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02-09-2003, 09:48 AM
Good Morning All!!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!! I'm enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet, so I better go get my coffee and pump before it ends!! :lol:

02-09-2003, 11:26 AM
Good Morning All,

This has been an awful weekend. I'm ready to chop my nose off, maybe I can breathe that way. :( I haven't even stuck my nose out the door since I got home from work on Friday. I weighed this morning and I've lost a pound so I guess being sick can have it's good side.

Lauren: Yeah on the peace and quiet!! I've got 11 1/2 weeks left of peace and quiet!!

I'm going to lay back down. For some reason I can breathe better that way. Have a great day.

Legal Eagle
02-09-2003, 09:23 PM
Hope everyone has had a good weekend!

I've felt much better this week & weekend. Work has been busy and I also took some interns on a couple of "field trips" this week so haven't had much fun computer time lately.

I have been doing well on exercise & pretty well on eating too. My "official" weigh-in tomorrow should be pretty good so maybe I'm really getting back on track! *crossing fingers*

Vickie - love the new pics of Kaylee!

Karen - hope you feel better soon!

Rabbit - congrats on the .5 loss! A loss is a loss and some weeks I'd be thrilled with "only" .5! :lol:

I'll check in again sometime tomorrow to report my loss (I'm thinking positive thoughts here! :D )


02-10-2003, 08:57 AM
Good Morning!!!

Man, no rest this weekend with Velcro Baby..SHe didnt feel too well with a flare up of those blocked tear ducts and me doing the warm compresses every hour with eye gtts didnt help things...Dh and I took turns walking holes in the floor every night...she went to sleep with him but just wanted to root on my shirt and not relax with me..She is too funny..When things got bad, I put her in the bath tub to play...I just melt when she opens that mouth soooo wide in a smile!!!(favorite picture on the site!!)DH and I laughed yesterday, we were watching hockey in bed and she was at the bottom of the bed(us watching her close)she would squirm with her head, then butt over and over and make it all the way to the top of the bed where we were...It was soo much work she grunted and grunted to get there!!!!:D

Karen--Enjoy the quiet!!!! THe crying is stressful but soo worth it..Dh and I started the conversation of another baby...We both agree we want one, but dont want one..It is just overwhelming to think about but a decision that has to be made this year due to my age...I wish we would have met 10 yrs ago:( :( :(

Legal-Good Luck on the official weigh in!!!I am starting the walk/jogging again..The healthclub is hard, cuz they dont offer daycare anymore..(started in Jan)bummer, since I never needed it until now...

WEll..hello alll....must run cuz Velcro Baby is rooting and clawing to my neck!!!!

Legal Eagle
02-10-2003, 11:27 AM
I lost 2.8 pounds this week! :D That gets me below my first goal (a little later than planned, but there none the less!) and hopefully gives me the boost and momentum I needed to keep it up!

Vickie - I hope you get some sleep soon! I haven't been walking outside lately because it's been SO COLD...but I bought some of the Leslie Sansone "Walk Away the Pounds for Abs" tapes and I like them so far!

Have a great day all!


02-10-2003, 11:49 AM
Hi All,

LE- Congrats on the loss, and meeting your goal!! :cp:

RR- DH and I have kind of had the baby talk. He wants to know why I'm not counting down to 6 wks. like I did to my EDD!! :lol: I was like, honey, just because the 6 wk. mark comes along doesn't magically means I want a FEEP fest!! :lol: But seriously, I said yeah, ideally it would be nice to wait a year + to try again, but I'm gonna be 35 this summer, and even though it was easy to get PG this time, doesn't necessarily mean it will next time. We'll probably wait close to a year though, because honestly, I"m not sure that I'm mentally prepared to have another baby!! Especially when Peter's screaming bloody murder like I'm killing him...EVERY NIGHT!! :(

Karen- Hope you're feeling better soon! :( Do you have a cold, or sinus infection, or what? Have you tried Sudafed? It doesn't do much for me, but I was willing to try anything they'd let me try when I was PG and not feeling good.

DH called a little while ago and said his Aunt Madah is not doing well. She's in PA in the hospital and apparently she's refusing dialisys...which i didn't know she needed...so his dad is on his way there now. Wish I could go, she just loves DH & I to death, and she's such a sweet lady. DH said he wants to go too, maybe he will take tomorrow off or something and we can go out there. Have to call her daughter now and see what the whole story is. Please say a little prayer for her if you can. Thanks.

Have a great day all!!

02-10-2003, 01:38 PM
hello. I did not do so well this weekend foodwise and blew my op streak. Darnit! The first bad part was having choc. in the house to send the kids for valentines and it went down from there. However today is a new day and I've got a ton of points to make up for!

