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11-16-2011, 09:57 AM
I'm down to 180! That's 26lbs gone! YAY!!!

I am a little afraid because this is where I've stopped a couple of times before. Then, of course, I gained it all back and more. I'm in a better place now mentally than I have been in years, so I'm hoping I can chug on through.

As my siggy says, we are going to start trying for a baby. I know that will put my weight loss on hold, I'm ok with that. I have a better knowledge of food for this pregnancy and will hopefully continue to work out. We do have a history of infertility. Our first took 3.5 years and our third took almost a year, second was a surprise at only 2 cycles! So if we average that, we're looking around 6 months to a year and a half until I'm finally pregnant. That's plenty of time to lose the rest of this weight!

11-16-2011, 10:04 AM
You are doing great, good luck on your TTC journey!

11-16-2011, 06:12 PM
Congratulations Pockets!!!

And best of luck TTC #4. My two girls took some time when we decide to get pregnant, too. The first 2 years and the second 9 months. They sure are worth waiting for, tough, aren't they?

11-16-2011, 06:43 PM
Good job! :carrot::carrot::carrot: