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11-08-2011, 11:51 AM
Did you lose weight the first week you started WW?

I'm just curious since I just re started on Friday,what your results were the first week on program. I am a VERY slow loser since I had my second child. I was trying to lose weight with calorie counting and working out a few months ago -and had a tragedy in my close family and ended up not caring and emotional eating-but in those 4 months of working out and being diligent in what I ate,I lost a total of 4 stinkin' pounds.It was incredibly frustrating.:mad::mad:

So,I've decided to come back to what worked in the beginning and count points and do Momentum. :carrot: It's nice because I feel excited to look things up in my book and I actually FEEL hungry sometimes but I'm scared that I will have the same 4 lbs. that I lost last time will come back and haunt me. I don't want to do the whole lose 2 lbs. gain 2 lbs. again.

I have a scale, 1 cup and 1/2 cup measuring you guys all weigh and measure things every single time?

When did you introduce working out,did you start right away?I was thinking maybe getting the whole point counting under control for a couple of weeks before I add exercise into the mix.

Would you mind sharing your experience and tips with this newbie?

Many thanks,

11-08-2011, 12:02 PM
I am in the calorie counter group but I can give you my perspective on part of this:

For me, yes, I weigh and measure things every single time while I am trying to hit specific calories. I eat the same thing for breakfast every single morning. I measure the portions every single morning. If I am feeling stalled I can almost always get back on track by busting out all the measuring tools and getting back on 100% accountability rather than guessing.

You do get better at guessing, but when you are trying to hit exact counts the measuring really helps me.

I don't have experience with WW or Momentum so hopefully you will get some information from others.

11-16-2011, 02:35 PM
My #1 tips are to meal plan and to cook ahead of time.

If I have my entire day's meals and snacks written and planned before the day starts, there is no wonder of what I'm eating at a particular time and/or how many calories/points, etc. it has. There is no room for error other than going off of the plan I provided for myself.

I hate to cook during the week because I'm a single mom and it's hectic. I cook on weekends when I have the time, portion out my meals, and freeze them in portion sizes with the points/calorie counts written on them. This is a lifesaver with my daughter's meals as well (I pre-make tiny turkey and zucchini meatballs, chicken nuggets, tomato sauce, cheese sauce, baked beans and sometimes even pasta and veggies are a cinch to make quickly and add to the time consuming parts of the meal I've already made).

I'm the queen of the quick meal, but I do know what I'm making already. I'll plan out on Monday, for example, that Tuesday for dinner I'll be making a loaded microwaved "baked" potato with roasted broccoli, down to the type and oz of cheese.

Of course nothing is 100% and sometimes I end up going out to eat or having a craving for something specific, but meal planning does take all of the thinking out of it. For example, tomorrow's menu reads:

Nov 17, 2011
B: high fiber tortilla (1), ½ oz Neufchatel (1), 1.5oz chicken (1.5), spinach = 3.5
S: Apple (1) = 1
L: 1 cup split pea soup (2) = 2
S: Cherry tomato, baby carrots, hummus (3) = 3
D: Chicken/bean enchilada (5), 2T Greek yogurt (.5), 1 cup sautéed onion/cabbage (1) = 6.5
S: TJ microwave popcorn (2) = 2
Total: 18 used (35 flex remaining)

11-16-2011, 02:50 PM
Oh, and I joined WW 3.5 years ago after the birth of my daughter, and now I still semi-follow it, but also eat a mostly whole foods diet and calorie count.

The morning following my first meeting, I went through my entire cabinet and fridge and wrote portion sizes and point values on the containers of my food with a sharpie. After that, I decided to meal plan for a week at a time on a word document on my computer (I now do the following day only), and I started walking for a half an hour in the mornings, but that became difficult due to childcare issues after a few months.

It took me about one year to lose the baby weight.