Dieting with Obstacles - Losing Weight With Diverticulitis?

11-29-2011, 03:26 AM
I have been having a severe diverticulitis flare up and have been in extreme pain. I haven't kept much down, but I'm bloated. I guess my low-carb diet is what irritated my colon.

My doctor wants me eating a diet of white bread, white rice, potatoes, etc. Very high carb, mushy, low fiber foods. How am I supposed to lose weight? I've put on several pounds since going on this diet last week.

Does anyone have suggestions for easy to digest foods that won't pack pounds on me? Everything is making me so sick that I am thinking of switching to a high nutrition liquid diet.

11-29-2011, 01:41 PM
I am only in my early 20s. My diet has always been high in protein and fiber. I enjoy lean meats, veggies, fresh fruit, nuts, and whole grains. My weight has always been in normal range, but post-injury I have been trying to get back down to the lower pre-injury weight I was more comfortable at.

I'm just worried about permanently making a diet change. I'm pretty young to be dealing with colon issues. I am not a fan of starchy foods. I do not want to make them the center of my diet. I want to be slimmer, not heavier.

11-29-2011, 04:47 PM
HOw about some cooked oatmeal or oatbran, & natural cream of wheat; brown rice, barley, or caucus; cooked carrots, turnip, squashes & sweet potatoes; nut butters; and softer fruits like peaches & applesauce -- all of which have some fiber, but not as much as the other stuff does. Can you have any meat? How about lean hamburger? You can make patties or meatballs out of them.

It takes a while to gain weight though; some of that may be water weight from bloating. I would also recommend counting the total calories of whatever you do eat; that should prevent weight gain.

You could eat those for awhile, then see if you feel better.

11-29-2011, 05:41 PM
Plenty of people successfully lose weight on a high-carb diet, and even on low-fibre diets. (And a fair number of people have GI issues on low-carb diets, come to that, especially if they're high in fat.) If that's what your digestive tract needs at the moment, then go with it. Count calories to keep your weight loss going. If you feel that the options the doctor gives you are too limited (which is not the same as wishing they weren't telling you to eat white carbohydrates), then have a good chat with the doctor about what else you can add to their recommendations. If need be. find a doctor who knows more about diverticulitis and how to eat for it. Lots of people in this forum are losing weight despite a variety of medical issues, so take heart, it can be done. Although by the sound of it, getting through this diverticulitis flare should be your first priority at the moment, rather than weight loss. Best of luck, hon. It sounds like you're going through a miserable time of it.

12-06-2011, 07:20 PM
I have been living with that blasted condition for over 10 years. I HOPE your doctor told you that you should AVOID:


This means ALL nuts. You can have creamy peanut butter but not chunky. No granola or anything like that if it has nuts in it.

No seeds of any type. This means no tomatoes. Why anyone would want to eat a fresh tomato this time of year is beyond me but take the seeds out of them if you must eat a fresh one.

You can, on occasion, have creamed corn but not whole kernel.

If you were eating nuts on your low carb diet, I'd dare say that this is what is causing the flares. If you have an infection, then it has to be treated with drugs. I hate them. I've had to go on them 3 times. One of them makes everything taste metallic. The other one, for lack of a better term, gives me a "diaper rash". You CANNOT have ANY alcohol while on 1 of those meds for the entire time you are taking it and continuing for a week after you go off it. The other one restricts leafy greens and anything high in iron, etc.

I have a feeling that the dr. wants you to go easy on the fiber for a while until the flare stops. Be sure and drink plenty of water to help flush your system. You probably do that anyway.

After your flare, you will probably be able to go back to your other eating plan with some modifications. You will have to sneak up on the fiber. Also, beef is hard to digest. I found that I feel so much better by limiting it. I make my own meat mix by combining ground turkey and ground pork instead of ground beef.

May I ask what you have been eating? What was a typical daily menu for you pre-flare?

That said, I wish you luck. I know how incredible the pain can be. I've been in the ER 3 times with it. Most times I can feel it coming on and watch what I eat.

Keep some of those anti-gas pills with you and have 1 after a meal if you are gassy. It will help with the discomfort.

I got diagnosed with diabetes yesterday. It's odd. My blood sugar was fine a year ago and now it is over the top. I have to go on a low carb diet but try and do it so I don't flare. I would LOVE to eat a hand ful of nuts daily. Nope. Following Dr. Oz' diet and having a small handful of almonds daily for a few weeks put me back into the ER a few years ago.

Good luck. I KNOW how you feel.