Karen - hope you are feeling better! So much of that going around.

Legal - congrats on your loss! Happy for you that you've made your first goal.

RR - yes that would be a tough decision to make now. Good luck.

Lauren - sorry that your Aunt is not doing well.

off to work on taxes -


02-10-2003, 08:06 PM
Hi all,

Our heat went out last night so we are getting a new pump tonight. Yippee!! At least we don't need a whole new boiler. We can always be thankful for little favors!! :D I am feeling 3/4 better today. Everybody at work seems to be sick. I sure hope I don't get it again.

Lauren: Are you tired of snow or what!! I know I am and we are supposed to be getting more during the week. Bummer. Sorry to hear that your Aunt is not doing well. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Rabbit: Sending you stay strong thoughts!! DH and I decided to give each other Broadway show tickets instead of flowers and candy this year. Much less fattening. ;)

RR: Yikes, I can't even think of another baby!! Especially when it hurts to walk!! And I haven't even been through labor yet. I'm just tired of being pregnant already!! I can only imagine what I will be like by 39-40 weeks.

Have a great evening!!

02-11-2003, 09:18 AM
Good morning everyone,
I made it back from the Keys trip. It was absolutely beautiful and we had a great time. Thurs when we were tanning by the pool and drinking pina coladas I called up my sis in Michigan to tease her. She had the nerve to call me a bad name. :lol: Before we went on the vacation I managed to get a stomach virus -- talk about 24 hours of agony. I got so sick I screwed up my stomach and couldn't eat for two days. After that I felt much better and was happy to step on the scale when I got home - 3 pounds lost. :)

I started a new program at the gym this week. It's part of the Presidential Challenge for America to get fit. I have to work out for at least 30 minutes five times a week for six weeks. They also loan you out a pedometer to measure your steps. Two days into it and so far so good. :D There's lots of giveaways when the six weeks is up. Hopefully I can make it.

Not much happening here regarding NASA. DH has been told they will continue to work to the schedule and hope we get back to launching soon. All of the debris they've recovered so far should be arriving at KSC this week and they will start trying to put it together. On Friday they held a huge memorial at the shuttle landing strip for all of the workers. I wished I could have been here for it. They have identified the wing debris as being from the left "suspicious" wing so maybe they will figure something out soon.

Karen, glad you are feeling better. I like your idea of the show tickets for Valentine's -- great idea!!

Rabbit, sounds like you'll have to be extra good the rest of the week. :) I have to admit I splurged the other day and got a choc bar. It was heaven!!

Lauren, sorry about your aunt. You and your family are in my prayers. I have to ask you -- what does FEEP stand for?? My imagination is running wild with that one.

Legal, congrats on meeting your first goal. Great job!!

RR, how's the little one's tear ducts today? You are making me exhausted just reading your entries. I don't know how you mommies do it!!!

Hi to all those I've missed!!!

02-11-2003, 09:28 AM
Good Morning!!! Velcro is sleeping:lol: so I thought it was time to type with 2 hands!!!!

Liz-FEEP=Fun Earned Excercise Points(use the imagination for that one!!!!)In 1999, we kept up with mileage when excercising
and I think that term was me, Lauren and Legal's(U R not innocent on this one!!!hahaha)brains together!!!!Glad the trip was great..Watching the weather channel..I see why your sister was nasty!!!

Lauren--sorry about your aunt..Keep us posted!

Karen and Lauren--If U dont have it, I suggest reading "The Girlfriends Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood"..It is soo funny and true!!! Her books are becomming my favorites!!!

Legal-Glad U R better!!! Horray on the weight loss!!! I am really getting "down" about this body and decided to do something..I would do it again though...to be pg again..but right now..I want this belly flat, the dark stripe on my belly gone, and to feel attractive again...DH is soo supportive soo I dont know why it bothers me so much!!!

Rabbit-Glad the chocolate flew the coop!!! I told DH NO CANDY!!! Really the breast pump was the best gift!!!He surprised me with a beautiful bracelet as soon as Kaylee was delivered soo I told him that was enough for Valentines Day!!

I discovered the most romantic message to me in my journal that DH wrote sometimes Sat..OMG...it made me cry..The message he wrote for Kaylee in her first Christmas card makes me cry everytime...He will pull out my journal(since we have been married) and write little things on pages scattered throughout..
He is really good to me..(even though I am hormonly mean sometimes!!!:devil: :devil: :devil: )
Ok-Facing Reality Now!!!
Goal-110lbs and able to run an 8 minute mile again!!!!!

