temptation-free. I need to strengthen my resistance muscle.

12-20-2011, 11:43 AM
DH is in the hospital. He has some small clots in lower part of the right lung. They are talking about going to a filter which is supposed to dissolve the clots before they get into the blood system which would mean that he would be able to come off the coumidun. They are also investigating why his stomach is so bloated. He is basically a thin man and doesn't eat much because he feels full all the time. I just hope they get answers and can treat it and he will be able to be himself again.

Staying OP as much as possible although yesterday was a very carby as not to much to choose from in vending machines. Catch y'all again as soon as I can.

12-20-2011, 12:14 PM
Rie, I am so impressed with your fbs! I can never get my morning ones down very low - well they are 90-100, but I'd like to be in the 80's.

I am working on keeping my daily carbs around 50 grams each day this week to see if that helps me feel better. Eating lost of nuts - walnuts, brazil nuts, and almonds. I think I may be slightly allergic to either the walnuts or brazil nuts as my tongue is raw after doing this for 3 days. Today I am only doing the almonds as I am relatively sure I am okay with them, been eating them forever. Will see if it is better tomorrow.

Hope everyone is getting through this week okay. Stress hit me bad last night! I am getting some walking in so that should make me feel better.

12-20-2011, 03:35 PM
Hello Chickies...

fbs at 79 this morning and I returned to a full hour of walkitout for the first time in a week. It felt good. I had a dentist appointment this morning - I am a terrible phobic and require meds to do it. But, I am past it and looking forward to spending the day resting and taking care of myself. I have a small batch of goodies that I promised to a friend tomorrow and I will be cooking fresh trout for my family this evening. They were caught just a couple days ago.

My breakfast was fiber cereal and flax seed with a little unsweetened almond milk. Lunch is currently some warm chicken broth. I plan to add an apple and perhaps a protein shake if I am still hungry. My unexplained weight gain is rapidly dropping so I feel more confident.

Ruth, it sounds like the victoza works for you.

Trish, so sorry about dh. Keep us posted, ok?

Connie, be careful with the nuts. I used to get the burning mouth and then suddenly got the throat swelling shock one day. Dangerous.

Fatmad, you did a great job of managing your food and taking care of yourself during a delivery. And getting in some walking, too, I am impressed.

I will try to check back later today.


12-20-2011, 04:11 PM
Hi everyone! Checking in after a long time away. All is well here--way too busy though. Weight loss is progressing rather slowly since it is too cool to swim the past couple of months and I discovered low carb ice cream bars :D I need to squeeze my butt onto a bicycle until swimming season again. Otherwise, I'm sticking with the program.

A1C last week...Drumroll...5.3! Doc decreased my Amaryl dosage by and did another happy dance. Now I have to re-consider those heavenly low carb ice cream bars.

No mashed potatoes or stuffing consumed over Thanksgiving. No turkey either. My mother fell and broke her back the day before Thanksgiving, a few hours before they were scheduled to drive over to our house. So, we packed up and drove across the state. Mom is out of rehab now and planning a second attempt to visit for the holidays. Her 80th birthday is Dec. 28.

Glad to see so many familiar faces here! Best wishes to all for good health and happiness in 2012! Merry Christmas!

12-20-2011, 08:38 PM
Trish, hope DH does ok. Sounds worrisome, glad he is in caring hands.
Went shopping with my own DH and all gifts are done now, except his. Will get that Thursday am when I am off work and he is hoping to go skiing.
Trying to do some stretching this evening while watching TV. Blah.

12-21-2011, 09:45 AM
Cutting the V. worked and I was more enthused about food yesterday. One deviation though as my young friend, Sierra, brought me a tin of Christmas goodies she had made and I did indulge a bit.

Today's challenge? The Christmas lunch at the Clinic where I do pet therapy. It'll be the usual full dinner but I'm hoping I can help with the serving and make my own plate relatively healthy. I'll have veggie soup for supper!

Hey! It's the 21st and the days start getting longer tomorrow. we're over the hump of dark mornings!

12-21-2011, 11:56 AM
Hello All,

fbs at 80 this morning and I did 45 minutes of old school low impact aerobics. My weight loss has really stalled and I was thinking that maybe my body had accustomed to my usual routines:?: I purchased a scale and will be checking in daily to see if I can spot some trends. I know that my darned SLOW digestion (sorry tmi) is not helping things.

Last night I cooked a dinner of fresh trout for my folks, accompanied by a plain baked potato and some steam fresh veggies. It was really good. I snitched a couple pieces of chocolate and still managed to come in well under calorie and carb goals. Onward...

Ruth, I hope you find some balance with the victoza and enjoy the lunch today.

Fatmad, good for you on getting all your shopping done. We don't have pool tonight so I will probably spend it wrapping gifts.

Trish, worrisome about dh but I am glad that he is actually in the hospital instead of muddling on at home. Prayers headed your way.

Floriduh, nice to hear from you and what great results! YaY! I hope your mom gets better fast...

Well, I will check back in this evening...


12-22-2011, 06:49 AM
Did OK yesterday at the luncheon and managed to avoid all "treats". I think the meal was a tad salty though as the scale is up a bit today. Digestion is a bit "slow" which may account for the blip. My appetite has returned although not in full mode! Reducing the V. helped.

Today's challenge is a birthday dinner for Eric who turns ten. He has chosen spaghetti and meat sauce for his BD menu for years but is now into experimenting with different foods. He has chosen cheese fondue! Should be an interesting meal as he wants to dip pieces of hot dog and olives in it! His Mum has persuaded him to include veggies for those of us with different tastes and is including a salad.

12-22-2011, 10:32 AM
I quick check in. Waited all day yesterday to see stomach doctor. He came in last night and say Tony has IBS and lots of air in belly, but nothing life threatening. He did say that he has the same thing without the bloating. He did tell me that he begs people to take Metamucil because the fiber has helped him keep his under control. I read benefits of Metamucil and have decided that not only will he be using it, but I can use it and do LC.

He has surgery sometime this afternoon to put the mesh filter in place. He will have to continue the coumadin to prevent clots in legs and also they say that when a clot is filtered that little ones can go around in smaller viens so they feel since DH has no problems taking it that it is better for him to do so.

Weight is doing good. I've lost another lb and it seems to be staying off. So will change ticker when I have time. Things to do before I have to head out to hospital.

Y'all have a great Thursday.

12-22-2011, 12:11 PM
Hello Friends

Just a quick check in here. I am hoping to get some things resoved (until after the holiday) today at work. I have been so stressed and I am struggling with feeling resentful that it has been taking the edge off my holiday enjoyment. I plan to get myself together by the end of today and get back on track.

fbs was at 75 this morning and I did 70 minutes of walkitout. I have indulged here and there in a few tastes but I have been practicing moderation. Sorry, tmi, I can't seem to get my digestion going. I have added whole flax seeds and lots of water. :(

Most of the unexplained weight gain is still with me and I bought a scale for my house so I can get a better handle on it. I will change my ticker tomorrow.

Sorry I have no time for personals this morning. I will try to get back on here - if I can get the 3fc site to work. It seems the "script error" issues are back.


12-22-2011, 06:44 PM
I feel I can join in now. I had my first appt with the CDE. I like her. I did take the advice of those of you who told me to get the meter. I learned to use it this morning. My reading was 160. I had not eaten anything just so I'd know what an empty stomach might read. I took another reading 2 hrs after eating a meal.

I'm a bit confused about something. One piece of work tells me to take the 2nd reading 2 hrs after first STARTING a meal and another piece tells me to take it 2 hours AFTER eating. Is there a big difference? I get it that if it is a long meal, 2 hours after starting may be too short.

I guess I'll save those questions for the next meeting unless you have advice.

It will take me a while to learn what all these terms are that you are using.

My finger hurts. My meter is the 1 touch with the delica pokey things. In fact, I think I'll name the meter Pokey.

I was so frustrated over the weekend. I was online learning about all these exchanges. I couldn't find anything telling me how much I should be eating and what exchange works for what. After a couple of hours, I just told Bob that I prefer to go ahead and die. It is easier than trying to figure out all this crap. Turns out I won't be doing that. I'll be trying to limit my daily carbs to around 120. That is so much easier.

We are looking forward to taking the classes. Bob will be joining me since he does most of the cooking. Hopefully we can get into the ones on Jan 4 & 5.

I'm sure I'll be in here asking stupid questions soon.

12-22-2011, 11:27 PM
Hello All

I had a great day calorie and carb wise so I am enjoying a relaxing glass of wine this evening. Tomorrow I will finish up some goodies that I want to give for gifts, wrap presents, and straighten up the house a little. My mom, dad, and gs will go with me tomorrow evening to drive around and look at christmas lights around town. It is a tradition that we enjoy.

I have really been trying to cut back the calories, especially early in the day. My weight loss is solidly stalled. But, I guess that is ok for this time of year.

Mare, I am glad that the appointment went well. Have you tried testing on your arm? or on the little pad between thumb and index finger? I have sensitive fingers and like to use alternative sites. Testing should happen before and after meals at any time. The whole point of testing is to learn how YOUR body reacts to different foods. I am glad that you feel that you can post with us. Whatever we can do to support you - we are here.

Trish, hope things are going well with dh.

Ruth, good job on making it through the luncheon without treats!

Mad, I am hoping that you are enjoying dd visit and the last minutes before the holiday.

