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11-22-2011, 09:41 PM
Good evening, ladies! We had a day in the high 60s today but rain.

Tomorrow is my surgery at 7 am. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 and sure don't look forward to getting up at 4. I'm sure everything will go well.

I just wanted to say :thanks2::happ3:in case I don't get in here until I get back home.

Have a great evening!+

11-22-2011, 11:20 PM
"Gma" -- Have a safe and fun trip! :yes:

Maggie -- I would love to watch you as you work on your glass buildings. :) When my mom was at the Mayo Clinic, she always said there were people far worse off than she was. How sad, but true that is.

Susan -- We saw the sun just as it was about to set today; it was huge and bright orange. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and know you will be fine. I hope you can check in while you are at Glory's house. :hug:

Gail -- You have been MIA way too long! :p

I'm going to watch the news and head for bed! :happ3:

11-23-2011, 10:28 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a very foggy morning once again. I am clearing off the kitchen counter clutter this morning, or else! I really need to do some serious ironing and get that caught up.

Susan -- I'm hoping you are "on the mend" since your surgery should be over. :hug:

Maggie -- It could be just the two of us here for a few days. :dunno:

I am not dressed so need to get a move on. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, count your blessings, and enjoy! :turkey:

11-23-2011, 02:58 PM

It is fixin' to be a tad warmer this day in the Heartland. They say it is currently 57 and going to get as high as 67. I have rolls to bake and a jellow salad to make this day and get things all organized to cook tomorrow. I get out the cans of stuff and the pot to cook it in and place the cans in the pot so I don't have to go "hunting" tomorrow. I'll chop the veggies for the dressing and get the pickle mix put in a dish. Things like that so tomorrow won't be a chore. We watched a movie we got in the mail last night called "Lincoln Lawyer" which was good. Cecil is so cute since he learned to use the doggie door. He pops in and out no matter where the dogs are in our out. He isn't gone outside for a long time but it is a game with him "in and out" because he can. Little stinker likes to bit our feet through the covers when we are in bed. Will and the dogs are outside and Cecil is in the hallway looking at me and meowing. I told him to "go outside where his dogs are" ~ and he did.

JEAN Yep just the two of us. I would love to have you hear to watch me do my glass works and chat while I am doing it. I could teach you how. Last year an acquaintance of mine wanted to learn how to cut glass and build a project. I told her she was welcome to come over and I would show her and if she wanted to get into doing it I would give her a copy of the catalogue I do my ordering from. When she was looking my tools up in the catalogue her jaw dropped and she would have lost her teeth of they were false. It would be big bucks if she bought one of each of what I have but I didn't buy it all at once. Plus, I only bought what I have when it was marked down on a special. I got the top of the line glass grinder that way. To get set up and buy all the tools would be prohibitive unless of course one is "rich." Through the years I have made enough on what I have sold to pay for all my equipment and then some. I didn't want just a hoby but something to do that would pay for itself. I am thankful for that one day when my friend who was a parole agent came to me and said, "Lets go cut some glass." There was a shop downtown that was offering a class on cutting glass and we went there and enrolled that very evening. The teacher said I was a "natural" and should think about becoming professional. The couple that owned the glass shop would sell anything I could make. A large round window I made is still in a house at the beach facing the ocean. I also sold a lot of boxes during the Christmas season back then.

Have a lovely day all you Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later.

11-23-2011, 11:30 PM
Maggie -- It sounds like you had a busy day cooking, or getting things ready to cook, for tomorrow. I'm sure everything will be delicious! :T I'll bet you have a wide array of glass working tools. I was looking for a counted cross stitch pattern and was surprised at how many books I had, as well as floss. I wonder if that rots over time? :dunno: Enjoy your day tomorrow! :thanks1:

11-24-2011, 10:46 AM
Good Morning! I just finished putting the apples in the Snickers salad so my part of dinner is done. We'll be leaving in a couple hours so guess I will look at all the ads that came in the paper today, NOT that I will go shopping tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving today, or whenever you celebrate the holiday. :happ3:

11-24-2011, 12:59 PM

It is a 44 degree morning this Thanksgiving Day and expected to climb up to 69. I got the skin pealed back on the turkey breast and sprayed it with butter spray then applied a rub mix liberally that I had mixed up awhile back from a BBQ book I have then replaced the skin. It is now out in the patio in the smoker. I have every thing I want to cook sitting on the stove in thier packages and cans in the proper sized pans to be prepared in. When the time comes today when I have to prepare the meal I have my ducks in a row and don't have to go hunting for the proper pan or if I have one that will work. I love being organized for it works for me. I noticed one small empty pan sitting on the counter this morning and it reminded me to ask Will to go to the basement for a can of string beans. I jazz them up with some "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray and a few bacon bits. The way I fix my cranberry sauce we like it later with eggs and such. I get the whole berry kind and mix in a can of mandarin orange sections and some chopped nuts. Just a tad bit of that sure livens up a breakfast.

JEAN Snicker salad sounds yummy. You have a lovely day now. With all that I am fixing we could feed more folks but couldn't find anyone that wanted to come over for they had plans with relatives which is a good thing for them.

Every one have a wonderful Thanksgiving this day. :thanks1: Type at y'all later.

11-25-2011, 12:29 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a "warm" morning at 45 degrees, but cloudy and foggy as I look across the lake. I can't help but wonder when winter is going to really hit us; it's predicted to be colder and wetter. I keep telling myself we are one day closer to spring! ;) I'm doing some laundry and plan to iron some shirts for Bob so I'm ahead of that game instead of behind.

