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11-18-2011, 08:18 AM
We are motorcycle-lovin and ridin people who want to look our best on our bikes :D

I'm Holly, road name is Cupcake. Been riding my own for 10 years now! After my initial main weight loss, I go up and down in the 150 to 158 range. I feel my best at the lower end and feel ugh at the higher (which is where I am now). I can work out almost every day but I find it hard to control my eating. So that's my deal :cool:

11-18-2011, 08:29 AM
good morning chicks and dudes :) We got a dusting of the white stuff overnight and it is cold, 28 degrees. Hard to believe I was on my bike just two days ago!

Yesterday I got at least a hundred more books out of the house (they're in the car, I'll go to the Re-Use station on my way to work) . That particular bookcase area finally looks better. Now onto the smaller 2 bookcases.

Got my car back from the bodywork guy, you can't even tell there was ever rust around that wheel well, or that work was done!! he did a great job.

Bought new wiper blades, I went for the pricier ones, I guess they're worth it. The sales guy even came out and put them on, that was nice of him.

Maybe today I'll keep my eating under control. Yesterday was relatively good, and I didn't have anything after dinner, which has become a bad habit.
have a great day!

11-20-2011, 10:02 AM
good morning, Hey Reda I'm so sorry I realize I never said how tragic and terrible the loss of your young sympathy and condolences to your family.

Have had 2 complete days on program...a little yogurt for breakfast; a tuna sandwich for lunch; yogurt and blackberries for snack; dinner at home, not too much; no eating after dinner. Two days in a row..didn't think I could even do one day. So I hope to continue.

Relatively mild here, 42 degrees, but cloudy, and maybe rain later, so I wont' chance riding the bike to work.

Had TWO jerky customers yesterday but they occurred within the last hour so they didn't ruin the whole day. One of them, he is a tenant above the store, so he thinks he doesn't need to play by the rules..I had closed, and locked the door, and was counting money..he BANGS on the plate glass window outside and threw his body against the window..I was startled out of my wits and then I flipped him the bird..maybe I'll tell him I carry and that he might regret stunts like that, lol.

11-20-2011, 11:48 PM

Holly that is great that you had 2 days OP- Me well not so great :(
thanks for the condolences

Well we got our first little ice storm and of course people forget how to drive - lots of wrecks and people in the ditch- we are not even getting above freezing right now but come Thanksgiving day they are forcasting high 50's whoo hooo gonna get the bike out for a spin :)

Well still working on the bathroom hopefully get it completely finished this week- I did say hopefully :)

Well have a great night and week

Dawn how was your trip to Mexico, are you even back yet?

11-21-2011, 08:58 AM
Reda, I sure hope you get to ride on Thanksgiving, that would be great!! and good deal on the bathroom reno progress.

It seems it doesn't even matter than I was on program for 2 days...I stupidly weighed myself and I am UP A POUND?? i hate that!! I have honestly had 1200 calories or less for 3 days, and I WAS eating 900 calorie inbetween snacks regularly before that..WTF.

I will grimly keep on :devil:

11-21-2011, 12:31 PM
Hello everyone! The Mexico trip was AWSUME!! Did not want to come back. It was in the 80s the entire time we were there, even when it rained it was warm. It was breezey the entire time we were there but thats cuz we were by the ocean but it was still great, I just had to tie my hair all the way back so it was blowing in my face all the time. I hope the links from facebook work cuz I did not feel like uploading pictures to photobucket to post them, plus there are so many to choose from.

Here are pictures that were taken at the hotel

Pictures swimming with Stingrays

Swimming with Sharks



11-21-2011, 09:27 PM
Hi gals I am still here, I will have more time to talk later.

11-23-2011, 06:37 PM
Dawn, thanks for the pics, Wow!! it looked beautiful and WARM :D glad you had such a good time!

Hey Aaron!! good to hear from you!

Tammy said hey to me on FB! :carrot:

We got about 10" of snow from last night through today. Hard to believe that one week ago, my older son and I went to lunch on our motorcycles! It was a sloppy mess this morning. I had an early appt. and fishtailed down a hill, that sucks! even with AWD. It wasn't just the case of "oh, first snowfall of the year, everyone forgets how to drive'. It was exceptionally awful. I spent about 2 hours shoveling, the driveway is cleared now.

We had our T-giving meal last night, it was the only time our sons and us could get together. The food didn't turn out that great which is good, cause I didn't overeat :devil:

I think the stupid scale was lying to me the other day, when I weighed and it showed pounds UP? its being more reasonable now :devil::devil:

11-23-2011, 09:16 PM
Want to stop in and say Happy Thanksgiving all

Love the pics Dawn- just makes me more anxious to go on our trip in January :) Looks like you have a great time and you sure were rocking the bikini's girl you looked good!!!!! Boy does your son look like you :) good thing

Well Holly I am so glad we haven't had the snow yet and yes tomorrow now suppose to hit 60 :) whoo hoo hard to believe we only got a sheet of ice on Saturday but 120 miles away got over 6" of snow

Ok well I suppose I better get to work on bathroom - again have a great

11-25-2011, 09:57 PM
So how was everyones Thanksgiving? It was great around here - yes we did get to go riding!/photo.php?fbid=10150478091822718&set=a.456122642717.242351.585202717&type=1&theater

then left about 7:30pm last night after supper and me and my sister got home about 11am today - got everything plus more on my list - it was great just like every year :) Downside didn't get to sleep till 330 this afternoon and woke up at 7pm - its all worth it

Well I guess I need to think about some supper tonight not sure what but something that does not take to much effort

11-25-2011, 10:57 PM
Reda, I'm glad you had a great and successful time shopping! :carrot: and you got to ride on T-giving!! woohoo !!:D

I had a unsatisfactory time telling (asking?) my boss that I need 9 days off in January for our AZ trip. He kinda freaked out :rolleyes: He said he would need to close the store. His wife scolded him for saying that. Then he said "or work 24 hours a day." Come on, you big baby!! It is unfortunate it is the same week that his wife is going on one of her week-long the store will be shorthanded, but there is a salaried guy who works barely 6 hours a day 5 days a week, he could work in the deli. And there is a woman who likes extra hours. So I really don't like the guilt trip he's trying to put on me.

Oh and then had unpleasant surprise, flat tire !! I put air in it on the way home twice, and got home OK, but will have to see what to do about it in the morning.

I've worked out each day, my usual step routines; plus today and yesterday I added some Winsor Pilates. weird stuff to me but I'll try most anything.

11-27-2011, 12:13 PM
So officially you will be on vacation in January going somewhere warm to boot :) Yep your boss will just have to figure it out - and put his salaried worker to work - most salary people work 9+ hours a day wish mine was 6 hours a day :)

Well we have to get 9 sets of bean bag boards made of which we got 5 done yesterday and then onto 64 bean bags (this will be the chore itself)

Ok well not getting much done sitting here on computer

Oh and Holly hope your tire can be repaired instead of having to buy a new one.... Great Job staying on top of your exercise

11-27-2011, 09:18 PM
Hey Reda :) Well the boss clumsily apologized for being such a putz.

thanks for the kudos on my exercise :D I've even been doing so much better with not eating sweets or junk and trying to make portions much smaller. A disappointment though - I had heard of Little In the Middle jeans from here (3FC) they're for when your waist is proportionately smaller than your bigger butt/thighs - like me :devil: But I was stupidly optimistic and ordered the size 10 hips/ size 8 waist combo - the legs were so tight and I couldn't button the waist!

So I dont' know if I should hang onto them for motivation or send them back for a size that I thought I was out of, but can wear :rolleyes: Eh, not a biggie I guess.

Hey I took my car to someone on Sat. morning, and they squeezed me in, and repaired the tire for only $12! :carrot:

Hey to Aaron, Dawn and Tammy! :wave:

11-27-2011, 09:20 PM
Well we have to get 9 sets of bean bag boards made of which we got 5 done yesterday and then onto 64 bean bags (this will be the chore itself)

what are the boards and bean bags for? and you're making/sewing the bean bags yourself?

11-30-2011, 01:37 PM
November 30, 2011 - I went for a ride!!! :carrot: We had rain last night, so the salt was washed away. No grit or sand that I could see. Just a short ride to Stowe, coffee and small breakfast wrap from DD, read the paper, then back here. Oh it was wonderful! :D

Tonight we ( the Fire dept. Aux.) will be making Christmas wreaths to sell. I've never made one before but the other ladies are pros.

I have been doing good!! Less calories each day; and pretty good choices on those calories. It always amazes me - if I eat sparingly of good lean protein, lots of green veggies, nonfat dairy, ... I lose weight . What a concept, lol.

11-30-2011, 10:40 PM

Holly $12 that is great- and yes we are making the bean bags ourself
These are the corn hole boards and bags- we are having a tournament
for our Rider Group Dec 10th - we decided to make them instead of paying
$60 but the bean bags are going to be the death of me....... I have to cut
256--- 7" squares then sew them all together and fill them with corn and sew the top up-
To top it off I have a craft show for my bandanas on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon so trying to get ready for all that :)

Holly I am sure with your crafty skills you will make awesome wreaths
Tonight Full Throttle starts - will have to watch it maybe we will be on there

Ok well not getting anything on the computer so off I go- have a great night

12-04-2011, 10:34 PM
Happy Birthday Holly :carrot:

Hope you had a great weekend and it was everything you wanted it to be- even though I am sure you had to work or maybe not???

Onto another week of work can't believe Christmas is only 20 days away....
Got our first snow today 3" so not much but enough to make roads slippery and for people to drive stupid....

12-04-2011, 11:22 PM
thank you Reda! :) since I got the big 50 over with last year, 51 isn't that bad :devil: DH got me a hot pink Sony CyberShot. I've got to learn to use it , don't know my way around digis...and then learn to upload pics to computer. Can't wait! :carrot: And I'm still at the same weight...wish I was less, but at least I'm not higher.

Got so irritated at Boss. Payday is on Fridays, but he is late with my check 20% of the time. And NEVER apologizes or says 'sorry, I forgot to pay you , I forgot to get your check" etc. So I didn't get a paycheck Friday, or he just handed it to me. So I wrote down my bank name, account number, and routing number, and handed THAT to him, and said, "I'd like to get Direct Deposit as soon as possible". And he still doesn't say a thing. grrr.

But I have been amazed and grateful that I have been feeling so good even with this time of year. Maybe because November was mild and sunny compared to the usual gray and cold. And that we still have mostly green (frozen green) lawns instead of being buried in snow. i don't know the reason but I'm thankful :devil:

I rode 9 days in November which is also a record! and the last day ridden was Nov. 30.

I thought I was doing good on my diet. I HAD been eating cookies/pastries every day! Now for almost 2 weeks didn't have any treats, plus cut back on regular food, plus working out 6 to 7 times a week. I know it takes time but I am impatient :devil: i want to see results like now! I'll just keep plugging along.

Hope everyone is doing good.

12-07-2011, 03:48 PM
Hello all, still plugging along. Have had SO many close calls at work to cave and eat something bad..but I haven't ! :carrot: I FEEL like I should be melting away when I'm feeling so empty and hungry but I'm not melting away yet :devil: devil::devil:

today I have off; after sleeping late, lounging on computer, then working out; then i started MORE work on the upstairs bookcases. Whoa!! I filled 2 more boxes of books to be donated; threw out some old papers; then vacuumed and dusted, and then was able to condense one big bookcase into one half the size and more attractive to the area. OMG!! so much work :devil:

but I am SO happy that at least I was feeling that I could do it! I don't know why, for YEARS, I didn't think I could. Well in the past, DH would say "OH, i needed that! I've been wanting to work on so-and-so" when the item in question was 15 years past...I've had it with that. I gave him fair warning weeks ago, then I just go ahead :p

12-09-2011, 12:15 AM
Hello - wow you have been busy Holly- great job on staying OP with your eating and exercising that is great- I would be upset if I didn't get my paycheck when I was suppose to thats why it is called payday??????

Well I will now say something - I am back on track with eating well actually since day after thanksgiving and as of Monday this week I lost 10 pounds so also for the last 10 days I have been going to the gym daily (ok well I missed sunday but I was sick) otherwise I haven't missed a day - I am focused and feeling so much better :)

Holly glad to hear that you are feeling so good and this time of year hasn't effected you yet- Yes we got to ride in Nov as well - but my last day riding was Thanksgiving day - now we have snowy, icy roads so it is parked in the garage......

Well going to clean house this weekend but we do have our bean bag tourney on Saturday late afternoon so I am pumped for that as well

Hello Dawn, Colleen, Tammy, Aaron hope all is well with each of you

12-09-2011, 07:53 AM
Hi Gals. Well I am done working for the winter so I can put more time in to my diet. I am at 240 today. I have 10 lbs to lose to get back down to my lowest, and new goal will go from 220 to 200- 210. Reda nice hat, how did it do in the wind. Holly I would have a hard time not eating cookies, I don't know how you do it. I hope we can all lose weight for the holidays.:D

12-09-2011, 08:00 AM
Reda, CONGRATS!!! wow you get one of these for each pound lost :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:: dance::dance::dance:

Hi Aaron!! I don't deserve praise for last night, I had 3 of my cookies. Maybe i got it out of my system and won't have more :devil:

We got about 4" of snow yesterday and it is probably here to stay, I guess it's time. Sure had a great long run without snow.

Hi Dawn, Colleen and Tammy :wave:

12-09-2011, 09:05 PM

glad to hear from ya Aaron - yes hope I can keep losing through the holidays as well

Well I got some news today- not sure if it is great news at my age but nothing we can do about it- I am going to be Grandma, baby is due June 29th so DH has gotten his wish has been waiting to be Grandpa but me I wanted to wait at least 3-4 years- DS is 23 so I guess that is good age to start a family just would have been nice if him and Katie would have been married first but now a days things are always backwards :)

Well I suppose I should get going heading off to the gym- have a great weekend

12-09-2011, 11:03 PM

glad to hear from ya Aaron - yes hope I can keep losing through the holidays as well

Well I got some news today- not sure if it is great news at my age but nothing we can do about it- I am going to be Grandma, baby is due June 29th so DH has gotten his wish has been waiting to be Grandpa but me I wanted to wait at least 3-4 years- DS is 23 so I guess that is good age to start a family just would have been nice if him and Katie would have been married first but now a days things are always backwards :)

Well I suppose I should get going heading off to the gym- have a great weekend

Oh gosh, well let's think positive and say congratulations Grandma-to-be :) 23 is the age I was when I had my first, it will be okay! but I understand how you would maybe hope for them to be a little older. And marriage isn't always a guarantee either, right, so best wishes to them :carrot:

Hey Reda is the bean bag tournament tomorrow? did you get those 250-some bags sewn by hand :eek:

well I did great all day at work eating wise until I came home, then 3 slices of pizza, 2 will power just goes down to heck. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

12-10-2011, 02:02 PM
Well I am excited to be grandma- why not nothing I can do about it and hoping it is a girl since all I have is boys :) So went to walmart today for some stuff but found myself in baby section looking at infant seats and swings and stuff been 21 years since we have had a baby around- so I guess that would make me excited :carrot: 23 is a fine age to start - shoot I was 19 when I had him so he waited longer then we did

As for eating well I have stayed OP with not mess ups but yes tonight is our bean bag tourney and yes we got all boards and bags done so we are good to go- tonight however I will have a few beers and not so healthy food but I went to the gym this morning and worked by butt off

Ok well I need to start cleaning up house and get a couple loads of clothes done before leaving for the night-

12-12-2011, 09:38 AM
Reda I can imagine all kinds of things have changed since we had our babies..let us know what is new in baby world, lol!

how was the bean bag tourney??

Nice sunny day here but cold (in teens) Hopefully it will get above freezing some day so I can take car to car wash, I want to be vigilant at keeping the salt off it.

Have been doing great working out just can't refrain from eating when I think Im hungry, same old story!

12-14-2011, 02:50 PM
Hey bikers :cool: My two days off, and I spent half the day in bed because I have something going on, my joints ache and my throat is scratchy. Usually I can get over things quick, hopefully it's gone by tomorrow!

i did get to the car wash the other night, it was hovering around freezing. My car is nice and black and shiny again.

Haven't shopped for one gift yet :?: I'm lucky that our sons have Amazon wish lists and DH gets those things for them, then I'll wrap. I haven't gotten any little things for DH, our big gift I think will be our January Arizona trip (the motorcycle part) but I know that DH still just buys whatever he wants for himself mostly :p

well maybe some more green tea in me and I'll feel better.

12-15-2011, 11:55 PM
Hope you are feeling better Holly

Bean Bag Tourney went great - actually me and DH won, we will be scheduling another for probably February

I do have Christmas shopping done but no wrapping yet just can't get motivated to do that - I am still going to the gym daily and my eating well thats been OP totally and quite frankly haven't had any chips or candy since mid November..... this week though got on scale and haven't even lost .2 pounds that sucks but I can tell in my jeans that they are fitting looser so with that I am not going to get discouraged I am determined to stay OP and on track :)
Wow Holly your AZ trip is coming up fast, I bet you are so excited :)

Ok well heading off to bed -

12-17-2011, 02:46 PM
Hello everyone. Sorry I have been MIA lately. Since our Mexico trip DH & I have gone to a marriage counceler. Its the 2nd time trying one since 2008. In our session I told him that when DS & I found a place that took all 4 pets we would be moving out. That was Friday & come the following Monday we had signed a lease. DS & I have moved out. I have slowly been moving out cuz I am trying not to hurt him more then needed. I have never seen him cry untill the nite I told him we signed a lease. Im not sure what I want to do. I do not know if him actuely trying is part of the game that has been going on for the last several yrs or its for real, but even if it is for real can we be saved? I maybe at that point that I am just done. I have cries more then I had wished for threw the yrs & now I have not cried at all since sometime this summer after I got talked into staying to work it out. I have agreed to stay at the house 1 day a week to work on it but in all honesty I do not want to but agreed to help make him feel better. Since moving out he has been calling everyday. I told him that we need some space & even with us out I do not feel like we have the space with the calls & texts everyday. Sometimes I think I should just cut all ties for now but other times I think of all the yrs we have been together. I have been sleeping better since moving out & have even noticed that I have been eating more as well. Time will tell. Sorry to be such a downer.

12-18-2011, 11:08 AM
so sorry to hear about all the stuff going on right now in your life Dawn- we have had friends that seperated actually she got an apartment for a year - they went on dates and not every week - though they have 3 school age children but this past weekend she moved back home- she said they just needed the break, of not being together 24 -7. I really hope it works out for you - take care and if you need anything just send me a message

Well got on scale this morning and down 2lbs whooo hooo because a few days ago boy was I discouraged but I guess it all works out in the end :)
Well did something to my back yesterday and boy does it hurt so icing it today as thats what the chiro had me do with it back in March so trying it before going to see anyone- man yesterday I could barely walk

Today we are having Christmas with DH mom since they have become snowbirds this year and suppose to leave on Monday

So with that I better get off the computerr and get crap together
Have a Great sunday

12-19-2011, 09:24 AM
Oh Dawn I'm so sorry about that. Don't apologize for saying it's a downer, we are here to support you :hug: even if I have no good advice. Just really sorry you have to go through this. Maybe it is the break you need, or maybe it will be permanent. Just one day at a time. I'm glad that you are sleeping better though. hang in there.

Reda, sorry about your back! but congrats on the scale showing good things and you feeling your jeans looser, that's such a great feeling! congrats on winning the tourney too.

well the sick-feeling I had on Tuesday night was nothing compared to what I did on Friday morning; running out of the bank i tripped and splat on the sidewalk I fell. Cut on my nose, inside of my mouth from tooth, both palms bruised, abrasion on left knee but worst is my elbow. I know it can't be broken but boy some moves are excrutiating. But there has been improvement in movement each day so I just give it time.

Think of back when we were kids, we fell all the time and bounced right back up :devil: different now!

Let me ask your opinion of something. One of the news websites DH checks everyday had a Secret Santa thing going. If you participated, you were given a person who had posted their profile and gift ideas, and you did the same. And then you get a gift in the mail, and you choose a gift for the other person. Well he got some woman teacher in the midwest, blah blah blah, and told me the gift he chose for her. What ... the ... ****???? Doesn't that seem weird and inappropriate?? He truly acted as if he thought there was nothing wrong with that. Why are you spending money on a total stranger is what I was saying. Now I"m going to go get some things for myself with no guilt.. :devil:

12-20-2011, 11:03 PM
Oh ya Holly I would probably be saying more than what the ****!!!!!! and if I am spending money on a stranger it will be for children that are less fortunate or as we do through the club for those adults that are special needs and have no family - not a women and a stranger at that.....
Seriously what is he thinking??

Hope you are feeling better and your elbow is moving around alittle better

I am still working out everyday - even if it is only for half hour cardio and half hour circuit weights- I didn't do so bad at lunch at MIL's sunday but what I did eat filled me up enough that I didn't even get hungary for supper and went to the gym

Dawn hope all is well
Aaron and Tammy what have you two been up to?

Off to watch alittle tv then off to bed - have a great hump day tomorrow!

12-21-2011, 10:06 AM
thanks for your opinion also Reda, I guess I've simmered down about it, and I also threw it out here for other chicks opinions

if he had told me about it ahead of time, I guess it wouldn't have been so strange-sounding to me at first I think. I also think that it wasn't the woman who got DH a gift, I think that came from someone else completely. And I did have resentment about the 'time and thought' factor but he has given me nice things before. He also told me about it the first evening I got home from work, that I had hurt myself so hard, and I think I was wanting a little more attention to my boo-boos :devil: along with feeling achy and in pain.

And hooray, each day my arm has improved with range of motion and less pain so it is definitely healing :carrot: the bruises have come out on my left palm and wrist though and they are ugly! :p

I have today and tomorrow off, my regular days off, so I need to make the most of them before Christmas, cause I am working Friday and Saturday.

have a good one!

12-24-2011, 09:55 PM
Merry Christmas Everyone

Well I have been having issues getting on the website keep getting some script error so read the forum on that and tried everything and nothing seems to be helping - I will mess around with it alittle more later but if you
don't hear from me it is because I can't get to the forum

Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas- On a GREAT NOTE i got to ride today :) it was 45 degrees so I thought what the heck I am going for a ride :)

12-25-2011, 02:59 PM
Reda that is SO awesome that you got to ride on Christmas eve!!!:carrot:
Merry Christmas :santa::tree::ginger::rudolph: to my biking friends!!

12-26-2011, 09:46 AM
Hi Gals I am still here I hope you had a good Christmas. I fell off my diet and will be starting today to lose 40 lbs by spring.

12-26-2011, 10:29 AM
Hope you all had a great Christmas!! I so wish I could take the bike out for 1 last ride - Lucky!!

12-26-2011, 11:57 AM

Well Christmas was good but busy- I am off work again today so going to clean up the house but jI might possibly be able to go for a ride again today - it will be short but hey it is a ride :)

Yes I had a little gain over Christmas .8 but drinking lots of water today and right back on track I would really like to lose another 10 pounds before my Cancun trip of which is now less than a month away

Well not getting anything done sitting on here so off I go so something is noticeable when DH comes home for lunch (he had to work today)

12-28-2011, 12:31 PM
Just got Internet again at the apartment. I didn't even have it 14 days & it went down. The apartment is feeling more & more like home. It helps that I got some furniture in the place now & I keep making trips to the house to bring more of my belongings here. Granted the place is not in the safest neighborhood but we are on the 3rd floor & the owners live right across the hall so it is becoming my safe haven - no BS zone. I hope it is becoming that for ds as well.

DS is at his fathers place right now & texted me early this morning & told me he was sick with food poisoning. It's driving me nuts that I am here & not with him. This is 1st time he's been sick away from me. He did just call to tell me that I can go visit him. So that means he misses his Momma when he's not feeling well. Yes I get a bit of joy out of that. So I'll talk to you all later as I need to go get ready to go.

12-29-2011, 09:52 AM
Hi Gals. Well this week I started my diet over. I was at 246.6 on tuesday and I am at 245.0 today. I am having a hard time giving up the junk food. I will start walking next week. Tymaboy I hope things work out for you, things will get better. Hi Holly & Reda.

12-30-2011, 10:17 AM
Hi Gals. I am down to 243.6 today. I hope you gals have a good new years eve.

01-01-2012, 10:26 AM
Happy New Year gals.

01-01-2012, 12:01 PM
Happy New Years All

WOW Aaron wehn you set your mind to it you lose quickly!!!! I swear that is a guy thing :)

Dawn glad to hear your apartment is feeling like home to you-and man ugly sicknesses are going around hope your son is feeling better by now

Well I got to ride on Dec 26th and also Dec 29th yesterday we were suppose to be 50 and partly sunny but ended up being 30 and rainy and very very windy but I am hoping that today I am going to get it out and ride just to say I rode on Jan 1 2012 - whooo hooo - mine our weather is just plain out of element this winter we are usually ice and snow covered with below zero temps not 30-50 degrees and brown out :)

Holly hope you had a great New Year and that you didn't havfe to work to hard????

Well it is Sunday which means get to the store and start cleaning house - yippeee NOT

01-03-2012, 09:53 AM
Hi gals. I am up to 245.2 after all the parties, back on track for the week.

