Does it Work? - Body Bug on Biggest Loser - I want one REALLY bad

11-26-2011, 09:16 PM
Does anyone have one or know someone who has had one.....I really really really am itching to get one...but trying to convince myself is a little bit pricey for me to be all gung-ho about it....Any Thoughts?

11-26-2011, 09:20 PM
I was just researching these and decided I really want a heart rate monitor watch. I already count calories so I don't need that part, I just want to know how many calories I burn each day and each workout. I don't think BodyBugg does that.

11-26-2011, 09:28 PM
I just keep researching them...and they are so expensive....I know that 150 - 200 isnt alot for some people...but I just have a hard time shelling it out and not being 100% positive before I buy it.

I have noticed that ebay has them for a little less if they have been lightly used

Ebay also has some older versions....I wonder if they track everything just the same and I could get one of those for a few months first to see if I like it - I'm wondering (and asking) if its just the physical look of the older ones that makes it different...not as pleasing to the eye.....I work at an Optometry office and wear it doesnt matter what it looks like outside of my clothes


11-27-2011, 08:28 PM
I have the bodybugg 3. It came with a 6 month membership. they are on sale til 11/30 for 99.99 I can email you a coupon if you would like to get it cheaper. its free shipping. This is the start of my 4th week. I have lost 4 pounds so far and weigh in is wednesday. I set my deficit to 1000 cal/day to lose 2 pounds/wk. I did that the first week and then got bronchitis and couldnt exercise as much. then it was 1 pound loss each week. I am ok with that. You wear the bug on your upper arm, the only time it is off is when you shower. you answer questions about how you eat, weight and your goal, when you want to reach your goal by and how much you want to lose per week. you can only lose 2 pounds per week. you wear the arm band and upload the data as many times a day that you want. it calculates calories burned for 24 hours. you enter what you ate, it calculates that and shows deficit or surplus. as long as you have a deficit you will lose. I love it! I did not get the display watch. it shows you how many calories you burn by looking at it vs uploading. It wasnt worth the extra $50 for me. I really feel it makes me think about what I put in my mouth. I just found out a slice of apple pie is 400 calories! no extra servings for me.. I love it and highly recommend it. if you have any questions let me know.. shoot me an email
go here for a coupon. I dont know if its for $5 or $30 because its on sale, but its something 3330303938&plid=1394630098

11-27-2011, 11:46 PM
Thank you so so much....I did purchase it last night.....I found a $15 I got it for $84 shipped...I can't wait to get it and will surely be updating everyone with my progress....Thank you for your time to help me :)