Maggie -- We have leftovers to eat today, so guess that will be my cooking effort. I can do turkey about one time; we're not big on turkey to begin with so whenever we fix one I just get a breast. I really like the cranberry relish like my grandma used to make with the celery, orange, and nuts in it. :T The grocery deli makes a pretty good one and since I'm the only one who likes it, I buy it. What are you up to today?

Susan -- I keep hoping that you are doing well after your surgery and back with us soon. :yes:

Gail -- Where are you? :twirly:

"Gma" -- I know you are enjoying your time with Jackson, Thomas, and your family. The time will fly by too fast. :woohoo:

If any of you are brave enough to go shopping today, have fun and I hope you find the bargains. I'm going to unload the dw and enjoy another cup of coffee. :wave:

11-25-2011, 03:18 PM

It is a still day here in the heartland of 35 degrees fixin' to get to 62. Nothing much on my agenda except glass work on my latest building and dealing with left-overs. I put all the left-overs in the fridge promptly after we finished eating yesterday and today I will deal with them. I plan on making up a few plates of turkey, gravy & dressing. The rest will be left plain for sandwiches, pot pies, noodle soup and such that I do with left-over turkey. We certainly don't mind left overs because the first go round was good. :p

JEAN No shopping for us. Don't like the crowds and the shoving and such that goes on. Not a fun time for us. Did you read about the woman that used pepper spray on the folks that wanted the same thing she did? It is getting vicious "out there." Nope lets just stay home and be sane. Your grandmothers relish sounds a lot like mine except for the celery and I will have to try adding that. In fact I will add a bit of sliced thin celery to the left over bit I have. Isure like using those little canned mandarin orange sections for that recipe.:p

Everyone stay safe. :wave: Type at y'all later.

11-26-2011, 11:41 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's very windy, cloudy, gloomy, and a "feels like" 20 degrees outside this morning. We will be leaving for Sioux Falls in an hour or so. We got an interesting piece of mail yesterday; the stamp had been cancelled, and it was from someone in FL to someone else in FL. The zip code was no where near our's, nor was there a Jean, Robert, or Bob in either name. I wrote "Rec'd, 11/25, SL, IA" on the envelope and Bob took it to the po this morning. Some po idiot along the way had to have handled it, if no one else but the goofus who delivered our mail last night sometime after 5:30. :crazy: No wonder the po is in trouble.

Maggie -- After hearing about the shopping fiasco on tv, last night, I'm glad I was smart enough to stay home! :lol: Of course, since we only really have WM, that was a no brainer on my part. Enjoy your leftovers!

My dryer is buzzing so need to fold a load of undies. Have a super Saturday and enjoy! :D :wave:

11-27-2011, 03:29 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun just came out but it's not all that warm at 31 degrees . . . "feels like" 20 because of the wind. We went to early church, and I've read the front page of the paper. I actually cooked dinner for a change; it was an easy casserole, fresh veggies, and leftover cranberry salad. I could do some more laundry and ironing but am going to sit here and rest for a bit. ;)

Maggie -- You were MIA yesterday. I hope all is ok and you were just busy. :twirly:

Guess I will go finish reading the paper. It's full of ads again which surprised me after all the Black Friday ads in the Thursday paper. Enjoy the rest of your day! :D :wave:

11-27-2011, 04:19 PM

It is a bright sunny chilly day here in the heartland this Sunday. We went out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant and I broght two thirds of my dinner home. Will ate about the same and since we had the same thing we had them put it all in the same "go box." Fettuccini Alfredo w/ slice Italian Sausage. Not at all program friendly the way they make it I am certain but so yummy and worth it once in awhile to savor that taste. When we got home we had two dogs and one kitten greeting us at the back gate. That kitten sure likes hanging out with his dogs. I sure hope my hair dresser lady is in tomorrow because I am getting a bit shaggy and need a cut. I am going to have her cut it real short ~ short this go round since it is winter and the wind re-arranges my do's so I will have one that can't be re-arranged.

JEAN I was sure I had posted yesterday. Guess I had a "senior" moment. I got busy doing glass work and finished up the building I was working on and then cut out a little flower shop buiding. I'll put a tree on each end of the little building out of foil. I will build up solder on the cut out tree of copper to resemble tree bark. It has a little trellis with bead flowers out front of the little building. It takes a bit of time to do this building so I will do it now while I wait to make my order for more light fixtures the first of next month. I ended up with more holders than light fixtures so do have one last holder to solder inside the back so it will be ready to insert the light fixture. This will be the third house without a light but ready to have one put in.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

11-28-2011, 07:24 AM
Good morning ladies. Back home all safe and sound. We got in about 7 pm last night. My house looks like an explosion at the moment, but we will get it put back together this morning.

We had a grand time and Jack and I took the boys out to the movies and then for pizza on Saturday. It was fun and Jackson is a total hoot. When we were opening presents, his mom or dad would say, "who is that one from?" and he would look on the tag and say," Nonny and Granddad!" no matter who it was from, lol. Maybe I over indulge????NAH!! :lol: Their hats and gloves fit perfectly and even Thomas liked his and put it on and wore it all evening, which thrilled me no end. We had too much food, my cookies were a huge, huge hit and nothing was left but crumbs. Even Jack, who refused to try one, finally ate a piece off one because everyone was raving about them and I think he ate more of them than anyone. As for the chocolate and marshmallow ones he said the boys would not eat, everyone including the kids loved them and I saw Thomas eating the last three out of the bag and even tipped the ziploc up to drop the last crumbs into his mouth, so there Jack! :lol: No kid is gonna turn down chocolate, sugar and marshmallow. The restaurant idea was wonderful and we had a load of fun. Alicia ordered a bottle of Korbel champagne for mimosas after Kelly looked at the wine list and said it was only $7. Out it came, and it was this tiny one glass bottle. Everyone hooted about that including the server who knew that they thought it was a regular bottle. Jack and I sat down at the end with the boys and had fun with them. Jackson came back to the table with a huge plate of food and ate almost every bite and a couple slices of pie besides. Thomas kept going back for chocolate and pumpkin pie and even I had a slice and it was delicious. I now have to desugar myself again, but no biggy as I have all that under control now and no more coming home from vacation and continuing to eat poorly. We are back on program this morning as soon as jack goes the the store later and gets fresh milk and bread. I did gain about 3 lbs according to the scale, but not to worry, it will come right back off.