01-05-2012, 08:49 AM
Hey all, sorry I haven't been around, Christmas day was my last day off and I then worked for 8 days straight and got sick :( I hope just a sinus infection and not bronchiits, but am going to Doctor today. I had yesterday off and spent literally all day and night in bed. I do feel better today but am still gonna hope for a 5 day antibiotic pack from doctor; plus I will tell him about my elbow / arm which still hurts from my fall Dec. 16th.

Reda that is sooo very kewl that you have been able to ride some! our winter is also very 'off'. We just have a few inches of snow on the ground but we had below zero temps the past couple days.

Dawn, I hope you are doing okay, i am glad the apt. feels more like 'home' , sure must be tough.

Aaron, you sure are dedicated, when you put your mind to your diet, aren't you!

Our Harley Raffle is next saturday, the 16th. I have to have 200+ cupcakes ready by then. And I have to ask to leave work early that day, I have been literally afraid to, because of my boss' reaction when I told him about the week I had to have off for our AZ trip (which is the weekend after!!)

I had so hoped to be like 10 pounds less for our trip to feel good, that has not happened, in fact i'm sure I have gained. Guess I didn't want it hard enough!

01-08-2012, 08:07 PM
Hello everyone. I am so enjoying the appartment even though it like any appartment you do hear the neighbors ever so often. I was pretty tence & uptight up until last week. I decided to file for a divorce. After I told DH I felt a weight lifted off of me. He said he wont fight it & would go to the laywer with me but the lawyer did not want him there so I told him everything that I found out in the meeting. They wanted $1500 upfront. The lawyer he called wanted $1000-$5000 retainer plus for him to pay hourly fees & everything as they went along. We decided to do it on our own as we think we can split everything on our own. I will be going over after work to dicuss the papers that I will file & make sure we agree on everything. The last we talked about it we were leaning towards he keeps house, no alamony & he pays the bills in his name & I pay whats in my name. So in all I would walk away with hardly anything to pay- he has the big stuff. We need to transfer the car into DS name cuz that is in DH name. We cant see paying all that money if we can agree on what to do. But I will find out tonite if this is what we agree to or not or if he wants me to help with other bills, which I am open to since he would get the bulk of everything.

I noticed that I have been eating more this last month but when I hopped on scale I am still holding at 129. I am happy with that. I hope I can hold at this threw the winter.

01-08-2012, 11:51 PM

Holly how did the bike raffle go - and all those cupcakes you had to make?

Dawn sorry to hear about the divorce but you know what is best for you and your family. Glad to hear the apartment is working out for you and that you are maintaining your weight through all this :)

Well I have still been losing steadily and want to keep doing so- Well we had our 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday so we went out for supper and did some shopping, it was very nice then stopped by a little out of the way bar and had a couple of beers it was a nice little quaint bar that when you walk in everyone turns around and looks to see who it is......

16 Days till we will be in Cancun- oh can't wait to lay on the beach it will be so nice

Holly are you ready for your AZ trip I believe it is coming up very quickly isn't it?

Aaron how is your weightloss going for you now that you are back on track?

Well off to bed I go so I will check back in later

01-09-2012, 09:04 AM
Hey Dawn, I am so glad to hear that at least you can agreeably discuss the divorce with your H (is this when we drop the "D") Is it really better for you not to split the house? but you must know what you are doing :) And congrats that you are holding to that tiny size you are even with the stress.

Reda, congrats to you for losing steadily!!! woohoo!! :carrot: Actually our Harley Raffle is this upcoming Saturday. I have only baked 60 cupcakes so far, each night I come home it is very difficult to rouse myself to do the routine but I will have to.

Yup the Arizona trip is coming right up, in less than 2 weeks!

Turns out I had a sinus infection, funny that a little thing like that can make you feel SO crummy. I feel better each day and am trying to drink alot of water to thin out the junk in my head.

And I finally got the courage to ask that I can leave for 3 hours early this Saturday, for the Harley Raffle. My boss' wife said she would cover for me so then all I had to do was tell/ask boss. He was okay about it. I am still trying to be very productive at all times so he won't be as angry at me about leaving for AZ.

Reda, in your experience as store manager, what would you say to an employee who asks a customer to leave because they are a jerk...i came so very close to doing that this weekend to someone, he was just so rude. He wasn't violent or sexually harassing, just really rude. I probably would not get support from my employers for it, but it was so very tempting to just take his items off the counter, and tell him 'goodbye'. But I didn't :devil:

01-10-2012, 01:09 AM
Holly you must be in AZ about the same time we are in Cancun so we get to soak up some sunshine :)

As for rude customers well I have always advised the employees if it is a one time deal to just deal with it but if it is a customer that comes in regularly and they continue to be rude on a regular basis to ask them to quit that it makes them feel uncomfortable, if they don't quit then I usually will make sure that I show up the store and talk to the customer as well and advise that they are making the employee feel uncomfortable and usually once I talk to them they quit or just quit coming into the store - not sure if it would be that I pissed them off or they got embarrassed?????

Probably not what you want to hear at all but when I oversee 8 stores it is all about customer service- I know you know all about customer service, and boy I do realize that sometimes there are just people out there that shouldn't be allowed out in public and as much as we would like to be just as rude back to them, we are better and bite our tongue

Glad to hear the wife is going to cover for you Saturday let us know how the raffle goes, and all the cupcake baking

01-10-2012, 08:51 AM
Hi Gals I am down to 240.2 today. I Hope you gals have fun on your trips. Dawn I think in the long run what you are doing is the best for you. My sister took all the big toys when she got a divorce and sold them as she needed money and a down payment for a house. Just don't give it all up just to get out. 1/2 of every thing is yours.

01-10-2012, 09:34 AM
Aaron congrats on your losing!!

Reda, what you said makes perfect sense. If it was a certain person who regularly was a jerk, then yeah, then steps need to be taken. But that wasn't the case here, it is just the single random impatient out-of-stater tourist and I was tired and had no petience left. But your way of dealing with it sounds proper and business-like...and yeah probably the customer was ashamed of themselves and that's why they wouldn't come back.

Well yesterday my boss tried to guilt me about me leaving 3 hours early this Saturday for our Harley Raffle.."you're leaving us at 3? Just leaving me and Judy in the store alone. ON a busy weekend. I don't know..." Come on, he has left me alone to deal with the store in busy times. And he can ask the salaried cook to help out for 2 hours. Man up!

I have been sleeping late each morning, thinking it was OK because I was needing the rest after being sick..but I stay up til 11 playing Angry Birds, lol. I have to make sure to do at least 30 minutes of some exercise.

well today is my Friday, woohoo! Get through today then I have my 2 days off. Even though I was irritated at my boss yesterday, I took the time to totally clean the deli. It hadn't been nicely cleaned by me since before Christmas!! and today I want to see how it looks in daylight, if it really sparkles, lol. It is just so much more pleasant to work with food, when my surroundings are bleached and scrubbed.

01-12-2012, 11:37 PM
Oh Holly isn't Angry Birds addicting???? I had 2 days this week that I didn't want to get out of bed and go to the gym and I DIDN"T- I did go later after work but I have been going in the morning for about 45min and then I go after work for about an hour. Anyways tonight I went and the Wellness Center was packed, I know it is only temporary because of New Years Resolutions and probably half will quit coming in a month but it is a hassle right now!!!!! Being a Debbie Downer tonight, not sure why?

Aaron whoo hooo way to go on your weight loss- keep rocking it!!!!

01-13-2012, 10:51 AM
Thanks Gals, this week I am down 3.2 lbs. I am at 240.2.

01-13-2012, 09:12 PM
yeah Aaron, you are rockin the weight loss! good for you!!

Me, not so great with eating. booo.

However I did get a new dvd and I really like it. Anne Someone, Life Force, it's 50 pure minutes of cardio with light hand weights if you want, and add a step if you want. I really needed something new. I've done it each day for 3 days now.

Tomorrow is our Harley Raffle, dinner and dance, and I will be SO glad when it is over. It is just alot of work and it makes for a long day/night, as I have to be at work from 11 to 3, then home to shower/change, then to the event. And this year I'm supposed to be right up there on stage with our Prez, pulling numbers and calling them. It's fun to think of pounding down the drinks BUT we really want to be careful as we are responsible for pulling this event off without any mistakes, and we will be handling thousands of dollars.

DH will be stuck at the place all day roasting potatoes, cooking chicken/pulling the chicken, making the chicken and gravy. But our members come early and try to help. I bought a 30 pound bucket of cole slaw through my work; and bought big cans of cranberry sauce; someone else is bringing the biscuits which we had a local baker lady make; and I will be truckin in the 270 cupcakes I've made in the past days :faint:

AND SOMEONE WILL WIN A HARLEY!! sure hope its us :D One chance out of 150, someone's gotta win it!

and once the Harley Raffle is over, THEN i can think of our Arizona trip!! At this time next week, we will be in Phoenix :carrot:

01-13-2012, 11:06 PM
WTG Aaron

Holly that is great 3 days in a row -you go girl
AZ in one week- I just heard from my MIL that the weather is great there right now- she is in Peoria (suburb of Phoenix)
Well by time you get home we will be gone to Cancun :) not that I am beach ready but hey 20 pounds down is a great start- just have 20 more to go!!!! I am determined this time around no doubt

Good luck on the bike drawing hope you win it tooo :)

01-17-2012, 08:36 PM
Just want to stop by and say HI - I haven't been having alot of time on the computer lately with really working on my exercise routine and of course work

Hope all are doing well!!! Have a great week

01-17-2012, 09:58 PM
hey all, yay Reda for your stepped-up exercise!

just counting the days til we leave..which is early Friday . 6 am flight from Burlington VT to JFK. Wait about an hour...then from JFK to Detroit. Wait about an hour...then Detroit to Phoenix. And with the time change, we're scheduled to arrive at 2:30 pm!!

We get our bikes on Sunday afternoon :bike: Reda, I packed my bejeweled headband :cool:

01-19-2012, 11:12 PM
Holly have a great time in AZ and enjoy the riding - just talked to MIL and she said it has been nice! I don't get to leave till Tuesday then we will be home on the 1st- Can't wait to get on the beach :)

WTG Aaron
Hope all is going well Dawn

01-23-2012, 11:32 AM
Hey gals and guy (lol)..... this post is going to be short.... but I AM BACK!!

Life is still a little hectic. I had gained 25 pounds back between working and not sleeping more than 4.5- 5 hours a day and NO exercise.... but since January 1 I have lost 6.5 pounds..... I am still at the doctor's office but only 20 hours a week... this is my last week at this physical office, I will get going to the new one for one day a week starting next week and I should be completely done by March.

I have missed so much, I have no clue what is going on-- except the last posts. Tymaboy I see you are heading for the "D". I am sorry, but it sounds like you are level headed about it.
Reda.... CANCUN? I am jealous.
Holly, I see you are at the dreaded winter job. I thought of you the other day when I saw a tourist place in VT... thinking about the store.
Aaron, you seem to be doing well losing.

Long and short of my life now.... I will take PD physical in April b/c they did not have one last Fall. My oldest is in pilot school now.... he is a "warrant officer" and that is a pretty high accomplishment for a 22 year old. He went through that training as the youngest by 10 years. My youngest moved out on his 18th birthday and I rarely see him. I text him nightly to tell him I love him.... I get a reply about every other night. My life was a living "you know where" before he moved out.... and although I am broken hearted it is getting somewhat better. I don't even know who he is... he used to be so kind hearted and good spirited, now I am left with barely seeing him (5 minutes on Christmas-- he would not even come in the house) and left with the nagging fact that my son is now someone who is capable of stealing his mother's coat (he stole my non-riding leather coat and pawned it)..... I pray for him to come back to the Zeke I know.... but I guess only time will tell.
I did not ride much at all last year, in fact I thought of selling..... but I did take a ride a few days ago and froze my rear off.... but it did renew my will to want to ride again.

I hope to be back at least a couple times a week to catch up with you all. I miss you A LOT!!!!


01-27-2012, 01:18 PM
hey everyone!! we're back, got back yesterday. but first...

TAMMY!!! :cheer: :celebrate: :welcome3: back!! I know you were available on FB but it's sooo good to see you here :D sorry about the slight gain but you're working on it already and will be successful ... oh so very sorry to hear your pain with your younger son :( is it a bad girlfriend that has influenced him?? :?: That must be so hard to deal with, feeling that he is not the same person. I pray and hope with you that he 'comes around'.

congrats to your older son's progress!!

lol at freezing your butt off..but I'm glad you got out for a ride. I hope you don't sell Ms. Dyna..but you do what you feel you need to do :hug:

Yay at Reda being at Cancun!!!! soaking up the rays on the warm beach, woohoo!! :cool:

Hi Dawn and Aaron :wave:

well the trip to AZ was fantastic. a day or so of business and then we picked up the Harleys. A Heritage Softail Classic for me, a Road King for dh. Really nice .SO comfortable. One day we did a couple hundred miles and it felt like nothing! Gorgeous scenery, mountains 2 or 3 times as big as our Green Mountains...buttes, mesas, cliffs, valleys stretching as far as the horizon, distant peaks..crazy beautiful.

And sun and warmth!! it unfortunaltely was partly to mostly cloudy our first couple days, but then Wed. was gorgeous, 70 and pure sun and blue skies. DH's face got sunburned and is now tan..i am as pale as ever due to my moisturizer and makeup have SPF of like 50, lol.

Hey..does anyone else feel that takeoff in a plane, is like twisting the throttle on a bike? gosh i love it.

anyway, came back to a winter storm, snow, ice everywhere, gray and gloomy. Welcome to Vermont, haha :D but home is good.

I'm kicking myself in the butt to get on a serious eating plan. I had no limits on the trip, and neither did DH. I truly hope to try to inspire him, it hasn't worked all these years but there is always hope. I think his weight is affecting things in the bedroom.

I had another flare of anger at him because when I was using his computer on the trip (he was right there, he offered me the use of it) and on two of his open tabs, were naked women pics...wth...I think that is the term 'addicted to porn' when you are on vacation with your wife, and you are looking at naked women with her right in the room...I let him know i was super pissed but haven't discussed it again. i need to sort out my feelings about it I guess.I KNOW he loves me and feels that I am sexy and beautiful, but he does not understand how hurtful it is to me when he looks and drools over women half my age and so beautiful. And I'm sorry but I am at least trying to stay fit and he is doing nothing.

well that was a negative moment but I am back to good :cool: I am looking at the South Beach threads, that worked for me in the past and that might be what I will try.

01-28-2012, 12:15 PM
Just stopping in to see how everyone is doing. Tammy good to see you back. Yes DH are being very level headed about the "D" We are trying to get everything figured out before we file & have pretty much decided to wait to have everything final by June. That id=s when DS graduates & leaves for boot camp so w/ health & carinsureance w think it will save us some extra work in the long run. Plus the car is in DH name so instead of transfering the title over to DS then selling the car come June We will just leave things as they are for now.

Since the cold weather has hit I have noticed that I am eating much more & more bad for me foods the last 1-2 months. Ive been afraid that I will gain alot of weight this winter but was plesantly surpriced when I hoped on the scale the other day & saw that I was at 127. Ive also been drinking much more then I had when I was at the house which is extra calories & carbs but apparently so far I must be doing something right. Last Tuesday I messed up. I went out after work to celibrate my Team Leads Bday but I did not have time during the day to eat like I should have & I did not eat before strating to drink. Boy did I pay for it on Wednesday. Good thing my Team lead can give the ok to work from home cuz my head was killing me & not eating like I should threw my blood levels off. It took to around 1-2 in the afternoon to get everything back to semi normal. From what I heard from others at work he didnt look so hot at work himself on Wednesday either, but we had a good time. I will just make sure next time I do not need to work the following day.

01-31-2012, 10:59 AM
Tymaboy, just thought I would mention that you are going through A LOT of stress right now.... even if this is a friendly parting in a marriage...... so that maybe where the carb cravings are coming from. Just an idea.... and maybe until some of the dust settles just a bit it would be best to just hold the # you are at. From personal experience when I worry so much about not gaining it sends me into a tail spin.... and I end up gaining more. So, the best (for me) is to try to hold steady for a bit. But, in reading, it seems you are handling all the "poo" life is throwing at you relatively well and with grace.

Holly, Thanks for the welcome back. I have missed you all. So, did you rent Harley's in Arizona? I bet it was a nice trip.... except for the other, I will IM you about that.

My son does have a gf that has influenced his thoughts.... there are others as well (including my neighbors), but I guess that is water under the bridge b/c he is living on his own. It does break my heart, but it was his choice to leave.

I will have to make this a short post. I have house work to do and this seems to be my only "free" day until I am COMPLETELY done at the doctor's office.

I hope everyone is well!!!!!

01-31-2012, 08:26 PM
Hello chicks :) Dawn, sure hope your blood levels went back to where they should be! too bad you had to pay for a good time. And wow your weight is low, low, low!!! :carrot:

Tammy, yes we rented the Harleys while in AZ. DH arranged it all ahead of time. We even thought to ship our heavy stuff, leather jackets and my chaps, and all my neckwarmers, etc. ahead of time to the dealer, he accepted the box and kept it for us. So that we wouldn't have to check all those bags with the airline.

I decided to go on the South Beach diet. I really need structure, I can't 'wing it' on my own. I've had 5 days completely on program with their Phase 1! :carrot: Wish me continued will power :D

a couple pics from our trip! I could see myself living there 6 months out of every year, when it's yucky in Vermont!

02-01-2012, 09:33 AM
hey! according to my intel, I think today is Reda's birthday! If it smart a chick she is, to plan to be on vacay somewhere WARM and SUNNY and by the ocean, for her birthday! :hb::bday2you::balloons:

02-01-2012, 09:46 AM
Hi Gals. Holly how much did they charge you to rent your bikes per day. That looks like so much fun.

02-01-2012, 10:21 AM
Aaron - the charge was $125 per day, per bike. We paid a little extra for the unlimited mileage. It would have been a less $ but we didn't want to be limited to just 100 miles a day. We ended up with a total of about 600 miles per bike for the 3 days, so that was a good decision.

The rates differed for the different models of bikes, Joe's Road King was a little more than my Heritage Softail Classic. You also had to put down a $2000 deposit per bike, which of course was refunded when you brought them back, and they were checked over for damage (thank goodness, they found no scratches, dings or dents when we brought them back, I was afraid of chips from the road scratching them)

You also pay for insurance covereage on them; I checked with our own moto insurance company before doing this, and they also said to take out the insurance with the rental place.

It was a very good experience renting them. The dealer accepted our shipped box of riding gear and kept it in his office. The bikes were super nice, they only rent bikes that have less than 5000 miles on them, so they were in superior condition (maybe that's why I had such a hard time finding Neutral on mine, gears were too tight, lol)

The Heritage must be set up so similar to my bike, because I was instantly comfortable. Well the bars were different, but they were comfy for me.

Hey remember when I fell on my arm and almost broke it before Christmas? I was so worried that i would have pain on this trip. well the first day it did hurt alot when I would pull in the clutch. So badly I would dread slowing down or speeding up. The next day we bought an Ace bandage and wrapped it. That helped..but I hated the tight feeling of it. Ditched the bandage the next day, and each day was better.

It actually is better overall now. I had been super-babying it for weeks, because it was painful to use. But maybe forcing it to work some was good for it?? :?: Yesterday I tried to do a pushup . I hadn't been able to even think of doing that the week before. But I can support *some* weight on it. Or maybe it was just taking all this time to heal.

02-01-2012, 03:48 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY REDA!!!!!! I can't get my smiles right now.... I think it is b/c I was gone so long? I hope you have a great sun filled Bday!

Oh Holly..... I am still behind on news, I did not know you fell. If it makes you feel any better..... when I have not ridden much (i.e. the first of spring) my gears are always tighter. I am not sure if it is a Harley thing or what, but my Honda never did that. So, it may have been a combination of both.

Now for a "feel good" story for Holly. Remember your dumpster diving incident years ago? Well, a girl at work was looking at in inversion table and she said she could never do a sit up at her age (34) like they showed on the table.... and she did not see anyone else doing it. I was like, "well, as a matter of fact I know a biker chick in her late 40s that did one.... UNASSISTED". I told her the story. Everyone got a hoot out of it. And you got a bunch of admiration from girls that dont know you or ride. Lol. The comment was made that it was cool that you are not a "fitness guru" and you can still do it!!!!!! I just thought you would find that funny. And when you are getting down in the dumps about "stuff" remember YOU did that!

I am going to start the "controversial" sunbed today for a couple reasons.... one is I think I am having the "3rd shift syndrome".... little to no natural sunlight "blahs"... SAD.... and I read somewhere it may help with stomach issues..... so I am going to get my UBER white self in the sunbed for a few minutes and just work myself up...... I will probably never tan as much as I used to ...... but I have to do something. I am starting to crave vampire movies.... Just Kidding.....

I am going to get going. It is my "morning" (2pm) and I need to hit the sunbed before kids get out of school and get to the track to run and get to WM. Talk to you all later.

02-02-2012, 09:27 AM
Tammy - lol, I remember you were always so impressed when I told of the dumpster diving incident :D and that you would remind me of it when I was feeling uninspired..that is too funny that those people know of that now! I need to find an abandoned dumpster and see if I can still do it :rofl: Or I guess I could hang off the bed and try it, that sounds a little more comfy.

I say, if you feel you need to indoor tan, you should. I'm sure I already spoke of it here, but I used to either slather my face and neck with SPF 50 and tan, or lightly drape a towel/shirt over my face while I tanned. As I felt I could use makeup/bronzer for my face, and not contribute to wrinkles. Whatever you feel :cool: I know I am craving warmth and at least some artificial sun at this point!

We were at our monthly motorcycle meeting last night. I had to 'run' it as our Prez was sick and I'm vice pres. I took special glee in asking a pointed question that made a couple people squirm..they had been saying that the food my DH and I made for the Raffle last year was 'off' and people had complained to them. Um, why didn't the people tell US, and why did they talk about it behind our backs. The squirming people frantically backpedaled :rofl: and said it wasn't our fault, it was 'the quality of the food'. Man, it always kills me, when you are doing a project, and get no help from some people, yet they are the first to find fault. But i guess in any organization, there are always one or two complainers/critique-ers who don't help.

I have a new exercise dvd I really , really like . It's called anni's Life Force, it's 50 minutes of cardio moves that you can rev up or down depending on light weights, using a step, or just your energy mode.

Lightly snowing here...gray..cold..ugh. Even if we got 6 more weeks of winter up here, that would be a WIN! because usually the snow hangs around til mid April.

Today will be my 7th day on South Beach, with NO cheats. I am trying very hard to resist getting on the scale until the first 2 weeks are done.

well I need to workout, do laundry, pay bills, all the things I didn't do yesterday :p

02-02-2012, 09:34 AM
Oh and Tammy I have been having good luck with some skin coloring creams, I love L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze, except it does leave thousands of tiny glitter/shimmers...maybe not what a professional woman wants. but it smells heavenly and just feels so good going on. Also Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer. ( I am uber-white also :devil:)

02-02-2012, 09:59 AM
Saw the biker chicky site and thought I would stop in. I am on the Ideal Protein diet and doing good. I started in Jan 10th. I ride a Soft Tail Heritage and my fiance' rides a '12 street glide. We ride as much as the weather lets us. Been on the bikes at least once a month all winter. Not to day that we didn't freeze, but it was worth it. Hitting Sturgis again, the west coast and lots of weekend rides this year. Vermontmom, where did you go in AZ? We are headed to Payson in May to by a house. Vacation house until DF retires.

02-02-2012, 01:30 PM
Hey Wyo, HI and :welcome: ! that's great that you've been able to ride every month.

We started out in Phoenix, went a little north, then did a circle (circled east, then south) and then back to Phoenix, 'cause we only had 3 days and had to try to find the most sun/warmth.

congrats on getting a vacation house, then a retirement house in AZ! :carrot:

02-02-2012, 03:31 PM
Welcome Wyo!!!!!

Although I have not been on here much and I certainly have not ridden much in the last 16 months (I jumped plum stupid and took on 2 full time jobs).... I ride a 09 Dyna Superglide and my DH rides a 09 Ultra Classic (I think, I can never get his right). However, I do plan to ride more this year as one of the jobs is ending.

Holly, I know you can do the SB diet..... and just think how much more cut you will look this riding season! You already look fab..... just making yourself shine a little more. :-). Btw, thanks for the facical advise, I will try some.

Also, that makes me SOOOOO mad about the ppl complaining. I know how much work you and DH put into things.... and for someone to gripe like that behind your back is TOTALLY uncalled for!!!!! I am glad you made them squirm a little though. Serves them right.

Well, the official date for the PD testing came out yesterday.... so, the eager beaver in me will be turning it in tonight when I go to work. The testing date is April 14......I have A LOT of reshaping to do..... but I am determined to get it done.

Speaking of, it is time for me to start my routine. I am going to run at the track (it is BEAUTIFUL outside) and do my other things I need to do... since here in "3rd shift world" it is my morning.

I will gab more later.

02-03-2012, 08:47 AM
wyo - I rented a Heritage Softail classic while in AZ, it was a pleasure to ride!!

Tammy - is the PD testing both written and physical? and Yay to you for running...and being able to do it outside!!

