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11-16-2011, 12:09 PM
Good morning, ladies! Already up in the high 70s but 2 thunderstorms are on tap for later today and tonight. Then down to the low 50s.

I'm doing a thorough cleaning starting today of my whole house so it will be ready for me to sit for a time.

Sandy swears by the Memory Foam pillows so I went and got one and my neck feels wonderful today. Another thing to take to Glory's :dizzy:.

Faye, tell Kelly hp from me, too. Do you just stir pumpkin into Fortune's dinner?

Jean, I know you posted on the other thread but for the life of me I've already forgotten what. A senior moment!

Maggie, having a good day?

Time to put the clothes into the dryer and start another load of laundy. Enjoy this day.

11-16-2011, 04:03 PM

It is in the 30's and snowing here in the Hearland. Big beautiful flakes drifting down all over the land. Cecil went out the back door then shot back in so fast he was in the front room before he stopped. ;) It was so funny for this is his frist snow I believe. Will got his stitches out today and now we have a 5 piece set of nice scissors and two tweezers in case we ever need to stitch a wound up when out and about. Each pair of scissors does a differnt job. One pair is one I haven't seen before for it has a hook on the end to get under the stitch. It would be great for Wills leather work when he needs to do some re-work for someone.:p They give the tools away here instead of sterilizing them to use again. I use the tools the dentist gave me in my glass work. Two of these scissors are of the locking kind. Actually they are locking forcepts ~ one straight and one curved. Anyway I'll put them with our camping gear. Always good to be prepaired. I will now round up some sergical thread. Well, I do have some silk thread that would work but I would like to have the "real thing." I already have lots of needles in diffrent shapes and sizes. :D I don't ever plan on sewing someone up but will be prepared if it comes a time when I need to do it. We just finished a good lunch. I made grilled cheese sandwiches with some really tasty high fiber bread. I ate some chili peppers and grapes with it and Will had dill pickles and olives. :cool: In my panini maker I just put the cheese between the bread and then spray the bread lightly with butter flavor spray then stick em in and close the top and voilla ~ yummy low fat grilled cheese sandwiches are ready in just minutes.

SUSAN Thanks for starting up a new thread for us this day. You are a lot warmer there than we are here. I am glad you found a pillow that works for you. Mine is down and Will uses a foam one. ;) When the bed is made you can't tell the difference but it is good they make so many that we can get one that works best for us. I have heard good things about the Memory Foam ones. It is good that you get your place ship shape before your operation because it will be awhile before you will be able or even want to clean.

JEAN & DONNA FAYE & GAIL Hope y'all are having a lovely afternoon.

Be back later. :wave:

11-16-2011, 11:36 PM
Susan -- I exchanged pillows in the middle of the night last night. :dizzy: Bob likes his new pillow but I wake up and just can't seem to settle back in comfortably. Usually I'm fine after the first night, but not this time. :no: I'm going to look for a Memory Foam one and see what they are like. Heck, I can't remember what I wrote last either! You will enjoy having a squeaky clean house to come home to. I hope you can keep in touch from Glory's house. We will be thinking of you!

Maggie -- Please keep your snow! It's supposed to get down to 11 tonight. :brr: I can just picture Cecil see his first snow. :lol:

I'm off to watch the news and head for bed! See you all tomorrow! :yawn:

11-17-2011, 11:07 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's supposed to warm up to 43 (from 9 degrees at 6:30) this afternoon, so I will patiently wait. The sun is out and there is NO wind so far, and that's good. I'm meeting a few of the crafty gals for lunch and then have a late afternoon open house for the business that just moved into the other side of Bob's building. I'm going to call Nelda and see if she would like to go.

I have the dishwasher going and need to start a load of laundry before I leave. Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy your day! :wave:

11-17-2011, 11:57 AM
Good morning gals. Ok, who the heck thinks it is funny to send their cold weather down here????? It was in the 70's yesterday and it is in the 30's now. :brr: Thank goodness it looks the trip will be mosting in the high 40's to love 50's with no snow. I won't have to worry about slipping and falling or worry about Jack and his knees.

I was in so much pain last night I ended up taking one of Jack's pain pills so now I am dopey feeling. I want to clean downstairs today and tomorrow so I am ready to do all the stuff I need to for the trip over the weekend, including making the boys their cookies.

All my Swiss Colony stuff came yesterday so we have it now. Jack had a tiny sliver of cheesecake last night (I knew he wouldn't stay out of it) and said it tasted good. Even if I weren't staying away from sugar I wouldn't have eaten it, it has coconut in it, bleck!!! I had ordered things of sugar free stuff and it will last me for weeks and weeks and weeks. I am allowing myself a treat once in awhile and that is it, but I did sample the peppermints and my favorite at the holidays the cherry cordials and both of them were very good. At a pt apiece you can't go hog wild, but it does give you a little sweet once in awhile.

Susan: When I make Fortune's food I use my huge fix and mix bowl from Tupperware I have had for years. I cook 3 lbs of ground sirloin and crumble it up as much as I can, then fix a box of uncle ben's brown rice, which is about 4 cups cooked and I puree my canned veggies, 4 cans of carrots, 2 of beets and 1 spinach after rinsing the salt off of them. If I am using pumpkin or sweet potato, which you cannot get canned without the gunk on it, you have to cook your own, btw, I just add it into the mix then I mix the whole thing with my hands until it is well incorporated and then bag it in zip locks, 1 serving per qt bag and freeze them. He eats it right now with no problem. He gets several protein type treats during the day because he gets a treat when he does his business outside so all in all he gets enough protein then the other stuff he needs from the veggies and brown rice. It is easy to take with us as I keep it frozen and put it in a plastic container and put it in our ice chest when we travel then always stay in a room with a fridge and transfer it and let it thaw. Except for initially he gets rice on the floor, which by the time he is done there is nary a kernel, :lol: it isn't messy at all.