I got my Scentsy order from my dd's friend up there and ooooh, it smells wonderful. I got the cinnamon and cloves and bought some car hangers and the car smells all cinnamonny though jack says, "that stinks!" Of course, I knew he would as he hates fragrances in the house and car.

The adult toys for tots exchange was a totally laugh fest. Here is what Jay and Alicia bought that reminds them of Jack. :rofl::rofl: They bought me this adorable orange spikey haired doll that came with a pet monkey. Of course they said the monkey was their dad! :lol: Since we have pretty much exhausted the personality thing, next year we are going to draw adjectives out of a hat and each person has to buy a gift that fits the adjective of the person who drew it. So, if I drew one that said, funny, everyone would have to buy me a funny gift. Jay insisted his sister include insulting ones, but I told him it could get tough to buy a gift that the adjective was "stupid" or something like that. All in all great fun doing this every year. The boys loved their stuff and T's mom even told him since he got gift cards from both us and his aunt and uncle he could buy whatever he wanted without her saying no so I may get a call to take him shopping, who knows??? We would love to do it.

He played his trumpet for us and did a great job and has his first band concert in a couple weeks.

No replies this morning gals, though I think I caught up on everyone. I do hope Susan is doing ok. Have a great start to the week. We are supposed to get 1-3 inches of SNOW tonight, ugh! Faye

11-28-2011, 04:14 PM

It is a lovely sunny day here in the Heartland. Currently it is 55 and only expected to get up to 60 before this day is done. It is just Cecil and me home alone together at the moment. Will is getting his hair cut and the dogs are at the groomer. I don't currently have a hair cut appointment. I am a happy camper for the iron monster has me down another 2 pounds to thin. Yep that does make me happy. I just got a catalogue in the mail that the cover made my mouth water before I even opend the pages. It is dried fruit and the cover is sliced peaches that look ripe and ready to eat. And all the dried fruit looks beautiful like it is fresh cut. I know where I will be spending some of my "treat" money this season. On "good for us" things. :p I am going to do some more work on my little flower shop this day. Not much else on the agenda. We got a card from a local business that is offering free pictures with Santa on Dec 3. Plus they are giving gifts and treats to the children. I would like to go there and see all the cute little kids getting their picture taken. What a nice thing for a local establesment to be doing this season. The dogs came in and greeted me. They are so clean and smell so good. Cecil is happy to see them. Will just handed me a bag with small doggie bones wrapped with chicken jerky that the animals just love. Beanie drops crumbs and Cecil gets them. :p And - o-goodie we get to give them their flea, tick and lice treatment this evening. Gotta keep em safe. I keep seeing that dried fruit catalogue out of the corner of my eye and it is calling my name. Dried veggies are good also but not to eat raw. :o I like them for soups and stews. Tis the season. For lunch this day I think we will have a re-run of yesterdays lunch out. I plan on making a stir fry for dinner this evening. I have some veggies that need to be used and that is a good way to use them. I am so glad that the men liked those rolls I made for there aren't any calling my name.:p I love fresh rolls and those by Rhodes are good to have in the freezer to make only the ones you want to bake at the time. I can bake one or more easily that way so I keep a bag of the small ones in the freezer. For a big crowd I mix up a batch of my good recipe but Rhodes frozen bread products are great. I have several small pamphlets they sent me years ago that have some neat ideas of what to make with thier frozen dough. We bought a tub of frozen cookie dough from a kid that was selling for his school. It is already made up into cookies so we can bake only "one" or "ones" we want when we feel we "need" a cookie. I am not much for eating cookies but Will devours them and wants to lose weight so I don't bake them. This way he can have one when he gets the inkling and it will be much better for him then eating a whole bunch. Losing weight is all a process of learning how to deal with food isn't it. I will e-mail you Magnolias a report I received on 9 foods we are fooled into thinking they are healthy and what they are really about so you can decide if you want to continue consuming them. Those things that the "food indursty" has made it easier for us to lose weight if we just use these products. :p

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you had a lovely time doing "Christmas" early. What fun to have with your family all gathered around with cheer and good will. Thank you for that nice report. I love the cinnamon and clove sents. OH so nice to permeate the air. I have a scent in my bathroom that smells like fresh washed laundry. That so clean smell. We have different nice ones around the house that we light but not all at once. They would clash. I am thinking you must have let out a sigh of relief when the knitted hat fit just right and he loved it and sported it all day.

Have a lovely day Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later.

11-28-2011, 05:03 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly but it's a cold 40 degrees in my corner of the world. I'm thankful my little space heater keeps humming away beside me. I made it to "early" counting this morning, balanced because there wasn't much to post, stopped by the court house to pick up a radon testing kit (our county has a very high level in various places), then picked up the gift shop money on my way home. That's where my headache began! Some of the volunteers have terrible handwriting so it's hard to read their numbers from the copy I get. Then the employee signature sheet didn't match the daily sales sheet :crazy: so had to figure out who bought what; 3 purchases weren't signed for so the employees won't be charged. GRRRR! There isn't always someone at the gift shop register so the employees are on their honor so to speak. The coffee shop gal will help there if she isn't busy, but that isn't always the case either.