02-11-2003, 09:54 AM
Hi All,

RR- Funny how even though you have a girl and I have a boy, they both have the same name these days...VELCRO BABY!! :( I called the ped. yesterday and talked the the nurse. She said it sounds like Colic and to give it a month and it should end. Man, I hope so! She said basically they give gas the name colic when it comes at the same time everyday. Yeah, whatever, it's still frustrating! She said to keep watching what I'm eating, try putting him on the dryer, car rides, basically whatever will work! :rolleyes:
Your DH is soo sweet!! Mine used to leave me stickies in my car saying "Do Your Kegels" while I was PG, and every now and then one that says "I Love You", but other than that, I don't get romantic things like that! My mom announced she is coming over Friday night and sending us out for a little while. She said I don't care if you go for coffee, a drive, or just sit in the car, but you need to go out! Not sure what we'll do, maybe go to a diner or something.

Liz- Yup, RR got you your answer...let me clarify though, I'm almost positive LE gets the major credit here, for coming up with the actual term!! (Am I correct LE?!) It was fun though, because hey, that is exercise, and we counted every 20 min. of exercise at a mile, when we were keeping track!

Karen- YES, I am sick of snow!! I have things to do, places to go, people to see, and I'm not taking my poor little guy out in the snow!! Now today it's not snowing, but it's colder than a witches t*t in a brass bra!! :lol:
Hope you're feeling better soon and the heat's fixed!!

Rabbit- Ooo, chocolate=bad!! Get back on track girl!! :D

Aunt Update: So she is having kidney failure and she is refusing dialisys. She is talking about her DH who passed away a few yrs. ago, and how he's waiting for her. We think she's just giving up. She was originally in there because she was having problems with fluid build up in her legs, really everywhere, and it was a temporary thing. She's been in and out of hospitals/nursing rehabs for probably a year, and I guess she's just sick of it. I'm not sure how old she is, but I'm guessing probably around 70. FIL is the youngest sibling and he's 65, so she's around there somewhere. We're hoping to go see her this weekend, but honestly, I don't know her condition, and she could go downhill quickly. We're just praying next time we see her isn't at her funeral. :( Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

Velcro is calling...have a great day!

Legal Eagle
02-11-2003, 10:40 AM
WHO ME?!?! :devil: FEEP, never heard of it! ;) :angel: :lol:

Lauren - sorry to hear about DH's aunt. Sounds like my grandmother, she died in 1980 of cancer, by the time they finally got her to go to the doctor (when my father literally picked her up & PUT her in the car) the cancer was so widespread there was nothing they could do but send her home to die.

Karen - glad you're feeling better!

Liz - They have found some stuff in a couple of the eastern counties here in NC that they believe may be debris from the shuttle! They haven't confirmed that's what the stuff is yet, but they're speculating that if it is it drifted up here on the jet stream.....The exercise program sounds good. I seem to do better when I set short term goals and rewards for myself at the end, so hopefully the 6 week time frame and prizes at the end will keep you motivated! .....The Keys sounds wonderful! We don't have any snow here at the moment, but it's cold! (at least by NC standards).

Vickie - It will take some time for your body to recover I'm sure, but 127 is great at this point! I've never done the pregnancy thing, but from what I hear, expect for your body to not quite be the same even after you get back down to 110. My roommate from college who has always been very thin said after she had her son she got back down to her regular weight, but still had to go out & buy all new pants because she suddenly had hips where she'd never had them before! Your DH is such a sweetie....mine tries, but he's just not that romantic...he's still asking me what I want for Valentine's Day! :lol: Truth is, I can't really think of anything in particular I really want and if he's going to do something romantic I'd rather not have to tell him what to do! :lol:

I'm trying something a little new this week....I'm testing out the "Wendie Plan" concept of WW...taking my total points for the week and eating a little more some days and a little less others but just adding up my points for the week. We'll see how it goes.

Hope everyone has a great day!


02-11-2003, 01:40 PM
hello. Whew - I am back on track. I just temporarily lost it! I am only 5 points over for the week. Should be able to make that up by Thursday.

Liz - sounds like a cool workout program. good luck with it. :)

Legal - I've done the wendie plan before. I like it. May do it again one of these days. I like your 5 pound goals. My first goal is for 10 pounds, but after that I may just do 5 lbs also.


02-11-2003, 03:31 PM
Funny story...DH e-mailed me today and asked me what I wanted to do on Friday. 2 1/2 years and all the romance is gone!!! :lol: I e-mailed him back and said I wanted to make love (to him) all night in a room lit with hundreds of candles on a bed covered with red satin sheets and white rose petals. He e-mailed me back and said "what would your second choice be?" Instead he's taking me out to my fav little restaurant and then we're going to a chick-flick.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

02-11-2003, 06:07 PM
Hello all!!