02-03-2012, 10:04 AM
Hello - I am back from vacation!!! what a great time

:welcome: wyo - well I ride 2010 Roadking and DH 2010 Ultra as well- love riding and been riding for 13 years legally :)-

I will catch up later tonight but off to work I go

02-03-2012, 10:13 AM

can't wait to hear about your trip! :D

02-03-2012, 04:22 PM
Welcome back Reda!!!! I hope you had a good time.

It is chilly and rainy here. I will have to do the treadmill today... I have been enjoying the sunshine, but I will stick to the plan and hit the treadmill.

Holly how is SB going? Do you mind sending me a sample of what you eat daily?

I am not sure what cell phone carrier everyone uses or what type of phone you have, but I have found a great "app". It is "myfitnesspal" and it is free. You can also sign up online. It is great for calorie counting. I really like it. IT IS FREE!!!

02-04-2012, 09:57 AM
Good morning girls and guys! Hope everyone has some sunshine today.:flow1:
Hitting the highway this morning, not on my bike- darn it. Going to take a friend to see my Mom's art and framing store. Will be nice to see the parents for a few hours, then back home for us. Superbowl get together tomarrow, at friends place. Taking my protein shake and bag of lettuce. Boring, oh well. Takes to long to get back into ketosis if I cheat! Not worth it. Well, going to put on shorts and get on the exercise machine for 30 minutes then slam a protein shake. Have a blessed Saturday and tell someone you appreciate them today!!!

02-04-2012, 03:19 PM
Hi Girls, and Aaron

Tammy glad to see you are back!!! I see you still have a somewhat hectic schedule, sorry to hear about DS - our youngest turned 21 on Wednesday and he is currently at home, he doesn't cause to many issues - shoot he is hardly ever home but to sleep mostly!!!! Well I gained back 5 pounds while on vacation but have already lost 2.6 since being home :)

Holly glad to hear your trip was good - while in Cancun we were all talking about next year instead of beach trip that we will take 10 days and either fly to AZ and rent bikes or tow ours there and take off and go into Vegas, then onto CA - would like to take our own but will way it all out when it closer and decide

WYO do you go to Sturgis every year? Where do you stay at? We go every year (missed 2 years since 1986) We stay in Deadwood (DH likes to gamble) so it works out that we can go downtown and drink and not have to ride- shuttle bus takes care of that

Ok well I need to get in shower - I will check back later

02-05-2012, 08:26 AM
good morning! :coffee

wyo, hope you have a nice visit. You mentioned ketosis, is that part of Atkins, or IP? just wondering what 'program' you are on.

Reda, oh wow 10 days in AZ would be great! and now people are telling me that New Mexico is even more beautiful desert-wise, more rocks, buttes etc.

Tammy - I did my first weigh in yesterday; in 8 days I am down 3 lbs. I did not take measurements, so maybe some of that is 'water weight'. But it sure feels good to change the tracker down doesn't it. I really should take measurements, I only didn't want to feel blah seeing numbers I don't like. This is approx. what I have been having each day -

B - Egg substitute, mixed with dinner leftovers (either chicken breast and a few veggies; maybe ground beef with a few veggies, and a sauteed onion. I Love eggs...the egg substitute is good, but real eggs taste better to me. I usually make enough to have for both breakfast and I bring it for lunch too. The egg substitute is low in calories..120 calories for 1 cup of the liquid, so I go ahead and pour 2 cups in; that makes alot.

L - the egg stuff. OR a can of tuna fish, mixed with 2 TBSP. of low fat mayo, celery, onion. If I'm home, I wrap it in lettuce leaves to eat. If I have raw veggies hanging around, I have those too (reg/green peppers are my fave. No carrots in Phase 1)

snack - cup of non-fat greek yogurt, with some Splenda and a big sprinkle of coffee powder.

dinner - whatever DH has made, he is being considerate and keeping starch out of the protein that he makes (chicken breast, lean ground beef) He knows I love veggies cooked in a pan with a little oil but alot of heat, so that they get kinda charred. And salad greens if I can make myself eat them (kinda hard without salad dressing. Sometimes I dump the dinner food over the greens so I have to eat them)

snack - my allotted 2 TBSP of natural peanut butter, in a tiny cup, eaten with a silver slender baby spoon :) with a cup of coffee.

Hey Aaron, and Dawn :wave:

hope everyone has a good day. Just another day of work for me. But I am having such a good winter depression has NOT hit me and I am so thankful. I even enjoy the drive to work, especially if it is sunny, I love the light coming in through the sunroof :flow1:

02-05-2012, 11:26 AM
Good morning everyone! Nice day here again! 43 degrees!

chopper chick- we stay at Lampliter Camp ground in Sturgis! Very clean, 20 some girl showers, 18 man showers, great food and grocery/everything store on site! Grass to camp on. Lots of shade! So far, it's the best I have found. We go every year, no far to ride from here. This year we are going to go the last weekend and then head straight for Boise, ID for a car show then on to west coast for a week. Going with another couple. Would llike to fit in to a swim suit without chubby butt/back thing going on. 35 more for me to loose! Hope the cellulite goes with it! I do see a difference with the 18 I have lost so far! I am on the IP way of eating. Hate to call it a diet because I really see why I gained so much, need to change my way of eating. Well, going to jump on my gazelle(excercise maching) for 30 and watch the morning news. Have a sunny blessed day!

02-05-2012, 02:26 PM
Hey- well Superbowl Sunday it is and my eating will not be on task since we aer going to a party!!!!

WTG Holly that is great- and I see you are eating right OP glad to hear DH is being somewhat consious of what he is cooking for supper, that is always helpful

WYO - sounds like quite the ride you all have planned for August- we usually head to Sturgis the Friday before it starts and stay through the week and leave on the following Sat or Sun. We have stayed alot of different places over the last 26 years but never heard of Lampliter?
I also have about another 20 to lose to start feeling comfortable again then I will see where from there......

:wave: Aaron, Dawn, Tammy, Colleen

02-06-2012, 02:02 PM
Hi Gals. Welcome WYO. I was up to 245 again and at the end of the week I was down to 240. I have been good for a week and blew it on sunday. Holly thanks for the rental info. I will try to stop in and talk more later.

02-06-2012, 10:47 PM
Hi Aaron, Reda, Wyo, Tammy, Dawn and where is our wonderful Colleen?

Had another good on-program day, though I had to 'tough' it through a couple temptation times...those d@*& cookies, whoopie pies and crap right under my nose..but I was thinking of the 3 pounds already down and want to keep on rollin!

I did very good for Super Bowl Sunday. I cut up a cooked chicken breast into little shreds, put it in a bowl and smashed in some no fat cream cheese, a little non fat sour cream (like a couple tablespoons) and some seasonings; garlic, onion, parsley, chives. Then I had that with red, yellow and orange bell pepper strips. There were open boxes of crackers, Oh so tempting!! but i didn't have a single one.

for me, it is so true, that the less of refined carbs I have, the easier it is to stay away from them...and they sure let the weight drop from me.

Well I am still keeping my AZ riding 'alive' inside my soul :D :cool:

02-08-2012, 09:56 AM
Good Morning

Well it is the middle of the week and a very busy week at that!!! Only one more night to go and we will get to stay home- haven't been home 1 night since coming home from vacation but tomorrow (we normally go out for wings and beer) but since we haven't been home 1 single night we are not going tomorrow- whoo hooo so ready to just lay on the couch but I really should clean house some :(

WTG Aaron and Holly-

I gained 5 pounds on vacation but I can gladly say as of this morning it is all gone - back at my weight before leaving for vacation :) now time to start losing again

Well have a great day

02-09-2012, 01:29 PM
Hey bikers :cool: another sunny day here, it's about 30 outside, but with the sun feels 34 :p

Still doing great on phase 1 of South Beach diet. Lots of temptations around but sticking to my guns.

Reda WTG on dropping the vacation 5! :cheer3:

02-09-2012, 02:01 PM
It seems so humilitating to come to an online forum where everyone is doing so great, and I am doing NOT so great! I like the friendship and the support you have all tried so hard to give. So, if I may still be a part of your "group" as horrible as my weight loss, or lack there of, is I'll catch you up to speed.

First off, it was so long since I had logged in that I forgot my user name!!

Last year at work the agent "retired". The office has been running fine for a year without a boss! A new agent has been appointed that will start in August. No promises of a job for either of us in the office. We did make it very clear that we weren't going to work for minuimum wage, but that we would consider staying at our current wage. :) So far our jobs will last until the end of July.

In May I was trying hard to lose some pounds to no avail. Yo-Yo should be my middle name!

September my DS got married, and they are expecting my first grandbaby in March!! Very soon! I'm so excited!

Last November DH and I went to Cozumel through our timeshare. (all inclusive) Had a wonderful time and bought into more of a timeshare deal. Not sure if it was a good idea, but it's a done deal now! I am so ready to go BACK! Anyone wanting to take a trip? With our purchase the stay is free. It's getting there! Airfare is too crazy!

Christmas was good--lots of baby stuff for DS and DIL, and filled freezer for DD and SIL. I-pads for DH and I!

New Years we had a Progressive dinner again. A few less participants than before, but still fun.

Wisconsin winter has been good to us this year! Today it's cold, but the sun is bright!

This week I have been nursing Bronchitis. Went to the doc. Yesterday I slept for 14 hours! Drugged I am! I knew I had taken enough Nyquil/Dayquil when I climbed into the shower and put hair conditioner on the washrag for my face! :dizzy: DH was just as miserable and missed a couple days of driving too.

This weekend we are going to the local bowling alley in support of the Breast Cancer fund raiser. Neither of us planning on bowling, but like to attend the festivities!

I think I have some posts to catch up on! Hope you are all hanging in there. I see by way of FB of some Cancun pictures! Awesome!

Hope to catch up and chat with you all some more.

02-09-2012, 05:52 PM
Colleen, you are ALWAYS welcome here!! you have been missed :hug: congrats on the nuptials and the next-month-grandbaby!!

nothing new with me, 'cept we were in AZ for a week last month and rented Harleys and rode the desert for 3 wonderful days!! :cool: and now I've been on South Beach diet for almost 2 weeks..first couple days were tough but now it seems routine.

02-09-2012, 11:14 PM
Welcome back Colleen!! We are always here for you :)

So you have a timeshare in Cozmel- what resort? If you guys are never going to use it one year or something you should let me know we always take a vacation in January, and as long as you can upgrade to the all-inclusive because thats the only way to go...

Holly way to go on staying OP !!! My exercise has been daily still but my food choices have not been that great lately, but I am going to get back on track soon :)

Have a Great Weekend

02-10-2012, 10:37 AM
Hi Gals. Colleen nice to here from you. Holly cookies and junk food are hard to pass up way to go. Reda way to go on the weight loss. Well today I am down to 236.8:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::D from 240.8. I hope I can take a few more off next week,

02-10-2012, 01:05 PM
Holly, glad your trip to the desert on a Harley went better than me and DH going to Las Vegas in 2010, renting a broken down Harley...thought for sure I was going to melt into the pavement! It was SO hot! Thanks for the nice Welcome back!

Reda, and everyone, you are welcome to use the trip to Cozumel, Cancun, Acupolco... The all inclusive fee varies on the seasons. (like $89 max/day) I can drink and eat my all inclusive fee right up. That is a no brainer. The airfare kills an economical vacation from up here though! The resort is Royal Holiday. We paid a fortune to buy into this deal and have unlimited stays for 5 years. Even if we went 10 times a year, you can all go too, if you can GET there! The hidden cost is $20 in taxes at the end of the week. No tips, no food cost or drink cost... We went on a few excursions but really just enjoyed hanging out and talking with the folks we met at the pools, bars, commons area, restaurants. We were treated very well!!

We have been looking into taking an Alaskan cruise. They are a bit more expensive than what I was thinking they should be. Back burner for now.

With all this vacation talk it really should motivate me to lose some weight. I DID manage to get that airline seatbelt buckled without an extender--but I wasn't comfortable!!

When I went to the Doc this week I also had my cholesterol checked, and a test run (FSH) to see where I sit in the whole grand scheme of menopause. "They" say too early, I say I've been there, and done that. If I haven't--LOOK OUT when it does hit! Friends and family better stay out of my way then! I'm really wondering the outcome. No doubt my cholsterol is crazy, it's the other one I really want the answer to. Wait and see...

Wyo, I've been lost, and just found my way back. Hope you stick around with the folks on this site. They are really wonderful people. Very encouraging! In all aspects of life--not just weight loss!

Arron, sounds like you're progressing right along with WL since I've been on board! Good for you!

Dawn, good luck to you! I sincerly do hope that you can get "stuff" worked out and move on. No doubt this has all taken a huge emotional toll on you!

Tammy, you sound kinda busy! Wow! Slow down girl!

Snowing now...darn, I was liking the thoughts of Spring already.

02-10-2012, 09:11 PM
Aaron, I am happy for your loss!! and jealous that you really seem to be able to drop a few pretty quickly :devil: but I know it takes work so congrats!

02-11-2012, 08:05 AM
Aaron awsume job on the weightloss!

I am now back on nite shift at work. Today is the end of my 1st week. Its been a very LONG week as I had to work days Sunday & Monday had Tuesday off then started nites Wednesday. I had 1 day off this week. The good thing is I now have the next 4 days off before going back to work. Adjusting to nites is hard but I do enjoy them more as its more laid back & not all the BS drama stuff as days.

My 1 yr at IBM was Jan. Afew weeks ago my Team lead pulled me aside & told me he is trying to create a postition that he wants to put me in, plus told me he wants me to write up the dispatchers documentation. I have only been a true dispatcher since September (I think) He told me that he wanted me to do it since it looks like I seem to do more then the other dispatchers in my group. Its kinda funny cuz when I started at IBM I was talking to another new hire & told them Id like to be like my husband & be in a manager role with in 5 yrs. I am now not real sure I want the manager position after being here for a yr but am on my way. I know I will upset a few people in the process. Just the new position will upset afew. They all say its the yes man that moves forward & yes I do what I am told but at the same time I have gave my imput on different things in the department & continue to learn more about the job.

I have been amazed that I have not gained any weight this winter as I have mentioned before I had been eating more then usual but think I got that under control again. I have been going from 126 - 128. I have been very stressed lately & not just with my D that I am going threw. Not sure I can say that yet as we have not filed yet. But my sister needs to have a heart moniter surgicaly installed & kept for the next 2 yrs, not sure when it will be installed yet. I have another friend that will be having surgery on the 20 if its not postponed again. He has a tumer that is cancer in his stomach & while they did some of the tests to make sure he can handle the surgery they found out that he has issues with a ventrical in his heart. A different friend may have Hodgkin decease. On top of that DS father has a spot in his lung that he doesnt want to go have checked out farther.

I would LOVE to go on vacation again! How far in advance do you need to know? If I can find a good deal on airline tickets (& actuelly have money in the account) I would love to take you up on that deal. If you cant tell by my post I need another vacation :dizzy:

Well better go it getting close to the end of my shift. Plus I am sure you all have had enough of my crazy spelling cuz I am pretty much seeing cross eyed at the moment. I am still adjusting to to the nite thing & not sleeping the best during days quite yet.

02-13-2012, 10:31 AM
Well- Good morning everyone! :coffee:
Been busy the last week or so, haven't been on the puker.(fiance's name for computer). I have lost a 3 more pounds. Yippee! Really noticing the muffin top reduce! I had to run a short, I mean SHORT, distance yesterday to get to my car fast and my butt barely bounced. Man did that feel cool! Kinda dumb to notice that, but noticing it at all was great! I laughed at myself in the car! :jig: It's a start to getting my motorcycle butt back.:scooter: No candy for me on V day! Having steak and veggies at a resturant tuesday night. I want to send you all a flower for valentines day!----:val3: Hang in there Bikers, we can do anything we put pur minds to. Remember if you are hungry drink 2 glasses of water walk out of the room and do a quick chore- sweep the floor, take the shredding to the shredder etc... and the feeling will go away. Food is to nuorish, not to give us something to do when we're board. This thinking has helped me a bunch! Blessed day everyone!

02-13-2012, 01:53 PM

Dawn--you do have lot's of people with troubles around you! Best wishes to them. Good that you are there for them all. Just don't forget YOU! Good job at IBM.

Vacation though Royal Holiday isn't any trouble. Just need to pay the all inclusive fee up front. Winter holidays are the busiest for them and the most difficult to schedule. Should be good now. I would be happy to check on availability any time. Just need to know when and where you would like to go, and with how many people. No limit.

Anyone doing fun stuff for Valentine's Day?

02-13-2012, 11:01 PM
good evening! wyo, you are such a lively-sounding person :D congrats on your losses already, hooray for less jiggling!! I am looking forward to less jiggling in my tummy. thanks for our Valentine's flowers!

Colleen - no plans for us for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately I have a fire dept. aux. meeting at 7. DH is acting pouty about that ,but we had NO plans, he hadn't said that he was going to cook anything special, so whatever. I did buy him and our two sons each a little box of chocolates (four pieces) , cards, and a rose for him.

I hope there are no chocolates for me!! as much as I LOVE them, I want to resist.

02-15-2012, 05:10 PM
I got the lab results from my last doctor visit, when I had bronchitis. I asked for a FSH test to see where I fit in the whole scheme of things regarding menopause. As with the last doctor, he laughed at me, and told me I was too young (46) to worry about it. I wanted the test ANYWAY I insisted. Hmmmm...seems as though I DO know me better than THEY do! The test indicateds I am POST-menopausal! Good thing, or I really feel sorry for anyone that would have to live with me for anything worse than what I have been through already! Now I'm just kind of ticked that for the last 2 years, as I've been struggling with all this BS, if a doctor would have listened to me there may have been some relief available! I also got the results that I could have told them too...cholesterol is high, and glucose high too. Glucose bothered me a little. Diabetes runs in the family...I'll have to look into that a little further. Being I sit in front of a computer all day long, I've done some research. I'm not really loving my options. Exercise?! That is almost like a foreign language to me! Guess I better get to thinking a little harder about getting to know "it"!

I took the kids each a DQ frozen cake today for a belated Valentine's day gift. They seemed to welcomed! It was customer appreciation day--everything was 1/2 off!

It sure seems that it should be FRIDAY, not Wednesday! Too long of a week! With too grumpy of customers!

Hope you all have a great day! :D

02-16-2012, 07:45 AM
Colleen, gosh wtf that the doctors did not want to listen to you?? and then you were right. I hope the glucose condition is not serious.

I have off today, but I'm letting DH have my car, as his is in the shop for brakes (pads only we hope, not rotors. He just started noticing noise in the past day or so, hopefully not long enough for rotor damage) It's good for me to be stuck in the house :devil: forces me to do things (I hope, instead of computer/napping :D )

Still doing great on South Beach diet. By this time I'm supposed to be incorporating previously restricted foods, but I'm still doing OK on the first phase. The only sugar I've had is a bad cookie at work a couple days ago.

02-16-2012, 08:38 AM
Colleen My diet may help you. I gave my package of information to a coworker of mine but I can sorta give you a run down on what I do that I remember is in the info. I dont follow it to a T but what I do does help me not have any more episodes. I know being hypoglycemic is a bit different then being diabetic but it does help keep the level where they need to be.

Carb servings are 15 per 1 serving. 2 carb servings is 30.

If I remember correctly I am aloud 1 carb serving for breakfast.
2 carb servings for lunch & dinner.

Snack between breakfast & lunch. Preferably fruit but can have up to 1 carb serving. Same for the snack between lunch & dinner. My Dr suggested a couple crackers as a snack right before bed. 4 saltines or half of a large piece of graham cracker. Peanut butter is Ok on the crackers.

Dr told me to stay away from juice even if it says 100% juice due to the way it ends up breaking down that fresh fruit is better- breaks down differently then juice. Stay away from pop or anything that has sugar added.

Dr has even told me that I am better to use the fake sugar then real sugar.

There are dfferent types of carbs (good & bad carbs) Sweet potatoes are better then white potatoes. When you can eat sweet potatoes over white. Sorry I dont remember the other good carbs. she did mention that if you eat pasta eat the whole grain/ wheat pasta.

Pay close attention to serving size for everything. If you try to stick to what the serving size is you eat alot less then just cutting back your normal serving that you take.

I eat alot of protien cuz it helps keep me fuller longer. I also crave less carbs when I eat alot of protien.

Most Veggies are good there are a few that is suggested that we stay away from or just eat a few. Sorry dont remember which.

Snack wise I got tired of eating same fruit all the time so I buy nutts, & found sweetpotato chips. There are also other stuff in the healthy isle of grocery store that I have tried but forget what I had bought & have trouble finding them again after returning to store.

02-16-2012, 12:30 PM
Dawn, you hit the nail right on the head, when you mentioned serving sizes! I have this crazy idea that if it fits in my bowl/plate--it's a serving! Like a BOX of mac and cheese will fit in 1 big shallow bowl. 1 serving right?! I SEE the problem. Correcting the problem is a whole different ball game! Thanks for your efforts in trying to explain stuff!

Holly, glad the SB diet is working for you!

I'm a big diet pop drinker. Anyone have thoughts on that? My Dad (who died) insisted that diet sodas were going to kill me--that I should just drink regular Coke if I had to have it. Somehow I think his advise was skewed, but his intentions were good.

Hi to everyone!

02-16-2012, 11:32 PM
Hello ladies and Aaron

Great job sticking teh SB diet Holly- :)

My week has been horrible- we did go out to eat (Asian buffet) for Valentines but other than that we don't do much
I haven't been to the gym all week either :( tomorrow either but hopefully Saturday I will get back on track! I really need a kick in the asssssss

WYO great job on the weightloss and sticking to plan on V Day!
Dawn great job on maintaining :) and 1 year at your IBM job -hope the newly created job comes your way and you enjoy it!!!

Well I am off to bed haven't been to bed before midnight all week then I am up at 5am to get DS off to work -I am beat and just need to quality sleep hours

Met with some gas companies today to go branded in the stores- which now mean I am going to Indiana in 2 weeks then if all goes well and I sign the paperwork I will then be off to San Antonio TX 3rd week in March
Very exciting stuff I am hoping to do in all the stores but need to totally
check everything out and thoroughly investigate all aspects first..... lots of work with 8 stores but will be all worth it in the end :)

which brings me to TGIF - whooo hoooo

02-17-2012, 12:17 AM
Wow reda that is a huge business deal!!

I hope you get some sleep.

(I typed this with my kindlefire in bed!!) :)

02-17-2012, 05:57 PM
Welcome back Colleen!!!! I have missed your funny posts. I agree with you, we have a great friendship here and it is not only weight loss related. Don't beat yourself up so much about eating.... just try little things. It will happen with time.
I have slowed down quite a bit. I am working 6 days a week, but only 8 hours a day as opposed to me 14-16 for the past year and a half. I am almost done at the doctor's office though, so I will have my 2 days off a week back.
I don't blame you a bit about not working for minimum wage. Do they know what minimum wage gets them???? It gets them a minimum employee with minimum knowledge (just starting out). I am a firm believer you get what you pay for. There are some circumstances where this does not apply (a seasonal job) but NOT for a FT worker.
Also, congrats on the upcoming grandbaby!

Holly, you are doing awesome on SB. You know, my hardest thing is stopping at "one". So, when it comes to "junk", I have to do without all together.

Reda, how is your job going?

Well, I hate to be so short, (not that I could at almost 6 foot tall for a woman), but I am fighting a head cold and all that junk. I am moving slow, so I need to get my few chores done. DS1 is home from Alabama and he will be here in just a little bit.

02-18-2012, 02:08 PM
Good morning ladies and Aaron- (whom I haven't seen on here since I started coming???)Is Aaron our dream biker man or is he just a figment of our imagination? ha ha Does he rrrrealllly exist? ha ha Well, washed windows inside and out today- it's 40 degrees! Going for a shorty ride at noon, while it's NICE then back home to watch some NASCAR YAHOOOOOOOOO! So glad it finally started again. I am a Tony nut!! DF is a Jimmy boy. ha ha Well, having some MIO sweet tea and watching DF tear a small kitchen wall out. I have learned so many new words from him. (i already knew them, just faking it to get him to quit cussing while he works on it!) lmaf!!! Have a great day what every you are doing and smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to!:D

02-19-2012, 08:14 AM
Good morning, and I lol's at wyo's post, she is a firecracker isn't she :D

Yes Aaron does exist, I think we all kinda hibernate a bit during winter but are more active on here when its warm and we are on our bikes. :bike:

It is so kewl that you got out for a ride!!!!

I am psyched because I see the 140 range on the scale, haven't been in that range for a few years!! 142 was my lowest adult weight, and I can't believe I am less than 10 pounds from that goal.

Crazy busy at work because of President's Day Week. Heard that the Mountain Co. sold 10,000 advance lift tickets. The town I work in has a year round population of a little over 4000 so that is quite the increase.

Have a great day!

02-19-2012, 09:21 PM
Hello ladies and Aaron

That is great Holly in the 140's - me well I have been maintaining my weight with all this eating and no exercising this last week at all but tomorrow I am back on track - heading to the gym at 545 after I get DS off to work- at least I know I can maintain once I get to goal!!!!