"Gma" -- Welcome home! I'm so glad you are home safe and sound! :yes: I knew you would have a wonderful time with your family! The gift exchange sounds like such fun! What is Jack holding in the picture? It looks like a Star Wars critter but you mentioned a monkey. You will have the small gain under control and gone asap. :cheer: It's no fair if you get snow before I do! :lol3:

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing 2#s this week! :cp: Hope you get your hair cut appt. sooner rather than later. I'm getting a perm tomorrow afternoon; all of a sudden I have no body and look like a droopy loopy! I hate to think of 3 hours sitting there but the alternative isn't pretty either. My stepsister always makes bread in her bread machine when we are there. This time she had dinner rolls and I asked her if she made the dough in her machine. They were frozen Rhodes rolls, and very tasty! :T

I need to do a couple loads of laundry so better get moving. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

11-28-2011, 06:49 PM
Afternoon girls! I am waiting for the last load of trip clothes to finish drying and we have had a bit of supper so thought I would peek back in.

Jean: Yes, Jack is holding Yoda from Star Wars. The monkey was in the box with the doll they bought for me and said I was the doll with the orange spikey hair and the monkey was jack. That's where the monkey came from. Kelly and Tom bought me this adorable little yorkie doggy that woofed and panted and ran its little paws but they picked it out because its tongue hangs out like Fortune's does. Some kids are going to get some great gifts this year from our kooky exchange. Sorry hospital "money" was a nightmare today. It is terrible here, cold and icy cold rain drops that are huge. Jack forgot to buy ice melt for the deck so I hope he doesn't fall on his tush going to work in the morning.

Maggie: Congrats on the loss. I am not too worried about my gain as I am back to my program. Sounds like you have been busy.

Well, the dryer is calling my name so I better go. Talk to you all in the morning. Faye

11-29-2011, 07:12 AM
Good morning to everyone. It is coming down as snow right now, but on the ground it is just wet. It says it is 34 degrees so maybe it will warm up enough not to freeze. Jack goes back to work today so I always worry about him out on the road in any kind of bad weather because of the noodleheads around here.

I finished all the laundry, put away the clean clothes left over from the trip, did a bit of shopping, and put everything else away from the trip. I am going to put away all the finished laundry, dust and a couple other cleaning chores upstairs then I am done for today.

Here is a pic of Jackson and Thomas. I told them to say cheese and Jackson took it to the max here, :lol: . This was on Thanksgiving day at the restaurant.

I am trying to gradually change Fortune back to hard dog food with pureed veggies or pumpkin. He has gained 3 lbs which is too much for him and I need to get his weight back. Right now I am mixing half his made food with half hard dog food. It is going ok, not perfect, but ok so we shall see when we get to only hard dog food and pumpkin or pureed veggies. We shall see how it goes.

Not much else going on here. Have a good one today! Stay warm and dry! Faye

11-29-2011, 02:22 PM

It is currently 39 degrees and they say will get up to 47 this day in the Heartland. Sunny day with very few clowds. Not much on my list to do this day so it will be glass work. Will had to go out to a meeting last evening so stopped by the WW center here and picked me up one of the oil sprayers and were out of the trackers until next week. I need one by January so they will surely have some by then. :p I already have an oil sprayer but wanted another so I can have canola in one and olive in another. The sprayers are different so I can tell which oil is in which. :p Life is good. The only person that wants me to make a bookmark for is my WW leader freind out in CA. :o So I will be making that this day and getting it in the mail. Those who have laminators or access to one can do their own. I just thought it was a good idea. If Will wants one ~ his hands are huge. I attached a light green tassle to mine. :cool: I like visuals. Our friend that lives in our basement likes to buy us pies and the next time he asks what kind we want ~ I will suggest he get a 4 pack of Perrier water instead. We don't need pie. :D I love Perrier water and treat myself with a bottle now and then. I would rather drink it than soda. When I first heard about it was way back in my yonger days ~ I asked the local market manager if he could order me some and he did and it caught on in that town and he ordered lots of it. At first he asked if I would buy the case of it if he ordered it and I said I would so he ordered two and the second one sold very quickly. Now it has been imported to lots of markets across this country. :p Some folks don't care for it but the ones that like it ~ like it a lot. It is spendy now and costs more than soda for it runs about a buck a bottle. It is a product of France, captured at the source. OO La La. I am sure most of you have heard of it and tried it. MJ's doc just got 4 years in the slam. Life is cheap even when you are a big star. A guy got 7 years for drownig some puppies.

DONNA FAYE What a charming picture of those youngsters. Thanks for sharing. Wow you have been feeding your pup well. That is a lot of weight for a little dog to put on. Now it is WW for him. You can keep your snow for I don't like it as much as I used to. The sledding days for me are over and done with but they were sure fun while they lasted. :cool: Snow is OK if I am not required to shovel it.

Have a great day all you Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later. Time for us to go to town and run a few errands.

PS: Much later in the day ~ I went ahead and had some fun and made you all a bookmark and they will be sent out in the mail tomorrow.

11-30-2011, 12:23 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a long day for me, and I've only accomplished 3 things: I, along with another volunteer, helped decorate 2, out of 16, 6' Christmas trees at the hospital as well as hanging garland around two of the main registration desks, a 3 hour perm this afternoon, and a long nap with Ernie tonight.

"Gma" -- It seems weird that you would have snow, and especially before we do. ;) Thanks for sharing the picture of your grandsons. I'd say they definitely look like they are related!

Maggie -- I've never had Perrier water, does it taste different than regular water? I will look for it the next time I'm in a store. Thank you in advance for the bookmark! :cb:
I still feel groggy so think I will head off to bed. See you all tomorrow! :yawn:

11-30-2011, 01:06 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cloudy windy morning in my neighborhood; the weatherman is promising sunshine today. I need to make a grocery run AFTER I clear off the kitchen counter and go through the junk mail pile that has grown too big. The fur bunnies are having babies so should vacuum also. This afternoon is bell practice.