Everyone else, have a great day


12-23-2011, 06:23 AM
Quickie again after yet another early rising. I get up for the bathroom and then the brain turns on for the day and I decide to get up. Just as well today as I am way overbooked!

The birthday dinner was just fine. I was able to avoid the wieners and pepperoni and confined myself to one piece of bread and lots of veggies. If course the cheese fondue was probably pretty high fat and it certainly was salty! Dessert was an absolutely horrible cake - some Rachael Ray concoction with confetti cake mix and purple icing. I ate a very small part of a very small piece since "You have to eat birthday cake, Cousin Ruthie!" BGL was 4.5 this morning so no real damage.

Today's meals are all under my control - I just need to remember to eat them! I never thought I'd be looking at food as medicine to keep my BGL stable but ...

Time for breakfast. Happy Friday!

12-23-2011, 08:37 AM

rie....it's a pen like byetta. yes, it helps with my appetite. sorry it took so long to get back to you.

i have had the grands this week. 11 and 8 girls. the other grandma took vacation. so i have them through the holidays. i just type a nice post and lost it. so going to end this here.

have a very Merry Christmas ladies.

12-23-2011, 10:39 AM
Hi ladies well I figured before I do any packing this morning that I will stop in and see how things are going. I dont have too much more to pack alot of odds and ends. we have been moving things as we go up their .I have jest sent 7 baskets of my clothing to good will I have had the stuff for years and I have never worn most of it I didnt figure I needed it alot of them were out dated so . Dont seem like christmas is only 2 days away. Everyone here has decided to put christmas on hold since money is so tight I couldnt even afford to buy them a small present so when we get moved we promised we would go buy them the one thing they wanted for christmas Ipod touch both of the girls want one so the hubby told them we would get it after we move and they are all for it.. I still been so busy not working out . I need to get back into eating better but with moving and all we dont have alot here. It will come though...

12-23-2011, 09:07 PM
mare: welcome, don't be too scared. Carb counting gets easier with time. Also, a book like "diabetes for dummies" is helpful. I find we get better with time on the finger pokes. Avoid the finger pads, go for the sides, and the 4th and pinkie fingers are best. Its hardest in the beginning, because you should test a lot, to see which foods really make your sugars spike. Then you know what to avoid.
The reason for testing 2 hours from the beginning of the meal, is that starting to eat should trigger insulin release, so you are really testing your insulin response. The main thing is to be consistent though, however you are testing.
After a few weeks, for frequent testing, I started testing once or twice a day, keeping track with a chart so that over 1 week I tested at all the usual times, and looked for trends. Now I test a couple of times a week. My A1Cs are at 5.7 now, so I am in generally good control now.

12-23-2011, 09:15 PM
Hey all, just a flyby. Had an all nighter the other day for work, all well and healthy babies, but have been catching up on sleep and getting ready for company this week. DD came home last night and my Dad arrived today in time for supper, and I made ham and scalloped potatoes, with salad. Found that it is really hard to aportion things like scalloped potatoes. after slicing a medium potatoe, I figured out how it spread in the pan to be able to note my serving size. No wonder I am fat. That medium potato seems like a very small serving on my plate. I would have had 3 or more "servings" in the old days. I filled up on salad tonight.
Making soup tonight for lunch tmw, having tourtiere for supper tmw night (I am French-Canadian) so no low carb for me for a few days. Am measuring servings instead.
Bonnie, have a good move. Glad your kids are being so good about the move, and understanding about gifts etc.
have a good day everyone, keep checking in to support each other this weekend!

12-24-2011, 06:19 AM
Up early and about to leap into my day but want to wish us all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

12-24-2011, 08:07 AM
mare....it gets easier. i just count carbs. i was told to count carbs, calories, and exchanges. i want "i can do this every day" life changing. i just can't count all that stuff every day. not happening. i see your from the bay area. i was born and raised in pleasant hill. left when i was 18.

12-24-2011, 08:08 AM

12-24-2011, 01:20 PM
Hello Everyone!

fbs at 72 this morning and I had my usual breakfast and worked out for 90 minutes. I feel good. Ds and gds just left to spend the day/evening with my ex's family so I have the house to myself. Having dinner out this evening with my family (those of us without children go out to dinner each year on Chrismas eve) I am looking forward to it. I am having shrimp, baked potato and salad. I am making creme brule and a rich chocolate torte for the extended family gathering tomorrow. I plan to celebrate the season and enjoy small portions.

Mare, I feel very lucky because I was initially told to eat 1 carb serving per meal and to increase green leafy veggies as a starting point. The only other thing they told me in the first 3 months was learning portion control. So helpful! Remember that this is a lifestyle change and you CAN do it! :hug:

Chipper, I agree, it is so overwhelming at first. I only recently started counting calories and other nutrients. My A1c stays in the low 5's so I think bs control is good but now I want to lose more weight.

Mad, glad for healthy babies and mommas!:D Like you, I will be trying to watch portion control and enjoy the weekend. I will be checking in to get and give support.:grouphug::goodvibes

Ruth, thanks for all your work as a moderator! I'm not sure what I would have done without finding this site!

Bonnie, I hope the move is going well. You sure have good kids!

I know that I am missing people but I must get moving. So....

:xcheer:Merry Christmas!!:mrsclaus:

12-25-2011, 11:52 AM
Merry Christmas!

Plan for today: Eat a little, Drink a little and.....

:hohoho:Be Very Merry! :xcheer:

12-25-2011, 12:01 PM
Happy First Day Of Christmas and may the partridge in your pear tree be fat-free, low-carb and absolutely delicious!
(So far I have not eaten even one Christmas cookie!)

12-25-2011, 08:58 PM
Ruthie - You are sooooo good. I had a planned day off plan and ate exactly what I had planned to eat today. So it was a good day.

Christmas was better than we expected as the doc decided that DH could home last night because he can give himself the shots as he gets back on coumadin. I brought him home last night around 7ish. Still has some breathing problems when too active/too fast, but I understand this should improve in time.

I gained only a few lbs this week eating at the hospital. Strange is there wasn't much to choose from that was low carb. Getting right back OP tomorrow morning because I have 3 weeks before I go to the doctor. They put DH on a diabetic diet so we will be doing this together which will be good although I intend to do lower carb than he probably will. Still using WW/LC, but may do more of a South Beach way of doing the lc.

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas Day!!! Catch y'all tomorrow.

12-26-2011, 09:02 AM
Patty, I'm so glad you had your DH home for Christmas. Now recovery begins.

I was "good" for dinner at my son's in-laws last night. His MIL really is not a great cook but I appreciate that they fold me into their family for celebrations. She made a special dessert "just for Jim's Mother" which was pretty terrible but I was polite and ate it. It was some Jello, Dream Whip and graham cracker delight. I'll spend the next three days in de-tox from the chemicals!

Faced the scale this morning - 179.8. Luckily I'm back in the 170's. (I was scared for a while there seeing 180+) BGL ran a tad high over the holiday but is a nice steady 4.3 this morning.

Two dinner parties this week plus NY's Eve but I'm feeling strong.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and indulged in moderation.

12-26-2011, 01:36 PM
Hello Everyone!

fbs at 83 this morning and I did 90+ minutes of walkitout. On-plan breakfast and here I go..... This morning I am weighing one pound higher than yesterday but still up from where it was prior to my knee injury. :( I am changing my ticker. Bummer.

I am going to pack up the remaining Christmas goodies so they will not be in the house. I sure enjoyed the last couple days with my family but now is time to really hit it on the weight loss.

Trish, I am so glad that your dh was able to come home and that he is recovering.

Ruth, good job on the dinner. Isn't it funny what people think we "should eat?" My mom gave me a fat free cookbook for christmas. :?: Of course, that wasn't my only gift from her but I sometimes grow weary of trying to explain carbohydrates.....

I hope that everyone else had a wonderful holiday. Talk to you later....


12-26-2011, 03:10 PM
Trish, so glad you got DH home for Christmas. How did it go with live in kids and grandkids? have the been supportive of Dad?
My weight is up a tad, and fbs as well. Did well with carbs, having a few treats throughout the day, but the big treat was the brandy, wine, amurula liqueur.
The desserts were well received, the food all got done on time and we managed to have every thing ready at the same time. Soup was liked by all.
So no complaints on my part.
Got thoughtful and lovely gifts, Dad doing well, enjoyed the mass I took him to on Christmas eve. Today, going for a trail walk in a bit with the dog. Even before New Years, I am resolving to walk more.
Quiet day today, but flank steak is stuffed, rolled and placed in slow cooker. Also cooked beans in the turkey broth, gonna make baked beans for the family.
Have a happy day, and get out into the sun!

12-26-2011, 08:25 PM
Fatmad - Yes the kids were very supportive with DH in the hospital. DD was allowed to leave school early Thursday for the procedure and then the docs changed it to Friday. She didn't have school Friday so was able to be with me. SIL had taken off Thursday as well, but had to work Friday. Glad you were able to be with your Dad. Do you know anything about the IVC filter? I read some bad things about it online, but I it was an older article in 2005. The newer articles I found were more favorable as it seems the newer types are better. I just hope we did the right thing, but felt it was the only thing we could do.

Rie - I know how frustrating it is when people seem to know how we need to eat. I like to think they mean well even though it is irratating.