Whew, busy here today. First, just let me say that I hate the dentist with a passion. I had to go for a cleaning today and he found a HUGE cavity. One that can't wait until after Alex gets here which means that I can't have gas. Ugh. I REALLY hate the dentist. I think I would rather give birth than go for this appt. Can you tell that I have dentist issues from WAY back? :( Now my whole month (how long before I can get in for the appt!!) is ruined. Wish I could just get it over with. OK, done venting now!! :D

Liz: Wow, the vacation sounds nice. I'm so ready for some warmness here!! I'm tired of snow and it's supposed to snow again for the weekend. Yuck!!

RR: Wow, DH sounds so romantic. Mine thinks it's romance when he brings me electronic stuff. Guess everyone's idea of romance is different!! :)

Lauren: Have you tried massaging Petey's tummy? I think it's a clockwise stroke that is supposed to help get the gas out. We used to do it when I was on my pediatric affiliation and the little guys were fussy. It helped sometimes.

Rabbit: Good job getting back on track. YOU CAN DO IT!! Good luck.

LE: Good luck with the Wendie plan. Hope it works for you.

I'm off to try the bath now that we should have LOADS of hot water (to the tune of $600 :eek: ). Have a great evening.

02-11-2003, 09:03 PM
Hi All,

Well, Aunt M's daughter called said basically they're giving her a couple days, but she thinks she may not make it through to tomorrow. It's a sad situation, but Aunt M was very adament about her decision. Apparently she's had a bunch of infections, and the antibiotics gave her a yeast infection, somehow it got to her kidneys and that's why she needed dialisys. They said even after the dialisys, and her kidneys were better, the infections would come back again and it would just be a vicious cycle, so she clearly said NO. Vonnie is OK with the decision, because Aunt M lives with her, so she's been through it all. Aunt M's other daughter is having a hard time with it though. I'm sad that we will not see Aunt M again until her funeral, she was one of my favorite people in DH's family. She's just one of those people you can't help but love right off the bat. Vonnie said that she knows we had that baby and she was very excited for us. She's pretty sure FIL showed her pics of Peter too. Anyway, that's the latest.

Karen- I massage and pat his tummy, his back, I bounce him, swing him, everything!! :rolleyes: He loves to be bounced, but it doesn't always get the gas out. We do Mylicon (buy a couple bottles of that now!), and eat sitting up.
Does your dentist usually give you gas? No novicaine? I believe it's OK to have novicaine while PG, if they have to do it. My dentist has earned my trust, he's one of the few people that can give me a needle w/o tears! Although now that I've gone through childbirth, maybe I'll be better!! :lol:

Liz- :lol: My DH asked me what I wanted to do to. We were thinking about a nice Italian restaurant that we haven't been to yet, which happens to be a couple miles away, but we read the menu online and there's too much funky stuff on there. (RE: everything has mushrooms or something I don't like!) So I told him maybe Olive Garden, just give me soup, salad, and chicken parm and I'm happy! :lol:

02-11-2003, 10:19 PM
Wanted to drop in and say Hi before I take off for Philly tomorrow. I'll miss Vday and our Anniv on the 17th (13 years). We did go out yesterday and saw Chicago (loved it!) and ate at Outback Steak and Oyster Bar (not the chain of Outbacks, this ones been a local austrailian restaurant for 14 years. We had our first date there - back in May of 1989. The alligator tail is really good!!!

RR: Weston would do that sideways crawl scootch thing when he was just a tiny baby. I had so much fun putting him on one side of the bed and watching him scootch all the way across so he could be next to me. I was just telling him about it the other day.

Karen: I think I need a Dentist visit when I return from Philly, think I have an old filling that needs replaced. You said you have 'issues' with Dentists. I have a friend who when she was 7 years old the dentist had a heart attack and died on top of her (no one else was in the room and it took awhile for anyone to hear her muffled screams. She makes every Dentist show her his health records and proof that he has a health heart and there must be 2 other people in the room at all times.....thats a valid 'issue' I'd say.

O.K. every have a great week and I hope I do well at Philly (both business wise and diet wise).

- jul
down 2 more lbs!! (didn't reach my Feb 12 goal but I'm close!)

02-12-2003, 09:03 AM
Jul-Have fun in Philly!!!!Good name for it..sideways crawl scootch!!That is it exactly!!!

Karen--Sorry about the dentist..I go to a woman now with little hands soo it is soo much better..When I was a kid, my dentist was shot by the other dentist in the office and I was soo scared after that to go..Too weird how we hate dentists!! I got a full paid scholorship when I graduated high school for dental school and turned it down..My mom is still mad about that!!!I didnt want a profession where everyone hated U!!!!