Tammy glad to hear your schedule is getting back to somewhat normal :)
Work is great but very busy - got alot of changes coming in the future hopefully

WYO - we don't have any Stewart or Johnson fans in our house - But Nascar is huge in our household but DH started racing dirt track back in 87 and my boys race dirt track so when summer comes around we are pretty much gone every weekend unless it rains- we do plan everything around the races but do take a couple weekend vacations and do miss but boy am I a wreck and wait for the phone call on how it all went!!!!

Well today I started watching Season 3 of True Blood got halfway through it - but now Amazing Race is about to start so I better get off here and get a few things done before it actually starts

Have a Great Week!

02-20-2012, 09:18 AM
good morning! sunny but cold (14) here but still so psyched at how little we snow we have had.

Had an off-program dinner and dessert last night, my first slip up in over 3 weeks but I won't beat myself up too much.

Reda, you are so busy, you are dealing with possible more stores right?

we watched all of True we're watching The Walking Dead...I think AMC and HBO have some great stuff on.

well i gotta work out and pack my lunch, have a great day!

02-21-2012, 08:04 AM
Just gotta say that I had a perfect on-program day yesterday, very good after my small slipup the day before.

here is what I am dealing with at the store this week (President's Week, our last big holiday week for the season) - I'm struggling to keep from getting arrested from freaking out at the crush of impatient, rude, obnoxious, entitled-acting tourists!!

Who barters on the price of items in a retail store, for cryin out loud? They walk in the door and immediately interrupt me while I'm in the middle of a transaction to bark "You got bacon here?!" They wait til I step away from the counter to help someone else and then rush for the counter and say loudly, I'm ready!" A lady announces to me, "ExCUSE me, but there's no soup ladle here." I walked over, looked in the bin, and said, "there's no soup in there" (it was just the hot water bath)

But I did not take my irritation out on myself by eating a 400 calorie cookie! :carrot: Kept myself full with my lunch that I packed and kept chugging my water.

spring is coming, spring is coming :devil: :bike:

02-22-2012, 09:12 PM
:bike: Spring is coming - oh yes it is coming :bike:

Great Job Holly - You are doing much better than me- still haven't made it back to the gym and my eating well way off at supper time- I do have to say I am maintaining though- so I know once I get my butt back in gear I will be on losing streak again- we are going out of town this weekend and will have buffet (an around the world buffet) it is very good- do a little gambling and more than likely have a few beers :)

Hope everyone else is doing good!!!

02-24-2012, 10:41 PM
Well I guess Reda is out of town this weekend, have fun, girl! :cool:

We got an inch of snow but boy was it slippery on the way home. More snow expected tonight and tomorrow, ugh. But we've been really lucky this winter, hardly any snow.

I am psyched :carrot: I am down almost 8 pounds from starting South Beach almost 4 weeks ago. I don't know how I have been resisting the stuff at work. Yesterday...I literally had my fingers reaching towards a hunk of this cake, it's called Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake, and I wanted it so bad!!! but I didn't!! I wanted everything there that was sweet and that kinda throws the theory of 'kicking' the cravings..but at least I did resist!

02-26-2012, 08:27 AM
good morning! we got DUMPED on with snow. About a foot total. It's very beautiful out now with the sun shining on all that fresh whiteness but grrr. I slid off the road on teh way to work yesterday but thank goodness into the other side of the road, into deep snow, instead of the right side, where there is the enbankment and trees!! Husband and son came and rescued me :carrot:

Just another day of work with the hundreds and hundreds of tourists, ugh. It's gotta end sometime!

Still doing so good on my diet!! Did get a nice comp from a co-worker yesterday. She hadn't seen me in a week, and I was still wearing kinda baggy jeans then. Yesterday I had on a pair of 9's that were too snug maybe but she exclaims "did you lose like 20 pounds in a week?!" :rofl:

02-27-2012, 09:19 PM
You all are doing so well on your diet. I have to "re start" tomorrow.... and stay with it like the "Wedding bet"..... cause I only have about 6 weeks until the big PD physical. Just a little hint on how bad my eating was.... we went to Tunica Mississippi to Paula Deen's buffet....... So, needless to say, the personal trainer I hired last week to help me with the physical is going to be UNHAPPY!!! Lol. Oh well, I will get back on it.

So.... I have a biker chick hair question...... (sorry Aaron). So, a few weeks ago I took a wild hair and got what I thought was going to be the best haircut ever..... but instead I end up looking like Joe Dirt with a mullett..... I cannot get a decent pony tail...... so how in this green earth do I put it up for riding season. I tried to put it up yesterday...... and it was a mess!!! I used to have really thick hair and now I cannot even get a good ponytail. Any help would be appreciated.

Holly, sounds like the dreaded winter job is almost over!!! Yay!
Reda, gosh, did you know you were going to be making so many decisions when you took this position?
Tymaboy, I can't believe it has been a year since you started IBM.... I know I have not been on here much but I can't believe it has been this long.

02-27-2012, 10:04 PM
Tammy - hi!! I wish I knew what to say about your when you try to gather it for a ponytail, it has so many layers in front that you end up with a skimpy pony tail and lots of hair in front?

the winter job...once it's March, then I start counting the days!! because I will be out of there around the middle of the month!! so only about a month and a half to go :carrot: then I get almost 3 weeks off :faint: then my fave job in the world!!!

02-27-2012, 10:12 PM
It is kinda like that.... It has to be pinned to even get it "back" or it looks like 2 separate hair cuts.... kinda like a bob on the top and then long on the bottom. If it helps... she razor cut it and took all of the "bulk" ponytail off.... it is horrible!!! I tried using the "do rag" yesterday with a ponytail.... but as soon as the helmet it off, I have to take it down..... b/c it has fallen so much.

Cutting is not an option as the DH likes the "length".... my plan is just to suffer through it and let it grow again.

02-28-2012, 04:49 AM
I like using those double hair combs when I ride.

They seem to lay flat on my head for when I wear a helmet. Then I tie the rest back in a ponytail ( put the tie at the nape of my my neck) if I wear a barrete or try a partial ponytail it hurts my head while wearing my helmit. I have tried other hair gadgets but this seems to work best for me.

I have not hoped on scale as I am afraid. I have been eating lot of bad stuff along with drinking alot as well. This week I have gone out with friends every nite that I have been off, drank & ate bad stuff. I have tomorow off as well (it was my short week so I had 4 days off) I will be going shooting with dh then probably out for dinner. Today I went out to have a pitcher of beer & it ended up being 3 & a shot. Went home 4 hours later. All the time I was munching on chips to help soak up the beer so I wasn't totally tipsy when I went home.

02-28-2012, 11:52 AM
I have thin, fine, whimpy length for a ponytail. I CAN manage to get some into a band though. Then when taking off a helmet or bandanna, clip on a fake ponytail!! Haha--cheating I know! Got one from Avon for like $20. Works pretty good.

Grandbaby is for sure a boy, and is suspected to come earlier than the March 29th due date. (of course it is--DH and I took off work then!)

Mom is due to have heart surgery next Monday. She seems pretty worried about it. She has very little circulation on the right side of her body.

Got a little snow here--about 4" or so, but is mostly melted off already! I'm ready for Spring anyway. I'm trying to get a couple of DH's good friends (couples) to go on a long weekend ride. They are so busy--still with kids in school. I don't care when or even where, but I do want them to decide so it doesn't get pushed to the side like in years past. Going alone is fine, but we always seem to have more fun when there is others along. Same with camping.

I think I'm going to have to disable the computer for the evenings. I'm getting to be quite the Facebook junkie! Games! They are a huge downfall--I don't get anything done but play silly games. Can't be good for me on any level! There is probably somehting a little more constructive that I could be doing. I'm hearing the broom and mop call my name right now!

DS is doing good at his job--sold 8 cars last month and 9 this month. He's pretty happy. DD has been at her job for a year now, working with a bunch of "educated" engineers. She's gonna "EDUCATE" them if they don't play nice and give her some credit for the work she does! DH is ticked at the unfairness at his work. The more you do (or faster you go), the more crap loads you get when driving truck seems to be the motto! For me, the job ends July 31st. New agent appointed, but no plans, in concrete, to keep us on. Any job could be better than unemployment...wait and see.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

02-28-2012, 10:47 PM
Hi gals I am still here. We have been painting the bathrooms for the last few weeks. I hope to crack down on my diet soon. We might get 6-15 inches of snow in this snow storm,our first this year.

02-29-2012, 01:46 PM
hey Aaron! good to hear from you. Yeah, Old Man Winter was lulling us along too, with hardly any snow...then a big dump last week, and another one tonight/tomorrow.

Colleen!! great to see you :D thanks for the updates on everything. I hope you do get to convince those friends/couples to commit to some rides with you this year. Oh, I spend SO much time on the computer in the evenings!! Hours. My house would be immaculate if i spent the time cleaning!

Hi Dawn, I hope the scale is kind to you when you do hop on :)

Tammy, I am sorry the hair is not cooperating!

Well I had an early morning dental cleaning, then errands, now home, to hunker down and wait for the next snowstorm. Have tomorrow off too, so I can spend the day shoveling :devil:

02-29-2012, 06:59 PM
Went to the Doc to go over the lab tests from last time, and to let him know the antibiotics from before helped, but it's BACK! Stronger antibiotics will hopefully get rid of chest congestion and bronchitis crappiness. He told me lots of stuff I already knew...weight, cholesterol, exercise. I'm sure he figures that IF I knew that stuff, MAYBE I would be DOING something about it. I really hate skinny doctors!

Aaron, I hope all the snow stays in your end of Wisconsin, not ours! Hehe! :devil: Painting the bathrooms would have been a good thing to do in the middle of a snow storm!

Hope all is good with the whole bunch of you. Happy leap year!

03-01-2012, 04:18 PM
Thanks for the hair tips... I am going to give it a try.

I feel really guilty when I say this....:devil::devil: but it is mid 70s and after my 2pm coffee I am going to take a small ride on Ms. Dyna. I shined her up last night (instead of going to the gym) and I am going to take her for a mental wellness ride.... all by myself. See if I can clear some of the funk out of my head.

After all this time.... I still cannot do a push up and I have SIX weeks until testing. The personal trainer I got is a dweeb..... I bet he is no older than my oldest son and he has the personality of a snail and a rock combined. I don't want to be his friend..... but I guess I expect a little more. I have 5 more weeks with him :(

Colleen, I hate you are gonna lose your job. Are you thinking of going into insurance again? And, I can totally relate to the computer addiction, except mine is Dr. Oz..... I "have" to watch it daily..... like an addiction. It is crazy. So, today I am gonna take a bike ride instead.

Holly, how much longer until your favorite job?

Aaron, I am in the planning stages of my bathroom remodel.... wanna come paint... I promise no snow! Lol.

Reda, I know you are busy... how are the deals at work going (if you can discuss).

Tymaboy, I can relate to the bad eating.... but I have to crack down now... I only have 6 weeks for this agility test.... and it is make it or break it.

Well, I need to get off here, finish my AM coffee (at 2 in the afternoon) and get on my bike.

03-01-2012, 06:09 PM
Oh Tammy that is soooo great that you got to ride today!!! :cool: :flow1: :scooter: I hope it was wonderful :D and what did you do with your hair :devil:

I was :rofl: at your description of your 'trainer', too bad you can't get another one? I know in during 30 Day Shred, J. really has us doing lots of upper body work, maybe that would help with the push-ups? Or doing planks?

It has been snowing ALL FREAKIN DAY. I shoveled for an hour, then gave up. DS got home a little while ago and finished it off; he said there was only another inch on top of what I had cleared; but the top of the driveway is where it gets heavy and slushy from what the state plow pushes by.

Today would have been a good day for me to do the food donation I promised for our Town Meeting Day, next Tuesday. BUt I honestly cannot trust myself to make cookies without bingeing on them. So I will make something more 'main dish-y' to contribute, probably Monday night.

I am going to try to use as motivation, to think of all the rally-type clothes I have buried in the closet. Lady cop outfit, fishnet tops, a gorgeous lace up corset that DH got me (actually he gets me ALL this stuff) but I've never worn yet. Or even to think of little cap-sleeved tee shirts. Motivation, motivation :devil:

03-02-2012, 04:07 PM
Oh, how I wish I could breathe! I'm not asking for a lot... I'm all sorts of messed up in the nose, head, chest!!

Snowing here. It's pretty. I wish it could snow everywhere but on the roads, sidewalks and driveways!! That's 2 wishes used up.

If my genie would show up and grant me a 3rd wish, I think I'd be real selfish and want to be skinny! Wait, skinny, on a beach, on a free vacation, with frosty umbrella type drink! That should do it!

I bet I'm gonna have to go back to #1--just wishing I could breathe again! Just went to get some drugs. Everyone must be in the same boat as I am. The selection was minimal!

I started a class for getting my real estate license. I paid $500 bucks for the stuff, and I hate it! It is SO boring. I just can't get into it. I thought it would be a good thing to get my license, to allow a few more opportunities when I go jobless. I can take tough learning material--but boring drives me NUTS! I'll have to get it another shot.

03-04-2012, 03:03 AM
It is a slow nite here at work. My eyes are seeing everything blurry right now & its only 1am. Its gonna be a LONG nite.

On a good note I am excited I booked a hotel yesterday for our mini vacation. I figure this month will go by slow since it is at the end of the month. I sure hope I dont get the nasty flu bug that has been hitting the people during days. they are out for several days. My luck is Ill get it right before leaving for Vacation :pout DS & I dont plan on doing much much the most will be maybe touring a brewery & hitting the Mall in Milwaukee other then that we plan on staying at hotel in the hot tub or bar area. In WI he can drink as long as I am with him (unless the place does not feel comfortable with it then they can say no) If thats the case then I will take it to the room & we'll sit there. He says he wants to drink this weekend but he could change his mind when the time comes. He has done that before.

It might sound like I encourage him to drink but I dont. I am lient on it as long as he does it with me. I wont condone it if he is at a friends. This way I know he is fine. At Halloween we had a party & he had too much to drink it was a very good learning experience for him. When we went to Mexico he knew what his limits were now that he had met them & found out that it doesnt feel good the next day. I wanted that to happen with me & not when he was out somewhere, it could have ended very badly.

On Tuesday DH & I will be going to the court house to file the papers together. Then in about 3 months our divorce should be final. Him & DS are getting along much better too. I wish they could have had this relationship before. But then same for DH & I. I think alot of it is that we do not have the stress of trying to make it work. Last month he did ask me to stay married for this entire yr for tax purposes but I dont want to stay married for any other reason then making the marrage work & its sad but I am past that point. Yes it is much harder on my own but I am enjoying life more tthen when we were together. I just need to get friends to understand that it is not as hard on me as they think it is.

I have not dared step on the scale this entire week as I am affraid to see what it says. I have not been eating well at all & think I notice my pants fitting a little snugger then before :o

03-05-2012, 06:58 PM
Dawn, Good for you! So happy you have booked yourself and DS a little time away! I do hope that the "papers" that you need to file all go through the system as planned, without any arguements.

Mom had her heart surgery today. Kind of. It's over, and she's fine and on her way home already, but the operation was NOT a success. Arteries too built up with plaque. There may be some other more invasive options that she will have to resort to.

DH and I are jumping on that weightloss Band Wagon again! My co-worker was very surprised to see that my morning snack was an ORANGE! Not an orange donut--just a plain ol' piece of fruit! I was quite impressed with myself as well! It about did me in when I went to the Doc. and they weighed me!!! OMG!! My scale must have a weight limit, that I have long passed. I didn't realized how bad I've been! :devil: Tonight I'm taking chicken soup to Mom at her house. She needs to rest.

03-06-2012, 07:59 AM
Hey chicks :cool: Colleen, best wishes to your mom, sorry that the issue was not solved even through the surgery. And I hope you're breathing better!

Dawn, your vacay with your DS sounds great. And congrats on the move you have taken with your life, we're glad that you are happier now :)

A big fat 0 degrees here, brrr!!but it's sunny.

My car - lower control arm broke in half. But it's covered by an open recall by Subaru. So we will be reimbursed for will be a $1000 saving at least :eek:

I did good last night!! Brought home Oreos and ginger cookies, to dip/drizzle in white chocolate for my contribution to our Town Meeting Day lunch. And only ate 30 calories' worth of ginger cookies, and threw out the remaining melted chocolate :carrot:

03-06-2012, 12:13 PM
Hey gals and guys.

My ride was wonderful. I ended up doing a "late 80s early 90s" or an old man ponty tail.... you know the one that has 150 tiny rubber bands, Lol? It held pretty well and was not too bad under my helmet. I don't always ride with a helmet, but I have not been on Ms. Dyna much, so I figure any measure of safety was good. I am sending "the end of winter weather wishes" to you all.

Colleen, I am glad your mom made it through,I hope if she has any more procedures it will be a huge success. As far as your real estate class.... I can TOTALLY relate. Here is where I am.... I am a certified medical coder.... but it bores me to tears lately. I make about 7k more a year coding than I will as a cop..... but the thought of coding for the rest of my life is not a good thought for me..... HOWEVER, I am struggling really hard with the physical....I am 38 and never had the need for push ups.... now I NEED 12 in a minute. Lol. My DH is very supportive.... I am not sure if I told you or not but he has been on the bandwagon of dieting since the last of Sept. He is 85+ lighter..... so he does go to the gym with me..... and supports me. It helps with BOTH of us doing it.
Congrats on being back on the wagon.... the first really is the hardest... well and the last 10. lol. Have you ever taken a "diet profile". I know you say how much you like carbs..... but maybe taking a diet profile like on WebMD would help you know what types of food will help you stay fuller longer. For example.... I CANNOT eat just oatmeal for breakfast.... I love it... but 1.5 hours later I am chewing down the walls. I have to mix it with some type of protein or just eat something else. So, for me.... I can't eat just carbs-- I have to eat it with some protein. I heard a diet person say "never eat carbs naked"..... not without clothing, but never eat them alone b/c your body goes right through them.
Sorry about the diet ramble...... y'all know by now I am a book nerd....

Dawn, congrats on booking the vacation.

Reda, you must be soooo busy.

Holly, I am with you on the motivation.... I know what I need to do for the physical..... but it is so dang hard. My DH told me just a little bit ago instead of cleaning the bedroom (which stuff just mysterisouly ends up on the dressers) to go to the gym..... I sure would like to get the dresser cleaned.... but I need to go to the gym since we paid the $.
I am glad your car will be covererd by the recall.
I am glad I don't live closer to you though... I would NEVER get this weight off..... you cook so many good things. Lol. You should be proud of your weight b/c most ppl that deal with food as much as you do would be as big as the barn and you are NOT.

I need to go to the gym.... but I am going to leave you with a funny shirt story I found yesterday. I want to be burried in this shirt.....

So, yesterday I went to the doctors office to work.... they are gonna "let me off" a coulple weeks so I can concentrate on my push ups.... instead of letting me be "done".... anyway.....I like to go to clothing stores in visiting towns just to see what they have. I found a shirt that I LOVED, but I did not get it at first.... I was in my trailblazer leaving and decided I HAD to have the shirt.... even though both of my boys have left home..... but I got it... it says...
"I smile because I am your MOMMA...... I laugh cause there is 'nuttin you can do about it".

That is my new motto..... as my DS goes over to the neighbors and will not come see me unless he wants money......

I have to go.... :running::swim::strong::bike2::woops::lifter:

03-06-2012, 04:15 PM
Okay...I had poured my heart and soul into a massive post to each of you. I pushed SUBMIT, and the server was DOWN! Seriously! I hate it when that happens! Gone! I had high hopes that it went through and would show up now when I came back. Nope.

In that note I addressed Holly, your car--scary, but good about the $. Tammy, I asked about your Ms Dyna ride, but you've already told us. And funny T-shirt too! Reda, how busy you must be. Dawn, Aaron and Wyo--I asked about you too.

This afternoon I have munched down an entire bag of mini carrots! Tomorrow I will probably be so orange I'll look like an Oompa Loompa.

I haven't ever taken a diet profile. Actually I never knew of such a thing! I had better check on that!

Hope you are all having the BEAUTIFUL weather that we are in SW WI!

03-08-2012, 09:50 PM
I don't know what a diet profile is, either! But Colleen, YAY to you for your carrot munching :D

Tammy - OMG at your DH's weight loss efforts!!! I am so happy for him..and you :) I wish so much my DH would make an effort. I asked about his treadmill? (the one he set up in his office) and he was curt with his answer.."No'.
I love your tee shirt! :D

Hey Reda! we miss you but know you must be having fun.

Aaron how are you doing?

my car saga continues. My local mechanic reluctantly refused the work, and said it was better to have authorized Subie guys deal with it.

So I contacted Subaru and they were very concerned ("were you hurt when the car went off the road") and said that Subaru would pay to have the car towed to their place; would give me a loaner car for free; and would see what's up with the car..I know parts will be covered, but I am hoping labor is too. We'll see. The free loaner car is a white Dodge Avenger...NOT the typical Vermonter winter car but I am stylin in it, baby!

I am still doing good on South Beach. I don't think my cravings or hunger for bread or carby sweet things will ever go away. But they must be less because of how I'm usually able to resist. I had that dark chocolate (turns out it was 'only' 3.5 ounces, lol, not 4 ounces) last Friday; last night I had about 8 fritos and two 55-calories beers, the only transgressions.

today was freakishly warm for us..mid 50's! then some rain now, and tomorrow back to 30. But long range shows 50's for many days next week. Today I shoveled as much snow away from the front of the garage to facilitate melting, and getting the bikes at least out so we can say hey to them :cool:

03-11-2012, 11:13 PM
Hello Girls and Aaron

Well sorry been MIA for no real dam good reason except for been real busy with work and life in general!!! Haven't been on computer much at all- been working on adding bling to my bike instead of getting on computer - It is going to be so cool when I have it done- hopefully get through this week then I will work on parts that I can't take off the bike and bring inside :)

Tammy that is awesome news about DH down 85+ and that you are still working towards your goal and boy is it fast approaching.....
LOVE the shirt!!!!!
Oh and as for hair I wear my bandanas and usually put in pigtail braids :)

Holly wow what a deal about the car hopefully it won't cost you a darn thing, and way to go with continuing your weightloss efforts and suceeding - I have not been following any plan and haven't been back to gym in over a month but tomorrow I am back on track going to start going back to the gym faithfully- got on the scale tomorrow and actually have lost .5 pounds can't believe it because I have been eating crap .....

Colleen glad to hear your mom went through surgery ok, hopefully they will find some other way to help her out. Hope you get your weekend getaway in real soon

Dawn glad to hear you also have a weekend getaway planned as well and that everyone is getting along- and yes there are lots of ugly bugs going around - my DS was home sick Thursday and Friday last week, hopefully we don't get it before leaving on Thursday

I did get to do some riding last week as well - we hit 70 and we are suppose to hit 70 one day again this week - can't wait
this weekend is suppose to be really nice to but we are heading to Deadwood for St Patty's Day weekend leaving Thursday and won't come home till Sunday :) so of course won't be OP but I will get some walking in to make up for the exercise that I will miss at the gym!

Well girls I will try to do some more checking in again but the next couple of nights might not be so good

HI Aaron

03-12-2012, 07:59 AM
Hi Reda!! :wave: Oh that is so kewl that you have been out on your bike, 70 degrees, bliss!! and what kind of goodies are you getting for your bike?

Hey to Tammy, Colleen, Dawn and Aaron!

we're getting some warmer temperatures (50's) which will help with melting. It's pretty early for us, but I'll take it! even with the mud, deep puddles, black snow, stuff emerging from the hidden snow..ugh :devil:

Oh here is a link for a cute product, a local young woman who coaches at the MMSC (Mount Mansfield Ski/Snowboard Club) makes these, I got one for free (my boss' wife gave me one) I chose the pink and it's gonna look so awesome when I ride my bike in chilly temps (which is every morning in Vermont, lol) the inside is soft fleece. $20 each.!products

I had an OFF program day on Saturday, 2 big cookies and some ice cream. Back on track yesterday and today. I won't beat myself up, lol.

Just about one month until the store closes for their vacation, about 10 days off, woohoo! Then I might work for them one more week, then I go to the summer job :carrot:

03-12-2012, 10:06 AM
Morning everyone!

Colleen, LOL on the :carrot:..... but sersiously.... you are doing it girl! Hang in there! We all fall off, but just keep getting back on.... that is the key. I hope your mom is still doing well.

Holly, I am glad it is getting close to your summer job..... and a few days off. It seems like your sweets have cut dramatically..... everyone needs a little carby stuff now and then.
I hope your car repair goes SMOOTH..... you need it. Seems like you have had some sort of vehicle issues off and on for a bit.

Reda, good to hear from you! I understand the whole life thing keeping you away from the computer..... with me.... no matter how much I wanted to talk with you all.... sleep always won. Lol.

Aaron, Wyo, and Dawn... hope you are doing well.

I am still pushing toward my goal...... Time is NOT on my side.... but I am not quitting. I have a little over 4 weeks now.... One thing that helps me is now that we are full staffed in dispatch we get to "ride" with an officer about once a month (which we should have been able to do all along).... but I LOVE IT! My ride time was Thursday.... so I suited up in my vest and all and hit the roads with an officer. I was supposed to ride with a county officer but he got sick and I ended up riding with the same officer I rode with before... it was good though. We had a rollover accident and ended up taking someone to jail after they left a club and pulled out in front of us........ I love riding with the city.... that is why I am focusing so hard on testing with them. It is not a "big" city... only 60k ppl.... but it is a good mix of stuff to do. Even though I am married to an officer... it is different b/c he is in our small county..... and our city officers are compeltely different.... (I don't ride with my DH unless we are going to a parade). I KNOW this is what I want to do.... I just have to convince my 38.5 year old arms that they should pass the push up portion of the physical to get me there.

I have rambled enough. I need to get busy. I hope everyone has a good day. I am going for a run.... then weights. Y'all have a good day.

03-12-2012, 06:12 PM

Well I did get my butt out of bed this morning and went to the gym- I have ate OP all day so far and plan on keeping it that way!!!!

Neck Gators love them - I use them more when we snowmobile ride then I do riding motorcycles but I do use them for both :)

Well just had a couple minutes but off I go

03-13-2012, 08:23 AM
Just a quick good morning and WTG to Reda for the gym and being OP...and Tammy, you will make your arms do what they need in the next 4 weeks :strong:

03-13-2012, 09:28 AM
Good Morning- well just getting home from gym - Day 2 now just to stay OP today as well I am on my way!!!!

Have a Great Day All- Oh by the way we are suppose to be in the 70's with nothing but sunshine :) you know what that means- :scooter:

03-13-2012, 10:56 PM
Work has now blocked 3FC!! Darn! I hate that plan!

Cookies are not on my "plan" but my coworker makes the best ones, and SHARES! Who in their right mind wouldn't try to fit them in? Cookies, salad for lunch, and green bean/mushroom combo for supper! I'm not down to my beginning weight from when I started 3FC yet...but I'm getting closer!

Took a little cycle ride on Sunday. Hoping for no rain this weekend for more riding time.

03-14-2012, 09:33 AM
Hey Reda, congrats on your days already OP!!

and Yay to Colleen for staying the course too!

Hi Tammy, Dawn, Aaron and Wyo! :wave:

Well either today (or more probably tomorrow) I will join you lucky chicks (and maybe Aaron too) in getting a ride!!! yesterday older son chopped all the ice in front of the garage and got our bikes free!!! mine is sitting out on the driveway just waiting for me :D

03-14-2012, 07:52 PM
I am sending good riding vibes everyone's way. I am headed off to the track to run.... It is 30 days from today when I test. I have to stick with this for the next 30 days..... I will gab more later.

03-15-2012, 12:04 AM
Hello ladies and Aaron!!!

Well I went riding again today about 130 miles :) Rode to the office then came home about 17 of us went for a supper ride - got home just in time, got dark and was starting to get cold- man was it so nice this afternoon I didn't even have to wear my leathers only sweatshirt and this was driving at speeds of 70-75

Oh and most importantly I got my butt out of bed this morning and went to the gym after I got up and went potty then went right back to bed, then I guilted myself and got up and went- whooo hooo not sure where that will power came from but I am taking it!!!! I have been pretty much OP with eating as well but of course this weekend well it will not be so much OP

Oh and my Tequila Lime Jello Shots turned out delicious......

Ok well we are leaving tomorrow so I probably won't be checking in till Sunday late or Monday- Have a Great St Patty's Day

03-15-2012, 05:00 AM
Hi everyone! The weather has been great here too bad I sleep threw most of it. I did get my back out & rode it from the house to apt. Just that short distants was great! I rode it to work last nite as well. I hope the weather is nice when my next set of days off are here. I will get up early just so I can do a little riding.

Since moving out & filing for a divorce I have gained a few lbs. part of it may be due to the fact that I have been drinking alot more latly. It's not really that I am depressed but more of a social thing. DH & I have actually gone out more latly then when we were trying to work it out. We have gone out bowling more with others then before. Then there's people from work that I've had a few with as well. It seems like my days off that's almost all I do. For me it's like I drink alcohol for breakfast since I sleep during day. Last Saturday when we got off work my group decided to go have an after week/ work day drink. It took the people working about a half hour before they realized we just got off work & that we were not starting our day off drinking. It was kinda funny. There was only 3 of us but they made about $50 off us right away in morning. We could have stayed longer but we all sorta had other stuff that we had planed. That nite I also went out bowling so more drinking.

Next weekend DS & I will be on our mini vacation. I am so looking forward to it! I got a bonus at work that will be paying for it. A bit disappointing that almost half of it was taken out for taxes but I am looking at as free money since I was not expecting the bonus or the amount that it was. I was going to skimp on some bills to pay for the weekend but I don't have to do that now. This week go slow now since Im looking forward to getting away.

03-16-2012, 09:17 AM
Dawn that is super-kewl about the unexpected bonus!!! and that it pays for your mini-vacay.

Yesterday I got my first ride on my bike of the year!! :carrot: Just to Stowe and back but it was great. OMG some of the frost heaves/cracking/heaving of the pavement in places is hellacious. Gotta be real careful in some spots. Am hoping I can maybe ride to work tomorrow!

When I put on my chaps i was THRILLED that they are definitely way looser in the thigh than in January. They were tight then! That was my wakeup that I needed to lose some, and I have :carrot: I am down 10 pounds and certainly some inches, I will measure around the first of next month for comparisions. Nothing like success to keep you going!

I did have my first beer in 42-some days last night, and a tiny slice of cake, and a few (like 5) cheese and crackers at a little get-together. Everything tasted good :devil:

Well foggy and drippy today, in the 50's. Like the rest of the country we are experiencing bizarre warm and mild weather. Usually we are still deeply buried in snow, and locked in below-freezing. But almost all our snow in the yard is gone. It is not good for the maple sugarers, though, they will have a puny production year.

have a great day!! Oh right Reda is already having fun in Deadwood for St. Paddy's weekend :lucky::lucky::drinkup:

03-19-2012, 09:10 AM
hey chicks! and Aaron. Yesterday (Sunday) I rode to work, yay!! we've been having record-breaking warm temps and will continue this week. Today all 3 of us are riding to work :cool:

03-19-2012, 10:30 AM
Hi Gals. We have had some warm weather here also, so I was able to ride my bike some last week. My wife and I went for a nice short ride yesterday, and I went for a 3 hour ride with a buddy of mine on friday, it was 75 deg. The lakes are froze yet so when you ride past them you get cold. I am still on my diet but still at 240, I seam to find reasons to blow it more than I should. I hope our weather holds. I should go back to work in about 4 weeks if the weather holds. We are looking for a newer car, my wife likes the Chevy Cobalt, do you know anybody that has one and do they like it? With the gas prices so hi we need a small car that gets real good mileage.

03-19-2012, 10:06 PM
Hi Guys

Well our weekend away was Great!!!! It was 80 something degrees which then made us think why weren't we home so we could be riding???? But it was a super great time

We are having thunderstorms and rain for a couple of days but it is suppose to be in the 70's again Fri-Sat and Sun so I think we are going to plan a ride why not sunshine and 70's perfect :)

Aaron glad to hear that you are maintaining and Holly way to go on your weight loss- and your chaps feeling and fitting better :) way to go

Ok well how was everyones St Patty's Day?

Hope you are all getting to ride isn't this great in March!

03-19-2012, 11:26 PM
Saturday we took a longer ride to Sauk City Harley Davidson. Got a new windshield, oil, filter, and of course BABY stuff! That Grandbaby should be here any time now! :carrot:

I've got an easy recipe for you all. It's not low cal, but it's kind of nice to have a smaller amount of cake. I know I tend to eat LOTS more so a whole cake doesn't go to waste. Buy 2 cake mixes--1 Angel food and the other any other flavor that you like. Mix the dry mixes together in a ziplock bag. In a mug put 2/3 cup of mix and a little less than 2/3 cup of water or whatever liquid you like. Microwave for 1 minute. DONE. Top with sugar free chocolate, fruit, or whatever trips your trigger. 1/2 cup of each item works in the bigger mugs.--just remember a little less liquid. Before cooking you can also add stuff like cinnamon, fruit, mashed banana, nuts, sprinkles... Enjoy.

Aaron, my DS, Ryan, would love to sell you a car! Right now there is wonderful financing on several models!! Like 0% for 72 or 84 months!!! He just sold a $57000 truck to a guy in Minnesota, and drove it up to him!

You all sound like you are enjoying the nicer weather! My favorite time of year is when I can see the leaves on the trees coming out! Love, love, love it!

We are preparing for a rummage sale the last weekend of the month. WORK!

St. Patty's day we were celebrating a friends 50th birthday. Somehow in his drunkeness he decided we should host a prime rib dinner this weekend. So we are!! It will be fun. I'm just going to ask that everyone bring a dish to pass, and whatever they like to drink. The only hold up I can think of is if DS on DDIL decide to have a baby that evening--that would hinder our supper plans a little.

Hope all is good with you.

03-22-2012, 12:01 PM
Aaron, I don't know about the Chevy Cobalt, but it sounds nice :D You said you're getting back to work soon..were you laid off? seasonal? sorry if I forgot :o

Reda, welcome back!! glad you had fun :) We didn't do anything for St. Pat's day, we're so boring :devil: Yeah, this weather rocks!!!

Colleen yay to windshield and stuff! wow so that mix microwaves like into a little single serving cake? Good luck on the prime rib dinner! (mm, how about horseradish mashed potatoes, drooool)

Today's probably our last day of freakish warm weather. BUT the temps we're going to, are still way above average!

Gonna do laundry and hang it outside I think, at least the sheets and comforter. Love that fragrance.

03-22-2012, 07:51 PM
Colleen, Thanks for the idea. could work for low cal..... I am going to give it a try. With making it like that... I won't eat more than I should. Lol.

Aaron, My son's ex gf had a Cobalt and loved it. I am wanting a smaller car as well..... but I am WAY upsidedown in my trailblazer so I am stuck with it.

Holly, How long until your summer job?

Reda, I know how hard it is to pry yourself to the gym..... I struggle with it daily.

My routine until the physical is work, swim, sleep, gym, repeat. I have 3 more weeks. Still struggling with the oush ups..... but I am going to give it a try. The way the testing goes, is they start with push ups and sit ups..... at every point if you don't pass.... you are done. So, if you don't make it past the push ups-- you dont have to run. I really think if I can make it through the push ups.....I will be ok. Then that afternoon you do the written tests. If you make it through both.... you just wait for a call for one of a million interviews......

On a positive note..... even though I am 15ish pounds from my lightest/goal weight...... I look like I did then b/c I am toning up so much.....

I am struggling with eating though..... not eating enough. NOW, before you panic.... it is just hard to find a balance. Trust me.... I could pull my chair up to a Chinese Buffet or Pizza Buffet with the best of competitive eaters and clear the buffet out..... but it is hard to find a balance. It is hard to eat the right things... and enough of them...... and not A LOT of the wrong ones-- if that makes sense.

Well, I have worked out with my trainer today..... he says I am getting stronger.... now I am on my way to run. I will gab more later.

03-25-2012, 12:10 PM
Hi Girls and Aaron

Well we have been having upper 70's and even 80 the last few days so needless to say we took off yesterday morning and didn't get home till last night - I was to tired to even get on the computer went right to bed- we are taking off again this morning but wanted to check in real quick

Tammy how many push ups do you have to do? I have faith in you and you will get it done!!!! Holly I bet you are so ready for some time off then on to your summer job

Well I missed 2 days last week going to the gym- got out of bed and went right back to bed might have been because I went to bed late the night before..... Back to the gym tomorrow morning and DH is now going to start walking after work so that should help as well- I do have to say I need to watch my eating as that has gotten out of control and of course doesn't help now that we are riding the eating out is happening and of course it is at sports bars not alot of healty options you know

So last week I also added more bling to my bike this week I plan on doing some more I will have to try to take some pictures and post them- I do alot better posting on facebook then I can get them posted on here :(
yesterday got some great comments about it and the best my boys don't ask to ride it all the time now they say its to girly now :) :)

Well I suppose I should get off here and get ready everyone will be waiting on me

03-25-2012, 08:10 PM
Hey everyone..... real quick before I head to bed.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Reda, I can't wait to see your bling!

Also, I have to do 12 "man" push ups in a minute............... the problem is.. I have NEVER had to do man push ups. I am gonna give it a shot..... I am into crunch time.

If I don't make it.... I may start looking for another coding job.... so I can have a "normal" life..... I miss it.

I will gab more later.

03-25-2012, 08:48 PM
yesterday got some great comments about it and the best my boys don't ask to ride it all the time now they say its to girly now :) :)

:D that is great!! I want to see :cool: I think most of us are on FB if it's easier for you to post pics there.

Tammy, Oh we are sooo cheering you on :cheer1: about those pushups. you do 30 Day Shred, don't you? There is alot of upper body work in that, maybe that would help. Can you tell me again what 'coding' means? when you have time :)

I had a bad eating day today, I did bring my lunch but got so mad when my boss actually sat down to eat his lunch, while I was left with the customers and my container of lunch untouched. I've never been told 'oh go and eat your lunch in the back' ever. And he has seen me try to eat, then he goes in the back office which leaves me alone if anyone comes in.

So I got sooo very hungry and got a headache and then sneak-ate 2 big cookies. Wht is wrong with me. Especially that I am wearing a size 8 Levis today!! (they have 1% spandex so that helps) Why would I want to compromise that .Well when you have raging hunger and you're mad, that's a bad combination. Better luck to me tomorrow.

Reda that is so great that you've had such continued warm weather!! Ours ended a few days ago. Do you think that you will continue to have that warmth?

So I think my last day at the job is Wed. April 11th. The store is closed for almost two weeks. Then the boss asked me (long time ago, maybe he forgot now) if i would work one more week for him before I go to my other job. I dunno...I hate to turn down work. I might have to ahem, negotiate with him, lol. "Make it worth my while" kind of thing.

have a good night!

03-26-2012, 09:59 AM
Hi Gals. Well we found a nice chevy cobalt , and got the payment we wanted. I work seasonal, have for 20 years. Our weather has been good for riding, well most days, today it is 28 deg.

03-28-2012, 06:31 PM
Tammy, I think of you each time I do some sort of are you doing??

Our riding weather is GONE. Back to 30's or barely 40's during day, teens at night.

I'm doing good food wise...famous last words :devil: Been holding at 144 for about 2 weeks now. Even with my mad cookies :devil:

03-28-2012, 10:27 PM
I am doing "fair". I have 15ish days left and I am half way there on my push ups.... depending on how strict they are. My strategy was "it is now or never" but most of the officers say that "IF" I don't make it this time to consider doing it again. I am gonna give it my all this time..... but if I don't make it I may try again..... just gonna have to see how it goes. It is such a hard decision to make.... I hang in with the crazy hours to keep trying for the physical "IF" I don't make it.... or back to a normal life that I may not be happy at (behind a desk).
Holly, to answer your question.... I am a neurosurgery coder (but a licensed coder of all specialties). I have done back surgery coding for almost 10 years. When the doctor does a surgery, I go through the op note and find out what he can charge for and what he cannot. Same goes with the office visits..... it is not a popular job b/c that is how a bill is generated.... but it pays well. More than police work..... but the reward of police work IMO is a higher pay off.
I have a cheesy story I will tell you later about why I want to be an officer..... but it will take a bit more time than I have today.

I hope everyone is doing well. I hope riding days are back to everyone ASAP.

03-28-2012, 11:16 PM
Hey All

Well been busy of course but really who isn't????? Still sending push up vibes your way Tammy.........

Great Job Holly on maintaining even with the 2 cookies :)

I as well have been maintaining my food choices are way off but I have been getting my butt out of bed and going to the gym still every morning!

Aaron Chevy Cobalt good choice since you are driving a Chevy- sorry couldn't resist we are all Ford Owners, of course since DH is Ford Mechanic it would only make since

Well I went to add more bling on my bags and I can't find my last shipment of swarovski crystals, I have looked all over the place for them..... GRRR
Well I don't remember putting them any where particular than on the table with all my other craft stuff but my brain keeps telling me I put them somewhere so they weren't laying right out in the open because I didn't know who my son would have around the house and he doesn't hang out with the best crowd all the time???? So needless to say that I didn't get anything done tonight on them!!!!!

Ok well I am going to need to get off here head to bed- have a great Thursday

03-29-2012, 08:16 PM
Just dropping in to say hi to everyone & see how you all are doing.

My mini vacation was nice. Milwaukee was wet & chili but we both enjoyed our time together. DS half brother joined us for the day on saturday. We did lunch at a small Pakistani resteruant then headed to the museum. Other then that DS & I really didn't do anything.

Monday I went & got a perm. I got tired of my hair being straight. Now I need to learn how to fix it again & find the right products so I don't have the frizzy ends. I did get the ends trimmed but they are still a bit frizzy but I don't want get too much taken off, I might go into shock. I hate it when I go to get a trim & end up leaving with 3-5 or more inches shorter.

I haven't been eating that great latly, I'm afraid I may have gained afew lbs back but I have not noticed any difference in my pants yet. I hoped on the scale today but the battery is dead. It will be a few days before I can make it out to buy batteries for it. I do have a Dr apt coming up so maybe I will just wait till then to see how I am doing.

Well it's getting close to that time that I will need to leave for work.

03-30-2012, 07:46 AM
Hey Dawn, I'm glad you had a nice mini-va-cay :cool: Oh and yes I agree you have to 'play around' with permed hair. I used to think one would get a perm and then you could just 'wash and go'..wasn't so with me. But once I saw that I needed to blow-dry, it would have lots of oomph and be good for me.

Reda - oh, kewl!! so you apply your crystals to your bags? and other parts of your bike?? would love to see pics!! I'll look on FB if you put them there.

Hi Tammy :wave: still sending you push-up power dust, lol. I looked up medical coding, wow, you are a smart chick :cool:

Hi Aaron, and Colleen! :wave:

Woke up to another coating of white out there, BLEH. Go away, cold weather!!

Yesterday I went through bureau drawers and tried on jeans and slacks...then discarded them for being too big, YAY!! I was a little sad because I had set aside a pair of black Candies slacks that were SO they're too baggy!! oh boohoo, right :D

My boss gave me a bag of clothes to look through...I took a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans (dark blue cords) even though they are a size 6. They fit me now!! :faint: Doesn't mean that I"m a 6 in other pants though. But that one pair makes me feel good!!

03-30-2012, 11:41 AM
Finally! Cute lil' guy too!

MIA due to work blocking the 3FC site. I just don't read or post from home much. Today we are having a rummage sale though. Lots of time on my hands while sitting in the garage. The COLD garage. Yesterday many customers were here. Today, not so.

Weight is dropping. Mostly from eating a salad and low cal dressing for lunch instead of Subway's footlong subs! For supper I've eaten pretty normal.

Have a great day to all!

03-31-2012, 12:13 AM
Well we are going to have high 80's tomorrow and low 90's Sunday so we are taking off in the morning and roadtripping it-= don't know where we are going but when we get there we will get a room and then come home on Sunday-

Congratulation Colleen on grandson and he sure is a cuties!! Great Job on the weight loss as well

Holly that must have felt super great putting on pants that you hoped of getting into and then finding out they are to BIG !!!! Whooo Hoooo

I have one more project to do on my moto bags before posting some pics, but I am also going to add some bling to other parts as well - tank, derby cover, adn some other parts that I don't know the name to

Dawn glad to hear the vacay with good and you enjoyed it- I use to always perm my hair in they day but now I am just enjoying the straight hair but I can see myself getting tired of it by winter next year

Tammy I am sure you are rocking those push ups - thinking of you

Well I have to get some stuff packed and then off to bed - I will try to check in Sunday

03-31-2012, 04:33 AM
:carrot: Holly you should be proud of those size 6. Remember back when I started really dropping my weight & bought size 6 I too didn't think the size was right - ended up it was. I think you'll be surprised too.

I can't blow dry my permed hair I think it gets too wild then. My hair is to the middle of my back now & find that it works best if I wet it & put cream in it before styling it that it does not get wild on me. Plus then I end up with less tangles in it.

A friend of mine talked me into going to the new Titans movie on Sunday. He wants me to give his brother a hair cut & stay for lunch afterwards too. It has been about a month since I have had the chance to hangout with him so I'm looking forward to it. I'm not sure if I'll get much sleep since he wants to do the afternoon showing since that is usually the time I sleep. I'm hoping to be able to go for a ride too since it should be nice. I may end up staying up during the days again this week when I'm off. Guess I'll find out later ;)

DS will be graduating the end of May. We plan on throwing him a graduation/ going away party. Anyone have any simple easy to make food ideas? DH & I were thinking along the lines of burgers, brats, shredded beef but not too sure what other food we want. We don't want to have a ton of food left over but the problem is for this type of party (in my area) we never know how many people will come or who will stay for how long who will eat etc.

03-31-2012, 04:42 AM
:wave: Greetings from a UK biker!

I got my bike license in 1992 (had to work it out - scarily long ago!) and own a dinky little Yammy XS750 chop. Can't wait for summer and a few rallies....and to surprise a few people who haven't seen the new me yet.

Hope you all have a good weekend :)

04-01-2012, 10:36 AM
Welcome Elliemar- Looks like you have made great progress and I am sure everyone will be surprised and how awesome you will look

Well yesterday we were suppose to be gone for the weekend but it ended be a day ride not complaining it was March 31st and we rode over 300 miles- we will be riding today as well but not as far probably only a couple hundred miles- DS has test n tune - yep racing starts next week since the weather has been so great around here

Dawn hope that you get some rest even if only a couple hours- hope you also get a ride in today and have fun at your movie

Well gotta get going leaving in a couple hours

04-01-2012, 10:14 PM
Wow we hit 93 degrees today- it boy was it HOT- can you believe I am saying this on April 1st- The ride was Great and best of all when we got home I found my crystal so when I get off here I am going to start putting them on my bags to get them finished up so I can start working on the tank this week!!!!

hope all of you had nice weather today and maybe got to go for a ride as well....

04-02-2012, 12:10 AM
:bday2you::bday2you: Colleen - hope you had a great day!!!! I just seen you probably had some warm weather today as well-

04-02-2012, 07:55 AM
Hello Elliemar!! and :welcome: and congrats on your loss!! :D

Colleen, belated Happy Birthday!! :celebrate::gift: sorry it's late!!

92 degrees Reda??? wow!!! that IS hot. so you're putting crystals on your tank too, oh I want to see pics!!! :D

I don't know when we'll ride next...we have fresh dusting of white out there today :rolleyes:

04-03-2012, 08:26 PM
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It was pretty uneventful. Got together with the kids to have some ice cream cake and play some games. Fun! Seems that this week has been loaded with food! Good and bad at the same time!! :D

Tammy, how did the push ups go? I wouldn't be able to do A push-up if my life depended on it!

Dawn, for your sons graduation have you considered tacos? Easy to prepare everything ahead, and if you do happen to have too much meat--freeze it in zip-lock bags! Sam's has big bags of shredded lettuce, and cheese. Get Tostitos, nacho cheese and salsa too. Taco bars have always been a big hit at the parties we have had.

Holly, you just keep that white dusting where you are! I do hope there is no freezing weather coming up! If we have cold weather now it's gonna be a big mess!

Reda, sounds like you are really decking your bike out! It's gonna be "bedazzled"!

Aaron, did you find a new car? What kind of work do you do?

Elliemar, Welcome! Sounds like the new you is awesome! Congratulations!

I'm loving being a GRANDMA! Biker Granny! LOL! :bike:

04-04-2012, 03:40 PM
Colleen, Happy belated Bday... AND Happy Biker Grandma beginning!

Tymaboy, I agree with the idea Colleen had regarding the taco "buffet".

Reda, I cannot wait to see one of your shirts.

Holly, how is the job situation? Are you off yet? CONGRATS on your smaller jean size!

I have not tested yet.... that is next Saturday. I am going to give it a try even if I don't make it.... I tried. I should have prepared sooner, but I used working and being too tired as my excuse and the fact is.... I am just not "ready". Maybe I don't want into law enforcement bad enough??? We will just see.
I can tell you, I am tired and ready for the testing to be done. Trust me.... pass or fail, that Saturday I am going OUT and doing something. I don't have to work and I am going to celebrate being done.... then I will get a game plan together on what to do next.

I hope you all have some good riding days ahead.

04-05-2012, 05:39 PM
Hi Girls and Aaron

Well I get the next 4 days off for Easter- but I have alot of cleaning to do because I am having dinner at my house Sunday - and when I say alot of cleaning it is ALOT - I always put on back burner and go riding or out

Well didn't get any work done on my bike this week but I did get some bandanas made for customers and sent off - did get a couple of shirts done as well - I will send pictures to Facebook of the shirts- no pics of bike per say yet until I have it done and the sun is shining bright :)

Well I better get back to work have a great day

04-05-2012, 06:05 PM
I can tell you, I am tired and ready for the testing to be done. Trust me.... pass or fail, that Saturday I am going OUT and doing something. I don't have to work and I am going to celebrate being done.... then I will get a game plan together on what to do next.

I hope you all have some good riding days ahead.

Oh, Tammy, I'm so sorry that you are so worn out, working so much!! of course it's been a stress thinking about that test. I want you to have a fantastic time when you go OUT after that Saturday :D

Colleen - i know I said HB but I don't remember congratulating you on Nanna status! :carrot:

Dawn, I think also that a taco bar sounds like a great buffet idea.