Maggie: I do not envy you snow, that's for sure. I love it, but with my bad knee it is so scary for me. I have slipped and fallen several times, even several years ago when I weighed some less so I am really leery of winter weather. I found the fat free cheese actually does melt in a grilled cheese sandwich and I make one and have tomato soup. I like to dunk my grilled cheese in my soup, yum! It is a low pt lunch and I get my starches, my veggies and my meat all in one shebang and with a pear or apple have a nice lunch. I noticed last night my pears are ripe again and I am glad since I just ate my last banana yesterday.

Jean: Hope you have a nice time with your crafty gals at lunch and the open house goes well. I have a memory foam pillow I bought at Walmart of all places several years ago and I love it. It squishes where I want it to squish and it stays cool or warm depending on the temp of the room so I don't sweat on the pillow, which I did before. It is lovely, but be prepared, they "ain't cheap!" :lol: I think I paid about $50 for mine.

Well gals, sitting here is not getting anything done. Hope you have a grand Thursday. Tonight is Burn Notice night so I hope I don't miss it. I fell asleep last week and then missed the early Sunday morning rerun. TTFN! Faye

11-17-2011, 02:06 PM

It is a chilly 46 degree windy day here in the Heartland. The snow we got yesterday didn't stay on the ground through the afternoon. Soaked in which is a good thing. :p We don't have snow in the near forecast ~ just wind and cool temps. I have all the windows with the copper paines in them wrapped. A couple of the windows are as small as my little fingernail and it sure makes me glad I don't have arthritius in my fingers because wrapping those are a challenge enough.:o I will get the rest of the building copper wrapped around the glass piece edges this day and solder it together tomorrow. That's the plan. Will has gone now to stop by the docs office before his volunteer job. The museum director offered him a full time job but Will doesn't want that for he already has a job. He has been asked to be the chaplain for a hospital in the next town so he will do that volunteer work. Last evening we couldn't find Cecil anywhere. After awhile he came walking out of Will's office all sleepy eyed. He had found a place to hide in there from the dogs and humans and had a nice nap. It was cold and snowey so we didn't think he had gotten outside. I am so glad he has the dogs to play with and stays off my glass table. I don't need my little pieces batted around. I noticed a apple crumb pie has been put in our fridge. Guess our guest went shopping. :cool: Tonight we are having tacos for dinner. I put lots of veggies in them. The heater is on and it sure feels nice here in my office/shop.;)

DONNA FAYE Don't slip ~ don't fall. That must be a horrible feeling falling and you can't catch yourself. I've never fallen but hyper extended my knee one time getting out of a vehicle and it took months to get back to exact. I don't like ice but the snow I can navigate in pretty well. But by the time I needed to go outside it was all melted yesterday.:p The grass was just wet so I walked carefully across the yard. We toyed with the idea of putting a brick walk down but then we would have to shovel it and put non slick stuff down. I got a chuckle out of Jack eating a small sliver of cheesecake. Will has done that before and I do believe it is a man thing. They need to "test" it before serving it to guests. Now sometimes when I make a dessert I make a tiny one in a glass bowl so he can test it that way. :hug: Sorry you woke up with so much pain you had to pop a pill. Nice that you had something in the house to take for it.

JEAN Have fun with your friends at lunch. Do you eat at someones house of go out to eat? The open house thingie should be fun. I like to see what a new place is all about and if I will use their services or buy their goods. They usually do serve coffee, tea and treats also. :p No wonder we find it hard to lose during this season. All those offerings of food out there.

SUSAN & GAIL Hope you are safe and keeping warm this winter day.

Type at y'all later. I am off to wrap some glass. :wave:

11-17-2011, 11:36 PM
"Gma" -- Maggie and I are most happy to share our "cool" weather with you! ;) I'm sorry you were in so much pain last night, but glad you got some relief from the pain pill. I thought of you as I was eating cheesecake this afternoon . . . white chocolate, strawberry, and coconut. I couldn't taste the coconut but saw it so knew it was there. :T Fortune's food sounds good enough to be people food!

Maggie -- It's nice that Will can serve as the hospital chaplain. I'm sure his services will be appreciated by everyone he visits. :yes: We usually go to each other's homes for crafty club, but the hostess ended up having major plumbing repairs going on in her bathroom so we met at a restaurant. The open house had lots of goodies to sample so our trip there ended up being supper. :lol: Every once in awhile Ernie will disappear and we can't find him. He's so big that he can't hide just anywhere.

I'm going to catch the news and head off to bed. Tomorrow I'm going to vacuum and clean out the litter box for Nelda. :D

11-18-2011, 06:40 AM
Good morning ladies. Today is Jack's and I's 39th wedding anniversary. The years sure have flown by. Seems like yesterday we were walking down the aisle and now our kids are grown, our son is almost 40, we have beautiful grandsons and our life together is wonderful.