Ruthie - You did great through the holidays. I'm so proud of you. Yes we are in the recovery stage with DH and he is pretty weak. The nurse told him that he didn't get sick over night and it will take him a few weeks to start getting his strength back.

We did have a nice Christmas. The baby has a cold and didn't feel very well, but about half way through his Mom helping him open his presents he kind of got the hang of it and really did like his toys.

My weight was up a little more this morning because of the salt I've eaten this past week. I never measure when starting lc, but I did this morning and will weigh and measure each Monday. I even bought a new notebook for a new start. This morning I got right back on WW/LC I was doing before the holidays instead of the SBD and have done very well. It has been really easy getting back OP. You would have thought all the walking I did last week would have helped keep my weight down. Oh well, that is the way I always do. FBS was up a bit too. But I am happy with the fact that I only ate off plan for one day. All the left overs are in the kids fridge... out of sight/out of mind.:)

12-26-2011, 09:06 PM
Just a quick note: I will not be on here in the morning as I will be floating the Big Horn River hoping for trout on my line..... I can't wait.

Mad, I am glad you enjoyed the holiday. It sounds lovely.

Trish, I am happy that the kids are stepping up. All the goodies are packed away here, also.... Later.

12-27-2011, 09:35 AM
Sounds like we all survived the feeding frenzy pretty much unscathed. It's so great to read about family Christmases.

My house and fridge are now purified. The rest of the meatballs went into dog food last night although I did freeze the chicken/ginger ones in single meal portions. Now to figure out what to do with the leftover bottles of champagne. "Do NOT put them in the fridge, Ruthie!"

BGL was 5.1 this morning - a tad high after a low carb supper but :shrug:. Weight is going down again PTL - 179.2. Today I plan to take my measurements. I still can't believe that losing 25 pounds could take me from 20/22 pants to size 14! That's Sears Tradition sizing which I suspect is a bit generous but still ...

On the list today is shopping for greens - I am craving crispy salads.

On we go!

12-27-2011, 03:52 PM
Ruthie - I too am hungry for salads and bought salad stuff including greens. I agree we all came through the holiday eating pretty good. I only gained 5 lbs of the 12 or 13 lbs I had lost recently. I should be able to get that off before Docs appt Jan 25th and maybe a little more. You probably lost a lot of inches with that 25 lb loss which helped you get to the size 14 pants. That's why I measured this time so I could see how I do inch wise. Also because the last time I ordered pants, I was surprised that I wore a size smaller than I thought. Guess that's why they say the measuring tape is lcarbers best friend. lol

Got up this morning and decided to try eating half a serving of oatmeal with my fruit and yogurt in it and little DGS came running to me. I told him I was making me some oatmeal and asked him if he wanted some oatmeal with blueberries and yogurt and he ran to his high chair confirming he did. Pretty smart at 20 mos. I fed him what I had made while mine was cooking in the microwave. I had not gotten around to checking BGL and forgot to check it before I ate. So not sure what mine was this morning. I had planned to check it before I ate so I could check it 2 hrs later to see how I would react to half serving. Remember a full serving makes my blood sugar skyrocket. So guess I'll have to do it again tomorrow. Since I do well with steel cut oats which is made with only 1/4 c oats, I thought maybe my body could handle 1/4 c of old fashioned oats as well. We had to leave to take DH to docs for blood work for the coumadin and I have to say that I actually felt really good and never got a reaction as far as feeling bad. So hopefully I can eat it. My Mama's family all had high cholesterol except her, because she controlled it with oatmeal. I remember her saying that she never thought about cancer. Maybe she would have eaten more fruits and veggies if she had realized how they might have warded that off as well. I try to learn from her situation to protect myself from both. Hopefully, it will work.

Well, I hear my little eating partner so he is awake. I am trying to teach him as little as he is to eat healthy foods. His Mom and I tried that with his sister, but it didn't work. I think the difference will be that we are not keeping sweets etc from him like we did her. So maybe he won't crave them when he is older because he will have eaten them in moderation.

Rie - The family still does things I don't necessarily like, but I have to say that when I was having to go to the hospital so much DD did a great job of keeping things really clean. Plus she is very helpful with getting her Daddy to do things that I as wife and caregiver can't. So I've decided that the good out ways the bad. I am thankful they are here. Having the kids here is also very good for him. I'm learning how to compromise where I can and speak up when I need to.

Y'all have a great day.

12-27-2011, 09:33 PM
Hello All!

I had a lovely day on the river. bs was stable all day and I sure enjoyed fishing. I caught seven fish and also brought some home that were caught by the others. They are cleaned and in Mom's freezer because we can't cook them for a couple days.

I just want to share that I was so amazed at how easily I could move around today. In and out of the boat, up and down the river banks, I just went where I wanted.... It has been a long time. Such a great feeling.

