Support Groups - Holiday SOS Santa Monica/Las Vegas ????

11-19-2011, 05:12 PM
Hey guys,

Well i have been on a serious rollercoaster of Lbs up and downs the past 2 months, but next Tuesday i am flying over to the states, we are staying in Santa Monica and then going to Las Vagas... Can't wait...

HOwever i am Slightly freaking out as ill be eating out and staying in hotels,
i think there is a really long Promenade so i plan to do lots of walking.,.

i always fall down on Food...

anyone from these areas? or been to visit?

Any recommendations for Good places to eat that have healtier options?
or good fruit places or are there any Ahhhhhhhh :dizzy:

Any advice seriously appreciated :hug:

11-20-2011, 07:54 AM
Honey, I am a Vegas, nut. I have been several times and absolutely love it, my favorite place to go. You can definitely get your exercise just walking around and in through the casinos and shopping. You have to decide whether you want to just go for it or plan to control your eating because frankly, that city is all about eating. Some of the great buffets there have wonderful salad bars, lots of fresh fruit, fish, lean cuts of meat so you can get healthy options, you just have to decide to stay away from the crap or not!

Bellagio Buffet is great, though a bit pricier
Buffet at Planet Hollywood the same, it is huge too and has some great choices.
The pricier restaurants all have some good choices if you are willing to pay for them of course.
There are a couple delis, in the casinos where you can get nice turkey sandwiches on whole grain breads and nice sides. I am going to send you a link by message to a website all about Vegas and maybe you can get information you need a bit more there, ok.