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11-09-2011, 07:02 PM
Has anyone heard of or tried Orangetheory Fitness? I came across it as a "Living Social" special, from Amazon Local. I went ahead and purchased their 3 class special, and it looks like all they do is classes. I don't know if they also do personal training or allow independent workouts like the regular gym. It looks pretty good (fun, variety), and even promises up to 5 pound loss per week for women if they also follow their little plan, whatever that is. I'm going to go to my first class on Saturday. Has anyone tried this program?

11-09-2011, 08:01 PM
No but I love the "up to" part of their marketing. :D

11-09-2011, 08:36 PM
No but I love the "up to" part of their marketing. :DLOL! I know, right? :D I'm so gullible! Actually, the whole idea looked cool and the price was right... kind of like Groupon. Uber cheap.

11-10-2011, 06:51 AM
It looks like how my old Personal Trainer was - cardio, weights, cardio, weights...kick your butt for 2 or three minutes and then kick your butt in a body part on weights until you can't do any more. Pushing like that does amazing things!!

11-10-2011, 08:14 AM
Cool! Thanks!

11-12-2011, 01:42 PM
It was a great class! So first you put on your heart rate monitor strap and you sign out your monitor. They enter that info in to their computer. When you're working out, you can see your heart rate, and the percentage you're working out at on a big TV screen, along with everyone else's.

There were 5 zones, each one had a color. The first color which I can't remember, blue, green, yellow and red. The goal was to spend a little bit of time in warm up, blue and the other color. You wanted to spend the majority of time, around 30 minutes in your comfort zone, the green zone. Then I think around 12 to 15 minutes in what they call the orange zone, which is yellow and red. You go up and down with intensity throughout the class.

Today we started with the treadmill, and increased/decreased incline and speed, trying to hit the "orange zone" and then going back to the green zone for recovery. Then we did some strength training using these straps that are suspended from the ceiling. We used a medicine ball and did squats, and other exercises, and we also used the rowing machine.

In the end, great workout! The trainer said some people can burn as many as 1000 calories in a workout after they're used to the workout and as they get better at it.

All in all, I think it would be worth the money. I plan on buying more sessions once I use up my 3.