I have a busy couple of days, including oral surgery on Thursday. :( They don't want me to take anything by mouth before the procedure. They said I could take my diabetes meds with just a sip of water. But, I thing I will skip them until I can eat something. I don't want to risk a low..... What do you guys think?

12-28-2011, 07:50 AM
Rie, I worked outside in the cold for a while yesterday afternoon and was also surprised at how well I did. I was shifting heavy stuff into the barn and didn't need to call for "muscle" help. (I think I'd skip the meds on oral surgery day.)

Been taking it pretty easy since Christmas Day - I think the stress of the horrible drive home through the blizzard sort of "knocked the stuffing out of me" as they say in these parts. :lol: I even had afternoon naps two days.

Back to normal today though. I have a Chinese dinner party tonight which will be a challenge although I am prepared for the water weight gain overnight. Too bad it goes on so fast and takes so long to leave.

FBGL was 3/1 this morning - a tad low. I am going to eat a healthy breakfast very shortly - maybe quick oatmeal now that I know it's OK. I do have steel cut oats but need to get more organized to cook them. Overnight in the crockpot?

Happy Hump Day!

12-28-2011, 08:57 AM
Rie, depends on the med. Metformin is ok, but can be hard on an empty stomach, but won't cause a low. But also expect you won't be eating much. (atkins shakes afterward? ensure, or other shakes?)
Had an all nighter yesterday, and lost it on the low carb due to poor planning. Gotta get it together on those occasions. Got on the treadmill for a few minutes this morning, but time to hop in the shower and get ready for work.

12-28-2011, 11:50 AM
Good Morning!

fbs at a solid 81 this morning. I overslept:( and didn't have time to work out. Probably ok, I needed some sleep and I was pleasantly exhausted last night. Oh well, I have a really busy day today, including pool league tonight. My management team holiday celebration is today.... steak fondue. Way too many calories but absolutely low carb. I will just make it the main meal of the day and eat sparingly.

Mad, thanks for the advice on the meds. I think I will skip them and then take the metformin afterward with a smoothie. I make pretty good ones with yogurt. I made some rich beef broth last night and put it in the fridge for myself. I hear you on the planning part. I always carry wonderslim bars in my purse. More processed than I like but really good and more low carb than many others. It took me a long time to learn that I had to always carry something with me. Maybe single serve nut packages? I am sure that you need energy during those long nights.

Ruth, the feeling of getting stronger is really good :carrot: I am glad that you feel better. And, tis the season for resting and preparing for the new year. I get confused about the steel cut oats. When I look at the carbs per serving, they seem higher than the instant package kind:?: I haven't been eating oatmeal for a while, although it used to be a staple. Would be interested to hear about the steel cut oats cooking and nutrition. My morning carbs these days are fiber one and an apple.

Maybe as we head into the new year we could share some "typical meals" with each other?

I'll start: my breakfast every day is 1/2c original fiber one cereal with 1/2c unsweetened almond milk, one apple-sliced and cored with peeling on, and 2 tbs Peanut Butter 2. I am a true creature of habit and eat the same thing every day;)

Trish, are you getting any protein in the yogurt? When I used to eat oatmeal, the only thing that mattered were portion control and adding a protein source. I think it is great that you are teaching the little guy about good nutrition. My little gs loves cucumbers, fruit, yogurt... I think he has his mom's metabolism and build. Her entire family was small and slim. Gs is a natural grazer, preferring lots of little mini meals all day and struggles with regular "suppers". Of course, we have been providing him with a diet of good foods since he was two.

I hope everything is good with our other friends. I know that Carol is recovering well and I hope that Bonnie is doing well with the move. Mare? are you still out there? Sorry for anyone that I missed. Later...


12-28-2011, 03:59 PM
I've had difficulty getting on here to post. I'm wondering if it is my computer.

Rie - I agree with Mad to hold off on the meds especially if it is Metformin. I've never had a problem with it on an empty stomach but I have only taken it that way a few times by accident. Yes, I do get plenty of protein in yogurt with my oats.

Ruthie - I think I would be more than stressed if I had to drive in a blizzard. You are one awesome lady.:) I'm sure you will do well with the Chinese dinner.

Fatmad - I'm sure you will get things together with the eating. Hope all is going well for you today.

I'm pleased to say that I got the 5 lb gain off and am back down to the 12 lb loss I had before DH went into the hospital and my FBGL was 116 mg this morning as well. So all is good with my woe.