I have to finish up the sweeping and mopping and cleaning the kitchen and then I am done with cleaning except day to day stuff until we get back from Thanksgiving. I have a ton of errands to run tomorrow then will bake cookies on Sunday to take for the kids. I am so glad we aren't dealing with Thanksgiving dinner this year. It will be nice to just go in and eat and let someone else clean up all the mess. I am going to check with Alicia about making sandwiches for evening time since all the restaurants will probably close early and we are having a late lunch anyway.

I got my nieces yarn yesterday and oh my goodness. It is super bulky and hard as the devil to work with. I don't own any circular needles above size 11 so had to adapt the pattern as it was a bulky weight pattern and cast on and tore out about 5 times but finally made the darn hat. I put it on and it fit, but I hope it fits her and isn't too big. It won't be much too big because it fit me fine, but it is so heavy I don't know how she ever made a scarf with the stuff. It sheds too and I had yarn pieces all over me as it was a "furry" style yarn. So, it will go out in the mail back to her tomorrow when I go to the post office to stop the mail next week. My shoulders and hands hurt from fighting with the stupid stuff, but she has her hat! Thank You "Burn Notice" for getting me through it! :lol:

Maggie: I have a torn meniscus that gives me a lot of trouble, but I am not getting it repaired until I lose all my weight. It is a waste of money to do it at my size as it won't stay repaired. I pop my knee out when I slip and fall on ice so then it stiffens up of course and I can't walk on it. Thankfully, we have a walker out in the garage from when I slipped in a restaurant here in town several years back and messed it up even more so it can help me get around, but thankfully I haven't slipped and fallen in several years now. Glad you are getting your gift things wrapped up and done.

Jean: Fortune does scarf the stuff up I have to say and we haven't had anymore issues with the diahrrea and such. One thing I just found out is that pumpkin is a great digestion aid if a dog has diahrrea and I didn't know that. I might have saved a lot of money trying it first! :lol: I would have certainly bypassed that cheesecake, I dispise coconut, not the flavor, the texture. It makes me gag, literally. I love the flavor of coconut though like in drinks and such.

Well gals, I am going to go. I need to nurse a sore thumb that is bothering me as I sit here. I think I have a cuticle issue with it. Time to go to the nail salon and get acryllics. It always seems to help with that sort of thing. Have a good day and weekend all! Faye

11-18-2011, 11:44 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a "warmer" 34 degrees, but quite windy and cloudy in my corner of the world. I'm waiting for a phone call to go and vacuum for Nelda. I have laundry washing and need to vacuum my own fur bunnies.

"Gma" -- Happy 39th Anniversary! :celebrate: :cheer: Being content and happy is a wonderful state of being! I'm glad you were able to get your neice's hat finished. You are a champ! I thought maybe your thumb was sore from all of your knitting. I like the way my nails look with the acryllics, but sometimes hate the process. The guy who does mine is fast, but when they moved into their new shop they eliminated the lights to work by, and use little fans to dry the nails. My hands were ice cold after 10 minutes of drying! :brr:

I need to get busy around here and accomplish a few things before I have to leave. Have a GREAT day and enjoy! :turkey: day is getting closer! ;) :wave:

11-18-2011, 12:32 PM

It is 46 degrees and "feels like" 40 with the breeze and is said to get way up to 63 this sunny day in the Heartland. We have a T party meeting this evening so we are going to get dinner from the gentleman who is a BBQ Champion that comes to town occasionaly and sells BBQed brisket, pulled pork and steak. So we will be getting dinner from his chuck wagon.:p Not much else going on here in this berg. I will be working some more on my house I am building. The cat just bounded in here like he was on a mission and jumped up and checked his food then was out of here in a flash. Didn't eat anything but was making sure it was still there I guess. Every morning I give him fresh water and fill his food dish and he eats when he wants through out the day and usually empties the little bowl. Beanie has stopped eating the kittys food now. The food list I was planning on making has shrunk considerably since we won't be having any guests this Thanksgiving after all. And I will make pumpkin pudding for the two of us instead of a pie to make it more program friendly.

DONNA FAYE Congratulations on another anniversary comming around. I hope you have many many more happy years together. I got a good chuckle out of your post to me about having all my gifts wrapped. I was talking about copper wrapping the edges of the glass pieces and not presents. :p The cut out glass pieces get copper wrapped all along the edges so there is a place for the solder to stick to hold the buildings together.

JEAN What a nice thing to be doing for your friend. You do know what goes around comes around and when you do such a kindness for a person someday someone will do one for you. In other words you reap what you sew and it is better to be sewing kindness isn't it. Sewing seeds of kindness. You go girlfriend.

I am off to work on my building now. :wave: Type at y'all later.

11-18-2011, 12:42 PM
Good morning, ladies! A nippy 39 degrees today.

I got my Presidential Challenge newletter today and here is an excerpt I thought you might be interested in:

Striking a balance for older adults
We know it is important to maintain our sense of balance as we age, but how to go about doing this is less clear. A recent study from the Cochran Library sought to determine which exercise programs best aid older adults with balance. The research was actually an update of a study done in 2007, but this time around the researchers examined an additional 62 types of exercise. Of the categories tested, the following exercises had a positive impact on balance:

gait/balance/coordination functional tasks,
3-D exercises (such as dance and yoga),
and combination and strengthening programs (which included exercises across categories)Cycling and walking, while beneficial to other aspects of health, did not appear to affect balance. Likewise, computerized balance programs and vibration plates were ineffective.