Friday morning I have a funeral for a 54 year old who had MD. She worked at the hospital even though she was confined to an electric cart, and when she no longer could work she came in every day as a volunteer making the rounds of the hospital. I visited with her the last time I worked in the gift shop; it was her birthday and someone bought her balloons so I tied them on her basket for her. She caught a cold which turned into pneumonia, and that was the end. She still lived at home with her elderly parents, but had home health care services.

"Gma" -- I hope your knee feels better the more you exercise and move it today. I try to watch the dates on dairy and frozen foods as one of our grocery stores is really bad about that. They have a lot of kids working there and I don't think they pay attention at all. :no: I tried to get in here earlier and couldn't either. How is Fortune doing with his new WW diet? I have my :crossed: that he does ok with it.

I need to get my rear in gear and keep moving! I found a stack of recipes that I have saved from magazines and newspapers over the year; need to sort and pitch what doesn't appeal to me now. Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday and enjoy your day! :D :wave:

11-30-2011, 01:10 PM

It is a cool 37 as I type expected to get up to 56 this Humpday in the Heartland. I need to eat a banana for I awoke with a cramp in my leg that hurt like the dickens. AH but my coffee sure tastes good. Our downstairs man's wife is due to have her baby December 19th. Hope all goes well with that since she is diabetic. Will is out to the market and going to pick me up a bottle of olive oil since he used most of mine up on his leather work. He isn't going just for the oil for there is a list of other items we are out of. :p I'm sure he will buy one of the "good" brands of oil. I am sure glad that someone does testing on things of this sort so we can either follow thier advice or not. The bookmarks are in the mail Magnolias. I put a small gold cord on them but you can change it out for a ribbon or tassle if you choose. These dogs love these little bones wrapped with chicken. There is peanut butter in the bones. They look good enough to eat but I am not going to try one. :nono: Cecil gets the droppings from Beanie for he isn't as neat of an eater as Ragg Mopp is. Just like kids. Glass work again this day plus at 3 pm I have an appointment to get my tresses trimmed. Not getting it cut too short but short enough so my up sweep won't droop. Having natural curls helps keep it up when brushed that way for then I don't have to load it down with hair spray ~ just a light squirt. When the wind re-arranges it ~ it goes back together fine. My meds are making it thin on top so I like to keep it short. My gal just got back from Hawaii so I will hear about her fun time she and her husband had there. Today I am ordering our Christmas present of the "only" Indoor Pressure Smoker. I will surely let you know if what they say about bisket is true :crossed: and will cook it in only one hour, which is five times faster than traditional methods. It combines a pressure cooker and smoker in one appliance. An adjustable four-level rack holds sausages, ribs, or a whole chicken. It will also cold smoke :cheese: or fish and can sear food prior to pressure smoking. The internal chamber requires only three to five wood chips to impart authentic barbecue smoke flavor into food and all of the hot smoke is contained inside the vessel until the pressure is released. Looks like a 5-qt crock pot and measures 11 1/2" H x 13" W x 11" D. That, my Magnolia friends is our combined :tree: Christmas present this year.

DONNA FAYE Too bad you weren't able to post. :hug: Thanks for the e-mail letting us know. I certainly hope your knee feels better soon. :getwell: Do you have a good knee brace you can use when you get a flare up? They have some real nice easy to use ones on the market now. Last time my knee flared up I looked all over for a brace I have had for years and when I couldn't find it I ordered a new one. I haven't had to use it since ~ but I know where it is.

JEAN I would suggest you only buy one small bottle of Perrior water to try it. It has a bit of a different mineral taste than regular water has that some folks don't like but I find it refreshing. In fact I call it a "treat" when I drink a bottle of it. It also comes in lime or lemon flavors and I like them all. Carbinated mineral water which they say is "Sparkling Natural Mineral Water" captured at the source in Paris. I just got an e-mail that you posted today...Sad about that hospial worker but she was sure a trouper when she worked. You have another busy day planned it seems.

Have a great day Magnolias :wave:

11-30-2011, 11:44 PM
Maggie -- You are lucky that Will can/will grocery shop for you! :cp: I know you will have fun with your new smoker. I wouldn't have a clue what to do with one. :dunno: Tomorrow is December 1st, and I need to make a plan to get everything done before the "big" day arrives. I just realized I signed up to host crafty club, in March, when I will be subbing in the church office. :o Hmmm, will have to think about that one. I'm heading for bed! See you all tomorrow. :yawn:

12-01-2011, 07:14 AM
Good morning ladies. Hopefully I can post here this morning. The knee is coming along. I can now walk without the walker and it is loosening up some, but man oh man was I in pain for a couple days. I took some of Jack's muscle relaxer and kept the heating pad on the back of my knee/thigh and I think those two things and the fact I kept getting up and walking on it helped a lot so I am almost back to normal I would say.

I think we are going to have salmon patties for dinner tonight. I made baked steak last night and since Jack's plate was almost licked clean I assumed he liked it. I guess I should get on the scales this morning to see if I have made any improvements yet. I have tried to eat ok, but frankly with the knee, I would grab whatever I could carry back to the chair. I managed a peanut butter sandwich and banana for lunch yesterday and Jack helps me out in the evening by bringing my plate in for me. Today I should be able to fix myself some regular breakfast I hope and climb the stairs and take a shower. I had to just wash up at the sink yesterday and washed my hair at the sink, but it isn't the same for sure.