Lauren--Have U tried the gerber bags with the avent bottles??Not too good a fit..I use the bags now with the playtex nurser and use the silicone nipple that looks just like the avent...She is doing better with the bottle now that I switched to #2 nipples..Sorry about the colic!!!! I am glad she doesnt have all that spit up and stuff...I give the mylicon before bedtime feeding and then maybe 3 times during the day when she "bicycles" the legs and fusses!!!..SOunds like your aunt has her mind made up..All u can do now is be supportive...

Liz--your husband sounds like he has a great sense of humor!!A chick flick sounds great!!!WE are hopefully--having #1 off to a friends, #2 sleeping early and soundly, #3 in her bed asleep and a great big fire in the fireplace with candles...Hmmmm...just a fantasy probably with 3 kids!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: A girl can dream!!!

Rabbit-Yeah for sticking with it!!!

Take care all..off to feed!!!

02-12-2003, 01:50 PM
Hi All,

Man, the mornings just fly by these days!! :eek: I can thank Mr. High Maintenance for that!! :rolleyes:

RR- I had a "sample pack" of the Avent bottles so I tried the disposable one yesterday with the bags it came with and it leaked...I lost almost an ounce!! :eek: I was soo upset I cried and vowed not to use that bottle again! :cry I have only been using the Gerber bags to store the milk, I pump into the Medela bottles, pour into the Gerber bags, and feed with the little Avent bottles!! How's that for variety?! I have a Platex Vent Aire bottle that someone gave me, was thinking of trying that, to see if it makes a difference. I actually got him to latch on for a couple minutes this AM, because i didn't have any milk stored and he was screaming and I was busting at the seams!! :lol: Finally he got frustrated and dozed off, and I quickly (well, as quickly as possible!) pumped so I wasn't dripping all over. That's the one thing I don't like about pumping is I feel like I'm a slave to the darn pump...every 3 hrs., and i don't even get that much. I wish I could consistently get 8 oz. per pumping, usually only get that in the AM.

Jul- Happy Anniversary!! Have a great trip to Philly! Hope you do well with sales and diet! :D DH & I want to maybe go to Philly this summer. I've seen too many food tv shows on Philly lately and my mouth is watering. :lol: I know you're there often, can you recommend lodging, etc.?

It's been a rough AM. Peter took his 2 AM feeding great, ate and went right back to sleep. Woke up at 4 AM and was kind of cranky, fussed at the bottle, finally took about 2 oz., but was gaggy/spit up'y. Couldn't get him to settle down, so in bed he came. DH & I spend the rest of the AM rubbing his tummy and back in our sleep! He was in and out of sleep. At 6 AM he took the other 2 oz., but was still gaggy. Thought he sounded snotty, and he had diarrhea this AM, so I called the Ped. office and the nurse called me back. She said sometimes they are just nasally, but take his temp and if it's 100.4 or higher, call back for an appt. today. If it's not, just watch him that he's acting normal otherwise. As long as he's taking a bottle, he should be OK. I'm just waiting for him to wake up to take his temp...kind of nervous about it, I've never taken a rectal temp before, just remember hating it as a kid!! She explained how to do it though.

Hope everyone's having a better day than me!!

02-12-2003, 02:59 PM
just popping in to say hi. Not much new here. Leaving this weekend to visit law schools with ds. more later.


02-12-2003, 03:54 PM
Question for you guys...a have two people that I need to get baby gifts for and they are registered at Babys R Us. I would like to just get them gift certificates cuz I'm not sure what they have/need at this point and I know how nice it is to have $$ to spend however you want. When I click to get a gift certificate off of the Babys R Us site it takes me to Amazon.com. Did any of you new mommies have any trouble using this? Also, I would prefer to send them a "hard copy" of the gift certificate because they don't live on their computers as much as I do and I don't know when they'd check their e-mail to find the electronic cert.

Any suggestions???? I'm slowly trying to advance into this new electronic, paperless era but having trouble letting go of the "old" ways. :D

02-12-2003, 04:43 PM
Liz- I haven't used the gift certificate feature on BRU, or received one, so I'm not sure how it works, but BRU does go through Amazon, so that's correct.

Honestly, if they have registries online, and you can find something in your price range in their registry, I would purchase something from there. I was very frustrated that I didn't get a lot of the stuff that was on my registry. I made sure I chose a lot of stuff in all price ranges just for that reason!
Also, if they don't get a chance to go shopping before the baby's born, God only knows when they'll get a chance! I'm lucky I get a shower before DH gets home from work!! Just a suggestion... :)

02-12-2003, 05:33 PM
Hi all!! Just a quickie for now. Alex is kicking on the laptop so hard I think he must be uncomfortable ( I know *I* am now!!).