Hey Aaron :wave:

I will send pictures to Facebook of the shirts- no pics of bike per say yet until I have it done and the sun is shining bright :)

We can't WAIT to see that pic of your bike in the sun!!! When I was at Laconia last year, there was a bike parked that had crystals in a beautiful, evenly spaced trim pattern, it was soooo very pretty and even though there wasn't anything else on the bike, that bit of bling made it stand out and was definitely a lady's bike :cool:

Well we've had some dreary, cloudy, SNOW FLURRIED days here, ugh. Today's high was around 38 :mad: and total clouds and windy. I know this is typical for Vermont...heck, 'typically' we should still have piles of snow so at least we're ahead of that point...but I want sun, warmth, and want to ride! Even the street sweepers have not been out in town yet, the sand deposits are THICK in the middle of the road and in corners and such.

I still don't have my Subaru back!! (it broke back in March) I'm still driving the supercool white Avenger :cool: god I'm glad I dont' have to pay for it!! Subaru of America called me last week to check on the status..I said, 'I don't know, maybe you can tell me :D' so he checked with the dealer who has my car, and got back to me, said that they are still waiting for parts.

Okay..I really don't mind, I like this Dodge :devil: I JUST figured out that it has Sirius Satellite radio!! and those cool control buttons on the back of the steering wheel?? I found them by accident, lol! I wonder what marvelous goodies I'll discover this week, hah!

I've had some diet indiscretions..a small piece of cake last night for a birthday gal, a hunk of French bread the night before..not too bad. I'm loosely following Phase 1 and a bit of Phase 2 of South Beach diet. Still working out at least 5 times a week and usually 6.

04-08-2012, 09:01 AM
Hi gals. Well we did buy a cobalt,my wife is happy. I have put more miles on the bike this spring then ever before. We will be giving up diet soda next week, I think that is what is keeping us from loseing weight. Last winter when I lost my weight I was off diet soda, so I will try it and see. I will miss pop this summer.

04-08-2012, 03:38 PM
Happy Easter!!!!

Well we are having great weather today upper 60's :) but no riding I am cooking supper for the boys and girl friends. Our youngest brought home a puppy last night - he seems like a pretty good pup, goes potty outside so that great- but we told him no and really should make him take the dog back but I think we will him a week or two to see if he can stay responsible and attentive to the pup????? DH is really upset but since he is the only one that gets to come home for lunch during the week hopefully he will let the puppy out of kennel and outside to go pee but who knows he is stubbord that way as well..........

Well been cleaning house since Friday but I did get all rooms done but my bedroom and the computer room- those 2 will be next but not today!
I am going to run to the store forget to get potatoes dang it- so off I go
have a GREAT DAY!

04-08-2012, 05:27 PM
Happy Easter! I am so psyched at having today off, the first time I can remember having Easter off in YEARS. It will just be DH and our 2 sons here..ham, scalloped taters, green bean casserole, cole slaw, rolls and pineapple upside down cake. It smells really good in here :devil:

Reda, wow 60's, we are barely 40 and overcast, booo. I want warm weather!!
Hope your meal goes well. Oh and best wishes on the puppy...a big commitment.

Aaron, congrats on your wife's car! and woohoo to you for all the riding you've done. Tell me, how do you think the diet soda interfers? I am just really curious.

Hi Tammy, Dawn, Colleen, Ellemar!

04-09-2012, 11:30 AM
Hope everyone had a great day. It was one of those days that could have been very difficult for me but ended up good. Normaly Easter is my holiday to cook for family at the house but seeing that I am no longer at the housethat is no longer. DS asked his dad if we could do Easter together so I bought everything & took to his house & cooked there. I had to down size everything but it was still very nice & good. His dad invited a friend over since he would have spent the day alone & he was very greatful & had all good things to say about my cooking while the turkey & ham was baking we all went to the land ( Tom (DSdad) has land in country that we went & shot the guns for a few hours. The guys shot clay pidgens while I practiced shooting targets on the trees. Tom & his friend was surprised that I have a gun & can shoot it it was a beautiful day.

04-10-2012, 11:30 PM
I've rid myself of a few pounds and managed to SQUEEZE into some pants that I put away last fall thinking it would be a miracle if I ever fit in them again! :D

Easter food was good...a bit too good maybe though. :devil: I hate to see the left overs. You all know how that story goes right?! I had my folks over tonight to help get rid of some food. I over-did it again!

This weekend sounds like a busy one for us. Got a 25th anniversary party to attend Saturday, a dinner on Sunday, and DH would like to paint the inside of the garage! He bought light grey, dark grey and orange for a big board that will divide the greys. Last night I made him Harley Davidson curtains. I'm not a very fast, or talented, seamstress, but I don't think they look too bad! White with black Harley badges, and orange flame tie backs.

Our warm weather is gone again...furnace is back on! Plants are freezing! Just a couple weeks ago I was thinking of getting flowers to put in the planters out in front of the house. Glad the place wasn't open when I went!

Hope you are all having a good week!

04-11-2012, 09:53 AM
Oooooh our nice weather is gone to this morning 22 degrees and it sucks-really. Well tonight is our re-elections for our motorcycle group and every one is talking out they want me back as president- a few of our friends went on last night how they are voting me back in because without me it will die- I am the only one that sends out communications - noone else does, I set up all the poker run stuff, but I do get help day off so that is a blessing becasue really thats the day that matters the most!!!!!

Well has been a busy few days on Saturday we booked our Cancun Vacation for next January for a whole week again, Monday we booked our trip back out to Deadwood for a wedding over Labor Day weekend- and yesterday got our Vegas trip booked for October we will be in Vegas for 4 nights then onto Peoria AZ for 3 nights then I guess back home- All this should be motivation to get my butt in gear, you would think so but..........

Corbin the new puppy well he is doing good - DS has been getting up an hour earlier to take him outside let him eat, drink and play alittle before leaving- then I take over play with him till about 6ish take a little nap til 7ish usually 645 take him outside to potty then come back in and let him run then about 730 I take him for a walk on the leash he doesn't go far before he wants to come home usually because someone else's dog barks and scares him so home we come then I let him run in the house no food or drink past 8 outside at 825 for potty then in the kennel he goes till DH comes home for lunch- he does take him out to potty, lets him get something to drink then hooks him up to clothes line we have it so he run the length of the clothes line then back into kennel about 1245 till DS comes home at 4
He did just start biting (everything I read says he is probably teething) so trying to get us all on same page on how to handle it correctly and effectively???? I need to go get some dog fresh mints or something as well man they have stinky breath? are they suppose to for those of you that are dog lovers and have them?

All and all Corbin is a pretty good dog - he has had a couple accidents in the house but for the most part goes outside :) really like to cuddle to

Tammy is it this Saturday that you have testing?

Whooo Hooo Colleen that is awesome you are back on weightloss wagon :)
Dawn glad to hear that your Easter went good and better than expected

Well better get going have to get ready for work - then I am going out of town till Sunday for work - but it is fun stuff so not bad

talk to you later

04-11-2012, 04:26 PM
good afternoon!

Dawn I am glad that Easter was good for you, 'considering'. That is pretty kewl that you like to shoot also :devil::cool:

Colleen, congrats on being down!! :cheer2: and those curtains sound fantastic!! I wanna hang out in your garage :D

Reda, Corbin is such a cute name :) I'm glad that he is doing well and he is fitting in. I don't know what to advise about the teething..I just remember our previous dog Tasha having a brief 'biting everything' with sharp puppy teeth stage. Yes puppies do have stinky breath!! Oh and sorry your warm spell is over, briefly. Let's hope it comes back.!!

And yay to all your booked vacay times coming up! :carrot:

We have had day after day of clouds, and light rain, at least no snow here, but the higher elevations are still getting it.

I had a couple 'off' eating days with Easter and the day after, trying to get back on track. I weighed this morning and it said 145, so not too much damage.

Well my dear ex-grandma who was 104 years old, died last Saturday. She was a wonderful lady. We knew it was inevitable (especially at her age) but it is still sad and we will miss her. Her name was Grace and she was the embodiment of that name!! A champion of kindness to animals, and just a wonderful lady.

I was looking at my journal from this month last year. Last year at this time ,I was almost 15 pounds heavier than I am now! (more positively said - I am now 15 pounds lighter than I was at this time last year). And I was still having that dratted knee pain...I have not had bad knee pain now for months. It was also the month that we had torrential rain and our basement mom passed away...and I bought my new-to-me bike. Lots of noteworthy things!!

I am now on my 2 weeks off from the yuck winter job, YAY. Then I go back for just a few more days, then another week off!! then to the summer job I love.

I got my Forester back!! After a month :eek: But I did have that free cool rental car for all that time, and Subaru did not charge me a cent for a LONG list of repairs! Yay Subaru!

Hi Tammy!!! Hi Aaron!!!

*edit - and Reda, if you can spare the time, I think you should be President again :) sounds like they need you!!

04-12-2012, 03:55 PM
Colleen, CONGRATS on the WL..... and I too would want to hang in your garage. Lol.

Reda, I got tired just reading about your vacations being booked. Lol.
As far as Corbin, if the "chewing" gets too bad.... I think you can get some bitter stuff. If he has ANY lab at all in him.....2 years is the "chewing" span.... just make sure you put your good stuff up so he cannot chew.

Holly, I am sorry to hear of your grandma, but she had a LONG run. I would love to have met her and hear her stories. I love to hear older people's "story". I am also glad you are off from the dreaded job.

Dawn, I am glad you got to show the men your shooting skills. My DH got me a shirt that has the silloette of a woman shooting, on the back it has a targe with the middle shot out and something that says "I shoot like a girl, any questions"? Lol

I do test Saturday. IMO, I am not ready but it is no ones fault but mine for not preparing in time. I did make a lot of progress. My arms are more defined. My DH and DS1 seem to think I will make it b/c adrenelline will kick in..... I sure hope so..... if I don't make it.... I will re evalute what to do. Testing will be at 8am, if I pass the physical then that afternoon I will take a written test and then wait. Really, I want to be an officer.... but I just want to pass the physical more than anything for my short term goal.

Well, I have to go to Jboro and then I am going to tan. I am not running today, trying to make sure I don't hurt myself this close to testing.

I will keep you all posted.... I hope to give you good reports on Saturday.... Thanks for being there for me through this crazy ride!

04-14-2012, 06:31 PM
I failed.... oddly enough I made it past the push ups.... I did 19.... it was the sit ups that got me.

I put all my eggs in one basket and it bit me in the butt.

I was encouraged to try again in November... Not sure exactly what is in store for me. Will have to see what doors.... if any God opens for me.

Thanks for your support and listening to me whine.

04-14-2012, 08:26 PM
Oh, Tammy :( I'm sorry..I"m proud of you for the pushups, though!! Gosh November is a long time off!! who knows what will happen in that time, what you decide...maybe something totally different.

I'm sorry that you're disappointed, but DON'T call it a fail, kid!! Not even trying would have been a Fail. I would never even have the guts to imagine it, let alone go for it!!

04-16-2012, 10:16 AM
Hi Gals. Well today I had my last can of diet pop from our fridge. I don't lose weight on diet pop, I think it makes me eat more than I should. I will drink tea or crystal light. I will drink diet pop if I go out to eat,I just wont buy a case of it to bring home. I think I was drinking 6 cans a day. First week back to work I was to tired to walk after work, I hope this week is better. I went on a nice warm ride with my wife last weekend and today we have snow.

04-18-2012, 11:45 PM
Tammy you did an awesome job with your testing !!!! You will nail it next time for sure :) And yes do not view this as a fail because as Holly said you tried so defiantly not a Fail- you rocked it- You have been working so hard and actually working long hours so hopefully now life will slow down a bit and it will all come naturally for you :)

Well I have to tell you what just happened tonight- I got a call from the store in town and the clerk said there is someone here that wants to talk to you and he gave the phone to a guy- this guys says do you know who this is - I say nope- he says we dated back in the mid 80's and then called me lobster legs - (nickname because I was a runner in my younger days and my legs would get bright red) anyways he was coming through town remember someone saying this is where I moved to so thought he would come through town and looke me up so he stopped at a different convience store asked my name and they told him to come to my store - yes it is an old boyfriend that I have not seen or talk to since coming to South Dakota in 1985- 26 years it was just plain weird - DH was almost upset that his guy found me and called and wanted to meet just for a few minutes- all I can say is WOW he looked rough and old !!!!! It was just so weird, he then wanted my phone # and DH gave me this look but how in the world do you tell him no can't give it - so I put my moms phone # in his contacts - he use to talk to my mother all the time as well- probably bad of me but it was just weird!

Aaron hope the giving up diet soda works well for you

We went on a supper ride tonight because we reached 65 today again so it was great

Corbin my sons puppy is doing great - going through his biting stages and it really does suck but he is learning I hope

Well off to bed I go - have a great night

04-19-2012, 09:49 PM
. A disappointment though - I had heard of Little In the Middle jeans from here (3FC) they're for when your waist is proportionately smaller than your bigger butt/thighs - like me :devil: But I was stupidly optimistic and ordered the size 10 hips/ size 8 waist combo - the legs were so tight and I couldn't button the waist!

So I dont' know if I should hang onto them for motivation or send them back for a size that I thought I was out of, but can wear :rolleyes: Eh, not a biggie I guess.

The above quote was from November last year...I have periodically tried on those jeans, each time too tight...I am wearing them today!!! :carrot:

its a shame that my DH had hardly any reaction when I told him. Maybe its just an off day for him..I would have really liked a little more 'way to go'.

but I swear, it is very frustrating to be doing all I can to get healthier and he does NOTHING. I'm going to be a young widow, I just know.

04-19-2012, 09:51 PM
Reda, that was quite interesting to hear of the old flame contacting you!

04-22-2012, 12:36 PM
Hi girls and Aaron- quite slow on here lately!

WTG Holly that is great - you have been working your butt off and it is
showing :)

Well not much else going on around here-racing season has started so it takes up our weekends- DS (youngest) well he got mad because we wouldn't co-sign a loan for a motorcycle but he went to the bank and they gave him the loan without us signing - perfectly fine our oldest went through this a few years back ....... So he got a 2002 Yamaha R-6 he sure doesn't need to one of these with his driving -speeding record but insurance under us is $13.00 a month

Well I suppose I better get off - just wanted to check in

04-22-2012, 06:42 PM
Thanks you all for your encouragement!!!

Holly, :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: Way to go on the jeans. I can relate to DH not commenting.... well not on the jeans but when I was working out so hard on the push ups he said he recognized my arms getting more defined.... which is not really what I wanted to get more defined.... but I guess it is better than him talking about a layer on me. HOWEVER, I am sure your DH realizes what a HAWT BIKER chick you are.

Reda, That was odd about the old flame contacting you.... and it is good to keep them a little jealous. Lol And, congrats to you for standing your grown and not signing on the dotted line for DS.... I know it is tough not to do things like that. But, it sounds like it all worked out.

Aaron, Hope you are doing well kicking the diet soda habit. I know it is hard.

Colleen, Dawn.... hope you are well.

Well, I have not talked about bikes for awhile.... I almost traded Ms. Dyna in yesterday for a Road King. It was SWEET.... 2011 with a little over 1k miles. Anyway, I was all for the idea, it was a good deal.... but I was going to have to ride Ms. Dyna to Memphis today..... as I put a pen and paper to the math, it just did not make sense for me to get it financially when there is nothing wrong with Ms. Dyna..... other than I thought I wanted a bigger bike with hard bags.... We still owe quite a bit on Ms. Dyna.... and in essense we would be paying them to take her..... and there is nothing wrong with her.... so, I am not getting the RK and I took Ms. Dyna out today for a ride (in the WIND)..... She is not going anywhere..... I have an emotional bond with her (VEGAS)... lol.

Ok, here is my funny riding story..... today DH passed a little garden snake, of course it balled up for me to hit and I had no choice. I picked my feet off the pegs so if I hit it I did not get it on me.... well, I did not see the hit.... but I noticed my right foot had something black and long hanging off my pants leg. So, get the visual..... very tall blonde riding bike..... with feet in the air..... screaming like a SISSY GIRL at the top of her lungs, trying to make herself not drop her bike :yikes::yikes::yikes:.... only to find out what was hanging off her legs was her ding dang SHOE STRING........ not the snake she thought she hit. Yes, I was an idiot!!!! I literally made myself sick to my stomach thinking I had a snake on my leg.... even though it was just a baby non poison..... I don't do them AT ALL! :rofl::rofl::bike::bike:

I hope you all have a good day....

04-22-2012, 09:49 PM
Wow! So much has happened since I posted!

Tammy, congrats on the pushups--sorry the sit-up were a bugger! Too funny about hitting the snake!

Holly, sorry to hear of Grandma. It's great that the "little middle" pants fit!

Reda--Vacations sound great! I'm ready to go too! No arrangements made, but I'M READY!

Aaron, staying off the diet road is tough! Been there, done that. Should do it again!

Hi Dawn.

More later.

04-23-2012, 10:33 PM
OMG Tammy I am laughing so hard as I read your story to DH I have tears in my eyes crying like a baby from laughter not a baby snake!!!! :) To funny
TO FUNNY even though it wasn't funny for you at the time

I do also have to say Tammy I love my 2010 Roadking and the hard bags- I got a great deal on it under $14,000 and under 3000 miles- and since I am blinging it out I will be keeping it around for a long while :)

Well going to take Corbin the puppy out for a walk before it gets dark- have a great night

04-24-2012, 01:19 AM
The story about the snake is hilarious!!

I was talking to a friend of mine about wanting to upgrade my bike but kinda screwed since I need the money from my bike to buy a new one but yet don't want to sell it till I get a new one. I was trying not to trade it in cuz I think I can get more for it if I sell it then what I would as a trade in. He pretty much convinced me to at least go & check it out. So if I can drag my butt out of bed tomorow I will go look at the bike shop to see what they have. I'm not sure if I want or need another payment a month but a bigger bike would be nice

04-24-2012, 08:19 PM
Good Luck Dawn on motorcycle shopping- we have a motorcycle-atv consignment shop in Sioux Falls and can get really good deals most of the time :) hopefully you will find something that won"t break the bank but you will probably enjoy having alittle bigger bike

Tammy I had to post your story hope you don't mind on our Eagle Rider home page- it was so funny :) No names were attached

our temps got upper 80's even some 90's around the area as well
We will be riding tomorrow - whooo hoooo

04-27-2012, 06:27 PM
CC, no problem in posting the story. It is quite funny. Trust me, I don't think I am going to wear those shoes riding again. Lol

Holly, I am going to keep Ms. Dyna.... unless I get the RK (which does not make financial sense)...... but I am not going to give up riding until this little grey period goes away.

I have applied for a job at UAMS (medical college in Little Rock), but they have a branch here..... it is not police work..... but things happen for a reason and without getting too "churchy", maybe me not passing the test is a sign.... I am just trying to see which way I am supposed to go. Anyway, the job is more $, "normal"hours, and weekends and nights off.... as well as holidays. I could actually do bike rides and things on the weekend. Not to mention the job has AWESOME beneftis (it is a teaching hospital)..... but the posting is up until May 3.... so hopefully I will get an interview at least.

I hope everyone is doing well.... and enjoying the sunshine (if you are getting it).

04-28-2012, 12:31 PM
Good Luck Tammy - you need to follow your heart and what you think may be the right thing to do- Awesome hours and if the benefits are good you can't ask for anything more than that :) Let us know if you get an interview

Weather is crappy today and tomorrow so I guess I will house clean :( Well we do take Corbin for his puppy training starting today and for the next 6 weeks- hope it works out- he is very smart so I think the training is really for us :)

Ok well I am off have a Great Weekend!

Holly if I remember right you are busy this weekend with a motorcycle raffle or get together....... Hope you have a Great Time

04-29-2012, 09:37 PM
Hey chicks, and Aaron :)

Tammy, gosh that position sounds FAB!! I sure hope you get an interview. And I'm so glad that you will just keep Ms. Dyna 'waiting patiently' for you when you are ready again :)

Reda, I hope puppy training goes well! Smart little guy.

Hi Dawn, Colleen, Aaron!

Yes Reda, last night we went to the Crossroads Calcutta/Raffle, their top prizes were cash, and we got very close to the end! but got pulled out. However, our consolation prize was an HD leather jacket, sized for a little kid :) I think if we keep it for a grandchild, it will be MANY years waiting, so we might e-bay it. I imagine they are pretty pricey, I know I paid about $300 for my HD jacket almost 10 years ago.

I did bring my Miss Crossroads 2011 sash and tiara, because I thought they might like it for promo know, being a celebrity brings responsibilities :D And I got the chance to parade around wearing it, even got a music cd from the band, hah!

Well we are still totally cold here, today was bright and shiny, but it never got above 48 degrees. I want some warm weather, so I can ride again! I'ts been 9 days since I last rode. Oh well.

05-01-2012, 08:59 PM
Hi all!

Diet is going okay. HAD to have some pasta today! :drool: 10 pounds a month has been my goal... so far so good! :yay: I've made the first couple months goal. Gal from work agreed to try a beginner Zumba class with me on Tuesday evenings. So if you never hear from me after next Tuesday, you will know that I died trying Zumba!! :whoo:

Good luck on getting an interview Tammy! Hours should like they would be good!

Dawn, did you see any bikes you liked?

Reda, good luck on the puppy training. You are correct--the training is really not for the pup. It's the people that need to know what they are doing! Consistency... Darn puppies are smart lil' buggers, with big sad puppy dog eyes that make us forget the rules WE set!

Holly--you look great! Way to go! You are so right, that we just don't hear that often enough from the ones we WANT to say something!

Aaron, how's the pop plan? I moved all of our pop out of the house! Now I actually have to think how bad I want to go get one!! It really has helped me! I'm still bad about getting several refills when going to Subway for lunch though. Some control is better than no control I guess!

I have the Subway gals convinced to not sell me anything but salad and diet soda. Now when I go in, they start making my salad, and ask what meat I would like on it. :D

The new guy coming in to work isn't getting through his training as quickly as was planned for him. That is good news for me! 1 more month of employment! At least until September now. Customers are having a holy FIT that we have not been asked to stay yet. MANY policies lost due to new management coming! Mine too-- if I don't stay, my policies don't either! :soap:

Happy May Day! :val3: A new month, with another goal.

Weather should be getting better again soon too. We did plant a few flowers--hope they don't freeze! Waiting until this weekend to plant the peppers and tomatoes. I asked for NO potatoes this year. They were a pain in the rear last year! I don't have good luck keeping them from spoiling. I'd rather buy them 5-10 pounds at a time.

Hope your week is going good!

05-02-2012, 05:08 PM
Holly, girl you always have looked great!!! Anyone who bakes and cooks as much as you do (especially at your summer job), and looks like you do should be shouting from the mountain tops that they are not bigger than the side of a barn!!! No one has the perfect diet.... and we eat extra cookies.... but we are human. I really want to do the "eat clean diet" but at the end of the day.... I am a real woman who used to ride her bike and go on poker runs.... where in God's green earth am I gonna get that stuff when I am on a ride..... but what I can do is watch what I eat as best that I can.

Colleen, you are doing soooo great!!! Keep it up girl. I am sooo glad you will be able to work another month. LMAO about the Subway girls. It is good they support you!

Dawn, have you found another bike you like yet?

Reda, How is the puppy training going?


05-03-2012, 12:15 AM
Hi girls and Aaron

Holly you sure do look Great - WTG seen your pictures on Facebook way to strut that sash :)

Tammy being a biker does make it hard to "eat clean" because the places that we stop at do not usually have or carry "clean eating foods"

puppy training went well I think- just getting DS to work with puppy like he is suppose to- I have been a couple times a day and we are suppose to 3-4 times a day----DH is still pissy about puppy being in teh house but I keep telling him just until Joey gets his dog house finished- and he needs to be in while we are still chilly and while we are having rainy weather- poor little guys is still scared of everything....

Have a Great Thursday Girls

05-03-2012, 03:11 AM
Hi everyone. Has anyone heard from Aaron or have I just missed his posts?

I went on the web to look at bikes & the voices in my head keep scream bills so unless I find one that is an great deal & I can get away with a very small loan a new bike is on the back burner. I need to pay for DS graduation/ going away party plus got notices that the pet licenses are due. I also got a few parking tickets that I have been putting off & think it's about time to pay them before they decide to try to tow it off.

My last Dr apt my weight was up to 131 or higher ( can't remember what it was) so I have trying to get it back down. I have been having trouble watching what I eat but it has been easier to cut back on what I have been drinking. I hopped on scale after I got up & I am back down to 125 :) hopefully I can stay at this point & not gain again. Not sure what will happen as I have less then a month before DS leaves. I also have an apt with a Dr. Cuz I if I'm having a hard time now I can just imagin what I'll be like when he leaves. Not that I want meds to take but at this moment I think it maybe for the best till I come to grips with it & get used to it being just me at home. I will either start pigging out or barely eat when the time comes.

05-04-2012, 01:04 AM
Unable to sleep tonight. Might as well catch up with you guys!

Dawn, that's a whole other kind of willpower--not getting what you want because you know there are responsibilities for you to tend to! Good for you! I'm kind of an impulse buyer. Not so much at the little things. It's the BIG things...House, car, camper, furniture... I can stew for days contemplating the best detergent, paper plates, or butter to buy!! Not that it makes any sense--it's just me!