I thought that was very interesting and further support for weight training for seniors, yoga, and other things that strengthen your core. I bought a balance ball to sit on while I can't exercise. It strengthens your core muscles. They come in sizes - 55 cm for 5"3 and under and then 66 for taller folks. It was $8.67 at Walmart and it came with a foot pump to fill it so I got a little exercise there. LOL

Faye, :congrat::cofdate:

Happy Anniversary! My 39th was last June 15. Are you doing something special to celebrate? I'd eat Fortune's food in a heart beat - you don't have to puree the veggies for me, though. He's one lucky dog. I know you are anxious to see Jackson and have the whole family together again. You are a good aunt to struggle through making a hat with that yarn!

Jean, you are a very nice lady to help Nelda like that! You are always volunteering and I hope it is appreciated by all.

Maggie, I wish you could post some pictures of your village. I'd love to see it. You do such exquisite work.

I have cleaning to do so have a great day!

11-18-2011, 11:55 PM
Maggie -- What all is in your pumpkin pudding? I think I would have to put it in a pie shell. ;) We are glad to help Nelda since she has no family living here in town. Her two dogs and her cat are her "family." The dogs are pomeranians so bring leaves, and other things in on their long fur. :spin: I've never seen the cat since she hides as soon as she hears a strange voice. I hope you enjoyed the T party tonight.

Susan -- It's only supposed to get down into the low 30s tonight with a 30% chance of snow showers tomorrow. Thank you for sharing the newsletter article. Is that something we could get? We don't usually get anything at 30%. :no: Will you just sit on the balance ball or are you going to do exercises on it? I've seen pictures of them but never have seen anyone use it. We are going to do some more volunteering on Sunday at church. It seems that most of the committee members responsible for the catered brunch are going to be out of town. :rolleyes: Bob has to sing so will be there 45 minutes before the service, so I will go with him and help in the kitchen. We are only having one service because it is pledge Sunday; I'm sure we will end up helping clean up afterwards also.

Sunday night we are going to a program put on by a survivor of the airplane crash in Sioux City several years ago. Many people were killed but many survived. He was supposed to be on an earlier flight but waited for a coworker; then he traded seats with a lady so she could sit with her husband. Both the coworker and the lady were killed. Jason was in high school and detassling corn when the plane flew overhead. The important missing part of the plane was found in a field, next to where he was, that fall during harvest.

I'm going to watch the news and head off to bed. Have a nice weekend! :thanks2:

11-19-2011, 07:53 AM
Good morning to you ladies. I hope all is well with you this morning. It is cool and clear here this morning but not terribly cold. I am going to be out and about doing errands this morning so I hope it warms up. I have to get to the post office and stop the mail starting Monday. You know I always give them a few days running start since the idiots obviously pay no attention to the stop notice. I have to go to Target and UGH Walmart and get cookies supplies to make cookies either today or tomorrow, go to Petsmart and make Fortune an updated ID tag with our cell phone numbers on it, go to McDonalds and get the boys their Arch cards then home again. I have to color my hair and then Monday is nail and haircut day and grooming for Fortune. Like I told my FB friends, Jack is responsible for his own grooming he has to work on Monday! :lol:

I am hoping the company has just screwed up and someone has not stolen my beads that I ordered. I am going to be down another 10 lbs soon and they were having a big sale so I bought some more and they were supposed to be shipped priority and it said they shipped them from Calf last Friday. So I figure if they actually got shipped the following Monday they should have been here by Thursday and haven't seen them. I had complained a lot because my account showed pending clear up until Friday morning then it said they were shipped on the same day I ordered them. Of course, no one will get back to me on any of it though I have tried multiple times to get an answer and a USPS tracking number for the priority package. Hopefully the will come today or I won't know anything until I get back from Indiana as we won't get anymore mail. GRRR!

Susan: Jack and I treated ourselves to a couple tacos from Taco Bell last night! :lol: We didn't want to go out to eat and eat a lot of calories and I haven't really felt up to it the last couple days. Sure will be glad when January gets here and I can get this stuff fixed whatever they do. I am about worn out from it all now as it has increased to an everyday thing. I told him absolutely no flowers, cards and stuff no use spending all that money as I know he loves me and doesn't have to spend $5 on a card to remind me. Not that I don't enjoy those things, but with the prices they way they are, even getting them at Krogers is a tank of gas to Indiana so we will just use it then! :lol: I am nothing if not practical. What a great article. People are all about weight loss with exercise, but for us Seniors balance and coordination are very important and they tend to be all about expending calories instead. Not that it isn't important, but not falling is important too!

Maggie: You know, I love the "play it forward" idea that started not long ago too, where you pass on your expertise to help someone else when you have been helped in some way. I am sure Nelda really appreciates the help and someday she will return the favor in some way. Anyway, what's a little time out of your day to help someone or do something nice? Makes me feel good so I get something out of it too.

Jean: I bet those dogs do drag in stuff because Fortune does and he doesn't even keep his hair long like it is supposed to be. I never liked the yorkie dust mop look so I keep him short as do most owners I am finding. They usually keep him longer than I do Fortune, but not to the floor coat. It has to be brushed and detangled daily that way and I am just not into that at all. Hope you enjoy the brunch even if you do help with set up and clean up. We always helped with all of that when we were at the church in Indiana. Usually it was the older ladies that did it and the older men put up and took down tables and such with a couple of the younger ones helping.

Well, I am going to knit on my sweater. I finished my sisters socks and even washed and dried them so they are ready to go now. I can now work on all my stuff for the cruise, at least for the moment. I have the back of a sweater done I did for my niece that she said she wouldn't wear, so I am going to finish it and give it to my best friend for her birthday in May as she is about the same size and this year I am going to make my dil a pair of socks. Except for the men, everyone has gotten socks from me but her. I am going to find a really pretty fall color sock yarn as she is half Mexican and that olive skin tone so I think fall colors would look best on her.

You gals have a great Saturday! Faye

11-19-2011, 01:36 PM

It is a chilly morning of 33 right now but will, as they say, get up to 60 this day in the Heartland. I am going to finish up the building that I have been working on this day. Just have to stain the solder back to coper color and wax it. It turned out well. The next one I am going to make is a cabin with an outhouse. I hinge the door to the outhouse and it is so very cute. Just a little one holler. Teenagers love that little outhouse and a gazebo I make that is also small. In fact last year when a lady had ordered 3 buildings made for her daughter the grandaughter was here and fell in love with a gazebo I had sitting on my table. I gave it to her and she took it home and stuck it in a drawer until her mother had opened her present at Christmas of the three buildings then she went and got it and showed it to her mother. Bless her heart for she kept the secret. The two smallest buildings I make for the village are the outhouse and gazebo. I will cut the patterns out this day and choose my glass. When I got up today Will and the dogs were gone and it was just me and Cecil home alone. OH, that cat. We just can't wait until he is old enough to get his front claws removed. He likes to use them too much. Way too much. Will just came in and has purchesed most of the items we need to make our Thanksgiving dinner.

DONNA FAYE We keep our dogs hair cut very short also. The groomer makes them look so cute. I am sorry you didn't get your bead order. Seems something is wrong some where with it. Taking much too long. I ordered something one time that was American made and it was taking so long I called and they said it was being shipped from China. "American made" shipped from China ~ makes sence to me. :?: That is a great idea to have a dog tag with the 411 on it.

JEAN Pumpkin pudding is just the pie stuff without the crust which is loaded with points if it is a good one. I pour the pie mix into small pyrex bowls and set them in a shallow baking pan with some water in the bottom and bake them and they are so good and low in points. I use Splenda instead of sugar and beaters instead of eggs so it is a yummy low point dessert. That program of the plane crash survivor sounds interesting. He wouldn't be alive if you play the "what if" game and he hadn't changed seats with that lady. I imagine he is ever grateful along with feeling sad for that change in seats.

SUSAN & GAIL Happy day to you. :wave:

I am off to finish up that building now. Type at y'all later. :D

11-19-2011, 03:47 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Well, we've had our first icy winter driving experience for this winter. :( We left about 10 this morning, in rain, heading first to Bob's hometown to pick up the BEST peanut brittle :T made by the church ladies, then to Sioux City to pick up Maddy and Kolby, and on to Sioux Falls for Ian's birthday. We were about 20 miles from our first stop when we came over a hill and hit ice; the temperature had been dropping so wasn't too surprised. There was a sheriff's car stopped on a side road so Bob stopped to see what he knew about the weather further west. He told us to go home, so we did! By the time we got back the drizzle had quit but my car was covered in ice. I guess we will try and party next Saturday! We are in a freezing rain advisory until 4 this afternoon.

"Gma" -- I hope your shopping trip this morning was quick and easy. Did your beads come today? I placed an online order and immediately got a confirmation email, then a few minutes later another email saying it had been shipped with a UPS tracking #. That was 3 days ago, and UPS still says that # is "unavailable." :crazy: It's nice that everyone will have personalized socks made by you!

Maggie -- Does Cecil crawl up your pant leg? It seems like every kitten we ever had did that, and their claws are razor sharp. :eek: My neighbor was telling me about tomorrow nights speaker saying he had to have a lot of counseling because he felt so guilty that he lived. I'm anxious to hear him tell of his experience. If you ever saw the live video it's a wonder anyone survived. The pilot has made many trips back to Sioux City over the years. Sioux City had just completed a mass emergency run-through and were better prepared because of it. We even sent firemen, EMTs, and equipment over to help.

I have ironing to work on so guess I will see if there is anything on tv worth watching while I do that. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

11-19-2011, 07:55 PM

I don't think it ever got up to 60 today for the wind chill is devastating. Will went out the gun range to do some shooting and I stayed in were it is nice and warm and worked on my glass. I got the house all copper stained and waxed and it is out in the front room on the table with the rest of the houses I have managed to keep. :p I then made a little gazebo to match the house. It has a blue roof and white floring and a little fence around the bottom to match the fencing on the upper story of the house. I put a red flat beed at the top for a topper for the roof. It turned out really cute and was fast to make. Now my fingers feel like parchment paper. I don't wear gloves all the time and the chemicals eat all the oil out of my fingers. My very next project will be that small cottage house with the outhouse. I have the pattern all copied and now I will cut it out when I finish here. I may cut the glass out tomorrow between chruch services ~ we will see. At least I will have the patterns cut out and the glass picked that I want to build with. My WW leader friend out in CA sent me an envelope full of free coupons to use and beleive me I will be using them.:p They are for items I usually buy anyway. :D

JEAN I don't like driving on ice at all. Nothing else bothers me llike that about driving ~ slick roads are dangerous. Good thing you turned around and headed from home after talking with that officer. I am so glad you got home safely. I love peanut brittle and haven't had any in years. My Mom used to make it around the holidays but I have never tried making it. The only candy I make is around this holiday and it is fudge. I still haven't decided on if I will make it this year or not. Yes Cecil tries to climp up our pant legs. We are so looking forward to January to have his front paws de-clawed. :p In fact I have some holes in my pants where his claws landed. Good thing they are an old pair I use when I solder. I have holes in them from soder around my thighs and holes around my calf from the cat. He is a smart little thing ~ when I say "ouch" loudly he quits that climbing behavior.