Had to take DH to the doctor today. The nurse called and said the doctor wanted to see him for a followup from the hospital. Our primary is out on vacation so we saw one of his associates. He is a very good doctor... very informative. He said that DH PT/INR was 6 which is high so now he has to come off the coumadin and the Lovenox he was on to get it to come back down. He will have to go to the hospital lab as an out patient to have it checked for at least Thursday and Friday and maybe more. We see our doctor next Wednesday. The doctor thinks that Tony's problem is caused by a gene. He has a situation which the blood doctor had told us about a year ago. It is hereditary and his 2 children need to be tested for it. I'm not sure about the filter we had put in as this doctor says that a clot can get through it. We have the name of the doctor who removes them to see if we really need to keep it.

Bonnie - I know you are busy packing for your move. Sure hope everything is going good for you.

I think I saw some newbies here so I need to go back and read what I've missed the last week or so. If I'm right, I want to welcome you here. This is a great support group who has really help me a lot.

Everybody have a great Wednesday!!!

12-28-2011, 05:26 PM
well, I seem to be coming down with a cold or something, sugars are high, 6.1 fasting! even tho eating low carb, and headache. Was planning to go to yoga, but took a tylenol and slept for 1.5 hours instead and feeling a bit better. Will do something at home instead I think. Just don't feel like going out or driving or anything right now.

Glad folks are doing ok. Bonnie's move is keeping her busy, hope by the New Year she feels settled. see you all later

12-29-2011, 08:33 AM
Sorry about the colds and post-holiday draggies. I'm a bit sniffly this morning but it may be cat allergies - my hosts last night have three cats.

Weight was up 2 pounds from the Chinese food so today will be greens and water because I need to be at another dinner party tonight. :shrug: Please send me willpower vibes!

12-29-2011, 02:18 PM
Hey how is everyone doing?? I jest got a min to pop in here and see how everyone id doing. I am doing good we spent the night at the aunts house last night and now I am trying to finish moving and put stuff away.. I will be back here sooon

12-29-2011, 07:34 PM
Ruthie - :dust:/fibes coming your way. LOL Hope you and Fatmad get over your colds really soon.

Bonnie - Sounds like your move is coming along pretty well.

Staying OP. Got word from Doc's office that DH has to go to have blood drawn at the hospital Saturday as well. INR# is slowly coming down and they want to keep an eye on him. Can't give him Vitamin K because they're afraid it would go to low.

Have a good evening.

12-29-2011, 07:54 PM
Hello Friends.

Just a quick hello. I came through the procedure with ease although it took longer than anticipated. Happy to report that my bs has been a solid 80 - 85 all day. I have been checking it every two hours per dr recommendations. I took my meds and drank a wonderslim shake when I arrived home. It seems like every time something like this comes up - it is an opportunity for me to learn more about how my body reacts. Learning is good and increases my confidence.

I am here trying to distract myself because the initial novacaine has worn off and the pain meds are giving me about 2 1/2 hours of relief. I can't take more till the 4 hour mark. I am taking ultram, one of the only pain meds that doesn't make me sick. Dr told me to call in in the morning and maybe we can try something else. He was so kind to me.... I will recommend him to others. I will have to wait two weeks to get stitches removed but I am hoping to be well and back to work on Tuesday.

Trish, that is a lot of running around but it sounds like dh is getting really good care.

Bonnie. How great to hear from you! So glad that you are at the end of it and working out the detail stuff now. I am impressed! That was fast. I will look forward to hearing from you regularly again soon.

Ruthie, will power vibes heading your way. Do you ever eat a giant bowl of greens before you attend a function like that? Sometimes it helps me....

Mad, take good care of yourself. Try to get some rest.

Well, this is all for me... Gotta go.


12-30-2011, 10:20 AM
It was cat allergies, PTL, so the sniffles are gone.

BGL 3.1 this morning and weight back down to 181. Just a pound of Chinese food water weight.

At the party last night, I did not have a single morsel of Christmas goodies or a sip of the deadly punch. It was peach schnapps, vodka, sugar syrup. grenadine and full sugar gingerale! Nobody else had much of it either because it was probably deadly. What was she thinking? Everyone was driving and the cops are out in full force doing Ride Checks.

Today I am off for a poached egg and ww toast breakfast with the group at the Diner. I'll try to keep my mouth shut when two of the diabetics order french toast with syrup AND berries. I have turkey soup thawing for dinner and will have a big salad plus some of the friendly party leftovers from the freezer - lamb kebabs come to mind. NY's Eve party tomorrow night, a dinner party here on Sunday and two open houses Monday and Tuesday. Lots of fun but a feeding frenzy, I'm afraid. My resistance muscle is feeling strong but that may change.

12-30-2011, 11:25 AM
Hello All.