Aaron seem to be MIA. Hope all is okay. I'm just thinking he fell off the board for a while. Hope to see posts again. :) Hi Aaron! In case you're quietly lurking! :D

Reda, it's good that you are training the puppy. If you guys don't, he'll train YOU!! LOL! Been there and done that! :p

Tammy, you think we should start a biker bar that serves salads, and fresh fruit?! Ha! Bet that wouldn't last too long!

Holly, did you sell off the little HD jacket? What size is it? (New grandma here...always looking ahead!) So many cute clothes and cool toys for kids now!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! We are going to plant a few peppers and tomatoes. Maybe uncover the camper for the season, if we don't get too much more rain. No idea what else is in store for us. Something a little more exciting than last week would be nice!!

05-04-2012, 09:42 AM
Good morning chicks! and Aaron!

Reda - glad the puppy training went well. Maybe DH will start loving the little fella soon :D Have you been able to ride lately? what are your temps like.

Tammy - you know, so many times I've wanted to just get out on the bike, and thought of a place for a destination, but food-wise it is just diet-killer! Yes...salad bars for bikers :D And I'm still laughing (sympathetically!) about the snake story :rofl:

Colleen - your posts always are such a fun read :) but I am indignant with you about the employment situation. and I surely would not keep my policies with the company that kicks me out!
regarding the kid's leather jacket...I still have it. I actually tried to go online and get cost ideas, but I have turned up nothing similar. It is a genuine Harley Davidson jacket, it is not marked "youth" or "child" but of course you can tell it is a child's jacket because visually it is small, but the label has an "L" so it must be a Large youth/child. Are you interested? let's talk :D I'll send photos for comparision if you like.

Dawn - you are TINY at 125!! congrats :carrot: Sorry that a new-to-you bike is not in the budget, but good for you for the $ensible thinking.

We did ride to our monthly MRO meeting on cloud cover when I rode the 40 miles to DH's work to meet him, it was 60 but I was chilled!! then to meeting, and the ride home was in teh mid 40's but my core had warmed so it wasn't too bad. If we waited for warm and sunny, we'd never ride in Vermont, hah!

well gotta get ready for work. have a great day!

05-05-2012, 02:52 AM
Weather has been so wet here. I have not got the bike back out of the garage cuz we have no idea when the rain should stop. I hope it stops long enough to go to the drive in Saturday night. I have the nite off it it is playing 2 movies that I want to see- Avengers & John Carter If it rains I will be so disappointed. Some friends are going with us & were going to pack a cooler with food & drinks. Hopefully the weather is rite & it only rains in morning & will be done come nite.

05-05-2012, 09:56 AM
Hi Girls and Aaron
Well 2nd week of puppy training today however we have our spring Poker Run today so DS is taking him on his own.........

Dawn take care of the stuff you know you need to then maybe things will turn around and you will get to do alittle looking maybe shopping for a bike down the road :)

Colleen can't wait for our granddaughter to be here as well DS #2 has a friend with a 14 month old boy that came and visited last night and stayed the night he was such a good boy - but mom didn't bring any toys and of course we are not ready with toys yet, not sure if she just forgot or since she is young if she just doesn't really have any???? will ask today and maybe go buy a couple before leaving on poker run

Not much riding going on around my house this week- I was sick on Wednesday - you the spend your time in the bathroom because your not going to make it otherwise..... then Thursday got a real bad sore throat, fever and body aches, so of course Thursday night I couldn't sleep, shoot I could hardly breathe then Friday well still had fever, and body aches so came home early went right to bed but now my nose is stuffed and congested so made it hard to sleep last night as well........ and then to top it off my monthly friend came to visit for a few days- grrrrrr BUT the weather is looking like 80's and mostly sunny today for Poker Run- WHOOO HOOOO!

Holly glad to hear you got to ride alittle bit hopefully it will be daily soon- how is summer job going is it busy yet? are you still filling in at the store?

Ok well off to shower and go wash bike since I haven't been feeling good had to put it off till today- have a great weekend

05-05-2012, 06:51 PM
Hi Gals I am still here just not as much as I would like. We have kicked the diet pop for the most part. I do get a diet soda when I stop for gas. I went for a bike ride after work one day last week and they had two for one deal so I got two, one to take a few small drinks and put in the bag with the other one. Well I droped it and cracked the cover so I drank more then I wanted and had to throw it out. We need new chaps, what brand do you like and why. I will try to stop in more often.

05-06-2012, 08:35 AM
Hey Aaron! good to hear from you. I just checked the labels of my chaps. My first pair ever, got them prob. back in 2003, held up real well except for the snaps at the bottom, they still snapped but had lost their cap cover. I looked for the label but it is worn off. I think we ordered them online.

Then last year at Laconia Bike Week in NH, my husband said go ahead and get a new pair. These are a little more deluxe in that they have two zippered deep pockets by each hip (my other chaps just had one snap pocket on lower thigh) THese newer ones are made by LK (Leather King). They were probably around $70? Some of the stitching came loose, which is not good for how new they are, but I was able to Gorilla Glue it together.

Reda, sorry to hear that you were yuck sick!! but glad you got better, and I hope the Poker Run was great yesterday :cool: I have only 2 more days at the yuck winter job, then I'm done full time with that gang!! during summer I just fill in on Wednesdays there. I start the fun summer job summer boss hasnt' told me yet :p but it should be by the end of this week for sure!

I made cookies for my step Gramma's service (which is today) and coulldn't help eating both cookie dough and baked cookies . Too irresistable, or that my will power is too weak! well i will just keep on trying.

Hi Tammy and Dawn :)

Well I have to go through my closet and find something to wear to the memorial service today. I wish I could ride to to it but that might not seem respectful to some, I don't think my step Gramma would have minded :) but I don't want to appear disrespectful. Plus, I have to bring cookies on trays so that just would not work out . But maybe DH and I can take a little ride together later this afternoon.

05-07-2012, 03:21 PM
Hey Y'all....

Aaron, I cannot remember what brand my first pair of chaps was, but they were obviously made in China or something b/c I had to wear a 7XL (yes seven), that was when I was at my heaviest (I wore 2-3XL in reality), when I lost weight I got a pair of HD chaps on clearance for $100, I have had them 3 years, they still look new. I must say that NOW is the best time to catch HD chaps if you are going to get some b/c they are getting rid of "last years". I also have a pair of leather pants for riding, I got them at a Motocross store, I LOVE THEM much more than my chaps. They were on clearance (see a pattern here?) for $75. I have had them for 2 years..... they look brand new still (I have not ridden as much as I used to). they have held up really well. What I would not do, unless you are replacing a pair is buy online a brand you do not know b/c of the sizing difference (7XL vs 3XL for me ). Sorry I could not do any better in giving brand names.

Holly, sorry for the loss of your step Grandma. I am glad you are almost done with the winter job. And, I am really glad you got to ride some.

Dawn, I can relate to your son going off, it was HORRIBLE when mine went off.... and I did take meds for a bit. If you need anything... just yell. And btw, I think it is smart on the getting stuff cleared up b4 you get another bike payment.

CC- sorry about your bathroom vacation. Lol. Sounds like the puppy is making a way into your heart. When is the Grandbaby due? I must have missed that in my absence. Btw, my DH posted the snake story too.

Colleen, I am soooo proud of you!! You are kicking butt on the diet!

Ok, so we are now officially old fuddy duddies. We bought bike headsets for our upcoming trip. I was very skeptical at first..... but they are AWESOME. We do have some wind noise b/c we don't have full face helmets, but we can talk and it makes it much easier and he gets a lot fewer grumblings from me for not using his blinker.... lol.

We are gonna give them a trial trip this weekend. I finally got off work.... so we are going to Panama City FL. My DS1 who is in pilot school at Ft. Rucker lives just a little bit from the beach so that is where our anniversary trip will be.... (remember we came up with the idea that we would not exchange gifts for our anniversary we would take annual trips-- well our anniversary is Sunday..... 3 years---can you all believe it?). So, it is 8 hours in a car to his house in Alabama.... we will sleep there and go to the beach Sunday. We missed the Thunder Rally by a week, but it will be nice to ride on the bike at the beach.... if the weather will be nice! Lol.

I am gonna get off here.... I will try to check back b4 we leave for the coast....

Y'all have a good week.

05-07-2012, 08:05 PM
Tammy, I can't believe it's been 3 years either! wow :D Very kewl about your trip to Panama City. Very glad you get some time off!!

Colleen you may lash me with a wet noodle cause I see that I didn't say HI to you in my last post :o

HI Reda, hope you're all better? HI Aaron! HI Dawn!

I got to ride to work today :carrot: and it was so warm on the way home, 70 degrees!! too bad rain is moving in tomorrow.

OH - tomorrow is last full day with the Rat B*stard boss job, and the next day (Wed.) I start at the Club!! :dance:

05-08-2012, 10:52 AM
Morning everyone!

Aaron great to hear from you again.

Not much new here. I am trying to sort out a few feelings with everything that is going on in my life. A friend of mine & me have discovered a few feeling for each other this last month. I've known him for over a yr. he would come over to house & do stuff with DH & I so it's not like he's new in my life like most guys I have ever had an interest in. He too is going threw a divorce so I'm not sure if it's a volubility thing on both our part or if there's really something to it. All I know is I feel like a little school girl again. I guess that's better then feeling b*tchy like I had been feeling. We're trying to take it slow & figure it out but it's hard when when it does feel good & he so different then DH - in a good way. He thinks more of others then himself or how things will benefit him. What's odd about it is DS has given his seal of approval. DS had told me he was going to kick any guy a** if he caught them with me or knew I had a thing for them that way if they came back he knew they were ok. The bad thing is I broke my # 1 rule- he works at IBM & in my department at that :-( the only plus side is he is days I'm nites. But come next shift change we both could be on days. Sorry as you can tell I have added more drama into my life which I did not really need but happens.

05-09-2012, 07:51 AM
Dawn...let us know how it progresses with the new interest!

just a quick hey to say today is the first day of the summer job i love :love: FINALLY :carrot:

05-09-2012, 10:59 PM
Rainy weekend didn't go as planned. Sill no flower or plants planted! Still no camper out. DH has the brilliant idea that we should dig up rocks around the perimeter of our yard! Fun, fun!

Last night I mowed Lawn. DH is gonna have a fit! It must have been too wet. Big nasty rows and clumps of grass everywhere! That should keep him from asking me to mow for quite some time! :devil: If you screw it up good don't have to do it again!

Happy anniversary Tammy! Hi to everyone. "Everyone" is safe--no noodle lashing necessary if I forget anyone! :D

No cycle riding happening here lately.

I've been eating lots of salads, and being good through the week. Only little naughty on the weekends. Tonight though, I just had to have some chocolate pudding! Good part--sugar free. Bad part--the whole box! :^: Doing good on my goal though! I like being ahead a few pounds to give me some leeway when I need it.

Hitting the sack early tonight. Been a busy and stressful week!!

05-10-2012, 08:33 PM
Just a quick hello

Dawn, sounds interesting with the new "friend". It is good to feel like a school girl again. I wish you the best. It sounds like you are level headed in the whole thing. And IMO, there is nothing wrong with a friend to help you get through these times. Your DS going away is tough!

Holly, How did your first day go? I am glad you are getting to ride.

Reda, How are you, and how is the puppy training going?

Aaron, sounds like you have just about kicked the diet soda habit. I am sure it will help you get to your goal.

Colleen, look at you go!!! I am happy for you with the WL and eating better. And, I thought it was very funny about the lawn mowing, I am sure it would end up the same here. Lol.

Guess what.... I interview tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon for the UAMS job. I am very hopeful. I got an excellent letter of recommendation from the doctor that I just finished up with. My plan is.... if I get the job, I am going to see if I am "done" with law enforcement all the while getting ready to potentially prepare for the next testing.... even if I decide I am "done" with LE, it will give me a goal and I am taking the next test just to prove I can pass. I know it sounds silly.... but I just want to know I can pass it... even if I don't work in the field. I am just that bull headed. And, the extra (ballpark) 5k a year would be great!

Well y'all, I am pressed for time with the interview tomorrow and getting ready for trip. I will try to check in, just to let you know how it goes.... even if its just a couple words from my phone on the trip.

Y'all take care. Hope everyone gets some ride time in.

05-11-2012, 07:41 AM
quick note to wish Tammy the best today, at the interview!!

lol Colleen at the lawn :D I WISH that would work for me, hah!

and HI Reda, Dawn, Aaron!

rain here for multiple days!! hopefully sun and dry tomorrow.

Loving being back in the kitchen at the summer place! :carrot:

05-12-2012, 09:56 PM
Hi Girls and Aaron

Tammy good luck at your interview - and have fun on your trip - WOW 3 years my how time has flown by sure doesn't seem like it has been 3 years :) Your trip sounds like so much fun wish we were going on a trip but it is only about 6 weeks till grandbaby is due so really it can be anytime.....

Went riding today for a bit but not to long DS is racing about 150 miles away so off we go and would love to ride there but riding home at 2am well thats no fun so in the cage we go.....
Puppy training well it is going good I think, he is learning but being a pup still comes with some bad behaviors that I am not liking much - it is getting nice enough he can be in outside kennel most of the day and then he will come in at bedtime because he sleeps with DS at night.

Dawn good luck with the new interest- it is always nice to have someone to go through all this with- take care

Holly whooo hoooo on getting to ride and officially being back to you FUN JOB-

Just in case I don't get logged in tomorrow

05-17-2012, 11:18 PM
Just a quick update..... I have a 2nd interview tomorrow..... and a TEST. I am a little rusty on coding..... so I am preparing tonight. Will update more tomorrow.... hopefully.
Hope you all are doing well.

05-19-2012, 10:12 AM
Good Luck Tammy- you got this !!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day :)

Well I do have to say we went out for breakfast then a bunch of us went on a ride came home then left for the races- DS started in the 9th row but came to front and won - when he got out he said Happy Mothers Day to me :) it was so sweet

My dad called and said he was going to be in town and unexpectedly so it was a nice surprise that he is here for the weekend- so with that I better get off the computer have a great weekend

05-19-2012, 10:14 PM
Chopper Chick, that was sooooo sweet of your DS to do that on Mother's Day. How did your visit with your dad go?

Holly, how is the good job going? Are you cooking a ton of great things yet?

Colleen, Dawn, Aaron.... how are you?

I will know something about the job no later than Wednesday. It would be about 10k more a year, which is more than I initially though. The test was auditing charts, and I am a little rusty...... but I think I did fine on it. I am just hoping to hear from them Monday. Lol.... I am not a patient person. The job entails auditing charts and teaching new doctors how to code. It is a far cry from dispatching.

Well, you know I have had trouble with DS #2 he hardly even comes to see me since he moved out. He does come over to see our next door neighbors, but he did tell me Happy Mother's Day AFTER I told him goodnight that night (I text him nightly). However, we were in Florida with DS#1 and he took me on a small helicopter ride over the beach. It was the first time I had been in a helicopter. We got to see Dophins in the water and he had taken me to brunch earlier. It was a great day. I have never been catered to like that. I wish things were not like they were with DS#2, Maybe one day things will change.

The beach was awesome. It was the first time DH had ever been, and the first time I had been on vacation, I went one time with a work trip seminar.... but this time was great. However, I forgot to tell you we were not able to take the bikes b/c of the rain. It is a good thing we didn't b/c about 5 hours into trip at Birmingham, AL we could not even see the road the rain was so bad. It rained the entire 10 hour trip. We actually started on our bikes and went to the gas station, but I told him I did not want to take the bikes, so we argued, turned around and came got my trailblazer. It was a good thing, b/c I don't think I would have made the trip. I have not ridden more than 25 miles at a time since last May b/c of the jobs.... I NEVER would have made it. We got back Tueday and today we did 200 miles in a little trip it was a good trip, but 200 miles is all I had in me. So, I said all that to say this..... I guess bike riding is like running, you have to have endurance. So, if I get this job.... and I get to have a life again..... I will be on my bike as much as I can. I actually feel much better since I have been sleeping at night.

Well, I have gabbed your ear off enough..... I am gonna get ready to go to bed. It was a long day.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend.

05-20-2012, 08:00 PM
Well hopefully you do hear on Monday as well and boy would that be a nice pay raise.......... Sounded like DS1 gave you a great Mother's Day and yes hopefully DS2 will come around - it is the same situation in our house DS2 wouldn't be around much if he didn't sleep here and having a puppy to deal with
Tammy your trip sounded great to even though you caged it isnted of riding it- I am sure DH ended up happy that you took cager after all the rain :)

Hi Holly, Aaron, Dawn and Colleen hope all is well
I am quessing Holly has been putting in the hours and maybe spending the night at summer job and that's why she hasn't been on lately???

Weather today was great 63 so we got yard work done
Have a Great Week all

05-20-2012, 09:46 PM
Hello chicks and Aaron!!

Tammy your FL trip sounded awesome..first, what a great decision you made not to do it on bikes..good call!! second, how kewl about the helicopter ride! and being catered to :) how wonderful. Best wishes on the 'round two' of the job applying. I think you'll do GREAT! And yes I agree, you do need a certain level of endurance to do long riding. I'm sure with the rest you're able to get now, you will feel up to it.

Reda, you guessed it, yes I spent Wed., Thurs. and Friday nights at the Club. So I was away from home from Wed. morning til Saturday afternoon! It was mostly okay, I did get enough sleep each night but you know it is just not the same as being in your own bed. I have to praise EARPLUGS! I could not sleep without them. Started wearing them because of DH's snoring at home; and they are great to muffle out the sounds of people talking, closing doors, etc. It was pretty kewl though to wake early, like a little after 5 am, get up, sneak into a bathroom and shower; get the vats of coffee started, then just sit and look at the lake with the morning sun on the hill, and all the members out in the canoes fly fishing.

Tammy, oh yes I've been making tons of goodies, I never know if I should list them here or not, food porn you know, lol! However I have been trying very hard to eat lightly and I am down to 142 :shock: If I ever see the 130 range, even if it is 139.9, I will :faint: then shout it out to everyone.

Hi Colleen! Hi Dawn! Hi Aaron!

05-21-2012, 09:48 PM
Hi Gals. Well I went for a nice ride with my wife on friday. I am still working on losing weight.

05-22-2012, 09:56 AM
First line of business...... I got it!:carrot: I got it!:carrot: I got it!:carrot: Btw, when I told DH yesterday I got it:carrot: he screamed (all 290 pounds of him-- which is down from 382), screamed like a little girl!!!!! :cheer3::cheer3: He was SCREAMING on the phone that he had his wife back. This week that I have been off just solidified where I am supposed to be. I really like the lure of police work...... but I HATE the hours. I start next Tuesday. I will still have to work a few weekends b/c I have to finish out my notice.

Holly, I am so sorry you had to work so much.... and I LIVE and SWEAR by earplugs.... not just any.... the "hot pink" (not just b/c they are my fav color) at Wal Mart are the best sound muffling. Since working on the 3rd shift, I wear an eye mask and ear plugs.
Btw, I know you will see the 130s again.... anyone who can dumpster dive with abs of steel can see those #s again, just give yourself a little more time to get back in the swing of your new-old-favorite job and go from there. It is an adjustment.

Colleen and Dawn, how are you?

CC, so how far will your grandbaby live from you? Have you bought lots of Harley stuff yet? Lol. I hope not to have a grandbaby anytime soon.... but I promise it will have motorcycle stuff. Lol.

Well, I have to go--- I have to get some office attire..... all of mine was too big and I gave it away a long time ago...... Will gab more later. Thanks for being my support system y'all!

05-22-2012, 05:41 PM
CONGRATS TAMMY!! :cheer2: :cheer2:

that is so exciting!! congratulations on them realizing what a good move to hire you :D (and OMG that your DH has lost 100 pounds?!!)

Yes, those hot pink plugs, the brand I get is Pretty in Pink, they are cheap and effective!

heehee and thanks for your faith in me :D I worked my abs extra hard this afternoon thinking of dumpster diving, lol!

HI to everyone else :wave:

got an appt. this Thursday for my bike, two tires, front and rear brakes, oil change. Hooboy, I'd better just sign my fat paycheck over to them, right, lol. But we need good tires and brakes to be safe, right.

have a good night and Yay to Tammy's DH getting his wife back :devil:

05-24-2012, 01:19 PM
I'm good. Just been MIA. I'm still hating that I can't get to the website like I used to...

Congrats to you Tammy! Very happy for you to have gotten the job!! And the vacation sounds like it was much needed!

This weekend we are camping with friends. I've been doing really well with weight loss, and am worried that the weekend will screw it up! Who wants to take a lettuce salad to a camp out? I'm going to anyway! :D

10 pounds each month since March! Feeling pretty accomplished.

Got to run....more soon.

05-24-2012, 11:57 PM
To finish up...

Reda, your son sounds like he's doing great in the racing gigs!

Holly, Glad that you are in the job you love again. :smug:

Dawn, hope all is well with you.

Hi Aaron. Looks like you are nearly at GOAL! :carrot:

I have LOTS of food for camping. Some good (healthy) and some good (yummy)! Planning on cooking up a bunch of brats in the crockpot. I have chicken breast, fresh fruit, and salad fixin's. Tonight I made pizza dip to have with beer bread or chips. Also bacon, eggs, burgers...I tend to get carried away, and forget that other people will be bringing food too. :p It cost an absolute fortune to restock the camper. It was completely empty aside from salt and pepper!!

Hope you all have a good long weekend!! And may you be blessed with nice weather too!

05-25-2012, 04:56 AM
Great job Tammy!

Had the bike a for a few days last week. It was great. I had to go riding by myself. I'd rather go riding with someone but when others ainte available or their bike isn't running I will go out when I can. It was funny cuz when I went back into work I was asked if I was out in the sun. When you work nites we don't see the sun much so when we get it some sun it is very noticeable.

My family will be getting in sometime Friday nite for the weekend. Can't believe DS has less then 2 weeks before he ships out. He graduates this weekend. Saturday will be very busy day since we need to prepare everything for the party. We decided to make everything ourselfs instead of having it catered. It's nothing fantastic grilling & salads. Simple stuff that should be easy to clean up. We have also decided not to do any hard liquor so we are not responsible for people sneeking alcohol into their pop. Watching who has a can of beer will be much easier.

05-25-2012, 09:36 PM
Hi girls and Aaron

CONGRATS TAMMY!!!!! OMG I didn't realize DH has lost 100 pounds WTG both of you - so glad to hear that you will get your life back and start enjoying it some because as everyone says it is to short so live it while you can :)

Holly staying there and waking up to the sunrise sounds so peaceful and relaxing

Colleen yes DS is doing an awesome job but last week well not so good but nothing that greenbacks don't take care of and of course some elbow grease :) This weekend is all racing but hopefully Monday we will get to go riding.......

Dawn glad to hear you are going riding even if it is by yourself- have fun and don't work to hard on the graduation this weekend- just saying make sure you enjoy it as well :)

Well gotta go will try to start checking in more often

05-26-2012, 06:51 AM
good morning chicks and Aaron! :) I'm having coffee on the deck, I could not be happier at this time of year, when I'm out here at 5:15 a.m. with the birds and coffee. oh and I just heard a loon, they're kinda common with the lake here but you gotta be out early.

Dawn, lol at your instant sun color! glad you get out on your bike if even by yourself. Have a nice grad party for your son!

Reda, best wishes to your son's racing this weekend.

Aaron, hi!

Colleen - enjoy camping and CONGRATS on your 10 pounds a month progress!!

Tammy - still sending congrats your way :carrot:

Last night DH and I rode to a local man's house who sells rhubarb, he (the man) was amused about helping load 2 motorcycles with armfuls of leafy rhubard, lol. Well once I get the leaves off it's much more compact. Taking it to work today to make strawberry rhubarb shortcake for 60+ people. After work I hope for us to get some more annuals for the deck so I will be in my own summer paradise.

Hey - yesterday on the scale, I saw the number 140 :faint: :cloud9: It's probably up a bit today, but I'm gonna keep that image in my head to help me, especially with this season of cookouts and my work temptation.

Got my 2 new tires (Dunlops - $135 and $225, holy crap, but I hope they last) brake pads, and fresh synthetic oil change and an inspection sticker, I am ready to tear up the roads! (loaded with rhubarb :rofl: )

have a great day :)

05-28-2012, 06:47 PM
Thank you all for the CONGRATS!!!! I start tomorrow. Of course, I had to get a new Harley mousepad for my new desk. I can't wait.

Oh Holly, I want to come sit with you on the deck with :coffee2::coffee2: I used to never drink it.... now my mornings revolve around it. I would LOVE to be able to sit out on my porch with some coffee.... hopefully when I get this "dispatch/law enforcement weight" off, I will be able to spend my time on the porch. CONGRATS on the scale going down!!! And, :rofl: about the rhubarb. You should rename the dish.... rhubarb on the road. Lol.
Btw, what on Earth is a loon? Maybe I want to hear one with my coffee? Lol.

CC- how was the races?

Colleen- how was camping? And, BTW.... I am super, super, super proud of your WL. I knew you would find your groove and your "time"..... this is it and you are running with it. You are rocking it girl! :congrat::congrat::congrat:

Dawn- I am glad you got the bike out. I do some of my best thinking when I am on my bike alone.

