Exercise! - Breaking out like I'm going through puberty again

11-23-2011, 03:13 PM
Hi all, just as the title says, ever since I started exercising my face has been breaking out like I'm a teen all over again. What causes this, and could you guys recommend some products for me? I always use a facial scrub (I think Clean & Clear?) after I work out and in the shower, but it doesn't seem to help much.

Thank you!

11-23-2011, 04:25 PM
I've had the same problem...i used to never get acne..not even as a teenager..but then i started exercising and they came! i think its cause of the sweating and the pores being open but im not sure...anyways i bought proactive..& it cleared my face except for one pimple..i dont know why but i've had the same pimple for the last 4 months! :( but it did get smaller and less red but other then that proactive cleared the rest of my skin :) hope you find something that works for you!

11-24-2011, 10:16 AM
Cleaning your face and ridding it of makeup before you workout could help... The pores do dilate when working out because of the sweat so if they are open and getting filled with the bacteria of the makeup, that could be the cause of your breakouts...

Another thought is that your body could be ridding your body of impurities and it is showing up thru acne...

None of the above has any scientific backup :lol: but just my personal experience... Ooops just found an article (http://www.acne.com/prevention/skin-basics/exercise-and-acne/)that kinda says what I just mentionned... HTH...

11-24-2011, 10:21 AM
I have the same problem. Still not sure what helps. I clean my face of make up as soon as I get home and again before I go to bed. I tried tea tree oil from Bodyshop and it helps a bit but it comes back.
It might be sweat but it might also be hormone imbalance due to weight loss. I just hope it will stop when I start maintaining.