Jul: Good luck in Philly!! Where is your show? Maybe DH and I could make a run to see your stuff. I would really like that!! OK, my dentist issues aren't that bad!! My pedi dentist used to hold my mouth and nose when I cried so that I couldn't breathe. My parents used to sedate me to get me in the door and I still held on to the furniture and the doorway so that they had to drag me in. They didn't know about the nose thing though. Dad says if he'd known I would've never gone back. I'm thinking "Geeze, the fit I threw wasn't a clue that something was wrong??".

Lauren: I'm sorry that Petey is so uncomfortable!! I wish I had some other suggestions but that was the only thing I knew of. I'm also sorry about your Aunt. I will keep you in my thoughts through this time. I like a little gas along with the Novacaine. Keeps my mind off of how much I am hating being there.

RR: I don't blame you for not wanting to be a dentist. I wouldn't either. The suicide rate is very high among dentist and psychiatrists.

Rabbit: Have fun at the law schools!!

OK, gotta go. Have a doctor's appt tonight. I should be finding out about the gestational diabetes test tonight so I'm a little anxious. Have a super evening.

02-12-2003, 07:14 PM

I failed my diabetes test. Now I have to go see an Endocrinologist.


02-12-2003, 07:24 PM
Hey ladies...Hope you are having a great week. Mine could be better.....but then again it could be worse :) I worked at home today, that was kinda nice for a change. It is still TOM and feel yucky! I did not weigh but did measure this morning, down another 1 1/2 inches so I won't complain :) DD is doing much better thank goodness. I did not get walk in yesterday so I played some BBall with DD, what fun! She did think her old Mom had it in her. Might do it again today, it is kinda rainy off and on so probably won't get my walk in. Next week I am going to add back abs, leg lifts, and a little arm weights.

Karen- I would rather give birth without meds than go to the dentist!

RR - Are you feeling better yet?

Rabbit - .5 is still good!

LE - Way to go on your loss!!

Liz - Funny ...we are doing the same for V-Day :) I had a hard time finding DH a gift so I had a star named after him...he is into the star thing :)

02-12-2003, 10:30 PM
Good Evening!!!
My mom came today and gave me a 2hr healthclub break!!! I felt great!! Did the treadmill and weights and then had to hurry home cuz the support bra was getting tight and I knew it was feeding time!!!I then pushed Kaylee in the stroller and pulled #2 in the wagon to dance class this evening..I am feeling soo good!!!!Glad to be back at the club!!! lost 3 lbs since MD visit on Jan 27th....Horray for the breast feeding!!!!

Ellie--Inches are great!!! Congrats!!!

Karen-Good Luck at the Endocrinologist..I never had to see anyone else except for the Dietician and Diabetic nurse...Not too much longer and we are pulling for u!!!!!

Lauren--8oz???? I am jealous...I get 2 oz in the mornings@@@
Hope things pick up when Daycare starts..I guess it is because he isnt nursing U can get that much? Is he having latch problems??I was thawing out the bags and pouring them into the avent bottles..but now using the playtex nurser thingee..Not that old brown rubber nipple..the silicone one...U R doing soo well with the pumping!!!

Off to do clothes..She is sleeping in my arms and will stay asleep hopefully long enough for me to bathe!!!!

02-13-2003, 12:16 AM
I feel so silly....this is the second time I forgot to go to the second page the posts :) Just in case you were all wondering why I am always behind the 8 ball.

LBH - My DD had colic something fierce. I used Mylecon drops too. One of the few things that used to work was her Dad would put her up on his shoulder so that her belly was right on top and pat her back firmly. I couldn't get the same result. I finally had to put her soy formula.

Have a good evening!

02-13-2003, 08:54 AM
Hi All,

Let me just say: HOLY SHOOTING POOP!! :lol: :lol: :lol: When I took Peter's temp yesterday, I was prepared for him to poop when I took it out, like I read, but he started pooping while it was in, and it kept coming and coming and coming!! :eek: I was like, NO, Peter, STOP!! Of course it was over everything and he got another bath. Then this AM, I did it again, because he hadn't pooped since last night, and I thought, I'll be smart, I'll keep him on his back, and with the wet diaper under him...it shot out his butt in a straight line and splattered all over DH's dresser!! :eek: Nothing even landed on his butt, that's how strong it came out!! EWW!! (I'm sorry, I hope this isn't too graphic for anyone!!) :lol: So I cleared everything off the dresser (which we're using as a changing table while he's in our room), and through it all in the wash. Put all the bottles and other things in a pot of boiling water. UGH...he's kinda sleeping now! BUT, at least I know how to get him to poop! I guess I just have to put him in the sink and do it or something!!

Ellen- Yeah, we do that, it helps sometimes.