Everyone have a lovely evening. :wave: Type at y'all later.

11-20-2011, 08:47 AM
Good morning ladies! I woke up having to go to the bathroom at 3 AM and couldn't go back to sleep as I was in pain again so took some Advil, sat in a chair with a heating pad and feel better, but then decided to finish my cookies so got them out of the fridge and baked them. Here are the crunchtime cookies. They came out great and I would suggest making sure you follow here directions for them to come out well. They are loaded and I mean loaded with calories and sugar so make them for your family and send them home with them. I finished the boys cookies too and I liked them, Jack didn't said they tasted like sand, but DUH they are rolled in sugar! :lol: Anyway, cookies are now all done. I sampled both to see what they tasted like, but am bagging them all up and in the freezer they go for the trip no more for me. These really are a terrific cookie to include in your holiday desserts or if you do cookie exchanges. The little chocolate marshmallow ones are soft of like cakey brownies with gooey marshmallow inside so I can't see how the boys won't like them but he is full of bologna.

Did my Monday weigh in today because I am going to be so busy in the morning I might forget. I am down 3 lbs for the week! :carrot: Little by little it is coming off.

I got my beads yesterday, YEAH!!! I went ahead and put them on my bracelet. I decided to make a new bracelet, one that is pink with heart beads and pink beads, and heart themed, etc for my weight loss. If I am starting from scratch then I can make it totally themed in that way and I am making a sweater in pink for the cruise so hopefully will have a lot of lbs off by then that the bracelet is pretty full.

The post office was a nightmare. They had no change so you had to have exact change or use your credit or debit card or you were out of luck, no change of address packets, so 2 people left without those, no custom sheets so two of the Mexicans left without sending their packages to Mexico, she found 1 hold card so I could put my mail on hold so we shall see if they actually stop it come Monday. They cut their hours and don't open until 10 now so the line was backed up the wazoo. We then went to Super Target and I got all my baking supplies so didn't have to go into Walmart thank goodness, had a hot dog for lunch at the Target, then went out to Petsmart and paid $9 for a crummy little tag we had printed for Fortune with our current cell phone numbers and his name and our address in case something happens in Indiana God forbid. We went and got the car washed and vacuumed out then came home and I started cookies and Jack watched football, naturally. I finished the chocolate ones, bagged them and froze them and mixed up the other ones and put them in the fridge then baked them this morning and will bag them as soon as I finish here and clean up the mess. (thankfully we have no plans to leave the house today we are having a big thunderstorm at the moment and our clean car would have been a waste! :lol: )

Maggie: What a nice thing to get free coupons. I know you will put them to good use. Sounds like you are coming along with your glass projects. I am buzzing right along with my first sweater. I have the back done and included a picture of it and a close up of the lace pattern. It has been a fun knit and goes pretty fast once you memorize the pattern. It is horseshoe lace and one of the easiest lace patterns to work with I think. You should take a picture of your little outhouse and post it. I would love to see it.

Jean: Oh man, I am glad you guys are ok and made it back home safe and sound. I hate driving on ice or riding in a car when it is icy roads. Guess that why we live in the south it doesn't happen too frequently. I find that a lot, they say they have shipped but then it takes 4 days before they have the shipping info available or I like it when the stuff arrives before you can even get the info. Grrrr! I am glad I am all done with the shopping and the baking now. I just have to get the boys their Arch cards, but will do that on Wednesday when we get up there. I will start gathering stuff to pack tomorrow and we will pack on Tuesday since Jack has the day off and we are planning on leaving around midnight.

Well gals, I need to clean up my cookie mess and bag up those cookies before I snack on them anymore. Have a grand day today and stay warm and dry! Faye

I am going to do the rest of the laundry up today and get it put away and then put color on my hair. I decided I could go another week or so without a haircut so will just get my nails done tomorrow and take Fortune to the groomers. He sure does need it.

11-20-2011, 03:35 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and it has warmed up to 23 from 10 earlier this morning. We spent the morning at church. There was a nice crowd for one service although not as many as there could have been. The brunch was catered and delicious! We are $200,000+ short on the estimated giving for next year so hope more pledges will come in this week. Some people don't pledge but still give, which makes it really hard to plan a budget. I've read the Sunday papers and could do some laundry as well as the never ending ironing.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 3#s! :cheer: You are doing GREAT! I'm so glad your beads arrived before you leave for IN. This mail situation is going to be a nightmare, and I don't look for it to get any better. My grandma had a neighbor who would bake cookies in the middle of the night when she couldn't sleep. The cookie in the photo looks so good! :T The sweater pattern, and color, is so attractive; thanks for sharing the pictures.