Aaron- How is your diet "pop" cessation doing? Did it boost the weight loss?

Thanks for the compliments on the DH. He has worked really hard. One of the best things we did was he stepped in this century and he got an iphone.... not really for the phone but for the app to log food. He logs EVERYTHING. And, the best part of it is I can look at what he eats and he can do my diary the same way (or anyone who is a "friend"). It is on myfitpal..... it is really good.... AND he went to the doctor and found out he is "pre diabetic" and was put on meds.

Well, I have to get busy.... got a lot to do getting ready for the new job!

05-28-2012, 09:10 PM
I think I will start drinking my pop again. The weight loss has stayed at 240 up 10 pounds from when my dad died last summer. I hope to lose soon. I hope you gals had a good weekend.

05-29-2012, 11:36 PM
How did the 1st day at the new job go Tammy?

Weekend of camping was good. I wasn't a huge success at avoiding the yummy foods however. Back to normal today. But all those good leftovers...I need to find a hungry friend! My Mom is usually good about taking food off my hands when I have made too much. She hates to cook!

Up a couple pounds--will try to get back on track this week!

Dawn, hope the party turns out good for you! Sounds like you are planning a low key, sensible event. Hope your family visit is a good one too!

Aaron, that pop deal is hard isn't it?! I've slowed down, but no stopping any time soon. :)

Reda, did you get the bikes out? Lots of rain this weekend for us! Camped between storms!

Holly, you do sound very pleased to have the summer job. I was picturing you and your mobil (cycle) produce travels. Would have been really funny if you wouldn't have taken the leaves off the rhubarb!!

I had the most sinful rhubarb bars on earth this weekend. Rhubarb might be kind of good for you...but these for sure had NO resemblance to any health food! The lady asked if I wanted the recipe. I said NOPE. I might be tempted to make them! And EAT them. ALL. They were a cookie, creamy, fluffy, sweet, tart, and frosted delight! Talk about food porn! That ought to give me some "sweet" dreams tonight! :devil:

05-30-2012, 11:03 PM
Colleen, You still sound like you did really good on your camping trip as far as eating.

Aaron, the important thing is live your life while losing weight. You are not where you started.... so that means you are making progress.

Holly, Reda, Dawn, how are you all?

The first day of work was the typical one filling out paperwork and getting clearances. Today I got my desk and went to a couple meetings. All in all, it seems like the office has a good environment.... knock on wood not much drama. Most women are middle age..... I do feel soooo much better mentally and physically, even thought I am having a little trouble sleeping at 2am. Lol. I am not sure if it was b/c it was my "snack time" or what.... I am hoping it will get better.
I found out they changed my job classification so I get paid like regular instead of once a month. That makes life "easier".

How is everyone doing?
I am gonna get going..... gonna try to get some stuff done before I try to sleep.

05-31-2012, 02:50 AM
The party was a huge success. We had more people show then we expected. It shows what people think of DH. We didnt have much leftover which was good. Clean up was pretty easy. DS already spent his $$ that he got. He bought a new computer & an IPad. I can not complain about that he at least spent it on something that he will get use out of, better then a gun he was thinking of getting.

We will be taking him to Des Moienes on Sunday then witnessing him being sworn into the Marines Monday morning before being shipped out. I am having hard time with it but I know it is for best & am very proud of him. I went to Therapist this morning hoping to get something to help me but he wAnts to give me a few weeks to adjust 1st before doing so. After thinking about it I know that's the wise thing to do.

The guy ( will be BF now on) I have been seeing is looking at hotels to take me to for a nice quite weekend get away. He wants to get my mind off everything & do something special. It's amazing at how different he is compared to DH. BF keeps telling me he doesn't need much as long as bills are paid he is good. He sends money to his exes & kids & even supports his brother. He doesn't need to send $$ to his exes but he chooses to which is nice to know that he is that type of person. After the type of relationship I have come out of it is very different for me to have someone wanting to spend $$ on me like he does.

05-31-2012, 07:14 AM
Hey chicks :)

Dawn the new BF sound like a very nice guy!! and best wishes for 'holding up' during your son's swearing in and then shipping out. Yes, you should be a proud mom :cool:

Tammy, I hope your sleep schedule smooths out soon!! We are so happy for you :carrot:

Colleen, yes it is funny to imagine me being hidden by leafy rhubarb while zippin down the road, lol.

Hi Reda, Aaron!

I stopped to see if I could help a biker by the road yesterday. I could see he had a VTX but I thought it was an 1800, but it was a 1300 like mine..different wheels and fenders (he had the S model, spoked wheels) and whitewalls, and alot of chromed parts that gave me ideas about my bike! sweet-looking bike..but unfortunately without power!! he had tried everything he could think of, then I suggested maybe his ignition housing unit had gone kaput; that happened to my old bike and he said he would check it out. He had someone coming for him, for the bike , and his gf was there with a car, so they were OK in that respect . I wished them well .

A little cooler this morning, 52, but that is actually more normal for us than the 60's we've been having in mornings. Have a great day!

05-31-2012, 10:50 PM
Holly, that would be cool it was what you suggested to the man about his bike.... he will look back and say not only did a female biker stop to help but told him what was wrong. Lol.

Dawn, I am glad you have BF to help you through this time..... I completely understand about your DS shipping out. When my son Deployed at age 20 it was the hardest thing I had to go through..... but luckily I had this group to help me through it. I will keep you in my thoughts. My DS starts FLYING HELICOPTERS MONDAY...... :( I am a little worried.

I had the best day at work today..... I won't bore you w all the details.... BUT, it was right up my alley. I like the girls I work with. I miss some aspects of dispatch and police work.... BUT I love what I am doing now. I hope it continues. And the "normal" life does not help at all. Lol :devil: I am gonna get off here to get some "studying" done.

06-01-2012, 06:41 AM

Alright, now that is a sentence that would make all mothers worry!!! but it is also stupendously kewl :cool:

I had the best day at work today......

and THAT is wonderful to hear!!! :carrot:

06-01-2012, 06:44 AM
DH has a camera mount on his bike, got a pic of a moose on his way home yesterday. They are fine to see at this distance!! any closer and it makes your heart pound, they are SO big and unpredictable.

Hey it's 40 degrees out there this morning!! too cold to sit with coffee. What a wimp, lol.

06-02-2012, 12:42 AM
Hi Girls and Aaron

Well racing has really started consuming the life again but tomorrow we are taking off and riding to Omaha with 3 other couples and spending the night, we are going to what they call Old Market to do some shopping and probably hit a few bars up - we are staying within walking distance so no driving after drinking :)

Dawn - BF does sound very nice and yes it is always nice to have someone that likes to spend time and money on you so soak it and enjoy!!!!
Shoot we were only like 20 miles from Des Moines tonight of course to watch DS race, didn't go good at all .........darn it!
Yes be a Proud Mom and glad the party went well- Just remember we are all here if you need to chat because it will be hard and probably a good thing that BF will be around to help you through it as well :)

Tammy glad new job is enjoyable and hoping you get some sleep and hopefully it doesn't take to long to get back into a better sleeping pattern

Colleen great job on staying on track and then coming home with the stay on track mentality :)

Yep Holly I bet that guy is talking about you and telling everyone that he had a HAWT Biker Chick stop to help and give suggestions on what could be wrong with his bike-

Ok well we are going to head home another 3.5 hour drive to get some sleep and take off on the bikes tomorrow - whoo hoo

Have a Great Weekend

06-03-2012, 08:09 PM
So, I have a question for you all..... You know all of the "weight loss gurus" say eat frequently, like 5-6 meals a day? Well, it seems like when I do that I always fail. I focus on food the whole time..... and it is soooo bothersome. I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem or if it is just me.

I am trying to get back into the swing of taking my lunch w me and eating better.

Hope you all are doing well.

06-03-2012, 08:51 PM
Tammy - I have found that eating frequently actually seems to over-stimulate my appetite!

I know everyone is different so that is why we have to adapt to what seems to work for us. I realized that I actually do a form of the Intermittent Fasting that is discussed here.

Evening meal; then nothing until almost noon or later the next day. Then dinner at around 6 or 6:30 pm. I like it because it allows me to feel like I"m eating a huge mid-day meal, because I'm combining the allowances for breakfast and lunch.

I had a flat tire today, with the car :( I was very thankful that I was going at a low speed but the AAA guy pointed out how BALD my front tires are!! And I had my car at a tire specialty garage back in November and asked if I needed new tires and they said no. BTW I called AAA because I stupidly do not have a 'donut' or spare tire. Yes, for a new-to-me car, it spends alot of time at the shop :shrug:

06-04-2012, 06:37 PM
Tammy, eating 5 or 6 meals is what got me into this shape! Should have stuck with 2 or 3 normal meals! I do however eat breakfast now--but instead of cereal I eat eggs. Just eggs! Like 4-5 of them with 1/2 the yolks. Then at lunch a Subway salad. Supper is another salad with whatever is leftover for meat. Weekends I've been eating a bigger supper as we usually have dinner with the kids at least 1 of the days, and DH wants "real food"!! DS flying helicopters--Awesome! They wouldn't let him do it if he wasn't ready! Good for him! Think he can pick us all up and give us a ride?! Glad the job is starting off good, and without drama!

Holly, sorry you had to deal with a flat tire. Bummer! Sounds like it's been chilly there! Moose are not to be messed with!! Careful!

Reda, your family is so lucky to have you running and chasing after all of the racing gigs! You must love it too!! Hope your trip home was a safe one.

Dawn, glad the party went well. I'm sure you will do alright once DS gets off on his own. Probably more worry thinking about it!! Marines are tough--I'm sure he realizes that too!

Aaron, Hi!

06-04-2012, 06:47 PM
March, April and May--10 pound loss for each! WoooHooo! :carrot:
At that rate...In 1 year, GOAL! Dreaming, but I'm gonna TRY!

Also, we booked a vacation to Hawaii for this winter! 6 months out. I should need a new wardwrobe by then right?! :D

06-04-2012, 07:33 PM
March, April and May--10 pound loss for each! WoooHooo! :carrot:
At that rate...In 1 year, GOAL! Dreaming, but I'm gonna TRY!

Also, we booked a vacation to Hawaii for this winter! 6 months out. I should need a new wardwrobe by then right?! :D

THIRTY POUNDS DOWN!! You are on fire, Colleen! :cheer2:

06-06-2012, 12:06 AM
:carrot: WHOOO HOOOO Colleen that is GREAT- you will for sure need a new wardrobe for your trip in 6 months, it will be a HAWT new you :carrot:

Holly - shoot flat tire, doesn't seem like you are getting a break with your new to you car :( and yes the shop should have noticed those tires back in November for sure....

Well my sister and I started walking tonight so hopefully back on track as far as exercising for me- but I am extremely tired because DS started a new job about 60 miles away so he is staying with a friend so he doesn't have to drive back and forth for right now however that means we have his Corbin(his now almost 4 month old german short hair) and since DS has let him sleep with him since he got him it has been rough nights because we are letting him sleep in kitchen with his pillow but about every 2 hours he gets up whining, I am sure for DS but of course DH doesn't want dogs in the house but I told him we are bringing him at night but confining him to kitchen- I took him on the walk with us tonight so right now he is already out and will hopefully stay that way - but only time will tell.......

Tammy I can't do the 5-6 little meals a day either because it then makes me want to eat more= so I stick to 2 a day, lunch and supper with a snack inbetween usually cheese stick, apple, beef stick, cottage cheese - I don't usually eat breakfast because of time usually

Well off to bed since Corbin is sleeping I better try to get mine

Have a great night

06-06-2012, 06:56 PM
Tuesday is Zumba night. The gal I work with was going to go with me a month ago, but she had a heart attack... She's good now, and willing to go along for her "cardiac rehab"! She also learned that she was diabetic. Good for me that now we are both chatting about "good foods" and need for exercise. We were horrible enablers to each other! Both donut lovers too! Bad combination!

I'm feeling good that I fit in the pile of clothes that I bought 2 years ago and outgrew! (some before I even got to wear them!) Size 28 (I know...) to 26, and some 24's. My DD is a size 18--that will be nice to see. I think of her as "normal". Most of the weight left the TOP half of me! :dizzy:

Reda, I hope the puppy lets you sleep at night eventually! Good for you--walking with your sister! So much easier with a buddy I think! Someone to keep you on track!

Do any of you use Splenda? I like it! No one seemed to notice any difference when I've used it in place of sugar. A friend says it gives him headaches. ?? I hated to tell him that the fruit he ate when we were camping was sweetened with Splenda--he hadn't mentioned any headaches from it!! :devil:

06-08-2012, 10:50 PM
Holly, sorry to hear of your flat. And yes, it should have been found in November.
How is your job going? When you come back every summer are you usually working with the same people?
I could not open the Moose photo.... not sure what is wrong with my settings.

CC, I am sorry about your lack of sleep due to puppy. I know how frustrating it can be. Especially when you are not used to getting up b/c of a nuicense like that. Good thing DS got a job.

Colleen, you are sooo rocking the WL. I knew it was just a matter of when the time was right for you!!!!! Let us know how Zumba goes.

I tried "hot" yoga this week. I did not know it was hot yoga until I got there. A girl I went to Bootcamp with talked me into it. I HATED IT! I hated the poses (the instructor assumed everyone knew what everything was), and a body this big is not supposed to be turned into a pretzel. It was 110 in there and if I am that hot I better be getting a tan. The ONLY thing I liked about it was the "smell good" towl at the end of it while you were "de stressing". I know different strokes for different folks..... but I know yoga is NOT mine.

Well, we went to the Bikers Classic for DARE tonight.... it was good. I did not ride my bike downtown b/c I am not as confident as I once was on it..... but I had a good time.

Well, I am gonna get some shut eye..... I have an early day tomorrow so I can then take a nap to work tomorrow night.

Hope you all have good weather and some good riding times.

06-11-2012, 02:16 PM
HOT YOGA?? Never heard of it! Maybe it was the 110 degrees that made it "HOT"! It's supposed to get HOT in Wisconsin this weekend. Makes me so thankful for air conditioning!

The weekend was not good to me. But boy were those noodles yummy last night! :devil: DH was so very nice offering to take me out to eat several times. I took him up on it twice! I'll work hard all week to enjoy the weekend. I tried to make good food choices, but as we had talked before, it was hard to get a healthy meal at a bar! The supper club we went to was worse yet--the buffet had fried chicken, fried fish, fried potatoes, and baked fished swimming in butter. Good for me for not eating the loaf of bread they brought to the table!! ;) We didn't even uncover it!

Yesterday we got the garage walls finished up. Light grey top, dark grey bottom and Harley Davidson orange 8" trim boards separating the greys. Put up the framed HD picture and thermometer. The Harley curtains I made are up with the flame tie backs. Just need to paint the 2 garage doors and 3 access doors now. I got them cleaned--painting was just going to have to wait for another day!

Happy Monday to everyone!

06-11-2012, 10:50 PM
Tammy you are too funny :rofl: My personal opinion of hot yoga is NO thank you!! I like arctic cold air blasting on me when I work out. It must be very ... odiforous (smelly) in a hot yoga room I would think. but yay to you for trying it!!

Colleen, the garage sounds fantastic!! :carrot:

Hi Dawn and Hi Aaron :wave:

Reda must be busy with the famly's racing season. But Reda, I wanted to ask you about your blinged out bike...would love to see any pics? I would love to have some crystals or such on my bike. I looooove sparkle :cool: and wonder what I could do myself.

Well hopefully this Thursday we will get an early start and ride to Laconia NH just for one day of Bike Week.

06-12-2012, 12:17 AM
Hi girls - Yes the summer is here which means busy busy busy -

Colleen the garage sounds great- we were just talking tonight about giving our garage an overhaul and it is in need but been putting off with race cars and kids in and out on a daily basis......

Tammy yes HOT YOGA not for me either, I want the cold blast like Holly :)

Holly I will get some picutes this week - by Saturday for sure, still working on it but I think after I get these last few things done then it will be ready for some pics- in the mean time if I get time to look up a VTX stock bike online I can maybe see about some ideas for you as well- it is really time consuming but it is so worth it- the comments make it worth it :) :)

Dawn hope all is going well- how are things going with the guy friend? How is DS doing, have you got to talk to him since he left?

Well off to bed, we have a supper ride tomorrow night , then I have our rider meeting on Wednesday and hopefully Thursday-Friday I will get the bling finished on my bike so I can get pics

Have a great day

06-13-2012, 01:43 PM
Zumba is NOT for me! My back was hurting bad then and just as bad now. I can see where it would be fun if you were able to learn the steps. The "beginners" class I went to last night had me all messed up. I wanted to do what the instructor did instead of mirroring her. If she lifted right leg and turned right--I did too--heading me the wrong direction! Feeling foolish!!

I'm about back to my pre-weekend weight--and along comes another weekend! I told DH that he was kind of hard on my WL efforts. Yesterday he asked if I was going to try to lose a bunch of weight before vacation. (kind of ticked me off really) I asked him if HE was going to! He said he was trying. To me, trying doesn't involve Oreo cookies and Pepsi!

Have a great day!

06-14-2012, 10:40 PM
Colleen, I know how you feel on the Zumba and the DH. Aaron.... close your ears...... Colleen, he is a man...."he knows not what he says"... Lol, that is the only explaniation I can give you. BUT, I do know you are doing a great job! You posted you are wearing clothes you havent worn in quite some time.

Holly, you know the Yoga room was TINY but not smelly..... it was "freaky" and I will leave it at that. lol.
How is the summer job?

Reda, how is racing going?
I would love to see the bling on the bikes.... but I don't have FB still.

Dawn, Aaron..... how are you?

I have been riding to work some.... trying to get comfortable again. I must say I am not crazy about riding home b/c of the congestion...... my office is inside a major hospital.... so getting out of the parking lot or finding a space after lunch is a CHORE..... BUT, I am trying.

Soooo...... I decided yesterday to sign up with WW again. I needed more balanced diet and I am failing miserably at getting back on the wagon. So.... I figured throwing out money is a way to do it. LOL.... HOWEVER, I made myself commit to me (an idea from this forum) 6 months of the program... whether I want to or not. So..... away we go. Lol.
Well, I am going to get to bed.

I will gab at y'all later.

06-16-2012, 07:48 PM
Good afternoon everyone. Been quite hectic here. Work is crazy. my schedule has changed yet again due someone quiting so I am doing my dispatching role have been been thrown into the new role that I was going to be starting in July. One of the other dispatchers have quit so my replacement had to take his spot which means there is no one to replace me. That is fine that means I get over time. I need the over time to pay for the trip to CA in Aug. when DS graduates boot camp. Most of my family is going to try to go & DH & his parents are going. DH & I will be going to the judge on Thursday to finalize the divorce, thats awsuming that nothing pops up cuz we have already post poned it twice.

I have recieved my 1st letter from DS. It was very hard to read, both from my tears & cuz DS has bad hand writing. I am trying to write him small letters everyday so he always gets something. I did tell him I wasnt sure if I could keep it up not but would try.

My BF is spoiling me. He took me to get a maicure & pedicure today cuz he thought I deserved it. :) I had the flu yesterday & he still came by to take care of me during his lunch hour & came to take me to his place when he got off work.

06-17-2012, 11:53 AM
Well tell all the Hubbys Happy Fathers Day!!!!

Tammy, I have been in the same boat just can't get back on the wagon since going to Cancun and I really need to just make the committment again but it is so hard in the summer when you need to lose weight the most.......
But I think if I just started getting my butt up in the morning and going to the gym that I it would all just fall back into place- but since the puppy has come to our house well he is taking up any extra time I would have ........

Dawn glad to hear things are going good with BF and that things will get finalized with the divorce this week
I bet DS is happy to get your letters even if they are short :) and really August is so close it will be here before you know it.

Zumba I love it but our class time it really does get so HOT -- whi ch is probably good sweat more- :)

I suppose I am going to get going -try to get some dishes done and a load of laundry before the boys take DH out for lunch for Fathers Day

06-17-2012, 06:44 PM
I can totally relate to the letters from DS and also, since my son has been to bootcamp, I will tell you he told me that is one of the things that pulled him through. He was VERY young when he went.... 17..... and it was his first time away from home. It was a learning experience for both he and I. I learned that even though he put on a front... he still needed to hear from his "mommy" a lot. They break them down mentally at bootcamp---- so any word--- even small means the most for them. My son told me of boys who had no one to write them and when "mail call" came around it was hard to see them get nothing. So, even though I don't know you personally or your son..... please tell him--- I am proud of him and THANK YOU for his service!

CC, it is sooo hard to get back on track, so I had to spend money to be accountable :-(

Holly, I am thinking of getting the 30 day shred for "after" my birthday this year..... it will give my life time to settle down a little bit........ This coming Saturday is my LAST dispatch day!!!

Aaron, Colleen, how are you?

Well, I am going to make it short. I worked last night and today I feel like hammered dog doody........ I am off to bed pretty soon......

06-18-2012, 12:49 AM
Hi all.

Brilliant idea of the day...Send me all your money, and I will give you all stickers and cheer you on when you lose weight! :cp: It's guaranteed! (Guaranteed that I will be richer!) :p WW seems to be a wonderful plan, and works for so many people. I didn't care for the corny meetings when we had them in our little town, but the plan itself was easy enough to follow. Best of luck to you Tammy on trying it again.

We had the folks and both kids, spouses and grandson over for supper and cards tonight for Father's Day. Was fun. I grilled a 11# pork tenderloin on the grill. I think it turned out very good! I put it up on the high rack, with a pan of beer and onions under the meat to steam/flavor it. Took about 1 1/2 hours on low. Had some taters, veggies, rolls and cake too.

Good luck with the big D, Dawn. Hope it all goes smoothly.

We ordered a motorcycle trailer--DH went to get it, as the transport company wasn't delivering it otherwise until next week. We were SOOOO disappointed! There were parts missing, and the paint job was horrible. DH got it put together, and it works. That's about all we can say for it. America's Best Trailers is not on my "good list" right now.

Dawn, nice that you are getting a little pampering. Keep up the letters to your son--it's therapeutic for you as well--even if you don't see that it is yet.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. It looks like it's about over!


06-18-2012, 09:38 AM
Hi Gals, Colleen your garage sounds cool/neat. I have had a few hard weeks at work and my weight is up to 249. We have been working for a bar and grill, so we have to eat there for lunch. The first week I did ok but the last week it cought up with me and then you add the two weekends in and here I am. Yes us guys don't think about things before we say them, I tell my wife that my filter was turned off. We went for a nice ride yesterday and got home just before it started to rain. Reda how do you get anything done with all the racing, it sounds like your son is having a good year for the most part. Talk to you gals later.

06-18-2012, 09:53 AM
Hey everyone! :)

Dawn - Aw, I was sad, reading that you said it was hard to read the letter through your tears and his bad handwriting :hug: Keep up the letters to him, that is wonderful. and I thank him for his service to our country!!

Reda - I hope that you can get back to your routine, that the puppy has kinda disrupted.

Colleen - sorry about the disappointing trailer!! and the foolish things that spouses blurt out.

Tammy - It must be challenging and scary to ride in big city traffic. Don't push yourself just to prove anything..I know you will keep yourself safe :)

It seems I've blown my diet every single day but I am holding at 143.

Work is great :) loving it as always. Home is good, as in I take such pleasure in my annuals, and keeping the lawn looking nice..but the inside of the house still has it's disaster areas, clutter and possesions that DH will just not take the initiative to get rid of. Then when I do, there is tension. Well not alot of tension but some.

We have been having days and days of nice weather!!! incredible. We rode to Laconia NH for the day on Thursday, met with a couple friends then back by 8:30 pm. Just a day trip but still good.

I have been riding to work almost every day, yay!! However...and you may all scold me..I got popped for speeding yesterday morning on the way to work, on my bike. He 'gave me a break' and cut it down to going 10 mph over, instead of the 20 mph that I was. $99 fine and 2 points...I gotta be more careful :devil: I do admit I must be a scofflaw..but it was 6:25 a.m. on a Sunday morning..not an excuse, I know. In fact when he asked 'what's the hurry?' I replied, 'breakfast for 87' and that did not mean anything to him :rofl:

well I gotta do boring housework but it will look good for one day :devil:

06-19-2012, 12:04 AM
Monday over...4 more days to go!

Tomorrow the gal from the "office" is coming to renew our contracts for another 2 months at work. Last day now scheduled to be Sept. 30th. As mean as it sounds--it would be good if the new guy didn't make it through training so our jobs might last longer! :devil: Selfish, I know.

DD has 1 week in at her new job--misses her old one terribly, and DS has a new supervisor this he isn't liking.

Tonight has been a pretty boring one. I didn't have the ambition to do much. My big accomplishment is warming up some leftovers for supper and moving a fountain that I had painted (over the last 3 weeks) out to the front yard. By 9:00 I was in PJ's ready to call it a night!

Aaron, I can fully sympathize with anyone having to eat bar food! It tastes so yummy, but the choices are few! Not very diet friendly for me! Last time I got a chicken club--without the bread, extra lettuce. They didn't HAVE salads!

40 pounds down. No one has said a word. (except you awesome friends and DH) Might be just as well--it's one of those darned if you do and darned if you don't kind of things! Never mess with a hungry lady!! --those would be good words to live by!! :D