RR- I went ot TRU last night because I needed more Newborn diapers, the Pampers I had in Size 1 are too big yet, and more wipes. I got one of the 4 oz. Platex Disposable bottles and some liners. Couldn't remember if you said you used the Gerber liners in the Platex bottles. He seems to be OK with it, but he's still not thrilled with eating. He's only eating a couple ounces at a time, but still having consistent wet diapers, and no temp (99.0) so I'm not too worried. I'm going to use only the Platex bottle today and see if that helps the gas problem. He did have 2 formula bottles last night, because I didn't have enough BM. He does not latch on correctly, doesn't like to take the whole thing in his mouth...been like that since birth, so it's not nipple confusion. I am thinking about calling a LC though, to see what they say. I tried the Avent nipple shield thing, and it worked briefly, but he still doesn't latch right.

Karen- Sorry to hear you failed the test. :( Do you have to go to just a regular endo? Are you near Union? My mom works for an endo there. She's a Certified Diabetes Educator, and she's really great at what she does, and he's a great Dr. too. I'll PM you his name and you can see if he's on your plan, if you want.

Have a great day all!

02-13-2003, 09:28 AM
Good Morning!!!!
My mom taught me something great!!!(Professional moms--no laughing) If I put Kaylee in her bed to sleep rather than under my heals in the bassinet, she will sleep longer...She has been asleep 1.5 hrs and I have completed my 2002 family scrapbook, cleaned out the med shelf, eaten breakfast, washed dishes, hung up DH's hockey jerseys from last night etc etc...I think she would hear me and then when she whined a tiny bit, I picked her up...I have the monitor with me and she whines but returns to sleep quickly..What a concept!!!:dizzy: LET THEM SLEEP!!!!!!

Lauren--I am using the Gerber thingees in the Playtex bottle..I bought the playtex liners and they say great for freezing breast milk and they are much cheaper than Gerber..but...how do u keep them closed??? A rubber band??? clips???? I will keep with the more expensive Gerbers!!!!She couldnt latch to that flat rubber nipple soo that is why I bought the silicone one...Good Luck!!!!Sorry..but too funny about the poop!!!!!!When my friends triplets had gas when they were infants, she would use a q-tip and touch their little booties and it would make them poop and toot..I would laugh, but the thermometer is the same concept!!!

Gotta run...crying baby!!!!
BTW--If anyone wants to read am amusing site about a Dad writing about life with a new baby..it is www.ironycentral.com
I have giggled just reading it!!!I am only on week 8 but week 6 was hysterical!!!That mans humor reminds me of DH!!!!

02-13-2003, 06:17 PM
Good afternoon/evening ladies.

I am feeling much better about things today. After all, it's only 11 (gasp!) more weeks until he's here and I won't have to worry!! I'm more upset that he may have problems from this than that I will. I'm going to see the endo next Wednesday. I get a whole day off of work to go. (Looking for the bright side :D). I went to the veggie store today and stocked up. I should've been stocked up before...........

Lauren: Thanks for the offer but my doc gave me some referrals so I chose one close to me who is on my plan. The receptionist was very nice when I called for the appt so there is that in his favor!! I'm just not sure what I need to eat and what I need to stay away from (other than candy and sweets) for the next week. I'm focusing mostly on protein, fruit and veggies for now.

RR: Hmm, let sleeping babies lie instead of sleeping dogs!!

Ellie: Your not the only one who didn't realize that there were other pages!! I've done that a couple times.

OK, off to make dinner. Have a great evening.

02-13-2003, 06:32 PM

I will have a gain tonight at weigh in, but I deserve it.:(

Karen - sorry you failed your test.

Ellie - hooray for the inches lost!

RR - glad you got to go to the healthclub. ~ And woohoo on let her sleep!


02-13-2003, 06:51 PM
Hi All,

WOW...a sense of accomplishment!! :D I have my living room half cleaned up!! :eek: We went to DH's office for lunch today (should do that everyday, because I always end up with soup and salad!), and then CVS to pick up some stuff, then home. I was exhausted, and Peter slept all the time in the car. Guess I kept him awake a little more today though...more stimulation? Because he's in his swing now and half asleep. Also, found a CD with baby songs on it that came in a freebie package, so I was playing that while cleaning, vacuuming, etc.! DH will be soo pleased! Although I have no idea what we're having for dinner. As far as I'm concerned, we can have left over shepards pie! :D

While I was cleaning I found a card DH bought for me for V-Day, so I tucked it in with some of his stuff and pretending I didn't see it. Oh well! I have to go out on a hunt for cards tonight...couldn't find any in the left over scraps at CVS today. :( Have to get a little something for my mom too, because she's watching Petey for us tomorrow night so we can go out to eat. She's actually coming over right after work, she gets out early on Friday's, so she should be here by 3:00. I wish I could go out and buy a nice new outfit to go out in, even though it's only gonna be to Olive Garden. Maybe I can exercise a bit and tighten up my loose gut and get something nice in time for our anniversary...which will be after the 6 wks...FEEP anyone?! :devil: :D My dream has always been to wear a dress like that lady in the Smart Ones commercials, you know, with the red dress? It's an older commercial, but I notice they modified it and still show her! I love that dress!! Someday...