I need to make a couple phone calls so had better do that before I forget. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

11-20-2011, 04:21 PM

It is a chilly day in the hgh 30's here in the Heartland this day with only a slight breeze. We had lunch today with the local museum director and got to talking about my glass houses. Will had told him that I wanted a picture of the museum so I could make a pattern. I won't be surpirsed if he wants me to make him one after he sees the start of my village that I have so far when he cones for Thanksgiving dinner here on Thursday. I have one photo of the museum but need more for this one is on an angle and I want one showing the front better so I can make a pattern. I can see from the picture and know why it was taken from an angle. There is a lamp post sitting to the right of the sidewalk that would block part of the building if the picture was taken square on. But . . . Now I know that I still want one taken straight on so I can better see the door and window above it at the top of the many stairs. Lots of stairs because the basement is above ground on this building. I won't make it exact like the building but as close as I can. :p This one will be a challenge and I am up for a good challenge.

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you have all your ducks in a row and are ready to depart for the Thanksgiving festives with your loved ones. Just a few more things to do and you are off on your way. Your sweater will be so lovely when it is all finished and you are sporting it. :congrat: for another 3 pounds down. You go girlfriend and you will be at goal before you know it. :bravo: I am so happy for you.

JEAN People are scared with the econemy taking a dump so are hesitant to make a pledge it would seem. Times are rough for a lot of folks and they don't want to pledge then not be able to keep their word so they don't pledge and give as they are able.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later

11-20-2011, 11:44 PM
Maggie -- You will be busy making a glass museum, but I know director will enjoy it. Do you put lights in all of your buildings? Church members are told they can change their pledges by calling the church office. Some just don't like the way the powers-to-be run the conference. For instance, we eliminated the associate pastor's position trying to save some money, and our apportionment amount went up. :tantrum: Many years ago some bad decisions were made involving pastor retirement benefits; one being we continue to pay for their health care after they retire, and we have many retired pastors in poor health. We furnish housing until they retire, plus mileage, plus a salary.

We ended up attending the church pot luck with our neighbors tonight. The speaker was good, but it was more of a "finding God" type of sermon than the actual experience itself.

I am heading off to bed. It's been a long day. :yawn:

11-21-2011, 02:12 AM

I am just about to go to bed this night and decided to check in before beddy by. I cut out the little cottage and out house. I used pale yellow with brown roofs and red doors. I put to gether the outhouse first and it is so cute. It isn't quite 2 inches tall and the door is hinged and works so you can see inside at the little step up to the one hole. I will figure out how to transfer pictures from my Blackberry to this computer so I can send you some pictures if you wish. I am sure I have all the cords and thingies I need to do that but just never have done it before. Tomorrow I will put together the cabin that goes with the outhouse that is in the same color theme.

JEAN I put lights in all of my buildings except the small gazebo and outhouse for they aren't big enough nor is there a place for it to be put. I even have christmas lights around the roofs on a few that also plug in. It will be so nice when Will gets the shelves put up with the extensioncords hidden behind channel wood so all the buildings can be up and out of the way. I can plug in several buildings on one of those long thingies which can be hidden behind the buildings.

Nightey Night Magnolias. I am heading to bed to cut some well needed zzzzz's. :wave: Type at y'all on the morrow.

11-21-2011, 06:31 AM
Good morning flowers! We have thunderstorms going and it is quite humid in the house this morning as we have had rain on and off all day yesterday and I woke up to thunder and lightening this morning. I hate to drive in inclement weather around here as people are such nuts and during rush hour traffic too. We don't catch too much taking him to work, but I get it coming back home.

Taking Fortune to the groomers this morning and I am going to go and get my nails done, then come back and start pulling clothing together to pack and start organizing stuff to pack the car tomorrow.

We watched the NASCAR race last night and our Indiana favorite Tony Stewart pulled it out and won the championship last night. One of the best races I have ever seen. We had meat loaf for dinner that I threw together last night and I think I may make a slice of ham for dinner tonight. I want something quick so I can get to work on the traveling plans.

I am coming along on the front of the sweater and it is going pretty fast now. I have that wrap on the needles and I want to put a shell on the needles. I need to buy this pattern for the other shell and order the yarn for it, but it can wait for awhile. I have enough to keep me busy.

Maggie: Sounds like you are wrapping things up with your projects. You know, I think it is sadder than that about the money for church. Church tithing and pledging is no longer a priority for people. It isn't just about what God expects, it is also about the fact that if you want somewhere to meet, somewhere to socialize, etc, you need a building, lights, utilities, etc and all that costs money to do. You have roofs to fix, carpets to replace, plumbing problems and all cost money and I don't think people think about the practical side of it either. The current generation is much more church phobic I think and don't want anything to do with church. They want to live their life and have fun and think church is not part of that. Sad, but true.

Jean: Wow, I can imagine it would really cost a church a lot to fund health insurance for pastors that have retired, especially in this day and age where you have so many baby boomers. Hope you enjoyed the pot luck. Is everyone coming to your house this year or are you traveling to one of the kids??? At least the worst weather we are going to get is rain. Temps will be up in the 40's and 50's during the day and not below freezing at night, which is good for us.

Jack should be up in about half an hour so I think I will just sit and knit until then and then grab some clothes and dress and run him out to the plant and come back and shower and such then take Fortch to the groomers down the street. I wished he worked tomorrow, but it is the groomers day off tomorrow.