My bs went up last night and stayed in the 120 - 130 range for several hours. It is back down to 82 this morning, despite a fairly sleepless night. I ate very little yesterday so :?: Maybe the anesthesia, the trauma from procedure or my darn liver panicking because I didn't eat. I have been told that most diabetics get lows when they don't eat at all but I tend to get spikes. I have a lot of bruising on my face today. I may not be able to attend little dgs birthday party tonight :(

Ruth, I am never sure what people think when they serve a loaded punch like that:( A glass or two of wine is different. Your willpower muscle is really getting a workout with all those social events!

For eating today I will be on broth, yogurt and maybe a little cottage cheese. The options for really low carb very soft foods are really limited. Anyone have any other ideas?

Everyone have a good day today.

12-30-2011, 10:38 PM
Ruthie, you have a social life that is the envy of us all, but I don't envy the temptation you have to deal with.
Rie: I'm wondering about the pain meds having an effect on your sugars, but I don't doubt that not eating might send your liver signals to spike your sugars too, although if you keep up with the metformin its supposed to prevent that.
Most of us type 2s can spike easily.
Bonnie, glad the move has gone reasonably well. Good luck in the new digs.
Trish, hope DH keeps getting better. THe high INR can be scary. But so are clots. Its hard to find the balance.

I had an alnighter again, all babies and mamas doing fine, but was really wasted. Did a better job with food. Today was a bit carby, but I worked on portion control, not having junk. (steel cut oatmeal and butternut squash soup). Weight at ticker.
Going to bed early again.

I had asked for an e-reader and didn't get one at Christmas, but DH got it today for me, in fact its a playbook. I will be able to use it for traveling and not carry the laptop around all the time. I downloaded a short story from a fav author and read it already.
Am on call for the new years weekend, so need to get food ready.
If I don't post again this year, you will know why.

12-31-2011, 09:02 AM
Fly-by this morning but glad to see that Rie and Trish's DH are on the mend.

Just read back in my journals for Dec. 31sts passed and realize this is the first Christmas season I've not been recovering from a cold. Maybe healthier eating is building up my resistance to germs. (That being said, I'll probably start to sneeze and cough tomorrow!) .

BGL 3.1 this morning and weight 180,2 - maybe it'll drop to 179 tomorrow and I can reinstate my ticker.

NY's Eve party tonight but it's buffet and I can eat my way around that easily. It's supposed to be quite elegant and I hear rumours there will be oysters! At least oysters are low calorie. This certainly has been a holiday loaded with temptations but I'm feeling good to have held the line around 180. Serious stuff begins tomorrow!

A happy and healthy 2012 to us all! :grouphug:

12-31-2011, 12:21 PM
Hello Everyone!

I am still recovering. bs has been stable in the low 80's. Of course, my calories and carbs have been really low - I am just eating small mini-meals to take medications. I made it to dgs birthday party last night so he was happy with that.

We are having lovely weather here this weekend. It makes me wish that I could be out taking a walk. I am not allowed to exercise until at least tuesday. I guess because they don't want a raise in heart rate.:( I am babysitting tonight because I am not going out and ds has been invited to a house party. I hope everyone enjoys the evening.

Mad, did you make the squash soup? I love squash in all its forms. It never makes my bs go up - maybe all the fiber? Is your dd still at home?

Bonnie, I hope you are settling in well at the new place.

Ruth, an elegant buffet sounds wonderful. I will give you my share of the oysters - ok? ;) I never developed a taste for them.

Trish, I hope that dh is still on the mend and that you are enjoying the holiday break.

I will be hoping for improved health and wellness for each of us in the new year. I am thankful to be a part of this group.



12-31-2011, 08:16 PM
Ruthie - I'm glad it turned out to be an allergy to the cat and not a cold. It's really nice to know that you ended this year without a cold and healthier. I'm equally sure you will see that 179 as well.

Rie - I know how you miss your exercising and will be glad to be able to get back to it Tuesday. Glad you are on the mend.

Fatmad - Hope your New's Years weekend goes really well. It is always fun to see who has the 1st baby of the new year.

Bonnie - Hope you are getting settled in.

I am happy to say that my ticker is right on. In fact, I may have lost another lb and be able to move it down, but will wait a few days to be sure. I made my goal though, I am starting the new year without a weight gain. I am so thrilled.

Our doc was back in the office Friday and his nurse called and said DH could go for the blook test on Monday. I got his records from the hospital and a lot of the stuff is wrong. They show him taking meds he has never taken in his life. There is a lot of conflicting info... that is what happens when you have too many doctors and your doctor isn't one of them. We see our primary doctor Wednesday. I will be glad to see what he thinks about a lot of things when we see him.

Nothing much going on here tonight or this weekend. I'm just thankful that I have my hubby home to start the new year with. Don't think I'm going to church in the morning. I've just been on the go so much for the past week and feel I need a break. Y'all have a Happy New Year's Eve. Catch y'all tomorrow.

01-01-2012, 09:38 AM
New year, new month. See you in the January Thread.