We bought a Keurig coffee maker while in Indiana and just love it. Jack can make a single cup and no waste. They have hot chocolate, teas, and spiced cider flavors too and they aren't bad. I ordered several sample packs and they should get here today along with a carousel to put the little individual k-cups in and a small double insulated cup with a straw I can make iced drinks right from the coffee maker.

Jean: The ww doggy diet is going so so. He tries to eat around the hard dog food but can't so he does eat it. I am finishing up his other food, so I put a spoonful of that with a spoon of pumpkin and mix it with dry. He gets enough to eat and when the homemade food is gone, I will give him extra pureed veggies to cover the smell of the hard dog food. That is sad about your co worker. MD is sure an ugly disease and catching cold can very well be a death sentence for people with it. Hope you can get all your holiday ducks in a row. I keep feeling I should do something, but ours is all done already and all I have to do is mail my sister her birthday present in a couple weeks. We are going to have dinner with the Kelly and her family on Christmas Eve but that's about it since I gave Thomas his Christmas presents at my son's house.

Maggie: No I don't wear a brace. It wouldn't help with what happens to my knee and then what goes on afterwards. Jack would like to get a smoker. We really like the smoked meats and such, but haven't invested the money in one yet.

Well gals, I hear Jack dressing upstairs so I better go. Have a good Thursday. This week sure flew by. Faye

12-01-2011, 12:54 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I've been to get my nails done, and now need to keep working on my clutter mess I created yesterday. I found a sack of recipes (a year old :o ) that I've been sorting through -- some still sound appealing while others not so much.

"Gma" -- I'm glad that your knee is feeling better. :cp: That coffee maker is the one I bought that lasted only a couple days here. :lol: Beth really likes hers too. I so wish I were done with Christmas shopping! I did get a list for Ian and Zowie; Ian's is all foreign to me while Zowie's is girlie things that I recognize. I'm hoping she will send me some websites to check out. Is there a chance Fortune will get sick again by eating regular dog food? I hope not.

I need to get back to my clutter pile! WW is in an hour. :( I know that's not going to be pretty at all. Have a terrific Thursday, keep warm, and enjoy! :D :wave:

12-01-2011, 01:16 PM

On this frist day of a brand new month it is 35 degrees and feels like 22 with the wind chill and they say we will have that temp all day. You know I will be staying inside. :o My smoker will be here in 3 to 6 days and I could be using it on a day like this for out outside smoker would have to work too hard in this wind.:p We will then have 3 different types of smokers but I can't use the stove top one because of the glass top on the range. It is the one we can take camping. Smoked fish is so yummy when out and about. Sure cuts down the points by smoking instead of frying foods. Life is good. Will looked at me and said, "Now this is the last appliance you need, isn't it." I just laughed for something new is being invented even as I type.:cool: At the moment there isn't any I need. I certainly have not replaced all that I used to have before we moved into that motor home and got rid of most things. I don't have nearly as many as I used to but I use what I have. I have decided that I will make that Sees recipe for fudge and place a few pieces in small boxes and give them to my friends. My hairdresser friend asked if I would give her only one piece this year and I said I would give them a box and each gal could have one piece. The recipe makes 5 pounds so I will be able to make up several small boxes of it. I have done this in the past and it has always been a hit. Gifts of food. Speaking of food this is a perfect day to have soup. Yeppers I will thaw some of that noodle soup I made with left over turkey. I will bake a couple of the Rhodes rolls. I bake them in small pyrex bowls when I bake just a two or a few which works out well. This is Will's day to work in the archives at the museum so I will have it ready when he returns this evening. :D It is chilly in here ~ this house isn't real tight for the wind comes in all the nooks and crannies on a day such as this. This time of the year I get so many catalogues. I need to go through them and toss most of them for they are overflowing the space I have alloted for them. There are just a few that I want to keep that have "stuff" in them we want to get after the new year. I found the neatest trays to get for camping in a tool catalogue of all things. They are divided stainless food trays and come with a lid for the tray. The lid is for to keep out the sawdust while a man is working in his shop. Well we could use them for camping or out back eating. Keep the bugs out. And just a few more items for our camping excursions or eating out back things. Anyway some things to be ordered at a later date. Needful things. "Needful" being the operative word. The wind is sure beating the house.

DONNA FAYE I am sure glad that your knee is better and you can get around better now. It sure crimps your style to have to just "sit" doesn't it. Sure nice to have a man in the house that will help out like that when needed. How nice for you that you have all your holiday done with and behind you except for a dinner out with loved ones. We are going to start some decorating tomorrow around a bit. I'll light up the lights on my little houses that have christmas lights around the roofs. There are lights on just three of them. Our tree is a potted Fica tree we put little lights on. We have two of those trees in the front room but only put lights on one. We won't do much but it will be festive what we do get done.

JEAN ~ SUSAN ~ GAIL Howdy to the three of you this day. :wave:

OK JEAN You sneeked in there again! Girlfriend did you get your nails done Christmasie ~ like decorations on them. I cut mine so short because of doing so much glass work ~ I am not going to do that this year. I like to try a new recipe then I will put it in my binder but sometimes I save those I haven't yet tried. There are so many out there that look so good for our program aren't there. Hope you have a good showing at WW this day.

Type at y'all later. Too hip, gotta go. :wave:

12-01-2011, 05:01 PM
Maggie -- Will is so lucky you like to cook! :yes: WW was NOT pretty today, and I knew that before I went. I haven't been for a month (I think). :o I know that writing everything down is the key for me. The leader said the new stuff will be out next week and she thinks we will like the changes. I still don't have PP+ where I like it as well. The sun came out for a half hour at lunchtime and is now behind the cloud cover again. I wouldn't mind the clouds so much if the wind would quit. I need to redo and try to balance my check book. I am searching for a check that should have cleared last month and didn't as far as I can tell. :crazy:

12-01-2011, 05:33 PM

I filled up a huge box with catalogues I have receieved recently and they get to go to the trash bin. I go through them on a regular basis but it seems the month of November brought a huge number of ones I don't usually get. I also cleaned off my desk so I could tear off the old page of the large calendar that I use as a desk mat. Got things all neatened up on my desk and in this craft/office room once again. Beanie and Cecil both wanted to help me today in cleaning out the butt hutt. They like to attack the broom also when I sweep in here. Makes it difficult but it is quite funny so I just deal. If I minded I guess I could just shoo them out and close the door.