Have a great start to the week all of you! Faye

11-21-2011, 01:04 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a damp, COLD, foggy morning in my neighborhood! It's really "soupy" driving around the lake this morning. I've been to church and balanced first time around. :cp: I had to go early and help count as one of the counters has left until the middle of May. I'm not used to being out the door so early! :yawn: I stopped and picked up gift shop money so that is my next project after I start the washer.

Maggie -- You were up late . . . or, maybe early! I had been fast asleep for hours by the time you went to bed. ;)

"Gma" -- We are going to my stepsister's home for Thanksgiving. Both Jason and Beth go to their other side, so it works out well. Everyone will be here for Christmas and usually my stepmom, stepsister, and her dh come too. I keep hoping the kids will volunteer to host a holiday but don't see that happening anytime soon. :dunno: You are on the countdown now! Have a wonderful safe trip!

I need to round up my laptop and get to counting $$ again. Have a marvelous Monday and enjoy! ::thanks1: :wave:

11-21-2011, 02:14 PM

It is currently 32 here in the Hartland and fixin' to get up in the low 40's before the day is spent. I heard this high screeching sound that I couldn't figure out what was and asked him what in the world that noise was and he said it was his stud finder. OH ~ that is a good thing for it means I am getting shelving this day for my glass buildings. I am down 2 pounds this day and have been a yo-yo with those same two pounds for a few weeks now and have to stop that behavior. I am going to finish up the little cabin house this day. Then decide on which building I want to make next. Probably a ranch style house to go with the barn I made awhile back.

DONNA FAYE We do have to kinda march to the dog groomers beat don't we because they need to take time off and have things to do for the holidays. It is good that we know ahead of time so we can do our scheduling. :p It is sad how the younger generation has put church out of their lives for the most part to their own detriment. We have a few high school and collage kids that attend chruch here that are the cream of the crop type kids. They truly appear to have their salvation in mind.

JEAN It is good that you are the money lady getting everything to balance. What fun at Christmas time to have all the fmily gather at your place. It is at the holiday times that I miss my relatives mostly for they are way out on the west coast. They don't come here for the holidays and we can't go there. Such is our life and we make the most of it here with our church family. Yep, I do stay up late and sleep in. I am retired and my inner clock was set with all those years of working the 2 to 10 shift. I got to choose which shift I wanted because I was the "lead staff." I got to bed late back then and still do.:p I am not a morning person and it was a hard day when I worked a 6 to 2 shift added to my 2 to 10 for a double but the money was good. We were only allowed to do that 3 days a week. :p I had a partner that saved his time and a half and double time money and bought a Jaguire. I went to the gold market. Some folks got more overtime money than their regular check was. Back in the good ole' days. Now I am retired and these are the good new days. Yikes ~ I have been retired now for 26 years and lovin' it.

I need to go to the front room now and help Will with the shelving. Yipekio.
:wave: type at y'all later.

11-22-2011, 12:48 AM
Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another 2#s! :cp: I know you will enjoy having the extra shelf space that Will is installing for you. I am a morning person in that I like to get things done early in the day so I can do as I want later. Heck, I do as I want any time! :o I think I would rather have gold than a car of any kind. I had lousy cards tonight but the company was fun. I am heading off to bed. :yawn:

11-22-2011, 10:45 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another gloomy, foggy morning with a temp of 32 degrees right now. :( The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon. I'm going to check with Nelda and see if I need to vacuum for her and/or pick up anything at the store. She is able to drive now but said she needs a nap after any excursion out of the house.

At card club last night, I found out about a gal who has had trouble swallowing. She is probably in the 55 year old range, but her daughter played ball with Beth when they were little. Anyhow, she has a tumor between the esophagus and stomach, then is full of cancer spots from under her collar bones to her groin area, and spots on her liver. Radiation and surgery are not an option, but she can enter a trial chemo treatment down in Dallas where half get a placebo drug. The Mayo doctors told her this cancer (big long name) probably had been there for years and just exploded. They have given her a year at the most. Count your blessings! :yes:

I need to get my day going with another load of laundry, then my chore list is waiting. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :D :wave:

11-22-2011, 12:10 PM
Morning ladies. Swamped with getting things done to get ready to leave so short post. I will talk to you again sometime early next week. I hope you all have a marvelous Thanksgiving with friends and loved ones!

:cp::cb: maggie on your loss!!!

:thanks1: to you all!!! Faye

11-22-2011, 06:13 PM

I just finished eating lunch and it is 3:45. I got up and did my usual things then started cutting out a house and didn't stop till I was finished. Will was gone to the hospital meeting our friend doctor to show him around for he is becoming a chaplain there. When he came home he said she wanted me to build her a house. He told her what I was doing and she got very interested. I'll make her one like I made all the other ladies at church a couple of years ago. If she wants to buy anything I make then she can choose what she wants me to build. This house I am currently working on is orange with a motley grenesh borwnish roof. The floor of the walkway is brown. It will be pretty when it is all put together. I will do a bit of grinding the edges today and that is about it for this day. No work on it tomorrow because of baking and preparing for Thanksgiving. I probably won't get back to work on it till Friday. First of the month I have got to order some light fixtures for I am out of them.

DONNA FAYE You have a good trip and totally enjoy yourseves. Give us a full report when you get back. ;)

JEAN That is sad about that lady that is riddled with cancer. I count my blessings every day but not because of other folks misery.

Have a great evening. :wave:

11-22-2011, 09:35 PM
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