Karen- Glad you got someone close to you. I wasn't sure how close you were to Union. As long as you stay away from the starches, you should be OK. If I'm not mistaken, watch the fruit intake too, because of the natural sugars in it. I can't believe you only have 11 wks. left.

02-14-2003, 09:02 AM
Karen--I was put on a 2200 cal diet which included 16 servings of carbs, 8 servings of protein and unlimited fats...I can tell U it was pretty easy to follow cuz U could really eat anything as long as U checked the carb servings..(1 carb serving =25carbos on the label)U will do wonderful!!!My high sugar trigger foods were milk and juice..Could not eat them at the morning meal, but needed them mid morning to keep the sugars from dropping...U will figure out your trigger foods once U check the sugars..I am here to help if U need it ok???

Well..running is not as easy as before..U must feed, then pump the extra and then go...DH watched Kaylee and I was able to catch an hour of walk/running..It is soo wonderful to be back with the earphones on and free again even if for an hour...

She was soo irritable yesterday...I took her to the Pedi cuz she was digging so much in her ears and crying...She weighs 10lbs 6 oz and was 22 1/2 inches long...She is in the 25% for weight but the 95% for height..My mom thinks she is too skinny and I need to put her on formula..The Pedi says she is fine cuz she is growing in length making her look smaller..She did gain 1.5lbs in a month soo she was pleased!!!
Well..gotta run!!
Hello to everyone!!!

02-14-2003, 09:03 AM

02-14-2003, 02:02 PM
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! DH loved his "star", now we have to go telescope shopping so we can see it. He gave me a beautiful card, actually 2 cards, a big red teddy bear with a big heart that says "I LOVE YOU"and our wedding picture framed. He also got a heartshaped candy box, took all the candy out and wrapped stuff that I could eat (pieces of meat, cheese, and stuff), i thought that was so sweet!! I have been good so far today, I had a peice of SF cheesecake and I have SF jelly beans on stand by. I am hoping to make it through the day OP.

LBH - I am with you...somewhere there a little red dress with my name on it....maybe next V-Day :)

Karen - glad you are feeling better.

Legal Eagle
02-14-2003, 03:40 PM
Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Don't have but a second, but just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday!


02-14-2003, 06:17 PM
Happy Valentines day! Just have a second to pop in.

02-15-2003, 02:12 PM
Hi all,

Well, I ended up taking DH to see DareDevil for Valentine's Day. That is what he wanted so that's what he got!! :D It was an OK movie. He enjoyed it, so that's what counts. He sent me flowers at work. He ordered them from ProFlowers and they send them in a shipping box. We have new rules about packages at work because of heightened security, so I had to go down to receiving to sign for them. Caused quite a sensation.

I am getting my couch fixed today. Yippee. The arm was loose. We've been waiting about 2 months for this appt. LaZBoy has a fair guarantee. They provide the parts, you pay for the labor. So far they've been here an hour, hope they get done soon. It costs $60/hour. :eek:

RR: Thanks for the support. I am trying to stick with proteins and veggies with a little fruit for now. Just until I see the doctor. I'm not looking forward to the bs checks. I'm hoping they will let me get the one that pokes your arm and not your finger!!

Lauren: Hope you acted surprised about the card!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

02-15-2003, 06:36 PM
Hi All,

We had a nice Valentine's, mom babysat and we went to Olive Garden. We went right after DH got home from work, so we wouldn't have to wait long, then went to Borders afterwards. Got mom the Betty Crocker Cooky Book...it's the original, re-issued version from 1963. She had it and about 10 or so years ago, but misplaced it. I was soo exited to see it there, looking exactly like the original version!! :D

Karen- DH went to see Daredevil with a bunch of guys from the comic shop Thursday night, a special sneak preview. He's been waiting forever for this movie to come out. I think next is X-Men II and Incredible Hulk...I'm married to a comic book junkie, in case you didn't know!!

Been busy with a fussy baby. I'm pretty sure we're in a growth spurt, and also, he's more and more alert, and wants to be constantly entertained. Needs to sleep, but fights it. He'll fall asleep in our arms, then when we put him down, a few minutes later he'll freak! :( Finally got him down for a decent nap a about an hour ago!

Have a great evening all!