JEAN Don't you just hate it when a check doesn't come in for a long time. Makes it difficult to balance things. Put what ever weight gain you had behind you at this weigh day and go on from here. I wouldn't really mind if I could just maintain for this month of December. It is still windy here and we are under a "weather watch" of some sort. We will be having tacos tonight since our boarder has rented a movie so we will eat in the front room on TV trays and watch it. I had a bit of chicken noddle soup for lunch and ate a power bar. Yes I do like to cook ~ at one time my father hinted that I go to :chef: school. Come to think of it my Uncle Jimmy was the head chef at Harrias (sp) at Tahao for many years.

All y'all have a lovely evening. :wave:

12-02-2011, 08:25 AM
Good morning to you ladies. It is chilly this morning as the furnace has kicked on. I should get my ebill for my utilities today so it will be interesting to see what it will be since we aren't using the ac units and have kept the furnace low.

I made Fortune another sweater and the darn thing is too small. I think the gal that made the pattern is a bit touched in the head. I looked at it before I started as I read the pattern before I ever start knitting and it looked a bit iffy even then, but stupid me knit the think anyway. I will tear it out, but I am too irked about it at the moment. For one thing, to put the leg openings in she had you cast off 6 stitched then next row cast on 6 but when you go to knit the leg openings she wanted you to pick up and knit 30 stitches and there was no way I could get 30 stitches out of that opening. Anyway, it was a waste of time. It is hard to find dog sweater patterns that are knit in one piece and I can't find the pattern I used for the dog sweater I have now that fits him, just is a bit too long and he tends to pee on it. I am going to get it out of the car and wash and dry it and see if maybe it was knit from the neck down instead of vice versa and if so, I can take out some of the rows and shorten it up a bit.

My knee is almost back to normal thank goodness. I need to get upstairs and start cleaning again and take a nice hot shower too. I went upstairs yesterday to take a shower and the cold water handle fell off in my hand with the screw. I knew I could make another trip up the stairs to fix it so just washed up again yesterday and Jack put it back on when he got home. I will get a shower this morning for sure!!!

Maggie: I think I am catalogue queen as I am sure you are since you order so much stuff online. I get catalogues for black women's clothing lines I guess because of my address, which I find funny. They are definitely not my taste since they seem to sell a lot of animal prints and such. I get tons of food catalogues too probably about 10 kinds that I have never ordered from. The worst is Fingerhut. They keep sending me the darn things saying, "This is the last catalogue if you don't order!" Unfortunately, they don't ever listen to themselves because they keep sending them. :lol:

Jean: I wasn't sure how well Thomas would like getting all gift cards, but he loved it. He sure did like his hat, which thrilled me no end and he put his socks on right away. My son, loved Thomas's socks and said, "Man, I really like those." I asked him if he would wear them if I made him a pair and he said yes, so now I imagine I will make him socks for his birthday next year. I just have to get his shoe size. He is a big man, 6'5" and has big feet so I imagine he wears about a 13 or so. I will have to ask his wife. but they are leaving tomorrow for Mexico to have Christmas with her dad for a week so I will talk to her when she gets back.

I got on the scales this morning and have lost the 3 lbs I gained over the trip and another lb so am thrilled with that. I want to be down 2 more lbs by my dr appt next Thursday, which will give me a 20 lb lost from my last appt. We are going to get the ball rolling on this female thing. It is so puzzling because right after my appt, I was having issues everyday and cramping up everyday even if I wasn't spotting and such which was a new thing, then we left for Indiana and from then on nothing, no discomfort or anything else. It is so weird, but I want to get this fixed and over with, period. I am tired of dealing with whatever is causing these problems.

Well gals, I am going to go and get some work done and have some breakfast and shower. Guess I will work on my sweater some more today. I have a good jump on the front now so it won't take long to finish it up I imagine. Have a great start to your day and a nice weekend. Faye

12-02-2011, 01:51 PM

It is a chilly day of 22 degrees as I type expeced to maybe get up to 40 and we are having a winter weather watch in this area. Gives me chills to think about it. Something has the neighborhood dogs to barking. Sure glad our two aren't in on the song they are singing. I was re-visiting that small book by David Zinczenko Eat This ~ Not That! There are some great eating out hints on what to have saving points by what we choose to eat. Just as an example on page 80 is the Arby's Super Roast Beef for 430 calories and the next page the Market Fresh Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich for 780 calories. So if and when we go to Arby's I know which I will get.:p Life is good and all about choices.

In the storage area of the museum there is a world one war machine gun that is only missing the flash supresser and worth 30 thousand dollars so now they are searching for a supresser which just may be in with some other "stuff" down there. If they can't find it there they will search elsewhere for one. Interesting what one can find on the internet. They have Will doing the research on it and he is having a ball. He has located schematics and books on the thing and ordered them. The director knows Will is the one to do the research and finding things about the guns they have down there for he knows more than anyone there about that sort of thing. Next they will be in search for bullets that were used way back then in the machine. Tomorrow is "open house" and they have inlisted Will to drive the wagon with a two horse team. When they found out that he has driven a stage coach with an 8 horse team they asked him to drive this one. They are giving short hay rides down one of the red brick roads.

This town has red brick roads throughout it. They are old and uneven and sure keeps the traffic at a slower pace. :p They are refirbshing some of the old buildings and it sure is looking good. This place has lots of history. Has the first "boot hill." There is an old Victorian mansion type 4 story house beautifully restored that is being used now days for a home for un-wed mothers. I didn't know those existed anymore. Quaint.

I received my new Glass Crafters catalogue for 2012 and am going to have fun seeing what is new plus I will visit their web site and see what is new that they didn't put in the catalogue. They are located down in Sarasota FL. One day I would love to visit their shop. I am happy to see they included a "free shipping" coupon for an order over $75 ~ I always order over that certain amount so I will be happy to have free shipping on my next order. I have been using dollars off coupons more lately then ever before.

I needed a box to toss all those magazines in and just pulled out the paper and the puffy plastic pillow packing and Cecil was delighted. He has been frolicking in them so I won't pick them up until he gets tired of them. Kids and pets love to play with boxes and packing stuff.

I have a book I want to find the time to read. Will got it for me off one of his used book web sites. It is Jesse James, Last Rebel of the Civil War by T.J. Stiles. Ole Jesse is a distant relative of mine, the scandrel. It is carefully researched of his life and times. Lots of history was being made during those times. It is the biography of one of Americas most famous outlaws. James was a southerner, not a westerner; a Conferderate, not a cowboy. This is one book that will take me more than one sitting to read through. It is tiny print and lots of notes and bibliography at the end to get through. I read a book cover to cover and glean all I can from it.:cool: It origional sold for $25 and he got it for a buck. I like looking at the old photographs in it. One in particular caught my attention of Allan Pinkerton astride a beautiful horse. His struggle in hunting the James and Younger brothers ended up being the most serious defeat of his career. Anyway that is the current book I will be reading. :o

DONNA FAYE Is this your regular weigh day now? :bravo: for your 4 pounds down. I am so happy for you that you are feeling so much better. Your shower will feel extra good for you when you get in there this time. That is a shame that that pattern was not properely calibrated. That would be totally frustrating. The current building I am working on has the front wider than the back in the pattern. Now just looking at it I couldn't figure why that should be so I cut the back as wide as the front. I can always cut it down if it needs to be done so. There is no apparent reason why I should cut it down though at this point. My point being is you can undo something you are knitting but if I cut the glass two narrow I can't undo it and start over.:( If it is too short I have wasted a piece of glass. Anyway it must be frustrating to knit a pattern that is mis-sized. Fingerhut has not found me since I moved here, thank goodness.:dizzy: They ran a deal once if you were the first in your state to return the envelope ~ didn't have to be an order inclosed ~ to them you would win a huge flat screen TV. I wrote all over the envelope things like "take me off your mailing list." Well, they delivered the TV to our neighbor across the street because we were on vacation when it arrived. Actually he was an UPs driver and kept it in his garrage for us. We didn't want it and it bumped us up to the next tax bracket. Ended up giving it away. But I never get their catalogues anymore. :p

Howdy all other Magnolias. :wave: I am off to work on my glass. Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-02-2011, 03:55 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's warmed up to 32 degrees from 3 degrees early this morning. I went to the hospital craft show hoping to find a craft gift for an exchange next week, but it was mostly things like Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Scentsy, a bag business that was new to me, jewelry, and some wood items. Nothing caught my eye so stopped at a church that's having a fund raiser of Christmas decorated jar mixes; I hope whoever gets mine likes microwave cake in a cup! The men were raving about it when we went to the pot luck a week ago. Then I headed to the grocery store to pick up beans and soup for a green bean casserole for the church Christmas dinner tonight. Came home and made my salad for the same doin's before I headed to church for the hospital gal's funeral. It was a full church. Her dad was a vp in one of the local banks so the family has been local for a long time. Lunch was a sandwich because Bob came home earlier than usual, and I dumped beans, onions, and soup in a bowl while talking to him. I have a load of laundry going, need to find a Christmas top to wear tonight, and then think I will sit down and read for awhile.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing 4#s since you've been home! :woohoo: That's too bad about Fortune's sweater being too small. A neighbor's dog wears a sweater that looks like a hand towel with a ribbon tied around his neck, and another one under his tummy. There are no leg holes. I'm glad your knee is feeling better and you were able to get a "good" ;) shower today!

Maggie -- It will be interesting to see what new tricks WW comes up with next week. I see where they raised the online membership fee $3 for new sign-ups. I wonder if all of the products will have a price increase after the new year. It sounds like the different museum activities are right up Will's alley. :yes: I don't get nearly as many catalogs as I used to; maybe that's because I order mostly toys. :lol:

I really need to keep moving or I won't get anything done this afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your day! :D :wave:

12-02-2011, 04:46 PM

We just got in from running some errands and picking up new desk calendars from the printing place. Thought I'd check in here for a bit while sipping some of my delicious sf ff vanilla latte.:cool: It is very cold here this day and they have already laid ribbons of salt on the roads expecting ice and snow this afternoon/evening. It is 36 degrees now.

JEAN Microwave cake in a cup sounds interesting. Do you have the directions for that? I understand that the most changes in the new WW program is the rising prices and not the program itself. But we shall see what the scoop is when they do all the posting on the web site about it or at the meetings. I just checked the web site and they are currently changing it.

Back later. :candy:

12-02-2011, 06:22 PM
Maggie -- It seems like that recipe made the internet rounds a year or so ago. I don't have the recipe, but did go online to look. I think I googled jar mixes, or gifts in a jar, something to that effect. I will get mine next week. I just happened to remember that a couple of the gals go to this church and probably will have bought the same thing. :o Oh well . . . . .

12-03-2011, 07:49 AM